Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dinner for 2(8)

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon out for a romantic dinner - unless you count the paps - to celebrate Jake's 28th birthday. The pair dined at Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica.

So the hair is cut, but it looks like Jake still can't get a handle on it.

More Jake in LA - out shopping, then leaving lunch (he ate w/Reese and Deacon at the ultimate CZ restaurant, Pizzeria Mozza):

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Monica said...

Hello, babblers!

Smile ... what is that smile?
More beautiful impossible.

The clothes are stylish, but the shoes ... Jake you can not find time to clean your shoes?

Thank you, UV!

Bette said...

They are so adorable together. I've been busy with the holiday season so I have not had a chance to check in for a few days. I loved coming back to this. I really love how happy Reese seems to make Jake, and vice versa. And I'm suspecting that Reese is just a little drunk in these. Thanks UV for posting these!

Anonymous said...

the look of love!
this love gaze!!!

josie said...

Thanks so much for posting these pictures! Intrusive but oh so romantic! Looks like he had a wonderful birthday1

smile said...

Hi guys!
Have you noticed how he goes all macho on her sometimes? This pic when she is fondling her hair and the pic with her and Ava where he "orders" them to go this way or that.
The birthday post was marvelous FL, so much care went in it. Would wish for you that he takes notice.
Hope sass is fine, it´s been a while that she posted.

FluorescentLamp said...

The later pics Stephanie put up on IHJ are just lovely. Even when he's yawning, poor guy.

The birthday post was marvelous FL, so much care went in it. Would wish for you that he takes notice.

Thank you for that. But I didn't do it for him, I did it for us. And I hope he never googles himself or stumbles across any blogs about himself. Only no good can come from that. O_O

office of nancy pelosi said...

I was thinking about Sass too smile, I hope all is well.

I have the case of guilty/giddy again looking at these pics, Jake looks sexy, love the hair and Reese is adorable! I guess she couldn't wait until her hair grew out.

They look so happy and in love, thanks for posting!

Narcissa said...

So it seems that Jake had a happy birthday! ;)

I too hope sass is OK.

Lemon said...

What a gorgeous man. I like the hair, it’s a nice length.

These are some sweet photos. I love how Reese just watches him. There seems to be a quiet stillness to the woman; a look of content to just gaze at her man. Although I reckon being drunk might add to that =P

Monica said...

I too hope sass is OK.[2]

Anonymous said...

God the way she looks at him !
she completely into him

oh well I envy her so much lol


chica said...

Yes, these photos are intrusive but they are so sweet and romantic, it looks like he had a wonderful birthday!

Nicole said...

The pics are a bit intrusive, but lovely. Especially this one:

I'm sure they are happy to be together again. I noticed that she touches her hair very often. I once read women touch their hair a lot when they are around men they are attracted to.
I like his hair. Is it just the light or does his hair look a bit red...?

catherine said...

I have to say that some of these pics are just beautiful and very romantic. I love the candlelight. Reese looks beautiful, with her long hair, she looks very feminine, relaxed, and freer, and I love her earrings. She looks like she adores him - and who wouldn't. He looks incredibly gorgeous, mature. I love the hair length and beard. They really do look good together in these pics.

Anonymous said...

If a man looked at me this way!
I would fall off my chair

Nicole said...

I forgot to mention that we really have to talk about his shoes.....They are hmmmmm.....
I also hope that Sass is okay.

Monica said...

I love this moment:

catherine said...

This one is my favorite, I like the ones where he's touching her face too:


Anonymous said...

Look at this one - they look like they are about to kiss:

Prelude to a Kiss

Reese's profile is beautiful in this one. So is Jake's. Ava looks so much like her. :)

bobbyanna said...


All I can say is...if Jake wants to get married? She is SO there!

get real said...

Oh, so good to see them out and about! Jake's looking so sexy, except the shoes...

I love seeing them so intimate with their looks to each other. Sigh. :) But, like others here, I feel bad that the paps are being so invasive. :/

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. We are getting more snow tomorrow...oy. Stay safe everyone else who is dealing with these storms.

shondra said...

Intimate and oh so romantic, sigh.

I like his hair this length and I will have to get used to Reese's extensions!

suvee said...

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled to see these bd dinner photos. Same old ethical dilemma. I can't help it..... it makes me happy to see them so in love. That first picture..... sigh.

