Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"He's a star in the world."

Actress Beth Grant was the guest of honor this week at a Meet The Lady. In an interview preceding the event, she spoke about Jake Gyllenhaal:

You and Patrick Swayze had already been close well before Donnie Darko. Was this your last project together?

We saw each other afterward a few times on a personal level, but that was our last work together. That was so perfect. It was not just that Jake Gyllenhaal was doing the part, whom I'd been in love with since he was three years old. The first time I saw Jake he was running across my in-laws' back lawn to the pool, because he was best friends with my twin nieces, and I remember turning to my sister in law and asking, "Who is that beautiful child?" He just was magical, always, so generous and open. I remember the sixth grade show they had at the end of the year. There he was, this sixth grade boy, and he stood up and sang "The Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera. What a song for an eleven year old! I thought, this kid is a star. Whether or not he's going to be a movie star, who knows, but he's a star in the world, because he's luminous.

Don't you wish you had a video tape of that?

We do have it on video! My in-laws have it. It's just crazy, we looked at it one Thanksgiving, still before he became a star, and I thought it all over again. So, for me to be acting with him — and also with Buddy [Swayze], who in many ways was a hero of mine, because he'd been the first person from our acting class who'd really made it, and who'd been a big influence in teaching me to love and accept myself as a character actress — the role became kind of true to life. It was a magical experience doing that film, it really was.

Two words, Beth: YouTube. Or is that considered one word?

(That photo is in desperate need of a caption!)

I also ran across this old interview with Jolene Purdy, who played Cherita in DD. She also has nice words about Jake:

J-14: What has it been like to work with such costars, like Jake Gyllenhaal, Tony Oller, and Ryan Rottman?

Jolene: Jake Gyllenhaal is such a nice guy. When I wrapped [Donnie Darko], he said some really nice things to me like, "You should be happy with the work that you've done on this film. Think about the people that are bullied and how they're going to relate to you. A bully sitting in the movie theater watching will think, 'Gee, this is really how I make someone feel?'"

Someone who attended the NYFF showing of The Descendants grabbed these shots of Jake and friend before the show:

She said they were "adorable."

(Donnie Darko poster courtesy of flickr/zachwood. Angel poster found on bangshoot.)


bobbyanna said...

What a great post!!! Thank you for finding the Beth Grant stuff, and the photos frm the NYFF. Beth clearly adores him!

Yessss! YouTube! Eleven yr. old Jake singing? Absolutely. Someone tell Letterman...or Jon Stewart...or SNL! That's one way of getting it online; )!

Jake @ three years old must have been adorable...just like Jake @
30! : )

I bet Jake and Sophie had no idea they were being photographed, but I've really enjoyed all the photos a lot.

Sag Actor said...

Donnie Darko has remained my all time favorite Jake film. I knew that it was something special when I first saw it.

I really like Looney Tune/DD poster, that is so cool!

Anonymous said...

What a precious find, we see that Jake has not changed much (except of course he's a MAN a gorgeous MAN not a cute boy) I don't think I've ever heard a bad thing said about Jake by anyone.

OH I saw this on Gossip Cop, it identifies the woman with him at the NYFF (I know in the last post someone had identified her too)


Paula C. said...

Youtube, LOL,UV!

Bobbyana, he knew there would be photographers, but friend our girlfriend they make an adorable couple.

Lily,let me add a really hot gorgeous MAN, Beth Grant is such a visionary.

UltraViolet said...

Not much twitter action today:

So much Taylor Swift on my Spotify today. Somewhere @mgflip is swooning. (PS - Coworker saw Gyllenhaal!!!!)
56 minutes ago


Almost bumped into someone that looked like Jake Gyllenhaal in Chelsea Market. It would be pretty cool if I find out it was actually him..
3 hours ago

An interesting story about a rift between David O Russell and Mark Wahlberg.

UltraViolet said...

It's only the right thing to do, Paula!

The Beth Grant quote is precious. And she was a visionary!

