Monday, August 13, 2012

Seeing red

The red band trailer for End of Watch:

Still says it's coming out on September 21. We'll keep you posted!

Reaction to the trailer has been strong, continuing the movie's advance buzz:

Slash Film:

A few months ago, End of Watch wasn’t on anyone’s radar. One trailer here, a Comic-Con panel there and now the LAPD action drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena and directed by David Ayer has a ton of positive buzz rolling with it. This latest red band trailer is sure to continue that train as it features brutal language, disturbing violence and a level of intensity rarely enjoyed by films in this genre. Check it out after the jump.

Great trailer. Intense trailer. And it really puts on display the visual style Ayer has used with this movie. At Comic-Con he was quick to point out that’s it’s not a found footage movie, it’s not a traditional narrative, he just decided to use whatever kind of video footage he felt was best to tell the best story. You see a great example of that in this trailer as the cartel members directly address the camera that they’re now shooting with. I’m a little worried that jumping between point of views, types of address, visual styles etc. might be a bit off-putting or difficult to follow but, from what I’ve heard from people who’ve seen the film, it’s not an issue. The film is reportedly really good.

Total Film:

Employing a hyper-realistic documentary style, writer/director David Ayers looks to have created an intriguing new take on the traditional crime genre, with Gyllenhaal looking particularly menacing as the shaven-headed copper with ideas above his station.

The Playlist isn't totally on board:

So far the trailers have shown a lot of the “found footage” aesthetic of the film -- which cuts to security cameras and dashboard cams as well as an abundance of POV shots to deliver some kind of visceral style -- but very little of what it's actually about, until now. It seems our boys in blue will be running afoul of a drug cartel operating in their precinct, and a hit goes out on their heads, leading to explosions and a hard rock soundtrack or something. Again, it's not the most inventive stuff from Ayer, but both Gyllenhaal and Peña seem to enjoy playing their cocky cops, even if everything around them (particularly the baddies) seems stereotypically dull.


UltraViolet said...

From bobbyanna, in the last post:

The worst thing I saw on twitter tonight wasn't the Taylorbots spamming about Jake. it was the tweet saying Paul Ryan is a cross between Jake Gyllenhaal and JFK.

I saw that, too, and was equally disturbed!

Monica said...

I liked the trailer, but still wondering why red band? I mean, I don't think it's so violent.

Viv said...

OMG!!!I love this trailer!!!
Finally a red band one:)
I guess it's redband coz of f** words and a knife in the eyeball(my god....).

Sag Actor said...

Wow, the redband trailer is really intense, thanks!

bobbyanna said...

Very intense! I am very much looking forward to this. Whenever it opens. : )

I have to say,I get annoyed when they bleep out language in movies or TV shows. I find it offensive that other people can decide what I can hear or see.

bobbyanna said...

I should add that it isn't just bleeped langugage, but cutting out scenes as well.

When BBM is on cable, it makes me angry that they'd destroy a movie because they decide a love scene is too graphic. I doubt other countries have to put up with that experience.

Chica said...

Love the trailer!! The opening day seems confusing, I hope they don't screw it up :(

I know what you mean Bobbyanna, I don't even bother watching BBM when it is shown on commercial channels like Ovation.

UltraViolet said...

Posted some positive snippets from a few film blogs. Fingers crossed that the word stays positive for EoW.

It's baffling what gets cut and what doesn't now on broadcast or general cable. BBM is basically unwatchable.

Not sure why it's a red band. I think an R-rated movie like this almost has to have one these days.

Anonymous said...

I got to see the trailer at the movie theater (not this one) and think it's going to be a good film. Though they said it was coming out Sept 28th. So I guess we'll see.

I did see the Red Band Trailer too, it looks good.

oh btw Ron Palillo died, he played Horshack on Welcome Back Kotter. I loved that show


Monica said...

The film already has a distributor in Brazil yay, but there is still no release date.
Well, probably will arrive here next year!

Shondra said...

The redband trailer is visually exciting and badass! That said I've seen more graphic redband trailers, I think this will do well.

Oh no, another sweathog is gone!

UltraViolet said...

That's sad news about Ron Palillo.

I wonder if the trailers still have the old date, Lily. I guess we'll find out soon.

Hey, Shondra. I hope the trailer isn't showing all the good stuff, the way they sometimes do these days. But it is badass.

Monica, I hope they announce a distributor soon.

