Monday, March 31, 2008

Cabo Wabo Picture Palooza

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon at the airport. Jake and Reese looking adorable at the pool. Jake looking at Reese adoringly. Poor Jake on crutches. Poor Jake trying to maneuver on the slippery surfaces. Jake looking sexy. You get the picture.

Or the pictures...

Jake to Reese: Don't look up now, but I think Ryan's following us.

"How you doin'?"

(Photos courtesy of IHJ, Thanks, Stephanie, for the swift action!)


denise said...

Mama Mia!

JoeAnn said...

Beefy! ¡QuĂ© sabroso! Nice of Reese to get him into a swimsuit for us. lol

sass said...

Sass can't stand the hotness. TY darling UV and FL.
I can't believe how fortunate we are. Jake is gorgeous...and well *thud x 30497503497*
Mama Mia indeed denise:)
I'm so glad I came over to say goodnite.
TY again

FluorescentLamp said...


And how utterly awkward to have that big old Ryan face staring at you in Hudson News. Or even worse, themselves staring back at them in Hudson News.

C'mere Jake, let me blow raspberries on that belly!

bobbyanna said...

Is it me and my overactive imagination? I literally got goosebumps looking at the fourth picture in the "Reese putting on her white top" pictures. The way he is just laying there looking at her. Oy!

Watching his eyes...OK. Yeah. He's wearing sunglasses. But you can still see where his attention is focused. Gawd these are some sexy pictures! Anybody saying these two don't have chemistry needs...something.

Thank you Stephanie!!! Thank you UV and FL!!!! All three of you. I love you all. I will remember you in my will...with kind thoughts...
I should feel guilty but I don't. Because they seem unaware...with the exception of one picture of Jake alone sitting down by the pool. His radar went off.

You know, maybe that's how they deal with paps. Instead of worrying about leaks and stalking, their PR person makes an exclusive deal with a magazine. Then other paps have to back off bcz there is no profit motive. People, in this case has the exclusive.

Then the PR folk make an arrangement that out of five or six or seven days, they get 30 minutes to shoot some vacation pictures...but no kids. And only from a distance. Do not intrude.

Problems began once the pics of them leaving for home were put on the internet. Poor Jake. His foot must really be in bad shape. He had his air cast on while he was laying with his foot propped up...looking...Bet we will see pics of him going for treatment at that medical building. Looks like Reese was his private duty nurse.

suvee said...

I almost didn't post the IHJ alert, 'cause I KNEW you girls would be on top of this!

I don't know which makes me sigh more..... the beefy hotness or the way he smiles at Reese.

sass said...

Our Jakey's foot must be really bad.

I missed the Ryan cover, so busy were my eyes taking in his loving looks at Reese and those eyelashes and those legs and that chest and. and. and. I think this man just cured my Migraine. TY Lord:)

I may not be able to sleep tonight for looking at his gorgeousness:)
bobbyanna, and my other babbling friends, wouldn't you love to have those gorgeous eyes looking down at you from 6'0" *sigh*

bobbyanna said...

I was so excited I forgot to thank you suvee!!!!! I will remember you in my will as well...with kind thoughts...and you, too sass... I will remember everyone!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who cannot see the love these two have going on is truly blind and spiritually bereft.

UltraViolet said...

Yup, the love is there to see. You don't even have to try!

It as fun analyzing the pics after the rush to get them up. Jake and Reese at the airport - I love the way he's looking at her in some of those pics. And he looks so young in the pic where Ryan is looking down at them!

Jake also looks so sad that he can't go into the water/on the beach. Apparently, there are pics of Reese and the kids in the water. Oh, how I wish Jake had been able to joint them.

This does give me hope that we'll see at least one R/J beach pic. For some reason, I've been really looking forward to that.

And the photos where he's gazing at her and they are smiling and laughing? It's just nice to see him so relaxed and happy.

Sass, hope you got to sleep after ll the excitement! It was a fun night.

And yes, Joeann, very grateful to Reese for arranging this for our eyes!

Hi to denise, Bobbyanna and suvee, as well :)

agent_krycek said...

I'll make my way over to IHJ for the rest of the photos once I've managed to get over the sheer.... beautifulness (yah! made up a new word) of these photos, good god, they're just... bliss. On a wet and cold Tuesday morning, just what the Doctor ordered :D

Vicky said...

Thanks you so much UV and of course Stephanie, they look so good, and bare chested Jake THUD.

How reliable is Joblo because they are reporting that Jake is taking over from Tobey in Spiderman, not sure what to think as I am not a superhero film fan but it would probably be very good for Jake.

agent_krycek said...

