Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"This is sex in the city"

Yup, that's Jake Gyllenhaal at a party for Sex and the City in 1999. He's pictured with Kristen Davis, one of the SatC stars, as well as Marcia Cross. Maybe they were planning a crossover episode with Desperate Housewives.

Jake's Prince of Persia battled it out with the SatC movie sequel on the Memorial Day weekend last year. Carrie and company eked out a win over PoP in the U.S. But Dastan was the worldwide victor.

He's definitely sexier!

Just because she's a desperate housewife and because it's a pretty picture, he's Jake with Felicity Huffman (and William H. Macy) in Hawaii:

(Photo courtesy of MarciaCrossBR.)


Mary said...

Yep Jake is defintely sexier|

UltraViolet said...

:) Mary

From twitter:

Was in a crowd next to Jake Gyllenhaal. No one else noticed him w/ his thick rimmed glasses. Guess "She's All That" wasn't far off...
24 minutes ago

No details on where or when. And from earlier today:

Missed Gyllenhaal again! (@ La Colombe Torrefaction w/ @yoootyler)
7 hours

Daniela said...

This eyewear is not a good disguise if that's what Jake wants

Mary said...

No Daniela Jake cant hide:) but i dont think he is wearing the glasses as a disguise he usually wears contacts but lately has been wearing his glasses either he taking a break from his contacts as my son does at times or maybe he having some eye problems and cant wear his contacts but he looks very good with glasses too.

Daniela said...

This was an idea I read on another forum, I agreed to share. It's strange for me to see it even in glasses, must certainly have been necessary, it really does not help to go unnoticed

bobbyanna said...

Really cute picture with Kristin Davis & Marcia Cross!

Ugh! SaTC. I remember going with some friends to the late night showing when PoP opened at the multiplex, and there were all these silly girls (mostly teenagers) dressed up in ten inch heels and make-up and "fashion" going to see SaTC2! I wanted to slap them. (kidding!) PoP had a full house, but still...

bobbyanna said...

From twitter:
"Jake Gyllenhaal was sitting behind me at #NYFF screening of Pedro Almodovar's The Skin I Live In"
21 minutes ago

Anonymous said...

Comment about the glasses being too big. They do look like that at the moment because glasses have been a lot smaller for quite a lot of years now, but at one time that Was a style of glasses for men.
I have seen a few others recently wearing bigger frame glasses.

Twitter said...

2 hours ago

Twitter said...

FilmLinc: A nite to celebrate Almodóvar'a THE SKIN I LIVE IN! Spotted at the early screening tonite: Jake Gyllenhaal & David Lynch!

Chica said...

What a cute picture of Jake and Kristen and Marcia, even though I hate DH and SATC!

He sure has changed a lot, he was cute/dorky then now he's hot and sexy!

If I knew that Jake was going to attend the NYFF, I would have saved my $$$! I',m glad that he is able to attend and get to see some incredible films.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Congratulations UV for another great find, he is so adorable here:)

Jake is sexier, no contest! I never could warm up to SATC. The movie was panned and it did manage to squeak by POP last year but I heard that they plan to make a sequel.

Too bad that there will be no Pop sequel which is a shame because I really enjoyed that movie.

Jake is sure making the rounds at NYFF, The Skin I live In by Pedro has some serious buzz, especially one particular "twist".

If you read the reviews or read the book you know what I'm talking about!

MP said...

Marcia Cross - Kristin Davis. Both were on Melrose Place together.

bobbyanna said...

The NYFF has a pretty exciting line up this year. It's been on my "to do" list for a long time, but I've never gone...yet!:(

I'll watch "Skin" bcz it's Almodovar and Antonio Banderas, but the storyline is pretty far out.

(TCM had the 1934 "Imitation of Life" on tonight!)

Since Jake's a voting member of AAMPAS, and some of these movies are definitely awards season contenders, I'm glad he's seeing them with an audience, and maybe getting a chance to talk about them with different people.

UltraViolet said...

I hope Jake is enjoying the festival. And networking!

Lots of sightings today:

was walkn beside Jake Gyllenhaal today..he is too cute!


Yes girlll..when i left the the apple store..he was jus there..trying to blend in..Uhhh Wronggg lol

UltraViolet said...

OONP, are they really going to do another sequel to Sex? Ugh.

Agreed on the PoP sequel, though. I wish we could see one.

UltraViolet said...

This story manages to place Jake at the after-party and say that he skipped the party last night!

On Tuesday night, Mary-Kate and Ashley hit up the premiere of the movie as well as the after-party at the Empire Hotel Rooftop.

“When Elizabeth arrived, the twins gave her a very long embrace,” a source told us.
At the party — also attended by a scruffy Jake Gyllenhaal and “Gossip Girl” star Chace Crawford — the three Olsens “held court at a corner table all night” and toasted Elizabeth’s movie with Bear Flag Wine, an eyewitness told us.

Though Elizabeth is quickly entering star territory, she hasn’t mastered one celebri-feat: wearing sky-high heels all night.