Looks like Jonah Hill will be watching. From his twitter:

End Of Watch trailer looks so sick:

Hopefully that will entice some of his 2 million+ followers.

bobbyanna said...

Very sad news about Ron Pallillo.

monica, I really hope you don't have to wait long for EoW.

UltraViolet said...

From twitter:

Working out while jake gyllenhaal is in your class is virtually impossible
7:57 PM - 14 Aug 12

5:41 PM - 14 Aug 12


soho! Nobody noticed who he was i was the only one and we talked and he was so cool. No pic though but it was still so awesome

I almost died

Monica said...

UV, you're a ninja! How did you find these tweets in the middle of those nonsense?


Viv said...

Some screening info from Themovies:

While the first trailer may have looked promising, this one just kicked my teeth in. Writer/director David Ayer’s choice to use pretty much every camera trick in the book, gives this film a very unique look and feel that’s almost a cross between a found footage and a conventional film.

Now, you’d think that having the viewpoint shift from a police car camera to a handheld to being mounted on a gun FPS style would ruin the film, but according to the lucky few film press that got to see the film in a screening last week, it totally doesn’t. It’s been two thumbs way up, pretty much across the board, not just for Ayer’s avant garde direction, but also the performances of the film’s actors who have apparently brought their “A” game.

This film might not have the Marvel or DC styled promo juggernaut behind it, but this may just be the dark horse of the latter part of 2012.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I was going to post the same thing Monica,much prefer the tweet that UV posted than the crap that has been tweeted in the last few days...

Love the trailer and love the responses so far. Avant Garde is a great description.

bobbyanna said...

Yaay for Ninja UV!

Lucky tweeter! How cool to actually run into Jake sitting on a bench, and have a conversation? Aargh!

The feedback on EoW is really exciting. I mentioned a while ago that Brian DePalma used a "found footage" technique on an Iraq War movie I saw, called "Redacted."

Even though I've only seen the EoW trailer, I think Ayer did a much better job of integrating various filming techniques. I'm really looking forward to seeing this.

UltraViolet said...

Ninja - that's a new one. I like it :)

Filtering is key :) Though the storm has died down, mercifully. It's just going to suck for the next few months.

Thanks for that screening report, Viv. Still crossing my fingers that the good WOM holds.

I think Ayer has said this isn't totally found footage. He went with whatever camera angle he felt worked. Though it is, obviously, a big part of the film.

Tweety said...

Ninja is a great description of your tweets UV, LOL!! Since I have been so slow in posting them I definately hated wading through all that Taylor crap.

The trailer is perfect and should peek the interest of it's targated audience plus the average movie goer. I hope it has a wide appeal, it's going to be a bit tough on either of the opening weekends mentioned.

bobbyanna said...

I think Ayer has said this isn't totally found footage. He went with whatever camera angle he felt worked. Though it is, obviously, a big part of the film.

Right, UV, and I think that's why it works judging from all these positive reports.

With DePalma, the movie was also a combination of found footage with some regular, but it didn't look nearly as good. It didn't flow well at all,and the pacing was terrible. It just looked contrived.

UltraViolet said...

Ben Lyons tweeting buzz for EoW, among others:

There are so many cool movies about to come out. #LittleBirds #Lawless #EndofWatch #ForAGoodTimeCall I can't wait for you guys to see them!
2:54 PM - 13 Aug 12

Nice to see he's still a Jake fanboy.

From twitter today:

Just took the subway home standing next to Jake gyllenhaal
4:56 PM - 15 Aug 12

Totally saw Jake Gyllenhal ( however the fuck you spell it) today at work. Gorgeous.
3:27 PM - 15 Aug 12

UltraViolet said...

Another film. It's another indie, but it sounds like a good team:

Indie darlings Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden are delving into the world of gambling for their next film and have enlisted Jake Gyllenhaal for a lead role.

Jake Gyllenhaal Stars in The Shoes' 'Time To Dance' Music Video as a Serial Killer (Video)
The multihyphenate duo, who directed Ryan Gosling to a best actor Oscar nomination, will helm Mississippi Grind from a screenplay they penned.

The story centers on a down-on-his-luck gambler facing crushing debt who teams up with a younger gambling addict (Gyllenhaal) in an attempt to change his luck. The two set off on a road trip through the South with visions of winning back what has been lost. The lead character would be a plum role for Hollywood's fortysomething set.

WME, which reps Fleck, Boden and Gyllenhaal, is packaging the project, which would fall in the less-than-$10 million budget.

