Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Picture this

Updated with some photos from the Headstrong Project's Words of War event, held Wednesday night at Tribeca 360. Jake read You Will Be Destroyed by Derrick Brown:

Some random photos found around the internets. First up, Jake onset in Freeport, Long Island, today:

Jake behind the scenes filming at JFK last week:

Behind Jake at the Global Citizen Festival:

In front:

Posting the Anne Thompson video just because it was a fun interview. Lots to discuss here:

Jake intro for what looks like the original teaser trailer:


Copying Piruleta said...

Reposting this from the last post. Some good stuff here:

Some quotes from Gylroy, nothing exactly new but interesting nonetheless:

“The way we approached the film in a meta sense was we approached it as a success story,” Gilroy said. “So once we understood that and we realized we weren’t going to apply any moral filter to it, Jake came up with the idea in discussing the symbol of the character, of a nocturnal animal who would come down out of the woods at night and feed. The image that we came up with living in Los Angeles was of a coyote.”

“Jake very quickly decided he was going to try to lose weight. We never had a set goal of how much weight he’s going to lose, but over a period of 10 weeks before shooting, he lost about 28 pounds. It was a little nerve wracking, one, to see him that way. It all makes sense now, but the first time you see Jake in dailies when he looks like that, it was a little bit shocking and unnerving. I was ready to go for it in a second, but the other unnerving thing was once you start shooting, you’re committed to the look. For Jake that meant running or biking 15 miles a day and eating kale, then coming to the set and doing 18 hour days. For him it was extraordinarily physically demanding as well as obviously creatively demanding.”

“What I liked about the longer hair, given also the gaunt look, is it gave him a very feral quality. It was great because he could do things with his hair. He could slick it back in the Mexican restaurant and then it would fall down and he’d look like Crispin Glover with this weird thing coming up here. Then he could push it off to the side, so it gave him a lot of different looks.”

“I started off in journalism so I’ve always been interested in journalism, but the news element for this story particularly came when I discovered this world of stringers/nightcrawlers in Los Angeles. When I realized that just every night from 10 to 6 there was a group of a dozen maniacs who go out and drive 100 miles and hour with 15 scanners going. Automatically in my research I understood that they were really in the coal mine feeding this fire that these new organizations do. Michael Moore brought this up I think really vividly in Bowling for Columbine, the idea of news purveying fear in order to generate ratings. And looking at the statistics of how much is devoted to crime and how much is devoted to actual news. It just became more and more interesting the more I looked into it.”

UltraViolet said...

More interesting tidbits from this account of the FantasticFest NC Q&A:

After the film, Gilroy and Goldsmith engaged in at least an hour's worth of discussion. Goldsmith is a very smart guy who is well prepared and covered aspects of the business, writing and production. It was getting late so here's a few snippets that stuck out in my mind that won't spoil the film:

- Father is a Pulitzer Prize winning author, wrote in his pajamas all day which inspired Dan and his brother Tony (The Bourne Identity series). Biggest fan and harshest critic.
- Writes 7-10 hours a day, thinks about an idea for a while, outlines, researches then sits down to write. Doesn't get writers block because by the time he's sat down, he's very passionate.
- After thinking about Nightcrawler for a couple of years, banged out a script in a few weeks.
- Went out with real nightcrawler with Jake to prep, racing around Los Angeles, visiting an accident site, at first repulsed but then admired professionalism of it.
- Movie made for $8.5 million, 28 day schedule, 23 of them nights
- Upset how State of California has let film production, one of the most lucrative, exciting and exportable products in the world, go out of state and country.
- Nightcrawler was one of 32 films selected by lottery out of 400 that applied for California Tax Incentive program.
- Gives massive credit to Gyllenhaal for making Lou such a rich character on screen. Role is hero/villain/anti-hero,etc. Met on Atlanta set of Prisoners where Gilroy pitched movie to the actor over a 4 hour dinner.
- Created a viral video to post on Craigslist, people thought it was real and was offered two jobs.
- On being a new director, controlled content which was star appealing and low budget so never any discussions of giving to a more established name.
- Brother John edited the movie, let him know what inserts to get, Dan and guerilla crew went back at least 5 times to get necessary insert shots.
- Wrote the first draft of Real Steel which was then altered heavily through development process. Had to go to arbitration even though he'd never even seen the Richard Matheson material it was allegedly based on.

LOL at getting job offers!

UltraViolet said...

