Sunday, November 2, 2014

Work of art

(Image by Jake Rowles.)

An original character like Louis Bloom deserves a unique marketing campaign. Nightcrawler got off to an innovative start, with Lou's video job search.

Traditional promotion (ads, interviews, articles) followed, but the US and UK twitter feeds, the US and UK Facebook pages, as well as the official site, dared to be different. There's even a tumblr.

There was a creative countdown to opening day:

How about an Anti-Hero Showdown?

Lou inspired reviewer art, as well. From The New Yorker:

And from his hometown press, Los Angeles Magazine:

Best of all, there are some great alternate posters.

From The Film Stage and aptly named designer Midnight Marauder:

And a sampling from ShortList Magazine:

Thank you to all the artists that worked on Nightcrawler, on set, on screen and online.

(More at the source. Posters above by Ben Holmes, Matt Needle, Paul Johnstone, Chris Malbon, Chris Thornley, Michael Lee-Graham and Rachael Sinclair.)


UltraViolet said...

There are a few videos and articles I found but I wanted to do something a little different with today's post. I'm sure there will be a new post tomorrow with all that stuff!

Jake and Dan Gilroy will take questions on Huffington Post live, Monday at 12:30PM. Jake will be on TDS that night, as well.

Some entertaining tweets:

Preemptive fuck you to whatever British actor steals Gyllenhaal's gold.

Not sure how people felt coming out of Taxi Driver in '76, but I'm going to imagine it was how I felt coming out of #Nightcrawler tonight.

Nightcrawler gave me the night crawlies. Was it a good movie? I don't know. Did Gyllenhaal kill it? Totally.

Well...I'm now officially afraid of Jake Gyllenhaal

And this was cool:

edgarwright @edgarwright
It doesn't happen as often as it should, but a great independent movie is Number One at the box office this weekend. Go see 'Nightcrawler'.

UltraViolet said...

We know Mary saw NC and liked it - what was the crowd like?

I saw it again yesterday. 5PM show, packed house (had to sit in the front section because we got there just as the movie started - hate that). The crowd laughed and seemed to enjoy it. Heard someone on the way out saying what a good actor "that Jake Gyllenhaal" is :)

Lots of positive tweets tonight. A ton. There are definitely negative reactions mixed in, but the vibe seems overwhelmingly positive. Better than yesterday's twitter feeling.

Would love to hear other reactions. Hope lots of GBers got to see it this weekend.

Still keeping my eye out for Hong Kong and Spain release dates...

Anonymous said...

UV that is good theatre was packed, I read article that Ouija has 3.5 MIL and NC 3.2 for Friday and based on this they predict 13 MIL for full weekend, what is decent BO. It was wide release though in 2500 cinemas e.g. Enemy was just in few. Here it will be released at the end of January, so quite late unfortunately, Spain is bigger market, so I suppose December at the latest.

What I have read reviews they say that ending and his background and reason of his acting was weaker part of the movie, what do you think, if you saw it twice. For me this kind of ending is represented by A-movies, the same as Prisoners, so I think this is written by people who expect just cliché satisfaction. SV.

BlueJean said...

So they complain about the NC ending, huh? (I haven't seen it yet, so don't tell me!!!)

Lots of people complained about the Source Code ending (too long), the End of Watch ending (too predictable), even more people complained about Prisoners' ending (it just ended) and the whole world misunderstood Enemy's ending (WTF?)

Sigh... ;)

Anonymous said...

BJ as for Source Code I agree, the ending would be phenomenal, if it would have finished with frozen scene, but in this case I believe studio requested those additional two minutes. But ending of Prisoners was perfect, also EOW was fine with me.

But I am so stupid, that I did not see the NC yet, but I know the ending, because I read those spoilers on IMDB haha, so not recommended. SV

BlueJean said...

Love the posters, by the way! One of them says: "Jack Gyllenhaal", another "Jake Gyllenhall" ;)

And while I promised myself I wouldn't get too exited about any Oscar talk - from the Variety Facebook page:

Gyllenhaal deserves the OSCAR for Nightcrawler. Also seems to be box office king when it comes to these dark suspenseful indies.

BlueJean said...

"I read those spoilers on IMDB"

Yeah, i did that with 'Enemy'. Watched the famous explanation on YouTube before I saw the movie. Couldn't resist, but it took away some of the exitement of the "Enemy-experience" later on, unfortunately.

Chica said...

Saw Nightcrawler on Friday with a group of friends and loved it ! Jake gives a creepy and intense performance and I loved Rene too.

The theater was packed and was in for the thrill ride, laughed and gasped!

Glad that it's doing well this weekend.

Love the alternative NC posters, such creative people out there!

Hagen said...

I agree that the art work for "Nightcrawler" is really good, UV. And of course I'm glad that the movie has been received very well by critics. I would have liked "Nightcrawler" to be #1 at the box office and I didn't expect "Ouija" to repeat. But you can't have it all all the time, I guess.

Jess said...

"I would have liked "Nightcrawler" to be #1 at the box office and I didn't expect "Ouija" to repeat. But you can't have it all all the time, I guess. "

Source of your prediction because I cannot seem to find any news that the box office winner has been decided. Just curious.

