Sunday, January 9, 2011

Desert Jake in motion

Update: Full speech here. Not a great recording, but it's all there:

We have some video of Jake at last night's Palm Springs International Film Festival. First up, Jake is interviewed on the red carpet and indulges in a bit of babble:

For those who didn't get to watch the livestream, a couple of clips from Jake's very funny introduction:

In this brief clip of Natalie's speech, Jake can be seen with the Nutcracker/doorman at the side of the stage:

A highlight reel from the night, with the full Audrey Hepburn comparison included (it's at the end):

More video of Jake on the red carpet and signing autographs for fans. And an account of the presentation from People. Mary Hart interviews Natalie and Jake, but mostly Natalie, as well as other Festival attendees. She doesn't seem to hold Jake's underwear joke against him :)

A fun flashback to Jake's appearance at the film festival in 2006:


bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV. Great finds. Mary Hart is scarey! LOL! But watching Jake watching Natalie answer her about the baby made my heart melt.:)

"You'll be invited to everything that's co-ed, ...obviously!" Loved it!

Monica said...

They both are so cute together. I love Natalie.
I saw Black Swan. The movie is really good and the performance of Natalie is fantastic. She deserves the Oscar.

Thanks for all information.

UltraViolet said...

This blogger has some photos inside the PS Gala, though none of Jake, sadly.

This article has a quote form Jake:

It was just a year ago that Jake Gyllenhaal was supporting his sister Maggie's Oscar nomination for Crazy Heart. This year, he's up for a Golden Globe for Love and Other Drugs. "I think few people who are lucky to have the success my sister and I have had," he said. "And to go through it together in alternating years in one way or another is really wonderful."

UltraViolet said...

From the last post - forgot to ditto you, Bobbyanna, on Colin Firth. I adore him. I wish there were a video of the whole evening, so I could watch him and Ben Affleck, whom I missed.

And another ditto to whoever said Carey Mulligan always dresses like a grandmother.

Monica, I was blown away by Black Swan. I went in expecting to find it over the top and campy and melodramatic. And it was, but I didn't mind. Natalie was incredible.

Shoutout to suvee, who's been MIA. And we still haven't heard from Carla in months. Hope all is well with her and other lost GBers :)

Chica said...

Thanks for the recap UV! Natalie is amazing in BS and both she and Fiirth deserve Oscars. Hart is scarey and a bit creepy Bobbyanna!

Looking forward to Jake, Natalie and Anne at thr Golden Globes.

mary said...

thanks UV for all the recaps and videos.

my mothers sister died last thursday so im flying to conn. on jan 20 with her the funeral is the 22 hope the weather is better

UltraViolet said...

Oh, so sorry to hear that, Mary. We're getting snow in Boston on Tuesday/Wednesday. No forecast for next week yet. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Bobbyanna, I forgot to say that I loved watching Jake during the ET interview, as well. There were a couple of accounts of the awards that mentioned Mary Hart's preternatural perkiness, lol. Including this one, from The Wrap, where they refer to Jake as Jake Gyllenhaal Franco!

Extra said...

My condolences to you and your family (((((Mary)))).

Thanks so much for the updates from Palm Springs UV. I think that it's so funny that Jake had a button missing from his jacket, LOL!!

I swear it seemed like Mary Hart was drunk or something, very odd and weird vibes from watching that live feed.

Jake Gyllenhall Franco? That's a new one! Jake had a lot of people taht he worked with at the event, Carey, D. Russell, etc.

mary said...

thanks my aunt had alzheimers really bad and had not been doing very well so it was not totally unexpected but my mothers brother died a year ago so my mother is the last of them left shes 83 but is pretty healthy

UltraViolet said...

Oh, that must still be hard for your mother, Mary.

This tweet...

met him once. so short. not as handsome in person. but Jake Gyllenhaal?? BREATH-TAKING in person... TRUST!

... led me to this quote about Jake:

Carey Mulligan also got to pose for a pic with Jake G (shouldn’t it become a rule that all winning ladies pose with him, making him the new Oscar statuette?)

The original tweeter was referring to Tom Hardy.
Us has an account of Jake's presentation, though they inexplicably say Jake is mocking Natalie. I think they meant "teases."

