Sunday, October 26, 2014

East Coast Crawler

Jake Gyllenhaal and the Nightcrawler team surprised audiences in Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC on Saturday. The end result? A lot of tweets, selfies and squeeing, over both Jake and the movie. It's impossible to pick the best or organize them, so here's an unfiltered look at the good, the bad and the blurry:

Jake made time in Boston to have some pizza:

#NightcrawlerMovie east coast press tour ina day. #boston #santarpios Philly see ya soon
(Posted by Bryan Ling)

Jake with Philadelphia reporter David Onda, who tweeted "Madness ensues as Jake Gyllenhaal makes a surprise appearance at the #NightcrawlerMovie screening in Philadelphia." "The crowd went crazy for him." And here's the video:

No embed code, but check out this great Role Recall with Jake discussing various parts he's played. And looking good while doing it.


UltraViolet said...

Apologies to anyone looking at this post on a phone or a slow connection!

Some funny tweets from tonight; some sad:

Taught @brewtaco a new trick!! Every time I say "I met Jake Gyllenhaal," he walks out of the room!!

I took a selfie with Jake Gyllenhaal and my cab driver looks like Bono. Life seems so great right now.

Look At This Blurry Picture I Took to Commemorate the Time I Was Close to Jake Gyllenhaal But Seconds Too Late for a Selfie: A Tragedy

Failed selfie with Jake Gyllenhaal, successful movie known as Nightcrawler #NightcrawlerMovie

Missed meeting Jake Gyllenhall by 2 minutes at harvest Philly. Boooooo.

And this on IG. I feel bad for these guys:

Today Preston, Dustin, and I had tickets 176-178 to see #Nightcrawler's early showing here in #Boston. They cut the entrants off at 175, giving us tickets for another showing this coming Tuesday. When we got back to the apartment we learned that not only was the director at the showing, but #JakeGyllenhaal was too! Let us leave it at this: we are sad.

Clash of the Gyllenhaals on Broadway.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Wow, I'm out of Breath UV keeping up with your great posts and Jake!

The last week of pr for NC has been brilliant imo and I love all the selfies and Twitter pics, what a thrill it must have been to see Jake show up at these screeings!!

Mary said...

Wow Jake was a busy guy yesterday . He's looking good and happy

Jess said...

Great video, Jake did seem happy. Jealous but happy that Jake and the film was well-received. He is cool.

And I hope that Dan and he get to work together again but Dan's intro I have no doubt that will happen.

bobbyanna said...

I'm loving all this good stuff!!!! He looks like he's enjoying himself, he's in a great mood, and his fans are happy and enthusiastic. How cool that he popped in at these random screenings! Dan Gilroy definitely sounds enthused about Jake. I hope they can collaborate again in the future. They seem very sympatico.

Hagen said...

So I went to the movies at that theater tonight! But by the time I got there, Jake was probably in Philadelphia. What can you do?

That's a shame. At least you could see him recently. We can't get enough of shaven Jake, can we? xD

Huffington Post: "Nightcrawler" with Jake Gyllenhaal has this year's coolest trailer

BlueJean said...

Love the videos! He seems so relaxed these days - also with his fans. That's good. Love the selfies as well!

FP said...

'Enemy,' 'Orphan Black' Win Big at Directors Guild of Canada Awards

The Jake Gyllenhaal starrer was named best film and the Space and BBC America hit won for best TV show

The Jake Gyllenhaal starrer Enemy, directed by Prisoners' Denis Villeneuve, won the best film prize at the Directors Guild of Canada Awards on Saturday night.
The Canadian psychological thriller also earned Patrice Vermette the best film production design prize and Matthew Hannam the best film picture editing honor.


Jess said...

Wow that is fantastic FP thank you. It is a great film and Jake played that person as two different people convincingly.

FP said...

Yes Jess is great!:)
Enemy is a great movie, courageous and visionary.

Piruleta said...

Thanks once again for an great post.

I have to admit NC's promotion is starting to amaze me, look at this ad in a British Sunday newspaper.

Apparently Lou's LinkedIn profile has been blocked, he is not happy about it lol.

UV I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy Birdman, that and Inherent Vice (and of course Nightcrawler) are the movies I want to see the most this fall.

Jess said...

It's only Monday and my nerves are shot over the release of this movie. stre

Anonymous said...

Did Nightcrawler have a red carpet premiere?

