Sunday, December 21, 2008

You Wear It Well

...A little old fashioned, but that's all right.

Jake Gyllenhaal proving that it's never too late to jump on the fedora-wearing hipster bandwagon while out Christmas shopping with Reese Witherspoon.

These and many more can be found at the Temple of the Gyllenhaal.

P.S. Thanks once again, Britain, for returning Jake to America.


lawgoddess said...

Yum! How cute.

And UV will be happy about Reese wearing the Red Sox cap.

UltraViolet said...

I like fedora-sporting Jake. And of course, Reese's cap is a classic!

Those jeans don't look like they are going to make it much longer. And do we think Jake is aware of the effect the of the worn-away, button-revealing area?

Yeah, probably.

I would like to have done some Christmas shopping today, as well. Unfortunately for those of us in snow towns, we would have had to sport all of Jake and Reese's sweaters, scarves and hats and more just to make it to the car/the subway.

FluorescentLamp said...

As well as snowshoes. You know, those big alaskan trapper type of snow shoes. Although...I think tomorrow I'll have to borrow Ava's ice skates just to get to work. For joy!

I never thought I'd see Jake going the fedora route, I really didn't. But it works. Then again I'm of the school that believes he can make anything work. :)

UltraViolet said...

You are a woman of faith, FL! I had my doubts about the ling hair, but you were confident. If onyl we'd gotten to see it more.

It's pretty clear Jake's still having hair issues - he couldn't stop touching it in that video. Which was kind of sexy. Not as sexy as touching Reese's hair, of course...

bobbyanna said...

I LIKE the hat. You're right, FL. It works. I've never paid attention...that much...but I do a like the button fly jeans.:)

The wind is just howling outside and the official temp is 5.

It's either feast or famine with these two. Personally, I'm enjoying every single frame, bcz you just know they will disappear any second. Poof!

catherine said...

I absolutely love him in the Fedora, and Reese in her Red Sox cap. Especially the last pic. I'm glad they are Red Sox fans!Very cute. I see much more closeness with these two now. Wow, he's sexy. Look at that shirt he's wearing. :)

chica said...

Ohhhh, me likey!! He does seem to have an issue with his hair even though it's short enough IMO.

I know those are his favorite jeans but man they are about to fall apart, LOL!!

As a Met fan i have a warm spot in my heart for the Red Sox, hee!!! I'm loving all the pics, this set is great because it's not intrusive and they look so happy.

Just finished my last batch of cookies and finally finished making out my Christmas cards!

It's is so cold here and tomorrow will be the same, it's mostly sleet right now which makes it even worse then just snow.

Happy Hannukah to all that celebrates!

Anonymous said...

The hat looks foolish. They really need to take a break from the internet for day. Even the fanish sorts out on the webosphere are starting to suspect a bit of grandstanding.

Of course you lot would never.

FluorescentLamp said...

Anon, us lot are just happy to get pics of him at all. We went for such long droughts over the summer. :)

UltraViolet said...

Someone should take a break from the internet for a day, that's for sure, anon. Maybe more than a day.

suvee said...

I quite like him in that fedora...... it's not a hat that all men can carry off well (sorry, Brad), but Jake can. He looks very cool in a very hot sort of way.

I have to wonder if the new hat is a bd gift..... maybe from someone close who knows that he is still having hair issues?

bobbyanna said...

"I know those are his favorite jeans but man they are about to fall apart, LOL!! "

Now that's a picture I'd love to see, chica!

I was wondering if he got that hat from the kids?

(I'm hanging at another cool website: far I've been on three cruises.)

josie said...

I like him in the Indiana Jones hat! Love the Sox hat on Reese too, now these are pictures that I can look at guilt free (even though i swooned at the b-day pics!) They look so happy, I hope they have a wonderful holiday.

Chris said...

"December 19 My Boy
…But first I must turn, bow and wave / even if he isn’t watching, my boy, / lost for years to the high wire act / far above us."

SG's birthday message to Jake. Sad don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Jake seems very in protective mode of Reese.
His hand is over hers very tight, he never lets her hand go even when stepping up the curb

Anonymous said...

what does this mean??
anyone have any ideas?
I wonder what the high wire act is?
Maybe Jake and dad have a strained relationship

"December 19 My Boy
…But first I must turn, bow and wave / even if he isn’t watching, my boy, / lost for years to the high wire act / far above us.

Anonymous said...

Couples Holding Hands
By John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

To hold someone’s hand is to offer them affection, protection or comfort. It is a way to communicate that you are off the market. Practically speaking, it is an efficient way to squeeze through a crowd without losing your partner. People do it during vigils, marches, weddings and funerals.

Holding hands remains a sign of intimacy between friends and lovers, couples and family, keeping two people together as they navigate the world around them. It as powerful a gesture today as it was two hundred years ago.

UltraViolet said...

The only one who knows what Stephen G means is Stephen G. It's sad that if he's trying to communicate something to Jake, he is choosing to do it publicly.

Since we don't know and we have no way of knowing, it's silly to speculate.

josie said...

Anon., why don't you take your speculation and any gossip about Jake's father somewhere else, i'm sure you will find an audience.

