Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Family man

Backstage interviewed Jake Gyllenhaal about his new play and about End of Watch:

"The bottom line is that it’s just fucking great writing,” Jake Gyllenhaal says of his American stage debut, Off-Broadway play “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet.”

Gyllenhaal stars as the couch-crashing Uncle Terry in Nick Payne’s British drama, opposite Brían F. O’Byrne, Michelle Gomez, and Annie Funke. “It’s about family,” Gyllenhaal says. "I think family is the most important thing in the world. I think your own family is the most complicated thing in the world, and I think it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. I think it’s what I love the most.

“Somebody was trying to get an angle on why I moved to New York, and I was like, ‘Because my family is here and I love them. And I want to be with them and they mean everything to me.’ This is the best possible place for me to be, to be near my family, doing a show about the mess of a family, and then maybe having my family come watch it.”

As for his newly acquired stage relatives, Gyllenhaal can’t rave enough. “These actors are fucking amazing. Wonderful! And I’m a harsh critic, you know? I am. And they’re probably just as harsh as I am. But so far it’s been wonderful.”

The four-person dramedy, set in England and directed by Michael Longhurst, has what Gyllenhaal calls an ambitious physical production. “It takes what you sort of assume the play is going to be and it makes it so much bigger and grander. As much as I am one for real human interaction, I also want to make a show that’s entertaining and that people want to see,” Gyllenhaal says. “And I don’t think anyone here has any desire to make some quirky family drama. That’s not what it’s about. And Michael has done it. It’s ambitious. It’s daunting for us because I think we have to pull a lot of stuff off.” He laughs, adding, “But it’s not like ‘De La Guarda’ or anything.”

(Photos from tweeters at tonight's performance of If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet.)


Mary said...

Thanks UV great interview now he has confirmed that he has moved to NY but we already knew that I figured it was because of family.

UltraViolet said...

If there's a better title for "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet" than "The Jake Gyllenhall Play" I haven't found it yet. #seewhatididthere

From the last post:

Ok small rant over. Time to go see Jake Gyllenhaal in his show! ;)
5:58 PM - 28 Aug 12

That play was PHENOMENAL!
8:18 PM - 28 Aug 12


At the Jake Gyllenhall play. Still don't know the name of this play (and I have a Playbill in hand). More homos here than at a Pride parade.

UltraViolet said...

Was glad to see some different answers. An interesting, if too brief, interview.

Another shot of Jake this afternoon:

It's so weird when celebrities eat at your favorite lunch spot.Thanks for your beautiful presence today Jake Gyllenhaal pic.twitter.com/17qn6JOI

Monica said...

beautiful words, Jake. And I love this new look!

Thanks, UV.

Mary said...

Just my first ad for EOW I was watching the history channel and yes Uv it seems like old times.

Mary said...

oops shold be saw my first ad sorry

UltraViolet said...

Ooh. Still haven't seen the ad. I hope I get to see it soon. More on EoW:

Collider writer:

Bill Graham ‏@cablebfg
I loved END OF WATCH!!!!

And repeating this tweet from the last post:

#endofwatch was terrific & terrifying. My co-worker @marcmalkin & I clutched each other's arms & covered our eyes. Cops don't make enough $$

De nada, Monica.

UltraViolet said...

Interesting tweets from a theater type:

Excited to see If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet after working w/ it in TTI

Apparently tonight was the first night they flooded the stage for If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. The water is ankle deep.

Stayed to watch a bit of the clean up. Very involved. They have 3 sets of most of the props/scenery so they can rotate while other sets dry.

Also weird to see this play abt climate change on eve of Katrina anniversary & while Louisiana experienced another hurricane as we watched.

After If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet there was huge crowd waiting for Jake G. We walked out late w/ 2 actors & everyone cheered. Weird.

So it looks like they are getting the water effects closer to design.

From the girl in the first twitter photo in the post:

Saw "If there is, I haven't found it yet." Some really interesting water effects. Also, Jake Gyllenhaal with a British accent smoking weed

Doris Roberts is an actress (Raymond's mother from Everybody Loves Raymond):

Doris Roberts in the audience at If there is I haven't found it yet.

UltraViolet said...

A couple of tweets:

Watched Jake Gyllenhaal perform in the new play 'If There Is, I Haven't Found It Yet.' Fantastic cast, play, set. Not sold out - go see it!
12:10 AM - 29 Aug 12

Just saw jake gyllenhaal at hell's kitchen
10:34 PM - 28 Aug 12

From the positive reviewer on Broadway World:

Hey guys, since I'm pretty sure you read the boards I wanted to write to you.

