Friday, October 7, 2011

So jake gyllenhaal came to my school today...

Jake Gyllenhaal spoke to students at LaGuardia Arts, a New York City public high school specializing in performing arts. No photos have made it out yet. But a few students did post about the experience. (Random photos interspersed to keep your attention.)

so jake gyllenhaal came to my school today...

he came to talk to the drama majors,but me and my friend really wanted to see him, but we are art majors. so we went to the basements, and were like behind the stage where he was, but some random kind man was like “just go upstairs to the theater”, so we did.

we are standing outside the doors,with one opened only a crack so we could see through and take pictures and shit. then the door opens and the principal (who ive seen 3 times on 4 years!) just happens to come out! but she was cool, and was like “go in, sit in the back,and be quiet” so we did.

he was so marvellous. he had on green cargo pants, with a hole above the knee, and a white t-shirt. his stuffed bookbag was on the floor next to him. on his little table there was a full, un-opened jug of orange juice. he answered questions, and made jokes and told all these wonderful little anecdotes about actors he knows. oh, he was just too good.

also he said his only goal in acting was for people to be able to pronounce “gyllenhaal” correctly.

So...I met Jake Gyllenhaal today.

It was quite an experience. He came to my school to talk to the Senior Drama Majors. Lucky for me, I just so happen to be one. He was SO incredible. He was so funny and so insightful and so down-to-earth and just so KL;ASDFJ;LKCAS;JKLJKL;S;ADSF! He talked a lot about his work and the choices he’s made and gave us tons of advice for the future. Also, as Brokeback Mountain is one of my favorite movies of all time, I FREAKED whenever he talked about it. I feel that my obsession with that movie is even more complete now! I also got picked on to ask him a question, so I asked him about what it was like working with actors he had previously worked with or known (i.e. Anne Hathaway, Maggie Gyllenhaal). He said it was really difficult to try and shut out his feelings and ideas of the other actor, but regardless he always had immense respect for them and try to give it all he could. He also added that Anne Hathaway came to her Brokeback Mountain audition in her Princess Diaries gown (she had been shooting earlier that day)! He shared lots of little things like that. I just can’t get over how amazing it all was.

However, over the course of the 2 hours he was there, I did have a bit of a difficult time ignoring the overwhelming desire to take him home with me and love him forever.

Anytime you’re ready, Jake.

Also, just btw, I met Jake Gyllenhaal today with my drama class at LaG. He came to speak to us and answer questions. He was down-to-earth, funny, and generally awesome and I loved him as much as I thought I would. He is a beautiful human being and I told him so and I got to shake his hand.

It was amazing.

Jake Gyllenhaal came to my school today ! I jumped on his back for a photo

That happens to Jake a lot.

(Thanks to the tumblr posters who reported on the experience.)


UltraViolet said...

First photo was taken recently in NY, but I don't know where or when.

Oh, and I forgot this tumblr post from yesterday:

Jake Gyllenhaal was in my school today. I'm obviously pregnant with his baby

It was fun to hear those reports. I'd love to hear more specifics about the anecdotes. Anne in her Princess Diaries dress was a new one for me.

Sounds like it was a great experience for all involved.

Extra said...

Thanks so much UV for posting these reports, How exciting for these student! I never heard about Anne and her coming to her BBM audition with her Princess Diary gown either, how funny!

I love the photos posted with this too, hopefully we will get some twicpics of this event. I love that Jake's time out to do things like this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much UV, I'm glad Jake is passing along his knowledge of the industry to future generations. Now if only someone asked him what he has next on his plate and how does he pick his projects.

oh and to all my fellow Jewish members Good yontev (Yom Kippur starts this evening)


Anonymous said...

Thanks UV for those reports those lucky students so good of Jake to do that so nice to hear those nice things about jake andt that tidbit about Anne was new to me too hope we get some pics but i doubt it the students were probably told not to take any

bobbyanna said...

Awwww! This is SO cool!!!! I bet he had some stories to tell, too!
I wish it was recorded (!)He takes such joy in what he does, I know the students picked up on that.
Hop we get more stories, more details.

bobbyanna said...

(Almost forgot! Congrats to the Detroit Tigers!) : )

UltraViolet said...

Ditto, Bobbyanna. That was a great game. And an even greater ending, with A Rod striking out :)

bobbyanna said...

BTW, I love that video where Sir Ben, Bruckheimer,and Gemma try to spell his name.

"I cahn't spell!"

Shondra said...

I love reading this, Jake is such a good storyteller. I bet they told the students no pics.

The video of the cast of Pop was so funny!

Congrats to the Detroit Tigers!!!

Good Yontev to you too Lily and to all here that observe Yom Kippur.

Anonymous said...

From twitter
Casey Fatchett
Just rode the 3 train with Jake Gyllenhal. Why you staring man? I know I'm good looking!

Paula C. said...

I absolutely love the first pic, I missed that scruffy face.
So glad to hear that the students loved Jake, but I already knew they would love him, who doesn't? Thanks UV.

