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Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosJake Gyllenhaal is making his American stage debut in the Roundabout Theatre's production of If There Is I Haven't Found It. The play began previews last night in New York. Thanks to a GBer, we have a first-hand account. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos"First things first: Jake is very good. Funny, charming, profane and sexy. Charismatic. Unlike any role he's ever done. Second thing: The accent is quite good. Different from PoP. Very regional. Might be hard for American audiences to understand. But last night's crowd didn't seem to have any trouble. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos"The play itself is a little bit disjointed but funny and poignant. Lots of swearing. Only four actors. Brian O'Byrne is good as the out of touch father, more interested in the fate of the world than the future of his own family. Michelle Gomez is fine as the wife, but the role is underwritten. Annie Funke is brave and touching as the daughter/niece tormented by bullies and neglected at home, until Uncle Terry comes to stay. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos"Jake and Annie are a treat to watch. More could have been done to show their growing relationship, but the actors make you believe the connection."Set design was fun. I had thought about getting first row tickets but settled for third. The actors toss parts of the set into a trough s the scenes change, so the A row gets a little splashed.

"Crowd reaction was positive, from applause to overheard conversations to a few people met after the show. I see a few plays a year, and this was an exciting night on stage. They are still in previews, so I there'll be changes and some tightening. "Diverse crowd: old and young, veteran theater goers to tourists. "The stage door crowd was similarly diverse. It was frustrating to wait so long, but I live nearby so it wasn't a concern. Some out-of-towners were anxious to get going. Ultimately, it was worth the time. Jake seemed subdued but happy. He signed and took photos but didn't really work the line. People seemed thrilled to finally get their moment."Thanks so much to our reporter, who has told me s/he is happy to answer questions. So ask away.

One more from "Off Broadway" and another from the first night:

From August 26:


UltraViolet said...

Apparently Camryn Manheim was at the show. She laughed heartily at the performance and graciously took photos with a couple of fans outside.

No other famous faces that our reporter saw.

Mary said...

I got the break a leg joke UV just forgot to comment about

UltraViolet said...

I'm going to start questions for Gb reporter, who will hopefully delurk and pick a name :)

Any sense of the interaction among the players?

It sounds like the performers are all onstage even if they aren't in the scene. Can you see Jake at tese moments or is he hidden?

What was his costume?

Any other lurking playgoers are welcome to answer!

Monica said...

great report. thanks

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great play. I was wondering how Jake's accent was going to sound.

I was wondering how his interaction with his niece is? (Maybe this asking for a spoiler but) was he a sympathetic character or acerbic?


Anonymous said...

Was just thinking - what if you had a busy and tiring day at work and looking forward to getting home to relax, which is something we have all felt.
Now as you are leaving work there are a number of people out there and you have to stop and sign your name and they are expecting you to have a conversation with them or whatever.
The thing is we are able to do it, but being an actor and in a place where a number of people are you are expected to stop.
I know its part of "the job" but it seems a lot of people just don't understand that an actor just doesn't suddenly appear on stage and then when it's over he's rested and ready to meet everyone.
Its work to spend hours learning a role and to spend so much emotion night after night - its something the people watching (play or a movie or a concert) have not done.
That's all.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I got the break the leg joke UV but i didn't get a chance to comment!

I read the comments on the Broadwayworld link UV, and they weren't kind at all. Seems they had problems with the play and not the performances.

Love your report, please delurk!
How did he audience respond to Jake's character? Do you think it was fleshed out?

Mary said...

I got the impression too he was talking about the play not the performances

UltraViolet said...

Annie, this is part of the job. Jake can and should learn how to deal with it. Sounds like he did fine, once he came out. And we don't know why it took so long. Haven't seen any tweets about tonight's performance.

A couple of tweets from people who bumped into Jake, but no details. And a coule of positive tweets about the movie. But no details.

Grateful for the tidbits we've had so far and eager to hear more!

dina said...

I saw the play this evening, and i thought jake wasreally good. He played a fast-talking,loser kind of a bum. I never imagined him in such a part especially in a live play. He was very very good. The scenes he did with the young teenager Annie were the best. It was a very interesting play. Jake still has a beard, but it isn't as heavy as it has been.

Mary said...

Thanks for your review lucky you that you were able to see Jake wish I was able to.

