Sunday, December 28, 2008

Signs of the Zodiac

Robert Downey Jr. paid a visit to Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon in Ojai over the weekend. Hiking and coffee were on the menu. So cool to see Jake and RDJ together and to see Atticus along for the fun!

And just because:

(Photos courtesy of IHJ and Celebutopia.)


sheba said...

So great to see them and Atti too. Hope they had a wonderful and relaxing time.

It's unfortunate in the 5th picture that sign is pointing to Jake's head :DDDD

And the last picture.... ahhhhh....

RDJ is one of my favourite people, ever since Heart and Soul and later Chaplain and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and so many more. He has IT. Just like Jake... they definitely 'let you in' which is the mark of a great movie star. Loved the article on Jake and Robert who now calls himself a 'JuBu'.

I can't wait to see Jake on the Golden Globes on the 11th, but my wish is that they don't ask stupid emotional questions about Heath and that they don't ask him to present the Best Supporting Actor award... I think that's a lot of pressure for a first public appearance. Let him get back into it slowly.. 'cos my guess is that he'll run for the hills and retreat if they do.

Well, hope the holidays were peaceful and happy for everyone, just what's needed in these troublesome times... good family and friends.

agent_krycek said...

Said it before and I'll say it again (probably several million times), someone needs to write a really smart, funny comedy for those two, they've got fabulous chemistry on screen and a really good script with those two would be gold.

sheba said...

Gosh AK, you got me excited with that comment. Can you imagine the fun they'd have on that shoot, the many takes that would undoubtedly get messed up from either of them cracking up and the 'gag reel' after? Either a director's nightmare or dream, depending on who would take on two humongous talents. Although slightly disappointed with RDJ's performance in Tropic Thunder both he and Jake are consistent in giving interesting and genuine performances.

Definitely one to look forward to. I was wondering what Jake's next job will be. Hope he's not out of work for too long... we know how 'insane' *jazz hands* he can get.

lawgoddess said...

I love seeing Jake and RDJ together, and of course Jake and Reese. :)

Nicole said...

Hello babblers , I really hope that all of you had a good christmas.

It's great to see Jake and RDJ together. I like Downey,he's a great actor and he was in two of my alltime favorites (Zodiac and Natural Born Killers).

suvee said...

How cool to see Jake and RDJ hanging out in Ojai! I was kind of surprised we never saw any pics of them when they were both in London filming.

Love RDJ's hiking ensemble..... makes me giggle. The man truly has his own style!

As for the new drill J & R bought, I'm thinking Reese's dream of a chicken coop is closer to becoming a reality. : )

And thanks for posting that last picture...... it's proof that one picture really is worth a thousand words.

OT: Once again, I am reminded of Jake's fondness for Aries..... Reese, RDJ & Heath. (BTW, RDJ and Heath share the same birth date, April 4.)

josie said...

I love RDJ!!!! These pictures a great, love that they spent part of the Holiday with Jake and Reese.

I would also love to see Jake and Robert team up again.

Love seeing Atti too and the matching jackets and beanie on Jake and Reese is too cute!

PS: Thanks for posting that b-day pic, sigh.

bobbyanna said...

Great post!

Agent K, I'd absolutely love to see a movie with them together!
A really smart comedy/caper film.

I'm thinking Robert and Jake had a chance to hang out while they were both in London, Robert working with Guy Ritchie thru all the "drama."

Is Robert going for the "English country estate" look with his outfit??? :) :)

Sheba, I think the person who won the Best Supporting Actor/Drama last year would be presenting this year. I can't imagine anyone doing that to Jake.

Nicole said...

Nothing new , but here are the links to the stories from People and US about the hiking.



FluorescentLamp said...

I half wonder if these pics were more for the benefit of RDJ than Jake/Reese. Award season is approaching fast and the thinking is the general public likes to see the nominees out and about doing normal things.

There must have been some Jake/RDJ convo going on in London I'm sure; no sooner does RDJ land at LAX from filming in London on Christmas day then it's off to Ojai to spend some time with J/R.

extra said...

I was thinking the same thing FL, RDJ is up for a GG and Jake is one of the presenters. I remember earlier in the year when Jake and Reese attended a birthday dinner for RDJ.

Great seeing them all together along with Atticus!

agent_krycek said...

Is Robert going for the "English country estate" look with his outfit??? :) :)

Look, I know us Brits have a reputation, but we don't dress that badly :p

Reese sure is very fond of that ring

smile said...