PS: Why don't you post a comment on his fathers blog if it's possible, maybe he can explain what he means.

Anonymous said...

They seem quite determined; maybe they've read some of the negative speculation, and to me, this says, we're a couple, and we're stayin' together, no matter what. Get used to it. :)

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!
He's so sexy with that hat!

Thank you, FL and IHJ!

office of nancy pelosi said...

I like the hat, i remember Reese wearing a black fedora a few times!

They both look so happy, we are getting spoiled again.

I won't comment on Stephen's poetry about his son, nobody knows what's going on with them and I rather not know.

Nicole said...

Here's something from People about Jakes birthday.


I really felt guilty to watch the birthday pics and the video, but the new ones are okay. They look happy and relaxed.

sheba baby said...

I like these set of pictures, less intrusive.(Even though I loved the hair stroking bit in the video!)

Thanks for the people link Nicole, it looks like they at least had some privacy the morning of his birthday!

I like the hat it just doesn't go with the rest of what he is wearing, I hope Reese bought him some new jeans!

No comment on Papa G

agent_krycek said...

He's rocking the Fed, liking it very much, and I am a girl who knows her hats!

That's really sweet, Reese and Deacon taking him out to breakfast =D

Monica said...

A member of my forum recalled the music of Elvis, MY BOY, reading the post of Stephan!

Nicole said...

Here is the US Magazine version of Jakes birthday. According to US he will fly back to Europe after the holidays to finish PoP. I'm not sure if I believe that. A haircut for just a few days...??


extra said...

Hmmmm, unless he was wearing extensions which would not make sense since he was still wearing the beanie for the first few days in the US.

BS has been pretty spot on with Pop, I doubt that he has to go back after the holidays but maybe something came up and he may have to do reshoots?? As far as rags are concerned People and Us are a bit more reliable than In Touch and Ok IMO, but who the hell knows.

Love the fedora and look they have matching jeans with bleach stains, LOL!

It sounds like the holidays on the ranch for them.

get real said...

Wow a holiday treat of lots of Jake and Reese pics! :) And the hat Jake is wearing to cool. :p

Love it.

Thanks for all the links, pics and videos.

Btw, Nicole that link doesn't work.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, a tasting menu and tiramisu, and Jake! I'm OD'ing on romance and holidays, but that's a good thing. :)

sheba said...

Mmmmmm.... my favourite desert .. tiramisu.... best tasted in Rome...and Jake ... and chocolate.... a veritable Romantic feast for the holidays. I wish them well.

Lovin the hat... would have been best worn with those fabulous worn-out boots he loves to wear - I'd love to know their history - but heck, that man would look mighty fine even in a brown paper bag.

Jake definitely comes across as a morning person - more at his best in the morning than in the evening. And the re-adjusting back to LA time resting from work must be taking it's toll. It must be great for him being back in LA in the sunshine that no longer shines in the UK now that he's no longer here [sniff]

To me.. Jake is a man that walks to the beat of his own drum - I love that.. he's a porcupine that can't be held.. so unpredictable and yet so easy to love. Sorry, I'm babbling again but like most - if not all of us here we want him to be very happy in his life, whatever he wants to do. Him being a small part of my life makes mine happier too [sniff, sniff]

OK, can put it off no longer... off to christmas shop :((

UltraViolet said...

Ugh, I have to go out and shop tonight, too, sheba. I feel your pain! And I agree that Jake marches to his own drummer. And it's fun to watch him confound people.

Monica - I hope you are feeling okay. I saw on the last post that you have the chicken pox. What a way to spend Christmas. Take care!!!

Here is the working link for theUs story. Thanks for letting us know, Nicole!

Not much new, except that it was a three-hour meal. Oh, and they had tiramisu. We probably could have guessed that.

The PoP info could be correct. Jake might have some technical stuff to do that doesn't involve his hair :)

bobbyanna said...

OMG. Well, good luck to anyone who is venturing forth. I was out earlier today and people were being really crazy. Driving, shopping etc.

I knew I'd entered the Twilight Zone, when I was roaming around Costco and one of those people who pass out free samples said of the chocolate he was passing out, "...the taste of these will haunt your mouth.."

Jake's birthday chef is all over the internet with his salutations to the paparrazzi and his "special egg dish"...:)

I am liking that hat thing. Jake looks rakish, roguis, sexy...ish.

Narcissa said...

"Jake looks rakish, roguis, sexy...ish."

You've hit it! The Sinatra look.

Don't think the clothes go with the hat though.

UltraViolet said...

Just sexy-ish, Bobbyanna? Not full on sexy? ;)

I can't believe people object to the hat and not those sneakers! I would have liked the outfit more if Jake had been wearing his birthday boots. I liked those, even with the suit.

bobbyanna said...

UV, Jake could wear a sack cloth, (but not Catholic upbringing) and he would be full on sexy. Devastatingly sexy. How-can-she-keep-her-hands-off-him!sexy. Jake is Platinum Standard sexy! If you go to the dictionary and look up the word... :)


What shoes???

Plus, I prefer this "understated" look...

shondra said...

I think he looks great with the hat, it's the sneaks i'm not digging!

