Thursday, October 30, 2014

Promotional overdrive

Nightcrawler promotion going nonstop, with appearances on Ellen, Fallon, Queen Latifah and Conan. Anyone searching for Jake on twitter or google has probably seen these clips, but you can watch Ellen scare Jake and Jimmy taunt Jake:

Stephanie, of course, has the Queen Latifah clips.

Conan: Jake's Halloween costume trauma:

Here's an assortment of video goodies that would bore Lou Bloom. Not enough blood. Though they are mostly about him, so perhaps he'd enjoy them...

Academy Conversations:

4 Minutes with Rhianna. Not Rihanna:

A litle Southpaw talk:

A Very British Question:

With Bill Zwecker (Chicago):

FOX 32 News Chicago

Have you ever been ill:

The Lou Bloom Diet:

Past and future collide:

Aren't we Clevver?

Jake gets abstract:

Jake on the BBC:

Virgin Radio on video:

Latino Review (can't remember if this is a repeat, sorry!):

Dan Gilroy narrates a scene from Nightcrawler.

NPR interview. (Will be available shortly.)

Let's not leave out the printed word.

How Boston is Jake Gyllenhaal?

Year of Living Dangerously.

I'm a bit strange, you know? (Separate video.

Oh my god, he's putting his hair up in a bun!.

Creepy 'Crawler


Mental Journey.


If you don't read this interview with Dan Gilroy, something terrible will happen to you.

Late with this one, Produced By.

Jake's AMA.


Jess said...

The calm before the storm...............Boo

Monica said...

Adele @OfficialAdele · 7h 7 hours ago
Just watched Nightcrawler after months of being excited and it WAS AMAZZZING! Go and see it!

BlueJean said...

I've only been following Jake for about two and a half years, and honestly... all of this is sooooo cool!

I can't recall promotion for 'End of Watch' and 'Prisoners' being this intense - or 'Enemy', for that matter.

Love his AMA! :)))

bobbyanna said...

Yaaay! Nightcrawler is at 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and Box Office Mojo is predicting it will come in first this weekend. All good positive news. I hope people turn out for it. I'll see it this weekend, then again with my film club on Wednesday.

FP said...

From Variety: Oscars: 9 Under-the-Radar Performances that Deserve Buzz

Jake Gyllenhaal,
Best Actor, “Nightcrawler”
Jake Gyllenhaal has only been nominated for an Oscar once (for 2005’s “Brokeback Mountain”), but he’s quietly turned into the gutsiest actor of his generation. His turns in 2012’s “End of Watch” and 2013’s “Prisoners” should have earned him invitations to the Academy Awards. “Nightcrawler,” which opens this weekend, isn’t a traditional Oscars film—it’s far too daring for that—but Gyllenhaal’s performance is one of the acting triumphs of the year. He shed 30 pounds to play a LA paparazzo, a haunting transformation that sticks with you long after the screen goes dark.

and LOL!
Harry Thotter ‏@joeydonttweet_ 35 min
Happy new Jake Gyllenhaal movie release day everyone! Or happy Halloween I guess if that's what you're celebrating

Anonymous said...

UV thanks so much for keeping up with all of Jake's happenings! I love when he's promoting a new movie and they seem to be pulling out all the stops for NC. I've been following Gyllenbabble only recently although I've been following Jake for over 2 years now and have had the absolute pleasure of meeting him after If There Is and hope to see Constellations too. You're doing a fantastic job, keep it comin! Can't wait to see NC!


UltraViolet said...

Welcome, malavika! What a lovely first post. Thanks for the kind words.

I also saw Jake after If There Is and will be seeing Constellations. Hard to believe he'll be doing a play so soon after all this promotion and Demolition filming.

BJ, this really does seem more intensive than other marketing campaigns. Open Road has done a good job of just flooding the market place with ads. Their innovative campaigns got some traction. And I think the viral Ellen and Fallon videos made it seem like Jake, therefore Nightcrawler, was everywhere.

Bobbyanna, so excited for that RT score. I'd love to see the Metascore go up over 80, but that might be asking too much. (It's at 79 now.)

LOL, FP. That's the holiday we celebrate here.

UltraViolet said...

BTW, added a Yahoo video that's pretty good - the one marked A Very British Question. Jake is asked some different questions in that one.

bobbyanna said...

Saw a clip of Jake on Conan. His hearfelt, detailed description of his own Halloween memories had me laughing out loud. Hilarious.