Mary said...

Unfortunely the show I went to wasn't packed but it was a early showso maybe that was why.

Mary said...

I checked box office results on mojo they didn't have the final weekend results up yet I know yesterday they said Ouija was ahead but expected night crawler to still be number 1

Hagen said...

Exhibitor Relations @ERCboxoffice
NIGHTCRAWLER creeps to #1 (for now) topping OUIJA $10.909M to $10.900--a $9,000 photo finish.

Universal projected "Ouija" to drop by a whopping 55 percent on Sunday which is unlikely IMO.

Mary said...

Variety just reported that they are tied final results to be announced on Monday . Love all the posters.

UltraViolet said...

Hagen, I'd love to see NC eke out the win. It's too bad it didn't reach higher. But almost $11 million is more than initial expectations. I'd love to see places framing it as a win for a movie that cost less than $9 million and is an original story, not a comic book fantasy.

Chica, glad you and the audience enjoyed the flick. It makes a difference to have an engaged crowd. Mary. It might have been even more fun with more people.

BJ, in my haste to get this post up, I didn't even notice those poster gaffes. Oops!

It's a shame you already know the NC ending but I think you'll enjoy it anyway :)

SV, interesting observation about the ending. In all the movies mentioned, there's an obvious alternative ending. I don't think that's the case so much with NC.

I loved the Prisoners ending. Didn't mind SC though I understand the argument for ending on the kiss. In EoW, I think both should have died.

I don't mind the NC ending. We can discuss once more people have seen it.

UltraViolet said...

Oops sorry. I though BJ had read the NC ending but it was SV. I still think you'll enjoy it anyway :)

Mary said...

On Imdb it's says night crawler beta out Ouija by a slim margin. I know UV might of been more fun with more people there but the ones there seemed to enjoy it were laughing at the right parts

bobbyanna said...

Finally saw NC today! Jake was absolutely chilling. He gave an amazing, very nuanced performance, very detailed. In fact, everyone did an excellent job.

Life has a way of derailing my plans lately, so this morning, I went to the 11 AM showing of NC. I was surprised to see about 50 people at my neighborhood theatre at that hour.

They laughed at all the right times and seemed to enjoy it. I'll be seeing it again with my film club Wednesday night, hopefully with a bigger crowd.

I hope NC comes out on top in BO.

UltraViolet said...


10 year old Nephew: "actually, you do have to have the money to buy a ticket, so that's a really good quote." #Nightcrawler

More praise:

Gyllenhall plays a sort of Walter White type character - unlikeable, sociopathic yet still sympathetic. That takes skill.

#Nightcrawler is electrifying. Jake Gyllenhaal is brilliant. Someone give that man an Oscar. And two double cheeseburgers.

Review done, and I hope Gyllenhaal wins all the awards for #Nightcrawler. No other performance in 2014 comes close.

I don't think that we, as a society, talk about jake gyllenhaal's face enough.


The Boston Globe interviewed Jake when he was in town for that surpass appearance. And we get a little info on his schedule:

Jake Gyllenhaal was in Boston last month to introduce a preview screening of his new film “Nightcrawler” to local college students. The audience was ecstatic to see the heartthrob, whose visit was a surprise. “They were wonderful,” said Gyllenhaal, who was about to board a plane to show the film in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., later that night.

Gyllenhall, who had a few minutes at the Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common, for an interview before leaving town, said he was disappointed he wouldn’t be able to check in with the local audience after the film was over. “There’s definitely a different tone to the energy post-‘Nightcrawler’ and pre-‘Nightcrawler.’ So, I’d be fascinated to stick around,” he said grinning. ...

Q. Speaking of intense, you’re flying to three cities in one day to show this film. When do you get relief?

A. I’m making a movie right now [the drama “Demolition,” with Naomi Watts]. On Halloween “Nightcrawler” opens. Then I start rehearsals for a play a week later. [Laughs] So I, uh, I get probably about a week.

UltraViolet said...

I can't remember if I posted this Buzzfeed interview. I liked it because it really drives home how hard Jake is working on promotion:

But earlier this month, over lunch at a lively Italian café in downtown Manhattan, the 33-year-old actor took a break from shooting his newest film — the contemporary drama Demolition — to speak with BuzzFeed News. “I love this movie,” he said of Nightcrawler while diving into a bowl of pasta. “And I’m trying to promote it every way I can. I’m literally fitting it in lunch breaks. ‘Are we shooting in Manhattan on Monday? Can you run up to this thing and do an interview?’ And I’m like, ‘Yes! Whatever we need to do.’”

But Jake also actually says the name "Prince of Persia." He is always so vague and weird abut not mentioning it.