Sag Actor, isn't that poster perfect! I had to grab it as soon as I saw it, but I don't remember where. I also adore the minimalist DD poster. There's so much DD art out there - it's scary.

Bobbyanna, how about Or Jimmy Kimmel? He delights in that kind of thing. Leno, too, though Jake seems to be on a Leno boycott.

Chica said...

Oh how I would love to see that video, he must have been adorable!

Sounds like Beth has known Jake a long time, that is an awesome DD poster, that's all folks!!

She and Jake are adorable:)

Extra said...

Love the Beth Grant interview and Beth get that video to youtube pronto!

I don't think Jake has been on Leno since BBM.

Love that DD poster, very unique.

That twitter is going to kick themselves when they realize that it was Jake at that market!

Don't think they knew they were being photographed either, I notice the sequence of pics on IHJ when it looks like he is aware and she turns the other way and separates from him.

bobbyanna said...

Love the Donnie Darko art.

UV, the article at your link, shows what a cut throat business making movies is. Mark Wahlberg has a lot of $$$, and a lot of clout. I guess Russell thinks he can crap on his friends because The Fighter put him back in business. I can't help but wonder what role Harvey Weinstein played.

bobbyanna said...

This from twitter:

"Jake Gyllenhaal at @soulcycle tonight. Bam!"

UltraViolet said...

Not only was @JennyGaither on fire tonight but Jake Gyllenhaal had the pleasure at staring at my a$$ for 45 min! @soulcycle #icingonthecake

just saw jake gyllenhaal. wouldn't have noticed if the chick behind me hadn't freaked.

aliceryan12: fine. RT @kristenryan16: Actually I saw him, u said no & girl behind u confirmed. RT @aliceryan12 just saw jake

David OR clearly has issues. And MW, against all odds, has clout. It's an interesting battle. I wonder if they'll ever talk about it.

Also, I wish Jake would develop a working relationship with a talented director.

bobbyanna said...

UV, Harvey Weinstein is the Huge Presence looming in the background of this tale. I get nervous whenever I see Jake around Harvey as he was during BV and again @ the "Marilyn" screening. The combination of DOR & Harvey is bone-chilling.

Variety announced that Matt Damon is going to make his directorial debut on a project he co-wrote with John Krasinski. John will star in the movie.

lawgoddess said...

"luminous" is such a good word for Jake.

suvee said...

This isn't about Jake, and I apologize if it's already been mentioned previously here.
I just read that Anne H. is confirmed for the Les Mis film, in the role of Fantine.

UltraViolet said...

LG, "luminous" is a beautiful word for Jake, I agree.

Harvey is scary, bobbyanna. And how cool for Matt and John K. Jake needs to start befriending these good guys.

Suvee, I saw that news about Anne H. I wish Jake could play a partin it somehow but he's too old for Marius, sadly. I adore the play, so I'm curious to see how this works.

Also, a note to Sass: I sent the file to your gmail address. I hope you get it!

bobbyanna said...

(waves to suvee!) Glad to know Anne will be working with Hugh Jackman.

UV, on the Matt Damon pic, I forgot to say that they're doing it with Warner Films.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Luminous is a perfect description of Jake, as well as gorgeous.

Several photos of Jake has popped up recently from when he was in grade school/High school so I have my fingers crossed that that video shows up!

It took several viewings of DD for me to "get" it, the film is a cult classic and I'm so glad that Jake was involved with it.

I heard about Anne and Jackman, that is fantastic news.

Russell is known in HW as being a first class asshole, issues don't even begin to describe it. I don't like Weinstein either.

UltraViolet said...

From twitter:

Holy crap Jake gyllenhaal is in this coffee shop and he's reading a book. I can't breathe
33 minutes ago

@mynameisreb where have you been the last four weeks?
33 minutes ago
in reply to ↑

@nicolehering seeing in person versus a photo taken from a phone is a big difference. Heart palpitations are involved
30 minutes ago

I think the middle tweeter means "Where have you been - we've all spotted him and taken his picture," lol.

