Thursday, January 20, 2011

Go to the Source

Looks like the publicity campaign for Source Code is gearing up. Director Duncan Jones spoke with several online journalists about the film and working with Jake Gyllenhaal. Meanwhile, Love & Other Drugs continues to open internationally, leading to more articles and new photos, like these found in this Danish source.

In contrast to his twittering, Jones was enthusiastic in his outlook for the film and its star:

Why did you go with Source Code? You were juggling a lot of potential projects at the time, and you ended up choosing this one. What was it about Source Code that brought you in?

The main reason I did it is that I wanted the opportunity to work with Jake Gyllenhaal. Like Sam Rockwell I think he’s one of those actors who is incredibly talented at who at the time – since then he’s done Prince of Persia and that – but at the time I thought he was a leading man who was funny and smart and handsome and had the talent to pull off any part. I had a chance to meet with Jake and at that time I was, as I usually am, I was trying to convince him to do one of my crazy projects, and he said “You know what, I’d like you to come on this film that I’m working on right now,” which was Source Code. I read it and thought it was really good and it would give me a chance to work with Jake on his turf, and hopefully if I do a good job and he enjoyed the process I can grab him to come and work on one of my films today.

Collider has a transcript of a group interview with Jones, as well as a video.

Question: What got you interested in this project?

Duncan Jones: There was a couple of things. We had just finished Moon. I wanted to have the opportunity to sort of work out what it’s actually like to work on…not so much a Hollywood film, because this is not a studio film, per se, but I wanted to understand what it was like to work over here and through more of the system. Stewart and I, who’s my producer, we sort of did Moon all ourselves, and it was very much our project. We controlled everything. We made all of the decisions. And I wanted to sort of go through the process over here a little bit and have the chance to work with, you know…Jake was a huge draw to me because I’m a big fan of his. I think he’s a terrific actor. Also ridiculously handsome in a very hetero way, but he’s a good looking guy, and he’s a leading man, you know. He’s a leading guy and I wanted to sort of work with him. I thought it would be really exciting.

Question: It’s weird, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film with this kind of plot before, other than like, say, Groundhog Day. But Groundhog Day is nothing like this film.

Duncan Jones: Although there is more comedy in this than you might expect. There’s more humor in it. [laughs] But there’s also Jake, who is a funny guy. If you ask him to sort of let loose and be himself, he is a bit nutty in a really fun way. So rather than let the film get too dark, which was always a concern when we were, again, looking at the script, I wanted to make sure that we could bring the levity to it. Because I think it helps drama. I think drama is more effective when there’s levity there as well. You get that dichotomy.

Question: I’m curious if you could talk a little bit about the…After Moon there’s a lot of buzz on you because the movie is fucking great. I’m curious, was there a lot of debate over which project am I going to do as my follow-up? Like, did you feel that sort of pressure?

Duncan Jones: Yeah, absolutely. I mean I was very fortunate Source Code was as strong a script as it was. I was given a few things. There were some really interesting projects out there. Then there were some offers for some things which were maybe not so interesting, like the obvious, “If I want to do a studio film, go make this.” And I wasn’t ready…I didn’t want to do that. But Source Code kind of came out at the right time. We hadn’t really received as much of the critical acclaim for Moon at the time that I signed onto Source Code, so I was a little bit nervous. I wanted to make sure that I was going to get the chance to make another film. But Jake came along and we had a meeting, and I got on really well with him. It was kind of like with Sam. When I met up with Sam Rockwell, it almost didn’t matter what the project was, I just wanted the chance to work with Sam. And I wrote Moon because I wanted to work with Sam.

And with Jake it was sort of similar. When we met and I got on so well with him…and I know that he was really interested in working with some different kinds of directors. I mean he had just come off of Prince of Persia. I think it was a very different experience than what he had on Source Code. And I think the two of us kind of bonded and knew that we could have a lot of fun. I could kind of open things up to him to allow him to experiment and to try things that maybe he wouldn’t get to try on other films. I think that relationship between us was really built on trust and the fact that we wanted to work together. So Source Code is a script, it was almost just…We were just lucky that the script was as good as it was, because if it hadn’t been, we would have still wanted to work together and we would have done any other project. But Source Code was the one we did.


UltraViolet said...

There's a brief shot of Jake in this video from the Art of Elysium last weekend.

bobbyanna said...

(((UV))) thanks for the new post!;)

My attitude towards Duncan is changing for the better since these interviews started coming out.:) I'm also really impressed with how deeply involved Jake was in getting SC made. He picked his director! That's very significant.

