Monday, October 17, 2011

Family movies

Jake Gyllenhaal attended a New York Film Festival screening of The Descendants, George Clooney's new family drama.

I found these Gyllenhaal family videos from the premiere of Losing Isaiah in 1995. You can glimpse Jake in the background of the interview clip. Sadly, the photographer shooting the family didn't have the foresight to get Jake in most of the shots!

Losing Isaiah red carpet

Losing Isaiah premiere interview

Some pap videos of Jake with family members:

Here's another video of Jake and Naomi.


Paula C. said...

I love when new fotos come up, thanks UV for the fotos and the videos.
This was the best part of my day because my car was robbed today.

Anyone knows who the girl is? she´s beautiful and Jake looks happy, but please Jake make a fire and burn those khaki pants:)

UltraViolet said...

Oh, no, Paula! That's terrible. I hope it can be recovered without damage. I'm glad Jake made an appearance so you have a diversion.

Not sure who the woman is. Maybe a tweeter will give us a hint.

I added a couple more photos from IHJ.

bobbyanna said...

Ohh, Paula C! So sorry your car was robbed. That's awful.

Very interesting videos, UV. Especially the Losing Isaiah video. I love Naomi! She sounds a lot like Maggie, and Stephen sounds a lot like Jake. Or vice versa.: )

I'll admit the other videos made me feel 'slightly' voyeur-ish.:)
Especially Jake and Peter, and the afternoon one of Jake and Naomi at Morandi. But the one with Jake walking backwards always makes me smile. Those guys were kind of funny.

The pretty girl with Jake looks vaguely familiar. She reminds me a little bit of Zoe Kazan. It's not Zoe, but for some reason I want to place her in the theatre community. Have no idea why. Pure conjecture. I'm kind of glad I don't know who she is.

Anonymous said...

From twitter:
"Spotted: jake gyllenhaal on 11th and university place #idie"

Anonymous said...

"Good way to impress young clients: take them to lunch at ABC Kitchen and just happen to be seated next to Jake Gyllenhaal"

UltraViolet said...

Jinx, anon.

Bobbyanna, the pap vids are definitely too close. Perhaps I shouldn't have posted. The one at night does make me laugh - Jake, too, clearly.

The one with Peter is bad because Jake is clearly pissed. But is it wrong that I love watching him back up? And I forgot about the one with Naomi where they are both on their phones and then Jake goes up to the car. I wish I could read lips.

UltraViolet said...

Deleted my earlier post to add a few more:

From twitter today:

Having an great day with some ups and downs and think I just walked past jake gyllenhaal #nyu #nbd
2 minutes ago

Just seen Jake Gyllenhaal..... *faints*
3 minutes ago

Just passed Jake Gyllenhaal. NBD
1 minute

Spotted: jake gyllenhaal on 11th and university place #idie
13 minutes ago

Good way to impress young clients: take them to lunch at ABC Kitchen and just happen to be seated next to Jake Gyllenhaal.
1 hour ago

Anonymous said...

¿QuĂ© es jinx?

UltraViolet said...

We posted the same thing at the same time. (I then deleted mine and added a few more tweets.)

You say "jinx" when you say something at the same time another person says it :)

Paula C. said...

Thanks for your support, I'm feeling a lot better after this post.

Bobbyana, I was thinking exactly the same, Stephen DNA is all over Jake.

He looks so naughty in the last pic, behind the girl, his face made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Ya entiendo, gracias!!!!
El traductor de google es una patata.:)

Chica said...

I'm so sorry to hear you car was robbed Paula C, that stinks:(

More new old/new Jake videos, thanks so much UV, you are such a great detective finding these gems!

Losing Isaiah was such a good film.

I remember the pap pics of some these videos, they are a bit stalkerish but I'm guilty in that I like seeing some of them. Jake is so much like his dad, I didn't realize it until now.

Chica said...

LOL Paula @ Jake's khaki pants, enough already!

The girl is very pretty but she doesn't look familiar to me.

UltraViolet said...

De nada, non. Google translate is problematic, especially for colloqiualisms.

More from twitter:

i just saw jake gyllenhaal at Union Square ^_^
18 minutes ago

I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal on the street. I'm dying. #BeautifulManSyndrome
38 minutes ago

Jake gyllenhall i was grillin you on Bergen st. I wasn't expecting you & you're so much more attractive in real life. BAM! #donniedarko4eva
5 hours ago

I forgot to LOL at Paula's suggestion for the khaki pants. I don't mind them as much as the grey chins Jake was partial to a while back.

I don't know if I'd ever heard Naomi's voice before. Jake does sound like Stephen. And their account of working together was interesting in light of later events.

Daniela said...

I had no idea there was so many videos of this type with Jake.
I saw the movie several months ago Isaiah, and commented to the staff of forun the film's director was the father of Jake
I found the very talented kid, I cried for him
Jake is so much better without glasses

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

He looks happy and relaxed here, I haven't seen that smile in awhile. And look no glasses!

Looks like he decided to attend a NYFF screening with a guest)
I really want to see The Descendants,the reviews have been good.

All these videos are new to me, love the Isaiah red copy video!

The similarities between Jake and Stephen and Maggie and Naomi are strong.

Those khaki pants need to go Mr. G!

I'm sorry yo hear about your car being robbed Paula C.

Tweety said...

I hope that Jake was doing a bit of networking as well as seeing some films at NYFF.

Hmmm, I thought that the reason Jake was wearing his glasses was because he was maybe getting new contacts, I liked him in glasses so I will miss that look.
It makes me a little sad looking at the Red carpet Losing Isaiah video when the Gyllenhaal family was in tact.

I think that Halle Berry gave her best performance in that movie, even more so than the movie she won an Oscar for, Monster Ball.