Lovely new pics. They look like they had a really good time.
So will both go back to London in a few days?

shondra said...

I would love seeing Jake and Robert team up again, love them both!

And yes, AK she does seem very fond of that ring, looks like they all had a great holiday.

FluorescentLamp said...

So will both go back to London in a few days?

Aren't they both done filming? But if not, they'll probably go back after the Golden Globe show on the 11th.

Anonymous said...

Aren't they both done filming?

IMDB has PoP as in post production.

suvee said...

Reese sure is very fond of that ring

Yeah, it's hard to miss how attached she has become to that "just decorative" ring. : )

extra said...

according to Lainey eyes roll), Jake wil be heading back to the UK after the Holidays to finish up Pop:

She has more "observations" and tidbits as well.

sheba baby said...

Jake and Reese sighting in Ojai over the weekend, I think the first sighting was when he was buying coffee based on th pap pics:

" we went to this one health food store and spotted Jake Gyllenhaal (who is very handsome in person). Apparently Reese Witherspoon was also in the store and maybe even Robert Downey Jr., but I didn't see those two (although this article supports that claim!). However, at the Sunday farmer's market, I did see Jake and Reese together, but this time they were sort of all bundled up. Even still, Reese Witherspoon is t-i-n-y.

The second of course was when they were shopping yesterday.

Love all the pics! Hope everyone had a great Holiday!

Monica said...

Good night and babblers!

I agree with you, AK. I would also like to see Jake and Robert in another movie together.
They have a wonderful chemistry.
Glad to see that they became friends after Zodiac.

chica said...

Ah, the ring, yes she seems to be attached to it! Zodiac is one of my favorite Jake films, I caught it again over the weekend and I would love for Jake and RDJ to team up again.

Loving the Ojai pictures!

paula said...

Jake and Reese look so happy and that makes me happy,and so does seeing RDJ and his wife hanging with them! Thanks for the pics and all the links, I do think Jake is done with Pop.

Hope you are feeling better monica.

If I don't get a chance to stop by in the next few days I wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!

UltraViolet said...

Love the sighting! It will be fun to get some of those again. The Brits let us down ;)

Tomorrow, I'm off to the sun and sand for a week or so, but I'l be checking in, I hope.

Happy New Year, one and all!

agent_krycek said...

The Brits let us down ;)

Unfortunately, the paps obsession with the dreadful, talent free vacumms like Sticky Vicky Beckham means they tend to ignore bonafide talented people who don't court publicity - plus Jake doesn't have his own pet paps to phone them up and tip them off about where he'll be, unlike certain other people (yes, Posh I am looking at you.)

RDJr did get paped a bit, but that's mainly down to the Guy situation, plus some of the filming was on location, not too much of Central London will pass for Persia ;-)

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!

Paula, I'm better. Thanks for asking!

UV, Happy New Year to you and your entire family!

I found this site, but I think the person who posted the news and picture is confused, because I never read that the Jake dated Michelle Williams:

Meet the famous

Vicky said...

Have a great time UV.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Happy new year to you too UV, have fun!!!

Interesting link monica, I never heard that he evr dated Michelle Williams, but why would that fan make that up. He looked really young in that pic around 18-19.I found this in the comments section of this blog:

I met Michelle in 99′ backsage at the play she was in called “Killer Joe”…we talked about 45 minutes and she was very down to earth. We laughed and she was just like everyone else.

1999, that would be before Jenny Lewis and Kiki and I think he may have still have been in school/Columbia. Interesting if true and probably not serious. I do remember reading that Heath dated Kiki before Jake did.

J&R: sweet love said...

Two days later, the Four Christmases star, 32, introduced her guy to one of her favorite hot spots: Candy Alley at the Brentwood Country Mart

sag actor said...

Happy New year everyone! Early greetings from me since i won't be around for a few days.

Enjoy your vacation UV!!

suvee said...

I saw this in today's issue of USA Today..... it was a recap of their Celeb Heat Index feature for 2008. I thought it was a nice compliment for Reese.

• Reader favorites: Online readers could vote for which celebs they want more or less coverage of. Reese Witherspoon was the reader favorite by garnering the highest percentage of "more coverage" votes with 53%. Patrick Swayze, who revealed in March that he was battling pancreatic cancer, came in second.

Hope you have a great holiday in the sun UV! And I'll wish Happy New Year to you and sag actor now, in case you aren't around here on Thursday.

Silvana said...

"Meet the famous"

Jake and Michelle. Well, that's interesting.

Heath and Kirsten, I heard, were just friends though.