There is a popular media narrative about Gyllenhaal’s recent career choices, and it goes something like this: In 2010, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time — a mega-budgeted, Jerry Bruckheimer-produced video game adaptation starring Gyllenhaal, that was meant to launch a new franchise for Disney — crashed and burned at the domestic box office. Stung by his rejection as a blockbuster leading man, Gyllenhaal forsook crass Hollywood extravaganzas and returned to the well-regarded, little-seen world of independent film to shore up his bona fides as a Serious Actor.
There are two slight problems with that narrative, however. One, Prince of Persia and 2004’s spectacularly dumb The Day After Tomorrow are the only two massive Hollywood spectacles on Gyllenhaal’s resume — the rest are challenging, director-driven features with more (relatively) earthbound budgets. And two, Gyllenhaal doesn’t quite see his career unfolding so schematically.
“I just felt myself moving away from those types of characters, really,” he said. “It’s not about not doing movies like Prince of Persia, or big movies — it’s just about being able to get deeply into a character, no matter the size of the film.”
So would Gyllenhaal still be interested in, say, joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe? “Not more than anything else,” he said with a shrug. “I mean, there’s no hierarchy of interests for me.”

I also like that they try to deconstruct that common misperception Not that it matters. That trope is in practically every review, article or interview.

Piruleta said...

Still keeping my eye out for Hong Kong and Spain release dates...

I've been reading a forum where people has shown a lot of excitement for the movie since the first trailer, and none can't understand how there's still no release date.

As for the movie reactions, minus IMDb, in all the other forums I've been cheeking people seem to have loved the movie. Some have issues with the soundtrack and there's mixed feelings about the ending, but overall everyone has enjoyed it.

And something that really bugs me, we can say there's a consensus from viewers and reviewers about Jake's performance, and everyone agrees he should be nominated, however you go to a place like awardswatch and they are like "Gyllenhaal? lol he has no chance!" I know this year the category is packed, but still…

BlueJean said...

"Jake Gyllenhaal is brilliant. Someone give that man an Oscar. And two double cheeseburgers."

LOL! Priceless! :)))

That Buzzfeed interview is awesome! If only for the PoP quote - though I still think he's being vague about it.

I'm amazed at how many times I've read Jake should get an Oscar for NC by now. Let's not get our hopes up too high - but at the same time: it would be amazing if he'd actually get a nomination.

And I'm really curious about the ending by now! ;)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I really wanted to see NC this weekend but I had so much to do but I plan on seeing it on Friday.

Looks like it may win the weekend BO by a hair!

The poster art is incredible and I loved Jake's promo tour. You could tell he was really excited about this film.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I watched some Youtube reviews of NC and one guy said, if Gyllenhaal does not receive Oscar, he is done with Academy. This made me laugh, once guy was around 20 and Academy would be probably very sad....:-)))

I think he definitely should get the nomination, he won't win, because there will be probably other candidates, but there is still in play the guy from Unbroken and movie is going to be released in December and this may cause they pushed him out from nominations as well, what would be shame. Will see what direction Academy will go, because villain character did not win for yours, maybe Hannibal Lecter was the last one or DDL for There will be blood. If they are sober, they give him nom, because according many people JG really transformed himself and disappeared in the role. It would be really shame, if MMC will be nominated and replace him, because I feel similarity with Sandra Bullock, where she got the Oscar and then was nominated for Gravity – sci fi as well. I hope the Academy will be more original this time. SV

Hagen said...

Screen Daily (UK box office): Capturing $1.5m (£944,000) over Fri-Sun, eOne’s Nightcrawler posted an overall debut of just over $1.6m (£1m) from its 411 sites. A solid start for what is a tricky sell, but word-of-mouth and critical acclaim should see it to a long run.

For comparison: "End of Watch" grossed £618,546 in 278 theaters in its opening weekend.

LA Times: The film attracted largely older, male crowds: An estimated 66% of moviegoers were older than 25. Men made up 56% of the audience. The film did well in L.A., San Francisco and New York.

Jess said...

SV, I don't think MMC would get the nomination because he won last year but if he had lost then yes. Don't forget Bradley Cooper's who's own biopic is coming out 12/25/14 he could replace one of the other English guys and in one of their biopics. That would be three in a row for Bradley, (WTF)?

There is a real possibility that 4 out of the 5 lead acting nominations could be biopics and then the Academy would be even more polarized. And then there is the cast of Gone Girl, I still think the whole cast will sneak in nominations because the Academy is only given a handful of films each year. And Fincher's Gone Girl could be this year's David O'Russell film from last year.

And then there is Mr. Turner and the Selma movie. It could be 5 biopic acting nominations. I hope Bobbyana's prediction was correct for Jake and Michael Keaton, it would be nice see original roles appreciated instead of the same old biopic roles.

UltraViolet said...

Ducking in to remind people Jake and Dan Gilroy will be on Huffington Post Live at 12:30.

Sadly, I'll be in a meeting.

Be back in a bit.

FP said...

interesting article that compares jake's choices with those of george clooney, and what is or should be a movie star

I do not want Jake to be the new George Glooney want jake to be the new DDL! lol :)

Jake Gyllenhaal Is The New George Clooney

Anonymous said...

Jess I think Academy does not like Fincher, I think Seven was masterpiece, but did not get anything. Maybe technical categories as edit, cinematography, sound etc...Affleck is in predictions, but I don't believe they give him nom at all, he is very wooden, but paradox is I read on our film database, that this time this wooden acting helped, because it fit into the movie.

