Monday, October 20, 2014


There was another special screening of Nightcrawler on Saturday, and Jake shaved for the occasion.

Not sure if he just wanted a change or if it was a Demolition character decision. We do know that Fox Searchlight will reteam with Demolition director Jean-Marc Vallee on Demolition, which is good news. ""I'm thrilled and excited to be back in business with Fox Searchlight," Vallee told The Hollywood Reporter. "They have been wonderful, creative partners on Wild. I look forward to collaborating again on Demolition."

More NC promotion, more coyote talk :)

Love the way Jake geeks out about the dialogue in this one:

Love the “mise-en-scène:

In case anyone missed this #TBT of Jake from the early years, posted on instagram:

Very cool video compilation of Jake movie roles, courtesy of Lachka:


UltraViolet said...

Not sure what this means - from a USA Today writer:

Ever split steak frites with #JakeGyllenhaal? I did. It's fun. Cc @mgyllenhaal

Also on twitter:

not only did i pet a dog today, i pet jake gyllenhaal's dog. i'm definitely slaying the dog dad game

From IG

16 hours ago · Crosby Street Hotel
moments after this photo was taken, #jakegyllenhaal (and his dimples) held the door open for @halfpintcastro and myself. #nightcrawlermovie #bestfriendstatus?

From FB:

Ron Insana (CNBC)
October 18 at 11:24pm ·
Just saw a preview of "NIGHTCRAWLER" with Jake Gyllenhaal. Very dark, but riveting film where he manages to combine Chauncey Gardner and Travis Bickle into a contemporary character who manages to "make it" in TV news. A must see for those both in, and out, of the news business.

Joey Magidson
Yesterday at 11:09pm ·
Had a very nice chat with Jake Gyllenhaal. Bonded over the food served at hotels during press junkets. Laughed a lot too. With me even, not at me.

He's a cool dude

8 hours
Just ran into Jake Gyllenhaal on the subway! — feeling lucky.

is ur life real bryce

Did you knock him over?

No we ran into each other and he apologized to me and said it was his fault! Was dying a little inside

UUUUUH NO OH MY GOD!! Gurl he so fine

I can't call you my friend anymore

Please tell me u took selfies


7 hrs · 10

Mary said...

Oops sorry about that :) Jake looks very good I really am liking his look for demolition

Extra said...

Hey stranger! I almost didn't recognize Jake clean shaven.

He looks good and I'm looking forward to Jake making the rounds promoting NC.

Thanks so much UV for all the great updates!

BlueJean said...

"...and Jake shaved for the occasion."

:)))) Why are we all so surprized?! Good old Jake - he looks mighty fine!

Thanks for the many recent updates, UV! Esp. the Twitter and FB converstions - they're so much fun to read.

BlueJean said...

"steak frites"

In Dutch, "frites" means french fries / fried potatoes.

So... steak french fries. Tiny steaks??? Haven't got a clue lol!

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal was last night in the Interstellar secret screening:

UltraViolet said...

It's a European thing, BJ! Steak with French fries. Yummy.

I'm so glad you appreciate the twitter and FB conversations. I think they are so fun to read.

Apparently, Jake was at last night's "ultra-exclusive" Interstellar screening.

In Jake screening news, there was a secret screening in London, revealed to be Nightcrawler. And people loved it:

Nightcrawler: a disturbing drama about the shaky moral line of television news with a great performance from Jake Gyllenhaal.

It was @NightcrawlerUK and it was a solid 7.5/10. Jake Gyllenhaal is one creepy mofo

Ooh #Nightcrawler is a goodie, Jake Gyllenhaal's and those wide eyes are well creepy! Thanks for the sneaky preview @ODEONCinemas Kingston!

