Monday, January 24, 2011

With clothes or without?

A couple of photo collections from Love & Other Drugs gives you the choice: Do you like Jake Gyllenhaal better with clothes or without? (And soon, you can get the DVD and ponder in your own home.)

No need to choose, really. You might want to spend some time making a decision. There are many more sans clothes here.

For more clothed beauty, some L&OD promotional stills. Thanks to Monica for the link! There are many more there.

Have fun :)

There are some fun new interviews floating around. In this one, from Brazil, Jake is asked about the perils of being famous and in love:

Is it (love) even scarier for famous people, because their relationships are the target of the media?

Love does not discriminate against anyone. It's crazy to think it's harder for actors to find the right person and make love last. It's tricky for everyone. For me it was always scary to say "I love you" but I am certainly not the first man to say that.

Did all the news about your relationship with Reese Witherspoon hinder you? (They separated last year.)

I felt all the media on us (laughs). The tabloids gave the impression of following our every step. Should I thank them for so much attention?

And now? The paparazzi are chasing you and Taylor Swift (singer whom he was dating since October)?

All I can say I'm living one day at a time.

Did the fact that your family is also in showbiz prepare you for what lay ahead?

The way you talk, it seems that I am a soldier going to war (laughs). Look right around us. We are a luxury hotel. Life is not so bad.

And what is Jake's favorite food? Maybe it's because he's talking to a German publication, but he says it's sausages.

Gyllenhaal: I love white sausage. That is my favourite meal.

Sp: White sausage?

Gyllenhaal: If I travel somewhere, for leisure or a press tour, all the same - I always find a shop or restaurant that has the best white sausage in the city and return then many times. I love German food. Fried sausage, support sausage, crack sausage. But most of all I like white sausage. I don't know why. Could be because of my ancestors?

Sp: The Gyllenhaals originally comes from Northern Europe.

Gyllenhaal: On the paternal side they come from Sweden, maternal side from Russia and Poland. I think that certain tastes are passed on in the DNA. If I eat white sausage or sauerkraut, then the taste feels different from something that I grew up with, like Snickers. I can't describe it. But it goes very deep.

Sp: Have you ever tried yellow sausage?

Gyllenhaal: No. What is yellow sausage? Is it yellow?

Sp: The casing. Some sausage connoisseurs say the yellow sausage is the mother of all sausages, because it has such a fine taste.

Gyllenhaal: How is it seasoned?

Sp: Google says: white pepper, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg and lemon.

Gyllenhaal: I must procure myself a yellow sausage immediately.

Sp: Can an experience shape a taste?

Gyllenhaal: I believe, experiences can make a taste stronger. I was once I on a date, and we both ate only one salad. But I was so in love with the girl that I thought: That is the best salad I've ever had. I projected all my feelings for the girl on this simple salad.

This line cracks me up: I must procure myself a yellow sausage immediately.


UltraViolet said...

Jake in LA, cleanly shaved.

Monica said...
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Monica said...

I clicked in the link, saw the first, but don't saw the other pictures because I have not seen the movie. Laod will debut on Friday here in Brazil.

He is in several Brazilian magazines this month. All with good words about Jake.

Thanks for the link of him in LA.I'll see.

mary said...

nice to see jake clean shaven again i wonder why though be nice if it was for a movie he sure not happy to see the paps:)

bobbyanna said...

Sweet, merciful lord!

UV this is the kind of post that warms a frigid, snowy evening. That link has now become a "favorite."
That is one fine man. Yeah.

And the interviews are hilarious. Love these translations!:)

He poured all his love into a salad. Saurkraut in his DNA. God, I love Jake! I'm laughing so I can hardly type.

Thank you, monica. Priceless.

Sheba baby said...

Is it hot in here or what? I'll take the shallow route and say w/o clothes but he looks good either way:)

The transtlaed interviews are too funny and I never heard of yellow sausage either!

Oooohhh, he shaved, and none to pleased with the paps. Maybe he shaved in prep for a photoshoot or is it too soon for SC?

Lola said...

I believe, experiences can make a taste stronger. I was once I on a date, and we both ate only one salad. But I was so in love with the girl that I thought: That is the best salad I've ever had. I projected all my feelings for the girl on this simple salad.

Thats adorable:)

WOW, i totally forgot how naked Jake really was in LOAD. I wish Jake would have shown more of his clean shaven face in those pics. Are those from today?

UltraViolet said...

I think they are from today, Lola. Hoping Stephanie will get them so we can see them without the idiotic graphics and commentary.

Perhaps I should have put a warning on the post :) Bless the capper for this public service!

Monica, I tried not to be spoiled for the movie, too. It definitely enhanced the experience.

Wouldn't it be great if the shave was for a role. Maybe that's also why Jake visited Ikea this afternoon. Several tweets and Fb reports of him there. He had lunch and someone actually took a photo of his plate after he left! Looks like Jake had the classic Swedish meatballs.

No Ikea sausage, I guess!

Someone else said hi to Jake, who thanked them for not bothering him.

bobbyanna said...

