Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dog days of summer

ETA: Jake on the cover of a magazine I'd never heard of before seeing the photo.

Yes, there is a lot of Jake Gyllenhaal news out there today. Well, more like one story being repeated ad nauseam. But the last post was getting a bit long, so in an effort to freshen up, let's take a little trip to Australia. Sure, it's bitter January cold here in the northeast. But the sun was shining and summer was in swing when Jake and Anne visited Sydney for Love & Other Drugs promotion.

This is a longer version of an interview we've seen. Jake reveals that he doesn't have an assistant while Anne tells us what good habits she's learned from Jake:

A Dutch interview with Jake and Anne can be found here.

Some fan photos of Jake and Anne from the premiere:

Is it two ls and one a? I always forget..."

Back to winter: Jake has spent many an afternoon recently at ABC Kitchen. Here he is, hopefully not googling himself:

Jake will present Natalie Portman with an award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on Saturday. In 2006, Peter Sarsgaard did the honors for Jake. Here, they joke about what they are going to say:

See more of Jake and Peter joking around on the red carpet here.


mary said...

LOL i thought you meant the guy with the white hair and the beard then i saw jake in the back ground

bobbyanna said...

thankyoujesus!!!! for the new post-and you, too, UV!! Nice to look back. They're so cute together, and they obviously absolutely charm the press.

Awwww! I love seeing him hunched over his computer! :) He looks really deep in concentration.

Yeah, I hope he'll leave Google alone for a few days, too...he should stop by GB for a minute. ((((Jake))))

Chica said...

I had to click on the pic to see Jake, I sure hope he wasn't googling himself! Thanks so much, he looks so studious and serious.

Great post, I loved this press junket with Jake and Anne, they were so much fun.

Monica said...

I like the picture of him in the restaurant. So serious!


UltraViolet said...

LOL, Mary. I should have been clearer. When I first saw the pic, I didn't even see Jake. FL had to point him out.

Bobbyanna, I almost made a joke about Jake lurking at GB. But the thought of that is all wrong!

Monica and chica, Jake does look quite serious. Maybe he's working on a script :)

UltraViolet said...

New sighting:

ThePlaylist Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Frankies. No TaySwift though.
30 minutes ago

Monica said...

Jake will be at Palm Springs Film Festival on saturday:
Jake Gyllenhaal will present Portman with an acting award.


Lola said...

Thats great! When i heard that natalie portman was going to be honored i thought about when Jake won one and peter presented the award to him, and i thought he might do that for natalie. I love that photo of him on his computer, but thats not the same day he was there with his mother was it?

UltraViolet said...

Lola, I think the photo was taken on 12/28. Not the day he was with Naomi or when he was with Taye Diggs, sadly!

Thanks for that tidbit, Monica. I hope we get to see more of Jake's presentation than we ever saw of Peter's. One of my favorite Jake interviews was the one he did with Peter on that red carpet. I'll have to upload that to youtube, if you haven't already, Monica :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww! Thanks, monica!

I get a little...verklempt, just thinking about Jake presenting Natalie with an award. :)

I hope there is a youtube video or some way to see it. Wouldn't it be nice if they'd live stream it on their website? Not that they will, but it would've been nice.


Monica said...

I do not remember this video, UV. David O. Russell will be there to receive the award for best director.
I want to see The Fighter.

mary said...

hope we get some pictures of them together hope the weather will be a little warmer on saturday

UltraViolet said...

I saw that it has been cold in Palm Springs, Mary. Jake could use a little sun and warmth, so I hope it heats up.

I posted the video in the main post, Monica, with a link to another cute one. Jake and Peter were very funny together.

Bobbyanna, your dream couple together again :) It would be great if they streamed it, but they never do, damn them.

Anonymous said...

hope we get some pictures of them together

New Jake & Natalie pics would be nice. Even though I like Jake's chemistry with Anne, I think the best match for him would have been Natalie. But it's not meant to be. It's not too late for him and Anne though. ;)

Anonymous said...


Office of Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader said...

Maybe he is working on a script in that photo, he sure looks serious!

I love the first fan photo with Jake and Anne and the video of Jake and Anne. I miss them doing LAOD promo together, thanks so much for finding these new nuggets UV!

What great news about Jake presenting Natalie with an award in Palm Springs this weekend.

It's great seeing that video of Jake and Peter again, they are so much fun together!

bobbyanna said...

"...your dream couple together again :) ""


UV, it's just that there's this photo chronicle in my mind of them over the years, from when they were both kids on the brink, so to speak.