Thanks Vicky, but I must admit I do not want to see Jake take over as Spidey, if he gets a huge franchise movie I want it to be his own, Jake defining the role, and the comment about Maggie taking over the Kirsten role is just wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels.

I do adore how, in so many photos, it's just obvious J&R are chatting away to each other, and making each other smile, and is it just me, and I know a photo just captures a second in time, but is Jake gazing at Reese's belly in some of those ;-)

Vicky said...

I agree about Spiderman AK, but as I said I am not a fan of superhero films anyway, but the thought of Jake In a Spiderman outfit does have its compensations I suppose.

I also noticed Jake looking at Reese's belly. I don't know sometimes it looks pretty big and sometimes it doesn't, i.e. the second one of the pool pics.

chica said...

I knew that there were more pics, YES!!!

He looks delish and she is one lucky woman, thanks so much UV. FL and IHJ!!

gyllenspooner said...

A person goes to bed early in order to wake up early and all hell breaks loose.

Thank you so much guys for this wonderful surprise this morning. Jake looks hot and I concur that they look absolutely in love with each other.

agent_krycek said...

*Memo to self*

Do some flaming work and stop attempting to analyis Reece's stomach in those photos :D

They just looks so utterly delighted with each other - 'tis lovely

gyllenspooner said...

Just got back from IHJ and I saw the rest of the photos. So apparently they left on Monday, after the long weekend.

So i'm guessing they spent the weekend in Ojai (ala US Weekly) and then went Mexico. Could Mexico have been Jake's birthday present for Reese I wonder?


I don't think Reese and Jake have any sort of relationship with the paps. I think they hate them. I don't think they give exclusives to anyone. I'm sure some celebs do that, but I don't think they do that. I think one photog just got lucky.

gyllenspooner said...

^^^^ correction: went TO Mexico.


Vicky said...

A poster on imdb says that the Spiderman report is an April Fool, got me anyway if it is.

agent_krycek said...

A poster on imdb says that the Spiderman report is an April Fool, got me anyway if it is.

Flaming hope so - although if anyone does want to help out our 'Jake in skin tight spandex' needs we're always willing to listen to ideas ;)

sheba baby said...

What a lovely sight to wake up to, thank you!!

PS: I knew that Spiderman blurb was a April's Fool joke!

extra said...

There are pics on IHJ from the 24th showing them leaving for Mexico so they did get them when they left!

So they spent a whole wek (spring break in Mexico)

Thanks for the pics and of course to IHJ as well!

Anonymous said...

They actually spent Monday (24th) to Saturday (29th) in Mexico. Five days.

Anonymous said...

Monday - Saturday, isn't that about a week?? Ava had to get back to school on Monday. It looks like they had a relaxing vacation.

Anonymous said...

Reese's stomach looks pretty flat in those bikini photos. I think she's been hitting the gym. I hope we see more bikini photos of Reese. Jake looks a little tubby though.

I think Jake is pregnant.

josie said...

They both look content and happy and healthy, tummies or not!

Love the pics (except the return at LAX pics). I hope Jake is taking care of that ankle, he has a film to shoot in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

The guy at the airpor putting Jake's bag on was with Reese in Hawaii this summer.
Here is the link to a photo of him

Lot's of my family members when they go away bring their babysitter with them and also let the sitter bring somebody else along. My guess is that the lady with them watches Reese's kids or is a friend of hers who went on vacation with them and the guy is her husband or boyfriend.

I knew I saw him before and now I know why.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The sitter/nanny and the guy are part of the entourage in the pics of them leaving on the 24th from LAX and the ones departing pics in Cabo, but they seem to dissapear from the pics of them returning to L.A. on the 29th which makes sense since they probably had their own car waiting.

Too bad though, they could j=have maybe helped them out with the opaps since tha airport security woman was all they had.

agent_krycek said...

Looking at the lying down photos, I'm beginning to wonder if he's had a minor op on that foot - if you looks closely it looks like he's got a dressing on the foot, then a surgical bandage on top, and then the cast

FluorescentLamp said...

I swear, nothing makes me happier than to sign into the blog and read all the little details people are spotting in the Cabo/LAX/Cabo Airport pics. (Okay, the pics in and of themselves make me happy, too!)

I think you lot are the brightest, most eagle-eyed bunch of commenters around! And nicest.

Fun stuff. Keep it up.

A belated thank you to UV for getting these pics up so quickly last night. You're the best!

Monica said...

Gyllenhaalics Good morning!

Thank you for the pictures!

In Us Weekly:
"The body language expert tells Us secrets of their romance"

Anonymous said...

This is the complete link:

josie said...