They did include the "and Jewish" part of Jake's comparison of Natalie to Audrey Hepburn. It was inexplicably left out of many accounts.

mary said...

i read the US article and dont understand why they used the word mocks it was just teasing all in fun

my mom is holding up pretty good but yes it is diifucult for her

UltraViolet said...

Sadly, I don't think the Us editors have a great command of the English language!

Posted a few new pics of Jake and Natalie.

Also, here's a short video of Jake at the Farmers Market on Sunday.

Get Real said...

(((Mary))), so sorry for your loss.

Thanks for the updates on teh event. I love Jake and Natalie together.

US Weekly's write ups are crappy most of the time. So annoying of them when he wasn't mocking her he was teasing.

Jake Gyllnehaal Franco?!?!? Um, okay, lol.

Nice video at the FM.

bobbyanna said...

mary, I'm so sorry. My mother's sister had Alzheimer's. When my mom passed away last March,at
91, she was the last of eight kids. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.


Thanks for the new pics,and the video,UV. Even if he weren't a famous actor, I'd definitely notice him at the Farmer's Market.

Us Magazine disgusts me. I agree the word "mocking" is misapplied and has a nasty connotation, IMO.

I got an e-mail article this morning, where they wrote a piece claiming Natalie was "gushing" about her fiance, and cried when she talked about him in her speech. I actually watched the event, so I missed that part. :)

They didn't mention Jake's name as the presenter in the article i was sent. "The Festival" presented her with the award.

They seem unfriendly toward Jakelately. robably had two months worth of covers planned, and he blew that up!;)

Jake Gyllenhaal "Franco" was the only way to drop James' name in? Other than that, I don't get his humor. I've read his book, The Big Show about the Oscars.Fascinating, behind the scenes stuff. Historical.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss Mary.

All Jake was doing was having some fun at the event, why do rags like Us try to make something out of nothing?

Thanks for adding the pics and videos, he looked a little tired but I bet he had a great time plus he got to present the award to a very close friend.

Thanks for the video link of Jake at FM!

UltraViolet said...

Posted a Gala highlight reel from PopSugar; Jake is at the end, with a little more from his presentation.

From twitter:

CelebSightings: LAST NIGHT: Jake Gyllenhaal w/ "boobalicious blonde"+3 @ Giorgio Baldi. Spielberg, JJ Abrams nearby not 2geth(Sun1034p)

UltraViolet said...

And just found a copy of the full speech at yt. Not a great recording but hey.

suvee said...

Hey UV! Sorry to have gone MIA without explanation.

For the past year or so, my interest in Mr. G has waxed and waned, and it's been really waning lately. :(

Maybe it's just a temporary affliction. But I promise to come back with a proper goodbye to GB if I'm done. For now, I'm still lurking periodically.... can't quit him cold turkey!

mary said...

thanks every one for all the well wishes only good thing about going back east is that ill be able to see my cousins who i havent seen since my grandmothers funeral in 2001

Monica said...

thanks for the video, UV.

Sorry for your loss, ((Mary)).


bobbyanna said...

OT, but wow, justjared says Marion Cotillard and her boyfriend are expecting a baby! Marion is 35.

Thanks for that video, UV. When we saw it livestreamed. I wasn't able to really appreciate the audience reaction as I did with this one.

Yeah, the audio was sketchy,but the audience reactions were worth it. That audience didn't interrupt anyone else with applause the way they did for Jake.:)

Tweety said...

Thanks for finding and posting the video UV, I love the audience response to him!

I really like the second pic of Jake and Natalie posted, I assume the pic of Jake and the blonde woman is a fan/Palm springs socialite:)

I can make out Busy Phillips and her husband in that video, but not the other 3, i wonder if they were with him at that sighting at Baldis.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Mary.


bobbyanna said...

OK. I'm overly sensitive lately(!) but I just saw the opening minutes of E! News to check the coverage, and Damn! They used the narrative US Weekly prescribed as their lead! That same lead is being used on a number of gossip blogs: "Jake mocks Natalie - Natalie brought to tears - talking about Ben."

"Natalie brought to tears talking about her fiance, and Jake MOCKS Natalie! (Their emphasis.) Why was Jake Gyllenhaal talkin' smack?" They use the Queen Amadala quote, and the comment about Natalie's child needing psycho therapy.