BlueJean said...

"The Jake Gyllenhaal starrer Enemy, directed by Prisoners' Denis Villeneuve, won the best film prize at the Directors Guild of Canada Awards on Saturday night."

Holy shit! Sorry ;)


Still not over my obsession for 'Enemy', guys. Forgive me.

BlueJean said...

Just looked up Jake's profile page at IMDb. His current rank at the StarMeter is 73!

I don't know if it means anything special, but he's never been ranked so high in the past years! :)

Go Jake!

Jess said...

"I don't know if it means anything special, but he's never been ranked so high in the past years! :)"

I think he was with End of Watch and quite high with Enemy, I think it has to do with the number of articles and social media traffic his name is getting. Jake's usually goes way up when he's promoting a movie a few weeks before. And it also goes up when he's dating someone.

Just my IMO about what star meter means.

Jess said...

And oh by the way I believe IMDB which is own my Amazon only ranks 1 thru 100 and the others are either top 500 or top 5000. So Jake's star meter always seems to be top 500 which could mean he's anywhere between 101 and 500 on the star meter. Last week it said he was in the top 500 but this week he is 71 and move up 31 places, so last week he should have been 104.

But I could be wrong in my deduction, and yes I need a life.

BlueJean said...

"... and yes I need a life.

So do I, Jess. So do I. ;)))

Monica said...

Did Nightcrawler have a red carpet premiere?

yep, in Toronto Film Festival.

edgarwright @edgarwright · 38m 38 minutes ago

I approve of this NSFW trailer for 'Nightcrawler', which you should go see. Nice rubbing out the minus on the grade. …

Hagen said...

And the others are either top 500 or top 5000.
You can see their rank on IMDbPro, for example Naomi Watts is #221 "Demolition". Maybe Jake's rank is a bit better than usual because "Nightcrawler" is a 'one-hander', the focus is only on Jake. On the other hand I don't think his IMDb rank really means anything.

yep, in Toronto Film Festival.
I think the US premiere at Fantastic Fest and the European premiere at Zurich Film Festival were Red Carpet events, too.

I'm happy that "Enemy" was awarded by the Directors Guild of Canada Awards. :-)

A very positive review from Anthony Lane ("The New Yorker") for "Nightcrawler" and Jake

Hagen said...

Deadline: Benedict Cumberbatch to play ‘Doctor Strange’

I'm fine with that.

FP said...

Benedict Cumberbatch to play ‘Doctor Strange’

Thank God!

Jess said...

"I'm fine with that."

That's great for you Hagen but Jake wanted the role. It's sad for him that he did not get what he wants. In my opinion it's just another disappointment because of the perceived failure of POP. How long is Jake going to pay for other people's perception of box office failure?

Although Jake and Phoenix for that matter seemed a little too young for the role but Jake if the reports are true wanted the role. So I am sad for him.

FP said...

Jess no offense but your tone seems a bit too dramatic, jake was considered for the role as many other A-lister, if he continues with the great work he is doing there will be other occasions.

"How long is Jake going to pay for other people's perception of box office failure?"

until he will make a firm unquestionable hit at BO,it's annoying but it's the truth.

Hagen said...

That's great for you Hagen but Jake wanted the role.

We just don't know that as a fact.

Total Film: Switch off that television and head out to the cinema: Gyllenhaal is sensational headlining a pitch-black satire with its finger on the pulse.

UltraViolet said...

Yay for Enemy. Too bad the only think anyone in Canada is talking about it that Q host.

Jess, we don't really know if Jake wanted to play Dr. Strange. If he did, it's sad for him that he didn't get it. But it's also okay if some of his fans are relieved he didn't get it.

I agree about PoP. I wish something would help erase that (mis)perceived failure. But I'm not sure what that will be.

Anonymous said...

So, as I have said MMC moved to 5th place in Oscarwatch, because it has already been released and moved Gyllenhaal to 10th position. What is a bit insane.

And those who says that enjoys his movies even without awards is quite short-sighted, because Maryl Streep wouldn't be Maryl Streep without 18 nominations and today she would sit at home without any offer. There are many good actresses/actors without good roles just because awards are missing.

I also agree with Jess that Dr. Strange is loss for him even if he was one of many, I am glad though Jared Leto did not get it, because reading how obsessively he was pursuing this role was just awkward. But this role would mean more attention for JG and more various roles and have more options to choose.