I saw the show again tonight (much tighter than Friday nights show and if I'm not mistaken around 10 minutes shorter) and while I still really enjoyed it, might I suggest putting microphones on the actors for this one? There is just so much dialogue that's still being lost without it. I had great seats tonight and people throughout the entire show were asking each other "what did he/she say?" and not just the older people. Even though I'd seen it, I still missed a lot.

Keep up the great work guys and PLEASE tell Jake hi for me and that he's making my dreams come true. Seriously, tell him. And let me know what he says. No wait, don't. Wait, yes do let me know. Only if it's nice. No wait, never don't tell me. Okay DO tell me but only if you want to.

There have been other complaints about not understanding the dialogue. They will have to work on that.

One last tweet:

Just watched Jake Gyllenhaal in the preview of "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet" and am appreciating the view of him being swamped by fans post show :)

Extra said...

What a great interview and it confirms what I already thought that he moved to NY.

Love all the twitter reviews for the play, I think this is a perfect stage vehicle for him. An ensemble piece with a role that really lets him stretch his wings. Love that everyone says that his British accent was so good!

Love the stagedoor twic pics, so happy to see all the fans showing up to see him!

bobbyanna said...

I'm loving the pics, too. It's SO good to see and read about the great turn out of fans! I hope Jake is "feeling"the support and the love he's getting. This is a real opportunity for him to know he's got a lot of support for this career choice. I agree, Extra, I thinkt now that he has two young nieces,he wants to be around to watch them grow.

UltraViolet said...

added another photo from this blogger:

Everyone knows there is only one Jake in my life (Mr. Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters), but Jake Gyllenhaal comes in a close second. Jake is making his American stage debut in New York in “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet” and if theatre is your thing, you won’t want to miss this show. You can find out more details and purchase tickets at this link. Thanks Jake for being a cool guy!

UltraViolet said...

An ensemble piece with a role that really lets him stretch his wings.

Ditto, Extra. I think you've nailed it. It's great that the entire play doesn't rest on Jake, though it seems like his star power fires it.

Bobbyanna, I hope Comcast finally fixed you up! And I hope Jake is feeling the love.

Off Broadway said...

Oh wow I just noticed, they have metal barriers up in front of the theater now. Those weren't there the first night. They had those retractable theater ropes up instead.

UltraViolet said...

Interesting, Off Broadway. I guess they needed something more secure.

Some EoW comments on FB:

Just saw a screening of the movie. Outstanding. Great film. 5 out 5 stars.
11 hours ago via mobile

Went to the movie screening this evening for this movie. Awesome movie and very realistic!!!!! That actress that got to make out with actor Jake Gyllenhaal sure is lucky. He is such a cutie!!!! I wouldn't mind making out with him.

Brilliant. I'm sick to my stomach after watching it. Thank you for the preview in SF. The dialogue was dead on. I hope people will see this movie and gain an understanding of what a police officer deals with from day to day, what their families go through, and most importantly that they are brave and funny people with heart. I fear that people will focus on the wrong things about this film, but I want to thank you for making it.

Wow! Just got out of a screening and Q and A session with Natalie and Michael. Totally intense and unexpectedly funny, you can tell how much went into this film. Bravo!!!

Great reviews.

Chica said...

Not surprised to hear that he moved to NY but it's nice that he confirmed it!

I was thinking the same thing Extra and UV, this gives him a chance to get a taste of the theater w/o having the whole play rest on his shoulders.

Not surprised to hear about the metal barriers. Jake may be a part of an ensemble but he is the drawing card. It will be odd seeing that on the corner of 46th and 6th. The Roundabout usally doesn't get that type of security but from reading the accounts, they are coming out and and showing him the love as you said UV :)

UltraViolet said...

Added the cover photo for Backstage, which looks like it has a longer story than that online snippet.

And another EoW review:

END OF WATCH-The scariest, most real episode of COPS ever, structured like a Western with a surprising amount of buddy cop comedy. See. It.

UltraViolet said...

I linked to the longer story from Backstage in the post. Another new photo, as well.

These are hectic times!

Another EoW review:

is it too early to say this is one of my favorite films this year? met Michael Peña at the screening, funny guy!

this is one of the best movies i’ve seen this year. story line and performance was spectacular. haven’t been so invested in a film from beginning to end in a while, it had me at the edge of my seat the entire time. Written and directed by David Ayer, he has a way of engaging his audience by bringing out all different kinds of emotions throughout this film, a must see. End of Watch will be out in theaters September 21.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and one more new review of If There Is, from the BroadwayWorld forums:

I saw this last night, too!

