Monday, August 20, 2012

Shiny, new Watch

Update: Photo from the NY Times:

And a new video from THR showing some more of the action from the screening.

This is an exciting week for Jake Gyllenhaal fans. His American stage debut is on Friday; last night, End of Watch had a special screening in the Hamptons. And today, we got a look at a new trailer for End of Watch:

This trailer, with credits in Spanish, differs from the previous two by showing more of the group camaraderie. But the action is still intense; the tension, palpable and the partnership, deeply felt.

Some impressions from last night's screening, via the Huffington Post:

The F-word flies by fast, furious and often from cops and criminals in Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie End of Watch, now on its way to the Toronto Film Festival. At a special preview screening at Bryan Bantry's Goose Creek on Sunday night, the dreamy-eyed star prepared the audience for extreme violence, and for another F-word: friendship. With more edge than the typical police procedural, the film left viewers -- including hosts Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ingrid Sischy and Sandra Brant, and many guests: Bruce Weber, Bob Balaban, Chris Martin, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Katie Lee, and Beth Ostrosky Stern -- getting over the movie's devastating end with champagne and dessert."

Everything is up close and personal, from scenes of what drug cartels do with their stash and those who cross them, to frantic users who want to silence their kids, to the families of these good cops both in the LAPD, and at home, to the front seat of the squad car where Gyllenhaal's Brian Taylor in shaved head, and his Mexican partner Michel Zavala (Michael Pena) muse about marriage, their lives and loves in a tight camera frame capturing every facial nuance, and signaling End of Watch as one of best buddy movies since Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, if more gruesome.

The Hollywood Reporter and Samsung Galaxy SIII sponsored the Peggy Siegal Hamptons screening; each guest received a gift: an invitation for a free phone and to sample their new white glove service. To attend and promote his film, Gyllenhaal left the dress rehearsal for his American stage debut in Nick Payne's If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet, to begin previews in New York next week. Referring to his shiny full head of hair, he smiled wide, "It does grow back."

In this video from The Hollywood Reporter, Jake talks about the preparation for the role and what it's like to be tased.


bobbyanna said...

"It does grow back." Looking at his face,I'd say that's damned prophetic, Jake! LOL!

I really love this new trailer.

Monica said...

This trailer is good.

UltraViolet said...

It is good. Not sure why it's only on Terra, but I guess it will pop up elsewhere.

I assumed Jake would go back to the city for rehearsal, but someone just posted this:

Me and @gabbyborger were just next to Jerry Seinfeld and Jake Gyllenhaal at the Ice cream spot. We chilled hard.
from Northwest Harbor New York, US
8:20 PM - 20 Aug 12

There's this odd mention:

Odds and Ends: Jerry Seinfeld and Jake Gyllenhaal are going to make movies together.

Monica said...

WTF? Movie with Jerry Seinfeld?

Hagen said...

I'm glad about the pretty extensive marketing campaign for EoW. I guess the new trailer with its focus on Hispanic characters is aimed exclusively at Hispanic audiences.

Maybe Jake would like to co-produce movies or co-write scripts with Jerry Seinfeld? I don't think they'll star in the same movie.

Hagen said...

EoW review: "Watching David Ayer's End of Watch is bound to naturally fill a keen audience with the anticipation that it is going to be another formulaic Hollywood cop thriller and a shaky attempt by the powers that be to humanize an institution that’s global reputation has been left in tatters due to events of late. Which it was, don’t get me wrong. But amongst the familiar chase scenes, one-dimensional storyline and prosaic precinct dynamics lay a surprising glimmer of hope for this flick that came from the most unlikely of places, and in turn sets End of Watch apart from the plethora of bad cop flicks out there.

The film revolves around two rookie cops (Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena) who, feeling excited and empowered by their position in the world’s most dangerous police force, The L.A.P.D, start, rather unrealistically, documenting their journey through the force with cameras.

As they progress through the ranks, they encounter the worst LA has to offer and, after a series of audacious initiatives, their reputation as fearless and honourable officers of the law is cemented, as is their bond as brothers in uniform – as well as out of it.

Up until a certain point the film seems to take the format of a day in the life of LAPD’s finest; however, that all changes when they start sniffing around dangerous drug cartels whose rules differ drastically from any sort of petty criminal they’ve encountered thus far. Still slightly naïve, they dive in head first into this dangerous criminal underworld in an attempt to prove their mettle.