Hagen said...

And those who says that enjoys his movies even without awards is quite short-sighted

There are quite a few actors whose careers tumbled after an Oscar nomination / win. Box office appeal is probably more important to get high profile roles.
It's somewhat likely that "Nightcrawler" will be #1 at the box office in its opening weekend. That would be nice, even if it's a slow weekend at the box office overall.

FP said...

Maryl Streep can sit at home without any offer because she is Maryl Streep,she got the 18 nominations because she is Meryl Streep,aren't the 18 nominations to make her what she is but her talent.
Jake is still one of the best if not the best actor of his generation,even without any awards.

Hagen said...

Vulture's most valuable stars of 2014: #57 Jake Gyllenhaal, the modest movie star: He’s doing the best work of his career in some under-the-radar roles.

Anonymous said...

FP no, I can't agree, because there are many so talented actors, whose work is overlooked, it is known that it is not only about talent, it is about connections as well, Maryl is talented, but not that to get 18 nominations. For me Ellen Burstyn is the same talented if not more. If actor starts to be overlooked, he is forgotten after a while no matter how talented he is. All the point is, Gyllenhaal is talented and makes good choices now, but if he will be pushed out by actors like MMC, it is not a good sign. Talent is not enough without appreciation, what makes another opportunities. Look at Kevin Bacon. He is not less talented than others of his generation and where is he now? Without those awards you are just another "that actor" who is good, but not that good.

And yes, one thing is BO, one thing is talented actor with awards - what is the most prestigious for me, but there is category of talented actors with no awards and no BO. I think awards should go, where they belong to. It is nice, that few funs are devoted to actor no matter what, but I find it satisfying to be appreciated for hard work.

FP said...

those awards you are just another "that actor" who is good, but not that good.

Anon Jake will never be that, because he is part of the exclusive club of iconic actors, roles,archetypes and unforgettable as Donnie Darko, Jack Twist or Detective Loki are worth more than any award,Adrien Brody anyone?

BlueJean said...

Do you really think Jake is "iconic", FP? Yes, to us maybe - but to the general public?

Most people (non-fans) think of BBM when they hear Jake's name - and that was nearly ten years ago! As iconic as some of his roles are to us - I'm sure Jake is just 'an actor' to most people who are not particularly interested in him. One of many talented guys out there.

FP said...

Today there was a screening of NC in London
some reactions:

Bronwen Hyde ‏@bronwenhyde

I'm not sure what it says about me that I laughed out loud quite a few times in #NightcrawlerMovie #Jake Gyllenhaal does creepy well

Seth Imis ‏@LondonMovieLoon

Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler gives probably most unexpectedly unnerving film portrayal since Robin Williams in One Hour Photo. Stunning!

Joseph Dewey ‏@chipdewey

#NightcrawlerMovie was brilliant! That has to be my favourite Jake Gyllenhaal performance!

Edwin De La Renta ‏@EdwindelaRenta

Jake Gyllenhaal deserves an Oscar for that #NightcrawlerMovie

Joseph Kocharian ‏@JosephKocharian

#JakeGyllenhaal is brilliant. Full stop. #NightcrawlerMovie

Pete Straley ‏@peteinho

Happy to have seen #NightcrawlerMovie before release. Really great movie, Jake Gyllenhaal is just all kinds of brilliant

Zombie Gilchrist ‏@TomGilchrist

Jake Gyllenhaal is superb, equal parts charming and unhinged.

Stephen Barnes ‏@St3phenBarnes

#nightcrawler #UnlimitedScreening absolutely amazing film. #JakeGyllenhaal faultless. incredible acting throughout.

Mathew Buck ‏@FB_BMB
Nightcrawler: Intense and disturbing portrait of modern news, with an unsettlingly creepy and darkly comic performance by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Stacey ‏@Stackalaka

That film was brilliant. Jake Gyllenhaal is special.

Lili Elza ‏@cinemellon

Never thought Jake Gyllenhaal would ever creep me out and then I watched Nightcrawler. Now I'm in denial.

FP said...

Yes BJ, I ​​really think Jake is an iconic actor, not because I'm a fan of his, and not just because of BBM, he has a special kind of talent and bravery able to bring you over, to unknown lands, outside the usual reassuring platitudes, that's why I do not want to see him in banal rom-com or stupid movies about super heroes, everyone can do these kinds of movies, but you do not call Picasso to paint a wall, of course he can do that, but what a waste of talent

bobbyanna said...

