Monday, October 6, 2014

Rough riders

Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts filming Demolition on Coney Island today. These photos are begin to be captioned. When I get more time, I'll try to fill some in.

Nightcrawler TV spot:


FP said...

Such a beautiful pics UV!:)


NYC, Days 16-22: Luke (left) darts from DJ booth mid-set to "get around" Jake Gyllenhaal (right). Spectacular pace.

Jess said...

Nice pictures but I can't help but to think of Heath.

Mary said...

Thanks UV nice pics. Finally saw a TV add for night crawler

bobbyanna said...

I love these pics! I think I'm going to love Demolition, too! So great to see them working together and having fun!

Jess said...

lol, Lou Bloom has a better profile on LinkedIn than I do.

UltraViolet said...

Great interview with cinematographer Robert Elswit, who shot Nightcrawler and is also Jake's godfather:

HitFix: Most people might not know this but you're Jake Gyllenhaal's Godfather. And yet somehow this is the first time the two of you have ever worked together. What was that dynamic like?

Robert Elswit: You know, it was just kind of great seeing him, because I hadn't seen him in so long and, you know, never worked with him. It was kind of fun to watch him go through this. I've known him since he was born, so it is kind of a thrill to experience this with him. I tried to talk him into doing it and I was a little hesitant, in a way, because I didn't want him to feel like I'd gotten him into something that wasn't right for him. But I felt it really was. I felt it was perfect. He's never done a one-hander, really. He's never done a movie that's just him. I mean, other than "Prince of Persia," it's always been kind of a two-hander. He's always been with somebody else, and this, I thought, was kind of singularly possible for him to pull off, because it was such an unusual, very-very-far-away-from-him sort of human being. So I was really happy he took it.

He's making a lot of great, intriguing choices lately.

He is, yeah. And, you know, you don't get paid anything [on a movie like this], and it's a real huge commitment of time and energy. And he just embraced it and he did it a thousand percent. He just went at it, which is what you have to do. When a movie is that low budget and that complicated – because there was lots and lots of locations – and then time consuming and physically difficult, you really have to have an actor who just won't let up. And he really came through.

With this and the stuff you've done with Paul Thomas Anderson, including "Inherent Vice," it really feels like few have been able to capture as many specific looks at Los Angeles as you have. On "Nightcrawler," what was the thinking on how to use the city visually?

Well, Danny [Gilroy] really wanted to make a film that wasn't a "downtown LA" movie. He wanted to really see the Valley and West Hollywood, which was kind of impossible on our scheduling budget, to show that on Sunset there are hills in between, that you drove from the west side to the Valley and you went through the mountains and, you know, kind of that stuff that brings you through Griffith Park, which we tried to do a few times. That's kind of the feeling he wanted, that you come out of the canyons into the flats, and that really dictated the locations. I mean, it was really his feelings about he wanted his LA to be. He wanted it to feel like it was all the living spaces that he knows, you know, unusual LA. And that was his little world that Jake lived in. He went back and forth between that little Los Feliz apartment that he lived in and went to the west side and went to the east side. And you would see downtown in the distance, but you wouldn't go there.

Now that's a good godfather!

UltraViolet said...

:( Jess. It's a bittersweet connection for both, I'm sure. And speaking of connections: LOL at Lou Bloom's LinkedIn.

Hi, Mary! I saw an ad last night, as well. Hope they keep it up.

Posted some more photos from filming. Jake has different Carhartts on. IHJ has 80 photos from today! I'm happy not to know what's going on. It's more fun to make up a story in my head.

It can be distracting to see these scenes in the actual film. In Nightcrawler, when Lou is sitting in the grass with his man bun, all I could think of was the pap photos from that day of filming.

I saw something that said Demolition filming will go until November 12. Doesn't give Jake much of a break before the play.

IHJ has photos of Jake at an Academy reception in NYC. Made me wonder if Jake will be trying to campaign for NC. I'm already annoyed by the process!

Monica said...

These photos are great. After the beard and greasy hair, it's so good to see Jake gorgeous again. Thanks Jean MV !!

Previous post:

Piruleta, I started reading Into Thin Air. I also want to know more about what happened on Everest.