Taken out of context, and cut the way it was cut, made it look SO unflattering to Jake. He was made to look coarse and out of step. Especially after they set it up with very moving comments about Nat and Ben.

Jake's PR team really needs to get off their butts.

me again said...

Suvee, I understand how you feel, and I aprpeciate your honesty...always:) but I want you to know I really look forward to your posts and I miss you. Take care.


mary said...

guess i wont watch e tonight i was going to tune in but thanks for the warning bobbyanna ill watch et instead i cant believe people will believe jake was mocking natalie they should know by now that jakes sense of humor and if they cant tell the difference between mocking and teasing well then i just dont know whats wrong with people

Extra said...

Methinks that Steve Pond from the Wrap has confused Jake with James Franco and I'm not just talking about the name gaff, from your link UV:

"After swapping a tux for a sweater to go more low-profile, Jake Gyllenhaal perched up on the back of the “Fighter Couch,” traded Blackberry info with Amy Adams, and went on on one with Wahlberg before a sparkly dressed local interrupted the two and unknowingly asked Wahlberg to shoot a photo of her with Gyllenhaal. “There’s a lot more qualified people here to handle a camera,” Wahlberg quipped.

At first I thought maybe it was the woaman in this post posing with Jake but her dress isn't sparkly and Jake is clearly not wearing a sweater and also Jake wasn't wearing a tux but I bet Franco was! I'm sure Jake chatted with Russell, Whalberg, etc but it sounds like Ponds was talking about Franco.


Lola said...

Thanks for the pics and video from the event. Jake and Natalie are lovely together. He wasn't mocking her, he was teasing her! Gosh these people are morons.

OT: I saw that bobbyanna that marion is pregnant. I love her, so im very happy for her, but jeez whats in the water in hollywood everybody is getting pregnant.

UltraViolet said...

Aww, suvee. I didn't mean to call you out. I know you've been dissatisfied with Jake's roles and/or performances recently. And some of that Taylor stuff was weird for you.

We love having you here regardless of your Jake love. And maybe he will pull you back in someday. I hope you stick around but you know you're always welcome.

Here's hoping for a few good smirks from Jake those year, at least!

UltraViolet said...

Extra, that really does sound like it coiled be Franco and not Jake. That idiotic HollywoodLife site has a hilarious a count of poor lonely jake's night, not eating and spurning the lovely ladies around him. Would love to hear from a blogger or "regular"person in attendance.

Plus we know Jake has an iPhone not a blackberry!

Bobbyanna, I didn't think the E report was as bad as you did. But the "talking s,ack" bit was stupid. I really think most people watching would think Jake was funny not snarky.

Tweety, the blonde is an anchor at the local station that ambushed Jake with the Taylor question. Sorry I forgot to mention that. It would e fun to see more insider photos. I also love the ones where Jake and Natalie are cracking up.

bobbyanna said...

UV,I guess I saw red when E! opened with the "mocking Natalie" comment, then talked about her crying as if the two were related...or accurate.

HollywoodLife is a joke.

The quote most legitimate print media is using is the Audrey Hepburn quote.

Anonymous said...

The fact Jake was asked by Natalie to introduce her means she wanted him to do it and as she knows Jake she knows what a joker he is.
The intro. from Peter to Jake however many years ago was also kidding.
Hope some of these shows with their "comments" will be taken to task. If there is someone who doesn't understand the difference in the words "mocking" and "teasing" then they should also be called on it.


UltraViolet said...

Because of Natalie's pregnancy and all the Black Swan buzz, Jake's presentation definitely got the most coverage. I think it was also because it was the most memorable and most fun. I honestly don't think most people who have seen it were offended.

There are a couple of folks on Natalie's board who didn't like the Queen Amidala joke. But then some of them also believed it wa a true story :)

If ET repeats in your neck of the woods, you can catch Mary Hart jokingly chiding Jake for what he said. You can't see Jake's reaction unfortunately.

The interview is mostly what was online except for one little bit after Natalie says she had to do nasty things to get Jake to agree, MH asks if it's because he is a big diva. Natalie seems to be in an awards euphoria and kind of nods, then says how great Jake is.

bobbyanna said...