UltraViolet said...

I have to add that clip, Bobbyanna. He talked about the house on Letterman, once so I was disappointed when I heard that was the clip. But it was actually hilarious when I saw the show.

Was hoping for a little more, given the buzz, but solid. From

Open Road Films reports that Nightcrawler earned an estimated $515,000 from Thursday evening shows. By comparison, last week's John Wick earned $870,000 as part of a $14.4 million opening weekend, while A Walk Among the Tombstones took in $430,000 as part of its $12.8 million debut back in September. The pic reportedly cost a modest $8 million to produce, so this early start--combined with an excellent 96 percent Rotten Tomatoes score--bodes well for a profitable run.

Halloween is going to hurt the Friday numbers, sadly.


Apparently 10am on Halloween is a shockingly popular time to see a movie. #Nightcrawler

Been to see #Nightcrawler. A film so morally bankrupt I felt bad for having enjoyed it so much. Jake Gyllenhaal is a compelling sociopath

FP said...

Ky02121 ‏@ky02121 2 min

#NIGHTCRAWLER is breaking out. #boxoffice #shocked

is a good thing?

BlueJean said...

the one marked A Very British Question

That one doesn't play for me, unfortunately. Love all the other vids!

Don't you think Jake might get bored when he's answering the same questions over and over again? I mean, I love the coyote talk, but it's in every interview... ;)

bobbyanna said...

Yes, FP. It's a good thing. : )

UltraViolet said...

Oh, god, the coyote. I just roll my eyes now. I can't imagine how boring it was to repeat it. Of course, he's an actor, so he gets paid to repeat lines!

A shame you can't see the Yahoo video, BJ, because he gives a slightly different coyote answer. Oh, wait, no, that is in the Guardian video, linked after the story. I'll try to find a version of the Very British clip you can watch, BJ.

FP, it's a good thing but it might not be a true thing. For people who thought Nightcrawler would make $5 million, then it's breaking out. But if it doesn't make the $15 million upgraded amount, then some will consider it a disappointment.

It's such a game.

I'm wondering what it's CinemaScore is. I saw a video of "First Reactions" and one woman just hated Lou Bloom. Others were mystified. One guy really liked it, at least :)

Anonymous said...

Reviews seem to be very good, on IMDB as well, all the critics, but good BO would be nice as well. But two things come strange to me:

- Rene Russo is completely out of talking about Oscars, but everybody says she is great in it. But she is not listed anywhere in predictions as well. But is possible journalists exaggerate things a bit, because I have never seen the interview of any movie, not just this one, they would say something wrong about the movie

- on IMDB message board is one topic called crowd reviews or something like that. And there are some comments, not many, but anyway, that just few people have been in theater to watch it, one says 20, 15. And they say people's reactions are not very engaged, people don't know whether to laugh or not and that they expect more emotional reactions. Whilst in reviews it says it is quite funny. So I hope this is rare and it will get better. Because finally this is what matters.

I also still hopes in nomination at least. RT is also good sign and he is still in play in Oscarwatch. Good evening. SV

Chica said...

Just stopping by to check in. Off to see NC!

Anonymous said...

Btw that story on Conan, how Jake cries in the plane over the movie with bears made me laugh. SV

Monica said...

I saw some comments on Nolanfans. One person said that it is solid. While others liked the movie and of course Jake's performance.
Goldy Derb forum, people who saw loved it, Jake, Rene and Riz. Tom O'Neil:

It REALLY IS terrific. And i heard from Open Road prez that they're doing a full court press of an Oscar campaign, even mailing the DVD to the full WGA, etc. I could see the script and Renee getting nommed, but I'm not sure about other slots.

BTW, at the very end of the movie when Jake walks out of the Hollywood Police Station and walks across Wilcox Ave., he's walking directly into my apartment building. Ha! Hey, why don't ya call ahead next time, Jake?!


UltraViolet said...

From Variety:

Jake Gyllenhaal’s thriller “Nightcrawler” is providing the only spark of life amid an otherwise deadly Halloween box office, heading for a finish in the $12 million to $13 million range.

The Open Road release, buoyed by a combo of strong reviews and lack of competition, dominated on its opening day with an estimated $3 million at 2,766 locations. That included $515,000 from late Thursday showings.

We're going to start obsessing over box office now, but let's not lose focus on the movie itself. Some tweets:

@peoplemag: Not into trick-or-treating? You should go see #Nightcrawler instead

Wickedly wry, fiendishly fun and sociopathically seedy

#Nightcrawler is really good. Gyllenhaal is fantastically creepy. If you think there's no original movies anymore, go see this.

