Tuesday, October 28, 2014

East Coast West Coast

Though the film is all Los Angeles, Nightcrawler premiered in New York last night:

Appropriately for a movie all about video, there are clips galore out there still. First up, a Nightline feature on Nightcrawler:

Jake gets a drawing of himself:

AMC - eight minutes with Jake:

Interview with a very enthusiastic Crave Online reporter:

Nightcrawler: Jake Gyllenhall Exclusive Interview by CraveOnline


Jake uses Uber:

Jake makes a Damien Hirst reference:

Jake explains why you should see NC on Halloween:

Jake makes himself laugh:

Roundtable video:

Jake answers a different question than he's asked:

Everybody's upside down and naked:

Jake and Rene on E!

Jake's Halloween plans:

Jake with Manny the Movie Guy:

Jake thinks the interviewer is a good person:

Link to a fun interview with Jake and Rene and a first-time junketeer.

Virgin Radio interview.

Another radio spot.

More selfies, because I can't get enough of them:


UltraViolet said...


Jake Gyllenhaal is filming a movie right outside my apartment. I'd like to thank director Jean-Marc Vallee and also Jesus.

Jake's head has to be spinning, going from the Demolition set to NC promo day after day.

I wonder if filming Fallon today means he's headed out of town?

I was hoping he'd do The Daily Show or Letterman. Especially Letterman, one last time perhaps.

More tweets:

remember that time I got to see daniel radcliffe, mike tyson, jake gyllenhaal, & jimmy fallon all in one evening? life is cool sometimes.

Me and my Boy Jake Gyllenhaal last night NYC night crawler premier.#SMSAUDIO http://instagram.com/p/ut01KnsL-V/

Jess said...

Darn he should have serenaded her when she asked, she was adorable with the drawing and high-fives. We still high five Jake even in the 21st century. LOL

The first time junket reporter was really good, she was very prepared and interesting.

They both asked really good questions.

Thanks UV for the posts.

UltraViolet said...

Slome good reviews that might not be on Rotten Tomatoes:

Latino Review

With Nightcrawler, Gilroy has confirmed himself as a truly ambitious and audacious talent. This is a stunningly constructed, remarkably contextualised picture that leaks brilliance from every tarnished vein. It is a visceral American masterpiece.

To Be Continued:

More importantly, Gilroy and Gyllenhaal fully commit to their crazed central character’s irredeemability, following him deep into hell and never once looking back toward the light. How perversely giddy it is to watch a demon thrive in his element.

Village Voice:

Gyllenhaal is the polestar of Nightcrawler — just as he's fixated on the grisly crimes and accidents of his city, we can't look away from him. That seems to be part of writer-director Gilroy's design. He's infused Nightcrawler with a number of ideas, free-floating through the movie like fireflies: Gilroy takes on the news media's lust for increasingly prurient stories and graphic news footage, the way crimes against white people take precedence over anything that happens to a person of color, and the downside of citizen journalism in a world where everyone wants to be a star. But on the strength of Gyllenhaal's performance, Nightcrawler works best as a character study. It's chilling, but also wickedly funny and strange, like a good, dark Brian De Palma joke — in short, it's everything the stolid and humorless Gone Girl should have been.

Okay, that one is on RT but I loved that part :)

Weird MSN feature about Jake's roles, from charming to creepy.

Littered with inaccuracies, but I love the last line of this ranking of Jake roles:

It's not hyperbole to say Gyllenhaal was the best thing about Brokeback Mountain, Ang Lee's poignant story of two closeted cowboys' secret love in midwest America, 1963.

It's so rare that anyone gives Jake full credit, let alone more.

Lots of good quotes in this account of one of the roundtables:

Gyllenhaal: Are you talking about during the movie? (Everyone laughs!) Yes and no, but there’s some strange safety for me, which is probably a bit dangerous when you’re making a movie and you’re using it all for your work. Like, I’m sure if you’re writing a piece, or you’re putting a piece together, I have a goal with the thing I’m doing and somehow all those other feelings get channeled into the product that you’re trying to create. So, somehow it’s not as dangerous a little bit… but, I’m doing a movie with Jean-Marc Vallée (“Demolition”) right now and we were in a car and he’s operating and he’s in the passenger’s seat with the camera and I’m driving the car. We don’t have a rig or anything like that. We’re driving on the highway and he’s like, “Drive faster!” Yeah we’re all like, yeah faster! Wait, I’m like, “We’re making a movie.” There is that that happens. So, I don’t know if that answers your question.