MMC is not that impossible, as I said above before, Sandra is exactly the same case, long time comedian actress with random Oscar and suddenly nomination for Gravity. He is like the copy of her in the male form. But I just hope they will not repeat the same, otherwise I am sure, if he is nominated, then he will push Gyllenhaal out. But everything is open and do not forget first are going critics’ awards and those will predict a lot. Then are going Guild Awards plus BAFTA. Just in few cases happened that Oscar winner was completely different than all those critics winner. The most important will be Broadcast critics. So he starts to win the critics we can think about Oscars. SV

Jess said...

"I do not want Jake to be the new George Glooney want jake to be the new DDL! lol :)"

He's one of my favoritesa after Jake. Just adorable and avoids all the hoopla of Hollywood.

FP said...

"Jess I think Academy does not like Fincher"

like every one else then,except for his mother, maybe

FP said...

I think Affleck has a good chance of getting the nom, after the error that the Academy did with Argo

Anonymous said...

" think Affleck has a good chance of getting the nom, after the error that the Academy did with Argo"

It would be nice if the Academy had its own backlash against biopics. Not going to happen though.

Piruleta said...

So, Ouija finally won the weekend over Nightcrawler. What's wrong with people.

FP said...

HuffPost Live ‏@HuffPostLive 2 min

Jake Gyllenhaal is on our couch right now. Is this real life?

Very professianal HP! :)

Anonymous said...

darn, too bad about being number 1, that would have been Jake's third one in a row with a wide release.

Oh well, it's nice to see Critics supporting Jake's performance and that Jake is fighting for the film.

NC did beat the predictions of 8 million which is 25% more than expected, not bad for an R rated movie released on Halloween.

Anonymous said...

But honestly, when I hear that coyote thing, I am already rolling my eyes too. I also expect BO around 13 mil, but I think next weekend will be important as well. SV

Hagen said...

Jake's currently on AOL BUILD.

bbobbyanna said...

Next week will be very important. I'm glad to see that Jake and Dan Gilroy are continuing to do promotion for the movie. I hope the TV advertising continues too.

I have no problem with Jake being compared to Cooney even though there were some inaccuracies in the article.

Sloppy with numbers. PoP didn't cost $200 Million. If you factor in the marketing campaign it cost closer to $130Million.

Interesting that the author cited "worldwide box office" to tout Clooney's success and panned PoP for pulling in $335Million world wide. It's still the most successful video game adaptation ever made.

I never said how much I love all the artwork. I think my favorite poster is the grey one where half his face shatters (Source Code-ish) and the camera lens replaces his eye.

Jake actually did channel a coyote in BC. I remember being mindful of the comparison, as I watched him and it was obvious, but in a good way. : )

Hagen said...

Interesting, but odd answer: His part in "Zodiac" was the role that changed him the most (plus a lot of praise for David Fincher :roll eyes:).

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for letting us know about that, Hagen. He looked good. I went back to the beginning, though I think it's down now. Jake mentioned that he finished his latest movie at 6AM Saturday. So I guess Demolition is done.

I hate that David Fincher answer. I wish someone would follow up and ask him about the contretemps over takes, etc.

I wish NC had taken the number one slot. But it performed better than initially expected. I'm not optimistic for the next weekend, since Interstellar will open. But fingers crossed.

Hope the AOL Build and HuffPoLive will be available later.

Hagen said...

I wish someone would follow up and ask him about the contretemps over takes, etc.

Exactly. And how does that fit with Jake's comment that Fincher 'paints with people. It's tough to be a color.'?

I'm looking forward to seeing that scene in "Demolition" xD: In one scene, he was required to ad-lib a moment of wild, abandoned dancing on a subway platform. There was no time for rehearsal. He had to just do it. ''The subway door opens, and he starts to dance,'' Vallée says. ''It looked so crazy, so beautiful, so alive, so...real!'' (Entertainment Weekly).

Anonymous said...

Bbobbianna, POP cost 200 MIL, you can verify anywhere, moreover 200 is without all distribution and commercial costs, so basically it didn't make any profit and movie was in loss. But this is the point, they involved a lot of CGI, so that is why it was so expensive, otherwise the sale would be quite decent comparing other video games. SV

Jess said...

SV I think 135 million is a good profit. I am sure promotion cost a bundle but I agree that it didn't cause a budget over 200 million and no money was lost. Disney(greedy as they are) expected 500 million or more and the are so rigid in their budgets.

Jake does very well overseas because of POP(IMO)pr.

Anonymous said...

Jess, not really, I don't remember exactly, but there is a coefficient how to calculate the profit, different for US and different for overseas, so if movie wants to profit, you cannot simply calculate sales minus costs, it is more complicated, you need to sell something 1,4 to start making profit, I read it somewhere, but don't remember exact numbers, so I am sure, they were in loss or at least they just got back what they put in, when I will have a time, I try to find how is it calculated exactly.

But I agree they are greedy of course, but they exaggerated the budget taking Titanic cost 150 MIL, but sales was close to 2 billions. I think 100 MIL would be equal budget. SV

Jess said...

No need SV, its history.

Hagen said... estimates that PoP had a total budget of $245 million for production and P&A in the USA.

