Thursday, October 23, 2014

Can we talk about your face?

Nightcrawler gets the Buzzfeed treatment:

In keeping with the theme, some great outtakes from the Variety cover shoot, interspersed with snippets from some new interviews:

We’ve even chatted about the most polite subject on Earth: the British weather, in particular our reaction to sunshine. He notes our inability to leave an inch of grass uncovered by human flesh; I explain our distrust of good weather and subsequent reluctance to leave umbrellas at home.

No, Gyllenhaal is lovely. It’s just that he just gives an air of not quite being 100 per cent present. As if, while engaging with you, he’s also engaging with dozens of other plans, appointments and theories. Perhaps it’s those dreamy eyes, perhaps it’s his penchant for complex characters – or perhaps it’s what he’s just said. The 33-year-old is in Toronto (experiencing its own heatwave), at the film festival, promoting his latest project Nightcrawler. The film is phenomenally good; Gyllenhaal is phenomenally good. I’m talking career-best performance. I’d just put that notion to him.

“I’ve heard that, but I say, ‘That’s cool, I’m on to the next film,’” the actor had replied. “I’m about to make a movie [Demolition] with Jean-Marc Vallรฉe, and that’s my focus. When I was here last year, doing interviews for other films, I was memorising my lines for Nightcrawler. I had a piece of paper in my pocket and tried to memorise soliloquies between interviews – that’s where my head is.”


For an interviewer, it’s not quite like your partner telling you they think of someone else during sex, but you do feel the need to up your game. And – cue lazy link – talking of upping games, Gyllenhaal has shoved his into orbit with this film. I said it’s a career best, but it could be career-defining. I’ll stick my neck out and say that for his Lou Bloom in Nightcrawler, read Robert De Niro’s Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver. Yeah, that good.

Like Bickle, Bloom is the archetypal movie ‘Triple-L’ – loner, loser, lunatic – and just as much a product of his time. Where Bickle was inspired by the cesspit that was Seventies New York, Bloom is the product of consumer capitalism and the cult of the individual. Bickle was angry, Bloom is calculating. Making his living from petty crime, he has big dreams. He learns from online self-help courses and quotes them like scripture. He’s a go-getter, but what he’s going to get is as deep as Clingfilm. “He’s a product of what we’ve created,” says Gyllenhaal, “a generation of people desperate for jobs who have been told that it’s success at any cost. And that success really is monetary or fame, convention would say. So Lou is looking for that.”

I ask if he’d ever return there, or if he’s happier on the less sunny side of the street. The impression I get is that this man, who doesn’t stay still, is probably more interested in moving forward. “The answer is just as unknown to me as it is to you,” he says. “I can’t say where I will go or what will inspire me. I was a different person then. Yesterday, three people came up to me at this party and said, ‘I want you to know I love October Sky,’ a movie I made when I was 17 years old. I love that film, but I’m no longer the person that was in that movie. I’m a different incarnation of that person.

“I oddly don’t consider the roles I play to be dark – I feel like there’s an honesty to them. They’re dealing in dark worlds, but many of them have had good moral compasses – with the exception of one. Dark worlds feel more real to me than everything being bright, shiny and happy. It’s a sunny day, but we’re still carrying an umbrella.”

OK, so maybe he was paying attention.

One of the good things she was just saying about you is that you would make a great director. Do you have any ambitions do to that, at some point?

JAKE GYLLENHAAL : Well, my father’s a director. My mother’s a director, too. I know from a certain amount of experience, from watching a lot of people do it, who are extraordinary at it, because I’ve had the opportunity to work with people who are really good at it, that it would be presumptuous of me to say that I would be good at it. At a time when I am looking to be presumptuous, then maybe, yeah. I don’t know if that’s now. But I would like to try my hand at it, at some time.

Can you talk a little bit about working with Rene? As a person, and as an actress, and as your partner in this? And her touching your knee?