At the party, she “took off her very high heels and slipped on a pair of moccasins,” our source said. Gyllenhaal, meanwhile, also kept things casual, wearing cargo pants, a long-sleeve tee and glasses to the screening, then skipping the after-party.

Anonymous said...

it's nice to get the word about Jake attending the NYFF,

thanks for the Tweet reports


Paula C. said...

Bobbyana, good point of view, besides enjoying himself at NYFF Jake is watching possible Oscar nominees.

UV, I love that video and the way he says to her "I'm nervous too, we're nervous together".

La Colombe Torrefaction is becoming Jake's favorite place in NY, the only place he goes that much is the doctor's office in LA.

bobbyanna said...

This is another Twitter from last night:
"My brother just saw Jake Gyllenhaal at a work dinner in nyc."
11 hours ago

UV, I hope he's networking, too!

That gossip item is hilarious.

Extra said...

Love the pic you found UV, I used to watch DH but I have lost interest in that show.

I forgot that Jake is a voting member of the Academy Bobbyanna, this festival is giving him a chance to screen some potential nominees and yes to hopefully do some networking.

Jake's attempt to blend in seems to be a major fail so far and those glasses are definately attracting more attention!

Tweety said...

It sounds like Jake is trying hard to just show up at the NYFF to see the films w/o any attention (except with Michele). I don't think we will see any more pics of him there just tweets.

I love when old/new photos of Jake show up and you do a great job finding them UV!

Not only has Jake changed since then, he got a lot more handsome but Cross really has changed and not in a good way.

I know, MEOW!!!!

This Tweet ois so funny:

maura_oneill Maura O'Neill
Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal walking down the street...OMG holy shit I'm crying
1 hour ago

Tweety said...


ooh forget batman, spotted scruffy jake gyllenhaal walking in my neighborhood. swooping totally allowed.

4 hours ago

UltraViolet said...

LOL, not a fan of Marcia's new and improved look, Tweety?

Forgot to say thanks to MP - I had forgotten that Kristin Davis was on Melrose Place.

Jake is out and about tonight: at Mercadito Grove or the Little Owl or both?

Jake Gyllenhaal is definitely sitting in front of me at The Little Owl in the west village #keepcalm
37 minutes ago

Ashley S. checked in to Mercadito Grove

“Hi, Jake Gyllenhaal!! Love, me and @nicolexcellent.”

1 hour ago

bobbyanna said...

Crap! My daughter's hanging out in the West Village @ Tertulia's tonight. : ( Have no idea if it's near by.

That Little Owl looks like a very cool place, UV.

Monica said...

I wanted to POP 2 to repair the errors of the first, but being a film produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, I'm sure the second part would be worse. Just look what happened to Pirates of the Caribbean.

UltraViolet said...

It wasn't perfect, but I liked the first one, so I just wanted more. The second one probably wouldn't have been better, but I loved seeing Jake with that look, in a big, sweeping film.

Not sure what prompted this tweet, but it made me smile:

@zoerein I remember seeing Phantom Planet at the Kibitz. With Jenny Lewis and Jake Gyllenhaal holding hands in the back.

And this from the woman who saw Jake at the Little Owl. I assume she's referring to Jake:

I couldn't stop smiling. Like, literally, every time I looked over I was smiling stupidly

Bobbyanna, let us know if your daughter meets up with Jake :)

Chica said...

The Little Owl has the best burgers ever!

I hope your daughter runs into Jake Bobbyanna, she will probably have more like than me!

bobbyanna said...

Chica, my daughter thinks Jake's "OK," she likes him well enough, but in her eyes, Clooney, Depp, and Damon rule. if she did see him, she'd probably tell me about it weeks later, "Oh, btw, I forgot to tell you..." Some how I've failed to give her "proper guidance..." : )

Chica said...

That should be "luck" Bobbyanna and I have friends that feel the same way about Jake! When I went to the Apple store in April to see Jake for SC promo she was beyond bored! She did like SC but thinks Jake is just Ok.

I'm working from home today and of course TCM is on in the background. I can't believe all the great stuff that is on in the daytime! So far they showed The Heiress, The Third Man and now Some Like it Hot is on, I won't get any work done today, LOL!

bobbyanna said...

"Bolt the door, Mariah!"

LOLOL!! I love that movie!

Wonder if Jake has seen "Shame" @ the NYFF. Lots of Oscar buzz for Michael Fassbender. He also has a David Cronenberg movie with Viggo coming out very soon.

I'm having trouble with Twitter today. Very sluggish and uncooperative.

UV, if I were sitting near Jake @ a restaurant I'd be grinning like a fool and unable to eat. my dinner companions would be completely exasperated.

Sheba Baby said...

Yeah Jake is sexier:)

How great it is for Jake to be able to attend the NYFF, I would love to do that. And despite his efforts to fly under the radar, he is still spotted especially wearing those frames.

I had no idea that Felicity Huffman was on DH!

Thanks so much for posting all the Jake in NY tweets!

Monica said...

Bobbyana, I'm very anxious to see Shame. I saw some work of Fassbender (X-Men First Class, Fish Tank, Jane Eyre, Inglourious Basterds) and he's really amazing. Very talented actor.

UltraViolet said...

No news but a new post.