As a rule of thumb a movie needs to make twice its production budget worldwide to break even. Though that rule doesn't really work for low-budget movies like "Nightcrawler" (estimated total budget: $30 million).

Anonymous said...

That AOL sucks, always when Gilroy says somerhing interesting, video starts buffering. SV

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hagen, that is perfect site, it is always interesting to see what was the total costs of the movie. SV

FP said...

soooo sweet! :)

Naomi Foner ‏@NaomiFoner 1 nov

Proud mama! …

Naomi Foner ‏@NaomiFoner 19 h19 ore fa

Couldn't have said it better if I wrote it myself. …

UltraViolet said...

That was fast:

EXCLUSIVE: Southpaw director Antoine Fuqua and star Jake Gyllenhaal are reuniting to work on The Man Who Made It Snow, based on the true story of Max Mermelstein, a Jewish hotel engineer who transformed Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel from a small mom-and-pop drug organization into a billion-dollar enterprise.

I liked this tweet:

#Nightcrawler is like Drive with political/economic satire... and a better actor in Jake Gylenhaal. Film of the year so far. :)

And these:

#Nightcrawler - A freelance video journalist scours LA by night to be first on the scene of breaking news. Superb; thrilling to the end.

Just got to talk to this beautiful man. Forever in love. 😍🙆 #jakegyllenhaal #aolbuild #nightcrawler…

Saw #Nightcrawler today. Learned: the Gyllenhaal boy can act, logical result of unregulated capitalism is v ugly, the BBC is truly a gift

Fandango: The king of creepy has been crowned & #Nightcrawler topped this weekend's Scare-O-Meter. Give us your recap in emojis.

How to find out if your friend is messed up. Check if he/she is smiling through a LOT of #Nightcrawler

#Nightcrawler was great. Like the lead character, the film mocks you in a frustratingly addictive way.

Kind of sums it up for a lot of people, lol:
See the incredible #Nightcrawler over the weekend? Let us know your thoughts:

@empiremagazine it was great, and I really didn't like it at all. #nightcrawler

UltraViolet said...

And LOL:

Every female at 770 Broadway is going to be on the 4th Floor in about 20 minutes. #JakeGyllenhaal #aolbuild

Hagen said...

I'm not sure what to think about the new project. "Training Day" is the only movie of Antoine Fuqua I've seen so far. And hardly anyone seems to be interested in the new Pablo Escobar movie starring Benicio del Toro. On the other hand it's fine that Jake keeps working steadily.

FP said...

OMG Scareface 2.0!

UV thanks for the immense superb work you have done in these crazy exciting weeks, you rock girl !! :)

Hagen said...

I think I'm going to read Max Mermelstein's autobiography and get a picture of the story.

FP said...

"I think I'm going to read Max Mermelstein's autobiography and get a picture of the story."

What a swot! :))

luv you Hagen!

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, I'd like to see Jake work with some other directors. But it sounds like a great story.

Thanks for the nice words, FP. It has been a wild couple of weeks. Thanks to all of you for helping us all keep up!


Do I know how to spell Gyllenhaal by heart? YES.Do I still triple-check it every time? YES. Because I am a PROFESSIONAL.

@rainbowrowell G-to the Y-to the Double L-E-N-H-to the Twin's A- L. This is how I do it. I made a rap.

@rainbowrowell Hahaha long time favourite of mine and I STILL do this for fear of being thrown out the circle of *checks* Gyllenhaal.

Some great answers to Empire Magazine, including a nice alternate poster:

See the incredible #Nightcrawler over the weekend? Let us know your thoughts:

bobbyanna said...

The new project about Max Mermelstein sounds fascinating. Like another version of American Gangster. LOL! I definitely plan on reading the book. Will be interesting to see the rest of the casting.

Jess said...

"Like another version of American Gangster."

Lol. I just saw picture of Max Mermelstein if its the correct Max and all I could think about was Jack Twist's porn moustache from Brokeback Mountain. But I like your analogy better.

Wow quite possibly 4 films for Jake next year? Demolition, Everest, Southpaw?

bobbyanna said...

"...all I could think about was Jack Twist's porn moustache from Brokeback Mountain."

OMG, I just checked and you're right...


Anonymous said...

Just recently I was thinking that he could fit into any mafia boss or gangster movie and I can't believe it is here. Interesting.

Btw. his mother can be really proud of him. Not just as a good actor, but also as nice down to earth guy,in all those interviews I did not see him rude or nervous with journalist, even he has to repeat the lines many times. Not every actor is like that. E.g. I think journalist's nightmare is Denzel Washington. He is talented and handsome actor, but he is so arrogant in some interviews, in one I saw that commentator said the better interview would be with train than him. What I really don't like are arrogant people.

I think JG likes to feel like normal person, not everyone is travelling by subway or walking in the street like no one special. I think just Keanu Reeves seems to be similarly cool. He is very humble actor as well and his colleagues have always just good word for him. And I like these kind of people. SV

Monica said...

Wow I'm loving reading all these praise. Makes me so proud to be a fan.
What a great moment for Jake.

lol on New George Clooney. I thought Ryan Gosling was the New Clooney! Clooney is not a great and talented actor, but I love him.