This is a great discussion. : )

Jake definitely has some iconic roles in his filmography, which is very rare for most actors. I laugh every time we have bad weather somewhere, and people start tweeting about meeting Jake at the library, etc. And Donnie Darko and Jack Twist? Iconic.

People still come up to him to talk about October Sky or Zodiac. (And Bubble Boy! LOL!) His films are memorable. Some are modern classics.

It's great when people "discover" his work after they've seen a new movie. A lot of people saw Prisoners, and it made them seek out his other films, so he is building a solid fan base that is growing with every film.

I don't know how badly or if he wanted Dr. Strange, either.If not Jake, then BC was a good choice. I'm sure Jake will get acknowledged by his peers one day soon. I have no doubt of that.

I recall something he said in a recently. He's on his own track and he likes the way his life and career are going. I agree, box office appeal is more important when it comes to getting high profile roles.

Another very important thing is relationships. it's obvious there are cliques in Hollywood, and while Jake has lots of friends, he isn't part of anyone else's posse, such as Clooney or Affleck.

I learned a lot watching the way the whole Ides of March project played out. I remember reading Jake was trying to option the play with Mike Nichols attached. Then suddenly Leo Di Caprio optioned the play and passed it over to Clooney. Leo's Appian Way production company executive produced with Clooney.

Chris Pine who did the stage version in L.A. wanted the part badly. It went to Ryan Gosling. Jake wasn't even part of that conversation.

I think Jake has a healthy attitude. There are a lot of variables involved with every project, and I appreciate the enthusiasm of the directors and other people who work with him.

We assume some things but we really have no idea what Jake has turned down either because of scheduling, or a bad script, or not sharing a director's vision.

What I see is that Jake is creating his own structure out here, and that takes time. I'd rather see him build something of his own, than be a "satellite" orbiting around someone else's star. : )

Jess said...

There is a premiere at NYC, Beyoncé and Jay-Z were spotted by a reporter on twitter.

Saw a smoking picture of Jake at the NYC premiere. I hope we get more pics, though. It could be just another screening but way more high profile.

I would have been great for Jake to work with Mike Nichols but I wouldn't mind Jake working with the directors who are up and coming like those he has already work with. A franchise would be nice but as one of today's celebrity power polls stressed, it's not the movie star that has power/clout anymore but the franchise attached to the movie star that now gauges star power. Even RDJ can't pull in the big numbers without his Iron Man suit. Instellar will be big because of the director and his past connection to Batman, although he is a great film maker.

I wasn't trying to be disrespectable to anyone, just respectful and supportive of Jake's choices if it were true that he wanted the part. I believe Jake has matured so as an actor that he can make any movie character special and his own.

Monica said...

Even RDJ can't pull in the big numbers without his Iron Man suit.

Downey Jr. really can't make millions without Iron Man, but with the money from Marvel, he can buy book rights, screenplays, producing the films he wants.

Jake is now a producer, make a Marvel movie or being in a big box office movie could bring the money to him producing the films he wants. Of course, he would becoming a bankable actor, opening the possibility of him working with big names.

I know there is the fear of not work, but any movie he is acting is a ???. Nobody knew that Brokeback would be the success it was, could have been bad for his career, but is one of the greatest films of all time.

I always have the feeling that Jake is ambitious, he wants more, but I also see that he has learned from his mistakes, he is more careful, then, if he accepts it, it will be for something he saw in the script that was good, that will make him show his acting skills, not just be there.

Anonymous said...

I think iconic actor is DiCaprio, Jake is not, he might be after wide NC release and few next projects as SP. I like these types of actors like him, when they realize where is the right way to use the talent. Some actors have no choice because of the lack of skills,

But he cannot be still in heavy drama as it was in his last projects. He might get tired of this and will pick something easier, it is not wasting of the talent, just to play variable roles, so Dr. Strange wouldn't be the shame, if you know the actor is talented. He also said in couple of interviews, that he doesn't know what will be the next. But sometimes he needs to do something to get the role as Jarhead for example, he had to call Mendes to get it.

Iconic actor is the one, who does not have to pass by auditions, I think currently it is DiCaprio who gets all scenarios first and then the others. But also Jake is on good path, but still not iconic. But he is also 7 years younger than him.