"WOW, i totally forgot how naked Jake really was in LOAD"

I KNOW! (He's just beautiful! A true work of art. )

Not to sound at all pervy, but in the "clothed" pictures,in some shots, I could very much see the little guy from City Slickers.

FL said...

Oh here's something fun. The third pic posted, Jake in his y-fronts and the map on the wall...there are pushpins on that map. Those are some of the L&OD filming locations.

Don't ask. LOL

Tweety said...

I'm just as pervy Bobbyanna:))

I was too busy looking at Jake and his, um area to notice the pushpin map FL, how did you figure that out?

He is naked a lot in LAOD, which is great for us!!

Saw the twicpic of Jake's IKEA meal of meatballs and cranberry sauce, the meatballs he talks about in this interview are more my cup of tea!

mary said...

LOL very funny about that person taking a picture of jakes empty plate guess he didnt clean his table after he was done:)

UltraViolet said...

Some more funny commentary from FB on Jake at IKEA:

yeah he was in the resturaunt when i saw!/omfg. he was standing right in front of me at self check out, I ALMOST FAINTED !!

oh man he was dead sexy!

i was like climbing on the desks in the office as he was passing by

he looked really good in that leather jacket

lol.....dude of all the stars we've seen there he is #1 right now....delicious

FL, only you would be looking at the map in that cap :)

Chica said...

Or a post to warm a chilly morning Bobbyanna and make me feel a lot better getting over the flu!

Of course without! Seeing these stills makes me want to see LAOD sgain. It's not playing in any theaters by me so i'm going to have to wait until it comes out on DVD:)

What pushpin map?

The IKEA tweets are too funny, I can't imagine shopping there and then turning around and see Jake!

The Oscar nominations were announced this morning and there were a few surprise:

Javier B was nominated for Butiful and Gosling was snubbed for BV as were A. Garfield for SN, J. Moore For the Kids are Allright.

No nominations for Kunis and Hershey for BS and Nolan for Inception or Waiting for Superman for best Doc.

I'm glad Nicole made it in and Michele although it would have been great if Ryan did as well, they were both amazing in BV.

Congrats to Natalie, James, Jeremy R, Mark R, Colin F, HBC, G. Rush and Hailee Steinfeld (even though she really is lead in TG!)

bobbyanna said...

Feel better, chica!
Thanks for the list! I guess I'll have to see True Grit.:/ glad to see Jeremy Renner nominated for The Town. I really liked that movie.

Felt bad for Gosling,Moore, and Chris Nolan,but glad for Xavier. IMO, all he has to do is show up, to get a nom.

The Ikea postings are so cute!

Anonymous said...

How about a big congrats to Michelle for getting a Best Actress Oscar nod!

Sag Actor said...

Yes a big congratulations to Michele Williams! If it wasn't for Natalie's incredible performance in BS, I think that Michele would be the front runner IMO. I was just surprised that Rosling didn't get a nomination.

Here is the full list:

bobbyanna said...

Thanks,SAG Actor. I'm glad they considered LAOD at least "a contender" that was shut out.:)

I'm very happy for Michele.

John Hawkes for BSA in Winter's Bone was a surprise,and well-deserved.I thought he gave an amazing performance. I'm glad he was acknowledged.

UltraViolet said...

Not to be all last-awardsy, but you can catch a couple of glimpses of Jake in this clip from ET. He;s at the beginning and then again at around two minutes.

It doesn't include the interview where he says he's not doing NYE. I'd love to see that part, too.

As for the Oscars - meh. I don't have a real rooting interest. I think MW and RG are both oversold on Blue Valentine, but I liked his performance more than hers. It's a shame that Andrew Garfield didn't get a nomination.

I still won't be seeing True Grit :)

Anonymous said...

LaOD comes out on DVD
March 1st

* Funny Extended Deleted Scenes
* An Actor’s Discussion: Relationship between Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway
* Beautifully Complex: Anne Hathaway describes Maggie
* Reformed Womanizer: Jake Gyllenhaal is Jamie
* Selling Love & Other Drugs
* Digital Copy

bobbyanna said...

UV,at the 2:00 mark, where Jake's reading that sheet with Mary Hart, she's showing him her notes about him being in NYE. She called her producer up to the stage with it so she could show it to Jake.

Yaay, for March 1st.!

UltraViolet said...

I wondered what Jake was looking at! Thanks, Bobbyanna.

I saw a tweet that L&OD was coming out on 3/1 but there was no link. Thanks, anon!

Adding that to the main post.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the tweets about Jake being in Ikea and the photo of what he ate. I've never tried their Swedish meatballs

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I don't know he is mighty cute fully clothed but naked he is smokin!

I'm not a fan ok IKEA and there food doesn't look too appetizing either and all the talk about sausages in this interview is making me hungry! I love the story about the salad!

Congratulations to Natalie, Michelle, etc for the Oscar nominations but Ryan's name is a glaring omission:(

More snow is heading our way...

YUFU said...

I have fun with your blog. Your amazing pictures should be your greatest strenghth and the good episode. I will follow your blog and I like this blog.

UltraViolet said...

Hope you got something good to eat, chica!

New post.