I didn't have to much of a problem hearing...but I was waaaay house right, and some of the staging that was set stage left was obstructed for me. I think the play needs to resolve quicker after the {blank} scene. It just feels like it's coming to a natural conclusion, but it runs about ten minutes too long. But I generally liked what it had to say, and I thought the acting was terrific throughout. Jake is marvelous...and I would love to see him tackle something like Jamie in Long Day's. Brian F. O'Byrne, Michelle Gomez and Annie Funke are all quite wonderful.

I think it's a worthy night at the theatre, especially if you want to see extremely strong acting.

I blanked out a word for spoilerphobes, in an abundance of caution.

UltraViolet said...

It's a good article - loved Jake's parallel with the writer doing the story. But it perpetuates this notion, with which I fundamentally disagree:

As with his best work (“Brokeback Mountain,” “The Good Girl,” “Zodiac”), Gyllenhaal’s “End of Watch” performance pivots on the chemistry between himself and his co-star. Gyllenhaal’s talent has always been in invisible, seamless partnering; he’s a team player in a leading man’s body—a team leader. When he’s working off other actors who push him, and against whom he can push back, he shines. When he treads a more traditional Hollywood route (“The Prince of Persia”), the results can be less warmly received. “End of Watch” and its dependency on his chemistry with Peña reminded Gyllenhaal of the importance of interacting, and how, in his words, “to get back to not being able to be OK without another person.”

One word: Jarhead.

Hagen said...

Jarhead had a strong cast. Probably not a movie that rebuts the author's assumption: "When he’s working off other actors who push him, and against whom he can push back, he shines." I think that statement applies to Jake's interaction with Jamie Foxx.

But I think that "Source Code" has proven that Jake has evolved into a leading actor who doesn't have to rely on a strong cast. Neither Michelle Monaghan nor Vera Farmiga had particularly interesting parts. Nevertheless the movie was critically acclaimed.

UltraViolet said...

Jarhead was Jake's movie. I don't think he relied on the chemistry with one other person to own the movie. But SC is also a good example.

Also, it just bugs me that people see Jake's role in BBM as part of a team, but Heath's role is never talked about that way.

Just going to keep spamming with play and film reviews:

Really liked this play IF THERE IS I HAVEN'T FOUND IT YET at Roundabout Theatre by Brit playwright Nick Payne. The cast is really terrific including Mr Gyllenhaal who does quite well. Get it on TKTS while it's in previews cuz it's gonna start selling out.

Saw If There Is... Tonight at @RTC_NYC. Love the play! Have a lot of work to do for @EDUCATIONatRTC to prep schools!
10:43 PM - 28 Aug 12

And a great, lengthy review from this blogger, who I think once saw Jake at La Colombe and wrote a memorable post about it.

FYI, it looks like they are inviting cops to some of these advance screenings. And some press from Michael Pena and Natalie Martinez.

It's a shame Jake isn't with the cast to do these interviews. Seems like they are going from city to city. That link is from the Dallas Morning News.

Mary said...

Boy sure wish I could see the play the more good reviews I read the more I really want to see the play

Josie said...

I enjoyed reading that interview, some new stuff and confirmation that he moved to NY, thanks so much for posting it UV and od course all the fantastic updates and reviews for If there is and EOW!

It's always a good idea IMO to see a play after previews, it give a chance for cast and crew to iron out the kinks.

Too bad he can't join Michael pena and Co. for some of these advance screenings, that would have been fun!

Love all the fan pics taken of Jake with fans :)

bobbyanna said...

UV,the review of the play at the link you provided was really excellent. I'm also encouraged by all the positive feedback for EoW.

Monica said...

Eric Vespe ‏@EricVespe
About to moderate an End of Watch Q&A with Michael Pena. Word on the street is that Austin's Mayor and Police Chief are in the audience

Eric Vespe ‏@EricVespe
Hoping this is my time to use the Quint line "Mr. Mayor, Chief, ladies and gentlemen" in real life.

Jeff Sneider ‏@TheInSneider
@EricVespe I'm jealous! I've never met Pena, but he's amazing so give him a hug for me. Movie's great, hoping it leads to even bigger things

UltraViolet said...