Then I remember Jake waiting for her with pink tulips for her birthday, or walking along the beach at Matthew McConaughey's 4th of July party.

He's been supporting her charity work for at least twelve years. She's been there for him during times when he's been at loose ends, etc.

There's just a warmth and an easy familiarity there, even a protectiveness that I love. He's very, very similar with Anne, but moreso with Natalie. Of course he's known her longer.

Thanks for the fun video with Peter.

(Hang in there OONP!:) )

UltraViolet said...

Added a picture of Jake on the cover of AugustMan magazine.

I'd never heard of it either!

Also, another interview with Anne can be found here.

Anonymous said...

I know, I know that most people here don't want to read this but can't help myself:

From Ted C of Awful Truth:

"[Jake] was really caught off guard and taken aback by how Reese ended it," claims a source close to the 30-year-old hunk. "Honestly, he's still reeling from that."

So much so that he can't move on with a pretty, wholesome, albeit ambitious young gal?

It looks like Jake is not over RW...

UltraViolet said...

Please, try to help yourself next time, anon.

UltraViolet said...

From FB:

Omg I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal!!!!!!!!!
33 minutes ago via Mobile Web · Like · Comment

O wtf lol

Dead srs!! Hes taking the a normal person! Wtf?

Did u get his auto?

Nah he was walking like he didnt wanna be bothered lol. Wow hes rly hot.

bobbyanna said...

Bless him!
I love these sightings!:)

Monica said...

Beautiful cover, thanks.

Chlotrudis Society names Top 100 films of the decade
9. Donnie Darko
12. Brokeback Mountain

Anonymous said...

I got nuttin but love for the Jakeness and my heart goes out to him. The big consolation is that his work speaks for itself. And we're really enjoying LAOD over here. I showed the trailer to my students and as a result we're organising a cultural evening where we visit and experience different cultures. It just so happens that its American culture we're exploring :DD.

(((Babblers))) you guys are awesome swashbucklers. I feel proud to NE part of this community belated happy new year

Sheba said...

I got nuttin but love for the Jakeness and my heart goes out to him. The big consolation is that his work speaks for itself. And we're really enjoying LAOD over here. I showed the trailer to my students and as a result we're organising a cultural evening where we visit and experience different cultures. It just so happens that its American culture we're exploring :DD.

(((Babblers))) you guys are awesome swashbucklers. I feel proud to NE part of this community belated happy new year to you all :)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys LAODs has gotten some pretty decent numbers abroad. It's made more than $13.3 million overseas in just one or two weekends and only in three major markets (UK, Australia, France) in addition to half a dozen other smaller markets.

At this rate it may actually do twice the number it did in the US which would bring the total global cume (including US/Canada) to around $90 million to $100 million all together.

That's not bad for a film which cost only $30 million. It also doesn't take into account DVD sales/rentals and other TV or cable rights where these types of movies thrive.

I wouldn't be so sure to call this one a bomb if I were anyone.

Monica said...

Wow this is great.thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anonymous, LAOD has only just opened in my country and it is on a lot of screens. It is getting good TV promo too, the trailer is playing on a number of well watched channels.

So in my eyes, its money making potential has just started.


Tweety said...

I sure do prefer the tweets and sightings of Jake riding the subway than the shit we are seeing now. I can't wait until this cycle is over!

Wow, that is great news about LAOD overseas and Jake presenting Natalie the Palm Srings Award this weekend, I hope we get some great pics!

Never heard of August either UV, but I love the photo!

Happy belated New Years to you too Sheba!

bobbyanna said...

Well, Jake's out and about early today, riding the Q train.There's a picture. This time he's standing,leaning,looking really sexy!:)

UltraViolet said...

Nice one, Bobbyanna. And it's getting a lot of fun commentary, as well as the usual idiotic stuff.

Tweety, it was madness trying to find a relevant Jake tweet earlier in the week. It's still pretty bad, but at least the crazy deluge has slowed.

The big consolation is that his work speaks for itself. And we're really enjoying LAOD over here.

One of the bummers of this whole Taylor thing is that the overseas performance of L&OD has kind of been lost. I hope it continues to do well.

Happy New Year to you, too, Sheba. We're glad you're here, too :)

bobbyanna said...

There're all kinds of reasons to go to Queens:) - but when I think of Queens, I think of LGA. LaGuardia. Altho he's closer to JFK and Newark being in BK. Just pointless speculation,(how redundant!:))on my part,
since he usually rides a different train to go into Mahattan.

FL said...

What about Queens? Who said he was going to Queens?

