Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Merry Hanukkah Christmas!

Wishing everyone a peaceful, happy and joyous holiday.

And because it never EVER gets old, Jake doing the Santa Dance.


bobbyanna said...

Just want to pop in to wish everyone Happy Holidays!!!

Sometimes I feel like this is just one huge slumber party and it has been a wonderful place to hang out, make some really great new friends, and to gush about Jake and Reese! Have a safe, peaceful, joyeful Christmas/ Hannukah!

((((((to all!))))))

Sass! I hope you have a chance to stop by here and you are hanging in there! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

suvee said...

Happy Holidays everyone! And may 2009 bring peace, happiness and love to us all.

Thanks to UV and FL, and to everyone here.... GB is a fun, positive, informative and safe haven because of all of you. It means so much to me to hang out with kindred spirits. It is like one huge slumber party. : )

Special wishes to you, sass...... GB isn't the same without you! Hope you will be able to pop back in soon.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thanks UV & FL for this wonderful blog, it's fun and it was the only place where we were able to keep track of Jake and the Pop filming (thanks bs!) I love all the posters here, this is the only Jake site I visit.

My toughts are with Sass too, if you are around Sass, give us a holla!!

Vicky said...

A very MERRY CHRISTMAS/HANUKKAH to UV/FL and all the babblers and esp to sass hope all is OK.

sag actor said...

Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year to everyone!!

agent_krycek said...

Happy Holidays to you all. Giant slumber party - I like it.

Thanks and best wishes to everyone who posts here, even the random driveby trolls, mainly because I find them hilarious and it's the season of goodwill and all that jazz, special thanks to UV & FL for creating and maintaining this place, and sass, you know you're in all our thoughts right now, hope to see you around again soon!

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Agent K. Tis the season for goodwill towards all, even trolls :)

Thanks to you all for the good wishes. FL and I are so happy people feel happy here. Merry/Happy greetings to all.

Special thanks to FL for the post. As Sam Mendes discovered, you cant go wrong with Santa Hat Jake. Seasons Greetings and Hats Off to Sam for giving us that classic present!

Finally, echoing the shout out to sass - all the best to you. And Monica, I hope you feel better on Christmas!

sheba baby said...

happy holidays to everyone here at gyllenbabble!! And thanks to UV & FL for this blog, it's a safe, fun and compfy palce to gather for all things Jake!!

I'll ad to the chourus of posters here regarding Sass: hope all is well, I am thinking about you.

Feel better monica!

smile said...

Wonderful holidays, health, happiness and keep up the good work.
Love the slumber party thing!
Thanks to all for your posts, thoughts and infos, esp. UV and FL and all the contributors.
Wishing you all the best, esp. Sass and Monica, hope you will be better soon and feel great.

Nicole said...

Happy holidays to all babblers here.

Thank you FL and UV for this blog ! Slumber Party - I really liked that.

Monica , hope that you feel better.
Sass , you are in our prayers.

Hugs to everyone !!

extra said...

Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas. Feliz Navadad, Happy Kawanza, in other words:


Monica said...

Merry Christmas, Gyllenbabble!

This video is a great Christmas gift!: D

Much peace, health, unity and happiness for all Gyllenhaalics!
Do not forget the true spirit of Christmas!:)

The day of today makes me feel much better!:)

Sass, you're in the tree of my heart.
My prayers are always with you!

Monica said...

Happy Hannukah to all Gyllenhaalics!


shondra said...

Tha iseo never gets old!! Love this blog and al the posters here, thanks UV and FL !!!!

Happy holidays to all!

herbie the elf said...

Happy, happy, Merry, merry Christmas everyone!!!!

JoeAnn said...

Whoop! Shake that money-maker, Jakeypoo! Now that's what I call celebrating the season. Happy Holidays, GyllenBabblers!

sheba said...

Thank you thank you thank you. I just posted about that on another blog and come here and realise you've already done it. Thank you. Jake can open up the dance floor at any of my parties like that. That never gets old. Thank you and love your title. Happy, Merry Hanukkah Christmas everyone. Glad to be here xx

chica said...

Yes shake that money maker Jake, i love that clip!!!!

