Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Details

Less is more: The Details cover without all those distracting words.

And a couple of Jake Gyllenhaal gifs from the behind-the-scenes video:

And the old with the new:

Taiwan's End of Watch poster:

(Photos from the Railroad Revival Tour courtesy of AndyTheT.)


UltraViolet said...

It would be great if this happens:

Who is booked for Season 2? Anyone you can tell us about?

We are happy to have a lot of people booked already. In the first couple of weeks we have about three movie cast shows. Executive Producer, Terence Noonan, Anderson, and I have all been involved in looking at movies and choosing movies that we believe are appealing to the “Anderson Live” audience. One of which is “Arbitrage” with Richard Gere, who will be on the show with the film’s cast.

Also a movie already getting Oscar buzz, “End of Watch” with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña — who are both getting a lot of buzz for their performances. Jake will come on with Michael to talk about their film.


That would be great indeed, UV. Thanks for the cover photo, such a wonderful shot.

Viv said...

Wooho!!!I saw the Taiwanese poster.I can see Jakey on 9/28!!Yay!!

Chica said...

The gifs are so fun and I love the Taiwanese poster!

Not too sure about any Oscar buz for EOW, but it's good to know that that people are excited about it.

Great find on the pics from the RRT tour from last year, it's the gist that keeps on giving !

Anonymous said...

why there is still no Hong Kong release date for EOW?! i love the Taiwanese poster <3


bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV.
Taiwan poster is very cool!

Always nice to hear "Oscar buzz" no matter how it turns out. : )

Thanks for the Anderson info, too. I'm really looking forward to Jake 's TV appearances for EoW. I know they'll likely center on NYC because of the play, but I also hope he will get to the LA premiere.

After reading the Details interview yet again, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Jake to do a session on Inside the Actors Studio. Soon. : )

UltraViolet said...

This is a cute tweet:

Thank you, Jake Gyllenhaal. Seeing your photo on the cover of Details magazine reminded my daughter to call me. How sweet is that?

Someone else tweeted about seeing Jake on the subway this morning.

I forgot to put the Taiwan poster in the original post, even though seeing it was what caused me to think about a new post! I like it, but poor Michael Pena. I guess he's not a Taiwanese draw.

Viv, I don't think I knew you live in Taiwan. So glad you got some good news with the poster. And MonaLisa, I didn't know you live in Hong Kong. I hope they let you know soon when it will be released.

I'd love to see Jake do one of those, Bobbyanna. Preferably on one of his less babblicious days :)

bobbyanna said...

"Jake Gyllenhaal is in the house" (@ Delacorte Theater w/ 18 others)

from Manhattan
Mildly Bitter‏@MildlyBitter

"Alan Cumming two seats from Jake Gyllenhaal."

1h Mildly Bitter‏@MildlyBitter

"Jake Gyllenhaal is here. He's just free riding off my theater schedule these"

I guess Jake is in Central Park @ The Delacorte to see "Into the Woods" Amy Adams is headlining. It's part of The Public Theatre's Shakespeare in the Park series.

Anonymous said...

Scott Heller ‏@hellerNYT

It didn't rain. "Last Midnight" was amazing. And Jake Gyllenhaal and Joanna Gleason were there. #sondheiminthepark

bobbyanna said...

Eddie ‏@TheDailyEddie

"I met Stephen Sondheim tonight and sat next to Jake Gyllenhaal at the opening of Into The Woods under the stars in Central Park. That's NYC"

Here's another tweet about last night. Stephen Sondheim! How cool!

UltraViolet said...

Lots of tweets/sightings of Jake at the play and a couple of others from yesterday:

I took Jake Gyllenhaal's order today!!!! — at Shake Shack.

would have really given him my number.. you never know what hes into

really?! was amazing


I met Stephen Sondheim tonight and sat next to Jake Gyllenhaal at the opening of Into The Woods under the stars in Central Park. That's NYC.

Jake Gyllenhaal is much hotter in person

Standing behind Jake Gyllenhaal really puts life into perspective....