According to a tweeter:

Jake sitting outside the theatre
5:25 PM - 29 Aug 12

Daang just saw Jake Gyllenhaal on 46th st. Crazy. Man was just chillin. Lol
5:15 PM - 29 Aug 12

Checking out a matinee of @RTC_NYC's If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. Can't wait. :o)

Definitely well acted on his part. Character Accent made him even more adorable. :o)

BTW, thanks to Gyllencrazy, Mermon, Sasha, JFaulkin and 13thSun, among others, who engage Jake tweeters and get more info!

From Eric Vespe, Ain't It Cool, who has tweeted that he liked EoW:

About to moderate an End of Watch Q&A with Michael Pena. Word on the street is that Austin's Mayor and Police Chief are in the audience
9:06 PM - 29 Aug 12

UltraViolet said...

Oh, thanks, Monica. Posted around the same time.

Hi, Josie. Great to see you. There's a lot going on these days.

Mary, I wish we could all see the play. It would be great if someone got some tape of it.

Bobbyanna, loved the long review. I should tank the blogger...

UltraViolet said...

End of Watch was a VERY intense movie. Lots of emotions but entertaining and great performances all around! @AnnaKendrick47 was a bonus!
9:27 PM - 29 Aug 12

This is a funny sequence of tweets:

I should have stayed home. My headache just keeps getting worse. I hope the show takes my mind off of it.
6:23 PM - 29 Aug 12

8:43 PM - 29 Aug 12

UltraViolet said...


I saw a bad play tonight. Outside, fans were waiting for Jake Gyllenhaal to sign their Jarhead DVDs. Not just fans - men. Lots of men. WTF

Guess she doesn't realize that men can like men.

Much better:

Saw @RTC_NYC's "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet" today. Was amazed by the water sets and Jake G's accent. Amazing acting and dedication!
9:59 PM - 29 Aug 12

This is cute:

Sharon Osborne at If There Is I Haven't Fount it Yet with Jake Gyllenhaal this afternoon. Roundabout Laura Pels.
10:20 PM - 29 Aug 12

No details:

literally hung out with Jack Gyllenhaal for atleast 10 minutes, such a nice guy!
10:42 PM - 29 Aug 12

And from her friend:

Today was literally one of the best days of my life. Omg & the best person i met today was Jake Gyllenhaal, i have a full story on that. wow
10:56 PM - 29 Aug 12

Anonymous said...

Nice interview. It's nice he confirmed he's moved to NY, not that we couldn't already see that. I just wonder why it took so long, I remember a talk show interview where, (I think it was either David L or Conan who asked if he made his home in NY and at the time he said Calif was his home. I wonder if he'll keep his house out there so he'll have a place to stay, or his family will, when they need to be in Hollywood)

I loved the cover pic on Backstage. I can't see the play but I will see the movie

Anonymous said...

Joyce ‏@Joycee188

Just @lemeus19 and I with Jake Gyllenhaal. No big deal. #dead #stupidinstgramformakingmecroplol http://instagr.am/p/O8HCLhxNpN/

Anonymous said...

Rachael Dusek ‏@RachaelDusek

Found out tonight that a friend of a friend's cousin is hooking up with Jake Gyllenhaal right now and she's my age. I HAVE A CHANCE!

Anonymous said...

'Also, it just bugs me that people see Jake's role in BBM as part of a team, but Heath's role is never talked about that way.' UV, you know we share the same opinion about this.

That part of the interview makes Jake look like he is unable to shine on his own, which is really annoying and -honestly - old.

With 'An Enemy' Jake has the opportunity to prove (as if needed) that he not only can be a leading actor, but TWO.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Enjoyed the interview and the review at that link UV was one of the best of the best I read so far.

Jake is sounding more mature, grounded and confident as of late and I love it! This is such a great opportunity for Jake. I hope to make it to NY and see him in stage.

Jake has already proven he is a leading man and doesn't need the help of his co-stars to stand out, it's an old argument that i'm tired of hearing.

Anonymous said...

"Jake has already proven he is a leading man and doesn't need the help of his co-stars to stand out, it's an old argument that i'm tired of hearing."

Totally agree. by the way, i think it's Jake who shined in BBM.


Scott said...

I would let it bother you about the leading man stuff. Heath, god bless was rarely the leading man. I can only think of 2 movies where is was the lead and I believe the only reason Heath was lead because he played the self homophobe and to increase the chances of both Jake and Heath of winning awards. Jake is always called a leading man although personally I think he prefers not to be. But cmon if you were an Hollywood actor as insecure as they are, would you want to share a screen with Jake? It must be hard for females too because Jake is just do damn pretty ( i mean that not in a disrespectful way).