Stopping by to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

get real said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!! :D

josie said...

Happy holidays to everyone here on gyllenbabble!!!

scout said...

More cute details of Reese's slip of the tongue when she said she wanted to make Four Christmases to work with Jake...

link to article


"Reese Witherspoon’s very telling slip of the tongue about her boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal, was the highlight of one of our most amusing, memorable interviews of 2008.

This is the first of three parts in which we recall some of the funny, sad, touching and fascinating moments culled from our exchanges with stars this year.

Reese Witherspoon

Let’s start with that humorous incident with Reese. The world’s top-paid actress, who fiercely refuses to talk about Jake, was discussing her movie with Vince Vaughn, “Four Christmases.” She said about the holiday film: “It’s somewhat of a romance. The main reason I did this movie was to work with Jake. I mean… Jake…”

Reese suddenly realized her slip... and paused. The room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills reverberated with laughter. Blushing, Reese laughed, too, and covered her face with both hands. Then she bent down, lifted the tablecloth and used it to cover her face.

In the next few minutes, everyone, including Reese, continued laughing. She took a big sip of tea from a cup. Then finally, she managed to say, “Oh, my God. I’m so embarrassed.” Smiling, she kept saying, “Oh, my God…”

Then she repeated the sentence that started it all, this time saying the correct actor’s name: “The main reason I wanted to make this movie was to work with Vince!” She added, “Because he’s so funny and great. Jake is funny, too.” The mood in the room changed from somber and routine to light and funny. Earlier, the 32-year-old actress was talking rather perfunctorily about the movie she had to promote and yap about. Now, we were all in a laughing spirit.

“A little Freudian slip, huh?” Reese was teased. She gamely admitted, “Yeah, I know, isn’t it?”

So when Reese was asked why she wouldn’t talk about Jake, the man in her life since her divorce from actor Ryan Phillippe, she playfully answered, “Why am I not talking about Jake? I’m talking about Jake. Jake, Jake, Jake … Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake…”

Amid gales of chuckles, she continued, “Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake…”

Are they going to get married? “Oh my gosh,” she said and laughed again. “Is this my fault? Did I open this can of worms?” Well, are they going to tie the knot, she was asked again. “We’re very happy,” she declared. “All is well. Yeah. No plans other than just to be happy.”

Emboldened, the reporters asked Reese more questions about Jake. Like, what is great about Jake? “I don’t know, you tell me,” she playfully parried the question. “You’ve all met him. You know what’s great about him.”

Hearing such comments as “He’s bright” and “He’s cute,” Reese said cheerfully, “I agree. I agree.”

Narcissa said...

What a charming story!

Happy Christmas to all babblers.

Anonymous said...

Reese suddenly realized her slip... and paused. The room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills reverberated with laughter. Blushing, Reese laughed, too, and covered her face with both hands. Then she bent down, lifted the tablecloth and used it to cover her face.

In the next few minutes, everyone, including Reese, continued laughing. She took a big sip of tea from a cup. Then finally, she managed to say, “Oh, my God. I’m so embarrassed.”

Cute and sweet - I probably would have done the same! lol Happy Holidays!

josie said...

My family and i were discussing our favorite Christmas songs and my boyfreind and I said that Santa Baby by Eartha was our favorite.

RIP Eartha:

Eartha Kitt, a Seductive Talent, Dies at 81

Ms. Kitt's lyric-licking voice, heard in her biggest hit,
"Santa Baby," helped power a show-business career across more
than six decades.


verdeblusm said...


paula said...

Stopping by to wish everyone here Happy holidays!!!! Hope everyone is spending time with loved ones and friends.

Anonymous said...

acccording to several movie sites one is the big picture dont remember the ohter one they say jake is one of the hosts along with glenn close and ricky gervais at the golden globes i wonder if this is true

FluorescentLamp said...

I believe it's incorrect. In America a presenter is not a host, merely a presenter of an award. Somewhere along the way, perhaps when picked up by European sites the announcement of him being a presenter translated into him being a host.

shondra said...

Yeah, he was added as a presenter the same time Glenn and Rick signed on, the official press release stil says host.