Chica said...

Now this is what I want to hear from Duncan regarding SC, he sounds really excited about it!

I love that Jake picked Duncan to direct and he really loved working with Jake.

The first pic of Jake in this post is delish and LAOD has made 66 million WW!!

bobbyanna said...

That's great news, chica! $66M for a romantic comedy. I guess you guys are getting ready for more snow?

I haven't seen True Grit,127 Hours or Blue Valentine. I'm sort of ambivalent. honestly don't feel like seeing BV or 127. I'm not excited about TG, but I could watch it.

Need to do better with documentaries and foreign films.

Saw a recent photo of David Bowie, and he looked exactly like Duncan! LOL!

Chica said...

Yes, more snow is heading our way Bobbyanna:(

I saw TG and I loved it. It's more of a re-telling than a remake of the original, and the movie is a lot closer to the book than the original.

I want to see BV , I hear that Ryan and Michele are excellent but it's such a depressing story, same with 127 hours.

David does look a like like his dad!

Anonymous said...

Mila Kunis > Taylor Swift.

By, like, a lot.

Monica said...

A great post.
It would be great if this movie will become a trilogy, but do not want to think about it much.
I think Duncan Jones could not or would not talk much about Source Code. Maybe it was unsafe or it does not like talking during the filming process.

I saw Rabbit Hole. Not a great movie. Absolutely, almost all the scenes of the film are calculated to create an impact.
The film has great performances from Kidman, Eckhart, Diane West and newcomer Miles Teller.

Natalie Portman still remains the best to win the Oscar for best actress.

I saw 127 hours. WOW the movie is very good, great work of Danny Boyle and James Franco, who is great in every scene.
The famous scene of him cutting his arm is realistic, but in no time I closed my eyes and was scared. I could not take my eyes off the screen.

I do not know what to think and what to expect from all this that happened today. I'm tired of it all.
I really like Jake and I still have respect for him as an actor, but I do not know. This is all starting to get difficult.
I know it's his life and he owes nothing to anyone, but it's hard to have to see it all.
As I said once, I'll never stop seeing his movies, because I have a strong link with cinema....
Something to think about.

bobbyanna said...

Maybe I will see 127 when it comes out on DVD. But not right now. I'm a fan of James Franco. Rabbit Hole its just a too depressing subject.

Monica, Jake is still Jake. The hot, sweet guy we enjoyed in the LAOD interviews, etc. etc. In some ways, he's had a not so good year. I think he is finding his way thru it.

Even our own real life friends sometimes do things that are baffling to us. Not such a big deal. That's how I look at some of this stuff.:)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I love this post! I'am so looking forward to SC. I don't want to get my hopes up either but if it's sucessful, I would love this to turn out to be a franchise for Jake.

Duncasn sounds so enthusiastic now compared to his earlier tweets. Maybe he was told to not reveal too much about the movie until the actual promotion started who knows? What's important now is what he is saying and so far i'm loving it.

Jake was very proactive with this movie starting with getting Jones to direct, it's great to know that Jake has that kind of pull!

Thanks for the review of 127 hours Monica, I think I will probably watch that scene the same way! Portman is a lock to win an AA IMO as is Firth. I've heard that Rabbit Hole plays more like a Lifetime movie but that Nicole is terrific . Bridges in TG almost makes me forget about Wayne's protrayal of Rooster, he's that good!

It's hard to wade through a lot of the Jake/Taylor, etc stuff so I have been avoiding it. That's why I love this post and blog, it keeps me focused on why i'm a fan of Jake's.

The other stuff is distracting and we have no idea what's going on but it's not going to stop me from being a fan or seeing his movies.

I know that Mary is here in my neck of the woods. We got about 4 inches of snow on top of the snow we got last week. It's messy and bitter cold out but you can get around, take care.

bobbyanna said...

We got at least a couple of inches here last night, too, OONP, but the wind and the bitter cold are the worst part. It may go up to
12 degrees today.:)

Hope mary & her mom are doing OK.

I'll try to see TG this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Seems Jake is still in Nashville

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that is Taylor's car that he is driving. What is good is alot of the media is not talking that much about them maybe being back together. If he is happy then I say let him be happy.

Tweety said...

My opinion of Duncan has changed too, thanks to the series of interviews. I love Sci-fi and I would love for Jake to have a hit after so many disappointments.

