Saturday, January 8, 2011

In the desert tonight

Jake Gyllenhaal will be presenting an award to Natalie Portman at the opening gala for the Palm Springs Internaitonal Film Festival. You can watch a livestream of gala coverage here. They seem to be inside the venue, so maybe we'll get to actually see the presentation.

Will update the post with better pictures as the evening progresses.

Et voila. They are trickling in...

From the ceremony:

Some scarily bad photos of two beautiful people:

Not the best view

Maybe our chins are in these boxes!

Jake and Natalie's wax figures.

Look - they move!

Jake refuses to look at Natalie's bedazzled Amish figure skating outfit

Make your own captions, people. Another pointing series:

Video of Jake being interviewed and asked about Natalie, Anne and Taylor:


Paula said...

Thanks UV, he's looking a bit scruffy here!

Tweety said...

Thanks for setting this up UV!

I hope this is the only time this happens tonight:(

ProducerAndrea: Jake Gyllenhaal dodges question about @taylorswift13 LIVE during @LocalTwo interview at the Palm Springs Int'l FilmFest, then walks off set!
14 minutes ago via web

UltraViolet said...

Ugh, tweety. I have no idea why anyone would expect him to answer those questions. I guess the intrepid "journalists" have to ask!

The livestream is working again - they had some issues at first.

Updated with some pics.

Chica said...

Mary Hart is hosting this? I can't believe they played the theme from Star Wars when they introduced Natalie to present an award to Javier Baedem, sigh.

But Natalie was classy and looks beautiful and I love the pic you posted of them UV!

Back to watching the live feed!

Monica said...

Natalie is beautiful as always.

He looks older. I love this new look.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV! The first & last pics you posted of Jake with Nat, are making me...verklempt.
Seeing these two together make my heart ache. I know. :/

What asses these "journalists" are!
Glad Jake has his fierce publicist with him.:)

The E! livestream was awful except for seeing him walk by. Two ditzy online commentators and a very jerky, inept cameraman; gave me a headache.

Love Xavier Bardem. It's just a treat to be able to watch this! Altho, I'd cut off my right arm (I'm left handed) to fast forward Mary Hart. (Some of her dialogue is unintetionally hilarious.)

bobbyanna said...

Jake does look older, monica. And very hot.

Monica said...

That was what was trying to say, Bob. thank you.

Extra said...

Ha, Mary Hary is a hoot, I wonder whose idea it was for host this?
Jake does look very mature and sexy and Natalie is beautiful.

I thought of you Bobbyanna when I saw the pic of Jake and Natalie::))

The journalists are jackasses, glad that Jake has managd to dodge them this evening.

Monica said...

Yes, very hot.

Jake and Carey Muligan. She is a great actress and would have been my choice to win the Oscar last year.

UltraViolet said...

I think Jake's looking a bit rough. But always good when he smiles.

Mary Hart seems a bit nuts. Probably inevitable after 30 years of celebrity patter.

UltraViolet said...

Was just uploading a pic of them, Monica :) I liked Carey in An Education a lot. But she is a terrible dresser.

Chica said...

Jake does look a bit tired but good and he has a great smile.

Always hated Mary Hart and that damned ET. Didn't she retire from that show?

Monica said...

But she is a terrible dresser.
Yeah. The hair is not very good too.

Tweety said...

I like Carey too but that dress and gair isn't working at all.


kirstinbenson: Jake gyllenhaal calls natalie portman "the audrey hepburn of our generation." Says she's short, has great eyebrows and is jewish
6 minutes ago via ƜberTwitter

VitagraphFilms: Jake Gyllenhaal @psiff says he 1st met Natalie Portman waiting in line to get his Queen Amadallah doll signed.

UltraViolet said...

Nice job on the intro, Jake. No tie and the f-word. I think this is casual awards-Saturday for Jake :) He had a few good jokes, like the two Tweety mentioned. And there is a nice vibe between them.

This won't do anything to change Bobbyanna's mind!

bobbyanna said...

"Mary Hart seems a bit nuts."

Ya think? LOLOLOL!

I'm glad Jake loosened things up. Listening to all these speeches with all these inflated superlatives is wearing.
Jake was celebratory. I wonder. He seemed very loose.:) And the comment about Mary Hart isn't wearing underwear was fit for SNL! I LOVED it!

Anyone catch Xavier shutting her down backstage earlier?

UltraViolet said...

I did see that. I thought it was a bit jerky, actually. But he was funny in his speech, too.

I agree that Jake loosened things up, Bobbyanna. This isn't supposed to be so serious.

UltraViolet said...

Also, I sort of stopped watching. Is Ben Affleck being funny, at least?

Paula said...

Jake was loose, casual and funny!

Natalie looks lovey.

What the hell is up with Hart anyway?

I thought that was Michelle with Jake for a moment, Mulligan looks a lot better with her natural hair color.

bobbyanna said...

There are a lot of friendly faces at this event. I saw Jake talking to D.O. Russell outside earlier, and Fincher is a good friend.

I agree about Carrie Mulligan. Just watched An Education again a few days ago. I really enjoy her work, but she definitely needs help with her fashion. She dresses like Granny.

bobbyanna said...

Mary Hart is a walking cliche! And that's the cheeseiest orchestra I've heard outside a tea dance.(I've never attended a tea dance, but my aunt used to love them when she was alive...down in Boca.)