#NightcrawlerMovie has received the Critics' Choice Seal of Distinction from the Broadcast Film Critics Association!

Do you think there's anyone left to pay to see NC after all these free screenings? LOL.

I must say the Open Road folks did up their game with the promotion finally. It's been fun to see it unfold.

UltraViolet said...

Jess, I know! Not even a little bit of a hint of a song. He's no fun sometimes!

I liked the first timer, too.

I also loved the last video, which might have gone up while you were reading. The upside-down one. Lots of good stuff in all of them, even if the Important Unimportant Coyote Falling Cat motif does repeat :)

Anonymous said...

UV you have forgotten to post this:


it is new. SV

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, SV. I don't usually post scenes from the movie. Just interviews, press stuff and some ads.

And welcome :) It's great to have another GBer. I can't remember if you have delurked before. If so, welcome again :)


Jake Gyllenhaal was touching on the ultimate in thespian esoterica on Monday night: method acting.

“I think there’s a place in which you respect your own emotions and explorations,” he explained softly. “It becomes wider, deeper when you’re allowed to go in the dark. The irony is you can always bring light, you know?” Huh?

They were GyllenBabbled!

This is annoying:

Yet it seems Gyllenhaal has totally exorcised Bloom, and his grasp on the reporter mind-set. “That question’s redundant. Next question,” the actor deadpanned when one reporter on the carpet asked what the strangest encounter Gyllenhaal had had with a tabloid videographer (à la TMZ) was. A few feet down, another reporter brought up Taylor Swift, who had released her poppy new album “1989,” earlier that day. Gyllenhaal bristled, staring blankly at the reporter for a moment before sidestepping to the next one. (OK, fair).

Jess said...

"A few feet down, another reporter brought up Taylor Swift, who had released her poppy new album “1989,” earlier that day."

It's annoying but Jake handled it well. Staring blankly is very good response considering the subject of the question.

UltraViolet said...

Going to describe the seemingly endless wait for a much anticipated new film as 'Lou Bloom syndrome' from now on. #Nightcrawler countdown…

Nightcrawler is super good. Jake Gyllenhaal will be the creepiest thing in theaters this Halloween by a mile.

#Nightcrawler is a bonkers, awesome movie. Pitch black comedy, with the best performance I've ever seen from Jake Gyllenhaal.

@SeeNIGHTCRAWLER ummm I am officially afraid of Jake Gyllenhaal. #Nightcrawler was crazy.

Jake will crawl right under your skin. #Nightcrawler is creepy good.

Just got out of the #Nightcrawler screening. Just wow... Jake Gyllenhaal does it again.

3 hours ago Manhattan, NY
Just came out of @SeeNIGHTCRAWLER and boy was it unnerving. #JakeGyllenhaal brings his A-game in this intense role. Brilliant work!

Nightcrawler. What a crazy gutpunch of a movie. Gyllenhaal is fantastic. America is sick.

Corporate sociopathy, AI efficiencies, image idolatry in Marxist critique...and how did #Nightcrawler get made?? @regallive #pressScreening

#NightcrawlerMovie was so disturbing to watch but damn Jake Gyllenhaal can act. And rock a top knot.

Sneak peek of the Ellen show.

More details on the premiere:

We hear the couple’s security team “swept” a cinema at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square on Monday afternoon in anticipation of the rapper and the diva showing up to support their pal Jake Gyllenhaal during the premiere of his new thriller, “Nightcrawler.”

Upon arrival, the pair was whisked up to the theater in a private elevator, though they then huddled outside the cinema’s main doors as guests were ushered by.

After posing with Gyllenhaal, Jay and Bey sat next to him in a back row, then dashed off when the credits rolled.

We hear they’d previously requested a copy of the film be sent to them in Paris, which arrived under strict lock-and-key.

Another Top 10 Jake roles.

BlueJean said...

"Jake Gyllenhaal is filming a movie right outside my apartment. I'd like to thank director Jean-Marc Vallee and also Jesus."


Such a lot of clips!

Thank you once again for another great post, UV! This blog is the best!

P.S. If I ever read the name Taylor Swift again, I swear I'm gonna scream.

