Saturday, October 25, 2014


Open Road released a red-band trailer for Nightcrawler, and it's fucking hilarious:

Yesterday was Jake Gyllenhaal day on ABC. Jake was the Person of the Week on ABC News:

The ABC JG day began with Jake on GMA:

D is for Demolition, which Jake has been filming again this week:

From USA Today, The time Jake Gyllenhaal was the best (or worst?) uncle ever:

“I brought so many balloons to my niece’s eighth birthday — I felt really bad,” Jake recalls, a bit ruefully. “I knew I wasn’t going to be the one taking them home. I literally brought like 45 balloons. My brother in law was like, ‘Thanks.’ The next day I asked my niece where all the balloons went. She said, ‘They’re everywhere.'”

Also from USA Today:

Friday brought a somber tone, as filming took place at a Manhattan cemetery:
R can also be for radio. Here's one spot and then a second.


UltraViolet said...

Saw this tweet earlier and it made me laugh:

Apologies to everyone driving on Ventura who maybe thought I was having a seizure. Jake Gyllenhaal was on Ryan Seacrest this morning.

Some miscellaneous stuff:

Very brief video of Jake at TIFF. But he looks great.

Silly VH-1 spot about Jake's NC set demands. Apparently, Lou insisted on wearing his sunglasses at night.

Video of Jake filming. It's from a distance so you can't really see much.

Dan Gilroy does a DP/30.

A couple of Interesting Gilroy interviews. First with LA Weekly:

But for those that do, it takes a new breed of cameraman to get the footage that sells. As reprehensible as chasing tragedy may be, Gilroy believes this cut-throat approach isn’t one just relegated to local newsrooms.

“All the qualities that serve Lou well as a nightcrawler are all the same qualities that are celebrated in the board room,” Gilroy says. “It’s an almost a slavish adherence to the bottom line, disregarding human toll or human cost. The person who comes in and breaks up a company for its aggregate parts, puts 50,000 people out of work, then goes and builds an 800-foot yacht winds up on the cover of Business Week celebrated. I feel that whatever crimes Lou does pale in compassion.”

And from Vice:

The hopelessness of Louis's professional life bleeds into his personality: His first move after he gets established as a nightcrawler is to hire an underling, Rick (Riz Ahmed, playing the classic vaudevillian schlemiel). Louis' first instinct is to have him work as an unpaid intern.

I had to ask if there were unpaid interns on Nightcrawler. Gilroy was adamant: "No, we didn't have one unpaid intern. We paid everybody. Absolutely. I would never have somebody working for me for free."

In tougher times, I've been unemployed, scraping by and taking any work at all. At those same times, I've watched the TV news and felt like it was part of a vast propaganda machine. Nightcrawler would have had special resonance for that younger version of me. The sense I got from talking to Gilroy was that he knew that.

"To be honest, I'm more interested in the younger generation's reaction to this film," he said. "I hope it has some relevance in the sense of, Wow, this is what I'm going through. I believe it's a touchstone experience for a lot of people."

BlueJean said...

UV - you're the best!

This post just brought a huuuuge smile to my face! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

There go the ovaries, Jake is really comfortable with children and being an uncle is an asset to method acting. Although the joy of his face I don't think is acting.

Mary said...

Thanks UV lovely post

Piruleta said...

I'm surprised by some of the negative reactions the red band trailer is getting. I think is brilliant!! one of the funniest I've seen along with Inherent Vice.

thank you for all the links, the DP/30 interview with Dan Gilroy was interesting, although I thought the interviewer was talking (and interrupting) a bit too much.

As for the Oscar talk from the previous post, I don't think Jake will get a nom, he is not at the top of any list I've seen, but he is getting a lot of attention and recognition and that's really important.

Hagen said...

Deadline: Jake Gyllenhaal Interviewed By Hawk Koch: “I Love The Abrasion” – Produced By NY
Koch asked Gyllenhaal to answer without too much thinking who he’d most like to work with, as an actor or producer. Gyllenhaal took a few seconds anyway and then answered, “Denzel Washington, as an actor.” As a producer? “I’ll leave it at that,” he replied.