Stefanie said...

I think Annie is right. I know if I left work to a crowd of people waiting for me I would not be all that smiley. They are people too.
I am seeing the play next Sunday, I amvery much looking forward to it. Thanks for posting the account.

Chica said...

Thanks so much for the reviews! Previews are good so that some changes can be made before the official opening. Jake and the rest of the cast must have been super nervous!

Anonymous said...

I think Jake does deal with "meeting the people" pretty good. If he doesn't come out from the stage door in a short amount of time - big deal. Sometimes the people inside are meeting after the play, esp. when its the first night. Maybe there might be talk with just a few of them, and maybe they might be trying to relax after going through all the emotion. As it goes on it might not be all of that and easier to leave earlier.
As said - he's a person too - and it being "his job" or not i think he's allowed some days of being "just a person".
As we don't know what its like to do what he does and live the life he does we don't know how we would react to certain situations.


theater geek said...

Annie, the "stage door" has been a longstanding tradition in theater. The actors know people will be out there and the fans know the actors will eventually exit the building and sign playbills and/or take photos with fans. I think Jake realizes he's not a journeyman stage actor; he's the "name" that will bring the audience to this production. As such, he should "grin and bear it" after each show and greet as many fans as he can.

Anonymous said...

Annie, Hugh Jackman is a bigger star than Jake and he has a reputation for being very nice and cheerful to fans. Jake has a good reputation, but meeting and greeting fans is part of the job. It is an important part of being an actor. I wonder how any actor would feel if he would be told there are no fans waiting and you don't need any security to walk out of the theatre. Jake is young enough not to be so tired after a play. My sister works at Mc Donald's and she has three kids. Everyone gets "tired."

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was me, dina.

Viv said...

It doesn't matter who is a bigger star.If you are a humanbeing,you will have emotions,even he(or she) is known for treating fans nice.I know trating fans nice is a part of their job,but doen't means they HAVE TO treat them nice every sigle day.Maybe they had a bad day,maybe they are rush to do something more important,maybe they just want to be left alone.

Viv said...

BTW,UV,thanks for posting some reportings.:)
And,I saw EOW trailer in the theater today!!!

Twitter said...

Only second preview and Jake Gyllenhaal has mastered cockney accent. Impressive. The play, not so much.

Anonymous said...

No one, not even Hugh Jackman, can stop and sign autographs or stop and talk with everyone he has met who wanted to talk or get an autograph.
Acknowledging the people is probably all they can do at times.
They have a life also and we don't know their schedule - having a get-together with friends.or work related like talking to people about the next movie or magazine interview or t.v. interview, etc. Things that are on a time table. Those are also a part of his job.


UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Dina. Sounds like Jake is doing a good job. Hopefully a few more reports will trickle in! Did the audience seem to enjoy the performance?

Stefanie, please come back and give us a report. I hope you have a great time.

The stage door is part of Jake's life now. And no one has said he did anything terribly wrong. They all just took too long leaving, not just Jake.

UltraViolet said...

A twitter review:

it was amazing! Full review to follow upon my arrival back home on Tuesday

Anonymous said...

It was the first preview, it is pretty certain that they will have had a director/production meeting after the show. I waited for an hour and 20 minutes, but couldn't wait any longer, but at the point before I left it looked like the technical people started to leave. It is not fair to say they "took too long".

It isn't an 'open' show yet, during previews things changes every day, and there will always be notes after. That is totally normal. At least he came out, and didn't sneak out of a side entrance.


Extra said...

Thanks Stephanie, Dina and Gb'er for you reviews. It must have been so exciting to see Jake up on stage!

Sounds like the performances are getting better reviews than the play form some theater goers so far.

Yeah Jake had better get used to fans at the stage door, that's a standard theater thing.

Viv said...

I know Jake will be very busy these months,but I like it.
Don't hate me, Jake.XD

Anonymous said...

Understand the stage door thing.

Anonymous said...

Don't miss Jake at the Late Show with Letterman tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

IdoKadman ‏@idokadman

@mermon7 "If there is I haven't found it yet" - Thought provoking, moving. Acting - terrific, Jake Gyllenhaal's British accent impressive.

Stefanie said...

UltraVoilet : I most definitely will probablywont be till Monday when I get back.

Tattoo?a said...

Another question for our reporter. I hope they return.