This intimate, romantic dinner for two is exactly the kind of birthday celebration I would want if my bf had been out of the country working hard for the past 5-6 months. Sorry Liz Smith...... but I wouldn't be planning no big lavish party. Oh no..... I would want him all to myself! : )

We must be on the same wavelength..... I was thinking about sass today too......

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

A holiday! What do they say to me of this one?:

...I agree Suvee...

UltraViolet said...

Joining the chorus - hope all is well and you check in soon, sass! And I hope you're enjoying the photos!

. There seems to be a quiet stillness to the woman; a look of content to just gaze at her man.

ITA, Lemon. And who can blame her!

Although I reckon being drunk might add to that

Hee. She does seem a bit "happy," in more ways than one!

Nicole, his hair does have a red tinge. We've seen that before. I like it! I don't see the ones where he's touching her face - I guess I have to go back and look again. What a hardship.

She looks like she adores him - and who wouldn't.

That sums it up, Catherine! And welcome, if I haven't welcomed you before. Good to see new faces popping up!

Though the pics are intrusive, it's good to see that J/R didn't let it ruin their evening. It's fun to see them so happy.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, that is a nice one, Leonor! All of the ones people have pointed out are so lovely.

I am supposed to be writing my Christmas cards, but Zodiac is one. It's not exactly a holiday movie!

UltraViolet said...

Jake is making it hard for me to do my cards! Just updated the post with some new pics from IHJ. Thanks, Stephanie!

catherine said...

Thanks for the welcome, UltraViolet!

Leonor, I didn't see that pic, Jake looks like he adores Reese in that one too. Sigh. :)

I have two more cards to write, and then I'm done!

suvee said...

Glad to know I am not the only person who was still writing Christmas cards on December 20th! Got my out of town cards to the Post Office at 4:15.

Really loving the new Jake pic from today..... I think I really like his hair this length. Reminds me of his Rendition hair, which I loved.... my favorite Jake hair, very flattering IMO.

Anonymous said...

Did he cut his hair?

And POP ? Did he finish?

lawgoddess said...

Wow, those pictures in the restaurant are really lovely, and sexy. I love the way they are looking at each other.

So I guess there wasn't a big party, but a private party. :)

And big news that Jake cut his hair!

Thanks for posting them, UV, very nice.

Anonymous said...

His hair is long enough so if he needs to put the extensions in again he can. Maybe he is waiting for an "all clear" from PoP. Maybe they still have to do stuff to wrap it up.

UltraViolet said...

According to X17, the chef came out and threw eggs at the paps! This explains Jake's unbridled laughter, methinks. Hee.

bobbyanna said...

Awww! Thanks for including the new pictures in the post!

Am I going crazy or has anyone else noticed: Deacon's wearing his hair longer...and Jake didn't get all his hair cut off. Deacon had his hoody up, like someone else we know ... 'til Reese was getting him into the car and the hood was down so I noticed the hair. I also noticed it a little while ago in some other pics...:)

Anonymous said...

yea i have noticed that deacons hair is longer

UltraViolet said...

They're all having hair changes, Bobbyanna!

X17 has video of Jake going to his car after leaving yoga this morning, as well as some extremely intrusive video from last night here.

It definitely feels creepy to watch, but the part at the end, with the egg-throwing, is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video link UV, yes the restaurant one feels very intrusive but when Reese leans on Jake's shoulder, sigh, and to all the haters I don't think they where sitting near a window I think the pap was in the restaurant. Loved that the chef threw eggs at the paps.

Anonymous said...

X17 also have a video of the whole egg throwing incident, soo funny.
Ignore the comments as usual.

Monica said...

Reese & Jake's Romantic Italian Dinner

Monica said...

UV, I can not leave the house to buy Christmas cards, why am I with chickenpox!
My sister will buy the cards for me.

sheba baby said...

Been busy this weekend including FINALLY doing my Christmas cards!!

Yes the pics are intrusive but they look sweet and in love, I hope he had a greta birthday (I'm sure he did!)

LOL!! At the staff throwing eggs at the paps, no wonder he was laughing!

Anonymous said...

In the video and the pictures, Jake seems like the "grown-up". He is literally Reese's shoulder to cry on and he looks calm and steady...and tired.
He was even yawning. Maybe he arrived home more recent then we realize? If other things in her life upset her, she is lucky to have him to be there for her.

extra said...