Happy Kwanzaa!

UltraViolet said...

Hello out there. It's been a hectic week. Hope everyone is enjoying whatever it is you're celebrating!

sag awards said...

There is no solo host for the GG awards, they just announce the presenters and they come out and present the awards. Lot different then other award shows like the AA and the Grammy awards.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

goldderby said...

Although it would be great if Jake was one of the co-hosts,There has never been a host for these awards. Another case of missinformation being picked up and spun:

Airing Sunday, January 11, 8pm (ET) on NBC

presented to Steven Spielberg by TBA

Simon Baker
Sacha Baron Cohen
Drew Barrymore
Glenn Close
Cameron Diaz
Aaron Eckhart
Ricky Gervais
Jake Gyllenhaal
Salma Hayek
Jennifer Lopez
Amy Poehler
Seth Rogen
Rumer Willis (Miss Golden Globe)
More To Be Announced

office of nancy pelosi said...

I hope everyone survived Christmas with their families, it got a bit tense with my crowd, glad it's over!

Thanks for the link to that Reese interview scout, the extra bits were so funny and cute!

Off to the movies today to see Benjamin B. with Brad Pitt.

UltraViolet said...

I forgot to say that yesterday - the extra stuff from the Reese interview was adorable!

Quiet around here - I guess everyone is recovering/gearing up for NY Eve!

sass said...

Happy Holidays babblers all:)

I miss you all so so much. It's wonderful to see Jake back and hanging with his lady love.
OMG, all the beautiful Jake/Jake/ Reese pics make me dizzy with happiness. They look so happy with each other. I'll return later today to drool and drool some more:)

To top off the health situation: my hip joint was injured, when my son and I went to see
After a lovely lady...also on chemo...we talked after the incident...sat down, her broken seat back hit my knee--YIKES--which then jammed my thigh into hip joint. My hip joint didn't get pissed off until 12/18 when it rebelled, stopped moving and sent me to the ER.
Don't ask :lol.:lol, I swear, nothing will get in the way of my drooling over the delicious Gyllenhaal or visiting here for long.

love and hugs to all my babbler

agent_krycek said...

sass - sounds painful, but good to hear from you, with your sense of humour firmly in tact =D

smile said...

Gosh Sass, so sorry, so sorry! Hope you are getting better by the minute! It´s good to read you!
All the best wishes for a speedy recovery and my thoughts are with you.
We really worried what happened to you.
Hope you had some fine hours and we´ll get some pics of Jake soon to comfort you.

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!

Hello, Sass. Sorry for what happened.
I am happy to see you here !:):)

chica said...

Hi Sass!!
So happy to hear from you, so sorry to hear what happened, hope you have a speedy recovery.

I'm still runing around seeing friends and family i missed seeing on Christmas, today i'm off to see my goddaughter.

UltraViolet said...

Sass! So sorry that happened to you. And so glad you checked in. Take care!!

And Monica, I see you, too :) Hope you're feeling better, as well.

I'm off to a wedding. See you all later.

Monica said...

Hi, UV. I'm better.
The worst phase of chickenpox has passed !:):)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Nailed will see the light of day:

Columbia was taken over by camera crews and actors’ trailers in April when the film “Nailed” began shooting. The movie’s stars, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel, were seen around town with their sweethearts ( Reese Witherspoon and Justin Timberlake respectively). Biel and Timberlake dined at Garibaldi’s, while Gyllenhaal and Witherspoon got their caffeine fix at Starbucks in the Vista.

Director David O. Russell chose Columbia because the capitol building closely resembles the one in Washington, D.C. Biel plays a waitress who has a nail lodged in her brain, causing unpredictable behavior. She travels to Washington to lobby Congress, where she meets a junior senator played by Gyllenhaal.

After several filming interruptions because offinancing problems, “Nailed” left town in July. It’s unclear whether the film is in post production and when it will be released.


Silvana said...

"Off to the movies today to see Benjamin B. with Brad Pitt."

It's a good movie. Though I thought Zodiac was better. Shame they overlooked Zodiac so unfairly.

I hope everyone has a fun new years eve.

Narcissa said...