Is that a tattoo on Jake's neck?

Mary said...

I read on wet dark and wild that Jake does have tattoes on his left side of his neck and on his I think left hand and inner arm.

Mary said...

The tattoo is on his right side of his neck not the left.

Off Broadway said...

Baby steps. I am going to try and answer all your questions. I see UV has posted the better photo from Friday.

Jake's character does have tattoos. IT can be seen on his right neck. He has one on his left bicep and another on his right forearm.

All the actors can be seen when they are not in the scene. At one point, Jake is lying down on a mattress, in the background, partially obscured. He plays around with his clothes. I should have answered this sooner, because I forget some of the other background actions.

To Lily: Terry is acerbic and angry. He can be cruel. But he also manages to reach his niece in a way no one else can. But he's selfish. So he doesn't handle it well.

To Nancy Pelosi: The audience were laughing and seemed very engaged. I see there have been some negative reports, but it felt like a positive vibe.

To UV: Jake's costume was red Adidas tracksuit jacket over a yellow tee shirt, jeans that hung down off his bum (and looked like jeans he used to wear years ago, sort of baggy, faded), Adidas kicks, some sort of long neck chain. He wore that costume throughout most of the play. In a later act, he wore a variation of the same costume except in place of the Adidas jacket, he wore an anorak. And at points, he wore a grey knit cap.

He kept pulling the jeans up and grabbing himself, and he'd take the cap off and on.

UltraViolet said...

Thank you, Off Broadway, for coming back and for resending that fixed-up photo! No more red eye :) I also added one more from you from the other night.

And thanks for answering all our questions. I hadn't heard about the crotch-grabbing before! I thought I glimpsed a tattoo. And there are more. Interesting.

Added a couple of photos tonight, and it looks like folks didn't have to wait around for two hours.

UltraViolet said...

Some If reviews from twitter over the opast few days. There aren't many, unfortunately:

Jut saw jake gyllenhal in if there is I haven't found it yet, highly recommended
8:40 PM - 25 Aug 12

Not a rave:

IF THERE IS I HAVEN'T FOUND IT: thread of a play filled with stock characters/plot, an interesting metaphoric conceit, & inventive staging.

I thought Gyllenhaal was fine, no fireworks, no star performance. But that's appropriate since it is very much an enxemble play.

A further tweet from the one posted above:

"If there is I haven't found it yet" - Thought provoking, moving. Acting - terrific, Jake Gyllenhaal's British accent impressive.

I doubt anyone would complain about the acting. If anything, perhaps the story is not breathtaking. But still very worth seeing.

Someone also said that the play seemed longer than Uncle Vanya. I don't think that was a compliment.

bobbyanna said...

I'm loving all these reports about the play!The photos are great,UV! I'm having computer issues for the past couple of days. Comcast promises to have things fixed by noon tomorrow. Very frustrating. I'm so happy for Jake. I hope I can get to see the play. I can't even imagine what it would be like to see him performing live!

UltraViolet said...

I wondered where you were, Bobbyanna! Good luck with Comcast getting there by noon!

LOL, from twitter:

Netfilx tells me I've watched Jarhead 26 times.. Well bout to make it 27.

Another photo from tonight.

From someone identifying as a journalist in LA:

End of Watch, w/riveting performances by Jake Gyllenhaal & Michael Pena as cops, is one of the best films of 2012.Bravo, director David Ayer

UltraViolet said...

Not sure if this will put StageDoorGate to rest, but apparently, other celebs do not sign when leaving the theater. I googled Andrew Garfield for a recent example, and he did not sign for everyone. Phillip Seymour Hoffman would skip it entirely. And from some Broadway threads, it seems it depends on the person.

It is definitely something that I assumed was assumed. And it seems like Jake signed tonight, from the photos and tweets. No idea how long he stayed.

From one fan:

Sooo @Lemeus19 and I met Jake Gyllenhaal tonight. No big deal or anything. #dead

He was so sweet. But he seemed so scared.

Nothing. He just stated in a play here in NYC and when he came out there was a ton of people. Dont think he thought there would be so many people.

