Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Birds: A Sequel

Did Jake Gyllenhaal lose a bet? Did his best friend switch from chefery to clothing design? Is Ramona Gyllensarshaalgaard Jake's new stylist?

Whatever the case, Jake was out and about this morning, sans crutch but with birded flannel. Getting a clean bill of health for that ankle, we hope!

You can hide behind avian plaid all you want, Jake. You're still hot.

There are also pics of Reese out and about at the post on JustJared. She seems a little cheerier than Jake!

(Photos courtesy of JustJared and IHJ.)


Anonymous said...

Did anyone saw Reese pictures in Just Jared? Looks like she is really getting "thicker"...

bobbyanna said...

Jake seems not happy a bit! If a video turns up of this, I don't want to look at it, bcz I would not want to hear him being angry at someone. He looks like he could get all "Swoff" on the paps. LOL!

Reese was all smiley. Talk about role reversal! But both of them seem to have redefined "casual" with the outfits. :)

UltraViolet said...

Hey bobbyanna, I wouldn't mind hearing Jake go all Swoff on the paps!

That's like having my Jake and eating it to. Or something.

Must get mind out of gutter...

Anonymous said...

Time will tell, Anon 10:14.

suvee said...

OMFG..... how good is he looking in these pics? I didn't even notice the birded flannel!

And I'm sorry (really I am) that he is being followed by the paps, but that last pic, where he's pointing and looking all pissed off and tough...... leaves me speechless. And a bit warm....

TY UV for my bedtime treat!

sallykirkland said...

That's not a cheap flannel shirt. It is an expensive woolen shirt. Like outdoorsmen wear...to chop down trees.

He looks delicious. Is it me or do those jeans look extra tight in all the right places?

I don't think he is angry. I'd welcome a video clip to actually hear what he is saying. Jake knows paps hang around that parking structure and that medical building. They have been for years. They really do not belong wandering inside the garage, tho. Management ought to do something about that. I would worry they'd mess with someone's car.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Phillippe's movie, Stop Loss premiered on St. Patrick's Day.

UltraViolet said...

Sorry, sally, I don't care if that shirt cost $1000. It's hideous :)

I think Jake is just kind of annoyed. But if he did get angry, I wouldn't mind hearing it.

Suvee, ITA and you're welcome. Sweet dreams :)

FluorescentLamp said...

Okay, I know it might be a little too early to start panicking, but Jake hasn't worn a different pair of trainers since February 29th!!!

Oh something is DEFINITELY up!

UltraViolet said...

Ha, FL! Maybe his sneakers refuse to be seen with that shirt.

I think that's it, because I think he had different ones on in the Farmers Market photos!

Also, more garage pics at WENN.

If that link doesn't work, just go to:


Anonymous said...

Don't you feel bad for looking at pictures of him when he is clearly upset?

UltraViolet said...

If you look at some of the other pics at the WENN link, you can see that he's laughing, anon.

And yes, it's a conflict sometimes. But these photos are not really bad, IMO.

Anonymous said...

He's smiling in some of the WENN photos.

Anonymous said...

Video up on flynet, however many paps where there. He started off quite happy then something happened to piss him off.


agent_krycek said...

Really difficult to tell about Reese and any 'thickening', on one hand that blue scarf (which quite frankly I'm lusting after big time) does seem to be covering up an awful lot and perhaps I can spot a bit of a tummy, but on the otherhand, am I just seeing it because I'm looking for it and want to see it, if you know what I mean.

I was sort of joking about any joint celebrations this weekend from the last post, but I agree with Gyllenspoon, there's defiantely smoke out there, lots and lots of smoke ;-)

chica said...

He sure loves plaid! It looks like his akle is better and he doesn't lookmto thrilled and I don't blame him, Reese on the other hand seems to be in a better mood.

Interesting outfit she is wearing....

extra said...

In this video one of the paps asks him to comment on Heath's passing:


Anonymous said...