Looks like Jake is on his way back to L.A., this tweeter is from Nashville:

JuChilla: Ohh snap! Jake Gyllenhaal is on my flight to LAX thought he and t-swift were done?!?
31 minutes ago

UltraViolet said...

I hope everything is okay for Mary and her family, as well. Sorry for the inhospitable east coast welcome.

Lots of tweets and FB sightings of Jake in Nashville today, at Ugly Mugs and Marche. And a Wednesday Whole Foods sighting of him and Taylor.

Bobbyanna, I liked your theory about friends who do baffling things. Since we have no idea what's going on, and basically never have, I can't get too exercised about it. I just wish it wouldn't clutter up twitter.

Monica, Jake is still Jake. The hot, sweet guy we enjoyed in the LAOD interviews, etc. etc. In some ways, he's had a not so good year. I think he is finding his way thru it.

Amen, Bobbyanna. Just be happy, Jake.

Oh, and get a new movie :)

bobbyanna said...

"I just wish it wouldn't clutter up twitter."

A.MEN! Very annoying.

As for the new movie, I bet he's working on something(s).
I have a gut feeling he has several things "cooking."
I wonder if he'll go to San Francisco this weekend, with Busy Mark, and some others for the sketch comedy event.
She tweeted about it.

I love following Busy and Adam Levine. He's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Because we wanted to hear all the inside talk about how things were going on SC it seemed like maybe Duncan wasn't that enthusiatic about it but i think it's because he just wanted to be careful and was going to talk about it when it was finished.
Sometimes actors don't talk about upcoming roles because they don't want to jinx it.

Anonymous said...

Jake landing at LAX yesterday:

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

OT: I had a feeling something like this would happen when Comcast took over NBC/UNIV. If MSNBC lurches to the right then i'm through with MSNBC, Fox already provides a voice for the right:

bobbyanna said...

I agree, OONP! It was a surprise. I just can't imagine MSNBC shifting right with Rachel Maddow still n board. She is huge! Very popular. I'd bet Olbermann's leaving had more to do with personal differences between him and the network 'suits' than with political perspective. At least I hope so. Bcz I will dumpt them, too!;)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Olberman had his problems with the network (Political donations) and some personality clashes with staff Bobbyanna so i'm sure that had a lot to do with it but I think the takeover by Comcast helped him being pushed out IMO.

They better not mess with Maddow though, I wonder how she and others like Schultz are viewing this.

Extra said...

I agree that Jones was probably told to put a lid on it reagring SC. Remember how he was tweeting almost reguarly about it than stopped? Anyway he sounds really enthuastic about it, I love all the interviews about the process and working with Jake.

Speaking of SC, I wonder if the person that made the poster got the idea from this movie, Anatomy of a Murder. It's sorta of similar:

Whatever the reasons for Jake's visit to Nashville, he is back in L.A. now. Taylor is on tour so I'm wondering if she wasn't would he still be there? Oh well, no point in speculating, we have no idea what's going on.

I'll miss Olberman on MSNBC , his show was the highest rated on the network. I hope they don't mess with the rest of the line-up.

Anonymous said...

It's something that all the people on Fox "news" are still there when at one time or another they have said hateful, outrageous things and told enough lies to sink a ship.
As for Keith he does get "upset" at times but its been because he sees so much hatred and terrible stuff get-by. Also if he says something that might be over the edge and he has learned he may of not gotten the full story he would Apologize - which would be a rarity on Fox.

Anonymous said...

Is Jake back with that woman?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, maybe they broke up, maybe they didn't. Does it really matter Jake is still Jake.

bobbyanna said...

I just want to take a moment to remember Heath. Today marks the three years since he passed.

Anonymous said...

No one has said Jake is back with Taylor. We don't know.
I would think if they did break up its a very good thing for him to go see her and they could have a nice long talk. I would think it would be the thing anyone would want to help soften the blow of a break-up. Even if it has been a short time. Once again people all the time get together and then after a month or two or three decide it's not going to go anywhere Why stay with something that isn't going to feel right.
We'll see what happens.
And her mame is Taylor..not "that woman"..and she really hasn't done anything that i can see that would make her "hated" which is a very strong word - Hitler,

Paula said...

I was just going to post about the 3 year anniversary of Heath passing Bobbyanna, thanks. I still can't believe he's gone:(

I'm not going to get into the Jake/Taylor thing, we don't know what's going on.