Jake Gyllenhaal is nothing less than extraordinary in NIGHTCRAWLER. Like on the level of Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver kind of incredible.

Nightcrawler also makes me wonder why people get up in arms about Leo not having an Oscar when Gyllenhaal may be the better actor.

You know what's scarier than ghosts and clowns? Jake Gyllenhaal in #Nightcrawler #superchillz

Words appearing in just the 1st graf of my NIGHTCRAWLER review: “unnerving,” “amoral,” “horrible,” “unscrupulous,” “scabrous,” “rancid."

Just saw #Nightcrawler. It's a great love story to LA, the Dodge Challenger, and sociopathy. Oh, and something about the news I think.

Not to oversell it, but everything about #Nightcrawler is superb. Wow.

Damn right after I saw Nightcrawler there was a fight in the Halloween store. I was about to start filming it. #Nightcrawler

Oh, remember when I said Edward Norton in BIRDMAN irrefutably gives the best performance of 2014? Gyllenhaal begs to differ. #Nightcrawler

That reminds me that on GMA, Norton appeared after Jake and they accidentally replayed the NC clip instead of Birdman, lol. Norton did say, "Well, they're both good movies."

Also, Katsuya Brentwood has a Nightcrawler Roll of the Week.

Monica said...

What's the Deal?

Jeff Sneider

UltraViolet said...

There are some negative reactions on imdv and twitter. But film types do seem to like or love it.

Jake Gyllenhaal is the truth. #nightcrawler #Halloween2014

Jake Gyllenhaal was locked in a closet for nine months with a tub of Crisco and the complete Crispin Glover to prepare for #Nightcrawler.

1st date next to me: Guy pronounced Jake Gyllenhaal as "Jake Willenhallah

#Nightcrawler starring #JakeGyllenhaal as freelance TV videographer is the best #MartinScorsese film not directed by Martin Scorsese

#NIGHTCRAWLER what in the actual fuck. #amazing #jakespyscho

Looks like Jake is scheduled to be on The Daily Show on Monday, so yay. If it's not a repeat, of course.

I loved the Bears story, too, sv!

Sadly, several reports of people in empty or near-empty screenings and of audiences not "getting" it.

I do think the audience makes a difference. Both times I saw it in Toronto, the audience was so into it. There was cheering at the end and at one specific point in the movie.

When I saw it last night, the audience didn't lath or react much at some of the same points.

Obviously, a festival screening has a different atmosphere. But I hope to see it again with an audience that's pumped.

Anonymous said...

When a movie called Nightcrawler opens on Halloween, a lot of people expect it to be something it isn't. It's not a horror movie. So they will be disappointed.

Jess said...

A B- Cinema score does not bode well for word of mouth.

Critics are one thing and audiences are what count in BO. Instellar and Hero 6 are out next week, NC will get lost in the mix unfortunately. I think Oscar has become too commercial to give NC a chance at the acting awards. Jake is too young for an accumulative nod. But like Donnie Darko, Lou Bloom will become another iconic role thanks to dvd, Netflix and redbox.

On the B- cinema score, some people do not like in themselves what that see on screen, I think Lou Bloom may have hit a little too close to home for some viewers.

I do applaud Open Roads for fighting hard this go around. The best thing about NC is Jake although the screen play deserves recognition. Hopefully the movie going public will wake up one day but another Oscar nomination would have given Jake a bigger playing field.

Anonymous said...

You know, as for Oscars, in some articles is mentioned also cinematography and so on, but I think if there will be any nom, just solo for Jake if any. Oscars might be commercial, but what bothers me more is, that some movies are not even out and they are potential nominees as Unbroken e.g. How Angelina Jolie could be in potential nominations if it is her directorial debut and no one knows how she managed it. I don't believe she was so super director among all movies this year, that she will get to the top five.

There are some movie picked in advanced to be watched and considered as Oscar ones, then few of them are surprises as NC, but if Academy will follow their attitude then villain character will never win. That is why DiCaprio paid many times for it. My personal opinion is Unbroken is cliché movie playing on Oscar wave already before it started to be filmed. And to see Jolie among names like Scorsese, where poor guy had to wait so many years to be appreciated, Angelina is ridiculous choice.