Love to hear Natalie talk about how great Jake is!:)
There's some great internet buzz about Jake's presentation being the highlight of the evening.

Busy's husband was involved with Valentine's Day (writer) but I don't think he is involved with NYE..which I guess Jake isn't either, now?

Shondra said...

Yeah the buzz about Jake presenting Natalie her award is great, watching the video you can tell that the audience loved him.

If Jake ever decides to ditch acting, he should to stand-up, he really is funny!

Thanks for posting all the highlights from that evening UV, I love the pics of Jake and Natalie together.

Busy's husband was involved with V. Day Bobbyanna, not sure about NYE but last time I checked both Jake and Taylor's names were off.

I understand your feelings Suvee, I have been in plenty of fandoms over the years. I love reading your comments so I do hope you will pop in and comment.


Anonymous said...

You guys realize that EVERYONE understands he was joking, right?

Lighten up.

UltraViolet said...

An entertainment reporter saw a screening of SC:

Just saw THE SOURCE CODE. In some ways, this film is this years INCEPTION.

Not getting my hopes up, but it's nice to hear.

Josie said...

I think my favorite comment from Jake this weekend is that Natalie's baby will need to see a shrink when she gets to see BS when she gets older!

The venue and set-up for the Palm Springs event was surprising as was Mary Hary hosting, I guess since it's not televised people knew very little about it.

I feel the same about Jake and Natalie as you do Bobbyanna and these photos of them are doing nothing to shake that, sigh.

Yes we know he was joking and he was very funny but I think the complaints are coming from the fact that the "entertainment joutnalists" are repeating things or are reporting things that are BS. Look at that report from the Wrap that Extra posted. From looking at pics of Jake and of James Franco on Gettyimages, it looks like he was talking about Franco not Jake.

I will miss your posts Suvee, I hope you stick around!

Monica said...

The same with me, UV. Not increased my expectations, because these comparisons occurred with laod.

Josie said...

That is nice to hear about SC UV, I have my fingers crossed!

bobbyanna said...

(waves to UV, FL,Chica, Get Real, Extra, OONP, etc., etc.,etc. ) Hope you guys are all safe and sound and enjoying your snow day indoors!!!!! I have about 3-4 inches to clear...later.:)

Saw The Kids Are All Right last night. Mark Ruffalo & Julianne Moore, and Annette Bening were fine, but not even close to Natalie's tour de force.

Doesn't look like Jake's presenting for GG, but they seem to do things last minute.

Chica said...

New York did a good job with cleaning up this time around::))

I took a snow day, I could have gone in today but I already made up my mind yesterday that I wasn't going in!

I'm going to have a Bowl of tomato soup with a grilled cheese
sandwich, watch I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched on TV Land and then watch The Young and the Restless!!

Maybe Jake won't present because he is nominated? But your're right Bobbyanna, they do things at the last minute.

I saw the Kids are All Right too and while I loved Annette's performance, Natalie just hit it out of the park, I didn't think she was capable of pulling off such a complex character.

Good luck with clearing up the snow and I hope FL, UV, etc are nice and warm and safe!

FL said...

I'm going to have a Bowl of tomato soup with a grilled cheese

Ahhh the stuff that dreams are made of! Growing up I thought my mom was the only mother who served her kids this after a long day of playing in the snow. :-)

I just spent 3 hours shoveling; and that was with the help of a neighbor's snowblower and a neighbor kid and me shoveling. And oh look, it's snowing again! I have a power line down, well not completely down, just dislodged from its mooring on the side of my house hanging into my side yard. Can't tell if it's cable, electric or telephone. But electric co. have been called and maybe by next week they'll be here to screw it back into place. O_O

Condo, with underground heated parking garage sounds so good right now.

Monica said...

Interview: Jake Gyllenhaal by
Scott Feinberg

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

CT got whacked pretty hard, we got over feet of snow! My office was closed today and I lost power earlier but it's back on again.

Grilled cheese sandwiches and soup are the perfect comfort food on days like this Chica and FL!