My only goal in life is to spell every letter in Gyllenhaal to Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Interesting first tweet. But how many Kerouac movies can there be?

@slashfilm just heard in the lowell post office that Jake gyllenhall (sp) is cast as jack kerouack in a movie being worked on.
19 minutes ago

Just rode the 3 train with Jake Gyllenhal. Why you staring man? I know I'm good looking!
53 minutes ago

Since @spegram saw Jake Gyllenhaal on the 3train to bk this morning.. &lived to tell the tale.. mission 'Source Code' accomplished 1st try?
3 hours ago via web

Love that I live in a city where I can walk right past the gorgeous Jake Gyllenhal on my lunch break.
5 hours ago

This is a funny series of tweets. The height thing again, lord:

Holy shit I'm standing next to Jake Gylennhal on the subway platform.
1 hour ago

I am much taller than him.

@allisoncanfield he is a solid 5'8 or so.

@chloegoodlive he didn't seem to willing to talk anyone, he was dressed up like a hipster and looked pissed haha.

@allisoncanfield I will say that he is a good looking guy.

@allisoncanfield I would have if I hadn't been so shy haha. He looked pissed! I didn't want to be like "mr gylenhal, can I get a pic!?!?"

UltraViolet said...

Paula C, it's fun to hear the kids' reactions. I hope someday you get your wish!

Jake is a great story teller, Shondra. Maybe someday we'll get one of those Actor's Studio sit downs with him or something with a better interviewer!

UltraViolet said...


Delicious lunch at angelica kitchen, free dessert, and jake gyllenhaal? Um ok!
2 hours ago

Oh just having lunch with @PoojaMerai and Jake Gyllenhal @ Angelica's kitchen #nobiggie
2 hours ago

From yesterday:

Just saw #JakeGyllenhaal on the train in NYC. #drools

On the 1 Train at 14th Street heading downtown.
22 hours ago

Jake gylenhaal just walked in Brooklyn larder on Flatbush. So hot!!!!
7 minutes ago

Anonymous said...

Well then that person who is taller than Jake is over 6'1'. By the talk people might get the impression Jake is a short guy - he isn't.

Chica said...

What great reports from the students!

As someone who has seen him up and close during a Q&A I can confirm his charm, hotness and all around storytelling skills, he really is a natural.

Too bad I never ran into him (yet) on the streets, coffee shops or trains, LOL!!

It's mostly because he seems to be in Brooklyn or downtown, except for the school event which was

Chica said...

UV, regarding the Jack Kerouac film rumor, I could have sworn about five years ago I heard the same rumor. And you are right, how many films to we need of his life.

And the sight of Arod striking out in the bottom of the ninth last night had me LMAO!!

The look on the faces of his fellow Skanks in the dugout was priceless!!

Congrats to the Tigers!!

Monica said...

I could have sworn about five years ago I heard the same rumor..
Yeah, I remember. It was in On The Road of Walter Salles.

UV, these stories are great. Thanks!

bobbyanna said...

Thank you, Chica & monica!! I remembered the Kerouac rumor too! Weren't there two projects? One of them was eventually cast with James Franco & Jon Hamm, but I don't remember what happened to the second project.

Chica, don't you need a field trip to BK? : )

bobbyanna said...

James Franco played Allen Ginsberg, in the film version of "Howl."

Mary said...

I remember that rumor too loving all the tweets keep them coming:}

Monica said...

Jack Kerouac studied at Columbia University!

Mary said...

What happened to my earlier post it disappeared?

bobbyanna said...

I just answered my own question, Salles' movie is coming out in
2012. Garrett Hedlund and Kirsten Dunst, Tom Sturridge among others.

Mary said...

Stephanie has posted some pics of Jake taken yesterday at an organic smoothie place looks like hes wearing the same clothes he wore at the school not very happy in some of the pics.

sass said...

Oh, I love these wonderful children and their Jake postings...TY UV for once again making this site the highlight of my evening.
Listening to the great Adele while reading Jake posts and getting weepy...he is such a gentle kind giving man.
Bobbyanna, congrats on the DT's success last night. I couldn't believe the way the Yankees went down. hmmmm
Trading eminent?
So Jake was papped, but not too much.
Goodonya Jake. Going over to IHJ.
nite nite,

Monica said...

On the site Beat Museum, there is the bio of Jack and this passage is interesting:
He followed Ginsberg and Cassady to Berkeley and San Francisco, where he became close friends with the young Zen poet Gary Snyder.

Jake was in Berkeley recently and also in Columbia.
Relax, I know that twitter can be a mistake, but it's fun. And Jack Kerouac is great!

Paula C. said...

I hope the Kerouac film rumors are truth, it would be great for Jake.

Michelle Williams is getting rave reviews for her portrait of Marilyn and there are lots of movies about her, and the same with movies based on Hitler or JFK.

Jake did an awesome job when he portrayed real life characters in October sky an Zodiac

bobbyanna said...