Love these pictures, so romantic! I bit of guilt because they are so intimate.

I get weepy when I have a bit too much wine, I wonder if it's the same with Reese? She seemed Ok after, love that the chef threw eggs at the paps!

Noticed the length of Deacon's hair too, I just hope they get some private time at the ranch the rest of the weekend.

Off to do some last minute Christmas shopping!

bobbyanna said...

I'm turning into the "Mad Baker!"
I've had a very hard time of it, but I finally restrained myself from baking anymore cookies, now I am doing my pumpkin bread. Shopping's done and wrapped. (Much less shopping then previous years.)I simply refuse to go outdoors today. Very strong winds and VERY cold and snowy...again.

These are about the most intimate pictures I've ever seen of anyone... I agree. I think Reese might be a "weepy" drinker. She seems as if she gets sort of wound up, then comes right out of it. I also agree that Jake seems so strong and stable and very tender, too. (sigh.)

Anyone want to take bets on how long it will be before the tabloid press starts constructing stories to go with all the pictures and the video?

"Unhappy Birthday!" "Reese Begs Jake Not to Leave Her Children!" "Birthday Break-up!" "The One Thing Jake Wanted for His Birthday..and She Said No!"
(finger-pointing pic: "Reese Gives Jake An Ultimatum!")

office of nancy pelosi said...

Ha, ha bobbyanna!!!
X17 has the weeepy and egg throwing video, I don't know if they will make the rounds, they usually dont.

The other pics will though, they are romantic, sweet and sentimental.

I think maybe she was tipsy/weepy and a bit upset when she realized they were paps outside. I really hope they are at the Ranch right now, looking at the pics from lunch with Deacon they are in no mood for the paps.

I need to finish baking cookies my self!

Anonymous said...

Jake seems so strong and stable and very tender, too.

I'm really getting this from the vid, very desirable manly. I loved the strong, silent getting out of the car with not even a word to the paps, and the expression on his face. That Reese, lucky girl! It looks like they are having a serious talk about something, something that meant enough that she got teary, and he gave a heavy sigh after, so I hope everything's ok! But then, if I were her and I missed him so much and he was back home, I might get teary too. There's a lot of closeness and affection, so her leaning in on his shoulder (who wouldn't?) is the affection and intimacy, and comfort maybe even safety she seems to feel being with him. He does look like he was comforting her, and I do feel somewhat guilty seeing it, but at least now we know, they seem to be for real! :) Very sweet.

suvee said...

"The One Thing Jake Wanted for His Birthday..and She Said No!"

This is my favorite one, bobbyanna..... I can see the headline now! : )

And, yes, I also think Jake is a strong and emotionally stable man...... and he strikes me as someone you can count on. Lucky, lucky Reese!

I have to go to the grocery store today..... I have 2 holiday dinner parties coming up, and I am making dessert for each. It's freezing here, bright and sunny, but our high for the day is 11 degrees. Better go bundle up!

chica said...

It is so cold and nasty out hwre in NY,and I still have some last minute shopping to do!

Still loving the pics and video even though it's a very intimate.
And the way he is looking at her, sigh....

Anonymous said...

I've just watched the video again and you can here the chef (I think) telling the paps were to go in Italian. so funny.

bobbyanna said...

I thought I caught one word, Anon. And it's the same in English as it sounded with that Italian accent!!! :) :)

josie said...

I think they called the paps jackass, LOL!!!

Bette said...

The pap video with the eggs is so funny! I love that Chef! Let's send him a gift basket from all the babblers.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the video, yet, but in a few of the pictures at IHJ, it looks as if Jake was also kind of weepy and sad. He definitely has red eyes and looks weepy in a few of those pictures.

This was definitely not a cuddly, light-hearted date. It looked like they were both exhausted and trying to figure out a solution to all the problems in the world.

Anonymous said...

I actually love Jake's yawn - to me, it shows how comfortable he is with her too, he can be his natural self with her. This happens when you have been a couple for awhile, you know you can be just who you are and be accepted. He's tired too probably, poor darlin'. To me, this video and series of pics shows more intimacy and couplehood than any PDA makeout session ever could. :)

Monica said...

Another video:
Reese and Jake Share Romantic Birthday Dinner

shondra said...