I had some help with shoveling from a neighbor as well FL, unfortunately there was no snowblower:(

Thanks so much Monica for the link to that interview. Some stuff I heard before but there were a few new nuggets like his audition for October Sky, he auditioned for an earlier Ang Lee film around the same time and his love of the Police Academy movies when he was younger!

UltraViolet said...

Very happy not to have to shovel anything. But the downside of being able to work from home is that you have to work when you're home!

Hope that power line gets taken care of, FL.

Thanks for the link, Monica. It's nice to see Jake get some coverage for his GG nomination. He hasn't really done much. As I see the ridiculous Us cover and wonder why Jake is nowhere in all this GG hoopla, I say for the thousandth time: Get new people, Jake.

It's always nice to hear an unedited Jake, but I wish he weren't so uncomfortable expressing himself. It was even worse because of the poor quality of the recording.

I wonder if it was done after Jake got to L.A. I thought I heard a dog barking at the end.

I'd love to see Jake do Inside the Actor's Studio, but I hope he'd be a little more comfortable.

Does anyone remember if Scott Feinberg did like L&OD?

UltraViolet said...

Oh, it was interesting to hear that Jake had auditioned for Ang Less before, OONP. And I laughed about the Police Academy love.

I'm still processing his answers about privacy and tabloids. It was unsettling to hear and it's obviously unsettling for Jake to live with.

Monica said...

What he talked about the tabloids? The audio is not good for me.

FL said...

It's always nice to hear an unedited Jake, but I wish he weren't so uncomfortable expressing himself. It was even worse because of the poor quality of the recording.

As always, you're being far too charitable. That was just painful to listen to. And it had nothing to do with the poor quality of the recording.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I like Jake and think he's a genuinely nice person in an industry rife with monsters BUT in that interview he comes off as inarticulate and...boring.
I'm surprised because he never has in other interviews.

bobbyanna said...

I only had 3 inches of snow this time. No problem for my antique, vintage snowblower.;) I LOVE grilled cheese with tomato soup!!!

(((FL & OONP)))

Thanks for the audio, monica!
It was hard to understand, but I enjoyed the gems about "Police Academy" & the "Ride With the Devil" audition.

I got an impression he was distracted during some parts of the interview, altho I think he tried to be thoughtful, and give fresh answers to some questions he's heard before.

He said he's reluctant to open up because of the way the media sometimes manipulates his words. I'd LOVE to see Jake do Inside the Actors Studio. One day SOON!

"As I see the ridiculous Us cover and wonder why Jake is nowhere in all this GG hoopla, I say for the thousandth time: Get new people, Jake."


Us Weekly's milking a non-story since they can't write about a "cute couple." I wonder if he holds his people back bcz he doesn't want to go on the offense, or keep the story alive. IMO, she seems to be the primary focus,he plays a secondary role...I just wish they'd leave him out entirely.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you guys aren't talking about it more, but US Weekly just tears Jake apart in their new issue. As bas as you think it might be, it's worse. It's outright vicious. I'm guessing Taylor's people are talking to them. I don't think Jake has ever had anything so negatively written about him.

I agree with you UV, it's time for Jake to fire Carrie as his PR rep. She's terrible.

Anonymous said...

GossipCop has already denied that the UsWeekly story was crap, I am pretty sure Jake and Taylor's friend's are not talking to the magazine, if they are they will not be friends that much longer.

UltraViolet said...

Painful is a good word for it, FL. I don't think it was boring, anon. It was uncomfortable and mystifying. Jake had trouble answering simple questions.

Anon, we don't really discuss most tabloid stories in depth, because that's an oxymoron. It's clear that Us is on Taylor's "side," as they have been with the Reese split. One of the downsides to Jake's silence on these matters is that he doesn't appear to fight back, if you will.

The Us story has gotten less Twitter action than I feared but it's annoying for this to be a focus in Jake's GG week.

Anonymous said...

I'm not talking about the actual content in the story, which is almost certainly nonsense, but just that the story is out there at all.

I was just agreeing with you that his PR people are pretty terrible at stopping these things from festering into larger stories. We have seen this time and again when it comes to Jake. Be they tabloid stories or other co-stars getting all the glory for films. The one thing which is consistent is that Jake is not being represented well by his PR.

Anonymous said...

Or the lack of recognition for his films during awards time.