Wonder what Jake's reading. And why isn't it a script?

Mary said...

Loving all the tweets UV I wonder what hes reading too.

Wonder how much longer he will be in NYC .

Tweety said...

I adore Beth for her comments about Jake here, she has to make that video public pronto!

Love the love/fear DD poster, I am always amazed at the talent of fans, just amazing.

Jake's visit to NY has been really long this time around and he sounds like he is really enjoying himself.

Thanks for that link about Russell and Whalberg UV, what a nasty piece of work.

Waves to Suvee! Congrats to Anne.

Tweety said...

Jake hasn't been spotted at the Prune in a while!:

AdeFink adrienfinkel
Hello NYC and Hello Jake Gyllenhal dining next to me at Prune. I can now die.
35 minutes ago

Anonymous said...

maybe Jake will stick around for the holidays. Or at least for his sister's birthday. Unless he is looking around for his next project or he needs to go back home in LA. Where is Atticus? I wonder if he took his dog friend with him?


UltraViolet said...

Twitter was abuzz with Jake tonight:

My 1st Jake Gyllenhaal sighting, that is one attractive man. #itotallyblushed
2 hours ago

Jake Gyllenhaal and America Ferrera riding on the new @flywheelsports bikes tonight in Flatiron. All jocks and athletes try this new bike!!
1 hour ago

I got so excited that Jake Gyllenhaal and America Ferrera were two bikes down that I got my highest score ever @flywheelsports. #motivation
1 hour ago

Was jake gyllenhaal on bike in front of me during grant's 630 class?
1 hour ago

Jake gyllenhaal spotted on 21st about to take spin class no big deal

How fun that he and America took the same class.

Chica said...

I have a friend that teaches spin classes (It's nit where Jake and America are taking them!) And he said that it's one of the best ways to keep in shape. He also said that a lot of actors take the classes.

He used to get a lot of soap stars but there is only one soap left that tapes in NY, One Life to Live:(

bobbyanna said...

My younger daughter sometimes "spins" in Atlanta, and she said it's very hard work.

Beth Grant is often underestimated. I remember that cameo she had in Crazy Heart, as Jeff Bridges' one night stand. She really did a lot with that character.

Jake has immediate family, relatives,lots of friends based on the East Coast, so I wouldn't be surprised if he spends more and longer stretches of time in the NYC/BK area.

Anonymous said...

From twitter:
"Jake Gyllenhaal is sitting next to us at brunch. Second time I've seen him this month in the west vill. @thorpe_erin eat your heart out!"

sass said...

Hi UV, I got it and I love reading it!
I've never read such wonderful compliments about Jake before-- he's luminous--that is so true; I love everything written about him in this article.

I don't think Jake has ever been here this long. Perchance, he has moved here? Wouldn't that be FANTASTIC?
Love and hugs and more hugs babblers all.

I'm glad the war in Iraq is ending. It's been going on for nearly 50% of my son's life...going on for much too long.

Love again!

Monica said...

Great post!!
I fell in love with Jake in that scene of "fear and love" with Beth.

Harvey was a producer of Proof or am I wrong?

Hello, Suvee.

Mary said...

If i remember right Jake spent alot of time there last fall he was there for a Q&A for LOAD and was there for Thanksgiving.

Read some where that his father has a screening of his new film think the name is Grass R oots at Columbia on the 26th so i wpuld imagine Jake will go to that guess we will hear if he does attend.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

It does appear that he has been in NY a little longer than usual and if remember correctly he was back and forth from NY and L.A. the same time last year.

Maybe he finally did a place here, it would make sense.

The end of the war in Iraq is the best news coming out of Washington in a long time.

Viv said...

Happy to see Jake had a fun time in NY but kind of upset at the same time.....

It means he is still any film rumors??

I just heard Bradley Cooper is casted in UNCLE.

I am watching MLB postseason games this week.Really exciting games.:)

Tweety said...

kbyesuz Suzanne Chang
You know you're seeing a good show when Steve Martin, Jake Gyllenhaal, and America Ferrera are in your section. #relativelyspeaking
12 hours ago

bobbyanna said...