Hagen, I also saw Gone Girl. I'm not a fan of the book, so I will not say I'm disappointed. It's a fun movie not great as they are saying, the script is flawed as the book.
Unlike you, I liked Rosamund's performance. She is great, the movie becomes fun because of her, better because of her.
Zodiac, Seven, Fight Club are much better.

Piruleta said...

That's definitely a great interview with Robert Elswit. Thank you!

Re. Everest:

I think it might be helpful to have read the book before "Everest", so we can figure out more easily who's who among those bearded men. ;-)

Haha that's true! I kept checking the book's index and IMDb all the time! lol

Maybe I should download Into Thin Air and The Climb. I don't have to worry so much about spoilers in this one. In fact, it might help with the anxiety of wondering what happens to Jake/Fischer.

Give it a go! I ordered The Climb so I don't know about this one, but Into Thin Air reads like a novel.

I think what happened was horrible and in a way avoidable, and I don't want to say too much but I found Fischer's death to be even more tragic than Rob Hall's. Just in case:


Rob Hall was able to talk to his wife for the last time and was in contact with people at the camp. Fischer was already really ill even before he reached the summit. He was still alive when He was abandoned because the Sherpas thought there was nothing they could do for him, so he died alone.


BlueJean said...

Amazing pics! Just amazing! *thinks of Heath* I'll steal one to put on DC, UV.

Thanks xxx

Jess said...

" Made me wonder if Jake will be trying to campaign for NC. I'm already annoyed by the process!"

Well he is a producer on Nightcrawler so I guess it goes with the territory. That is sweet what Roger said about Jake and it's nice that Jake listened to his Godfather.

I saw tweet last night where someone made a comment about Jake owing Al Pacino residuals for becoming the young Al Pacino or something like that. Jake does remind of Pacino in looks and intensity, I would love to have seem Jake and Mr. Pacino in the lead roles of the Judge, somehow I think it would have been awesome.

Tweety said...

What great pics of Jake and Naomi!
How about 'Whoops all fall down and go boom" for the captions, LOL!!!

Jake and Lucy Liu :

Anonymous said...

To Piruleta...

I've read Into Thin Air several times and find it morbidly fascinating. I have not read Boukreev's, but did read Beck Weather's shorter book, Left for Dead, and as the title suggests, he was. How did he ever come back from that abyss? I found his book dovetailed really well with Krakauer's.

Great Blog Ultra Violet.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Tina from Italy. To Piruleta... I've read "Into Thin Air" and "The Climb", too. Different ways of writing, different points of view. I also read some articles by Simone Moro, one of the most famous climbers nowadays (he was a Boukreev's close friend and was with him when he died in a mountain accident). There's really a debate about what happened on Everest in May 1996. I wonder how they handled it in the movie!
PS: thank you for the pictures, UV!

UltraViolet said...

Welcome to Tina and the above anon. It's always great to see new faces! Thanks for the thanks :)

It will be interesting to see which account holds sway in the movie or if they do a hybrid. Compared to the amount of coverage we got of Jake's shoots on Southpaw and now Demolition, Everest was like a blip.

LOL, Tweety. That caption pretty well covers it. Jake looks good with Lucy Liu.

I forgot to comment on Gone Girl. Didn't like the book; liked the movie even less. Jake would have been leagues better than Ben Affleck, of whom I am a fan. And Rosamund Pike? Good in some ways and not so good in others.

Some random tweets about NC, the first two from UK film people:

Jake Gyllenhaal is brilliantly hideous in the darkly comic and utterly compelling Nightcrawler. All that left to say is #HireLouBloom.

Part Drive, part American Psycho.... #nightcrawler is also a full reminder of how good Jake Gyllenhaal really can be.

I don't even know if I can express how good Jake Gyllenhaal is in Nightcrawler. 2 for 2 with this week's movies. (Screenrant writer)

Nightcrawler: very dark, uncomfortable & funny in an icky way. Jake Gyllenhaal is fantastic as a complete sociopath. All that = my jam (Alicia Malone, future Mrs. Gyllenhaal)

Anonymous said...

Joel Arbaje ‏@DISSATK 43m43 minutes ago
Jake Gyllenhaal found out where i worked, and started dancing outside the building.