After middling in the affairs of an infamously violent cartel for the last time, things come to a head when they realise a hit has been placed on them by a notorious drug lord, and that’s when the true repercussions of being a police officer are made apparent – and in their case, it has disastrous consequences.

It all sounds like a mundane and recognizable format with predictable thrill value and nothing exceptional story-wise, which is true, but what elevates it above the glut of modern cop flicks is first and foremost the great cinematography of Roman Vasyanov. The film is shot in a series of innovative and unique angles, from the police’s hidden camera on his shirt to handheld cameras all the way through to police car cameras, as well as guerrilla filming not typically associated with box office hits, which totally immerses you in the scene and shares the characters foreboding sense of trepidation, despair and anxiousness.

It’s a Hollywood cop thriller that wrestles with the box office ethos of its notoriously shallow backers throughout, keeping a great balance between style and substance, all out action, dialogue and character development to produce an engaging and enjoyable policier, but one that is nonetheless still addled with the cheap and tacky traits you would expect from a bid budget film about American Police" (3 out of 5 stars).

Hagen said...

EoW will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday, September 8th, at 9.45 PM.

UltraViolet said...

Was just coming to post that, Hagen! And according to this, Jake will be there. So glad they worked the schedule around the play.

I do wonder how weird/difficult it will be for Jake to be in play mode and also have his head back in EoW space.

UltraViolet said...

That review was odd. But positive overall, I guess. Of course, the movie is not about rookie cops. And they don't start out documenting their exploits. Nor is it big budget - not sure if the reviewer thinks it is big budget or just has those elements.

Monica, I also assume Jake would just be producing a movie with Seinfeld, if the report is even correct. But we do know Jake stayed at Jerry's house after the screening.

There's a press screening for End of Watch today in Toronto. We'll see if we get some more reactions.

Monica said...

beautiful house

Eh, Uv. Maybe Jake and Jerry will dub an animated film.

Anonymous said...

There is no buzz for this movie what so ever with the people that count- the paying audiences. Jake's fanbase is non existent at this point except a bunch of die hard brokeback mountain fans who only see him as Jack Twist. Its not Jake anymore, its Rpatz, Gosling, Tatum, no one cares about Jake anymore.

Anonymous said...

10:40 am, thank you so much. RME. If Jake is so passe, why are you posting on this blog?

I can't wait to see Jake onstage. I'm going to get tix AFTER the show opens.

Hagen said...

Travis Dhanraj

Just saw End Of Watch with Jake Gyllenhaal. Must see- fantastic. Now Hyde Park Hudson w/ Bill Murray & Laura Linney

9:40 AM - 21 Aug 12

bobbyanna said...

LOL! monica, maybe Jerry Seinfeld & Jake were discussing a sequel to Bees. That house is amazing....but only six bathrooms? Tsk, tsk. Since he's one of the most successful wealthiest comedians ever, I'm hoping he might want to be a $Producer$. It's nice to have friends with money. : ) I also read somewhere that Jerry might be under consideration to host the Oscars. Of course, who isn't! :)

Sure wish I could go to TO to see EoW and Jake, but I was there to see him in 2007 with Rendition. Great experience! Right now, I'm saving up for a trip to NYC before the play closes.

Monica said...

It would be nice if Jake appears in TIFF speaking with british accent. I know he will not do that. Just a dream.

Seinfeld to host the Oscars? This is good.

UltraViolet said...

Good old Ben Lyons weighs in:

Wait until you see #EndOfWatch. Jake and Michael CRUSH it. It's one of my favorite movies of the year so far...
1:41 PM - 21 Aug 12

And the new trailer is up on youtube now.

bobbyanna said...

LOL! I don't want to, but I like Ben Lyons...mostly because he likes Jake.

UltraViolet said...

The Hollywood Reporter just put up a brief video interview with Jake, taken at the Hamptons screening.

UltraViolet said...

Also, from twitter:

Lunch today with the lovely @michellebrower included fellow diners Jake Gyllenhaal, Malcolm Gladwell, Carey Lowell! #secretlocation

I know, I felt like we really were part of the in crowd :)

I don't know how Seinfeld would be for the scars. I'm not convinced.

