Monday, August 27, 2012

First promotion

Jake Gyllenhaal arriving at the David Letterman show to promote End of Watch and If There Is I haven't Found It Yet.

Clips from the amazing Stephanie:

And leaving:

If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet is one of the 10 Fall Shows Entertainment Weekly is Dying To See:

(Off Broadway) Nick Payne’s comic drama is certainly topical: It’s about a 15-year-old girl (Annie Funke) who becomes the target of bullies. And, oh…Jake Gyllenhaal makes his New York stage debut as the girl’s uncle.


Rachel said...

LOL Sharon.

Sharon Osbourne ‏@MrsSOsbourne
I am at @Late_Show w/ David Letterman. So excited!! Jake Gyllenhaal is here and I know he wants to have sex with me, but the answer is...NO!

UltraViolet said...

Some tweets:

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal. Man, he looks good with that beard.
3:21 PM - 27 Aug 12

Jake Gyllenhaal is definitely more attractive in person. Even with the beard!
3:25 PM

Another Jake Gyllenhaal spotting. @PaulWebGuy: "I'm your biggest fan." #Swagalicious :) @1035KTU #TrueStory
10:24 AM - 27 Aug 12

Paul Costa ‏@PaulWebGuy
Im Cliche!

Anonymous said...

Jake to be on the new season of Anderson Live.

Celebrity guests for the upcoming season include Richard Gere, Beyonce, Jake Gyllenhaal, Claire Danes, Meg Ryan, Ben Affleck, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Kerry Washington, Kelsey Grammer, Carol Burnett and Stephen Colbert The show, which tapes in front of a live studio audience at the CBS Broadcast Center in New York City, returns with a new show name, new set and new live format with rotating co-hosts.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, anon. We posted that weeks ago, but it's nice to hear it reconfirmed. Seems like Anderson has the same PR firm as Jake, so I assume it will happen.

Jake looks smiley at Letterman, which is nice.

Monica said...

he looks great.

Mary said...

Thanks UV and Rachecant wait to see the show tonight.

I didnt know about anderson please let us know when he will be on it.

Monica said...

Jake ended up in the wilderness with Bear Grylls and it's all Dave's fault.


UltraViolet said...

Oh, I'm so glad they talked about Man v. Wild. We haven't heard anything about that from Jake, really.

I saw a tweet that Jake didn't sign autographs at Letterman, either. I don't want to belabor the point: It's every celebrity's prerogative. But I was hoping Jake would take the play as an opportunity to relax into his fame. I guess we'll see what he does.

I think there must have been an EoW ad during wrestling tonight. A ton of tweets about the movie.

UltraViolet said...

From twitter:

So @lindsaynh_x & i saw our bff jake gyllenhaal today. I Ain't Even Mad tho.
4:29 PM - 27 Aug 12

And let me tell ya ladies he IS rocking the scruff. So fucking gorgeous per usual.

Another middling review:

Caught Jake Gyllenhaal in Roundabout's leaky play If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. Not much of a vehicle for him / I didn't hate the show
5:04 PM - 27 Aug 12

Apparently Michael Pena is at an EoW screening in San Francisco tonight. I saw a tweet from someone who is interviewing him for EoW tomorrow there. Don't know if it's the junket.

Scott said...

I think there must have been an EoW ad during wrestling tonight. A ton of tweets about the movie."

yes but some are still confused about the movie's date. I hope there is not another date fiasco like POP. I hope in what 4 weeks they can let everyone know its 9/21 or is that still the special preview date?

UltraViolet said...

I didn't see the ad, but I think the date is just 9/21. That's what the official site and FB page say. I hope they get the word out.

Viv said...

From Tritter:

EntertainmentOrDie ‏@kyleosbornetv
#EndOfWatch is one of the most intense films I've seen in years. Opens Sept 21

Anonymous said...

Watching Letterman, the beard needs to be trimmed. It creeping up toward his eyes.

UltraViolet said...

Lots of tweeps noticing Jake's neck tattoos on Letterman. And loving the beard. And some not loving it.

The interview is never long enough, but Jake got two segments, which was nice.

Lots of EoW tweeting out there, and some for the play. I'll try to list a few. Thanks to Viv and everyone else for posting. (I hope Tweety's okay - haven't seen her for a few days.)

I love that #JakeGyllenhaal has a #tattoo peeking through his crisp collared shirt on his neck. #Sexy #Lateshow

#JakeGyllenhaal on #DavidLetterman made my night. Such a #stud. #TeamJake

WOOOOAH, JAKE MY FRIEND. LOOKING GOOD. #DavidLetterman #JakeGyllenhaal

#EndofWatch clip on Letterman really funny. Decision -- to see it at #TIFF12 or wait for general release.

Just gonna say this: Jake Gyllenhaal's hair. There's a lot of it. I like every, single, strand. (He's on Letterman)

Just got out of a private screening for End of Watch with SFPD. GREAT movie.