So this is only reason, why I think NC will not get many Oscar chances, it has no right message, it shows mirror to society, which academy members don't like to look at, it is too villain and maybe even too real to be priced. They cannot show the prestigious price comes to someone who shows us, that this our today's society, obsessed with blood and willing to watch other's tragedies. Times where Oscar went to right people as Hannibal or Misery are unfortunately gone. That is why so many outsiders are Oscar winners, especially in female's category, but there are some men too. I think Michael Keaton is the dark horse. But I still hope in leading actor nom for it, I am fun of quality. And this is also reason why Prisoners have been ignored.

Anonymous said...

It is me SV.

Sag Actor said...

I'm not concerned about Nightcrawler's oscar chances because the field is so crowded. I doubt it gets any notice around awards time except for maybe cinematograhy .

The reviews for Jake's performance has been off the charts which is fantastic and i'm more than happy with that.

I will be checking it out tomorrow.

BlueJean said...

"The reviews for Jake's performance has been off the charts which is fantastic and i'm more than happy with that."

Me too. If we keep expecting an Oscar nomination for Jake and/or one of his movies once its released, there'll be more disappointments, I'm afraid... There was Oscar buzz for 'Prisoners' last year as well, and remember what happened... :(

Haven't seen NC yet, but I think it's too dark, too disturbing to be huge.

Of course, I hope I'm wrong and of course I hope Jake wil get that damn Oscar ;) But as long as he's dedicated to his roles and the stories he's trying to tell, I think he'll be fine - awards or no awards.

Also, there are more and more people out there who realize what a fine actor he is, and that alone is something he can be proud of. He's young, he's got so much ahead of him - who knows what will happen in the future?

I just feel he's too much of an artist to focus on fame and pleasing the Academy. He's respected and loved by his directors and his co-stars, they all say he's "fearless" and "deeply creative". How cool is that? I'd hate for him to change into a mainstream actor just to get more recognition. He's special - and I hope he stays yhat way.

BlueJean said...

* that - of course ;)

BlueJean said...

"Sadly, several reports of people in empty or near-empty screenings and of audiences not "getting" it."

UV, same thing happened to me both times I saw 'Enemy' in the theater. Both times it was just me and one other person :/ Well, at least I wasn't distracted from the movie! :)

And "getting it" (or not) is a thing I'm starting to get used to as far as Jake's movies are concerned ;)

Come on guys, let's enjoy the excitement of the moment! So much going on for Jake - and it's all good. We all want it to be "bigger" for him, but hey... he's doing so well!

Jess said...

"Also, there are more and more people out there who realize what a fine actor he is, and that alone is something he can be proud of. He's young, he's got so much ahead of him - who knows what will happen in the future?"

This is what I feel but sometimes I get so caught up in the Oscar madness I forget just how old Jake is, he's baby in the male acting world. Sometimes it irks me that Jake is forgotten by the mass public in lieu of other actors with less talent who have bigger box office movies. I do see Jake more of the Harrison Ford or Liam Nesson type actor who do their own thing and have a long leading man acting careers with box office and critical success in beyond their 40's and after (at least I hope so for Jake).

And it's nice to see some critics fighting hard for Jake and the movie. Considering the box office forecasting gurus had NC hitting 8 million for the weekend, it seems that it will more than surpass that forecast.

UltraViolet said...

Agreed, BJ. It's harder to focus on the positive, for some reason, but there is a whole lot of it. And even at this low number, this is a bigger box office weekend than initially anticipated.

Box Office Mojo has NC earning $3.2 million yesterday, so a little bump up. Hopefully that low Cinemascore won't affect things too much, but it isn't good for the film's bottom line.

I know from experience that it's hard to go through that while awards season seeing lesser performances celebrated. I'm hoping Jake breaks through on some lists, even if Oscar is a longshot.

Loved the line in that "What's The Deal" clip where Sneider says something like "You shouldn't have to be a British genius to be an Oscar contender!"

Dan Gilroy and Jake have given us an original story and character. Let's celebrate that.

UltraViolet said...

Great Buzzfeed article on Jake. Will try to excerpt it in new post later. But for now, off to see NC again :)

Some Everest tidbits in this article about Martin Henderson.

Hope Bobbyanna, SAG Actor and Chica enjoy it. And anyone else seeing it this weekend.

mary said...

I saw Nightcrawler today I really enjoyed it Jake was great Lou was a very creepy guy.Hope to see it again

UltraViolet said...

Yay, Mary. So glad you enjoyed it.

New post.