Cute blurb about Jake and Reese:

So it took them this long, LOL!

agent_krycek said...

Thanks for the link, that was fun :D

I too love the stuff people spot, I'd have never noticed the Avon braclet without the eagle eyed people here.

gyllenspooner said...

From the sounds of that gossipbabel, and other similar sites, it seems that the haters are diminishing.

Good news.

Everyone seems to love Gyllenspoon.

sass said...


More and More pics:) Thanks to everyone here and thanks for the Avon bracelet alert.
I have one bracelet left to give my sister-in-law. It so much fun to see them relaxed and happy lying in the sun. UV, FL and most of us you should have that body language expert's job; none of the comments are foreign to babblers.:)
linking for ya:)

Reese Jake so in love US Mag

sass said...

Morning:) NO spamming... just enthusiastic peep here.

UV, I finally got little sleep:)

More and More pics:) Thanks to everyone here and thanks for the Avon bracelet on Jake's gorgeous arms alert.
I have one bracelet left to give my sister-in-law. It so much fun to see them relaxed and happy lying in the sun. UV, FL, you two and most of us should have that body language expert's job; none of the comments are foreign to us.:)
linking for ya:)

Reese Jake so in love US Mag

Gyllenspooner, I agree. The further we move from October the more people go back to loving and admiring the Jake they love to love and we know Reese has always has a huge fanbase. I like that.

I want everyone to send Jake good vibes and I love it that most of the universe is back to doing that.:)
Karma has a way of coming back acha and I want good Karma for Jake and for all of us. I want the rest of the cast of BBM to stay happy and healthy for us all.

Agent K, It does look like he's had some procedure done on his foot.??? Poor baby.

gyllenspooner said...

New Jake/Reese story on TMZ. No homophobia or mentions of Brokeback but they did call him Reese's "gorgeous gimp."

Anyway, I'm just letting you all know.

shondra said...

Yeah, I saw that too gyllenspooner, cute but the site is still scummy IMO, just like the rest of those gossip sites.

JoeAnn said...

Anonymous 8:47 thinks Jake is pregnant. I'm inclined to agree, lol.

Was someone saying something about more pics out there of them in the water--?

Anonymous said...

Why do people think he is putting on weight it looks like all muscle to me, just perfect.

gyllenspooner said...

I'm still waiting for the beach photos that were rumored yesterday.

bobyanna said...

sass, I went to the "body language analysis" at US, and I love that they had they 2006 awards show (SAG?) as their last pic, saying that they were both being guarded, but they were "leaning the same way" and the sexual tension was there...oh yeah!

I thought that was the air cast, but it may very well have been some kind of wrapping for a surgical procedure. It maybe that is why we didn't see him in the water.

sass said...

This blog just fell into my mailbox, so I thought I'd share all the humorous Jake comments; even the not so happy ones, and the pissed off ones are not laced with outright hate. I've got to go for a minute; and these are Gay Jake fans:)


bobbyanna said...

Real Estalker has a write up on her blog about Reese's new house. complete with a lot of pictures.Also talks about where Jake lives when not with her and that she also bought a little place in Tennessee, too.

Monica said...

Steph posted in the forum of IHJ photos of Reese on the beach.
The Jake was not there.

Anonymous said...

Damn, he looks good! How can she keep her hands off of him?

Anonymous said...

WOOOOTTTT!!!!! Love, love, love these pics. They look so adorable. And shirtless Jake...DED!

And Reese looks great too!

*waves at UV*

*Hugs dear*


sass said...

Bobbyanna TY,

This must be my lucky day.
Great comments on the Realestalker about our happy couple and about our Jakey on Toweleroad.
For all Jake's openess and his obvious approachability when he's out and about, he seems to be an an intensely private person, something I'm becoming more and more aware of as I hang here and watch him mature.
And it's all good.

TY again, I'm listing that blog in my links ASAP!:)

suvee said...

In the fevered excitement of last night, I forgot to compliment UV on her truly brilliant caption for the photo with "the look"...... "how you doin'?" Too funny!

Thanks bobbyanna for the link to Real Estalker site. I LOVE that house..... seriously, if I were Reese, I'd hightail it up to Ojai as often as possible...... with Jake, of course. It really does make me happy that they have a private retreat to escape to.

OT.... how is daughter in Thailand doing, bobbyanna?

bobbyanna said...

Glad you all enjoyed the site. I am fascinated by some of these houses!

The pictures show off the grounds and outbuildings, too. It looks like they might want/need to do some serious renovations.

Not to alter the architecture, but to deal with infrastructure issues and to upgrade/update interiors, too.