Very few accounts and zero photos from Sunday night's Theater of War presentation at BAM. Disappointing, since it seems like it was powerful:

Saw Theater of War last night - usually the company Outside the Wire only perform on US military bases, for military personnel - it was an amazing portrait of damaged, traumatized, wounded, suicidal warriors doing terrible things. Jake Gyllenhaal, Reg E. Cathey, Frances McDormand, David Strathairn - each of them screamed, howled, bellowed, and the rest of us understood what "pity and fear" is supposed to mean. Sophocles, twice elected general, knew the many ways that war wounds, and he knew that warriors need a community that is willing to hear what its soldiers been through. Perhaps now we will learn.

On a much lighter note, this made me laugh:

September 28 at 11:56am ·
Just walked passed jake gyllenhal on canal street!

Where were your tackling skills... Or trip and fall...

Lol can I just say... In my mind I tapped Michael's arm and was like "omg! Do you know who that is!" Quietly...but apparently Michael said that I grabbed his arm and screamed lol

And from twitter:

yesterday i asked somebody coming out of a building where a citibank was and that person was jake gyllenhaal. he looked like a magician

That's a first!

Had a bad case of the Mon blues but then saw a very smiley Jake Gyllenhaal en route to lunch at @BeechersNY #smilesandgrilledcheesehealall

Some Tribeca Jake+dog sightings, as well.

Mary said...

Thanks UV looking good.like his looks for this movie.

Anonymous said...

Uhm...See a blurry pic of jake's pup at @hiprobbie twitter 22 sep.

Monica said...

his new dog is so cute

Jess said...

How sweet, Leo needs to learn to tilt his chin and eyes to the camera.

bobbyanna said...

Awww, thanks for introducing us to Leo. he's almost as cute as his man. : )

Great pics, UV! Jake really looks good in the Demolition photos. I'm looking forward to the movie. Enjoying all these great articles and reactions to NC, too.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for posting, anon. What a cute puppy! And a cute name.

Jake is looking very good. Although not everyone thinks so:

40 mins · at Masa & Bar Masa
Hands down the best and apparently I was sitting next to Jake Gyllenhaal....meh, but the Sushi!

Chica said...

That puppy is a cutie!
Freeport LI, I have family that live there! I can't believe that they were shooting there.

Piruleta said...

Thanks for those pictures UV!

Here's a short Q&A with Dan and Rene from Yesterday http://youtu.be/Ani2nXB7sLU

Everybody keeps talking about the scene at the Mexican restaurant, I'm really intrigued!

BlueJean said...

Weren't we talking about David Fincher earlier? ;)

"David Fincher's greatest film is also, naturally, his most obsessive, and the one that's most illustrative about the dangers of obsession. Its three leads – a hilariously earnest Jake Gyllenhaal, a prickly, methodical Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey, Jr. at his most delightfully snarky and cynical – compliment each other perfectly, all going down the rabbit hole of false leads, dead ends, and clues that tease without fully satisfying their search."


UltraViolet said...

Jake's Constellations costar:

Two-time Olivier Award winner Ruth Wilson will star opposite previously announced Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal in the American premiere of Constellations. Nick Payne’s new play will be directed by Michael Longhurst and begin performances on December 16 at MTC’s Samuel J. Friedman Theatre. Opening night is set for January 13, 2015.

Wilson will make her Broadway debut in Constellations having previously won Olivier Awards for Anna Christie and A Streetcar Named Desire. She received Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations for the 2006 television adaptation of Jane Eyre. Other screen credits include Luther and the upcoming Showtime series The Affair.

From FB:

Yesterday after about a week's set-up they did some filming next door for a movie to be called Demolition. Jake Gyllenhaal stars and was seen around quite a bit! Great fun. A bobcat tractor was used to partially demolish a wall next to us. The tractor got stuck deep into the ground. Did a little damage to our property which they'll fix. Now that that's over the owners will demolish the entire house and build new. Superstorm Sandy lives on!

UltraViolet said...

Piruleta, I hope there's a Spain release date soon!

BJ, Zodiac at #1 on the list. I'd have to agree, though I haven't seen all of Fincher's films. I've never seen Flight Club.

Hi chica! Maybe one of your relatives ran into Jake yesterday.

UltraViolet said...

Posted some photos from the Headstrong Project event tonight. Hope we get one video, as well.