Reese does have a similar hat in black and I love her jeans,kind of matches Jake's but less "worn"!

I really like these set of pics, they look so happy and relaxed.

UltraViolet said...

I think it's just my imagination, but this seems like a clearer, crisper pic. I love it.

It's hilarious how they manage to get the marriage stuff in there, even though there's no basis for it.

FluorescentLamp said...

It looks like he's singing to her in that pic. Hee.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a pic - I love how Reese looks away a little bit shyly. He does look like he's singing to her. :)

UltraViolet said...

Hee. Celebutopia has the singing piv in extra-large, as well as one of the hair touching pics.

Anonymous said...

Jake looks like he's crying in the hair touching picture. His eyes are red and teary.

UltraViolet said...

He doesn't look at all as if he's crying. And as we know from the video, he wasn't crying.

agent_krycek said...

Jake is a massive creature of habit in some ways, sticks to the same areas most of the time, has definate favourite clothes, those jeans and boots, the weird addiction to strange bird patterned flannel stuff - so I'm thinking the fedora suddenly appearing on the scene makes it a birthday prezzie, maybe from two youngsters in his life these days?

I feel very proud, I had all my Christmas shopping done as of Saturday *polishes halo and looks a bit smug* :D

paula said...

I'm not going to lie and say that I don't enjoy looking at that video, I just love it.

That hat is a cross between Indiana Jones and Sinatra, I like it on him! Love the Red sox cap Reese is wearing too, they look so happy. I hope they and everyone here has happy holiday!!

extra said...

Jake will be one of the presenters at the GG awards on January 11th!:

HOLLYWOOD, CA -- 12/23/08 -- Glenn Close, Ricky Gervais and Jake Gyllenhaal have been set as presenters at "The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards" to be telecast live on NBC Sunday, January 11 (8 - 11 p.m. EST) at The Beverly Hilton.,664153.shtml

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!

UV, my body and my face is horrible!
Thank's for the support, babblers.

Extra, thank you for information.
I love when Jake presents awards. He always gives a special charm during the presentation.

Thanks to other babblers for all links and information.

gabbana said...

Wow, I have something to catch up!

I love all the pictures although I have a kind of bad feeling watching the birthday ones. The chef is a riot - although I would like to know who informed the paps...or are they in front of this restaurant 24/7?? I doubt it....

Thanks for all the links and information- I am trying to catch up!

Usually those Fedora hats are looking silly on guys (just IMO) but Jake looks really good.

Great news about Jake being a presenter at the GG - it is been so long that we seen him in something "official".

And 4C has crossed the 100 Mio.$ border line this weekend! Congrats!

Monica - best wishes for you - hope you are feeling better soon!

Sass, whereever you are - I hope you are doing fine!

agent_krycek said...

Hope you feel better for Christmas Monica.

Did the last food shopping today, can anyone tell me why mothers bring small children with them on days like this, I'm sure leaving them alone in the house with matches to play with would be safer then dragging them round Tesco's supermarket - I nearly took out five with my trolley today - and I wasn't even aiming for them!

I'm predicting a drought coming up, nowt more till after New Year - think they'll be safely tucked away on the ranch

suvee said...

monica, sorry to hear about your chickenpox..... what a crummy thing to happen at holiday time. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Thanks, extra, for the great news about Jake presenting at the GG.
It's been way too long since he's made a Red Carpet appearance..... I'm excited!

I may be in the minority, but I'm assuming Reese will be in LA for the next couple of days. Didn't she mention a Cmas Eve event at her church that one or both of her kids participate in? Seems like they will be at home for Cmas, and then maybe spend some time at the ranch. Either way, I agree with ak...... not expecting to see any more photos for a while.

josie said...

I agree, i think they both will be hidden away for the most part this week. Hopefully they will spend it on the ranch.

Jake at the GG's!! He hasn't done any events since the '07 GG's. I love Jake in a tux, hell Jake in anything!

get real said...

So glad Jake will be presenting at the GG's!

Jake in a tux always = win. ;p

Wanted to wish everyone a wonderful, happy and healthy holiday, be it Hannukah, Christmas or whatever you celebrate. :)

Thank you, UV and FL and everyone here for this wonderful Jake and Reese loving place. I am grateful for you all.


gabbana said...

Happy holidays for everyone here at Gyllenbabble and I am hoping for some quiet, peaceful days for everyone celebrating their beliefs.

The Christian Germans are celebrating today with family and friends.

And thanks again to UV and FL for making this a save, humorous place for us and all lurkers. And I am sure that sometimes "special" guests are also reading.....:-))

Anonymous said...


Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Happy holidays, Gyllenbabble!

I wish much peace, love, health and union to all babblers.

That God is present in life and in the homes of each one, not only this time, but every day of the year.

chica said...

Great news about Jake being one of the presenters at the Golden Globes!!

I'm off to do some last minute errands for the big day tomorrow.

Thanks so much UV and FL for this blog, I love stopping by here for all things Jake and hanging out with everyone!

I hope that you are feeling better monica and a shout out to sass, i hope all is well.

Wishing everyone here a happy holiday and a great new year!