Electric City partners Jamie Patricof and Lynette Howell are producing alongside former WME agent and Paramount president John Lesher.

Fleck and Boden have become lightening rods for talent. They most recently wrote and directed It's Kind of a Funny Story with Zach Galifianakis.
Gyllenhaal will next be seen opposite Anna Kendrick and Michael Pena in David Ayer's crime drama End of Watch.

Yay for Jake having more than one project (play and movie) lined up. Now we need another movie.

Yes, I'm greedy!

And even better, maybe they'll get another big star, so Jake can share some of the load.

UltraViolet said...

Also, Lesher is the man pictured in lots of LA pics with jake a while back. I can't find any of them, lol. But I'll post a link when I do.

Rachel said...

Here are the pics of Jake, Lesher, Ryan Fleck AND Anna Boden from the beginning of the year.

Mary said...

I was just getting ready to post that UV you beat me to it as usual

UltraViolet said...

Thank you, Rachel! I swear I looked at all of the IHJ sets, LOL. But I wouldn't have known that the writers were in the photos, too.

UltraViolet said...

I was doing my usual latenight surfing, Mary. It was a great surprise!

Monica said...

Sounds good.

Rachel said...

I should also add that the producers, Jamie Patricof and Lynette Howell (the blonde) are also in those pics above.

UltraViolet said...

I wonder if Jake will be a producer on this one.

Also, the beard in those photos and the subject matter have had the unfortunate effect of lodging that Kenny Rogers/Gambler song in my head.

Rachel said...

LOL, oh UV. And a quick peek at the lyrics for The Gambler and I'd say this is where the idea for the screenplay came from!

Viv said...

From Twitter:

Bianca Asnaran ‏@bangeleno
i was lucky enough to see THE END OF WATCH tonight. pretty f'ng great. had to hold my breath a few times. this one's going to stay with me.

Viv said...

From Rama's Screen:

Jake Gyllenhaal Will Gamble In MISSISSIPPI GRIND

I just got done watching END OF WATCH, a new cop thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal, I’m currently under review embargo but I hope everyone gets to watch it.
Via Hollywood Reporter, Gyllenhaal will star in $10 Million budget drama, MISSISSIPPI GRIND, directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden who both brought us Half Nelson and It’s Kind Of A Funny Story.
The story is about a fortysomething down on his luck gambler with huge debt who teams up with a younger gambling addict, played by Gyllenhaal.
They go on a road trip through down south with the intention of changing their luck and winning back what was lost.
They haven’t cast an actor to play the down on his luck gambler.

Hagen said...

In my view "Mississippi Grind" looks very promising. I hope the project will materialize.

The downside for Jake's non-American fans: Ryan Fleck's latest movies ("It's Kind of a Funny Story" and "Sugar") were released only in the U.S. and the UK. "Half Nelson" was released internationally, but in just nine theaters in Germany.

Hagen said...

NY Post: "Gwyneth Paltrow and Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld are hosting a starry showing of Jake Gyllenhaal’s new movie, “End of Watch,” Sunday in East Hampton. Ingrid Sischy and Sandra Brant will also host the Open Road Films event at the Goose Creek screening room. Gyllenhaal will attend even while he’s deep in rehearsals for his US stage debut in Nick Payne’s “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet,” which starts previews next week. The show opens on Sept. 20, a night before Gyllenhaal’s film."

Chica said...

Mississippi Grind sounds legit unlike the other movie rumors, thanks so much for the info!

Sounds great and I can't wait to hear about his co-stars.

East Hampton is a very tony place for the screening, we should get a ton of tweets:)

bobbyanna said...

Great news to wake up to!!! A new movie project and Gwyneth and the Seinfelds screening EoW.

I agree this does sound legit especially with the Hollywood Reporter covering it. : )
Definitely, UV, I hope we hear about another one! I'm greedy too!

Hope Jake's co-star for Mississippi Grind is someone exciting.

bobbyanna said...

So, to speculate on Jake's co-star for Mississippi, I nominate Jeff Bridges or Morgan Freeman! LOL!

Hagen said...

Morgan Freeman (75) and Jeff Bridges (62) are a tad too old to play a fortysomething. ;-)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

This is great news to wake up to!

Even though Gary Oldman is 54, I would love to see him as the co-star.

Anonymous said...

I was excited to hear the news about Jake's new project. So the guy he had been meeting with was Paramount's pres John Lesher.