From the NY Post:

t was a reunion of “The Real Thing” at the Beatrice Inn as Graydon Carter and Tom Stoppard hosted a dinner for guests including Christine Baranski, who played Charlotte in the original 1984 Broadway production, and Cynthia Nixon, who played Baranski’s daughter.

Nixon will star in the revival (as Charlotte) with Ewan McGregor and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

The stars performed readings for a group that included Stephen Sondheim, Victor Garber, Robert Caro, Jake Gyllenhaal, Gay Talese and Fran Lebowitz.

“It was a moment in time, one of those New York nights that rarely happen,” said one guest. Previews begin Thursday, and the play opens Oct. 30 at the American Airlines Theatre.

That's pretty cool for Cynthia Nixon!

UltraViolet said...

A TV ad already? That's a good sign, I hope.

Saw this yesterday and forgot to post it:

Today I witnessed Jake Gyllenhaal drop his bagel on the subway floor and then pick it up and keep eating it
8:07 AM - 1 Oct 2014

Sometimes, you just have to eat.

Loved this turn of phrase by an Empire reviewer:

Nightcrawler is a work of jaundiced genius. Gyllenhaal so good as Lou Bloom: part Travis Bickle, part Jack Welch.

Piruleta said...

Piruleta, I hope there's a Spain release date soon!

Thanks! I hope so too!

Here is a new interview, I'm copying the things that sound new to me:

The film is a genre piece, but there is this amazing element
 of grotesque that never goes overboard. How were you careful not to make the film into a caricature?

Well one of the things was Dan’s writing. It was really a guide for me. His punctuation and his writing, everything was to the tee, so a lot of that helped me in not going overboard.

But I think also, just in a technical way, the pace of the way he talked really helped me. All of the work I’ve done on stage in the past couple of years, for instance, has been with British writers and directors, and mostly British actors, and in the technical aspect what I’ve discovered is that pace is very important, with really good writing delivering it, because as an actor there can
 be a real indulgence with that.

Can you talk a bit about Hollywood right now and whether more money should be put into movies like this.

Well there are a lot of people putting in money.

But it seems as if the big studios only want to make
 comic-book movies…

What’s interesting about a movie like this is, I think, that ultimately it has the potential to be very commercial. For me, 
you don’t need that much time or money or a big studio to 
make a good movie.

It would be wonderful to have all the resources of a major studio. But I think there’s a world that is capable of getting seen in these movies. I don’t think it’s necessarily about the amount of time it took to shoot the film, the amount of money people were paid, who is putting it out…

I think the state of Hollywood is amazing. I’ve made four movies in the past two years, one of them with a larger studio, the other three made for under $10 million – and then this one. A lot of what you would call the older generation, such as [Nightcrawler cinematographer] Robert Elswit would talk about this when we were shooting the movie. He would say, ‘Years ago people would come together and they’d agree to do a movie and they’d be together for three months on a set, it didn’t matter the size of their part, they’d be a family.’ It wasn’t just for commerce, it was about the experience of making a film together. And what I can see is that more and more people want that experience.
 At least in my experience, the last couple of movies I’ve made
I felt like [part of] a family – more than in any [other film]. And Hollywood? I was born there so don’t ask me about it.

Don’t worry we won’t trash Hollywood. It’s just that Dustin Hoffman was talking about it recently and said it had never been in worse shape. Maybe it’s a generational thing.

We’ll see. This movie I have a lot of faith in, and I think there’s an opportunity for people to really find this character and for people to really watch a movie that is much more complicated and kind of great. Hopefully if I’m here next year with another film, whatever happens to this will be in perspective. But I think that as it stands now, yeah, we’re in a different time. This movie is a different type of movie. But I think it’s just our job to get it out there, it doesn’t matter how much it was made for.

I notice, and I’ll be totally frank with you – that the amount of preparation it takes to make a movie like this and to make it well… it’s really intense. You have to be incredibly prepared, you can’t miss a beat.

Full interview here: http://www.alphamagazine.ae/features/jake-gyllenhaal-on-his-creepiest-role-ever-1.1393285

Piruleta said...

There's a lot of new scenes in that TV spot!

Jake sounds very excited and optimistic for this movie, I really hope it does well.

Jess said...

"Today I witnessed Jake Gyllenhaal drop his bagel on the subway floor and then pick it up and keep eating it
8:07 AM - 1 Oct 2014"

Hey I wonder if it was in a napkin or the 3 second rule applied which apparently is true, And let's face it, he's a guy.

bobbyanna said...