On EoW, from FB:

I was able to see a screening of this film recently. In my mind it will always be difficult to watch an LAPD related film without comparing it to greats like Colors, Heat, Training Day, and LA Confidential. EOW deserves forevermore to be mentioned with these great police dramas. It's hard for me to say its not best or second best in that list.
I was on the edge of my seat for much of the film, laughing for a good portion of it and crying during certain sequences. If I can't label this film the best of the LAPD cop dramas I will label it this way. The COLORS of our generation and a TRUELY outstanding film! Great work!

UltraViolet said...

One more tweet from someone who was at the LEtterman taping:

In case you were wondering, Jake Gyllenhaal is just as adorable in real life as he is in movies. #SubtleNameDropping

And this woman was at the performance that Jake talked about:

HAHA, I was totally at the performance Jake Gyllenhaal just talked about on Letterman (w/ the coughing lady). I was sitting right behind her

Her review: Good for Jake, not the play:

Heading out to see Jake Gyllenhaal onstage in "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet" at @RTC_NYC!
11:54 AM - 26 Aug 12

Yep, I wanted to see it because of Jake, and I really wanted to like it! I just think he deserves better material.

I'm sorry to say I wasn't crazy about the play, but Jake was great!

Monica said...
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Monica said...

he looks adorable on Letterman and I hope Letterman did not say what happens at the end of End of Watch! hehehe

More play talk said...

Lotta threads about the play. Some interesting tidbits about the set and the ticket price.

Chica said...

He was great on Letterman as always!
He's looking good but the beard is a bit wild.

I'm tempted to go midtown afterwork to hang out at the stage door but I think it would be better if of I wait till late September when I hope to see the play.

Tweety said...

I'm fine UV, thanks!! Just busy getting my daughter ready to go back to school, she is nit a happy camper right now, LOL!!

Thanks UV and everyone else for all the updates, missed him on Letterman but I'm sure it will be posted here!

Looks like the play is getting mixed reviews but most like Jake, love all the fan photos.

Back later!

bobbyanna said...

(Waves to Tweety) Chica, wild is an understatement! The werewolf look is not my favorite.LOL! I was glad they showed the clip from Iceland, and very glad Jake promoted the play. The clip from EOW was cute. But I really wish Jake had been given more time.
Chica, all I can say is,if you get a chance, hanging out @ the Laura Pels might be a fun thing to do:-)

Anonymous said...

I taped the show last night but haven't watched it yet. (unless Stephanie gets it up before I watch it.)

I didn't know Jake had any tattoos. We know he had one in Brothers (which I assume was fake) and that tattoo he had on his back (fake) does he have tattoos on his neck? I wonder what they are


Off Broadway said...

Had to return to say that Jake's character most definitely does not have a cockney accent ! It's a regional accent and quite nicely done.

Another thing: it was frustrating to wait for the cast on the first night. But the depiction in the New York Daily News article does not equate to what I experienced. A few left in frustration, but I saw no one stomping or whining once Jake finally appeared and then left. Disappointment perhaps but not anger.

Lily: Jake'c character has three tattoos: neck, forearm, bicep

Thank you to whoever posted that theater chat. I'm eager to go again now to see what has changed.

Mary said...

Jake wss great on letterman.

UltraViolet said...

He was, Mary! And CBS posted the whole show here.

And ooh, what a great theater message board link. I need some time to comb through that one. Thanks, anon.

And thanks, Off Broadway, for delurking again. I wondered about the cockney thing. Glad to hear, also, that there wasn't real anger on Friday night.

Rachel said...

And ooh, what a great theater message board link. I need some time to comb through that one. Thanks, anon.

Yes, thanks for that. Interesting reading about mishaps on stage and the potential of the water trough. The stage mishap is the first time I'd heard that. People in attendance just aren't tweeting or social networking enough for my liking.

T said...

Thanks for the quick updates, sadly i cant view the link (could be as im in the UK)
Im starting to like the beard & the longer hair :)i loved the look he had when promoting POP & source code but either way the man looks fine!!! He seems to have found his niche(work wise)and is if the reviews (not the trolls)are any indication this could see him not only acting but more producing & more plays.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone recognize Jake's entrance song on Letterman last night. It's been driving me crazy.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, the subset of tweeters and Roundabout subscribers is apparently null!

Love all the tidbits about the stage issues. And a very interesting thread about the Roundabout charging too much, essentially exploiting Jake's name.

On EoW, from a CA radio show:

@EndOfWatchMovie we just saw the screening and this movie ROCKS!
1:34 AM - 28 Aug 12

Interesting convo between non-Jake fans:

End of Watch was like the illest episode of COPS ever

Jake Gyllenhall is the one thing that cancels out Michael Pena

I used to feel the same way, but he earns it this time around.

did you catch a preview screening? now I'm interested even though I hate that dude in everything but 2 movies

Yeah, I just got back. I can email you about it if you want. I like that the Training Day guy keeps writing LA movies.