Dunno about Nailed (and don't much care, to be honest), but there is some interesting news on the Brothers front. According to WDW, U2 will be contributing music to Brothers, as they have to previous Sheridan films:


Best wishes to everyone!

office of nancy pelosi said...

Glad you checked in Sass, we missed you around here! What a horrible thing to happen to you, get better soon.

Frost/Nixon is the next film I want to see, I saw Benjamin B. and I really enjoyed it although it was a bit long IMO.

You're right Silvania, I liked Zodiac better, too bad that itwas ignored last year.

Thanks for the Brothers news Narcissa, I love U2!!

Anonymous said...

New pics of Jake and Reese with RDJ and his wie in Ojai on Gossip Girls

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to say Atticus is there as well.

Monica said...

Thank you, Anon!
I'm happy to know that Jake and Robert have become great friends.
Today was reading an article on Robert and Jake and now I see pictures of the two together !!:):):)
I will try and then post here.

So good to see that Atticus is well!

bobbyanna said...

SASS!!!Great to here from you. Knees and hips are No. Joke.

I haven't seen Bejamin Button, yet, but I did see "Doubt." OMG. They did such an outstanding job of re-creating the whole Catholic School experience I felt like I was 9 years old again!!
PSH, and Meryl were outstanding, as usual, but Amy Adams was exquisite, too.

Glad to hear Brothers' music is coming along. The article from the Columbia paper didn't really say much about Nailed.

Anon, thanks form the heads up! I'm delighted to see Reese and Jake hanging with RD,Jr. & his wife in Ojai. Wonder if Reese got her chickens that lay blue eggs...

I'm enjoying visiting with my daughters and various relatives.This year was comparatively tension free bcz we decided to cool it on gifts and just enjoy each other. No running around being frantic. Just more eating(!) Youngest Daughter left today, Eldest daughter will go back to NYC on New Year's Eve.

extra said...

Ha! I knew they spent the holidays in Ojai!! Great to see Jake and Reese hanging with RDJ and his wife, great to see Atticus too.
Looks like they spent the night at the ranch with J&R, thanks for the heads up anon!

get real said...

Yay, great to see you (((Sass)))!! Sorry about your hip injury. Really glad you stopped to chat with us! :D

And a big yay to the Jake/RDJ/Reese/RDJ wife/Atticus pics!!!! LOVE Jake and RDJ together and how freaking cool they spent so much time together!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.

Monica said...

Robert is a very stylish!
I think Jake is using the shirt of Jack Twist!

Here is the article on Robert and Jake:
Interfaith Celebrities

shondra said...

So happy to see Jake hanging with RDJ!!! Love Jake and Reese's matching bubble jackets, lots more pics on IHJ!

chica said...

When we didn't see them for a week I figured they were at the ranch, and I love RDJ!! So happy Jake and Reese invited him and his wife to the ranch.

Glad you stopped by Sass, take care of yourself and get better real soon.

My cable Co. is offering free channels this weekend and they are showing a bunch of Jake and Reese films:

BBM, Jarhead, Zodiac, Fear and Rendition all today and I think they showed Legally Blonde yesterday!

Anonymous said...

I'm always glad to see Jake and Reese pictures, but I'm kind of sad to see photographers following them around two days in a row in Ojai.
I thought the farm in Ojai was supposed to be Reese's chance to find a quiet place for her family away from the paparrazzi always following them.

I wonder if this was deliberately staged since the kids weren't there. Maybe there is another exclusive spread coming up in one of the magazines?

ojai said...

The pics were taken while they were in town shopping, jogging, etc. They are no where near where the ranch is which is far away from the shopping area.

I would assume Reese and Jake spent Christmas eve/ Christmas with the kids in Brentwood, at home.

These pictures were taken Friday/weekend, I assume Ryan is spending this time with them while Jake and Reese spend some time at the ranch.

They don't look annoyed like they usally do when they spot the paps so I don't feel bad looking at them, as long as they don't follow them to the ranch!

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't feel bad about the paps. Jake and Reese clearly alert them to where they will be. If you really think paps hang out in Ojai then I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

UltraViolet said...

New pics, belated new post :)