I know that K. Olberman had problems with MSNBC but I sure hope that his leaving has noting to do with the takeover , that would be disturbing on so many levels.

The Duncan interviews are a great read. As a Jake fan I've learned not to get to excited but this film sounds so good, I hope that it's a hit.

bobbyanna said...

Found this on Twitter and it made me smile! Even tho it's in another language, it requires no translation!:)

" muy bien! Jake Gyllenhal esta ORGASMICO!"

Sag Actor said...

I'm watching TDK right now on TNT. Heath was the only reason to see this film IMO, this was not one of may favorite Batman movies.He just dominated the screen with his performance.

Hard to believe that he has been gone three years.

Anonymous said...

I always thought TDK should have ended with the capture of Joker. The last half hour is a bit plodding.

I just watched it on TNT. Heath was truly amazing in it. Not sure Anne or Tom Hardy would be as incredible--not because they can't act--the can--but I'm not sure they'll have the same level of inspired creative genius.

UltraViolet said...

It's really hard to believe it's been three years already. Such a sad day. I've been watching the Australian Open all week, and even though I love this tournament, I now associate it with that awful time.

bobbyanna said...

I decided to watch The Four Feathers. it was always one of my top favorites of Heath's, along with A Knight's Tale & Brokeback. (Don't care for Kate Hudson, but loved Djimon Honsou.)

"He just dominated the screen with his performance."

I agree, SAG actor. He owned it!:)

Anything "Australian" reminds me of him, UV.

Watched Entertainment Tonight "Behind the Scenes at the GGs," and they featured Jake a lot. It was a recap of their GG coverage.

Jake walked up to Mary Hart to be interviewed, and she immediately asked him about being in New Year's Eve with Gary Marshall directing, and Jake said, "no, I am not in that movie.I 'm not doing that." It was very friendly. I guess it was cut from their original GG program, but there it was from his own mouth. So IMDB was really off.

Chica said...

I was watching TDK too, Heath was amazing and I almost forgot about Batman and the plot. What a loss to such a bright star.

I hope the take over of NBC Comcast doesn't turn out like Fox and R. Murduch and we all know how that turned out:(

Where I work the news of this merger has been buzzing, I don't work there but on I sometimes have come in contact with the employees there. The anxiety level is high as you can imagine.

Olberman is a loss, I just hope that he is the only loss in that MSNBC line-up.

Glad to hear that Jake has officially said that he will not be a part of NYE:)

Natalie will be featured on Sunday Morning on CBS this morning!

Monica said...

"no, I am not in that movie.I 'm not doing that."
After many bad news in recent days, we finally have some good news.
I wonder if he was in negotiations or if Warner had a great interest in having him in the movie, but he refused the offer?
He better hope for something more interesting than working on something that from the beginning is known to be bad.
I'd love to see him return to indie films, where he should have stayed longer.

I hope his career does not become a joke as his personal life is becoming. It would be very sad to see it happen to someone so talented.

bobbyanna said...

Good morning, sunshine!

(Brilliant sunny day here. :)
6 degrees.)

Anonymous said...

Any actor who has any high profile (which is I guess what actors want to have) is going to be written about and be in the tabloids. There are a number of very good actors who have very good careers who are always written about tho some more than others - but -
I haven't thought of that group as being a joke in their personal life.
His personal life is not a joke and his career will Not become a joke.

Shondra said...

I'm digging Dunacan's attitude towards SC too, I have my fingers and toes crossed for SC!

I wonder if now that the Patriots are out of it, will Jake be rooting for the Steelers tonight?

He did say he became a fan while filming LAOD! And BTW, Aaron Rodgers of the Packers does look a lor like Jake!

Chica said...


UltraViolet said...

Chica, I was actually rooting for the Jets. Not that I want them to win the Super Bowl, mind you :) But I didn't/don't want to see Ben Roethlisberger rewarded in any way.

I saw Blue Valentine tonight. Well-acted, if a bit too actor-y at times. And Ryan Gosling is sexy, at least in the flashback parts of the film. But both characters are just unpleasant. I could have happily lived my life without getting to know these people.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and I have not forgotten Duncan's lack of enthusiasm for the movie. Of course he's saying nice things now - he's doing P.R.

Maybe he's too close to it, and that's why he's been so blase. But I highly doubt the suits told him not to tweet about it. I'm sure they didn't want him revealing things, but it's unlikely they'd frown upon some enthusiasm for the movie they are financing.

Monica said...