There're a lot of film/acting projects I'd much rather see Jake involved with before a Jack Kerouac movie. Especially since "Howl" was barely noticed, and the Salles movie comes out next year.

(When Jake & Maggie visited Columbia, recently, I think they were at Columbia's theatre space. Made me wonder if there was some kind of reading, or lab going on for a theatre project.)

Monica said...

I understand what you mean and I think if the movie of Walter is good and become successful, this would be very bad for a new film about Jack Kerouac.

This is reminiscent of what happened to Capote and Infamous.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

At first I thought the first photo on this post was Jake with one of the students from Laguardia!

How awesome of Jake, I hope we hear more about this. Love the reports from the very lucky students!

The how to pronounce Gyllenhaal video is a hoot, I loved Pop. It was a fun movie, I just wish that it was more sucessful.

The Kerouac speculation is intersting and I also remember the chatter aout this a few years ago. And remember Jake being papped a few weeks ago with a script?

But you are right Bobbyanna, I think the market is flooded already with Kerouac flicks.

Who have thought that both the Yanks and the Phillies would be knocked out of the forst round of the playoffs??

Go Tigers!

Paula C. said...

Bobbyana and Monica, I understand what you mean , the walter film is set to be released next year and the public would be saturated with another project about Kerouac.

Anonymous said...

Jake was at someplace called the Organic Ave having a smoothie on Oct 6th.

photos from IHJ


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jake decided to go vegan?

sass said...

It's great to read opinions here about Jake's movie choices and his passes.

I think Jake was oh so lucky not to star in George Clooney's Movie. GC has to take time off as does RG from making so many movies in a year.
I nodded off and missed part of the TIOM trailer, still, I went to an 11:20AM show with my son on 42ND ST. Comfy seats rule.
I like to think about a movie for a while, before doing any online post. But not with SC which I knew was a hit!
TIOM movie is OK/good-fair. I will not buy it or rent it online or try to watch it when it comes to Cable.

I remember when Jake auditioned here for the stage version...they should have done the movie with Jake...but Leo DiCaprio bought it and didn't use Jake in the film.

What's up with all these people carrying on about RG and GC last week!

GC's not going to keep getting money to make so many movies if this crap keeps up...maybe.

TIOM had a GC movie debut this weekend, so says the BOMJ online site...not opening big they say is his style.

Babblers, I'm overjoyed with Jake's reviews. I found one this morning that gave SC 3.5 stars and TIOM 2 stars.

This is not a competition, yet it feels like it, when the king makers in Hollywood, step over JG and make movies. I do love being able to hang here...please allow me to gush...I've been gone way too long:)

Kid's movie triumphs again this weekend with RT coming in @$8.5 million and GC's movie coming in @3.4 million. Michael Clayton is one of my favorite movies, and his star Tilda Swinton, unbelievable.
This makes Jake's triumph all the more precious to me.
Anne in her PD dress... great news...never ever heard that before!

Jake's name pronunciation videos are really fun and funny.

Early morning viewings of 50/50 and Money Ball...Thank God for my son...when I can catch him... both A+.
I apologize if I offend...I mean no harm when I mention GC or just the the movie was really hyped and didn't do it for me.

Tweety said...

I have mixed feelings about these pics. On one hand I was dying to see Jake up close with his glasses, but obviously he is upset that the paps took pics of him going to Temple for Yom Kippur services with Maggie, Peter and Ramona:

It seems like the NY paps are catching up with him which is a shame.

Thanks so much for posting these excerpts from Jake's visit to The Laguardia School Arts, you can tell just from reading their reports that he really enjoys connecting with the audience.

No offense taken Sass, I like GC and RG but not as much as I love Jake!

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Sass, I like George and Gosling. I have not seen the movie. I just read some mixed reviews.

bobbyanna said...

As much as I hate to see them upset by the paps, I'm glad for the chance to see Jake's new looks. : ) I wonder if they were in BK or Manhattan.

I guess I'll check out Ides sometime next week. I love Clooney,mostly, and I like RG. I know Ides got mixed reviews as did RG's performance. Not seeing it opening weekend, tho. : )

Chica said...

He looks good in specs but yeah I was hoping they would leave him alone, I could just do with the tweets and going to Temple with his family is a private matter.

I plan on checking out Ides too, maybe next week.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

He's cute with those glasses.

Mary said...

Im glad to finally get a good picture of Jake with his glasses onhe does look good with them on i guess the paps have found that he is in NYC now so probably be more pics but Im fine with the tweets with an occassional pic.just jared also has some pics of Jake running in central park from this morning.

Im going to see moneyball tomorrow my mom wants to see ides of march so probably see that next.

Anonymous said...

From twitter

cynthia sin-yi cheng
Full house at BAM tonite--Frances McDormand & Jake Gyllenhaal both in the house to see Wilson's Threepenny Opera. #wilsonneverdisappoints

UltraViolet said...

He does look good with the glasses. All in a new post.