Do you think there was some sort of spontaneous groundswell for Toby Maguire last year for Brothers last year? No. It was because his "people" were out there hustling for him. Where were Jake's "people?" He was every bit as good, if not better.

UltraViolet said...

Ah, I see, anon. Well, I think we're all in agreement that Jake"s PR people are terrible. The past year or so is a sad example of it.

Also, why don't you choose a name so we know who you are?

Extra said...

Well I'm still buried in snow here in NJ. Did some shoveling myself, bad move: My back is killing me!

What I got from that interview is the usual gyllenbabble and maybe some fatigue, but yeah it was a chore to listen to even though he revealed some new stuff.

I've been saying for years that Jake PR does not serve him well. As it's already been pointed out, he is up for a GG award and all we see is that crap from Us weekly.

Lola said...

Yep, Jake's PR team is awful. I agree with what you said about brothers Anon. Imo jake gave a better performance, tobey's seemed forced to me. I knew that Jake wasn't going to come out of this relationship spot free. Taylor is always painted as the victim. And i wish anon you would pick a name and come and post here under it:)

mary jo said...

I've been a lurker for a few months now. I don't come here a lot, and I probably won't post everyday or anything. But I'll go by mary jo.

mary jo said...

I will agree that part of the reason is that Jake may not want to go tit-for-tat over some of these tabloid stories. Regardless, It would be nice if his team protected him a little better. Especially now, as you mentioned, when he's nominated for a golden globe.

Viv said...

Taylor's PR machine is a monster.They just can't leave Jake alone, even Jake and Taylor "broke up".Endless fake stories about how Tayloy looks heartbroken,how Jake looks depressed,how they broke up (by phone??? seriously??),or will Taylor write songs about their relashionship.......Jesus!!!
Jake can't even take a break after the short dating stuff.
Media makes is a HUGE deal about "how they broke up"......:/
All I want to hear now is a new project from Jake in the future.This is the only way to delight me:)

Anonymous said...

The thing about all this is that Jake and Taylor pretty much dated for a fairly short time. They weren't madly in love - they weren't moving in together - they weren't engaged. They were dating just like a lot of people do.
It's not an uncommon thing for people to date and then after a short time decide to move on.
Of course they aren't famous people so no one thinks anything of it.

If Jake isn't interested in talking about his private life - we saw it with Reese. There may be a mention here and there but nothing really in depth that also goes for not talking about it after any relationship has ended.
Its just not his style and maybe that's how he wants it to be and doesn't encourage "his people" to answer, etc.
And this too shall pass.


bobbyanna said...

With the GGs,seems the focus is mainly on Black Swan & Social Network. I think most people (wrongfully)assume Johnny Depp will win in Jake's category.

I haven't seen too much on the Golden Globes in general, except hype about the red carpet.

I agree about Jake's PR, but at the risk of stating the obvious, there's lots of money involved. Not just advertising $$$, but "product placement," publicity, marketing $$$ etc. It goes way beyond circulation numbers, TV viewers, or clicks on a website.

If Jake had endorsement deals, and/or major studio backing, as a person gets with a franchise, that provides a lot of leverage. That's the only way to trump a lot of this garbage. It won't eliminate it, but it would sure help.

When he gets linked with someone who has that kind of clout, he's very likely going end up getting a raw deal.

Unless the other person insists that it not be handled negatively. Sadly, that rarely happens.

But it's a double -edged sword, bcz the other party looks very bad in this too. Ridiculous really. A punchline. As a wise old man once told me,you can't sling crap and not get some on yourself.;)

Tweety said...

I'm sick of Jake's PR team too but rhe other side looks ridiculous with all this fan fic about poor Taylor, enough already.

I haven't had time to listen to the interview yet sounds interesting, thanks for the link Monica.

bobbyanna said...

"It would be nice if his team protected him a little better."

Absolutely. That's the bottom line.

mary said...

im flying to CT on jan 20 hope thweather improves its been years since i lived where it snowed

Monica said...

I wonder if it was done after Jake got to L.A. I thought I heard a dog barking at the end.

I heard a dog barking too, UV.

He is not the only one who is not receiving attention. Anne Hathaway also not getting attention. This must be because both will not be Oscar nominees.
The focus always goes to the Oscar contenders.