So maybe Jake will change some slow-to-open minds.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, off broadway, for letting us know his character has tattoos.


Anonymous said...

How to Make a Navy Suit Look Even Better

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks Off-B'way for your comments and reviews, I thought he had tattoos in those fan pics!

Jake is starting look like a werewolf, but a cute one :))

I liked him on Letterman, he is such agood storyteller and he looks so good in these photos even although a bit shaggy, LOL!

Anonymous said...

"So maybe Jake will change some slow-to-open minds.'

what did Jake ever do to these guys except be born with genes they would kill for? Guys are way more insecure than women. Just because he's hunk, he's less entertaining or less of an actor? Or is it the "straigth" guy's obsession with BBM?

UltraViolet said...

I think the BBM factor is strong, sadly. But who knows what else goes into it?

I can't remember the entrance song for Jake. One of the interesting threads on the Broadway Chat forum is about entrance applause for Jake in the play. It seems inappropriate for this play, but it has happened, apparently.

That forum makes me wish I lived in NY and could keep up with the day-to-day happenings, not just of Jake's play.

That uniquely theatrical element of change and evolution is fascinating. As Jake mentioned last night, you have different things that come up and have to be dealt with. Like they mentioned in another thread, the young actress dropping her bag, causing Jake and her both to almost break. So interesting!

On an End of Watch note, I saw a few tweets of people seeing the ad. I hope I get to see it tonight.

One of the EoW actresses tweeted this:

Just checked out my @IMDb page and got really excited for my scenes with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena in @EndOfWatchMovie! #blessed

UltraViolet said...

Really nice review of the play from a tweeter who praised it over the weekend. And nice words for Jake's performance, pre- and post-play!

Mary said...

Thanks UV that was really a nice review he really got to the point about what the play is about made me understand it a little more not so confusing.

Chica said...

Thanks for all the review. I wish that I could afford to see more plays seeing that I live here in NY:( Hopefully my BF will come through with my B'day wish!

Jake's play is off-broadway but tickets are still $100, that's too steep for me but I will get to see him on stage (hopefully!) due to my better half.

I'm getting a kick of seeing EOW ads on top of the taxi's here, there are more of those ads then posters in the subways!

UltraViolet said...

Chica, you can definitely get cheaper tickets. That chat board had someone selling a pair. And you can always try TKTS.

Ads on taxis, yay! I haven't seen any of those in Boston.

It's a shame Jake had to miss this:

END OF WATCH press tour at the Ritz with Michael Peña and Natalie Martinez! #EndofWatch #PubPro

We're going to miss out on those video interviews.

Speaking of videos, I added the clips from Stephanie. Thanks, Stephanie!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see the trailer where I live in Texas. You would think the trailer would be on every hour here. YOu guns, guns and more guns.

stefanie said...

I heard a few people say thattickets for Jakes play was too expensive. I am going to see the play this weekend. If you go the the Roundabout theater website you can either call the theater or go on the the instant chat, ask to sign up for HipTix any one who is 21 to 35 years of age can sign up and get tickets for $22.00 a piece. That's what I did I didn't pay $100.
But the seats are in the Mezzanine Section.

Viv said...

From Twitter:

Noelia Murphy ‏@noeliamurphy
#endofwatch was terrific & terrifying. My co-worker @marcmalkin & I clutched each other's arms & covered our faces. Cops don't get enough $$

UltraViolet said...

Yay, I like this tweeter:

Ok small rant over. Time to go see Jake Gyllenhaal in his show! ;)
5:58 PM - 28 Aug 12

That play was PHENOMENAL!
8:18 PM - 28 Aug 12

Lots of tweeters there tonight. We'll see if others post impressions.

Also LOL:

At the Jake Gyllenhall play. Still don't know the name of this play (and I have a Playbill in hand). More homos here than at a Pride parade.
6:26 PM - 28 Aug 12 ·

UltraViolet said...

Yes, Texas should love EoW!

Thanks for posting that, Viv. The good reviews keep on coming.

Stefanie, I'm glad you got cheaper tickets. They say there's not a bad seat in the house, so I think the mezzanine will be fine.

UltraViolet said...

Sorry for the triple post. From twitter:

Im staring at jake gyllenhal RIGHT NOW
Reply Retweet Favorite
4:10 PM - 28 Aug 12

Currently witnessing Jake Gyllenhal give a poor man money. #niceguylist


Manhunt on west side of union square. Perp ran into paragon sports then exited quickly. 4 cops on foot and 6 cars giving chase.
10:41 AM - 28 Aug 12

No word on fleeing, apparent criminal. But I do have new pic for series of celebs from behind: Jake Gyllenhaal.

UltraViolet said...

New night, new article, new post.

It's like old times!