Yad Ayada ‏@BengalsOrDie 1h1 hour ago
Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal dance into my office building.

Ashley Victoriaૐ ‏@smASHeD_that 12m12 minutes ago
Manhattan, NY

Ashley Victoriaૐ ‏@smASHeD_that 59s59 seconds ago
jake. gyllenhaal. filming. right. outside. my. work. what are the chances cait & I get coffee at that moment and walk right next to him gahh
Manhattan, NY

Regina ‏@luvinglumi 10m10 minutes ago
Ya'll I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal outside the WTC path station.

UltraViolet said...

Grat tweets. Loved the follow up to the first one:

Stuck on 36th floor on a conf. call. Hold him there for me. Thanks.

Video of Jake walking down the street, in "costume."

Interesting article about one of the funding sources for Constellations:

Head of Public Understanding of Science and Technology for the Sloan Foundation, Doron Weber grants funds to filmmakers and playwrights covering science-centric issues, including productions such as Broadway’s upcoming “Constellations.”

What is the Sloan Foundation’s goal?
The true aim would be to see the world like Leonardo da Vinci; [art and science are] not two cultures, it’s one. That’s an ambitious goal, but we’re shooting to bring them back into a dialogue and also try to restore their coherence so you can see things with multiple points of depth…so when you hear technical jargon, your brain doesn’t check out. As our culture and society are scientific and psychological, we need to be able to understand and talk about things with a certain degree of complexity.

What’s a show the foundation has funded?
“Constellations” received a production grant and is going up in January, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. One of the two characters, the woman, is a quantum theorist and a professor—[that storyline] fulfills our criteria. What’s also beautiful about the play is that [playwright Nick Payne] structures it with a many-worlds theory, fracturing time with theories, repetitions, and scenes, so you have to be thinking—because their relationship raises philosophical questions using quantum mechanics and quantum theory.

More old NC review tweets I found lying around:

GermainLussier (Slashfilm)
Can't get Nightcrawler out of my head. The way it's purposefully ambiguous about so much, the fascinating topic, the acting, all so good.

FlickeringMyth writer:
@SeeNIGHTCRAWLER - mesmeric, dirty, funny and spellbinding, it had me hooked from minute one. Gyllenhaal astounding, deserves Oscar nom.

Genuinely came out breathless. An unbelievable film and a stunning achievement from all. Absolutely unmissable. #nightcrawler

Monica said...

Legendary Joel ‏@diaz11joel 1h1 hour ago
I got to see Jake Gyllenhaal in New York!!!! OMG! 😱😍 he's making a new film

davide iembo ‏@davideiembo 2h2 hours ago
#jakegyllenhaal shooting in downtown @ WTC: 9/11 Memorial Site

Monica said...

Jace Reid ‏@HeForShePledge 5m5 minutes ago

Don't ask anything. Just read and it'll make sense later. Just.. Jake Gyllenhaal. Doctor Strange.

Jace Reid ‏@HeForShePledge 6m6 minutes ago

Not my choice, but I agree. “@felofHe: @HeForShePledge Interesting choice.”

Jace Reid ‏@HeForShePledge 4m4 minutes ago

No. But I might have got a hint from someone highly involved. Not reporting it, though. “@felofHe: @HeForShePledge Confirmed?”

FP said...

Jake Gyllenhaal. Doctor Strange.

Jake please noooooooooo

Monica said...

My first thought is noooooooo, but at the same time I want him to be a succe$$ful actor, so why not? It's just a rumor, but I would love to see Jake have his own franchise if this will be good for his career, of course. If this will allow him to have time to act in other films.

Jess said...

I think Dr. Strange could be a fun character. If the director would allow him, Jake I think would put his on mark on the character. But I am a little hesitant about the people involved not the character Dr. Strange.

Piruleta said...

Dr. Strange? As others have said: no please!. I think the Marvel bubble will break sooner than later and another major flop would not make Jake any favour, a lot of people still like to mock the fact he was in Prince of Persia and the movie didn't do that bad. Not saying Dr. Strange will necessary be a BO bomb but the movie doesn't sound good with all this known actors (Hardy, Leto, Cumberbatch, Phoenix, Hawke) coming on and off the project… Jake is not even in their wish-list, he seems like an option just because the others don't want to do it :/

Piruleta said...