BlueJean said...

From previous post (trying to catch up):

"When all this NC stuff dies down, maybe we can have a day/week where we all rematch an old Jake movie. Might be fun."

I'd like that!

The Top 10 you linked at 1:37 AM is brilliant. Some unusual choices! LAOD??? Hmm. Brothers? Yaaaay!!! Jake was heartbreaking in 'Brothers'.

bobbyanna said...

FYI Jake's episode with Ellen airs today, and Queen Latifah is on tomorrow.

Enjoying all these great interviews, thanks, UV!

UltraViolet said...

BJ, I thought it was an interesting list, as well. Happy to see Brothers in there.

I've tried to rank Jake's roles but I find it hard to do.

Thanks for the talk show update, Bobbyanna. Always forget to remind people. Lots of tweets about the Ellen appearance.

Those portraits of Jake and Dan Gilroy are sort of creepy. (New at IHJ.)

In which we find out (surprise!) that it was the NY Daily News that asked Jake about Taylor.

I do think Jake can come off as humorless - I thought the hallucination question was funny. OTOH, who knows how obnoxious the NYDN reporter was.

Nightcrawler sitting at 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, though I'm sure it will go down. Interesting to note that Source Code is Jake's highest-rated move there.

It has a 77 on meteoritic, where the Donnie Darko Director's Cut is his highest.

Jess said...

Maybe Jimmy Fallon will get Jake to sing for real tonight.

LOL< I highly doubt it.

BlueJean said...

... who knows how obnoxious the NYDN reporter was.

God, what a horrible article.

I don't blame Jake.

I would be humorless too, if people would still ask me about my ex - 5 years later! Why don't people let go?

BlueJean said...


One of the comments on their website:

"Ask trashy questions - get treated like trash.

End of story."


bobbyanna said...

I'm always glad to see comments that support Jake. I loved his "Your questions are absurd!"
Diss Missed. LOL!

Talking about Rendition earlier, I wanted to say that it's one of my favorite Jake movies. The international cast was brilliant, and the interwoven storylines was very effective for me.

Not being snarky, but I agree that Reese was the weakest role in the movie. I think certain people are cast in movies so they can get the financing.

I love Source Code. I've said it before but I thought Jake's acting in SC was just amazing.

Mary said...

What a lame article that reporter asking questions that had nothing to do with the movie guess he just wanted to get a rise out of Jake and then to make it look like it's Jake's fault that he didn't have a sense of humor. Glad his person with him pulled him away from any more dumb questions.

Hagen said...

Box Office Mojo @boxofficemojo
Fandango reports that 'Nightcrawler' is out-selling last year's 'Prisoners, which opened to $20.8 million.

I think it's very unlikely that "Nightcrawler" will surpass "Prisoners", but at least it doesn't look like a flop at all.

Piruleta said...

Nice Article, some talk about the ninja bun and how some producers were bit freaked out by it LOL

Asking Stupid Questions Made Jake Gyllenhaal a Better Actor

UltraViolet said...

Hagen, you have impeccable timing. I was just wondering where one checks Fandango sales. People are always reporting on them. I literally closed the Fandango tab and refreshed here :)

There is a lot of good stuff in there, Piruleta. I wish there were a way to post and discuss all of this, but we do all have our own lives! LOL. I appreciate everyone finding and posting things.

I haven't gone through this yet:

The Gyllenaissance: 5 Recent Roles That Have Re-Established Jake Gyllenhaal's Career

It's a slight to Jake to employ this term, as the author points out, his low was never that low. But I'm just happy someone figured out how to make the word. People kept saying "Gyllenhaalaissance," which makes no sense, since "REN"aissance/"GYLLEN"haal. It's not so hard.

UltraViolet said...

Another Indiewire piece:

When did you know that Jake was the guy?

Jake was always at the top of the list of people who I wanted to play Lou. But when I first finished it, Jake wasn't available. He was circling some other projects. It took a number of months but then his schedule opened up and I flew to Atlanta where he was finishing up "Prisoners." We had a four-hour dinner where we just realized that this was a right fit and we both wanted to do it.

What about him made you so sure that he was the right person?