And what I think, he is extremely intelligent, he understands people's mind and to do this, you must know your own mind. In one interview I read he talked about his nightmares and he said he thinks that it is just himself interacting to himself. I am also interesting in different state of consciousness e.g. astral projection, this is really the thing just few people understand, that everything what happens to you or what experience you have, everything is the interaction of yourself to yourself. It is very hard to accept, just Buddhist masters come to this conclusion. It maybe sounds crazy now, but I also think he experienced this supernatural stuff, that is why he is talking in this way. I recognized it according some signs, because I had them too.

Anonymous said...

"I always have the feeling that Jake is ambitious, he wants more, but I also see that he has learned from his mistakes, he is more careful, then, if he accepts it, it will be for something he saw in the script that was good, that will make him show his acting skills, not just be there."

Monika I completely agree with you.

Jess said...

"I think iconic actor is DiCaprio, Jake is not,"

Is there such as thing as a living iconic actor? I thought you had to die to be an iconic actor. There are iconic roles and both Jake and Leo have them mainly in independent films. Donnie Darko is probably Jake's most iconic because of the new fans that movie produces from every new teen generation.
There's also Jack Twist, Jarhead, October Sky (shown in every science class).

I will say Leo's is one of few stars without a franchise who is box office bankable but now he does adaptations or biographies with big name directors and big studio bucks which I am sure Jake would love.

Who knows if Leo's career would be what it is without James Cameron's Titanic or if he was not Scorsese's muse?

Like Monica pointed out box office clout does open other doors for actors. They have leverage when a franchise is on the line.

And movies are not made by big studios anymore unless they get a guaranteed return. Hence the explosion of independent producers and movies, thank goodness. And audiences would rather wait and spend a $1 on a good movie and spend $15 on comic book hero movie.

FP said...

"I think iconic actor is DiCaprio"

He definitely is anon, and with no Oscars, and for a long time, inexplicably ignored by the academy

An actor for me is iconic, when people find it hard or do not want to distinguish the character from the actor who plays him, this is because the character is so strong and leave such an impression in the collective imagination in a way that acquires its own life and walking with his legs, all because that actor has created something unique and irreplaceable,this happens with jake all the time, for some people it will always be Donnie Darko, Bubble boy for others, or Anthony Swafford, not to speak of those who are obsessed with Jack Twist, now is the detective loki to generate that kind of feeling.

UltraViolet said...

Jake has had two iconic roles: Donnie Darko and Jack Twist. Three if you count Bubble Boy :)

He is not an iconic actor, but he shouldn't be. He's 33. I don't think even Leo is an iconic actor yet.

Here's a picture of Jake with Bey and Jay. LOL at the caption:

How about #JakeGyllenhaal looking like #Beyonce is his woman and wondering why the dude next to him trying to get in his picture.

FP said...

I thought you had to die to be an iconic actor

Jess, one name:

Al Pacino

FP said...

James ‏@tsargaryen 5 min

Jake Gyllenhaal with a fan


UltraViolet said...


You don't have to be dead, but most movie icons are either old or not with us any longer.

UltraViolet said...

Some tweets gathered the past few days. This first tweeter wrote a NY Daily News piece that wrongly calls PoP a bomb. I might tweet at him to dispute :)

Mike Ryan ‏@mikeryan
Wasn't enough space to include, but I mentioned LEGO ostrich to Gyllenhaal and he laughed very hard. Then kept dropping ostrich references.

Sample Gyllenhaal ostrich quote: "You know, ostrich or not, [acting] is really about the ability to create relationships with people."

From the NC twitter:

Nightcrawler ‏@SeeNIGHTCRAWLER
Thanks to EVERYONE who attended last night's #NightcrawlerMovie screenings with surprise guest Jake Gyllenhaal. Your photos were amazing!

Unfortunately, the Jake Gyllenhaal selfie tour has come to an end, but you can see him in #NightcrawlerMovie FRIDAY

Random tweets:

Loved every black-souled second of Nightcrawler. Jake Gyllenhaal is killing it with his movie choices recently.

Got nothing on #Interstellar (haven't seen it) but did get to #NightcrawlerMovie and I guess that Jake Gyllenhaal guy can act.

An elderly man just mistook me for Jake Gyllenhaal in Trader Joe's (lol wut) and I almost hugged him in front of everyone.