Just saw jake gyllenhaal looking fine as all hell walking to the ACE train.
5:44 PM - 9 Aug 12

I've always wanted to go to one of those theater in the park shows.

UltraViolet said...

Great minds, Bobbyanna :)

I wonder if Jake got to meet Sondheim or if he has at some other point. Didn't Bazz Luhrman say Jake sang Sondheim when he auditioned for Moulin Rouge?

Chica said...

I've seen a few Shakespeare in the Park productions in Central park like As You Like It, it's a wonderful experience UV!

The weather is bad today, rain storms into the night,it's a good thing he saw Into the Woods last night!

Hmmm, the ACE train, they mean the A-C-E station. The E train is the train I take home:)

The Shake Shack has the best burgers!

bobbyanna said...

I'd love to see Shalespeare in the Park. The late Joseph Papp, the founder,is one of my idols. We once tried for Al Pacino in Merchant of Venice, but no luck. Altho my youngest daughter has seen Meryl Streep!

(UV, Sondheim probably ate dinner at his house! LOLOL!)

bobbyanna said...

aka "Shakespeare." LOL!

UltraViolet said...

Kind of cool to see "TIFF selection" at the beginning of the trailer. Still the same footage, though. I had been hoping for a new trailer at some point.

From an interview with Stephen Gyllenhaal:

Ha, Good point! By the way, you were talking about how you don’t think you’d ever work with your children Maggie or Jake, but do you want to?

They’re spectacular actors, I’d love to work with them. But I’d rather be their dad, that’s more important or delightful to me. There is no second-place in life next to being a parent. That’s it, and then everything else is way back there somewhere. And then being a grandparent.

It makes you just fall in love with human beings that you can’t imagine ever happening. Yeah, I’d love to work with them, but not at the expense of being a dad.

Slow night out there, except for the Paul Ryan = Jake Gyllenhaal tweets. Oy.

bobbyanna said...

Oy is right, UV. Not even close.


bobbyanna said...

Found this in today's New York Daily News:

" JAKE GYLLENHAAL’s famous face did not get him special access to the set of “Smash” Wednesday night. The hunky movie star was strolling down Mercer St. in SoHo with a mystery woman when the pair stumbled upon the set of the hit NBC show starring Katharine McPhee and Debra Messing. The street was closed to the general public, and when Gyllenhaal, sporting black gym shorts and a hat, and his pretty brunette babe tried to walk down Mercer they were stopped by security. According to our eagle-eyed spy on the street, after inquiring what was going on, Gyllenhaal was told by security he had to take a detour, and the actor complied humbly."

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Emily Allsopp ‏@EmAlls

With @aricker ... Just sat next to Jake Gyllenhaal on the subway. #lifeiscomplete

UltraViolet said...

I guess JAke has reconsidered the cycling thing:

Dear Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal, you make it very hard for me to concentrate in spin class when you're all hot and sweaty next to me

Jake gylleenhaal. You are the perfect man.

And many more;

#soulcycle is overpriced except for when jake gyllenhaal is in the class. Then its a bargain.

I don't know if jake gyllenhaal in the class made me work harder or less hard #soulcycle

Just took a Soul Cycle class next to Jake Gyllenhaal. #gorgeousisanunderstatement

And one from the subway:

Can someone please rewind my amazing encounter with Jake Gyllenhaal in the subway earlier this afternoon? Merci. #wow

nice ! Did you talk tech ? Or about a date...Or?

Or...was paralyzed. Most convenient option, a terrible one though :)

UltraViolet said...

Oasis! Except not. I had no idea they were going to play. The one Olympic moment I wasn't spoiled for. My 1996 self was so happy.

Sorry, had to squee a bit. But it's a shame Noel wasn't there. It's his song, after all.

bobbyanna said...

I was watching, too, UV!
So glad to see George Michael perform. He's the one I was most looking forward to.
Yeah, it looks like the Gallaghers aren't reconciling.: (

UltraViolet said...

George sounded pretty good, I thought! And I wonder if Noel and Liam are even talking these days. I'm guessing no, since Noel wasn't there.