UltraViolet said...

Welcome, Mary Jo. Thanks for choosing a name. Just makes discussion easier when you know whom you're speaking with. No requirement that you post often - it's just nice to who you are!

And ITA on Jake's team. They are supposedly the professionals, and they need to figure out a way to prevent some of this nonsense.

Hey Monica - thanks for the confirmation :) I forgot to answer your question about tabloids. Jake doesn't specifically discuss them - just mentions them as part of the general invasion of privacy issue.

Also, it's true that potential Oscar nominees get more attention, but Paul Giamatti is getting quite a bi and he's not getting an Oscar nod. His movie is coming out in wider release, which is probably also part of it.

It's true that Jake's movie is past it's promotional date, but it's also true that Jake doesn't get the push he should in certain things.

OTOH, if he's going to give interviews like the Scott Feinberg one, best he stays under the radar!

Annie, I think it is true that Jake doesn't press his people to correct things about his personal life. But he does do some personal PR manipulation. And in the Taylor fiasco, none of it has served him well.

And ITA on the dating thing. I have seen a lot of people at least grant that this wasn't some big romance.

UltraViolet said...

Tweety and Bobbyanna - agreed that the story coming from the other "side" is absurd. And happily, at least so far, not many people seem to be falling too hard for the poor Taylor routine. But who knows what else the week will bring.

Mary, Hartford really got slammed today. Record snowfall for them. Hope next week is clear.

Extra - I hope your back is better!

Yes, Viv - all we want to hear about is Jake's next great project, please.

And Lola, I agree on Brothers. Jake was better than Tobey, but Tobey had the showy part. It's time for Jake to find his Black Swan!

Anonymous said...

Going to mention again it seems that Jake and Taylor are are being treated like they had a long term relationship. It wasn't.
Also her going out with others lasted maybe 4 months with maybe some less and some more. It's not like she had been in a 3 year relationship or something....


Sheba baby said...

I think her longest public relationship was with Jonas and that was four months. With Lautner it was around 3 months and I think with Meyer it may have been no more than a month. Look at the milage she got out of those relationships!

When they were on I said I didn't care because it wasn't my business because I knew that from her track record it would be short-lived. Unfortunately Jake has become fodder for the rags yet again and that Us cover looks like the cover of Tiger Beat.

Jake's alleged PR team has been a joke for years from his pathetic "official" fan site to stuff like this where they stay silent, makes you wonder what the hell he is paying them for.

I love all the Palm Springs coverage from the past weekend (thanks UV!) and we will be getting Jake on the red carpet this weekend for the GG awards.

People are predicting Depp will win for AIW, a film which got some of the worst reviews of his career, we will see. It would be great if Jake won, i loved his performance in LAOD and it would be a great tonic to the BS that has been going on for the past few weeks.

I listened to that interview. I usually love listening to Jake's voice but in this case he sounded like he had a cold and he was tired and not focused. I had a hard time understanding it in the beginning. There were some nice bits in there about auditioning, school plays and his favorite movies growing up but it almost sounds like he wasn't prepared for the interview.

UltraViolet said...

I'm surprised most people are picking Depp - I saw on the Feinberg site that he has all the love. Not much for Paul Giamatti. And no one picked Jake. I'd love to see Jake win but I don't expect it.

I hope he gets to sit at a fun table!

We haven't had a new one of these for a while. Some fun Jake and Anne at the end of this interview compilation.

bobbyanna said...

OT: Just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Ellen Stewart. She passed away today. She was 91, and she was a true giant, an historical figure in American theatre. She was the founder of LaMama, the off off Broadway Theatre, and was noted for her experimental, multidisciplinary approach. A true artist.

bobbyanna said...

L.A.Times has an article about the parties, starting tomorrow for GG.
W Magazine will host a party at Chateau Marmont, and CAA will host a party for their people at SoHo House.

Saturday BAFTA-LA hosts their annual Tea for the British nominees, but I think everyone's invited not sure.

The afterparty on Sunday for Fox will be adjacent to the Hilton where the Awards show will be held.

Someone tweeted from L.A. that Jake pulled up next to him at a stop light last night around 8, but I haven't seen anything else.