Interesting interview. Jake stayed on topic no matter how hard the interviewer tried to get some commentary on the state of filmmaking/Hollywood today. "Dustin Hoffman said..." LOL!

Truthfully, I'd like to see Jake work with a bigger budget and better distribution/marketing.
I think Source Code and End of Watch would've benefited from a little bit more money, but with Prisoners and Enemy, what they had seemed to work fine. Can't wait for Nightcrawler.

Nice trailer.

Wow, Jake was with Stephen Sondheim, Tom Stoppard, and Robert Caro? Pretty exalted company and all for a good cause.

BlueJean said...

Thanks for posting the interview, Piruleta!

Just found out the Dutch release date for NC is November 6th! That's pretty soon! *pleased* :)

Nice TV ad!

Jess said...

Yay for BJ, that's only 6 days later from the North American release.

Monica said...

Thanks for the interview, Piruleta.

Nightcrawler will debut in Brazil on November 27. I hope.

Extra said...

Thanks UV for posting the photos of Jake from the Headstrong event, it's such an important project and I'm so glad that Jake is involved.

Love all the set pics from Demolition and I can't wait to see NC, love the trailer!
Lol @ the bagel tweet, just glad that no one had time to use there cell phone!

Jess said...

Interesting take of Open Road's TV spot for Nightcrawler. I am dismayed to think that once again the PR for Jake's movie will target a narrow audience.
I would give them credit for having an original beginning of campaigning and probably should have explored it more. I could see Jake on TV doing that video job interview, just letting the audience get curious about Lou Bloom.


I wish Open Road would break up to Jake Gyllenhaal movies.

BlueJean said...

"Yay for BJ, that's only 6 days later from the North American release."

Yes! Which is much sooner than I had expected. With 'Enemy', it took about three or four months! That was a loooong wait... ;)
I'm very glad I don't have to wait that long this time. The overall worldwide release dates, according to IMDb, are all in 2014 - so that's great for Jake fans anywhere!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatelly there is completely missing Central and Eastern Europe release, what is a shame, because people like this kind of cinematography there more than typical Hollywood production. The same they did with Enemy, it was just on one Festival in Central Europe and no other release, so people have to check it online. Not sure, why they always forget this region, but I don´t believe there is not an interest from local side. I remember it was very hard to buy tickets for Enemy, because it was sold several days before projectiosns and theatres were completly full.

UltraViolet said...

I'm glad the release will be soon for most of the world. It's too bad, anon, that Central/Eastern Europe is ignored. Do other movies get wide release there?

Enemy was a special, and terrible, case. As I may have mentioned a time or ten, it wasn't released even in Boston. I still shake my head at that.

I hope NC does come to your neck of the woods and for long enough that you get to see it.

Piruleta, that was a good interview. It's frustrating that Jake seems to think he can't say anything negative about Hollywood. It's silly, in fact.

I hope he does get asked to do bigger budget movies, as well.

This is interesting, if true:

*Lupita Nyong’o was all set to make her Broadway debut this December in the play “Constellations”…until a role in the new “Star Wars” movie became available.

According to Page Six, the “12 Years A Slave” star was offered the lead opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in the Nick Payne play, but turned it down to take part in director J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars: Episode VII.”

UltraViolet said...

The bagel story cracks me up and makes me wince.

I do like the TV spot. They are trying to do some other stuff - NC apparently has an Ello account. And They are pushing their instagram, but it doesn't have anything interesting on it. They are having a contest to win a Go-Pro, which is sort of interesting.

Monica said...

It's frustrating that Jake seems to think he can't say anything negative about Hollywood. It's silly, in fact.

You never see him say something negative about anything.

Must be true about Lupita. Star Wars will make her a familiar face much more than a play on broadway. Or she doesn''t want to work with Jake. :P

UltraViolet said...

True - he doesn't ever say anything negative. He got burned that one time mildly criticizing Fincher, and he's never done it again!

It would have been really cool to see him work with Lupita. The actress chosen doesn't really excite me, but I hope for the best.

FP said...

Want FREE tickets 2 the @qlshow ? Upcoming guests include: @JessieJ @metheridge @KellyOsbourne #JakeGyllenhaal &more! http://queenlatifah.com/tickets/

Black Bart Simpson ‏@BLESSMCFLY
On set with Papi for 8+ hours. Filming for the new movie "Demolition" starring Jake Gyllenhaal… http://instagram.com/p/ttfNstsU09/

Anonymous said...