A couple more tweets:

Rode the subway today with jake gyllenhaal. Man of the people taking the subway
8:50 PM - 12 Aug 12

Eating dinner right next to jake gyllenhaal #thisiscool #bestfriendsalready
8:59 PM - 12 Aug 12

UltraViolet said...

Are you kidding me, NBC? They are dragging the Olympics out until after midnight?

Also, this is a hilarious #nbcfail:

commentator saw Jesse Eisenberg in the stands and said it was Mark Zuckerberg

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling that Jake couldn't stay away from Spinning for long :D


Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I saw the Jake/Paul Ryan tweets, on what planet?? Mittens and Ryan, a match made in hell!!!

The Olympic ceremonies were incredible, England did a bang up job. So many fantastic images and stories from the games, congratulations to all the winners and all the atheletes that particpated.

CBS Sunday had a segment on the 50th anniversary of the Delocorte Theater and the interviewed Amy Adams from Into The Woods.

Jake will be hitting all the NY talk shows (hopefully!) for EOW since he will be in NY for his play, looking forward to him on Anderson Live!

I thought that Jake was "in character" when he talked about excercising :)

Tweety said...

I love your gifs UV, they always make me laugh!!

He's back to Soul cycling, expect more cycle tweets coming, LOL!

I bought the Details magazine :)

England really hit it out of the park with the Olympics, good show!

I felt really old when the Spice Girls made an appearence for some reason!!

UltraViolet said...

I think the Spice Girls might have felt a little old themselves!

I agree, OONP. The whole interview seemed like a performance.

Another old school photo of Jake.

Daniela said...

Hi, how are you guys, girls? I've been bit by the world of Jake, my pc is broken and I'm hesitant to fix or buy another as soon as, I decide I will using the pc of my work on my lunch hour rs, is the way!
Next week is already the premiere of Jake in the theater, right?
A great weekend to all! see you soon!:)

Monica said...

The whole interview seemed like a performance.

I thought the same. I was wondering he is now a method actor? hahahaha
He didn't stop exercising. I remember that picture of him exercising in a gym in Toronto.

Hagen said...

Some people complained that Jake looked fat on the "An Enemy" set photos. So I guess he tried to explain why his body wasn't as fit as usual. Maybe he exaggerated a bit when he claimed that he didn't work out at all.

Another positive reaction on "End of Watch" (from an Anna Kendrick fan; certainly not an objective opinion on the movie, but anyway it's nice to hear that):

The Meeting of Anna Kendrick: "So when Lauren secured passes to screen a few of Anna’s upcoming films “Pitch Perfect” and “End of Watch” I was interested. Both films are incredible, but also very different. “Pitch Perfect” is Ryan Murphy’s worst nightmare – a well crafted movie about musical competition with the perfect balance of snark, humor and heart. People who fear it is “Glee: The Movie” are in for a surprise, it blows “Glee” out of the water. “End of Watch” is a tense and gritty police drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Anna plays third fiddle here again but the movie is so great that I don’t blame her for jumping at the chance to be a part of it."

Hagen said...

Screen Invasion:

Title: End of Watch
Release Date: September 21, 2012 (limited, expanding: September 28, 2012)

Looks like EoW is pushed back to its former release date, September 28th.

Hagen said...

Sorry for triple post.

NBC: "End of Watch' is a found-footage style film. How did that affect the way you acted? That fly-on-the-wall approach."

Anna Kendrick: "Actually, in places, it was difficult to remember that, because we were improvising so much for so long. And there would be times where we would allow a real conversation to just bleed into a scene. So there would be times when Jake [Gyllenhaal] would be telling me that something happened in his home town and I'd think, 'Wait – YOUR hometown or Brian's hometown? But that was exciting. Then it's trying to remember, ‘Okay, once we are in a scene I am this character and I am not myself.’ Because, yeah, the line started getting really blurry. But that was exciting."

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the info, Hagen. I don't know why they would try the limited release thing. Going against Looper seems like madness.

9/21 is still the date on the official site. But since the site is practically useless, that doesn't mean much.