#Nightcrawler time. My phone thinks 'Gyllenhaal' is spelt 'fill me bask', so apologies in advance for any weird tweets

Sociopaths are a dime-a-dozen, but good golly with Jake Gyllenhaal it just doesn't matter (re: ENEMY, NIGHTCRAWLER).

Dear movie industry, thanx for the annual 8 months of shit movies. Glad that's over for another winter. #Nightcrawler

Guardian film critic
Jake Gyllenhaal is fantastic in Nightcrawler: three parts Travis Bickle to one part Rupert Pupkin

UltraViolet said...

I think Jake/Nightcrawler might be on Nightline tonight.

Tweets from today/tonight:

#NightcrawlerMovie broadly updates 'Network' lessons for bloodsport TV tastes, with a skin-crawl funny performance by #JakeGyllenhaal

#NIGHTCRAWLER is the best movie I've seen this year

Adv screen of #Nightcrawler. They ask for comments after: "Jake Gyllenhaal is overdue for an Oscar. This should be it."

No longer on the run...#Beyonce and #JayZ dropping by for the NYC premiere of #Nightcrawler with…

Might need to have a quick Jake Gyllenhaal marathon to get over his creepiness in #Nightcrawler.

Just saw #nightcrawler @ tampa screening, Just insane! !

So... I'm here at the #Nightcrawler screener with Jake Gyllenhaal. What I was NOT expecting was to practically trip over Beyoncé and JayZ!

Felt like there was a bit of Rupert Pupkin in Gyllenhaal's Lou Bloom. Only Bloom's talents scarily match his ambition in #Nightcrawler

#Nightcrawler is blessed (definitely the wrong word) with a magnificent main character. Gyllenhaal oozes creeping, sinister ambition.

As socially awkward as Bickle, as psychotic as Bateman, as slick as The Driver...#Nightcrawler

#Nightcrawler will make you feel filthy & grubby. And not in the nice way. Gyllenhaal is excellent.

Yeah, #Nightcrawler is just as good as I'd hoped. Jake Gyllenhaal is creepy as f**k! Those hollow eyes 👀! Absolutely phenomenal performance.

You're an idiot if #Nightcrawler isn't on your to-do-list this weekend: … @seeNIGHTCRAWLER @indiewire

Absolutely loved #Nightcrawler, Gyllenhaal perfectly anchored neo-noir thriller. Part Network, part American Psycho. Pure sensationalism.

Just watched #Nightcrawler in an unlimited screening...May just be one of the best films this year! I can already smell the oscars

#Nightcrawler. Absolute stormer of a film. Gyllenhaal is great. Excellently written & well paced story. Brilliantly directed action. POW.

Strange film. Huge moral & ethical questions. I wonder if the media are like that. Gyllenhaal was about as creepy as it gets. #Nightcrawler

#Nightcrawler is beautifully twisted. Definitely my kind of movie with characters and their sticky morals. Jake knocks it out of the park!

Chica said...

The discussion about Jake's career choices is fascinating. I agree with all your points Bobbyanna.

I'm a comic book geek but I have to say that I'm glad Jake dodged Dr. Strange, I'm not a fan of that character.

I wished I could have been @ that NYC screening! Countdown to Friday for NC, I'm going with some co-workers.

Anonymous said...

Leo's career would be the same even without Titanic, because usually movies like Titanic puts the actor into the box as romantic heartthrobs and managed to get out of it. In Wiliam Grape he was great and received Oscar nomination in his 15. Not every man can say that. I am not talking about legend as Taylor or Burton, who have died and they are real legends. I see iconic is something different. Leo is not legend yet, but iconic? Definitely. He works with great directors, because they know his potential, he is another De Niro. Yes, Martin Scoresese helped him a lot, but it is because of his skills. He never stepped aside in his career, no stupid movie. He also took risky choices as homosexual poet Verlain I think, not sure, if the name is correct.

I have to agree that BBM was very risky choice for Jake. In such young age especially, because still until now people think he is homosexual, but this is the role he can be proud of. I don't even think that POP was wrong decision, because he did good job, but direction was wrong in this movie. I think Mike Newel was wrong choice to direct it, because he is more into drama. And BO bomb is relative only, because the movie was too expensive, if it would cost 100 mil less, it would be decent sale. They expected 500-600 MIL. His weakest movie is Rendition and Proof I would say. Also LAOD was kind of lame. Waitress with Parkinson and all the promotion staying on the nudity was embarrassing I would say.

