Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Don't get married in Brentwood!

We had such high hopes for an Island wedding for you two kids. Think about it - sun, sand, clay cliffs - Jake's favorite place on earth...

Look at that! Where in Brentwood could you find something that compares to the majesty of the clay cliffs?? I'll tell you where. Nowhere.

What the hell are we talking about you're asking yourself?

According to X17 today:

We thought Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal looked a little formal for a Sunday morning when we caught them out over the weekend - and now we know why!

Turns out we caught up with the couple after their first destination - a little chapel where they enjoyed a private sermon together! Wow! Goin' to the chapel? Think they're gonna get married?

And here I thought Reese was simply out buying my favorite Girl Scout cookies; Caramel DeLites, a/k/a Samoas.

Photos courtesy of X17 and IHJ.


UltraViolet said...

Man, how beautiful is that picture. And for once, I don't mean Jake!

Maybe he has the camera with him to show the minister where the service will be?

And could that be a CD with music for the ceremony?

No, my imagination is not in overdrive at all...

agent_krycek said...

I for one won't be speculating, amongst the things I'm not speculating about are it being a certain someone's birthday on Saturday, I'm certainly not suggesting anything about possible joint celebrations, and obviously I would hate to speculate about the mega amount of shopping the two of them have been doing lately *cough* suits, prezzies for bridesmaids, extra special dress *cough* And obviously the sudden reappearance of Jake's BFF, Chris, doesn't lend itself to best man speculation at all ;-)

Nope, no speculation to be seen here

*considers raiding bank account, flying to Brentwood and lurking around churches this weekend*

Anonymous said...

Wow I love all this speculation.

gyllenspooner said...


You are very devilish with all this speculation. But I have to admit: I like it, I like it a lot.

Honestly, and I think you guys know this about me by now, I tend not to buy into too much of the speculation regarding her being pregnant and/or them living together. You all know I have been skeptical about that.

BUT....I think there's smoke regarding a possible marriage between these two. I think that a marriage may be happening sometime soon even.

It would also explain why the kids spent TWO WEEKS with Ryan up until this past Sunday. Giving mom and step-dad Jake a chance to finalize plans maybe???

I don't know. There's a lot of smoke there though. Lots of it.

agent_krycek said...

Can anyone make out/recognise what the CD is, this is the clearest shot of it


Obviously no rampant speculation will be based on the result ;)

gyllenspooner said...

Maybe we should start our own little investigation.

Let's begin with the stores they have recently visited in LA and New York. What were they and what do they sell?

FluorescentLamp said...

agent_k, have you picked out a hat yet??

chica said...

Ha, ha!! Speculation is fun!!
I wonder how X17online know they attended church? They look a bit scruffy IMO.

PS: I just bought some Samoas myself last week, unfortunately I ate the whole box!

agent_krycek said...

agent_k, have you picked out a hat yet??

Possibly ;)

Blowing up that picture to try and make out the CD has made my eyes go doolally

FluorescentLamp said...

I think the CD is Rufus Wainwright Sings All Your Favorite Wedding Songs. ;-)

lawgoddess said...

OMFG! I would be so excited if they got married this weekend.:)

I breathlessly await more details. B.

gyllenspooner said...

Didn't Rufus sing a song for Reese this past weekend?


gyllenspooner said...


Technically he sang for her this past Wednesday. But same difference.

UltraViolet said...

I think the CD is Rufus Wainwright Sings All Your Favorite Wedding Songs.

Ha - you've cracked it.

Really, though, I'm not sure Rufus is a good choice. It will be hard to hear him through his sobs!

extra said...

This is Reese and her kids last Easter at an Easter egg hunt at the Good Shepherd Church in BH:


I wonder if this is where Jake and Reese wnet on Palm Sunday?

Anonymous said...

agent_k: Here's a shot of the CD in ultra-HQ.


That's as big as it gets, but I thought it might help. I have no idea what CD it is. =P

- Stephanie

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the help, Stephanie! I've rotated it and zoomed in on it, but I still can't make out what it says.