I hope that the items stolen from your care are found Paula, what a lousy thing to happen.

Jake the gentleman:

roxyturtle Roxy
Thank you Jake Gyllenhaal for holding the 2 train door open for a polite hottie!! :)

UltraViolet said...

Aww, nice one, tweety. Here'a nother cute one:

Jake Gyllenhaal siting in Whole Foods. By the pineapple. Suhweet.
1 hour ago

Funny image.

I have never seen Losing Isaiah. I wonder if it would be watchable.

Daniela, there are a lot of these short pap vids of Jake. I'll probably post more during Jake news droughts.

sass said...

Oh Paula, I'm so sorry that happened to's awful. (((((Paula)))))
Love the Jake videos, photos and tweets, reading all the happy reactions from New Yorkers running into Jake, makes me v.v.v happy.
I'm getting further from home every week... down to 26&7th Avenue today. Tribeca/Soho next... for perhaps a Jake sighting.
*big grin*
UV, Please send me the a copy of the stories you were reading.
I didn't get them yet; they must have been gobbled up by who knows what:)

Mary said...

Sorry to hear about your car Paula

NIce to see Jake smiling anf relaxed

Anonymous said...

very sorry to hear about your car, Paula.

thanks for the videos UV. I wonder who the girl was with Jake?


Monica said...

I hope Jake enjoyed the movie and made a networking too.

The Descendants is getting great reviews. Already on my list to watch.
Great videos, UV.

Yesterday I saw Crazy, Stupid, Love. Lovely film, very funny and good performances from everyone.


Anonymous said...

I think she is Lindsy Fonseca !!

bobbyanna said...

Anon, she sure has a strong resemblance to Lyndsy. But Lyndsy tweeted that she was looking forward to attending NY ComicCon to support her show,"Nikita," but then said she would not be able to make it, bcz she had to stay in Toronto to finish shooting an episode.

The principle cast members like Maggie Q, arrived on Friday, and she was not with them Friday or Saturday. Maybe she came in later Saturday. "The Descendants" was Sunday so it's possible. Toronto is very near by. Not sure.

bobbyanna said...

One more bit of info, kind of a "six degrees " thing: ) Lyndsy was in "Five," the stories directed by Demi Moore, Alicia Keys,...and Jennifer Aniston. They did some promotion for it a couple of weeks ago in NYC, and it aired on October 10th on Lifetime. There's a photo of her with Alicia Keys, and I assume Jennifer Aniston was also at the same reception. So she has worked on a project which involved JA. : )

Extra said...

The girl looks like Lyndsay but I don't think it's her otherwise she would a have been recognized and J. Jared would have mentioned it.

Whoever she is she is pretty and Jake looks good even with these beat down khakis!

Love the videos of Jake and family even though some are a bit intrusive.


T said...

Hi guys

Stephanie has some pics of jake and a buddy gyllenhugging and hailing a cab, some nice shots he's broke out different pants.
What a way to end the day xx

UltraViolet said...

From twitter:

Just walked by Jake Gyllenhaal.... :)
35 minutes

Um, Jake Gyllenhaal just held the door open 4 me at Bklyn Larder. @fishermatt better watch out, cause he's on "my list".
2 hours ago

This guy is a radio host:

Something serious is going on... I'm being stalked by Jake Gyllenhaal! I've seen him 4 times in the past two months. #Hellolady
7 hours

Anonymous said...

her name is sophia buhai. she is a fashion designer.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, Anonymous! I checked out the website for her company,Vena Cava, and if you click on the blog page, there's Maggie Gyllenhaal modeling some pretty cool outfits.

bobbyanna said...

Just a bit more: She's 30, and she and her design/business partner set up their studio in the Gowanus Industrial neighborhood in Brooklyn.

UltraViolet said...

Ah, she seems like a cool person. And she's very successful. Gossip Cop says she's a childhood friend. Explains the Maggie connection, too.

Who knows what the deal is :)

More from twitter:

Jake Gyllenhaal sighting during visit to old hood. Girl walking in front of me shrieked THAT'S JAKE at top of lungs. Smooth.
1 minute ago

Lunching at union square, who strolls past but the very beautiful Jake Gyllenhaal-just as beautiful in the flesh might I add!
9 minutes ago

Pretty sure I just walked by Jake Gyllenhaal in Union Square.
10 minutes ago

bobbyanna said...

Gossip Cop's pretty credible, UV.
But there's no rule against dating childhood friends. : )

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I wasn't doubting his identification. Just that he knows whether or not they are just old friends.

UltraViolet said...

This is cute:

Saw Jake Gyllenhaal on the street today. Giggled like a teenager and walked for 10 blocks with a smile on my face.
15 minutes ago

Anonymous said...

From Vogue

"1981 June: Sophie Buhai born in Los Angeles. She grows up across the street from actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, who later becomes an early supporter of Vena Cava."

Shondra said...

I see that Gyllen smile in the first photo, it's been a while sine I've seen it !

Sophie is very pretty and whatever is going on that both look happy here.

Thanks for all the tweeter updates of Jake in NY, he sure loves visiting there.

You should check out Losing Isaiah UV, it's a heartbreaking film and very well acted and directed.

Paula C. said...

I believe Sophia is just a friend, otherwise he wouldn't bring her to such a public event, not after what happened whit his last experience ( I don't even like to remember), but like Shondra said they look happy and I would love to see Jake in love again.

Thanks again everyone for support, the car was not taken by the robber, because it has electronic immobilizer system, but they broke a window and stole a very expensive tool that belong to my husband and my son's PSP and my laptop.I guess I've learn not to have things at sight the hard way.

UltraViolet said...

New post :)