Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Globe Trotting

More tidbits and gems from Jake Gyllenhaal's appearance at Sunday's Golden Globe awards, before during and after. I was happy to see a picture of Jake and Anne Hathaway. After so much togetherness on the Love & Other Drugs tour, it was odd not to see them together.

The best thing about the Golden Globes is seeing the stars chatting and interacting during the breaks. Here, Christian Bale regales Anne, Jake and Jenny Lewis with what looks like a tall tale:

Jake with Tom Hanks:

And Rita Wilson:

The Prince and the Pirate:

Jake told Extra that he likes to meet his fellow celebs:

“I think it’s just fun to be around the people that you respect. Even if you’re in the business, you hear people’s names but don’t necessarily get to interact and see them as real people. Someone said to me the other day, ‘You're really funny. I didn’t know you were funny’ and I asked ‘What did you think of me?’ They said ‘I thought you were kind of a jerk.’ I was like ‘Oh wow, well, you should get to know me. I’m actually a little funny.’ You never know who people are until you meet them.”

At the table with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jenny Lewis:

Jake and Christopher Nolan:

Jake enjoyed the after-party scene. Here's Jake with Jenny, Jeremy Renner, Quentin Tarantino and Michelle Williams, waiting for their cars outside the Sunset Tower hotel:

And here's a brief glimpse of Jake on his way to the awards.He hasn't donned his tux jacket yet:

A few more photos:

(Some photos courtesy of IHJ. Inside Golden Globes photos courtesy of ET Online.)


UltraViolet said...

X17 video of Jake going to lunch with Mark Silverstein(husband of Busy Philipps) on Monday.

Snippets from some of the linked party stories:

There, in one corner, were Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, and in another, Jake Gyllenhaal, who brought his ex-girlfriend, the singer Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley, as his platonic date (he asked permission from her boyfriend and bandmate, Johnathan Rice).

Inside the party (presented by Marie Claire magazine), Seacrest and Hough canoodled in a corner. Ryan Gosling danced to Cee Lo's "F--k You" as he said hello to Michelle Williams and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The Love and Other Drugs Globes-nominee joked that he had prepared an acceptance speech. "I spent months and months and months on it," he told me. "I spents months before the movie was even made working on it." And yes, Jakey is hoping to team up with Anne Hathaway again. "I hope so soon," he said.

UltraViolet said...

Added a few water-marked photos, including one with Christopher Nolan. Glad to see Jake working the room :)

Hopefully we'll get the clean version of the photos.

bobbyanna said...

"Glad to see Jake working the room :)"

These pictures are just great, UV!!!I'm really glad to see him working the room, too.
Really glad! ;)

bobbyanna said...

Plz delete the double post! Sorry. I also wanted to say that I'm glad he's back in L.A. during this particular time when so many people are around.

Josie said...

I am seriously fangirling here thanks to you UV, a bunch of hugs and kisses!

I had guests over the weekend and I really didn't get a chance to really pay attention to the awards, so thanks so much for the updates and coverage.

Jake looks so good and the pics with him Anne, Nolan, Damon and Depp are swoon worthy. Love the pic of Bale and Anne, I think he looks a bit nutty here but I'm so happy he won.

Glad to see Jake working the room too and how cool was it that he took Jenny with him, I'm a big fan of her, whish she would get back with Rio Kiley.

Looks like the Weinstein/Relativity party was the big party of the night.

It would have been a nice surprise if Jake won, but it was just great to see him in his element doing the interviews and stuff.

Monica said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Love the photo with Christian Bale! THUD
Bale was so happy. I love Bale.

All these photos are great. Especially with Johnny Depp, Anne, Bale, and Nolan.
Please, Jake worked with Nolan in the future!

Tweety said...

I love the title of this post, Globe trotting and how! I'm so happy that pics of Jake and Anne turned up, I love them together and was happy to see that they hung out that night.

The pic of Bale and Annie is classic, I love the look on his face and Anne's reaction.

Love the pic of Jenny, Jake and CZJ, Jenny looked adoable and CZJ is gorgeous.

The Prince and the Pirate, 2 of my favorite actors together.

Jake making the rounds is good news, it's the best time to schmooz and network.

bobbyanna said...

Interesting to read that he had pasta at 4 AM with Harvey Weinstein, too! (Was Harvey involved with Proof?)Harvey's making a big comeback since he left Miramax and Disney behind.

Christian and Jake have both worked with David O Russell.

The pic with Jake and Anne is cute. Maybe they were trying to have a "strategy" session before she talked to the Glee folks? :)

Who ever said they thought Jake was a jerk sounds like a jerk.