The new film is interesting, but I'm with Tha Playlist about the director. Yes, they worked together, but I'm not so happy with Antoine Fuqua.

Piruleta said...

Here is AOL BUILD interview

Piruleta said...

Well Jake will have fun messing with his look for this one.

Antoine Fuqua certainly sounded excited to have worked with Jake so I'm not exactly surprised but I would have preferred to see him work with a different director. Fuqua has a good eye but the movies he makes are average. Except maybe for Training Day, I haven't liked any of his films. I hope my perception will change with Southpaw.

BlueJean said...

Now that we're talking about Jack Twist again: Jake on Brokeback - a little part of a longer interview.

BlueJean said...

Apologies if this has been posted before ;) Can hardly keep up!

Anonymous said...

There's two projects I hope Jake will do eventually. One is the Joe Namath movie, and the other one is the project he was preparing with Amy Adams. Sadly, Philip Seymour Hoffman was going to direct it. I hope it might still work out sometime in the future.

Sag Actor said...

Saw NC this Sunday and it is one of the best moviea I have seen this year. Jake is so intense and over the top that he really freaked out the audience which was about 75% capacity.

I don't like to talk about his Oscar chances since the field is so crowded but he definitely deserves a nomination imo and others!

Jess said...

"Well Jake will have fun messing with his look for this one."

He can probably gain extra weight for this one. I was hoping Denis V would take over the E.Moss (PSH's project).

Has anyone noticed that Jake's movies for the last couple of years although he has not done many granted but they all seem to come out around awards time which is a compliment. But I wonder how and when the powers that be will release his 3 2015 movies?

As a Jake fan, I don't want to wait until the end of the year for all the movies. I wish Jake would do just some fluff movies which I kind of thought Everest was going to be.

Piruleta said...

New link for AOL BUILD interview, the other one is not working for me right now

Piruleta said...

Just saw the AOL interview, is interesting he says he couldn't have played Lou a few years back.

And there is a part I'm not sure if I understood correctly., when he was talking about Zodiac, did the interviewer ask him if Lou was him playing Fincher? It made laugh out loud! because I can actually see a resemblance there LOL!

Jess said...

The Daily Show is a little misinformation, NC is not #1 after all. They must have taped that before the final tallies but it is the number 1 new movie of the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Jess, it is always on purpose, when movie is released after September, that means they expect any awards. So if they release movie around awards, they certainly expect something. Just Erin Brokowich was kind of exception what I remember, that was released somewhere in first half of the year and collected awards.

Everest release should be on 18th September - my birthday btw. Also that is why Weinstein first wanted to release SP in December. I am just curious, what they will do now with this movie, if they will wait another year or they won't care. Because, if SP will be released somewhere in May, then it will be miracle to get any. But I rely on Weinstein is so crazy for awards, that he will do everything possible, I don't see Demolition as award movie, but who knows. SV

Anonymous said...

when he was talking about Zodiac, did the interviewer ask him if Lou was him playing Fincher? It made laugh out loud! because I can actually see a resemblance there


Well, actually I'm a Fincher's fan... I mean, I'm not a fan of him as a person, but I think he's one of the greatest directors today. And, about Zodiac, I've always been thinking it was a shame that one of my favourite directors and two of my favourite actors (Jake and Mark Ruffalo) didn't get along very well during the shooting (the movie is wonderful, though). I also think it's not bad for Jake reconsidering the Zodiac experience with new eyes. Maybe once he's discovered himself 'obsessed' and totally devoted to a project, he can now understand better some of Fincher's maniacal attitudes.
However, thank you UV for the post! And thank you everyone for all the infos and updates on NC opening! Can't wait to see it!!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping Denis V. would take over the E.Moss (PSH's project)

me too, Jess :)

I'm not sure what to think about the new project. "Training Day" is the only movie of Antoine Fuqua I've seen so far

Hagen, I have to admit I have some doubts on Fuqua... I don't know why, 'cause I don't know his work that well. Maybe because I remember hearing that Hugh J. was worried about how violence would be depicted in 'Prisoners', until Denis V. came on board (making me think that maybe the problem was Fuqua's directing style)... then, all I read about 'Southpaw' was him being so excited for Jake's boxing performances, when I really hope that the heart of the movie will be something deeper, such as the relationship between father and daughter... I don't know... I don't see him as an eclectic and sensitive director, but maybe I'm wrong!

UltraViolet said...

I'm trying to reserve judgment since we haven't seen Southpaw. I really liked Training Day. And the story seems like it's good fodder. But yeah, still not sold on Fuqua.

He did talk in some interviews about how it is more than a boxing movie, Tina, so there is hope :)

Looks like Jake is in LA.

UltraViolet said...

The Fincher thing bothers me because it feels like Jake had his valid concerns brainwashed out of him. It wouldn't kill David Fincher to have some people tell him he isn't the Greatest Thing Ever.

Thanks for the links, everyone. I still haven't been able to watch them. Tonight!

SAG Actor, so glad you loved Nightcrawler! Yay.