UltraViolet said...

Scott, it's not a Heath v. Jake thing. It's something that people say about Jake unfairly, IMO. It bugs me that a publication like Backstage would perpetuate it.

Nice story:

TKTS was a mess today (through no apparent fault of their own).

After waiting in line for forty-five minutes, with my heart set on the matinee performance of One Man, Two Guvnors, it was announced that the Shubert Organization's computer system went down, and TKTS would not be able to sell tickets to any of the shows in their theaters!

They were only able to sell tickets to 5 B'way shows (most of which I had already seen) and four off-Broadway shows. This was shortly after 1:00 PM. They couldn't say when or if the system would come back on-line. I waited until 1:20 and since the system hadn't come back on-line, I decided to take a chance.

I ended up buying a ticket to IF THERE IS I HAVEN'T FOUND IT YET (one of the four Off-B'way shows on the board). Talk about lemons into lemonade. I really liked this play. Annie Funke was fantastic and is giving a brave performance. Brian F. O'Byrne was good as usual, and Jake Gyllenhaal did a fine job as well.

All's well that ends well....

Another good EoW tweet:

END OF WATCH = Muy buen filme. Me sorprendio bastante. Buenas actuaciones (especialmente Michael Peña) y trama. #good

END OF WATCH = Very good film. I was quite surprised. Good performances (especially Michael Peña)

Paula C. said...

As some of you mentioned, the more I read about the play, the more I wish I could see it, but knowing that's impossible I'm really happy for those of you who have that luck.

love the cover, he looks divine and his eyes seem brighter than ever! The words he had for his family! I just miss seeing him with atticus in NY.

Jake is sounding more mature, grounded and confident as of late and I love it!- I completely agree with you OONP.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jake needs to prove anything, I was just saying that with An Enemy he has the opportunity to shut some critics' mouth. Just wanted to clarify my POV.

Anonymous said...

Jake has always been thought of as a good actor from his earliest movies. I got a kick out of "Bubble Boy" and tho the reviews for the movie weren't good from a lot of them (and there were some that did understand the humor) In all of the ones I saw Jake got good reviews and they thought he was good at comedy. He got excellent reviews for "Jarhead"..some thought he deserved an Oscar nomination.
Him seeming more mature, serious (tho again, he's someone people say is very funny don't doubt that hasn't changed) he is now past that 30 year old mark and is now moving into the 2nd part of his life and career and of course it's
going to be changing. That's suppose to happen.
This is where his career has been heading and a natural progression from what he has done before. He never did an "Attack of the Killer Tomatos" type of movie and that is on George Cloony's resume.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Paula - how are you doing these days? It's getting close, yes?

GC, we are of one mind :)

Annie, I think Jake was expected to be a bigger star than he has been, so far. And a lot of people, sadly, would put PoP in the turkey category. He did that a lot later in his career than George did Killer Tomatoes.

Some comments below on that, from this thread on All That Chat. It made me sad and then glad that people understand a career evolution and that the play's price is keeping some folks away:

I noticed it was up at TKTS last night for 50% off. I guess Jake G isn't an A list box office draw. I saw it yesterday afternoon and liked it. The struggling teen/dysfunctional family subject matter isn't particularly fresh but the playwright has a talent for dialogue and the production is excellent.

... And if he did a play five years ago, he probably could have sold it out on name alone. There's no denying that his star and visibility have waned a bit in recent times. ...

That's by his own design, AC.

Gyllenhaal has discussed very openly (and very recently, in a NY Times profile) his own impetuous to reexamine his career path in recent years. He parted with his long time management and started picking projects that were more meaningful to him and less commercial friendly.

That's had mixed results, obviously- as you alluded to, he hasn't really had a hit movie since BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN in 2005, but he's also barely done a film a year in the intervening years following it. He's at a very interesting time as an actor, and it's no surprise he's choosing this period to explore more stage work.

I think the less-than-expected grosses have more to do with Roundabout pricing out Gyllenhaal's fan base by making all seats for the entire run $100 than it does people not being drawn to see him live.

Nobody needs to tell Roundabout anything. They knew that a $100 ticket would price out part of the audience and some of the tickets would be sold for $50 at TKTS. But, pricing them at $100 let them sell as many tickets as possible at that price BEFORE dumping the rest at half price.

Roundabout knew very well what it was doing.