UltraViolet said...

Hee. Always happy to feed the fangirling, Josie! I'm glad you could get caught up.

Monica, I'm not really a Christian Bale fan. But he seems like he'd never be dull to be around. And I give him points for saying he didn't mind Ricky Gervais's jokes.

Of course, it's easier to say that when you aren't a target. I like to think I'd be just as okay with it if he'd made the Taylor Swift joke I feared!

Tweety, I was really trying to come up with a Globe/Golden related title. So thanks for noticing :)

Bobbyanna, I hope Jake was making some serious connections. People seem to like him once they meet him or converse with him. I'd love to know who the "jerk" was!

Posted thos Access Hollywood clip. Jake cleverly avoids answering the date question.. And he had to turn away from the Pats game, too!

The GG were a great distraction for many of us that night.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I think the pic of Jake and Nolan is my fav. Too bad Inception seems to be getting shut out on winning any of the awards to date, it really is an amazing film.

Bravo on Jake networking, YES!!! I'm anxious to hear about any new project.

Thanks for all the post GG awards coverage, looks like Jake had a blast.

JF said...

Aww, I love the pics with Johnny Depp and Anne. I hope Jake was having a lot of fun.

Thanks for the pics and vids. :)

Chica said...

It looks like Jake's Rep Carrie gave a hug to our favorite BG in that video!

These photos are great, I love when Jake is mingling with his peers. I would like to know who thought Jake was a jerk too :(

I've neem ignoring the tweets/reports about Jake and his hormones on full blast at one of the GG parties last night considering the source...

Monica said...

UV, I fell in love for him in Batman Begins. I love bats!

Seriously, Bale is one of my favorites and I'm happy with all this recognition.

In the picture it looks like he was making a joke. Great, Bale rarely do this sort of thing. He was very happy.

Chica, US Weekly again?

Chica said...

Yes Monica, it that rag again, sigh.

I didn't mind at first reading the various rags, it was fun for the most part but now i'm just bored.

I saw the Fighter, I didn't care for the movie but Bale was the best thing in it, his best role to date IMO.

Lola said...

I was never a fan of Bale, and after that recording got leaked of him screaming at a crew member i thought he was a jerk. But he has definitely won me over this award season. He's so happy and fun.

Love the photo of Jake and Nolan, i hope they get to work together someday. I love that he asked permission from Jenny's boyfriend to take her to the globes. I didn't really like what she wore though:(

I loved Ricky Gervias, i'm sad he won't be coming back next year. How boring.

bobbyanna said...

I first saw Bale in "Empire of the Sun," an amazing film. He was 12. His adult career stalled for a while,until "American Psycho."

I've enjoyed the two Batman movies,but,IMO, they really didn't challenge him.I agree,"The Fighter" is really his best work.

Saw "The Social Network" tonight! Awesome movie. As close to flawless as you can get. Fincher did an incredible job! Fine acting, smart dialogue, excellent pacing.

Chica, I don't mind reading about Jake "networking," flirting, whatever, having fun at the afterparties. I'm glad he went!

But these "predatory" descriptions of his socializing are irritating,and the tabloids' take on his behavior is kind of disgusting. They're determined to paint a false picture of Jake. We know these reports aren't reality based, but his PR needs get ahead of this crap.

I think Jake's likely very involved in trying to get his next projects off the ground. I don't think he sits around waiting for his agent to call.

Anonymous said...

No doubt Jake was getting to talk to people he doesn't know that well, but Jake also Knows a Lot of people. The room was full of people he has worked with and known for years so of course he's going to be around talking to them.
And the shots of people talking to each other is something they always do at the GG.

mary said...

thanks UV for all the updates and photos

nothing wrong with a little flirting since jake is a single guy now sounds like he had a good time at the after parties

i just wonder why he sat at the table with micheal douglas and catherine and not with anne i thought they kept nomiees from the same movie together

bobbyanna said...

Mary, Anne & her boyfriend were at the same table with Jake and Jenny. They just seem to like to move around a lot during the show:)

With Michael Douglas being the man of the hour,that really was a prime table. Wall Street and LAOD didn't get many noms so they combined. I did wonder why Sandra Bullock ended up there, tho.

Lola said...

I hate US weekly, and after how they painted Jake in this whole TS drama, im going to try never to read US again.

OT: Has anybody seen Blue Valentine? I haven't seen it yet, but i was curious to see if you guys saw it and what you think about it.

mary said...

thanks bobbyanna

Monica said...

Lola, Blue Valentine in Brazil: June 17!