I think the paps think something is going on as well, one says "is there anything going on with the/your? relationship Jake" and I think Jake replys "hilarious"

gyllenspooner said...

I thought of something.

If Jake went to church with Reese doesn't that mean that he has converted (or is thinking of converting) to her religion?

The billows of smoke are getting thicker and thicker...

bobbyanna said...

The paps always ask "relationship" questions. He was fine at first, but I think Jake got irritated when they got too close, right in his face. As he went over to the cashier's window it seemed like he was telling them to hold it, back off.

As for the question about Heath, a few of those guys are from agencies who give them questions to ask. The expectation is either the celeb will give an answer, or they will provoke anger which is good for a pap. Jake just walked away, then went back to get his car. I admire his discipline. Paps will seize any thread of information or speculation and throw it at a celeb. If a loved one was diagnosed with cancer, they'd ask about it...inappropriately. I'm glad J&R are messing with their $$$ by being photo'd separately!

bobbyanna said...

Jake may not be converting, but, if they are really planning on getting married, maybe they are attending some kind of "classes" her church offers people before they get married.

I remember Catholics used to have to attend a series of meetings called Cana conferences? Don't know if they still do. But I am speculating.

Maybe it was a "private sermon." I think marriage conference is more likely. That's my speculation and I'm stickin' to it....unless something else comes to mind!

Anonymous said...

I think there is much speculation about something we really don't know enough about. It was Palm Sunday and this Sunday is Easter Sunday, perhaps they were just going to church or maybe she was there doing something for her kids.
Only one person must be Catholic to marry in a church, you can get married to a non-catholic so long as you pledge to raise your children catholic. But I'm not even sure that Reese is Catholic, so it might not even be possilbe for them to marry at that church.
Unless she converted, which only she would know. Another factor is her first marriage, was she married under a religion? If she was then the Catholic Church does recognize that marriage and unless it's annuled they wouldn't marry her.

What church does she attend and what religion is she. That's why many 2nd marriages are not in a church.

bobbyanna said...

Anon, sorry if I was unclear. I was not suggesting Reese is Catholic or that &J&R were at anything to do with being Catholic. I just suggested that I knew the Catholic Church offered pre-marital conferences, and maybe other denominations do to.

agent_krycek said...

I remember Catholics used to have to attend a series of meetings called Cana conferences? Don't know if they still do

Not sure if they still call it that, but if you want to get married in a church then you do have to attend classes, RC definately. That was also my first though when I saw 'private sermon'

Don't think I'll watch the video, don't like seeing Jake hasselled and really, if he ever does comment about Heath, it will be on his terms, when he decides, not when a bunch of morons try and provoke a response out of him.

agent_krycek said...

Sorry for the double post - also meant to say, we are basing a lot of this speculation on where X17 said they were, we must remember this is the same site that identified Jake as leaving The Ivy the other week, even though a number of the pictures clearly showed the sign of the Urth Cafe. With their track record he may just have been popping down the shops to pick up a bulk order of flannel/bird shirts :D

gyllenspooner said...

She's Episcopalian which is America's version of Anglican so they definitely recognize divorce. I'm not sure why people always assume she's Catholic. Although, Catholic and Anglican/Episcopalian are very similar doctrinally.

The only major difference is the latter allows for divorce and the former doesn't. That whole King Henry VIII thing. Screw you Anne Boleyn.

Anyways, it's not that typical to go to church on Palm Sunday. Easter Sunday, yes. Palm Sunday, not so much. Only the hardcore religious people and/or those who attend church every Sunday do that. I don't think Jake/Reese fit in either category.

But Bobbyanna's theory is most interesting. It isn't unusual AT ALL to take classes at a church before you marry. Especially for someone like Reese who probably felt that she rushed it the first time around and got burned.

Jake is definitely NOT Catholic or Episcopalian. His Dad is some kind of weird Swedish Christian and his mom is Jewish. So for Jake to go to church with Reese would imply one of two things I think:

1) He's converting to her religion.