Of course I have we have no idea, but if history, and habit, are any indication Jake was riding the Q from one CZ (Union Square) to the other CZ (7th Ave Bergen in Park Slope) or vice versa.

bobbyanna said...

True, he certainly could have been.
YOu're probably right, FL. I was just idley speculating bcz there've been no tweets or sightings since this morning. Poof!:) Maybe he was going to work. On a movie.;)

Chica said...

I usually take the Q to go to Astoria where some friends live but yeah, Union Sq/Bergen Ave sounds like more od his destination.

I'm annoyed with LAOD BO overseas getting lost in the Jake/Taylor crap too.

Chica said...

I have to laugh at that sleeping man in the photo, he has no idea that Mr G is standing there right next to him, LOL!!! And the Dallas BBQ sign, I've been there plenty of times. Cheap food and cheap large size marguritas!

Get Real said...

Squee!!!! I still can't stop doing that when I see pics of him going around NYC on the train or hanging out at ABC Carpet!! :D

Isn't he supposed to present Natalie her award?? I do hope he got out before the snow today because there were lots of canceled and delayed flights.

Great news about LAOD doing well overseas. Just wish the gossip would stop overshadowing that....grrrr.

bobbyanna said...

"Isn't he supposed to present Natalie her award??"

Yes, get real. That was scheduled for tomorrow evening in Palm Springs.

I love wandering around ABC's, too!

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

He returned to LA. Photo on JJ and Wet Dark And Wild.

I do not remember seeing this video:
Jake & Anne

Extra said...

I just think that it'so cool that Jake rides the subways in NY and nobody bothers him! Thanks for the link Bobbyanna and the heads up Monica.

I hope we get pics and hopefully a video of Jake presenting Natalie her award this weekend!

What a great find UV & FL (The pic of Jake at ABC Kitchen!)

bobbyanna said...

Oops! I like hanging around ABC Carpet & Home furnishings in Manhattan! You guys are of course, talking about Jake's CZ including the ABC kitchen!
I think I need to up my "meds." LOL!

bobbyanna said...

Oops! I like hanging around ABC Carpet & Home furnishings in Manhattan! You guys are of course, talking about Jake's CZ including the ABC kitchen!
I think I need to up my "meds." LOL!

FL said...

ABC Carpet & Home, ABC Kitchen, same place, Bobbyanna. Well restaurant is ground floor of ABC Carpet & Home. :-)

bobbyanna said...

Yes, Fl, but I never "wandered" around ABC Kitchen.:) In fact,I don't think it even open yet, last time I was at ABC Carpet, two years ago.

UltraViolet said...

Good to see Jake made it to LA. Did he keep one of Taylor's sweaters for the ride :)

Sheba baby said...

Love the Jake hunched over his laptop pic and of him riding the subway, I love when he is in NY!

Looking forward to photos of Jake and Natalie tonight from Palm Springs.

I feel the same way about them as you Bobbyanna:)

That's funny UV,you need to get a sense of humor anon!

Sheba baby said...

I don't recall that anon, but apparently you do. Maybe you should find something more useful to do than lurk on blogs and worrying about what is and isn't being said on other blogs like combing your haor or taking out the garbage.

And BTW UV's comment wasn't bitter, I think she was commenting on his sweater which appears too small IMO.

Jake and Taylor are over, move along nothing th see!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the back up, Sheba baby. There is amusing irony in the troll not understanding the meaning of "bitter."

And yes, I was commenting on the size of the sweater. Thanks for getting the joke :)

bobbyanna said...

This is OT, but I just read that Orlando Bloom is the father of a new baby boy, born in L.A.! Congrats to Orlando & his Miranda.:)

Sag Actor said...

More praise and awards for Natalie and she deserves it doe BS.

The movie is uneven but she gives the best performance by an actress for 2010 IMO. It must be great to be able to present an award like that to a good friend.

Happy belated New years to everyone here at GB.

Extra said...

Wow, Orlando Bloom, a blast from my past fandom!

Congratulations on him becoming a daddy!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Congresswoman Giffords from AZ and to the victims and their families.

What a nightmare and a tragedy, I can't believe what happened.

bobbyanna said...

my thoughts and prayers are with all the people affected by the shooting. It was a terrible, terrible thing.

Just a FYI: But, E!online is livestreaming the red carpet from the Palm Springs Festival. They interviewed Social Network actors and are still waiting for Natalie and Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the reminder, Bobbyanna. Jake's on the carpet now.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to echo the comments on the shooting today. Very sad and very sobering.

UltraViolet said...

Started a new post with link to a livestream of the event.