Jess, the benefit to all that confusion over the #1 place is that many people will never know or learn what movie really won.

NC did win the Monday race, at least.

Anonymous said...

He did talk in some interviews about how it is more than a boxing movie, Tina, so there is hope :)

:) Good! Yeah, maybe it's me. I'd rather be told Jake trying to connect with the little actress than bumping up muscles and spitting blood... but they are men! :)

Anonymous said...

"bumping up muscles and spitting blood... but they are men! :)"

Don't forget six pack abs though.

Piruleta said...

Not sure if this interview with Dan Gilroy has been posted (there's so many things going on!). Some interesting bits about why they chose that car (Dodge Challenger) and how it reflects on Lou's personality.

I’ve gotta ask, because I’m a car guy, I love the fact that you bring in the Dodge Challenger. It’s an SRT?

Yeah. And that’s not the color of the car. You can’t get…

That red?

We had to wrap that car in red. It comes in a burnt orange. We wrapped that car in red because I wanted the cherry red. [Laughs] To me it looked like a Hot Wheels car.

Oh, absolutely.

It’s a fantasy car.

It makes the same noise that a kid would make. Brrrrrr.


I’m curious about the choice of that car versus anything else. I mean, he’s such a hyper intelligent guy. It almost seems like he would go with a four-wheel drive sports car or something more than just a straight line car.

We see the character as an innocent child, in a lot of ways. And like a child, when you bring up Hot Wheels. If you look closely at his apartment, in the background there’s a couple of little toys. There’s a toy dinosaur and a couple of other things. We were going to lean more heavily on that but it never came through in the movie. The idea that he’s into toys. He’s like a child. So the car in a way was like a wish fulfillment for a child. So he is like a child. There’s something strangely innocent… or naive about the character. So the car for him was like the full-scale version of the Hot Wheels car. I don’t think we made that connection as strong as maybe was in the script but I think an element of it comes through, maybe.

Oh! and btw, I keep coming here but haven't said anything about how great this post is, all those alternative posters are really cool! Thanks UV once again!.

FP said...

Piruleta what an interesting article.Lou is full of the most diverse facets.

I found this on twitter, the source seems reliable, but who knows

RebobinandoVHS ‏@RebobinandoVHS 20 min ago
Se rumorea que #BenAffleck #JakeGyllenhaal #OrlandoBloom y #RyanGosling actuarán en el mismo film. Sólo se sabe que será muda...

It is rumored that #BenAffleck #JakeGyllenhaal #RyanGosling and #OrlandoBloom will act in the same film. Only known to be silent movie ...

I hope I translated right!

Piruleta said...

You did great with the translation FP :)

I'm in a hurry but here's a link about Nailed and a possible UK release

Anonymous said...

FP, I think its wishful thinking or perhaps a bad joke? Random foursome.

Jess said...

"I'm in a hurry but here's a link about Nailed and a possible UK release "

Thanks Piruleta, I wonder how that will turn out. Jake looks great in the Nailed pics and the character seems like a fun slimy type.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know now, but it comes me strange, that Nailed project was dead so long and suddenly after NC release and relative success plus talks about SP and Demolition, it is going to be released in UK?

It sounds me like desperate step to make money in the right time. I think last thing JG needs is any release of flop, which was supposed to go directly on DVD, all the plot and troubles around this movie says me it will be sh...t. I think they should burry the project, because evidently it is bad movie, regardless he looks hot in it. SV

Jess said...

I respectfully disagree, there is no way of knowing how if it will be a flop in the UK or any other foreign release. Jake does well in foreign markets and this plot sounds a lot easier to market than NC overseas.

I don't think O'Russell gave up on it because its a bad movie, they ran out of money with a backer who was not on the up and up.

I don't think it's some plot to harm JG, they have been trying for awhile to finish this project notably Jessica Biel.

I for one want to know why in the world Jake is doing that dance with loin cloth. And shit sells.

UltraViolet said...

These deals probably take a while to put together, but I suspect there is an element of trying to capitalize on this NC buzz. I think Jake's Nailed character is a sleaze bag, and now people know Jake can do a good jerk.

But wow - Nailed finally seeing the light of day/dark of a theater. Incredible. It will suck if it doesn't play here, too.

You can bid to win two tickets to Constellations, plus a chance to meet Jake backstage. This benefits the David Lynch Foundation, whose motto is "Healing Traumatic Stress and Raising Performance in At-risk Populations." Looks like they use TM to help people deal with PTSD and other issues.

Here's a radio interview from last week.

Anonymous said...

If cooperation doesn't work, if there is no involvement for work as from actors as from director, then movie doesn't work, because it is visible. I can smell the faux pas. SV

Anonymous said...

UV will you attend that play? Btw do you know what is the plot?

Anonymous said...

It was me SV.

UltraViolet said...

Hi, sv. I will be going to the play, yes. Already have my tickets :)

I think you're right that this is just an attempt to make money, not an artistic decision. But I've always wanted to see Nailed, so I'm happy it's coming out.

I don't think it will do any harm. It will be like Serena for Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Just a long-delayed project that finally gets a release. And not a lot of publicity.