Anonymous said...

Jake's Box Office numbers are just about at the same level as Ryan Gosling's, maybe even a little bit better. I have nothing against Ryan Gosling, and I don't like to compare any actors because that's like comparing Picasso to Van Gogh, but I don't think Ryan Gosling has a lot of range as an actor, and I'm sort of over him.

UltraViolet said...

Jake's box office isn't bad. But he hasn't had a recent blockbuster. It would be nice if one of his movies hit it big.

Some more tweets:

#JakeGyllenhaal is like the dangerous/ ruthless version of a robotic Sheldon cooper. As an anti-hero, he is a revelation. #nightcrawler

Was already excited for #nightcrawler and now after this review even more. …

Highly recommend everyone see #Nightcrawler - sharply written, darkly comedic and #JakeGyllenhaal delivers an absolutely outstanding turn

#Nightcrawler is sharp, funny, and tense. It does for LA what Taxi Driver did for NYC

So #Nightcrawler was pretty excellent. Shades of American Psycho, with added dashes of Broadcast News & Drive. Top performance from Jake G.

Jake Gyllenhaal absolutely KILLS IT in #Nightcrawler and I can tell you that all the Oscar hype is well deserved!

Awesome performance from Jake Gyllenhaal in the @NightcrawlerUK movie. Now considering a career in nightcrawling for news in London.

And from today:

2h 2 hours ago
Jake Gyllenhaal and I ordered the same thing at @LaColombeCoffee this morning. Pretty much like this 👫

Should be a new post up sometime this afternoon. This is crazy!

Jess said...

"Jake Gyllenhaal and I ordered the same thing at @LaColombeCoffee this morning. Pretty much like this 👫"


BlueJean said...

"His weakest movie is Rendition and Proof I would say."

Maybe, but it's not his fault.
'Rendition' has beautiful cinematography and Jake looks mighty fine - I just don't like the subject of the movie.

I like him in 'Proof'. I re-watched it again recently and I liked it better than I remembered.

Anonymous said...

Blue Jean, I never said it's his fault, but the topic is usually sensitive for US people, I liked it, but weakest in the terms of success, it was forgotten immediately. As for proof, it was different reason, I didn't believe him he understands math, for me it was his the worst performance comparing to the others, but it is rare case.

But I like him in Good girl, comparing to Aniston he managed the role perfectly, she was horrible though.

Hagen said...

There's a new German trailer for "Nightcrawler". It's mostly without dialog, so it might be interesting for non-German speakers, too.

Jess said...

" Aniston he managed the role perfectly, she was horrible though"

Jennifer was excellent in that movie as was Jake. The chemistry was great.

UltraViolet said...

I love Rendition. The parts with Reese Witherspoon are the least interesting, but the Morocco scenes are all interesting to me and beautifully shot. And Jake looks gorgeous. It makes me sad that the movie was so under appreciate and (IMO) unfairly reviewed.

But it did come at a critical point in Jake's career. A different kind of movie in that timeframe, with a different level of success, and Jake might have gone on a different path. But who knows if it would have been better in the end.

From the Nightline interviewer (I'm guessing - haven't actually watched it yet):

Byron Pitts ‏@byronpitts 2h2 hours ago
Enjoyed my interview with @jakeGyllenhaal on his new movie #Nightcrawler. A gentleman. ‏@keep 57m57 minutes ago
This might be the most attractive photo ever taken. #beyonce #JakeGyllenhaal

Beyonce Tries Double-Denim, Nails It
We know it's hard to tear your eyes away from Jake Gyllenhaal, but try.

The number of reposts that cut Jay Z out of the Jake and Beyonce picture is cracking me up.

From Dan Gilroy:

"Every frame that you watch Jake Gyllenhaal in this film, he’s literally starving." -Dan Gilroy #NightcrawlerMovie

Hadn't heard this comparison before, lol:

So Nightcrawler was pretty damn phenomenal. Darker as hell, and Jake Gyllenhall is like some insanely creepy human insect. GO AND SEE IT.

UltraViolet said...

BJ, I liked him in Proof, too. Just wish there was more of his character in it. But he looks beautiful :) I haven't watched that one in a while.

When all this NC stuff dies down, maybe we can have a day/week where we all rematch an old Jake movie. Might be fun.

Ph0enicks said...