This kind of place looks like it might need major heating and cooling stuff, roofing,plumbing, and electrical wiring, and the kind of stuff to be up to date for today's technology.

That kitchen definitely could use so updating! Who knows what the bahs are like. And the outbuildings looked kind of run down to me.

She got a good price, tho.They asked $6.9M and she paid $5.8M, including nearly 7 acres of land.

Dang. I sound like a real estate lady...which is something else I used to do in another life! :)

suvee, thank you for asking. We have e-mailed a few times and I hear from her again just yesterday. By now, Lisa is on her way home. It is a 25 hour flight with a stop in Tokyo and one in San Francisco! Then back to NYC!

sass said...

Jakeing has relieved me of all my bad.
I am so glad she's coming home to you:)

My bad to you know where, but I had to crop down to see those
gggorgeous lashes and that LOOK!

Indulge me please:) and I may get some sleep tonight:) If I thought Jake was looking at me like this I'd get the vapors too and loose my puny lil wind. *sigh*

That Look again see Jan 2006 oh so hot

lawgoddess said...

I don't get where people think Jake looks heavy, he looks thinner through the middle to me than he did at the flower market.

I think he looks very hot, and very happy.

The picture where he is looking at Reese in the airport is very sweet. She's a lucky woman.

sass said...

Howdy peeps,
I have to post this and say GOOD for you Ryan.

Jay Leno Apologizes for Remarks to Ryan Phillippe

I watched the show and was amazed at how rude Jay was with Ryan; he kept ragging on him about his role as first gay teen on a soap. Ryan even told told him he wouldn't be back on the show if he didn't stop. I had no idea this had happened and that Jay had gotten in trouble. Jake usually goes on Letterman; maybe that's why.

UltraViolet said...

Holly - glomps! How are you? I knew you would enjoy these. I thought of you this weekend as I was cleaning out old PMs at DC. Rereading all the "I know they are still together!" correspondence. Good times!

And LawGoddess, Jake definitely doesn't have his Jarhead abs. But he has always been a little thick around the middle. I think enjoying his time off and being hobbled by the ankle probably has made him a little softer. But no less sexy! And certainly nothing to panic about.

Sass, love the close ups I don't love Towle Road these days, though. Some of the commenters were good about Jake, but the original commentary was irksome.

The Us body language thing killed me. I was just thinking that they hadn't done one of those yet et voila!

Finally, the Real Estate Stalker pics made me think a little better of the house. But I'd still need major improvements to live there.

Like moving it to the ocean, for starters!

Oh, oops, one more thing. For those who didn't see Monica's post, Stephanie graciously posted the Reese shots, since she knew folks were curious. Go here.

Reese looks great in them; she's definitely enjoying herself. It's a shame Jake couldn't be with them in the sand having fun. Someday...

sass said...

Hey there Ms UV, sleep is for wimps:) Insomnia is a pain in the patootie, except when I am looking at topless Jake.

I have never in all the years I've been a Reese fan, ever seen her look quite so a kid almost. Thank goodness for that. I like her being happy; she makes Jake happy, so I really like her being v.v.v. happy:):)

chica said...

Thanks for the link to the Real Estate site, tghe place looks really beautiful.

Loving all the vacations pics but with the condition of Jake's foot, I doubt he went wading in the ocean with Reese and the kids.

agent_krycek said...

I do like the house, there's something very peaceful looking about it, and the views are to die for, you can almost see the kids have a whale of a time running around the property. Something that always strikes me about Reese is she seems determined to make sure her kids have a proper 'childhood', she doesn't take them to premiers etc and parade them for the press, she prefers making things with them and doing proper activities - hiking, horse riding, skating etc - the ranch just seems ideal to encourage that healthy outdoors life she seems to want for them.

Bet 'ya Jake gets that kitchen refitted out though :p

extra said...

More Jake and Reese love!:

Anonymous said...

Most actors, including Jake, ususally lose a lot of weight before starting a picture. Unless their weight is part of their character and they are going for a certain look.

That man has a seriously hot body. I wouldn't mind being Reese.

Anonymous said...

"That man has a seriously hot body. I wouldn't mind being Reese."

With you all the way on that.

Monica said...

Gyllenbabble Good afternoon!

Bubble Boy will turn the Broadway musical!

o said...

Oh dear God no!!!!!!!!!

Although it says that it's based on the 1976 John Travolta movie " Boy in the Bubble", but still it sounds awful IMO.

o said...

Ok, it appears that there will be 2 musicals. The one below is based on the Travolta movie and will be in IL, the link that Monica provided is the Jake version in L.A.:

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Sorry, o is me!

UltraViolet said...

New post.

Everyone wish FL a happy birthday :)