UltraViolet said...

I haven't seen it yet, Lola. I'm trying to gird myself for the grimness.

I hate the was Us has portrayed Jake since the Reese split. Their latest story is frivolous and foolish, much like the magazine.

I hope we get more interesting tidbits about the party actiobefore it's on to the next awards.

I'm not a Bale fan really. I saw TDK only for Heath. Bale was awful. And I didn't like him in Public Enemy either. We'll see how The Fighter is.

Extra said...

I would love to know what C. Bale was talking about in that shot, I love the expression on his face, LOL!

Jake and Johnny, swoon, and I will never tire of seeing pics of Jake and Jake and Anne together.

I haven't seen the Fighter yet, I have an aversion to Whalberg but I heard that Bale give the best performance.

I've seen the stories about Jake at the after parties, sounds like he was having a good time and flirting. Some said that it was rude of him since bought Jenny but they aren't dating and he only took her as a friend.

bobbyanna said...

Extra, aren't those "reporters" a joke! :) I'd bet Jenny had a great time! She's been around acting and celebrity all her life. She knew what to expect. From the few pictures I saw of her, she seemed bubbly and having fun.

I'm sure she's no wallflower. She has a following, & I think she's well liked. Lots of people were probably happy to see/meet her. I'm glad Jake shared the GGs with a good friend.

Monica said...

I hope this video will work for you all.
Jake and Anne (and other celebrities) sending Christmas message to the Brazilians:
Jake and Anne

There are pictures of him on IHJ with Marc Silverstein.

Sag Actor said...

It would be great if Jake and Nolan got together for a project. I know that his name came up when they were casting Batman and later for two-faced.

Anne has been cast as Catwoman the next Batman movie. This was a long standing rumor than has been confirmed. A good choice but no one can top Michelle P as Selena:


bobbyanna said...

I'd love to see Jake work with Nolan, sag actor! Or Fincher, or Aronovsky, etc.;)

OT: So, um, George Clooney is in town filming Ides of March which is what they're now calling Farragut North...So. I'm going out for a while! Talk to you guys later.:)

Tweety said...

Clooney! Come back with a report Bobbyanna!

Thanks Monica, it works for me! That was so sweet of Jake and Anne and the other actors.

He sure s hanging out with Silverstein a lot, I wonder if they are going to do a project together?

Not sure if Anne can pull off Catwoman, she has some big paws to fill: Michelle!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for posting the video, Monica. So cute!

Bobbyanna, make sure to chastise George for not casting Jake :)

I loved The Social Network, too. I didn't expect to, but I was thoroughly engaged. It's interesting to compare it and The King's Speech. Two movies that really manage to capture a specific time and place.

I won't be seeing the next Batman but I hope Anne is a success as Catwoman.

Would like to see some video of this. Moet makes donations. I bet the New Eyes folks were happy!

Monica said...

Clooney, bobbyana? Lucky girl!
So happy for Anne. I think she will do a great job.

bobbyanna said...

Aww! How nice that Moet did that!

Well. (cough! cough!)It's very cold outside. So I stayed indoors and did "research." George Clooney was likely in town for meetings, etc. I think he's producing this movie, too.

There's a casting call out...which I don't think I'm eligible for... They're looking for "Secret Service agent types" ...unless they want me for a Judi Dench type,"M" person.:)

The actual shoot is scheduled for March 7th in Michigan and February 14th in Cincinnati. And actually, I need to compose a strongly worded letter to him about overlooking Jake.

bobbyanna said...

Found this on Twitter, don't remember if it ws posted, from Jan. 17th:

"LA moment: Just saw Natalie Portman & Jake Gyllenhaal at Square One"

Tweety said...

No it wasn't Bobbyanna, thanks:))

I remember when Moet did that for the first time last year, what a great idea to raise money for actors favorite charities.

How exciting that Clooney will be filmimg Farragut North where you are, but I'm stilled bummed that Jake is not a part of it:(

mary said...

hey guys im leaving early tomorrow for my trip to coon for my aunts funeral my flight leaves at 605am and i had to work today so tomorrow will be a long day for me so i hope nothing exciting happens in jake land while im gone i wont have computer access dont own a lap top hope i dont get jake with drawal:} ill be back sunday night

bobbyanna said...

Have a safe trip mary. Take care.

Tweety, a lot of movies shoot here bcz of our tax credits program. I usually don't keep up with them.

George Clooney was on Morning Joe today,(MSNBC)and they said he was joining them from Detroit, which made me take notice.:) He shot some scenes for Up In the Air here too.