UV Yes, other movies get wider release here, actually I am in Prague, so there are majority of movies available from US, I mean at least those wellknown. In case of Jake´s movies, e.g. EOW was released here and it is small production as well, but I have checked our movie database, which is similar to IMDB and there is not planned any release for NC, so I suppose I will have to wait and find it online somewhere. I was just lucky with Enemy on Febiofest here. But it is in February, so maybe it will have some projection.

UltraViolet said...

We'll keep our fingers crossed that NC makes it there, anon. I did see a mention of how well it has sold, for what that's worth.

I should do another post, but I don't have the energy, so I'm going to dump lot of tidbits here.

As FP noted, Jake will be on the Queen Latifah show. The date will be 10/13, which is a Monday; Rene Russo will also be on the show. It will be fun to see them together; they had great chemistry in the movie and on stage in Toronto.

Most of the other talk shows don't have their schedules out yet.

About the Headstrong/Words of War benefit the other night:

According to Page Six, Jake was running late for the event; he was also the first to raise his hand to donate $5000.

From Variety:

… actor Jake Gyllenhaal, whom Iscol called a great friend to the organization, gave an impassioned reading of a poem by serviceman Derrick Brown titled “You Will Be Destroyed in Your Own Way.”

The Variety story author tweeted:

I wrote about @GetHeadstrongg project for @Variety. Jake Gyllenhaal read poetry, which actually worked pretty well.

From Vogue:

As the evening progressed, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who starred in Jarhead playing a U.S. Marine, read a poem by veteran Derrick Brown. “It is an honor and privilege to be here tonight,” Gyllenhaal added, “I know a lot say that, but it genuinely is.”

From the Wall Street Journal:

This is where there were some famous faces, including Seth Meyers; John McEnroe; Adam Driver of “Girls”; Jake Gyllenhaal, who knows Mr. Iscol from Martha’s Vineyard and had lost his voice but still read a poem by a veteran named Derrick Brown

UltraViolet said...

Lots of onset reports and even video:

A couple of shots of Jake on set at Crest Hardware on Friday:

Aisle 5

That one has a page of the script in the photo.

This one is a better shot of Jake, with some funny commentary from the pig

14 hours ago · Crest Hardware & Urban Garden Center
#rightnow #onset in #aisle5 at #cresthardware... #jakegyllenhaal filming scenes for his #newmovie, #demolition. Trying to charm my way into a scene, but ol' jakey is "hogging" the spotlight. I can be the next Babe! #piglife #citypig #lotsofhashtags

From FB:

10 hours ago
I love that I live in a city where you can drive up the FDR and see a Porsche with antennas on the roof only to realize it's jake gyllenhaal driving as he's filmed by a crew.


15 hours ago
My to-do list for today includes drink coffee, some balcony gardening, and sexually harassing Jake Gyllenhaal, who is filming at my work today.
This shit won't do itself, you guys.


Sounds like a pretty damn good day.

What what what? Now that's the life!

Please, please PLEASE harass him a little on my behalf!!!

I LOVED him in Secretary. Have at it!

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat I love him! I am so jealous

Lots of hoe jokes?

and hardware jokes...screws, hammering, nails, pipes, etc. Plenty of innuendo to last for hours

I'm fairly sure the way he said it's nice to meet you means he's my boyfriend now.

Hey, you read that look, you KNOW what it really means. He is just playing cool so the other girls don't get jealous. I have a van with dark tinted windows... CALL ME!

Ohhhh my goodness. I've loved him for ages. So jealous.


Make sure he thanks you for your work!

you LUCKY girl...YOU!!!!!!!

Throw in an extra crotch grab from me.

He said he's very sorry but he doesn't do pictures when he's in costume, and I had to physically bite back the suggestion that we just take off our clothes and take pictures that way.

I totally would have said it but my boss's sweet little mama was standing right there. I really adore her, and she's a rather proper lady.
We chatted a bit, he was very gracious and polite.

I am jealous of you!!! he is a hottie

Not sure if people will be able to see this. It's video of Demolition filming in which a house is being demolished. There's another video there in which a little girl says Jake is in the backhoe. No idea if that's true.

Anonymous said...

Seems they have blocked instagram pages, because I can view only blank site, but fiew days ago it worked

Hagen said...