Well, one I, like many people, have been tracking his career since "Brokeback Mountain" and feel like he's one of the finest actors alive today. I became even more interested in Jake's career when "End of Watch" came out. I was just fascinated by that character that he created. When I flew to Atlanta and I understood what he was doing with "Prisoners," I just felt Jake was one of the most committed, talented, and fearless actors working today. I very, very much wanted him to play Lou. So I was extraordinarily happy when he signed on.

UltraViolet said...

Another article:

You starred in the film and produced it, so what was your input to the story?

Moralistically you need a lot of eyes on it. The structure of the screenplay on it, the tact in the film was so strong, there are things that lined up so well. He’s filling up the gas tank, I go “Hi, and say you pour gas on the car. We did six talks, in two of the takes I was screaming my f**ing head off the next take that was used was … we were all over the map. The scene in the mirror, he breaks the mirror, we were doing that everywhere. Moralistically how far can this guy go? Can he push that hard all the way over to this side, Okay let’s now make him charming and likeable. Sometimes what about that take, we were constantly a conversation about, and I was always pushing… I will give another example, the First scene where I fight the guy with the watch. We shot me beating the shit out of the guy and it just didn’t work. So in the end you just see his watch and then if you really got me with the watch at the end. I said to Dan – he got a shot of the watch, not I the first cut “Where is the watch?” and he said “yeah, we had it” and then I say “Dude you have to get the watch”. There was always that kind of discussion. It’s a testament to Dan being a great dictator, is that he was a fearless collaborator. Ideas came and he’d say no to many of them, but he’d know something good. I memorised the whole movie like a play because we were shooting in 25 days and if I wasn’t agile in those soliloquies, we were going to be f**ked, waste time so it was memorised. When we were on a setup, I would ask Dan if I could do the monologues into the camera, and in different locations we’d do that. He later cut that together and marketed it for the movie in a couple of trailers. He was so thoughtful and fearless.

UltraViolet said...

From the "Stupid Questions" link piruleta posted:

To take on the look of a hungry coyote, the actor dropped 30 pounds; he’d often run 15 miles to the set to maintain his figure. The weight loss was a big choice, but it’s really just a part of a long list of ambitious decisions made by Gyllenhaal.

“One day Jake says to me, ‘I’m gonna put my hair up in a bun. Is that cool? I’m gonna wear this twisty thing around my wrist, too,'” Dan Gilroy recollects while on the concept of enthusiasm. “I was, like, ‘Yeah, let’s try it!’ There were other people involved in the film who didn’t understand at first. People were going, ‘Ah, Jesus, he’s putting his hair up in a fucking bun again! What the hell?’ I just said, ‘Hey man, this is going to work.” If it didn’t work, Gilroy adds, the choice would’ve fallen on its face.

It may seem strange or minor, but the writer/director isn’t joking about the befuddled reactions that hair bun drew. It’s not the first time a choice on Gyllenhaal’s part has drawn that kind of response, though. “Do you know how terrifying something like that eye tic is to a director, producer, and financier?” asks Gilroy, referring to Gyllenhaal’s performance as Detective Loki in last year’s Prisoners. “They just start to flip out, like, ‘He wants to have an eye tic? What the hell does that mean! How often are the eyes going to tic?’ These are the things Jake will fight for. I was right there with him.”

Gilroy respected his process, which, speaking with the actor himself, is obviously one he takes very seriously.

“Yeah, the hair thing…” Gyllenhaal says, before bursting out into laughter. “I didn’t even realize that was going to register, but the hair thing was my ninja take on the whole thing. When he’s deciding he’s going to rock it out and do something bad or something he’s going to get away with, he puts his hair up. He doesn’t want it to get in the way, he’s a ninja.”

Sorry for the flood of posts, but I love hearing about what other filmmakers think of Jake and about the behind-the-scenes freak outs of the money people.

Also, Twitter is crazy today. So many Ellen reactions, Jay and Bey mentions, reviews, articles. No way to see if someone spotted Jake having coffee!

BlueJean said...

That was a very interesting article, Piruleta! Thanks!

So much going on! :)

UltraViolet said...

Random tweet that made me laugh:

What will be the third film in the "Jake Gyllenhaal Runs Around LA with a Camera" trilogy?

This guy has a lot of followers, though I have never heard of him:

I work at Microsoft. I'm directing The Primary Instinct. I'm the host/producer of shows such as The /Filmcast, The Tobolowsky Files, and A Cast of Kings.

This morning as I think about Jake Gyllenhaal in NIGHTCRAWLER, I do think his was the most impressive performance I've seen all year.