I would love to see him and Gary Oldman. How about Johnny Depp? or Hugh Jackman? (I'm looking at a list of actors in their 40s) one fave of mine would be Josh Holloway (okay I'm a Lost fan and would love to see him on the big screen)

I'd pick Johnny Depp.


Anonymous said...

BTW here is the list I was looking at, warning bring a droolbucket


Monica said...

Michael Shannon. Yes, I know he is 38 years old, but scripts can be modified.

UltraViolet said...

Michael Shannon is a great actor, but I'd like to see someone with a bigger name, so that the onus for everything is not on Jake.

My Jezebel- and other snark-site-riddled mind is overloaded with hypothetical conversations that might take place between Gwyneth and Jessica S. The Hamptons crowd is not exactly the first that comes to mind for EoW.

Love hearing all the good buss, though.

bobbyanna said...

Some great ideas. I like Gary Oldman too! Edward Norton? Jamie Foxx? Mark Ruffalo?

Exactly, monica. Scripts can be modified either way.

Gosh, I wish Jake would give us a call! : )

bobbyanna said...

I agree about Michael Shannon. Great actor, but not as well known as I'd hope for.

LOL! on the convo btwn Gwyneth and Jessica Seinfeld. Watching the Hamptons crowd watching EoW would be hilarious, I'd think.

bobbyanna said...

Not to spam (!) but Ryan Fleck directed a couple episodes of The Big C with Laura Linney and also quite a few episodes of In Treatment, both successful cable series.

Sheba Baby said...

The Hamptons is an odd place for a screening for EOW, I can just imagine the reactions to it after seeing the redband trailer, LOL!!!

No matter, the screening there is good PR IMO.

I'm intrigued about his new film, love all the ideas for his co-stars, put me down for Oldman too!

Anonymous said...

Johnny Depp still looks like he's 18 so Jake would seem older than him. I'm sort of kidding there.
Looks like there's going to be a really good reaction to EOW then there is the play, which will garner nice publicity and then the next movie.
Things are looking good.

Monica said...

Well, Shannon will become famous in the next year with Superman. He is the main villain.

I'd love to see Edward Norton, Bob.

Just hope it's not Rufallo and Downey Jr.

Hagen said...

TV Rage: "On Tuesday August 28th, 2012 David opens up with a monologue and then welcomes the following guests Jake Gyllenhaal, Hacienda"

Hagen said...

The Hollywood Reporter has changed the article about "Mississippi Grind":

Old version: "Indie darlings Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden are delving into the world of gambling for their next film and have enlisted Jake Gyllenhaal for a lead role."

New version: "Indie darlings Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden are delving into the world of gambling for their next film and are in the process of luring Jake Gyllenhaal for a lead role."

Extra said...

The response to the redband trailer has been awesome, whooo, whooo!! This, the play, etc. fun times for all gyllenhaalics!!!

Hmm, they are luring him now for Mississippi Grind. I hope he signs on, come on Jake!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the updates, Viv and Hagen. I wonder what is happening with the new project. I would rather not have heard about it if it's not a sure thing.

Things are going to get busy around here! I don't know how effective it is when movies are promoted so far from the release date, but I'm glad Jake is going to be on Letterman. Hope he does some other shows, too.

Gyllenctrazy posted the performance schedule for If There Is, and I noticed that there are no performances on the first Saturday and Sunday of TIFF, as well as the second Sunday:

No Perfomances: Saturday, September 8, 2012 (evening); Sunday, September 9, 2012; Sunday, September 16, 2012; Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 22, 2012

No idea if the two things are even related, but I'm hoping that means Jake will be in attendance.

UltraViolet said...

Seems like that EoW screening was for press/film types. The tweeter Viv quoted was a Sony publicist. This exchange was between two film writers:

I've mastered the art of quietly sobbing during movies. It came in handy during End of Watch today. any Oscar experts care to weigh in?

I echo @jennimiller76 's sentiments about End of Watch and the need for tissues.

Oof, yes. I found certain scenes quite disturbing and hard to shake.

ooof! YES. Laughs and tears.

And another:

Thanks for that, END OF WATCH, my nerves will never be the same

Haven't seen this sort of tweet in a while:

Oh, heeeeey jake gyllenhaal! You're shorter in person. #workinginsoho
5:31 PM - 16 Aug 12

UltraViolet said...

No evening performance, I should have said for the 8th. I think there is a matinee.

UltraViolet said...