Monica, I don't think you'll get your wish on the accent. I wish the play did not involve a British accent. I know Jake can do a good one, but it's such an easy point of criticism.

Bobbyanna, Ben has given us some good Jake bits over the years. I should feel more charitable towards him.

Rachel said...

I wish Jake would make up his mind. First David Ayers stated Jake and Michael prepped for two months prior to the 22 day shoot. Then I read where Jake said he prepped for three months prior to shooting. Now it's either five months or six months prepping for the 22 day shoot? I wish he'd pick a timespan and stick with it.

Anonymous said...

Then why do people who post accounts of seeing Jake seemed so thrilled to see him.
A good actor is a good actor and that means that they will continue with their career whether they are the "it person" at the moment or not. But then Jake has got some very nice projects on the way and they definitely will keep him in the public eye.


Hagen said...

In 2011 Jake said in an interview on the set of EoW that he'd prepared for his role for five months. I don't see that he's changed his statement in his recent interview.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl A. Hoahing ‏@CherylBLITZ

Saw a scruffy Jake Gyllenhaal leave a building & enter a town car about an hour ago!

Paula C. said...

Hello everyone, I´ve been spending this last day having a Jake update, between vacations and getting things ready for the baby arrival I must admit Jake has been neglected by me this past weeks, but i´m ready to redeem:)

Love the new trailer and from what i see the movie is getting great buzz, here in Portugal it will premiere in november 15, and forgive me but this time I will cheat and see it online, i cant take two more months of anxiety!

Chica said...

I love the trailer too! Good idea to expand to the Latino audience.

I heard about Jerry up for hosting the Oscars, sounds like the screening was a success. Maybe Jake and Jerry have some producing ideas in mind.

Hi Paula C! You must be so excited, I'm so happy for you!

bobbyanna said...

Paula C, how great to "see" you!!!
I hope all is well with you. Very busy and very excited.: )
(((Paula C)))

UltraViolet said...

Paula C! Great to see you. Good luck to you and keep us posted. No one will blame you for "cheating" so you can see EoW before November :)

No details, but this was funny:

Hmmm...Lets see...The highlight of my cousin's Mary Ann Borriello night is meeting and chatting with Jake Gyllenhaal and my highlight was blow drying barbie's hair after my daughter submerged her in the tub...WOOHOO Go Mary Ann sooooo Jealous... :)

This bit from the Hollywood Reporter interview wasn't on the video:

We all decided that we thought it would be sort of a semi-bonding experience. ... When we had a choice between pepper spray and being tased, we were all told by the professionals that tasing was probably the preference because pepper spray lasts for a long time after. And a tase is done in moments. So we decided to go for quick and painful."

UltraViolet said...

Haven't seen this CZ stop in a while:

Annnd my celeb spotting streak continues. Jake Gyllenhaal behind @KABrods and I getting coffee at La Colombe for a good 10 min. Holy hottie!
9:23 AM - 22 Aug 12

Hello Jake G! Right in line behind us!! And we had a conversation!!!!!

I wish we'd gotten some info or quote from Jake about the play from the Hamptons screening:

Terry sounds a lot like the sort of flawed but sensitive guys that Gyllenhaal, 31, does so well on screen — and this time with an English accent. The role marks his American theater debut.

The play fits comfortably in the ever-expanding roster of dysfunctional-family stories. But Payne, an up-and-coming British talent, also casts his gaze beyond the domestic to a wider, even global, gaze.

“I was interested in – it’s now a bit of a cliché – climate change,” Payne told Exeunt magazine, adding that beleaguered Anna “was a kind of metaphor for what is happening to the planet."


Monica said...

UV, I also have a concern with the accent, so I was wondering if he was going to speak with a British accent in interviews, but he did not do it in the Hamptons and he will not do in Toronto.

Paula C. said...

Bobbyanna, Chica and UV, Thanks, is great to see you too, for what I see everyone is doing fine. I´m excited and scared at the same time, but more or less 20 days and i'll have my princess

Only Jake to make electroshock's look like it´s a fun thing to do with your castmates

UltraViolet said...

Oh my, only 20 days. You're close to End of Watch timing, Paula!

The NY Times posted a photo of JAke on their FB theater page. I added it to the post. Hopefully there will be an accompanying story.

UltraViolet said...

Alos, THR posted a new video from the Hamptons event.

Viv said...