If Jake gets nominated for an Oscar and if Nailed were released during awards season and if it's really bad, that might affect things.

Otherwise, I think it will just be a blip on the radar. Or how knows, perhaps it will actually be good!

FP said...

I will be going to the play too! Yay!!!

Thanks Piruleta! :)

Hagen said...

Jake does well in foreign markets and this plot sounds a lot easier to market than NC overseas.

"Nightcrawler" is doing better than "End of Watch" in every foreign market it has been released so far (UK, Denmark, Finland, Bulgaria and Malaysia). I don't think it's particularly tough to market.

I'm skeptic of the quality of "Nailed" / "Politics of Love", since David O. Russell couldn't properly finalize the film. But it will be fun to watch it anyway.

Anonymous said...

UV & FP I am jealous, I also have to wait for NC until January. And UV I agree with you on Nailed. I also was asking about Constellation plot, if you know what is about, just briefly. Thank you very much. Btw. your site is very informative.

Hagen how is it in Germany? Have already seen NC? SV

Hagen said...

Have already seen NC?

No, I haven't seen it yet. I will open in Germany on November 13th, though there are previews in quite a few cities. "Nightcrawler" will probably get lost in the shuffle due to a unfortunate release date (a documentary about the FIFA World Cup 2014 will open in the same week along with "Dumb and Dumber To", "A Walk Among The Tombstones", "Before I Go to Sleep" and a Hugh Grant comedy plus "Interstellar" in its second week).

FP said...

SV I found this,from from The Guardian's Review:

It is impossible to give a linear account of the plot since there isn't one. The only fixed point is that there are two characters called Roland and Marianne whose lives constantly intersect. It is also fair to say that Roland is a professional apiarist, while Marianne works in a university department processing data on quantum multiverse theory: the basis of that, as she helpfully explains, is that "every choice, every decision you've ever and never made exists in an unimaginably vast ensemble of parallel universes".

Payne shows the couple, after a chance social encounter, going through the varying rituals of co-habitation, betrayal and separation. Or, alternatively, they may go their own ways, bump into each other again at a ballroom-dancing class and achieve a possibly durable union. All this is wittily done and played, in Michael Longhurst's Theatre Upstairs production, with great skill by Rafe Spall and Sally Hawkins: the scene where Spall obliquely proposes to Hawkins by dwelling on the distinctive types of bees is played in three different ways, and each time produces subtly different reactions.

Monica said...

Nailed looks like a mess, but I want to see: D Maybe it's like the old films of David O. Russell. I liked the script. It would be better if it was released straight to DVD.

Rowdy Nickroby Piper @Nickrob · 2h 2 hours ago

NAILED was a complete disaster when I saw it. Bizarre and just didn’t work. I’d watch it 10x before I saw SILVER LININGS or AM HUSTLE again.

Aaron Stewart-Ahn ‏@somebadideas 2h2 hours ago

@Nickrob wait you saw it? Was it a complete edit?

Rowdy Nickroby Piper ‏@Nickrob 2h2 hours ago

@somebadideas It was a public test screening. Gave it a top score. It was about 95% complete. This was four years ago I think

Aaron Stewart-Ahn ‏@somebadideas 2h2 hours ago

@Nickrob politics of love is one of the worst titles i've ever heard

Rowdy Nickroby Piper ‏@Nickrob 2h2 hours ago

@somebadideas yeah, that sums up the 3rd act tho


Nightcrawler @SeeNIGHTCRAWLER · 23m 23 minutes ago

Watch an interview with Jake Gyllenhaal & Dan Gilroy on @CharlieRoseShow tonight on @PBS. Check your local listings and tune in!

Jess said...

"Rowdy Nickroby Piper @Nickrob · 2h 2 hours ago

NAILED was a complete disaster when I saw it. Bizarre and just didn’t work. I’d watch it 10x before I saw SILVER LININGS or AM HUSTLE again."

It may be a mess but that comment suggests that he is not a fan of the director if he would watch Nailed 10 times more before watching Silver Linings or American Hustle again. Unless I am missing the translation of the tweet.

Monica said...

He says he gave top score for the film. So, despite being a disaster is a fun movie. More fun than the new films of David O.Russel. I think that's it.

I've always been thinking it was a shame that one of my favourite directors and two of my favourite actors (Jake and Mark Ruffalo) didn't get along very well during the shooting

I think Ruffalo loves Fincher; Robert gets a free pass.
Just Fincher and Jake who didn't get along.
I love Fincher, truly one of the greatest filmmakers, but I think he and Jake worked at a wrong time. If it was today, the experience would be better in my opinion.

Hopefully Fincher will watch Nightcrawler.

UltraViolet said...

Honestly, I think Fincher is just a dick. So I'm not sure it would ever have worked out or will ever. And I wish Jake would just admit that. He can praise him, but he doesn't have to whitewash it all. Very frustrating.

Thanks for posting the play summary, FP. And yay that you are going, too. Are you traveling to NY for it? (I don't know where you live.)

I wish everyone could go!

Sounds like that tweeter thinks Nailed as a mess is better than AH or SLP. As I didn't really love either of those films, that sounds good to me!

New post.