JAKE GYLLENHAAL : Oh yeah, she did do that in one scene. Well, in the restaurant scene, that’s actually a perfect example. Her husband, Dan, gave her very little to survive with in that scene. I would say that I was given, Lou was given a figurative 50 calibre machine gun, with his words, and she’s given a spoon. So I walked into that scene, expecting to just win, just because I’d been given all those words. And eventually he does win that scene. But Renee came in, and made it a struggle for me, in that, even with close to nothing to defend with, she was like a fierce competitor. The choices that she was making, moment to moment, even when she touched my leg, she must have said that to you, that was a choice she was doing, under the table to me, that no one would see, to mess with me. Because she knew that she needed to try and win something. As actor to actor. And I love it! There’s nothing I love more than another actor who is going to sideswipe me, sweep my leg, because I mean, it’s fun! She does it in so much fun, so much play, it’s not like dangerous. It’s so playful. When we rehearsed, with her and Dan; they’re so loving, the two of them, just so positive and loving. I would come and rehearse and do a speech with her, a scene, and she’d be like, “Oh my God, you’re just so great!” And then I’d be like, “Can we just do the scene?” And she’d be like, “Nope, I mean, Danny, isn’t he just so wonderful?” I’d just be like, and he would go, “I know, I told you! I told you!” Guys, we’re doing a scene! It was like that with them, and particularly with her. She’s been very, she’s separated herself from the whole Hollywood thing, as much as she can, and she’s really creative, and very sensitive, and very loving and open. When you think about her in ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ and stuff, there’s a real intimidation factor about her beauty, and her charisma and stuff, but I think, deep down inside, she just likes to garden, and chill out and stuff. I love that side of her, in the scene, because it’s that side of her, seeing the real human side of her, that makes her so fearless in that scene. So it was great fun to work with her.

Can you talk about the look on your face, because it looks like…? Is it some effort on the make-up person, or is it just the camera?

JAKE GYLLENHAAL : Can we talk about your face? [Laughs] Who did that?

Jake Gyllenhaal is used to exhaustion. During his research for the LAPD drama End of Watch, he spent five months patrolling the streets with real-life police officers, on shifts that ended at 7 a.m. It was good preparation for his new movie, Nightcrawler, a blistering portrait of a morally corrupt crime-scene videographer who works the literal graveyard shift. Writer-director Dan Gilroy would start filming at dusk and wrap after sunrise, a sight Gyllenhaal now knows well. The 33-year-old actor would nap for four hours and then do it all again.

"There wasn't a lot of sleeping going on," Gyllenhaal says. "Surprisingly, I had a lot of energy. L.A. is vibrating at night in a way that you'd never really know. I was not looking forward for the sun to rise, which is a strange headspace to be in. The sun would rise, and I would get sad."

Insomnia fits him. His Nightcrawler character, Lou Bloom, looks as if he hasn't slept in years. He's up all night listening to police scanners and speeding to film car crashes, murders, and fires to sell to ruthless TV news producer Nina (Rene Russo). During the day he plots how to become the owner of the station.

"Every movie is political," Gyllenhaal says. Like Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine, Nightcrawler attacks local news for serving up a straight diet of fluff and fear. Making things worse, in the last decade, the Web has increasingly blurred the line between important and unimportant news. "Information is going to be filtered," Gyllenhaal says. "Even a cup to a string to another cup, you don't get a clear sound."

Does defending him mean Gyllenhaal is more forgiving of the paparazzi at TMZ who, like Lou, are just doing their jobs? Hell, no, he argues. "What Lou does is dealing with life and death, so I think it's in no way comparable." Besides, he adds, "How many people in the world are doing things not for the money?"

Well, Gyllenhaal himself. After a flirtation with being a blockbuster heartthrob in Prince of Persia, he's dedicated himself to dark, smart, serious films with a monomania that Lou would appreciate. "There's a Lou in all of us," he laughs. "I don't know if that disturbs you!"

Good interview with Jake and Rene:


UltraViolet said...

If you get a chance, check out all of the three articles linked: Shortlist, LA Weekly and We Are Movie Geeks. That last one might be from one of those roundtables - lots of typos in it. But some good stuff. Wouldn't mind seeing video of that.