2) As Bobbyanna speculated, he might be taking some pre-wedding classes with her.

Either way, doesn't this suggest that a marriage may be imminent?

Call the fire department, this smoke is out of control. lol.

bobbyanna said...

Maybe they didn't go to church at all, and X17 is just making things up.

BTW: Wasn't there a clergyman in their small group that went sightseeing in Rome? Tall guy with a collar on?

josie said...

A lot of fun speculation this morning! I won't look at the video,especially if he is upset abot them asking about Heath.

Everytime I see Jake with a plaid shirt with birds on them It look like he spilled something on it!!

Jake should really go to another medical building since that's a place the paps like to hang out.

Anonymous said...

Reese takes her kids to a Catholic church and Ava might attend the private Catholic school, so that might be the reason Reese is attending mass at a Catholic church. I have read tabloid reports in the past that claim Reese & Jake goto church together, so it very possible they were just going to church. The guy in Rome was not a clergyman, he was one of Reese's stylists, the woman with them does Reese's makeup and the guy I believe does her hair, he has been in photos with Reese prior to Rome. I guess his white t-shirt under a black shirt made him appear to be a clergyman, but he isn't.

agent_krycek said...

Although, the X17 report could be completely false but the church, and people have said Jake looked scruffy and not dressed in Sunday Best, but to me he looked quite smart for 'off duty' Jake, well, the jumper and shirt is a million miles away from bird infested lumberjack shirts!

ex-dc poster said...

I do remember a few rags saying they attended church together, it was either Ok, us or some other rag and they did mention Mass and that they showed seperately but sat together and then left seperately.

And I think Star said that they ateended church. At the time I thought it was the usual BS but then I remember when I used to be a member of DC and Theresa who used to run Heathcentral poset that she saw Jake and his father at Mass.

Some thought it was odd, since neither Jake nor his father are Catholic, but she said she saw them and she had no reason to make it up. So it's quite possible but then X17 has gotten so much stuff wrong not only with Jake and Reese but with others as well, who knows.

Monica said...

Jake is so HOT!

"Heath Ledger's Family Feuds Over his Estate"

bobbyanna said...

Here is a link to the photo of the man I'm referring to. He is not working for Reese. He was variously described as a friend, or someone she knew, and also someone who was showing them the sites. He is wearing a white raincoat and he is definitely a member of the clergy. There are two or three other photos of them together.


Anonymous said...

He does work with Reese and so does the women in those photos.
Here is a link to photos of him working with her on another project.



They are her friends and they
both work for her on some level.
There are other photos of him with her on other sets as well.
If you look really close at the photos from Rome you will see he has a white t-shirt with a black shirt over it.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, "anon." Have looked at the photos at links you provided. It's the same guy all right. But in the Rome pictures, he sure looked like he has a collar on.

I might be hallucinating, but I could swear I read somewhere that he was a friend who was a member of the clergy, or he was a minister she knew in Rome, and he was taking them out sight seeing, etc., etc. Oh, well.

bobbyanna said...

Gosh! Today is "one of those days." I am SO sorry to be "spamming" but I have to interrupt this program for a Special News Bulletin.

A dear friend on another blog has conducted some scientific research. She has concluded that the brown plaid shirt he is wearing in the parking garage is a different brown plaid shirt then the other brown plaid shirt...meaning Jake has TWO brown plaid shirts. If this is true, it is...quite remarkable.

As with most scientific research, findings are often submitted to journals where other scientists can test and comment on such theories. Is such a thing possible...is it possible to independently verify....I am obviously quite shaken by the possibility he would have two ...and I think the other brown plaid shirt had black birds. These are clearly white. This is MOST distressing.

agent_krycek said...

I might be hallucinating, but I could swear I read somewhere that he was a friend who was a member of the clergy, or he was a minister she knew in Rome, and he was taking them out sight seeing, etc., etc. Oh, well.