A Jake play in 2005 definitely would have gotten a bigger response, and his career, as we've discussed, hasn't flourished as it might have. But it was heartening to see that some people understand some of the reasons for it.

From FB:

Okay, everyone be superrrr jealous! I'm going to go see Jake Gyllenhaal in this- http://www.roundabouttheatre.org/Shows-Events/If-There-Is.aspx



I saw it last weekend during its 2nd preview performance. He is good. The show is not. Anxious to hear what you think!

it's $100?!

Finally, celeb play sighting:

@BrooklynDecker hey! Saw you at if there is I haven't found it yet. Hope you enjoyed the show as
1:29 PM - 30 Aug 12

Anonymous said...

Some did enjoy POP and even tho later in his career as the Clooney movie it was no-where the cheaply made type of movie George did. And, George really didn't "make it" until ER, tho he did other shows he was in his 30's before he came to where he is now.
Also think Jake has mainly wanted to be a good actor and known as an actor, not just a movie star, because sometimes there is a difference. In fact I rem. reading somewhere where it had been mentioned that he was a good actor and also thought of as a "movie star".
I think better scripts would be what he would be wanting and think trying different things is what an actor would want to do and there is no actor that hasn't had a movie that hasn't done well, or not been up to their standards.
He's cool - he will have no problem getting acting roles and posssibly even some directing some day.

Scott said...

All I can say is that I wish I had Jake's problems. I think he would be the first one to agree that his life is charmed. He's doing what he loves, a grounded individual and has a great solid family and a nice bank account. He's successful in every way.

UltraViolet said...

From one of last night's tweeters:


Yep! He signed my Playbill and used both of our hands as stabilizers. :-)

It's in very early previews, but Jake is a standout in the cast and the show is promising. A few tweaks and it could be excellent.

From a playgoer tonight:

Saw the Jake Gyllenhaal play. A unique and original concept, set design, and great acting. The biggest issue is that the play is just ok.

Nonetheless....saw the man, his beard, and his accent from the 3rd row...he's a good actor.


@jakegyllenhal and cast excellent in powerful new play, "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet" #don'tmiss

UltraViolet said...

From the Roundabout guy who called Jake fangirls crazy:

Watching rando passerbys try to figure out who everyone is crowding around and then realize its Jake Gyllenhaal is priceless. #fangirls

This is a great story from someone who tweeted about meeting Jake last night:

Jake Gyllenhaal, one of my celebrity crushes. So here’s the story… My 2 friends and i got to the theater and asked a security guard when Jake would be out to meet fans, he told us 9:30pm so so i said thank you and we left to go get something to eat and to arrive back at 8 just incase there were people waiting for Jake, so when we arrive at the theater again we decided to just sit infront of the theater waiting for Jake’s show to be over, and the same security guard i mentioned earlier came up to us and said, Jake is going to come outside for a break don’t take any pics, and we said okay no problem. So when Jake walks out he sits on the ledge of a wall and takes out a cigarette, while he was getting up on the ledge he looked at me, so i waved and smiled, and he then smiled back and said hey, i died inside lol, so me and my friends were just chatting for a lil while Jake was smoking then all of a sudden i look over and hes waving his hand to come to him, and i pointed at myself, and he shook his head yes and smiled, my dreams were about to come true, so we walked over and he said excuse the accent i dont want to break character, and i said its cool then i laughed, he then asked us if we’ve seen the show yet, and he asked us where we were from, and what we were doing in the city on a Wednesday night, what college i was going to, and etc… then he asked do u guys want your picture? and i was like no i want to talk, he then smiled and said okay because most people just want pictures with him, so after that we all talked to him for a little longer, because there was a guy behind us, so Jake finally said alright lets get a picture so we took the picture and said bye. I think we talked for atleast 10 minutes. It was such an amazing night and hes such a great guy, he kept wanting to get to know us and i thought that was the sweetest thing, from that u can really tell he cares about his fans, hope to meet him again soon. <3

So he comes out for a smoke during the play. Very interesting. I wonder if people will try that rick now.

Mary said...

Nice story. Lucky girls.

Anonymous said...

Nice story about the girl who hung out with Jake on his break. Doing a play puts you in more contact (at the stage door) with the fans. I've waited for actors at the stage door in the past, it's a great experience to be able to meet the actors and have pics/autographs with them


Anonymous said...

Carly McCloskey ‏@CarlyMMC

Scruffy Jake Gyllenhaal is gorgeous in person. English accent needs practice, but I forgive him so hard.

UltraViolet said...

It's a great story, and I'm glad she shared it!

New post.