I found an interesting article form Fashion & Style:

A Big Party for a Not-So-Big Film‘End of Watch’ Gets an East Hampton Screening

Anonymous said...

Newsweek - aug. 27 (with an article on Obama which people have said was not fact-checked and was very inaccurat all over the place) fall 48 - (small pictures from various movies) -
End of Watch - Jake Gyllenhall nails his best role since BBM as a south central L.A. cop -

UltraViolet said...

Yay, good words for Jake. That's cool. And Viv, maybe that article will help the Angry Anon from the other day.

It was definitely an incongruous setting.

I don't want to open the whole Taylor topic, but this list of trending topics on google made me laugh:

Avril Lavigne
Taylor Swift

Anonymous said...

Jordan H. Butcher ‏@workofself

Working on stuff for Jake Gyllenhaal's new film "End Of Watch" - You should see this guy before he's photoshopped. He looks… just as good.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article about Nailed and why it will probably never be completed.

Hagen said...

Film School Rejects: "You’ve misjudged David Ayer‘s End of Watch. It’s okay – I did the same thing. Another cop movie from Ayer, you said? Another one set in South Central Los Angeles, you wondered? With the added gimmick of utilizing all manner of handheld footage, dash cams, all that shaky stuff that just doesn’t seem to feel fresh anymore? And starring a bald Jake Gyllenhaal? Pardon me, moviegoers, but what the hell?

While we can’t share all of our thoughts on the Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena-starring End of Watch just yet, we can confirm that it’s far better than it sounds, is much more compelling and emotional than even Training Day or Harsh Times, and that it contains (at the very least) one performance absolutely deserving of awards consideration. Perhaps this new trailer for the film will help change your mind on the rough, dirty, and tension-filled joy that is End of Watch. At the very least, you can watch a ton of guns blazing."

UltraViolet said...

Nice! I love all this buzz. I hope it translates into box office.

Loved the photoshopping comment. Jake is professionally approved.

The Nailed saga is dispiriting. I hope someday, someone pulls it together. Such a shame.

UltraViolet said...

Interview with Jake from Broadway World.

I liked this La Colombe follow-up:

He's a STUD. He goes to that coffee shop all the time and all of my coworkers have seen him many times. Finally I did too!

Monica said...

I like his thoughts on youtube and just me or Jake seems increasingly serious?

I'm not complaining, I love it!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

He does appear increasingly serious Monica and no complaonts from me either :)

Love that serious pic UV posted from the NY Times.

Love the buzz and the new EOW trailer and I can't wait to for the reviews of Jake on Broadway!

It is a pity about Nailed and what a timely movie for this election year.

bobbyanna said...

I just finished reading th NYT article @ Viv's link. they have great photos too.

Yeah, you can tell Jake gets lost on You Tube just like the rest of us. : )

Viv said...

Another EOW review:
My English is not good enough to understand whether it's positive or negative.:/
I think it's more a negative review?

Scott said...

Another EOW review:
My English is not good enough to understand whether it's positive or negative.:/
I think it's more a negative review?"

Seems to me he didn't want to like it but apparently it kept his attention according to all the details he gave away. ANother reviewer who tries to be too cool to like something that he had already judged before he sat down to watch it.

Ambigous review.

UltraViolet said...

Viv, that review was hard to interpret. I wouldn't call it negative. I also wouldn't call it informed. As Scott said, the reviewer seemed to have preconceived notions, but liked the film anyway.

Maybe now, Bergstein can pay for Nailed to be finished. (Yes, I know he'll never see this money and it probably wouldn't matter.)

UltraViolet said...

Jake and Jon Lesher on EoW:

Producer John Lesher said while filming the movie which was shot last summer in some of the roughest parts of LA, they grew to love the area and called it home by the end of filming. They received lots of love from neighborhood where it was shot. While developing the script a year a and a half ago they met Gyllenhaal and since that he has been a brother on film.

Gyllenhaal who is also the executive producer on the movie is extremely proud of how it turned out. One of the biggests aspects of the movie is the friendship between him and co-star Michael Peña. Gyllenhaal stated, "The heart of the movie is relationships and the friendship forged between me and Michael Peña over the period of time we spent our lives together is very meaningful to me". The relationship betweeen Gyllenhaal and Peña is extremely moving and shows the bond police officers have with their partners.