UltraViolet said...

I saw that about Ellen Stewart, bobbyanna. She had a very interesting life.

No good sightings of Jake. I hope he goes to some parties and has some fun!

Anonymous said...

New pics on IHJ of Jake jogging. When is he going back to work, it's been nearly a year.

Chica said...

Thanks for that link Bobbyanna, Everyone from Pacin to DeNiro to Sam Sheappard to Lanford Wilson have all performed or had their works ferformed at the La MaMa Experimental Theater Club.

Stewert was a true visionary.

I wonder if Jake and Anne will attene either the CAA party or the Fox party?

Monica said...

Duncan Jones:

ManMadeMoon Duncan Jones
Finished Source Code last night! On wY to watch it through now with producers! Review after. ;)

Heh! I liked it! :)

If I liked it, everyone will like it... Im a pretty harsh self-critic. ;)

trust me... Jake is going to win you over in this. I mean it.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the Duncan tweets, monica. Glad he likes it.

FYI: Critics Choice awards Red Carpet @8PM and program starts
@ 9PM on VH1 tonite. Jake's not involved, but Natalie is, Ben Affleck,etc., ...and Jon Hamm also.:)

Sag Actor said...

I don't get the Depp will win for AIW predictions either, if anything his 2 nominations should cancel himself out. It would be great if Jake won but if Depp loses it may be to Spacey for Casino Jack.

Natalie and Colin won the Critic's Choice award last night and everyone expects them to winn a GG too.

Don't get the Social Network love, It's an Ok but not great movie. A Kings Speech, Inception, Black Swan and True Grit were all better IMO.

bobbyanna said...

"I don't get the Depp will win for AIW predictions either, if anything his 2 nominations should cancel himself out."

I hope so! The same fate George Clooney had at BAFTA when Jake won!:) Both AIW and Tourist were career lows for JD.

BTW:A former GG staffer is suing the GGs for "payola."

Sometime between now & Oscars, I still need to see Social Network & True Grit.

Happy for Fincher, but I wish Nolan, Aronovsky, and Russell didn't have to "lose." They're all getting some recognition, which is good. Funny Leonardo DiCaprio isn't ever mentioned at all.

mary said...

i have seen true grit and its very good going to go see the kings speech tonight have no interest in seeing the social network my duaghter saw black swan and really liked it

i like JD too but dont think he will win

UltraViolet said...

I've realized how little I care about these awards if either Jake isn't involved or there isn't a movie I'm passionate about. I really liked both Black Swan and TSN but I don't care if they win. Seeing The King's Speech today.

I have no idea who'll win in Jake's category tomorrow. It would be a nice surprise if he takes it. I'm curious to see who else will be at his table.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the DJ tweets, Monica. Now he can go back to tweeting, thinking and gushing about Moon until March.

Nicky said...

From Facebook:

Glad I walked this way to the gym! Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal shooting a scene for a movie on Montgomery and California. He looked yummy! No pics allowed. Boo

I wonder what he's filming? He's name has disappeared from the NYE cast list and there's nothing on his IMDB page.

Anonymous said...

Filming a movie on a Saturday? I doubt it. Perhaps it has something to do with the GG tomorrow and they are filming some segment.

UltraViolet said...

That FBer is also in San Francisco, FWIW.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV, seems like Jake's likely in San Francisco. California Street in the area of Montgomery is SF. He sure hasn't been seen around LA for a couple of days.

Movies shoot on Saturday. It's sometimes easier for location shoots in a business district. He could be doing anything, including a skit for the Oscar broadcast.

Monica said...

I found some new pictures of L&OD:

UltraViolet said...

Oh, those are gorgeous, Monica. Nice find. I might have to do a new post, even though the GGs are tomorrow. Thanks :)

We should be getting Jake photos from today. Looks like he had lunch in LA today with his manager. Sadly, it does not appear that he was firing her.

Monica said...

From twitter:

@popsugar PopSugar
Jake Gyllenhaal is here, chatting with Busy Philipps - so cute Michelle Williams connection! At art of Elysium!

Monica said...

Jake at Art of Elysium:
Getty Images

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the tweets and links, Monica. Did a quick new post with a couple of photos.