Nightcrawler has fucked with my head. Creepy as he was in it I would still go with Jake Gyllenhaal in a heartbeat. Uft

Loved Nightcrawler! What a creepy but amazing performance from Jake Gyllenhaal. When is the next #ODEONScreenUnseen? @ODEONCinemas
0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites

Jake Gyllenhaal was super creepy in #NightcrawlerMovie! Thanks to @ODEONCinemas for a brill pick for #ODEONScreenUnseen 👌

@ODEONCinemas Loved it. Couldn't have chosen a better movie, Jake Gyllenhaal was incredible #Nightcrawler #ScreenUnseen

It is 100% acceptable to still find Jake Gyllenhaal attractive in Nightcrawler, despite his skinnier and creepier physique.

So @DarrylGU and I just saw Nightcrawler... pretty sure I'm not sleeping tonight... Thanks Jake Gyllenhaal.

Ahhhh Nightcrawler is incredible. Gyllenhaal goes full Bale/Bateman. Loved it.

Nightcrawler is bleak, vicious and astonishing. Jake Gyllenhaal's gaunt angel of death with a video camera is an icon already.

Love that last one. There are lots of tweets. Probably more to come.

Anonymous said...

Pinto ‏@notpinto 2h2 hours ago
Chilling in the gay dance clubs
#DemolitionMovie2014 with #JakeGyllenhaal and #JudahLewis

UltraViolet said...

Jake on ET, talking coyotes, weight and running. I wish all involved could be a little more creative with their questions and answers.

Also, did Jake say anywhere that all he ate was kale? I feel like someone just ran with that, pardon the pun.

@ODEONCinemas Great film, Gyllenhaal at his best! Can't wait for next weeks #ODEONScreenUnseen

The #ODEONScreenUnseen surprise film was... NIGHTCRAWLER. An incredible movie from start to finish. Thank you @ODEONCinemas !

#ODEONScreenUnseen #nightcrawler great idea @ODEONCinemas, great film, great soundtrack, great evening. When's the next one?

Went to a secret screening of Nightcrawler tonight and it's so good. It's not fair how talented Jake Gyllenhaal is. 9/10 #NightcrawlerMovie

Went to @ODEONCinemas Unseen and saw @NightcrawlerUK. Wow. Dear Oscar voters, give Jake Gyllenhaal the Oscar. What a role! What a film!

Got the chance to see Nightcrawler two weeks before before release! So, so good, never knew where it was going Jake Gyllenhaal is god!

'Nightcrawler': It's rare that a film is so reliant on a single performance. Jake Gyllenhaal makes this movie. He's fucking incredible.

If Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't get a best actor nomination at the Academy Awards, feel free to riot. #Nightcrawler

Monica said...

I love reading these comments about the performance of Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler!

They are filming Demolition scenes in a gay club?

Anonymous said...

No picture of Jake and someone answered to "Pinto" it's a school day, he should be in school. Must be one of the stupid jokes people make about Jake courtesy of Brokeback Mountain. It will never end.

Monica said...

Anon, he talks about Demolition, Jake and Judah Lewis, who is a kid according to his page on imdb. I think he is the son of Naomi Watts in the film.

So, I asked if they were filming scenes at a club in Brooklyn. A kid can't enter in a nightclub, right?

Anonymous said...

Is Jake finished shooting Demolition?

UltraViolet said...

Monica, the tweet was hard to decipher. Not sure what it meant.

More NC tweets :)

@ODEONHelp It was incredible. A captivating performance from Gyllenhaal and a gripping plot. Pace was perfect. I was on edge throughout.

Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler is cold & non-empathetic, but still unsettlingly relatable. Darkest performance since the Joker #Oscar4Jake

Watched #Nightcrawler last night, Jake Gyllenal's performance was incredible, one of my fav indie films #talented

yeah, its not perfect, but Gylenhaal's slightly-dorky loveable anti-hero is a real joy. @geekboy73 @fantasticfest

Nice exchange:

Judging by the feedback Nightcrawler was a great choice for our first #ODEONScreenUnseen event. Really glad everyone enjoyed it.