Forgot to say about Everest. I've been searching some info and found some pictures of Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin and John Hawkes in Nepal. Considering Jake filmed mostly in Italy and England, it seems they will focus the action in Rob Hall's team. Will be interesting anyway.

Chica said...

What fun photos , looks like they had a blast filming that scene!

Dr. Strange? Meh. I know Jake wants to play a superhero and maybe get a franchise but I think the public is starting to get a bit weary with all these superhero movies.

bobbyanna said...

I have mixed feelings. Sort of agree with both Monica and Chica.: ) I'd enjoy seeing Jake as part of a larger ensemble cast, and I'm glad he's in the conversation, but I'm not real comfortable with the idea of him carrying a franchise on his own.

Unfortunately, Hollywood and the critics are merciless and seem to hang the failure of a franchise on the lead actor...unless it's Green Lantern... ; ) then they talk about how they're for sure doing a sequel, etc. LOL!

Some actors are defined by their failures and some aren't.

"Jake is not even in their wish-list, he seems like an option just because the others don't want to do it :/ "
Piruleta, this part doesn't bother me too much.
Even though what you say might be true, we don't really know why, or even if other actors actually turned down a role. Sometimes the gossip is not accurate. It's spin.
Altho I do believe that Joaquin Phoenix did. But there could be a lot of reasons why he'd say no that have nothing to do with the character, script, etc. LOL!

How an actor gets a role is rarely a direct route. There were other people considered for Source Code, Brokeback Mountain, Southpaw,etc. and probably other movies that we haven't heard about.

But I agree that there seems to be a real mixed attitude when it comes to casting Jake in some of these major top tier films.

Jake's on a great trajectory right now, and he's getting a ton of respect. I just wish it would translate into bigger (not excessive) budgets, and better marketing and distribution.

Hagen said...

I'm not really familiar with the Marvel characters, but Dr. Strange at least sounds somewhat cooler than Ant-Man.

Tomorrow the fancy "Enemy" mediabook will be published.

BlueJean said...

"Tomorrow the fancy "Enemy" mediabook will be published."

Pre-ordered that (last week). I didn't even know it had a booklet! Happy! :)

Who or what is Dr. Strange? *goes to Google*

Piruleta said...

bobbyanna you are right, it doesn't bother me that other actors have been offered the role before him, it's just that I don't like the general feeling of this film. I don't doubt Jake could handle it, I've even seen comic fans suggest him for the role. But of course my opinion it's totally biased because I just hate this kind of films LOL

Some videos:

Nightcrawler official soundtrack preview link

Nightcrawler press conference at Zurich Film Festival link

10 minutes interview with Dan Gilroy link

Mary said...

I had to google Dr Strange too Blue Jean. I also have mixed feelings about Jake doing it.

UltraViolet said...

LA screening with a Jake Q&A.

I missed this, retweeted by the Creative Mind Group:

@SeeNIGHTCRAWLER exceptional film. totally floored. an incredible performance from Gyllenhaal #FantasticFest #NightcrawlerMovie

Frodo approves.

I think the NC ad ran during American Horror Story last night, because there were a lot of tweets mentioning both.

A brief video from filming yesterday. This thing looks like fun!

And a closer video of the house demolition.

Cool poster comparisons tweet.

Random tweets:

So #Nightcrawler is breathtaking. Jake Gyllenhaal is amazingly creepy.

Satire feels blunt & unfocused but #JakeGyllenhaal pic #Nightcrawler is enjoyably pitch black comedy. #RizAhmed great as clueless sidekick.

OMG, the #Nightcrawler!! Jake's performance is mind-blowing, very suitable for a character study!…

Just saw #Nightcrawler man this film was fun & terrifying at the same time. Thx 4 the recommendation @AMCindependent @Amirosie @aliciamalone

I imagine Gyllenhaal's Lou Bloom & Bale's Patrick Bateman both attended the same creep school and crash dieted together #Nightcrawler/(Gyllenhaal's performance is excellent, by the way. I think it goes without saying at this point)

UltraViolet said...

I don't know what to think about Dr. Strange. I want Jake to have a higher profile and make prestige movies. I don't know if this would help or hurt.