No Johnny Depp, Leo, Matt Damon, or Brad Pitt have been here. And certainly no Jake...yet;)

We've had Al Pacino,Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, Gerard Butler,Demi Moore, and David Arcquette(Scream4)that I know of. A few others, too.

UltraViolet said...

Mary, take care. Hope the trip isn't too rough on your mother or you. Check in when you return!

Are we hoping this is a case of mistaken identity/a lost tweet from November?

Taylor swift and Jake gyllenhal seen together at a local Nashville restaurant! Right now
about 1 hour ago via Twitter for Android

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, I love that tweet. It's nice that Jake and Natalie hung out in LA.

I just read a story about states potentially cutting back or eliminating tax.credits for films. I'd hate to see even more movies made in Canada.

CP said...

Hey UV, hoping that is a missed tweet as last thing Jake would want is more negative press around this whole TS relationship,saw an article where his reps denied he was dating Camile Belle, so looks like they will deny but not confirm. If he did go to Nashville its his business but he would have known it could create an fire storm of press.

Viv said...

I really love Jake on GG.He is so dreamy:).Jake had a lot of fun in the party.I don't know why US weekly etc.make the chatting with actoress so strange.Isn't it normal to chat with everyone in the party? :)

I really really want to know Jake's next plan.It's near a year after filming source code. I know I must be patient, but still.....

Viv said...

By the way, I read an unterview about Duncan Jones.He seems like Jake a lot:)
I hope source code can do well and they can work togethr again in the future.

Viv said...

sorry...it is "interview"

Monica said...

Duncan Jones Interview SOURCE CODE

Chica said...

Have a safe trip Mary.

Love the Jake and Natalie tweet, I wonder if she will stay in L.A. until the Oscars?

Thanks for the link to the Duncan article Monica!

bobbyanna said...

UV, our state was threatening to end the tax incentives for filmmakers,too, said they were too generous. I know a lot of states are in trouble financially, but I'm hoping they don't end them.

Our new Republican governor(!) is a "businessman" and I'm sure with his superior knowledge he will wave a wand and find another way to make us healthy. :/

Appears as if maybe Busy's husband and Jake are working on something!

bobbyanna said...

monica, thank you! I really enjoyed that interview. Made me want to get my flip camera and go shoot a movie.:)

I'm glad for the chance to hear Duncan talk about the process and how much he appreciated working with Jake.

You can tell how frustrating it must be constantly meeting, and "talking" to people about scripts and projects. Ugh!

Seems like Duncan has a healthy attitude about it, knows there's a lot of bs involved.

Monica said...

Interview to coming soom net:
Duncan Jones

Anonymous said...

I guess he was in Nashville last night.

I like them both, but I don't like them together, both need to move on.

Monica said...

Very interesting:
CS: Is this something that's very clearly a single movie or is there the potential for this to become a series?

Jones: Well, one thing that I will say is that the ending of the film that's in any of the scripts that have leaked out is not the ending that we have and I pulled very hard for the ending we've got. It certainly would allow us to have sequels. Whether or not that happens... I know Jake would be thrilled to do sequels. But I think it works very well as a single film. Whether we go off and do something else, that's the future.

Monica said...

Nooooo, please, Jake, noo! This girl, again?
Jake you deserve better. You deserve much better.
She is everything bad that could happen to you.

Where is his head? He's gone crazy or what?

Anonymous said...

Monica stop it.

Monica said...

^ ^ Sorry, Anon. But it was what I felt when I read this news.
Sometimes, I'm explosive. Dramatic too.

Sheba baby said...

Hmm. I saw that tweet and thought it was a case of mistaken identity.

Perhaps if the tabloids are correct (eyes roll) he wanted to break-up face to face, or not.

Surprising news considering the flirt-a-thon at the GG awards that was reported.

And speaking of that, thanks so much for the pics and videos, I love the Jake and Johnny pic.

I wish Annie luck with Catwoman, reaction so far with the news is mixed to negative.

Thanks so much for the Jones interview. It's interesting reading about how the film came together. SC definately presented some challenges to Jones compared to Moon.

Monica said...

Another interview with Duncan Jones:
Source Code

I'm surprised with all these interviews with Duncan Jones today.
Good to know that he wants to work with Jake again.

bobbyanna said...

Monica thanks for another treasure!! I'd love for Jake and Duncan to do a trilogy thing...but of course I haven't even see SC so maybe I should reserve that wish.:)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the links, Monica. I made a new post with some of the quotes and links, and a couple of new Jake photos.

We'll see what the rest of the day/week brings wrt the other story :)