Post your picks for Jake's three best movies.

Anonymous said...

Into the Woods looks so good. Oh Jake I know he couldn't do it because of the weight lost for NC but darn it I hope it was not for "another great job Jake" but no awards recognition after passing up a sure box office hit. I must say the two princes are very handsome but Jake and Chris Pine would have been better.

UltraViolet said...

I had the same thought. It is a total shame Jake couldn't have done both. It would be fun for him to be part of all this marketing hype. C'est la vie.

He will apparently be part of the AFI Indie Contenders Roundtable. Pretty good company.

I can't remember if I posted this in the last thread:

Jake Gyllenhaal is on @GMA tomorrow for #NightcrawlerMovie! Tag questions w/#JakeOnGMA and he might answer them live!
Reply Retweet

๐Ÿ˜‚ Lol. @aliciamalone on @BreakfastonOne straight up stalking J Gyllenhall.
Wait a minute... stalking?
More like "Appropriating"! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Alicia Malone ‏@aliciamalone
@BRObertsNZ @BreakfastonOne Hahaha he said to me "persistence is key, and you are persistent!" ๐Ÿ˜‚

She showed only a snippet apparently. Will post if I see the video, but the whole thing will be shown loser to the release date.

bobbyanna said...

I agree with you SO MUCH about Into the Woods. (sigh.)

God news about the SFI Indie Contenders Roundtable. .

UltraViolet said...

Another video interview.

And there's some fun footage of Jake in this video.

Also uploaded a new video at the bottom of the post.

IHJ has some great photos of Jake on set yesterday, as well.

Piruleta said...

Leo, Lewis, Luke… Haven't seem a character's name being confused so many times LOL. Interesting articles anyway, thank you!

Here's a short video of yesterday's filming. This movie looks crazy.

I've seen a few sites listing their favourite Jake's movies recently:


And this one just for fun

5 Best Cast Fincher Actors

Anonymous said...

Well GMA is so far up Swifty's ass I kind of wish Jake would have not gone on that show this morning.

BlueJean said...

What a great, great, great post! :)

Piruleta said...

New NC clip
new TV spot

UltraViolet said...

BJ, thank you! I really loved this post, especially those GIFs. If you haven't visited that Buzzfeed list, you should. It's hilarious.

Piruleta, thank you so much for doing actual links. I hadn't seen that HitFix list. Will check it out. The new clip you posted is actually the red-band trailer. I was wondering if they'd do one.

And here's a vine of Jake on GMA.

Anon, it is unfortunate that the TS album is releasing right before Jake's movie. And it will sell by the truckload while NC will probably struggle at the box office. Timing is everything.

But let's try to be positive and look at all this great Jake stuff happening.

FP said...

Hello everyone, UV beautiful post!

It seems that NC and Jake's performances are thrilling the Rome film festival

Chica said...

Lol! I forgot about the man bun!

Loving all the great reviews and buzz for NC, I just hope it translates into good BO!!

Another great post UV and thanks so much for all the updates and reminders of Jake's TV spots!

Hagen said...

Jake looks a bit like Jamie Randall again, that's not a bad thing at all. :) As far as I can judge Open Road really makes an effort to promote "Nightcrawler". And I'm glad that Jake could take some time off from filming "Demolition". He's given an impressive number of interviews lately.

"Nightcrawler" is set to be released in about 2,800 theaters. That's pretty good, I think.

Hope you aren't literally lame, as in hurt, Hagen.
No, I'm fine, thanks. :)

bobbyanna said...

On GMA, I loved Robin Roberts spontaeneous, "You're a beautiful man!" LOL!

Definitely see a bit of Jamie Randall. : )

Anonymous said...

My ovaries hurt seeing Jake onset with all those children on the Demolition set.

Anonymous said...