Piruleta, thanks for the links. And for doing the links :) Same to Hagen :) And to Monica :)

Monica said...

but the movie doesn't sound good with all this known actors (Hardy, Leto, Cumberbatch, Phoenix, Hawke) coming on and off the project…

Just Phoenix, all other rumors were never confirmed. Phoenix doesn't feel comfortable with interviews and promo, which is crucial for a movie like this.
I understand the fear, I feel the same, it may be that it is too early for him to try it. I'd love him to have at least a role in a big budget movie.

UltraViolet said...

I really just don't want it to be another PoP situation.

Interesting tidbit from a Hollywood Reporter story about a lawsuit:

PalmStar Media Capital filed a tantalizing lawsuit on Thursday, claiming that the casting of Ben Affleck in The Accountant was the result of a conspiracy that ended in the independent production company being cut out of the upcoming film. ...

PalmStar says while the other producers on The Accountant were wooing Affleck, the company was performing in accordance to the terms of the co-production agreement. This allegedly included contacting talent agents for other stars including Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Wahlberg, Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch who were pre-approved to star in the film. The plaintiff also says it ascertained the foreign sales value for the different actors, acquired salary quotes and asked FilmNation, the film's foreign sales agent, to begin running budgets for The Accountant at different locations.

I like seeing Jake's name in that company.

Another NC tweet:

NIGHTCRAWLER is probably the best original thriller of the year. Stylish, smart, tense. Jake Gyllenhaal owns it. Great performance.

Monica said...

I really just don't want it to be another PoP situation.

Me too.

First clip: Nightcrawler

FP said...


Watch: Jake Gyllenhaal Enters the Oscar Race in New 'Nightcrawler' Clip

Don't let yourself be fooled. He, meaning Gyllenhaal, may look mild-mannered, but that doesn't mean he won't bite.

Everything -- even madness -- has to begin somewhere; and for Gyllenhaal's character, it has its roots in the room where Leo first meets Nina, the local news producer who is played by Rene Russo.

From an awards season perspective, we can liken the clip to a gentle knock on the door of the Academy, asking them to take notice of the breadth of Gyllenhaal's performance.

Hagen said...

I have checked our movie database, which is similar to IMDB and there is not planned any release for NC

"Nightcrawler" will be released in the Czech Republic on January 29th, 2015.

Monica said...

thequeenlatifahshow: AIRS 10/30! :)


Mary said...

Thanks Monica was just wondering if Jake was going to be on any talk show promoting night crawler

Monica said...

I think Jake will be in LA this weekend:

RACHEL SMITH ‏@RACHELFOX5 13m13 minutes ago

In LA to do interviews for Jake Gyllenhaal's thriller Nightcrawler, but first enjoying a great mini vacation with my amazing Mom! #Happy

New clip: Nightcrawler

FP said...

Russ Fischer

Managing Editor at /Film

LA ·
NIGHTCRAWLER: Spectacular lead performance from an utterly mesmerizing Jake Gyllenhaal. Felt real skeevy taking such joy in his work.

Monica said...

Krystle ‏@redrum231 13s14 seconds ago
Im so incredibly excited to be seeing jake gyllenhaal & all his hotness on monday at the queen latifah show!! #1iotaBeThere @IAMQUEENLATIFAH

Anonymous said...

Hagen, yes, I have noticed today as well, they had to add it just recently, probably due to TIFF previews, so better than never, thank you very much btw.

FP said...

Veronique Dupont ‏@verodupont 3 min

Sexy Jake Gyllenhaal in good company hihi!! :) #nightcrawler #oscarmaterial #afp

Piya Sinha-Roy ‏@PiyaSRoy 16 min

Spending my Saturday afternoon interview Dan Gilroy and Jake Gyllenhaal for #NightcrawlerMovie. What are you up to?

FP said...

Jessica G. Ferrer ‏@jessicagferrer 9 min

Jake Gyllenhaal talking #nightcrawler nightcrawler #entertainmentaffair @entaffair

Lisa Hiser ‏@lisa_hiser 9 min

He's just as good looking in person. Loved listening to #jakegyllenhaal talk about #nightcrawler…

UltraViolet said...

Yay for the Czech release date!

Some of those photos mentioned above and more in the new post.