And Jake gets flak for daring to dis Fincher:

David Fincher says in Keanu Reeves’ doc on filmmaking, “Side By Side,” that Robert Downey Jr. was so peeved about putting in long hours on “Zodiac,” he left jars filled with urine around the set, in protest. (Fincher’s use of digital cameras meant less time for breaks.) Reeves unveiled his movie at MoMA on Thursday. He said at the Tribeca Film screening he wasn’t above begging to land interviews with Fincher, Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, Martin Scorsese and George Lucas.

Hagen said...

If I was a Stylist: "Like Anna [Kendrick], Cody Horn will be in Toronto to promote 'End of Watch' with their costars Jake Gyllenhaal and Michel Pena."

No idea, if that blog is a reliable source.

I'm pretty confident that Jake will star in "Mississippi Grind", but it's unlikely that he will sign on that project before the producers have found a suitable co-star.

Anonymous said...

it's kind of a bummer to know that Jake has not signed on for Mississippi Grind. It sounded like he was already on board. I hope he signs on.

I bet Jake will do Jimmy Fallon's show, he seems to have fun with Jimmy F.


Anonymous said...

i thought Jake would be the older gambler...anyway, i hope he will sign "Mississippi Grind", really want to see how he transfer himself into a gambler :)


bobbyanna said...

I have my fingers crossed Mississippi Grind will come thru.

Thnks for pointing out the performance schedule for the play, UV as it might affect TIFF. I'm wondering about the premiere, too. I can't see Jake not being at the premiere, especially since he's the lead and one of the producers; And I can't see the premiere happening outside L.A.

One good thing about TIFF, is the press will be stacked up, and Jake can do a lot of interviews.

Reading about seasoned movie people shedding tears at EoW makes me feel both very good and very anxious. Hoping the trailer scene of Jake & Michael getting medals happens at the end...: )

UltraViolet said...

Did the second version of the Hollywood Reporter story mention that Jake is in talks to star and produce? Because that's what the latest version says. I figured he was going to produce, but the story revisions are odd. Maybe in the next one, he'll be directing!

This woman will be the understudy for the lead role opposite Jake in If There Is.

If you want to see Peter Sarsgaard make a kale smoothie, bo here.

UltraViolet said...

Lily, I think Jake will do the Fallon show, as well. Thgat will be fun.

MonaLisa, I think Jake is too young for the older gambler, for now!

Hagen, all signs point to Jake's attending, so I hope he will.

Bobbyanna, not sure what they will do about the premiere. It's such an LA film, it would be odd not to have it there. But that's not going to work well for Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Film School Rejects promotes Jake's bts Details video: Jake Gyllenhaal Guides Us Through the Ennui of Another Photo Shoot

Jake supports a food-related Generation Food.

Anonymous said...

Isn't he off on Sept 16? The wide release is the 21st so having the premiere in LA on the 16th makes sense.

UltraViolet said...

Yes. I said it doesn't work well for Jake, not that it wouldn't work. It's obviously possible for him to go to LA on Sunday and fly back for Tuesday night's show, but I assume it's not ideal right before the play is about to officially open.

Opening night appears to be sold out, also.

Hagen said...

I figured he was going to produce, but the story revisions are odd. Maybe in the next one, he'll be directing!

LOL, the article is a messy work in progress, but it's encouraging that Jake seems to be committed to "Mississippi Grind": "Gyllenhaal brought the screenplay to Electric City partners Jamie Patricof and Lynette Howell, who are also producing alongside former WME agent and Paramount president John Lesher."

Jake in "Entertainment Weekly": "By the end of this movie, Mike and I really believed we were partners. It was hard to have anybody convince us otherwise."
Apparently they have overcome their different backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

James Ryan ‏@RealJamesRyan

#holycraptweet I will be meeting Jake Gyllenhaal on Thursday at work. Because we work there.. at work, with Jake Gyllenhaal. #isthisreallife

Anonymous said...

ryan nelson ‏@ryancnelson

@bdeshong @maggie1000 tribeca brunch bonus: Jake Gyllenhaal eating pancakes nearby. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Maggie Nelson ‏@maggie1000

Brunch at Bubby's (also our nickname for one of our cats!)

UltraViolet said...

Mmm, pancakes.

Look forward to some pictures from tonight's event. Let's hope the movie goes over well!

Anonymous said...

Look forward to some pictures from tonight's event. ????

UltraViolet said...

New post with some pics from the Hamptons.