#Nightcrawler was a great choice for the first #ODEONScreenUnseen Looking forward to the next

Good mate yeah? Saw the trailer for it, looks decent. Is it just any random film that's out now, that they show?

really good mate! Jake Gyllenhaal was brilliant. Just said it was a big Hollywood film that hadn't been released yet!!

This one made me laugh:

I want someone to take me on a date to see Nightcrawler. Disclaimer: I will be paying more attention to Jake Gyllenhaal than to you.

UltraViolet said...

Anon, I don't think we know if he's finished yet. It was slated for filming until 11/5 or 11/12 on different sources.

UltraViolet said...

I added another video to the post.

And some more tweets, for the fun of it:

Just seen Nightcrawler. Very dark but really awkwardly funny. Gyllenhaal ridiculously creepy, excellent performance. Highly recommend.

Saw #nightcrawler with an incredible performance from Jake Gyllenhaal. Dark & funny, but mostly dark, great satire for immorality of society

#JakeGyllenhaal's ambitious cameraman takes broadcasting to the nth degree in the thrilling #NightcrawlerMovie. Jake at his best.

FP said...

Jordan ZakarinAccount verificato

One of those old clipper ship captains. Writer @YahooMovies.

New York City

Jake Gyllenhaal is incredible in 'Nightcrawler.' He's like a robot, freshly loaded with AI, always getting smarter but never more human.

Lisa Remillard ‏@LisaRemillard 1 h

My @seeNightcrawler trailer. So cool. Yes, I saw Jake Gyllenhaal. Sat next to him in makeup #SetLife

and LOL!

Aaron ‏@hansaekim 4 min

The only man I'll get on my knees for is Jesus. And maybe Jake Gyllenhaal

FP said...

Niki ‏@cruzniki 3 min

Learning life lessons through pop culture Entertainment Journalist | Contributor @interviewmag | @pastemagazine @amnewyork

@SeeNIGHTCRAWLER is the most exciting crime noir film of the year. Jake Gyllenhaal is beyond words - unhinged and terrifyingly mesmerizing.

sorry for the double post UV!

UltraViolet said...

No worries, FP! You see three in a row from me. It's nice to consolidate but I know it's not always possible.

The NC site looks great and has some killer shots and a fun concept: You, too, can follow the story. Except it always gets stuck at "calculating route" for me.

From FB:

9 hrs ·
Just walked by Jake Gyllenhaal.

he was at Joe's Shanghai in Chinatown.

Garnik Sarkisian who was accompanying him?

he was with some friends.

Piruleta said...

NC site is really cool!, everyone at the office stared weirdly at me when the sirens started sound tho LOL

There's two new TV spots this one and I've seen another at the official FB page.

It's fun to read all those reactions to the movie. Meanwhile here in Spain there is still no release date :(

Tweety said...

That is a fun site UV, thanks for the link!
I've seen tons of NC spots on TV and the responses from screenings has been amazing.
I can't wait until next Friday!

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Piruleta. That would attract some attention. I can't believe there is no Spain date yet. I'll keep an eye out, though Hagen will find it first :)

Hi, Tweety! The buzz is exciting. Let's hope it sustains itself.

Hope there's a tape of this:

Kevin Ryder ‏@thekevinryder 4h4 hours ago
Not enough people call us on our nonsense. He's always great. RT @b_reeanaa: Jake Gyllenhaal was so awesome on @kevinandbean @GyllenhaalJake

@kevinandbean Jake #Gyllenhaal just became my most favorite guest on the show #nomoremovieclips #laughing #NightcrawlerMovie
0 replies 1 retweet 2 favorites
Reply Retweet1 Favorite2

Anonymous said...

Erica ‏@ricaplease 23m23 minutes ago
It's only my third day working in New York and I took an elevator with Jake Gyllenhaal 😍

UltraViolet said...

Here's the Kevin and Bean podcast. Go in about 35 or 36 minutes. Pretty entertaining.

Another interview, plus a brief AP video snippet.

Jake Gyllenhall stars in the ‘modern masterpiece’ #NightcrawlerMovie. The closer you look, the darker it gets...