I just watched the video you posted monica and I have mixed feelings.

On one hand I agree with bette that we should all send a gift basket to the chef and staff, LOL!! He realy gave it to those paps and they called the cops on them too for trespassing!

But if you watch the video towards the end, J&R are having a serious conversation, then it looks like he is stroking her hair then they realize they are being watched, he points and then calls over a waiter, probably to complain. Then they leave.

I really hope they are at the ranch right now.

Anonymous said...

duh! Why the hell did they choose this location and sit in front of a window!

Your a million dollar celebrity, have the restaurant closed down for you, seclude yourself in California!

They could have asked to have a private table in the restaurant, or find a private restaurant
which I am sure there are private places in California!

For crying out loud! They are having a romantic dinner in a public place in front of a window!

FluorescentLamp said...

From what I've read about this restaurant it seems to be very celeb-friendly, i.e., celebs can eat there without having other diners gawking at them their whole meal. Also, evidently it's very small inside this place with lots of tables jammed close together and a large wall of windows across the front.

They can't hide and I don't think they want to hide. But they also have right to eat wherever they want and not have to worry about being filmed throughout their meal.

the angry chef said...

LOL!! simmer down twiiter/erin/google/blogger, before you were whining that poor Jake Nad Reese would have to spend his birthday and the holidays apart!
Now that they are obviously together now, you dont seem to happy at all, now you are whining about them not choosing a more private place!!!

Not to worry, they had a good laugh about it and so should you!

bobbyanna said...

I'm ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I definitely think the Chef deserves a gift basket. He was SO
inclusive in his greetings: "Your mother and your sister..."
I should at least send him a wonderful Christmas card.
Can I do it without leaving the house???

Thanks for the video, Monica. Hope your chicken pox go away soon.

Anonymous said...

hey! I am a celebrity! I want a romantic dinner away from the paps
let me choose

"very small inside this place with lots of tables jammed close together and a large wall of windows across the front"

Narcissa said...

They don't need your permission to eat in that, or any other restaurant they want, Anon. Get over yourself.

They look great!

Anonymous said...

you don't even make any fucking sense

"celebs can eat there without having other diners gawking at them their whole meal"
wtf! But the paps are there gawking

anyplace "celeb-friendly" means paps

Blogger FluorescentLamp said...

From what I've read about this restaurant it seems to be very celeb-friendly, i.e., celebs can eat there without having other diners gawking at them their whole meal. Also, evidently it's very small inside this place with lots of tables jammed close together and a large wall of windows across the front.

extra said...

According to x17, that chef hates the paps so I assume that there have been other incidents there.

Celeb friendly means that they can go there and eat in relative peace if possible. It looks like Jake spots them and calls over a waiter and they exit and all hell breaks loose! If the cops were called then it appears they were tresspassing beyond that fence as you can see in that video.

They should be able to dine anywhere they want, it was his birthday and I bet that is one of his favorite places, they shouldn't have to feel like they are in prison.

They do look great and I love the stroking of her hair...

sheba baby said...

I also hope they are safely tucked away at the ranch.

Someone is upset about these pics and video, I wonder why?

Monica said...

Happy Hannukah, Jacob and to all Jews gyllenhaalics!

UltraViolet said...

Monica, did you say that you have the chicken pox? I hope you're resting and taking care of yourself! What a terrible Christmas present.

And thanks for linking that second video. The hair touching just kills me. As does the chef yelling at the paps. It's classic. And the paps are such babies! They can dish it out but sure can't take it.

paula said...

Thanks for the Hannukah wishes monica and the video link!

I've been really busy this weekend,i se there has been some buzz about the pictures and video of Jake and Reese this weekend.

My thoughts: They are intrusive and I didn't feel comfortable watching that video.

It's all very romantic and i'm so happy that he has found someone (the way he looks at her and the stroking of the hair made me melt)but I can certainly understand them being upset.

And the paps got what they deserve IMO, gift baskets to the chef, ha, ha!!

Happy holidays to Jake, Reese and everyone here at gyllenbabble!

suvee said...

New J & R pics from today at IHJ.

I'm not going to say anything..... but I am looking forward to reading everyone's reactions! : )

Anonymous said...

his new hat?
kind of weird and cute

FluorescentLamp said...

New pics, so naturally, new post.