LOL, I didn't know that "Demolition" would take its subject so literally. It looks like a lot of fun, though I agree that Jake should have destroyed the house more energetically. ;-)

Jake Gyllenhaal, who knows Mr. Iscol from Martha’s Vineyard and had lost his voice but still read a poem by a veteran named Derrick Brown

I hope that won't affect the filming of "Demolition".

I'm still pleased with Open Road's work on "Nightcrawler". They've already published the third poster and the TV teaser contains new footage.

BlueJean said...

"Enemy was a special, and terrible, case."

Yes, it is. I was lucky enough to see it (twice) at a local arthouse theatre - just a 15 minute drive from where I live. It played there for 3 weeks, but I don't think it was such a huge success, unfortunately. The lady at the theatre said most customers thought 'Enemy' was weird and hard to understand... which is the general opinion online as well.

I hope I will get to see NC at that same theatre.

BlueJean said...

"He said he's very sorry but he doesn't do pictures when he's in costume, and I had to physically bite back the suggestion that we just take off our clothes and take pictures that way."


Piruleta said...

I saw this on twitter lol

@barnardfilm: NIGHTCRAWLER 's clever social media campaign: Lou Bloom, CEO at Video News Production wants to connect with me via Linked In.


That video from Demolition's filming is kind of funny

Anonymous said...

BLUNTS @Iamcameronahmad
So i was sitting outside and who do i see? Mother fuckin Jake Gyllenhaal. Just walking down the street like no ones business

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I'm wish that Headstrong was more visible because it's suchva wonderful cause. I'm only aware of the org. via Jake.
I really love his look for Demolition:)

Anxious about the BO for NC on the 31st, just hope the roll out in the weeks to come is aggressive.

bobbyanna said...

IHJ has pictures from a screening of Nightcrawler tonight at the Crosby Street Hotel in NYC.

UltraViolet said...

The Headstrong Project does seem like it's doing a lot of good, OONP. Let's hope they get more attention.

Speaking of attention:

13 hours ago
Pono made friends with Leo, a 4 month old German Shepherd pup in front of our apt Leo was ADORABLE and his daddy, Jake Gyllenhaal wasn't bad either

What?! No way!

Can I join your doggy dates?



Leo and Pono are gonna be BESTIES im gonna make sure of it

I wonder if we were at the park at the same time

What? Were you at prospect park this morning? W us celebrities?

Wrong borough. I was at Central Park. I'm not cool enough for Prospect.

Pics or it didn't happen


Text me next time!! I'll just "randomly" bump into you guys !

that's crazy!! lol

Jealous!! That's awesome!

I played it cool and didn't ask for a picture with our future doggie BESTIES

Um, I am now going to take a much bigger interest in Pono's walks!

When is the next dog playdate? I am bringing my wingman, Pax!!!!

All these luck people getting to meet Leo :)

Anonymous said...

Joe Peyronnin ‏@joepeyronnin 7m7 minutes ago
#JakeGyllenhaal powerful in his new movie #Nightcrawler. RE:#localnews stringer descends into madness. Jake is a wonderful person & actor!

BlueJean said...

"What?! No way!

Can I join your doggy dates?



That's hilarious! LOL! :)

Piruleta said...

We are so into Nightcrawler's madness that I think I'm going a bit offtopic here lol but I have to say I was not that excited for Everest movie project. I'm not sure why because they certainly have reunited an incredible cast, but for some reason Southpaw or Demolition sounded like more interesting movies to me. But I just finished reading Jon Krakauer's 'Into Thin Air' and wow! That was a really interesting read. I want to take a look at Anatoli Boukreev's 'The Climb' now, he was a guide for Fischer's team and was not happy with some of the things Krakauer said about him.
Have any of you read any of these books?

Hagen said...

The story about the doggy date sounds very cute. xD

Piruleta, I read "Into Thin Air" and liked it a lot. It's really an achievement to write a fascinating book about mountain climbing. I think it might be helpful to have read the book before "Everest", so we can figure out more easily who's who among those bearded men. ;-)

I watched "Gone Girl" yesterday. Surprisingly I liked Ben Affleck's performance better than Rosamund Pike's. She came across as cold and analytical from beginning to end. And "Zodiac" is easily the better movie. xD

UltraViolet said...

Maybe I should download Into Thin Air and The Climb. I don't have to worry so much about spoilers in this one. In fact, it might help with the anxiety of wondering what happens to Jake/Fischer.

I love reading the twitter and FB replies to Jake sighting posts. Some of the responses just crack me up.

New photos and a fun new post.