I also saw today Blue Valentine, UV. It is a very sad film.
It was not easy to see all those scenes, especially that scene in the Motel. But I loved the movie.
Ryan and Michelle are great. I believe that is the best acting of their careers. They deserve to be on the list of Tuesday.
I agree, UV. Ryan is very sexy and charismatic in flashback scenes. Impressive.

Anonymous said...

You guys are way too sensitive. I don't remember Duncan Jones saying anything overtly negative, just complaints during a long and arduous process. You don't even know the context of his statements.

You guys need to lighten up.

Viv said...

I am a little offended by the "Jake career is becoming a joke" opinion :/
If someone never satisfied with Jake movie chioces,the best way is root for other actors you think are the "REAL" actors...coz Jake will never become the person you want him to be.
Whatever,I am going to rewatch brothers and POP this wewk and wait for the promo of source code:)

bobbyanna said...

So it's the Packers and the Steelers? Meh. I don't usually follow the Superbowl. I've had to toughen myself against disappointment. Something you learn early when the Detroit Lions are your team.:/

I managed to get thru most of The Dark Knight tonight. It's frustrating when TNT cuts things and alters the pacing and censors the language. I'd rather watch my DVD.

UV, monica, I'm sure the acting was very well done, but I'm just not up for Blue Valentine.

Busy Philipps' hubsband Mark got food poisoning, so she left him in SF being sick, and flew home for Birdie.

checked twitter for Jake news and kept seeing Aaron Rodgers mentioned as Jake's twin! I just don't see it.

mary said...

im back guys had a nice time thanks for all the well wishes yes the weather was very cold and had a lot of snow friday morning the day of the funeral but we had some family who drove us on friday because of the snow we did rent a car at the air port thursday night and my brother who was with us also was able to drive the roads were all clear but it was kinda of neat to wake up and see it snowing took lots of pictures it was fun fun seeing all my cousins who i havent seen in 10 years had a great time spend alot of time in bars well im tired need to catch up on some sleep

Chica said...

The Ben Roethlisberger factor was another reason I was rooting against the Steelers too UV:(

I hate warching movies on commerial channels Bobbyanna, glad I have TDK on DVD.

Glad to hear that everything went well Mary.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

...and front page:

I do not agree with the critique

Monica said...

I do not know how this site gets everything, but here are photos of Jake in Nashville:

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

The photos are from the 19th of January!

Leonor, thanks for the link. I don't agree that Jarhead is a bad movie. One of the best of Jake's filmography.
Brothers is a good movie too.

Anonymous said...

good to be back guess theres was a little excitement while i was gone dont know what to say about jake and taylor maybe it was just a clear your head meeting just have to wait and see what happens she does leave on tour in a few weeks and will be gone for several months but as i have said before i just want jake to be happy

bobbyanna said...

(((mary))) glad everything went well for you.

mary said...

ooops anon 1030 is me sorry

bobbyanna said...

The Razzies nominations are out and I was very pleased to see Sex & the City 2 recognized in six categories, including worst film, worst director, worst actresses, and worst ensemble. Other nominees included Last Airbender, two Twilight movies, and some other random stuff.

FL said...

It's the little things that amuse me so.

Curbed NY

bobbyanna said...

Cute, FL.:) I like that site.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Happy to hear that things went well with you and you family Mary.

Must be so nice to be back where it's a lot warmer!

That's really cute FL!! Ah the razzies, I actually look forward to these more than the Oscar nominations, LOL!

UltraViolet said...

I keep forgetting to post this video with Judy Greer. She talks about Jake a bit at the end.

This is a music video with scenes from L&OD. Spoilerish, so don't watch if you haven't seen the movie yet and don't want to be spoiled. Not the greatest quality, but it was fun to see some of those scenes again.

It also reminded me that when we see Jamie packing, he is using the world's smallest moving boxes. That bugged me every time I saw the movie, lol.

This video shows Heather Morris, who is on Glee (I think) with ET's Cojo pretending to freak out over seeing Jake on the red carpet at the GGs.

UltraViolet said...

Mary, glad you are home safely and that you got to see family and reconnect!

Very relieved Jake and PoP were left off the Razzie list!

Monica, I think you enjoyed BV more than I did. While RG and MW were good, I think they overplayed at times. And the dialogue needed editing. In the end, I would rather not have seen the movie than see it.

Leonor, thanks for the links! Very strange for them to include Jarhead as a mistake.

mary said...

me too UV that POP didnt get a nomination

UltraViolet said...

New post :)