Interesting answer from Anna. I hope we get to see her with Jake for some promotion, though it might be unlikely.

Good to see another review, as well.

Daniela! Nice to see you. I hope you get a working computer soon. Lunchtime isn't enough time to keep up! Or it won't be once the play starts - next week, as you said :)

Extra said...

EOW isn't the kind of movie that usally starts out with a limited release, I hope they know what they are doing. The movie continues to get positive reviews which is good.

I bought my issue of Details over the weekend. He definately was in character(s)when he was doing that interview IMO.

Loved the Olympics. Even with NBC's coverage, even they couldn't spoil them!

Hagen said...

Solely based on EoW would enter the U.S. box office charts at #5 on September 21st, behind "Trouble with the Curve", "Dredd", "The House at the End of the Street" and "Finding Nemo 3D" (opening on September 14th). "Resident Evil" might still yield $10 million on its second weekend. "The Master" is another competitor, expanding on September 21st.

On September 28th EoW would probably enter at #3 behind "Looper" and "Hotel Transylvania".

Maybe Open Road doesn't want to change the release date again and has opted for a limited release on September 21st or maybe Screen Invasion's schedule is just false.

Anonymous said...

anyone else read cantara christopher's book about her relationship with stephen? quite a few jake mentions in there too. there's a pdf of it up on her facebook available free for download.

UltraViolet said...

When you put it like that, Hagen... Neither weekend is ideal. I was hoping for a good box office story for EoW. I still think it will do well for its budget, but that horserace mentality will make it seem like a bust.

Oh well.

From a NY twitter:

a smile from jake gyllenhaal just made my day!
3:19 PM - 13 Aug 12

Monica said...

who is stephen gyllenhaal? Why do I have to read a book about what happened to him and this woman?

Monica said...

End of Watch rend band trailer

UltraViolet said...

Looks like the color of the day is red.

I'm glad there's something to counteract the other in(s)anity that surrounds Jake on twitter tonight, but I kind of wish they had waited so it wouldn't be drowned in the tsunami.

Monica said...

other in(s)anity that surrounds Jake on twitter tonight

what is happening?

bobbyanna said...

Oh, hell. Jake likes rap and hip hop, and Mumford style Folk music and who knows what else. Whatever. Her fans live in a very small world. And she seems to be losing respect with every passing day. It's like she's a joke.

Thanks for the red band trailer.: )

Just thinking. If I was an agency repping two different artists, I sure would try to make sure one artist wasn't doing things to negatively affect the other one.

UltraViolet said...

Taylor Swift's new single is out, and people are assuming it's about Jake. Sigh. It's the gift that keeps on taking.

Monica said...

well, since the first day of the joke of the two together, everybody knew about this song. It's just what she can do!

bobbyanna said...

Whoa! OMG the red band trailer was kick ass. The music works, too.

( you know, I did not hit post twice last time. I don't know why my keyboard is so tempramental.)

UltraViolet said...

It posted three times, Bobbyanna!

I wish it was at least a good song. (I know, I know, it's Taylor Swift.) The title is idiotic, and the lyrics contradict Taylor's publicist-issued version of the affair.

I don't know why I am trying to apply logic here.

UltraViolet said...

I mean, the title is laughable.

Okay, I'll stop :)

More importantly, the red band trailer is kickass. And it is getting some twitter traction.

Monica said...

I say, I hate you, we break up, you call me, I love you
hahahaha he did it? lol
I don't think he did it. hahahahaha

this is very tacky. lol

the music is horrible.

bobbyanna said...

3 times????? I'm really sorry.

OK. I heard "the song." Well, most of it. : ) It sounds like high school. It's definitely teencentric. I really don't think Jake's the subject. I guess it's inevitable she'll refer to him at some point, but I don't think it's this song. This song implies a long term, off and on relationship.
And it's a crap song, too.

bobbyanna said...

The worst thing I saw on twitter tonight wasn't the Taylorbots spamming about Jake. it was the tweet saying Paul Ryan is a cross between Jake Gyllenhaal and JFK.