Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New/Recent Jake

Not as good as a brand new sighting, but here's Jake Gyllenhaal in NYC last week.

Ah, the memories. Was it just last week that Jake and Reese were around every NYC corner? Or, you know, Jake and his old bodyguard. Here they are, leaving breakfast.

Then while Reese was at the UN trying to help women with $3 bracelets, Jake was doing what looks like some less altruistic shopping:

Though if Jake bought some new shirts to replace the birded flannel, that could be considered a charitable act.

I love the smirk!

Thanks for saving me from coming up with a new post idea, Jake. And Stephanie :)

(Photos courtesy of IHJ)


FluorescentLamp said...

What is it with Jake and those particular khakis??


What? :-D

Thanks for the new post, UV. I've been devoid of new post ideas these last days. Oh and thanks, Jake.

shondra said...

Ah, the return of the famous khakis! Jake and Reese sure did a lot of shopping last week and I love the smoirk too!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stephanie!

get real said...

Yay, new/old pics of Jake! He looks really great. :) They really were all over the city.

Btw, Sass, hope you saw my post in the last thread. Getting together with you and Chica in April (1st or 2nd) would be great.

Narcissa said...

He looks great in almost anything, and certainly in any colour. I've never known anyone before who suits ANY colour.

get real said...

I knew I had seen BG recently! Here and here are pics of him yesterday in NYC with Julia Roberts. She is filming a movie with Clive Owen only blocks from that restaurant Jake and BG are pictured at, L'Express.

FluorescentLamp said...

Oooh, well done, get real!

Good find!

I also remember BG being in the passenger side of the SUV that brought Michelle home to the brownstone (sage green-stone) back in January.

get real said...

Your welcome, FL! I just had seen the pics at JJ yesterday and I thought he looked like Jake's BG. So when I saw the pics of him with Jake today a light bulb went off, lol. Yeah you are right he was also with Michelle and Matilda.

get real said...

^^ Sorry, should be I had just seen...

suvee said...

I just want to echo FL's praise of the khakis...... God, he looks so good in them.
I know there are legions of Jake fans who get faint at the sight of him in certain jeans, but these khakis are what do it for me!

It's kind of nice to see Mr. Bodyguard to the Stars again, cause I feel like he's almost a Jake-friend by now. But I always end up worrying about what kind of s**t is directed at Jake that necessitates the need for such protection. :(

Thanks to Stephanie and UV for the great pics.

FluorescentLamp said...

So if there was any question where Jake buys his button down Oxfords, I think that's been answered.

I had a look around the Men's button down section of Steven Alan . . .

I swear I've seen ALL of these on the Gyllenhaal torso.

And some of these as well.

UltraViolet said...

Evening, all! I really like these new pics. And not just because of the bulgies, I mean khakis.

FYI, there's a story about Jake in some magazine called IN New York. You can read it online.

If you click on each section of the article, you can read it. Old photos, old quotes. It's nothing but repurposed quotes and repeated silliness. Still, I guess it's nice to see Jake on a magazine cover.

UltraViolet said...

Good spot on The Bodyguard, get real. Wouldn't you love to know that guy's story. And I bet he has some stories to tell...

lawgoddess said...

Oh, UV. You are so funny.

Though if Jake bought some new shirts to replace the birded flannel, that could be considered a charitable act.

So true.

Now I have to go look for the bulge.:)

Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

yeah except he was probably buying more flannel. did you look at the shirts they sell....
flannel. he;s our flannel guy <3

chica said...

I saw your comment in the previous post get real and my calendar is marked for the 1st or 2nd Friday in April! And good catch on the BG, and look he is wearing plaid, LOL!

agent_krycek said...

Is it very wrong I have a mild crush on the BG

My goodness, Jake can so work those khakis

sheba baby said...

I think I have a bit of a crush on the BG too!!

Thanks for the link to that article on Jake UV, and you are right, nothing new and old pics except the writer seems to be under the impression that Jake lives in NY or he wants to give that impression being a NY magazine.

From reading it it's obvious that he didn't interview Jake and his "sources" are a combination of pictures snd sightings of him in NY over the past 2 years(IHJ/Gawker) along with a bit of recycled tabloid blather.

I love the part about him attending glamourous NY movie premieres!! When was this? The last NY premiere he attended was for Zodiac last Feb. and it was a privste screening if I recall.

The bit about Michelle and Matilda does bother me becsuse it was obviously from The Star or some other rag.

extra said...

Reese lending her voice for Dreamworks animated flick Monsters-vs-Aliens


I would love for Jake to do something like this, Maggie did Monster House!

sass said...

Morning peeps:)
I'm glued to my TV waiting for our Governor's resignation. Unbelievable.

Rendition rental dollars as of March 3
2 2008 IMDB PRO

FluorescentLamp said...

sass, sadly if one is not a member of IMDB Pro we can't see the links you post to those Pro pages. :-(

josie said...

Thanks for the link to IN New ork link UV, nothing new but it's always good to see Jake on the front page!

The magazine looks like one of those tourist/visitor type magazines/guides that you see at hotels. You can subscribe to it.

bobbyanna said...

I absolutely love those khakis. hope he wears them OUT! LOL! Thanks for the pics. I have good news and bad news. I was able to recover my files, so my pics are safe...but my 'puter is terminal. Now I am looking for a desk top pc...and stealing 'puter time where Ican.

The NY governor's thing is a real shame. What is it with these guys!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Spitzer is set to announce his resignation at 11:30 today.

I feel no pity for him, he should have resigned on Monday, why drag it out???

Off to have a few words with Geraldine Ferraro.....

extra said...

Jake and Reese: The desiging duo!


FluorescentLamp said...

From the OK! article extra posted:

"Jake says Reese is a natural at home decorating," a pal of the two tells OK!. Jake's sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, got Reese subscriptions to home design mags Blueprint and Domino.

Gee, I sure do hope Maggie was able to get her money back on that subscription.

From the Bluelines blog dated February 25, 2008:

We'll be honest: It's been a bumpy ride since the announcement of Blueprint magazine's cessation back in December. We've both rejoiced at and despaired in your insightful comments, laments, and occasional taunts. But, most of all, we've learned an awful lot about what you want (the magazine), what you don't (just another blog), and what it was that you liked so much about Blueprint (too much to list). See, we're listening.

That said, the decision that was made is final. And although we really do love the idea of a grassroots "Bring Back Blueprint" campaign (the alliteration would make it perfect for bumper stickers and pins), you'll have to consider us the Arrested Development of publishing -- without any hope of a movie deal.


extra said...

Ha, ha!! I guess that intern at OK magazine didn't hear the news!

At least the blog is still up:


It sounds like they folded the magazine into Martha Stewarts Bride magazine or something, never heard of it nor Domino which is still publishing!

chica said...

Spitzer resigns, finally....


Good find FL, they took a sighting of them shopping at some store in NY last week and added their own little tidbit. I checked the site of that store last week and yes they do sell housewares but they also sell Men's, Women's and baby clothes as well, they could have been there buying anything.

sass said...

Rendition #7 rentals but is off DVD sales charts.

Information below from IMBB pro:)

Rank 7/5
Days on chart 12 Rendition (2007) Distributor New Line,
$$ rentals this week $4,980,000,
$$ total rental $11,010,000