Oops! Tweety we're on the same wave length! The tweeter was at "Relatively Speaking."
These are three one act plays written by Woody Allen, Ethan Coen, and Elaine May, and directed by John Torturro.

UltraViolet said...

That sounds like a fun play. I wonder what the reviews were like. Lots of Jake sightings yesterday. He's definitely settled in.

Busy weekend for me, so I appreciate all the updates.

bobbyanna said...

UV, the reviews have been mixed, but the casting is pretty amazing.
Marlo Thomas has been especially well received. The play opened the night before, 10/20, and there was a lot of star power in the audience as much as on stage. Jake, Steve Martin & America were there for the second night showing.

Here's a link to Playbill's opening night re-cap. It's very positive, not really a critical review piece.

Anonymous said...

From twitter
"Jake Gyllenhaal sighting at brunch. Maybe Brooklyn isn't so bad."

Paula said...

Donnie Darko! I always though that Frank the Rabbit would make a killer Halloween costume, If I was going to a Halloween party this year It would have been perfect!

He was so good and intense/creepy in this, I love Beth's comments regarding Jake and her spot on observations. What I wouldn't do to see that video!!

I forgot about her part in Crazy Heart Bobbyanna and yes she was good in it.

Hi Suvee! What great news regarding Annie, I think she will e fantastic in the part.

Catching up on all the Jake in NY tweets, sounds like he is having a blast!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jake is thinking of moving to NY permanently? But I thought he was more a Calif boy, especially for the great weather in the winter. I guess time will tell.

Thanks for all the tweet reports


bobbyanna said...

Someone @ the Gillian Welch concert at the Beacon theatre in NYC, claims she saw Jake.

"just saw Ryan Adams AND Jake Gyllenhaal because I'm a boss"

I think she's back stage bcz she also mentioned she was standing close to Gillian Welch.

bobbyanna said...

correction: She wasn't back stage. : ) The tweeter was sitting in the 9th row.

Anonymous said...

From twitter:
Jacob Brent
Definitely had dinner next to Jake Gyllenhaal! #NewYorkMoment"

Kait Robinson
Seeing Jake Gyllenhaal in the cab next to you is definitely kind of startling but pleasant at the same time"

Anonymous said...

"Today in Brooklyn Gyllenhaal spotting: the rare Jake sighting. Nice break from the daily Maggie sighting. #fb"

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, anon. : )

I found one more:

"Sitting next to Jake and maggie gyllenhall at a Gillian Welch show. Crazy."
12 hours ago

Extra said...

Gillian Welch is a country western/bluegrass singer, she is amazing! I am officially jealous of Jake (and Maggie too!)

Extra said...

Gillian Welch and The Decemberists via PBS/Austin City Limits:

Tweety said...

hillaryj Hillary Wirth
Just took a spin class with Jake Gyllenhaal and now I'm eating sushi. So NY of me. cc @whatsfordina , @SarahPandolfini
3 hours ago

I love cheesecake!:

elliedama Ellie D.
Long story, but today I learned I ate cheesecake from the same recipe Jake Gyllenhaal uses. #grandmastories
3 hours ago

bobbyanna said...

There are some pictures on
justjared of Jake and America Ferrara out walking after brunch today. A few days ago we saw pictures of Jake walking down the street with a guy who, it turns out, is America's husband, Ryan Piers Williams.

America has landed a lead role in a Broadway adaptation of Miss Firecracker sometime next year. She'll take on the part Holly Hunter had in the movie, according to Playbill online magazine.

Mary said...

Just jared has pictures up taken today of Jake and Ameica F early a market

Mary said...

Posting at the same time Bobbyanna:) See that hey are leaving brunch not a market.

bobbyanna said...

According to this article, America is going to London in early November to play Roxie Hart in Chicago, then coming back to Broadway for Miss Firecracker in the Spring.

Anonymous said...