Another good article:

Dan Gilroy, writer-director of the Los Angeles noir "Nightcrawler," knew his star, Jake Gyllenhaal, had entered an adventurous new phase as an actor. But he still didn't foresee the sudden emergence of a hair tie.

"One day he goes, 'Can I put my hair up in a bun?'" recalls Gilroy. "And you're looking at him like, 'Oh my god, he's putting his hair up in a bun." ...

The bun (which Gilroy, supportive of his actor, acknowledges was briefly "a political football") is only one detail that further inflates Lou's unique creepiness, but it's a telling one. It's an example of Gyllenhaal's eagerness for experimentation and newfound confidence as an actor.

"There's a big part of me that just stopped taking things so seriously," says Gyllenhaal. "Part of me was like, (sniffing) 'That smells good. Let's go.'" ...

"He's made a conscious decision to go for unconventional material that challenges him and challenges the audience," says Gilroy, brother of "Michael Clayton" director Tony Gilroy and husband to Renee Russo, who co-stars in "Nightcrawler" as local news producer. "He's one of the most fearless actors alive. I don't think he's afraid of failure. I think he's afraid of mediocrity."

Forgot to say that was good news from Fandango, even if NC doesn't match Prisoners.

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake was trending at one point in the US - I wondered if he would be.

Jeff Wells has Nightcrawler as the skin on his site, so that was fun to see. Plus he did another NC post today.

Turnabout is fair play?

As an Oscar-nominated actor, "Nightcrawler" star Jake Gyllenhaal is used to being photographed by people he doesn't know. He also turns the tables on occasion and shoots photos of strangers himself.
The star says if he sees someone wearing an outfit he thinks will work for a character he's playing, he'll take a snap.
"I saw this guy with a camera on Sunset Boulevard, one of these big hulking cameras, wearing this crazy outfit and I pulled my car around in a U-turn and started to follow him to try and take a picture of him and he thought I was crazy," Gyllenhaal said at last month's Toronto International Film Festival. ...

"Nightcrawler" seems to be a passion project for all involved and received strong reviews during the film festival. It's just the latest in a series of edgy roles taken on by Gyllenhaal, who is now working with Canadian director Jean-Marc Vallee on the upcoming "Demolition."

He's employing his usual costume research.

"I saw this guy somewhere and he was wearing a thing that I thought was really interesting and I took a picture of him and the guy thought I was a total weirdo and I sent it to Jean-Marc and said 'What do you think?" said Gyllenhaal.
"I asked this one guy the other day and he looked at me like I was like totally nuts and I was like, no I'm an actor ... and he was like, OK, dude."

Monica said...

This is a great review written by James Rocchi: about entertainment

This kind of review makes me happy, but at the same time sad to think that this performance and the film will not get recognition because they don't have $$$

I do think Jake can come off as humorless - I thought the hallucination question was funny. OTOH, who knows how obnoxious the NYDN reporter was.

Have to take into consideration that this man is promoting a movie, traveling to various places while shooting Demolition and rehearsing for a play. I think he just didn't want to waste time with stupid questions; he doesn't want to take the focus from movie to talk about something that is not real. Jake did well.
He seems in good spirits, despite probably being tired.

Nightcrawler sitting at 88% on Rotten Tomatoes

89% now :)

Piruleta said...

Halloween Box Office: ‘Nightcrawler’ Looks to Hold Off ‘Ouija’

Jimmy Fallon: Water War with Jake Gyllenhaal LOL!

Chica said...

Saw the Jake clip from Ellen and he was hilarious! Thanks for posting all the NC goodies UV and everyone:)

It looks like NC will do a lot better than I could have imagined, can't wait until tomorrow!

Mary said...

I saw Jake on both Ellen and Kimmel he was hilarious on both can't wait to see Conan and QL. Good news about Nightcrawler plan on seeing it on Saturday.

UltraViolet said...

Loved that review, too, Monica. I had highlighted this part:

I didn't know what was going to happen in Nightcrawler, and I couldn't stop watching; Gilroy and Gyllenhaal's Lou Bloom is a character both of the moment and of the ages, a regular guy looking to make a few bucks and become a "job creator" even as he's also Richard the III for the 24-7 news age with all the lumps, bumps and twisty bits hidden on the inside. In the two, three weeks of time between having actually seen Nightcrawler, and writing this review, I've seen would-be Oscar contenders and dumb big-money spectacles, good movies and bad, each worth discussing in the cool clear light of day -- but it's Nightcrawler and Lou I find myself thinking of the most, late at night, swimming up from some darkness unbidden to haunt me.