What bothers me more is, that Oscarwatch site putting him on 9th place in the list for Oscar nominations. Have to say that they are already half-experts, so usually they are right, but e.g. Affleck is before him? I understand Michael Keaton is the first, but Affleck for Gone Girl is 3rd or 4th, what is ridiculous. And also what is worse, they put McConaughey on the first place among upcoming projections, so they suppose he will be so good in Interstellar? Sci-fi movie? Last Oscars I think DiCaprio was robbed and now if he would kick out Gyllenhaal from the nominations.....honestly I think he is very average actor with no charisma, so I don't understand why people are so crazy for him.

Piruleta said...

And another TV spot . I'm starting to get really excited!

Monica said...

Busy Philipps @Busyphilipps25 · 3h 3 hours ago

My friend Jake is in a new movie called @SeeNIGHTCRAWLER and it's insanely good! SEE IT NEXT WEEK! …

About Hitfix, I love zodiac, but for me Jake is much better in Enemy and Prisoners.

Anon, Matthew is in a film $$$ with a studio that will make great campaign. This week he won an award for career, I'm sorry for who is a fan, but this guy only made two or three good movies and his performances aren't so great, Jake acted in better movies and gave better performances. But I know that is a PR prize, then his starting campaign.

Unfortunately Oscar is not just about the best performance, but also $$$$$

My ovaries hurt seeing Jake onset with all those children on the Demolition set.

so cute

Jess said...

"Unfortunately Oscar is not just about the best performance, but also $$$$$ "

Nicely said Monica,

Sites like Oscarwatch are more like fantasy football/basketball and the studios I am pretty sure monitor those sites and play to them. It's sad but it's not much that can be done.

Anonymous said...

Well there are many sites, which predict, but Oscarwatch is one of those more serious one. Better only one, they are usually 90% correct, of course order will change until the season, but you can be sure, that they are more less right, I know the site for a years, that is why they surprised me with Afflec.

What I don't like about MMC that all his life he swam in romantic comedy waters and now everybody pretends he is good actor. DBC was decided to be Oscar movie before it started to be filmed. All set decoration, make up helped him a lot, everybody would get the Oscar, not talking about the message. It is much more difficult once acting stands on actor only. But let's see. In any case for NC it will be solo nomination if any, I give more chances to Southpaw unless it is released in first half of year.

Jess said...

"Better only one, they are usually 90% correct"

Well here's hoping Jake is in the 10% they get wrong. If not, $$$$$ Weinstein is so lite this year you can bet next year between his movie Southpaw and Demolition (with another better studio)the odds will be better for Jake. And some people might be upset he gets looked over again.

Hang in there anom, Jake's time will come again and again. He is gaining fans with every great movie role, we don't want him to peak too early. He might stop acting, he needs goals. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Jess you know, sometimes happens that Academy waits too long. Look at Pacino, they gave him award for the lame movie, whilst he should have had it 30 years earlier for GF. Peter O'Toole and Richard Barong never became Oscar winners, today you have Witherspoon, Bullock, Roberts as Oscar actresses, Glenn Close have never got any.

So we should just wish him as much noms as possible, moreover I think the actor with more nominations looks more capable than winner from the first one. Look at DiCaprio, he is the best actor of his generation, he has no Oscar, but 4 nominations says he is consistently first rate actor comparing to Leto or other lucky ones. I think Gyllenhaal did not win for BBM just because they thought he is too young and better picked Clooney. But now it is time to collect nominations at least. You never know, if occasion will come again and actor might become a bit bitter about it, if appreciation doesn't come. I remember Pacino said once, that 30 years ago he would be more happy about the price. JG is admirable because of brave choices and actually this where the prices should go, blockbusters serve to popcorn entertainment. So I still hope NC and SP will get at least something and also rely on Weintstein with SP.

Anonymous said...

Richard Barton - sorry for typo

Mary said...

Jake was the person of the week on ABC news tonite

UltraViolet said...

He was indeed, Mary. The video is in the new post.

Don't want to cut this convo short, but there's too much new stuff to add to this post. I cop hope people checked out the Buzzfeed link :)

As for the Oscars - I can't believe Richard Burton never won! I don't have hopes that Jake will even be nominated. But I do hope we can concentrate on the good things for now. The frustration of awards season will drag on long enough. Let's not extend it any longer than we have to.