Maybe American can talk Jake into trying out for a broadway play (or maybe Maggie can) I'd definitely go back to NY to see that.

We've seen how easily Jake makes friends with his co stars and it's nice to see him and America are hanging out.


Monica said...

Maggie's next project sounds promising. She will play a member of the Mafia in the adaptation of The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer.

Sheba Baby said...

Thanks for this post, a preview for Halloween, Darko is a weird, freaky and scary ride! I hope that Beth decides to share those videos with the rest of the world, he must have been so cute!

Sounds like Jake is making the most of his time in NY as usual and I love that he became friends with America, I'm a big fan of hers.

bobbyanna said...

Stephen Gyllenhaal's movie, "Grassroots" is previewing in Los Angeles tomorrow, and then it will also screen at Columbia University on 10/26.

Stephen, his wife Kathleen, and the screenwriter will have a panel discussion following the movie.

If you go to the movie's website, there is even a campus map of Columbia with directions. It starts @ 7 PM.

UltraViolet said...

Fun but very busy weekend is at an end. Boo. Thanks for all the updates!

How cool that Jake and America have become friends.

I hope Jake doesn't need to be talked into trying out for a play. He has said he wants to do one. I hope it's just a matter of his finding the right one.

I can't quite see America as Roxie Hart, but I hope she does well in the role.

Not too many tweets of Jake today, but there was this:

Morgan Spurlock at my crepe place sun, Jake Gyllenhaal on my subway platform this morning, what's next? Steve Busc at the bodega tomorrow?
9 hours ago

Monica said...

I don't remember seeing this picture of Jake with Ang Lee on set of Brokeback Mountain.
And this pic too, where the makeup artist put blood in the nose of the Heath.

UltraViolet said...

I don't remember either of those, Monica. Nice find!

Oh, how I wish Focus would release some of their BBM treasure trove.

More Jake on a train:

@LeslieMedlik sorry, I completely got lost and somehow ended up sharing a train with Jake Gyllenhaal. I'll try for tomorrow!
4 minutes ago

My roommate sat on the 1 train with Jake Gyllenhaal today. Why wasn't I on that 1 train?
42 minutes ago

Anonymous said...

From twitter
Surigao Digital
Jake Gyllenhaal shopping with his dad in the East Village"

Chica said...

What a great find Monica, I'm sure there are more BBM treasures out there. I don't what the deal is with Focus:(

Looks like Dad is in NY for the screening of Grassroots, maybe he and Jake are buying a new outfit, for Jake!!

Twitter said...

Jake Gyllenhaal just said he liked my hoodie on the 1 train.
54 minutes ago
Today is the best day yet! Great way to start my morning saw Jake Gyllenhaal he's amazing!
1 hour ago

Chica said...

Grassroots sounds interesting but I'm not a fan of Stephen for reasons I will not get into .

I can easily attend the screening at Columbia tomorrow, I have a very good friend that works there but I probably won't attend.

I wish him all the luck with his film and I hope it gets picked up for distribution.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that wonderful find, Monica. I wish Focus would release more BBM treasures.

I am glad Steven is in NY for the premiere of his Film and that Jake will be there to support his dad.

I wish Jake was on the trains I've been on. I wonder how approachable he is. Like if I said hello if he'd give me an odd look?


Tweety said...

Jake on another coffee run:

arthoundnet Kate Singleton
Just realized jake gyllenhaal was sitting behind me as I was drinking my coffee.
3 hours ago

Thanks for that link Monica, there is so much unseen BBM stuff that we haven't seen yet.

I understand (((Chica))).

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the BBM pics, monica!

Me, too. ((((chica)))

UltraViolet said...

Seems like Jake is approachable but doesn't like to take pictures.

I don't know what to think about Stephen Gyllenhaal. I hope it's a good movie, though, just for his own sake.

Another tweet:

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal. OMFin-G. He is so freaking hot. Yummy. How crazy is that I had a dream about him last night. This is a great day!
7 minutes ago

UltraViolet said...

New post, finally!