Anonymous at 7:20 PM - I wish you'd use some name. Loved your analysis. I agree w/ so much of what you said. Would love to read your comments if I knew which Anon you are!

Ph0enicks said...

Sorry... mistake... my comment was for Anonymous who posted October 28, 2014 at 7:20 AM...

Anonymous said...

Ph0enicks thank you, my comments are almost all about those Oscars and today's ones. I am sorry for this anon postings, I will ID myself as SV after the comments, and also I am not native speaker, so my English is limited, I am from Prague.

Jess: I know Aniston has a lot of fans out there, but I don't see her as actress who can manage the drama, she tried with subtle acting, but you need to play as well. Somehow there is still some TV smell around her.

Hagen said...

Some pretty cool alternative "Nightcrawler" posters (we already know the first one).

Piruleta said...

Aniston was great in The Good Girl one of her best if not her best performance.

That German trailer is totally new, thank you Hagen. I actually feel bad for watching all this clips and trailers, I feel like I'm spoiling myself a bit too much.

Hagen said...

"Nightcrawler" clip - Can We Come In?

Hagen said...

I actually feel bad for watching all this clips and trailers, I feel like I'm spoiling myself a bit too much.

I've lost track which magazine has released which exclusive trailer, teaser or clip. At least Open Road does everything it can to promote the movie.

Anonymous said...

Hagen, that German clip is super, it is different and more interesting. I also found this one I have never seen before, maybe you did.

Jess, where is that smoking picture of Jake. I am so glad he smokes :-).

As for Aniston she gave her personal best performance, but just comparing to her previous ones, it might be excuse, however if another first rate actress would play in this way e.g. Blanchett critics would tear her to pieces. SV

Hagen said...

I also found this one I have never seen before

I haven't seen that before either. It's a very interesting look at a real stringer's work.

UltraViolet said...

That's from Nightline and it will be in a new post, if I ever get to post it :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, and I got this one as well, I think it is completely new and pretty scary hah


Anonymous said...

And I think I read part of scenario and it continues in some sense that when he is with her alone, that he wants to do the things with her he wants and not like the last time, what a pity it is not few seconds longer :-). SV

Monica said...

Mark Harris @MarkHarrisNYC · 11m 11 minutes ago
NIGHTCRAWLER is a unique blend of superdark comedy, urban horror and noir. It will be polarizing. I absolutely loved it. Here are 5 reasons:

Mark Harris @MarkHarrisNYC · 9m 9 minutes ago
1. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a young monster of ambition like he's just been given the chance of a lifetime. It's career-transformative.

Mark Harris @MarkHarrisNYC · 8m 8 minutes ago
2. Rene Russo, back on screen at 60, nails every facet of her role as a seen-it-all local broadcaster desperate to stay in the business.

Mark Harris @MarkHarrisNYC · 7m 7 minutes ago
3. Riz Ahmed. Who is Riz Ahmed? He just got nominated for a Gotham Award for Breakthrough Performance for Nightcrawler. You'll see why.

Mark Harris @MarkHarrisNYC · 4m 4 minutes ago
4) Dan Gilroy shooting LA with fresh eyes and 5) as writer, understanding that you can use the pitch and pace of dialogue in a daring way.

UltraViolet said...

Some funny tweets:

Jason Adams ‏@JAMNPP
Fuck the McConnaissance - the ReGyllenation is here! #Nightcrawler is balls deep, y'all …

FACT: #JakeGyllenhaal has THE bluest eyes in the business. We got lost in them when I asked about @SeeNIGHTCRAWLER

Filmdrunk: New Photoshop fun: Hidin' Jake Gyllenhaal. ” this is super creepy lol

That last one is hilarious.

Jess said...

This twitter account had a great shot of Jake and Dan,

Piya Sinha-Roy ‏@PiyaSRoy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Matilda Rose! Nine years old today.

UltraViolet said...


Apparently, Jake filmed his tonight Show appearance today:


Seth Herzog told us that we were gonna see Jake Gyllenhal's interview/water wars and I asked him if he was lying because I didn't believe it


Chris Evangelista ‏@cevangelista413
Part of being a film journalist involves learning to spell "Gyllenhaal" correctly.

NIGHTCRAWLER is a film about greed, exploitation, and sociopathic manipulation. It's a comedy.

@mattzollerseitz God I want literally nothing else but to see this movie already

UltraViolet said...

New post, finally!