Finally, incidents like this don't help anyone's cause:

At least at the stage door performers should know to expect that kind of attention and they can avoid coming out after shows if they're not comfortable with it or don't want it. What I'm more referring to is situations where someone is not expected to be "on" and is attempting to live their life as a private citizen and is interrupted from that by some hysterical fan. For example, I live downtown in the city and celebrity sightings are pretty common place. When I was at the Union Square Farmer's market once a few months ago, Jake Gyllenhaal was passing through and shopping around. A woman who looked about thirtysomething ran over to him, emotional and frenzied, and begged for an autograph. This alerted many around him to his presence, and he was immediately mobbed and had to leave the area. I find that incredibly disrespectful and rude and would never do it, personally.

Anonymous said...

Meaghan ‏@meaghan416

Saw Jake Gyllenhaal tonight in If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. #wearenevergettingbacktogether

Viv said...

RS futuer OW prediction

End of Watch: mid to high teen.

Even though I think RS prediction is full of bulls**t, I am still glad EOW's munber is decent.

Anonymous said...

Several dozen fans waited more two hours to greet Jake Gyllenhaal after Friday’s first preview of “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet.” And when he finally exited the Laura Pels Theatre on W. 46th St., he stopped to sign only a handful of Playbills, leaving the rest of the crowd, like 14-year-old birthday girl Cassie O’Connor, heartbroken. “I’m sad. But he made eye contact with me ... so that was something,” she told our Nicole Lyn Pesce. Her mother, Stacy O’Connor, wasn’t so gracious: “He kept us waiting because he was probably partying with people who didn’t even have to pay to see the show. ... This is ridiculous.” Maribel de la Torre, 32, of South Slope, Brooklyn, stomped away saying, “This is f— bulls—!”

Stefanie said...

The last account from NY daily news sounds like people think they are entitled because they paid money and he has to sign autographs. What whiney babies in
that article.
Ok That lady who stomped away "Grow up"! Just WOW!I am going Sunday to see the play I will probably wait a few minutes just to get a glimps of him. I will give you guys an account on Monday, I will be walking away smiling not stomping . LOL Seriously

Mary said...

You are right Stefanie people should realize that Jake cant or doesnt have to sign for everyone every time or have his photo taken especially if there is a large crowd outside.

Looking forward to your preview of the play.

Stefanie said...

Thanks Mary I am glad someone agrees with me. I always say treat people the way you want to be treated. A few months ago I was in NYC and saw Jake get on my subway cart. I did sort watch him but I definitly didnt stare. We got off at the same stop and I walked behind him a bit in Soho but I went into my store and he kept walking. That was good enough for me. :)

Scott said...

"He kept us waiting because he was probably partying with people who didn’t even have to pay to see the show. ... This is ridiculous"

These are the kinds of fans that have me worried about Jake. You're 32 not 12, he's a human being first and you got what you paid for, a play with his performance. Jake and other celebrities do not owe anyone anything beyond what you pay for. Its up to them as individuals to go the extra mile. And finally wasn't opening night the same day of the shootings in NYC? If you were Jake wouldn't you a little bit hesitant about the crowds and the crazies lurking?

bobbyanna said...

UV,thanks for posting these photos of Jake with fans after the play these photos say a lot more than a couple of disgruntled people, and who decides whether or not Jake signed "enough" autographs? Still waiting for Comcast!

Monica said...

Eric Vespe
Saw End of Watch this morning. Went in iffy, ended up really enjoying it. Michael Pena is an underused treasure and he gets to shine here

Scott Weinberg
David Ayer made another cop movie!

UltraViolet said...

More from the EoW screening in Austin:

Hard to buy the 100% handheld POV setup for END OF WATCH but loose cross talk between Peña and Gyllenhaal gives a good flow.

For all its tough guy moments there's a Jake Gyllenhaal Anna Kendrick dance in END OF WATCH that will melt some hearts.

UltraViolet said...

From someone who was in line, waiting for tickets to Letterman. (Band Neon Trees are also scheduled.)

The standby line is full of women vying to see Jake Gyllenhaal. Girls in front of me just said "Neon what?" Sigh.

Rachel said...

LOL Sharon.

Sharon Osbourne ‏@MrsSOsbourne
I am at @Late_Show w/ David Letterman. So excited!! Jake Gyllenhaal is here and I know he wants to have sex with me, but the answer is...NO!

Also, first pic of Jake outside Letterman.


UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Rachel. Great minds. Just made a new post :)