That crowd probably loves it. OMG maybe they'll form a conga line! :)Break out the Ben Gay! I think the audience was dominated by the old guard, $$$ crowd of old Palm Springs society.

mary said...

thanks every one for all the updates love seeing jake and natalie

bobbyanna said...

Does the actress frm Winter's Bone have some 'connection' to Oliver Stone? he was there with her.

Is Carrie Mulligan dating Garfield? And why was Martha Plimpton there? She looked lovely, but very matronly.

Getty and WireImage have pictures. Jake looked like he was really enjoying himself signing autographs. So did James Franco and Mark Wahlberg.

What in the world was Rashida Jones wearing. I love her but her outfit didn't "work" IMO. Amy Adams looked like her character in the movie. Missed Mila Kunis, tonight. Don't think she was there.

Mary Hart has been hosting the festival gala for eight years.:/'

Rufus and Martha Wainwright are in NYC at some NYT event.

Anonymous said...

The face pet is back


bobbyanna said...

OK, accordng to twitter:
Jake sat with Natalie Portman, and I think they arrived together. Now he's at the afterparty talking with Mark Wahlberg.

UltraViolet said...

I hope Jake is enjoying himself, Bobbyanna. He seemed to be having fun on stage.

From FB:

Wow catering at the film festval was the best everrr! Iv never seen so many celebs:) jake gyllenhall is gorgous!


Natalie Portman's a vegan, but Jake Gyllenhal loves his meat, Andrew Garfield's allergic to nuts, Mark Walbergs an eat n leave type, Rashida Jones got great legs. Penelope Cruz needs constant water while Robert Duvall is a healthy 80. The exhausting tales on waiting on a room full of stars-now I need someone to notice me besides women over 50

And from twitter:

Experienced the paparazzi life tonight..within arms reach of Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Collin Firth, Ben Affleck and sexy Jake Gyllenhal!

Shook hands with Jake Gyllenhall. He is quite the handsome man.

Added the video of Jake being interviewed and asked about Taylor. It sounded worse than it actually plays. Still idiotic.

Viv said...


Thank you for these wonderful pics :)
Jake is sexy as always!! I am not sure about Natalie's dress XD
and Jake's shoes never change XD but they are so cute together!!
Hope we can see any video of Jkae's intro ASAP!!

UltraViolet said...

You're welcome, Viv. It was fun. I just added some more hilarious and hilariously awful pics.

We got to watch the show live in these parts. Sorry you missed it. I hope a tape shows up, too, because I'd love to see it again.

And I really don't like Natalie's dress!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I wasn't able to watch the live feed last night so thanks so much for the photos and report!

I don't mind the face pet, it looks good at this length. He looks good but a bit tired. I like the top half of Natalie's dress but the rest, yikes!

Mary Hart has been hosting this for 8 years? It does sound like the event is supported with Palm Springs society types Bobbyanna!
Sounds like Jake had a great time and I love the first set of photos of Jake and Natalie.

I love your quotes with the photos of Jake and Nat after awards, they do look rather stiff!

Anonymous said...

Natalie is most likely wearing something that other called a maternity dress..Rem. she is pregnant.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Yes we know she's pregnant anon., it's the style of the dress that is off. And I don't think it's a maternity dress.

UV's description is perfect, it looks like a skatin outfit. She is a beautiful woman and I like her hair, but the dress, not so much.

bobbyanna said...

Can I interrupt to give a shout out to Colin Firth's hotness last night? He had a "Darcy" twinkle in his eyes!;))

(With all the hotness in the room, Firth, Xavier, James Franco, Mark Wahlberg, I love the tweets and FB confirmations singling out Jake for extreme hotness!)

UV, thanks again for finding the live stream and making it available. It was a lot of fun. Even the conga line at the end...

Get Real said...

Didn't get to watch the live feed so thanks for the posts here.

Jake and Natalie are so cute together. Love them and I hope to see video of him presenting to her.

Sounds like a big crowd of celebs there.

The "journalists" are so annoying and I don't blame Jake for saying he won't discuss Taylor with them.

Hope we get more pics/videos from the event!

Shondra said...

I hope we get a video of Jake presenting to Natty too. The mood sounds like a laid-back, relaxed event, sort of like the GG w/o Mary Hart!

Love the pics of Jake and Natalie, i'm not crazy about her dress either but she is beaming and looks beautiful. Jake looks cool and relaxed and I can deal with the facial hair as long as it doesn't get to Jerimiah Johnson length again!!

bobbyanna said...

9 minutes ago from twitter:
"Just passed Jake Gyllenhall and Busy Phillips at the Hollywood farmers market"

mary said...

stephanie has pictures up of jake out jogging yesterday

shoe89 said...

article from people from the palm spirngs thing,,20456337,00.html

shoe89 said...

hey so i went on to youtube and found some videos from the palm spring festival. thanks btw where did you find them. jake is a great speaker and natalie is adorable

UltraViolet said...

Hi Shoe! I remember you from Brothers days :)

Thanks for the People article. I was going to tell you we had some videos, but you found them first!

I put them all in a new post.

The videos were from WireImage. I also uploaded a brief snippet from Natalie's speech, not sure if you saw that.

Thanks for the market sighting, Bobbyanna. There were a few more of him there, too. Right back to the CZ!

New post with some brief videos from last night.