Somehow that would strike me as an odd pairing, but maybe it could work.

I haven't heard of that before:
[Jake Gyllenhaal] recalled working with Michael Pena on the final scenes of End Of Watch, when they had to break, the production was under pressure, “we were running out of money.”

From a writer for NPR: xD
Glen Weldon ‏@ghweldon
Saw NIGHTCRAWLER. Meh. Gyllenhaal's German accent was all over the place you never see the tail and he didn't bamf ONCE.

I'm surprised by some of the negative reactions the red band trailer is getting. I think is brilliant!! one of the funniest I've seen along with Inherent Vice.

I love it, too, and the promotion campaign for "Nightcrawler" seems to gain traction with the public.

Looking at Jake's funeral pictures I would love to see him in a period film.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! NC was shown yesterday in Rome during the Film Festival, but I didn't see it :(. It was well received: applauses at the end of the screening, good reviews (3/4 out of 5 stars; 7,5-8,5 out of 10 votes). Just few critics noted some flaws: not very original plot; focus on the extreme cinism of current journalism, which seemed less interesting than exploring more challanging themes, such as the slight bounderies between reporting an event and ‘creating’ one (this is a real issue in Italy).
Too bad no one was here to promote and support the movie, though…
A note about the movie title, here in Italy is “Lo sciacallo – Nightcrawler”, “sciacallo” means “jackal” (the other movie with Bruce Willis and Richard Gere was known with the english title “The Jackal”, so there is no misunderstanding with that). Some critics also compared Lou to a snake or, better, a worm…
Great reviews for Jake’s performance: “surprisingly astonishing”, “superb”, “perfect”, “sumptuous”, “masterful”, he is really seen winning awards. About that, I usually give more credit to Golden Globes than Oscars and I think Jake will have real chances there.
NC will open in Italy on November 13.
Bye, Tina

bobbyanna said...

I'm pretty sure Glen Weldon from NPR was joking. He was "reviewing " NC as the Comic Book character. LOL!

I know in my bones that Jake will get recognition from his peers one day in the not too distant future. It takes time to build a consensus. I'm just enjoying all the applause his performance is generating.

I'd love to see Denzel & Jake work together. Denzel is an amazing actor. Plus his films make a lot of $$$ and have huge budgets. Sometimes, they're even good movies. LOL! I'd also love to see Jake work with Al Pacino.

Hagen said...

This story about Jake's present for Ramona's 8th birthday is cute and funny(USA Today): I brought so many balloons to my niece’s eighth birthday — I felt really bad,” Jake recalls, a bit ruefully. “I knew I wasn’t going to be the one taking them home. I literally brought like 45 balloons. My brother in law was like, ‘Thanks.’ The next day I asked my niece where all the balloons went. She said, ‘They’re everywhere.'

Jeff Wells from Hollywood Elsewhere praises the new trailer for "Nightcrawler": This Nightcrawler redband trailer is inspired — it nails the sensibility and the coolness factor to a T. Serious congratulations to the Open Road marketing ace who cut it together and decided on the tone.

I'm just enjoying all the applause his performance is generating.
So am I. His performance doesn't necessarily have to be awarded to be recognized.

Hagen said...

Jake Gyllenhaal showed up to the pre-screening of #nightcrawlermovie #nightcrawler #film #movies (blurry picture)

Hagen said...

A better picture from the "Nightcrawler" screening on UV's home turf: Nightcrawler ‏@SeeNIGHTCRAWLER
#JakeGyllenhaal surprised an advanced screening of #NightcrawlerMovie in Boston today! Did you snap a photo w/him? (picture)

Sorry, I didn't notice that the balloon story was already in the blog post.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting he picked to be on premiere in Boston, where Rachel McAdams shoots her new movie, I think they are still somehow in contact.

FP said...

OMG Nightcrawler Red Band trailer is freaking amazing!

Hi Tina! Thanks :)

I think Rachel McAdams is in Boston

Matt Thomas ‏@reelmatt 21 min21 minuti fa

So, I got to meet Jake Gyllenhaal today. He was super awesome and took selfies with everyone.…

Canuck_cutie said...