I read the same somewhere, I think it was just a guess based upon the top the man is wearing - jeez unfounded speculation, just as well none of that goes on round here ;-)

agent_krycek said...

With regards the shirts - the proof is out there..


Definately a different shirt in the parking garage, much as I stand by my love of the blue/black one, the brown ones are somewhat, err, different (in a desperate attempt to be polite about them)

gyllenspooner said...

Jakey likes his plaid. Nobody's perfect, I guess. lol.

Ya I remember hearing that the guy with Reese in Rome was a minister or something as well, but I don't think he is. It goes to show how the tabs get their stories. They just interpret photographs. No sources.

For the record I want to state that i'm not convinced they're getting married, we're all just having fun here speculating. I won't start bashing Jake and/or travel from web site to web site to bash him if my speculation turns out to be false. I love him either way.

But I do think he and Reese are mega-serious at this point and a sudden marriage would not surprise me in the slightest.

Welcome ex-dc poster. You might notice that we are not as bitter as some others, it makes posting here so much more fun.

agent_krycek said...

But I do think he and Reese are mega-serious at this point and a sudden marriage would not surprise me in the slightest.

Completely agree, the speculation is fun, but I suspect these two will do the deed privately, well away from prying eyes and we'll only find out well after the event - similar to Maggie and Peter - although their profile isn't as high as J&R's so keeping it under wraps might have been a bit easier.

One thing you can guarantee is it won't be sold to the higgest magazine bidder

gyllenspooner said...


I totally agree.

shondra said...

I made a mistake and clicked on that video and I'm sorry I did. Why don't they leave him alone regarding Heath? He should be left to alone and grieve in private, he doesn't owe anyone a public statement.

The shirt/s are awful. I hate plaid flannel and the birds looks like bird poop, sorry Jake!

Reese's outfit looks "busy", a spring skirt, a sweater and a scarf, it almost looks like she is trying to hide something, either that or I have an over active imagination!

sass said...

Afternoon peeps,
I can't stop laughing. Jake's birdie shirts have to be discussed, cropped and examined closely by all Gyllenhaalics. He does own more than one flannel shirt, but four!
Nobody's perfect says it all.
We love you Jake Flannel and all.

I am sickie poo today, it's raining, so I am watching MSNBC...war stats were mentioned and McCain seemed confused about who did what.

The war has cost 600 billion dollars, with nearly 4000 soldiers dead and 33,000 soldiers wounded.

chica said...

Hi sass,
I hope you feel better, the rainy weather doesn't help either.

Here is a link to an excellent article on the war:


chica said...

It got cut off, sorry:


UltraViolet said...

Hey, Sass. Sorry you're not feeling well. I think if you watch this video, it might cheer you up.

It's an account from a NY waiter who's met Jake a few tomes now. This encounter is from Jake and Reese's visit to NYC. A sighting we've already heard from a different perspective. Enjoy!

As for the pap videos, I felt a little bad for Jake when he was sort of turning around like a man with nowhere to escape. And I hate that they keep asking him about Heath. But Jake manages to keep his head through all of it.

Jake is a genuine, classy man, despite what the haters say.

FluorescentLamp said...

Awww, Pedro's vids about Jake are the best!

He always makes me smile. :-)

Monica said...

another video Jake in BH:

"An angry movie watcher caught up with actor Jake Gyllenhaal in a Southern California parking structure, demanding that Jake give him his "hard-earned" money back for the film Zodiac. The disgruntled man said that it was a three hour movie where nothing happens, and even made extra sure to point out that, by the end of the film, the crime hadn't even been solved! Gyllenhaal successfully defended the film, citing it as some of his best work. He even went as far to say that Jeffrey Wells loved it. The Polo ensconced amateur photog then walked away frustrated, wishing that he would've mentioned either The Day After Tomorrow or Bubble Boy instead."



Monica said...

More Jake:
"When asked about how things were going with Reese, Jake responded with 'Hilarious."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the vid UV, that made me smile, love to have heard the joke.

sass said...