Superbad. anyone?

FluorescentLamp said...

Ha! Superbad? Great soundtrack! I mean who wouldn't want Motorhead's Ace of Spades played at their wedding??!!!

shondra said...

SUPERBAD, LOL!!! I actually rented that last week and was surprised how much I liked it, cool soundtrack too.

Church? In seperate cars? How did X17online find out since they obviously went out of their way to throw them off. Didn't a poster here, I think it was Bobbyanna say that she thought they were up to something?

gyllenspooner. said...

Yes Bobbyanna was right.

She's our very own Nostradamus. :P

Barbara said...

Chica, a box of Samoas is the
" single serving package."
Although I am partial to the tag-alongs ( Peanut butter patties with chocolate).

I don't think they would get married Easter weekend though. Most clergy consider it their " busy season." Lots of services during Holy Week.

Monica said...

Doctor visits for Paul Newman:

bobbyanna said...

Tell ya whut...I am as amazed as anyone that Jake went to church with Reese. I still would love to know how X17 knows...

They weren't "dressed up" at all. I mean, they certainly weren't wearing what I think of as Church-going clothes...especially if you're from the South.

Last year Reese went Easter Egg hunting with the kids and Jake was out with his parents and got his very own chocolate Easter. Bunny...named Frank.

Reese has said publically that her faith is an important part of her life, so if he went to church with her....O.M.G. I have some wonderful wedding outfits...alas...they no longer fit!

Monica said...

"Enjoy the pictures of Reese out jogging with a gal pal (March 17)"


bobbyanna said...

OK. I'm not sayin' nothin'! I'm not. Except, thank you Monica for the link to pictures of Reese jogging. I hope other people will take a look at these pictures. I am going to look at them again,too. Especially the one where she is running...and you can see that she is ..."thicker"...of course, Jake and Reese eat a lot. They are true foodies. They do exercise together. And he hasn't been able to do much exercise with that bad foot or ankle or whatever. So naturally a person would gain weight, right?

suvee said...

I have been trying really hard to resist speculating too much about these two, but...... you all are making it really difficult not to give in! :)

I truly have no idea if and when they will marry. But I have always thought that IF they do, it would be on MV. I know the location is the bride's choice, but for a 2nd marriage I don't think the standard protocol would be applicable. And most importantly, besides the fact that it has so much meaning to Jake, MV offers total privacy.

I like this scenario..... a beautiful, small, late summer wedding on MV. (sigh)

bobbyanna said...

That settles it! I am saving up my nickles for a late summer visit to MV. Of course, I'm not sure of which year that might be...

Joking aside, if Reese's children enjoyed their visit to MV, and she had a good time there, then I think it might become one of her favorite places too. Especially since, IMVHO, I have held that she is totally, thoroughly smitten with Jake...as how could she not be! He seems different. I know he is five or six years older then he was last time he was with someone in a long term relationship. but there is something else. He seems settled. I got the impression from those old pictures of them, that he was sort of the pursuer rather then the one pursued. In pics of R&J, I see a more settled, deeply affectionate, protective man. Again. I'm probably not saying this right, but I know what I mean! :)

Anonymous said...

Reese already has two kids that she and her ex share custody. So she isn't as free as most to come and go as she likes, especially since her ex is very present in her kids life. You don't just take off to locations at free will, Ava is in school fulltime and custody plays a role also.
I'm not certain she can just take off on vacation and get married.
Sure she can spend extended vacation time on MV in the summer while the kids don't have school, but she doesn't see to drag her kids off for 10 flights for her personal gain.

I think if she and Jake are serious then religion is something important to her and something he knows. She is already raising her kids in a certain way, if she were to have another child, I'd think she wants them to be raised the same way. It would be odd to have two children practice one thing while another is raised outside that. Children change everything.

UltraViolet said...

New Jake pics. New post.

Carry on :)