Wow. Congrats to Dan, Jake and company.

The RT is up over 90 now, though both AO Scott and Richard Roeper gave it middling reviews. So we'll see how things play out before tomorrow.

This could be fun. Jake is doing a RedditAMA.

Taking bets on whether or not he'll just say, straight up, that he doesn't have twitter. And how much grief he'll take for it!

UltraViolet said...

A few good tweets:

#Nightcrawler is a twisted romp through the underbelly of LA local news. Gyllenhaal is the depraved straw that stirs this toxic cocktail.

This headline makes no sense to me. Do people really not know Jake Gyllenhaal is very good yet?
"Jake Gyllenhaal finally gets his breakout with Nightcrawler"

And with the same headline:

In which @gemko ignores the last decade or so of cinema history. Good for scrappy up-and-comer Jake Gyllenhaal!

That headline is on the AV review. It is an odd headline, though the review is very good. I liked this dry comment:

It's good he finally found his breakout role. I didn't know who Jake Gyllenhaal was until this movie came out.

This Grantland piece perpetuates the new mantra about Jake, that he's not a movie star. Good article, but I hate that facile argument.

Monica said...

The RT is up over 90 now, though both AO Scott and Richard Roeper gave it middling reviews.

AO Scott is positive on RT: Nightcrawler

Rex Reed is positive :O

Oh, well: James Ellroy Says David Fincher's 'Zodiac' Is "A Great Cinematic Work" With "Inadequate & Unconvincing Performances"

The Playlist

FP said...

OMG Jake is now on Redd and he is a hoot! "I also found out that that you're a descendant of the noble Gyllenhaal family from Sweden. Does that mean we have to call you Sir Jake?"

[–]Jake-Gyllenhaal[S] 8 12 minutes ago


UltraViolet said...

Good tweet:

Jake Gyllenhaal plays the most frightening character in film in the last decade in 'Nightcrawler'! @SeeNIGHTCRAWLER http://ow.ly/Dzxkr

Here's the AMA direct link

You never know where some reviews will end up on RT. Glad the AO Scott one is positive. The Hollywood Reporter is listed as negative, and on MEtacritic, it has a 70 score.

FP said...

Oh God, some questions are just hilarious--------------------------HHey Jake what's your favorite dinosaur?WTF?! LOL!

Piruleta said...

This made me smile!

Hey Jake - just wanted to let you know that both Prisoners and Enemy were fantastic!

My question is: do you have any plans on working with Denis Villeneuve again?

[–]Jake-Gyllenhaal[S] 7 puntos 29 minutes ago

No concrete plans, but we both talk about it all the time, and I think that it will happen sometime soon.

I can't wait to see them work together again.

Hagen said...

"Nightcrawler" is certified fresh on "Rotten Tomatoes": Restless, visually sleek, and powered by a lithe star performance from Jake Gyllenhaal, Nightcrawler offers dark, thought-provoking thrills.

UltraViolet said...

Yay for Nightcrawler!

There were lots of funny answers in the AMA, and not as much Babble as I feared! I'll have to take some time to go through the whole thing later on.

It would be fun if Jake loosened up a bit and got into the online life more. But I thought he did a good job.

This article doesn't break much new ground, but the end cracks me up:

You’ve obviously cut your hair since filming. The man-bun you sport in the movie almost deserves a best-supporting-actor nod.

The hairstyle is something we came up with. I thought of Lou as a ninja or, at least, that’s the way he considered himself. When it was time for him to get it work it was like: “Okay. Hair up. Ready.” There were times when I was tying my hair up with my knee on the steering wheel and Riz [Ahmed who plays Lou’s assistant Rick] was like: “Oh my God.”

Are you aware that the man-bun has been making a pretty big splash in the fashion world?

I wasn’t. Is it just called a bun if a woman wears it?

Yes. And a man-bun on a guy. You might want to consider growing it back.

Maybe I shouldn’t have [cut it].

UltraViolet said...

Closing this post and just opened a new one, as I have to leave. Keep posting :)