Saw Nightcrawler, it was INCREDIBLE. So dark, gripping and tense. The performance of Gyllenhaal's career. One of the best films of the year.

Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler was like a very terrifying emaciated puppet (in a good way)

Nightcrawler is grimy in the best way. Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo are stellar. Searing debut by Dan Gilroy.

@SeeNIGHTCRAWLER: a twisted little movie, with a great, creepy performance from Gyllenhaal. Goes to dark places I was not expecting.See it!

Hagen said...

I'll keep an eye out, though Hagen will find it first :)

LOL, no. I'm afraid I'm too lame at the moment. (I can offer a release date in India, no?). Unfortunately Jake's promotion schedule isn't always well matched with my work schedule. Though it's always fun to drop by and keep up with the news.

UltraViolet said...

Hope you aren't literally lame, as in hurt, Hagen. Because you are not lame otherwise. Yay, India :)

Talk show appearances:

Good Morning America 10/24
Ellen 10/29
Conan 10/30

Fallon, Meyers, Letterman and TDS haven't listed their full schedules for next week yet.

From twitter:

Things I did today: 1. Bought $140 worth of booze at 10:30 am. 2. Covered an author as he covertly took pix of Jake Gyllenhaal at NPR.

I think this guy works for NPR:

Just had to help Jake Gyllenhaal out of the studio. He's buff.

Another tweet:

#NightcrawlerMovie is a gripping, unpredictable watch: think Drive meets Talented Mr Ripley meets Taxi Driver. Gyllenhaal never better.

Last night's screening: Ryan and Nic attended the over capacity showing of NIGHTCRAWLER. Jake Gyllenhaal gives a wildly stunning, revelatory performance as the unnerving Lou Bloom, newly turned freelance crime scene videographer, in this L.A. set thriller from writer/director Dan Gilroy- his first directorial feature! Both agree, it is not to be missed. In select theaters this Halloween!

FP said...

ShortList Magazine ‏@ShortList 25 min25 minuti fa

Jake Gyllenhaal talks weight loss & running with wild animals in preparation for Nightcrawler:

great article!
Jake is on the cover :)

bobbyanna said...

Very good article! I enjoyed it. (It's not often someone gives PoP its props as the most successful video game to film ever!) : )

Thank you, FP!

Anonymous said...

Jake snubbed by the independent Gotham Awards.

UltraViolet said...

And so it begins: Riz Ahmed and Dan Gilroy nominated for Gotham Awards, but not Jake. They are meaningless in the overall scheme of things, but it's still annoying.

In the good news department, Jake will be on the Tonight Show on 10/29.

Dudes, @SeeNIGHTCRAWLER is an awesome film & Jake Gyllenhaal is the perfect sociopath. Worth a theater viewing, mos def. #NightcrawlerMovie

Kevin Jagernauth ‏@jag24fps 37m
Managing Editor. The Playlist
"Nightcrawler" is a knockout. If you don't believe in Jake Gyllenhaal, this will change your mind. Pitch black, hilarious, gripping.

Good Morning America ‏@GMA 2h2 hours ago
Jake Gyllenhaal is on @GMA tomorrow for #NightcrawlerMovie! Tag questions w/#JakeOnGMA and he might answer them live!

UltraViolet said...

I did like that Shortlist didn't post the usual PoP slant. I do wide we'd be getting more new photos with some of these stories.

FP said...

Riz Ahmed and Dan Gilroy nominated for Gotham Awards, but not Jake

I have not words

Mary said...

Can't believe Jake didn't get a nomination what a rip off

Anonymous said...

yep since a lot of critics have credited Jake's performance with the directing. And Oscar Isaac's film had not been seen by the voters. They are just as worse as the Oscars. So Independent Awards can't complain about the Oscar process.

If Jake does not get a Spirit Award win then I think the Independent awards have gone the way of Oscars.

UltraViolet said...

:( It definitely sucks, but this is not a real indicator of future awards. But it would have been a nice start.

New post.