OMG UV, you are so wonderful. Folks can hear me laughing all down the East coast...I just love Pedro!
TY again

Anonymous said...

Apparently it's a week on Saturday. Reese and Ava were spotted at a fitting for a bridemaid's dress this morning. Chris is going to be best man.

sheba baby said...

I love Pedro too, thanks for the link UV. He is such a big Jake fan and I love reading and hearing all the Jake and Reese tidbits.

LOL, at the paps being pissed at Zodiac and bravo to Jake for defending a fine film, he is obviously is proud of it.

PS: Anon: you shouldn't pos stuff like, we all know where gossip bloggers get their stories!

UltraViolet said...

We've had lots of pics, which I love. But I adore these little glimpses of Jake. And I love Pedro! I just wish he'd given more details.

As for the Defamer thing, I'm pretty sure it's their attempt at humor.

suvee said...

"The only major difference is the latter allows for divorce and the former doesn't. That whole King Henry VIII thing."

I know.... a religion that began because a king was horny! Speaking as an Episcopalian born and bred, I feel I need to add a few other significant differences. Our priests can marry and have sex (or, have sex and marry!), we ordain women as priests, and the Pope isn't our guy.... the Archbishop of Canterbury is! :)

Seriously, IF Reese really is Episcopalian, Jake could do far worse, theologically speaking, to marry into. The Episcopal Church is relatively progressive.... and I've known several nice Jewish boys that happily converted to please their Episcopalian wife.

Sorry for the OT post..... I generally try to avoid doing it, but I couldn't resist.

gyllenspooner said...

Hey suvee,

Thanks for the information.

I always wondered who the head of the Episcopalion Church was. I guess the Archbishop of Canterbury makes sense. What role does he play in the Anglican Church? Isn't he the second in charge, after the King/Queen?

I knew that it was essentially the same religion as being Anglican. But I assumed that the reason they weren't full-blown Anglican was because of the whole Church of England thing and the fact that the British Soveriegn was the Head of the Church which would be a weird person to worship if you were, say, an American.

You see kiddies this is why the whole church and state thing doesn't mix.

One word: diaspora.

bobbyanna said...

On the justjared pics:
"Reese's outfit looks "busy", a spring skirt, a sweater and a scarf, it almost looks like she is trying to hide something, either that or I have an over active imagination!"

If your imagination is over active, so is mine,Shondra.I agree. And that light blue scarf is a mess, all wrinkled. Reese is usually not messy in that way. Also looks like an a-line skirt that is "riding high" bcz the waist is too....well... never mind.
I think they are mega-serious, too. They are very, very comfortable with each other. Wouldn't surprise me if mentally and emotionally they're "married" already? They probably think in twos automatically!

suvee said...

apologies in advance for boring everyone else here s***less, but I wanted to quickly respond to Gyllenspooner.

I am far from an expert, but I believe that all worldwide Anglican/Episcopal churches and dioceses belong to the Anglican Communion, which is headed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, But you are correct, the American Episcopal Church has absolutely no allegiance to the Queen.
( Although one of my uncles has always kept a framed photo of Her Majesty in his study. :) )

Back to J & R..... I loved Pedro's video! My favorite nugget? That "Miss Type A" (NOT my characterization btw) was the one that suggested just chilling, and taking their time at the restaurant. So there, all you Reese haters! Thanks for sharing, UV.

sass said...

Listen Babblers,
I just checked my Wireimage acct kept especially for Jake pics..and found some Jake pics :):)

Jake at The Los Angeles Conservations Corps Spring Luncheon

What this AffAIR is all about I leave to others...Help UV...whose brain is unencumbered by pain...and other crap.
Love you all and my gorgeous Jake whose is once again doing his thing to help others.

UltraViolet said...

We're on it, Sass. See the new post :)

Thanks for the alert, though. Let's continue the discussion in the new post.

Don't forget the Pedro love!