The filming of Rachel's movie Spotlight moved to toronto a few weeks ago. Filming is over in Boston.

Jess said...

My first thought when it was announced and Fuqua and Washington will be doing the remake of M7 was that Fuqua who gushes over Jake would ask him to join the cast.

But so far nothing, Jake has said Denzel before and was up for a part but the studio went with the other Ryan from Canada instead.

Jake is the younger Al Pacino in my opinion, he and Jake in a movie about a father and son quirky relationship would be great.

FP said...

Jake is in another early-screening of NC in Philly!

Octavius A. Newman ‏@Doc_Ock_BF 10 min

Photo: Wait what? @JakeGyllenhaal is in the theater of my screening for #Nightcrawler?! #JakeGyllenhaal...

Daniel Young ‏@DanYoung26 11 min

Met Jake Gyllenhaal at a free screening, it's a good night. #Nightcrawler


Thanks Canuck_cutie !

Jess said...

Boston, Philly now DC all in one night? Maybe Jake truly is teleporting, lol:

Micah Parsons ‏@MicahParsons1 · 2m2 minutes ago
"I didn't come to dc to talk. I came here to take pictures and shit" - jake gyllenhaal #nightcrawler

Monica said...

I'm loving all selfies.

Jeff Wells: On the other end of the spectrum, TheWrap‘s Jeff Sneider needs to apologize for not even mentioning that Nightcrawler

Jeff Sneider:

Don't want to know from intelligent counter-programming? I AM INTELLIGENT COUNTER-PROGRAMMING! NIGHTCRAWLER is the best narrative feature I've seen all year and over the past 2 months, I've told EVERYONE I KNOW just that. I already taped a video about NIGHTCRAWLER for TIFF. That video above is about horror movies and has nothing to do with Nightcrawler. I don't need to apologize for not reminding people to see it, when I pretty much sing the film's praises every other day on Twitter. Your love for the Gilroy movie doesn't even come close to a percentage of my love for it. Look at you running your silly Birdman ads. If this was my site NIGHTCRAWLER is the only movie I'd accept ad dollars from. I'd have no interest in promoting any other film. Next month I am releasing a book of poetry inspired by NIGHTCRAWLER. Compared to me, you are a non-believer. Go predict The Imitation Game will win the Oscar for Best Nap. By the way, that new trailer sucks. It's selling a different film than the one Gilroy made. It can't touch a hair on the first trailer's head. Our tastes have often aligned Jeff, don't make me write you off. I still read H-E every day despite the potshots you take and the private convos you report on for no good reason...


Jeff said recently that Jake gives a better performance in Nightcrawler than Benedict Cumberbatch in TIG.

UltraViolet said...

Jake apparently ate at Harvest Seasonal Grill in Philadelphia.

There are dozens and dozens of selfies of Jake out there. This exchange on FB made me laugh:

Why is my newsfeed everyone I know in a selfie with Jake Gyllenhaal?!?!

Why is mine not?!


UltraViolet said...

So I went to the movies at that theater tonight! But by the time I got there, Jake was probably in Philadelphia. What can you do?

This sounds like it was a fun promotion by Open Road, and Jake seems to be enjoying himself, amazingly.

Hi Tina from Rome - thanks for the report! It's a shame Jake couldn't make it to the festival. But I saw a tweet that he sent a video message.

It's too bad that you could not see it. But I'm happy to hear the reception was good for the movie and great for Jake's performance.

About the red-band trailer: There has been mixed reaction but a lot of praise. LOL at the Jeff Wells contretemps. It's great to see him backing Jake's performance.

That InSneider guy has been a big supporter of Jake's and of the film. But the arguing is so silly.

ps I saw Birdman, which was a disappointment. It will be a shame, IMO, if Michael Keaton wins the Oscar for that, especially if Jake's superior performance isn't even nominated.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this NC red band trailer.! Sooooo funny! Made me even more sad:(


UltraViolet said...

Oh no, LML! It has to come to Hong Kong. I hope we hear news soon for you and for Piruleta (Spain).

The trailer is hilarious :)

UltraViolet said...

So soon, I know. New post.