Sunday, December 14, 2008

Phone pal

Kate Winslet recently described the what it's like to live with the director of your movie:

Winslet had to explain to Mendes that if they weren't living together she'd still be on the phone, firing questions at him at all hours.

"I had to remind him: 'Don't you remember on Jarhead? Because I was there when Jake [Gyllenhaal] would call you in the evening and you'd talk for two hours on the phone,'" she says. "Even if we were in the middle of a dinner that I'd spent hours cooking, he would take the call. And quite right, too.

Kate, Kate, Kate - who wouldn't take Jake's call at anytime, day or night? Besides, they had important things to discuss. These scenes don't just act themselves:

Just a little something to get everyone in the holiday mood!

"I'll call you later!"
"Can't wait!

And we all know how attached Jake is to his phone...

From the very first set of pap photos on IHJ.

Pornstache! Love it.

"What are you getting?"


I hope we get to see his hair flowing like this again before he cuts it!

(Pictures courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

Just wanted to remind folks about the People polls. You can vote for Jake in the chest and boyfriend categories!

There's also a couples pollon Popsugar.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I love Kate Winslet, I would love to know what Jake and Mendes talked about regarding Jarhead.

Never get tired of the Santa scene from Jarhead! I love playing six degrees of seperation with Jake and Reese: Reese is friends with Kate, I think Kate and Sam have a place in Brentwood next to Reese.

I voted in the People poll but the Pop link isn't working for me.

I love this post and yes Jake is attached to his cellphone!

bobbyanna said...

Whoa! UV, I check in for the first time today and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Jake can make a hundred films, but Jarhead will always hold a very special my heart...

OONP, Kate's pretty friendly with Maggie, too. I think Jake and Reese were "surrounded" by friendly support.

Just judging from the photos, I think Jake was probably really, really excited and enthusiastic to be able to do Jarhead and work with Sam Mendes. (I will always be grateful to Sam, that's for sure. :)) Joking aside, what a time that was! I think Swoff, along with Jack Twist, were definitely Jake's "Oscar" far.

I particularly love the Paris picture in Luxembourg Gardens of Reese and Jake and their phones!

shondra said...

Yes, I will always be grateful for Mendes for Jarhead, one of my favorite Jake movies.

What a great early Christmas present, thanks for posting the clip UV!

The Paris pic of J&R is one of my favs as well bobbyanna.

josie said...

I too hope we get to see his hair flowing like that again before he cuts it!

Love all the Jake/cell phone pics, never saw the one with him and Chris before, thanks for posting it!

I love Kate, she is getting buzz for not only Revolutinary road but the Reader as well.

I'd like to add another 6 degree of seperation regarding Jake and Reese and a few others:

Eternal Sunshine starred Kate , wife of Sam Mendes, starred Mark Ruffalo=Zodiac & Almost Like Heaven(Reese), starred Kristen Dunst, who of course dated Jake and also starred Elijah Wood who played Toby McGuire's brother in the Ice Storm, directed by Ang Lee and Jake will be playing Toby's brother in Brothers, WHEW!!!

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh what a fun post! Unlike the scenes in Jarhead, this post just writes itself. Hee. Thanks, Kate Winslet, for giving that great quote.

I, too, saw 4C this weekend, I couldn't stop laughing, except that one scene where I teared up a little. I liked it for what it was. But then I like mindless fun movies over deep thinky movies. :-)

extra said...

Great post UV, love all the pap pics of Jake and one of his favorite activities, yakking n the phone!!

And you added my favorite scene from Jarhead, hee!!!

I thought 4C was funny, glad to see that it is doing so well a the BO, word of mouth is really good.

lawgoddess said...

Jake and his phone are adorable, thanks for putting all those pictures together. i particularly like the one where he has his t-shirt hiked up.

Love him. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Really weird rumor on Just Jared
Reese is taking the kids to Australia with Ryan and Abbie.

I swear this is the most creative out there rumor I've heard in a while

UltraViolet said...

I had to include that shot, LGB. Love that flash of skin!

You could do three or four posts with all of Jake's phone photos. I tried to hit all the stages :)

Oh, hey - maybe Jake can join the gang in Australia and work on marriage proposal number six!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and the Popsugar poll is here.

At the moment, Jake and Reese are losing, by just a few votes, to Jesic Simpson and Tony Romo. Eww.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks for fixing the Pop link UV, I voted!!!

Heh, the Austrailian Herald says that Ryan is spending Christmas in Austrailia and then is heading home, makes sense. Jared made that up from a blog that said the kids were going to be in OZ, w/o Reese, yeah right, OL!!! And don't forget she is on baby bump watch, again.

I think they are spinning their own 4C scenerios, during PR for 4C she said that her family will all be in L.A. at her place for the holidays.

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!

'Don't you remember on Jarhead? Because I was there when Jake [Gyllenhaal] would call you in the evening and you'd talk for two hours on the phone,'" she says. "Even if we were in the middle of a dinner that I'd spent hours cooking, he would take the call. And quite right, too.

Funny :D

UV, thank you. Kate is a great actress and a wonderful person.

I do not know if it was posted:

Revolutionary Road marks the first time Mendes has worked with his wife, despite Winslet's efforts to do that for years.

"I was getting a little sick of people like Jake Gyllenhaal, Emma Watson, all these wonderful actors say, 'Oh my God! Oh, you haven't worked together, have you?' I was starting to get a little bit jealous," the Titanic actress said.


bobbyanna said...

I think Kate Winslet likes to say "gyllenhaal," and if it catches on, soon it will be part of everyday speech!

I'm up pretty early because it's been raining, and we're having amazing gusts of wind. I thought my roof and all the little creatures who inhabit it, was blowing away!

chica said...

I love Winslet, I went to a screening of the Reader last week and she was amazing, can't wait to see her in Revolutionary Road with Leo.

Wha a fun post, Jake sure loves his cell phone!

Anonymous said...

Great fun post UV, love Kate and who wouldn't want to talk to Jake for 2htrs on the phone (preferable in person though).

Jim Sheridan talk a little bit about Brothers.

A remake of Susanne Bier's acclaimed Danish flick Brothers, it tells the story of a man, played by Maguire, who is sent to fight in Afghanistan while his black-sheep brother (Gyllenhaal) cares for his wife and child. It co-stars big names including Natalie Portman and Sam Shepard.

Sheridan continued: "We were in Santa Fey in New Mexico filming it for more than five months and we had a fabulous time.

"It's a great town and was good fun to make. I think that we're going to release that in August of next year."

bobbyanna said...

I'm not going to hang my hat on an August release. Seems as if the film's specific release date is not certain, only that it will be released in '09. Cannes is in mid-May. They talked earlier about showing it at Cannes, I think.

As much as I want to see this movie, I am leaning towards a release date later in the year. The really "serious" movies usually start coming out around that time, with the Venice FF, and then Toronto. Wonder what's happening to Nailed?

bobbyanna said...

I meant to say, that I hope it is released sometime in August/September.

sag actor said...

I would hope that Brothers would get released in the Fall/Winter of 2009, August is kind of a dead month. Jarhead is my favorite Jake movie, thanks for the link to the Winset interview, I think it's great that she finally got a chance to work with her husband.

Thanks for fixing the link on the weekend BO UV, FC is doing amazingly well.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Reese presenting Kate with the LA/Bafta award last year:

UltraViolet said...

When I saw the headline for the Jim Sheridan story, I got nervous that someone was messing with the Brothers funding.

I also wondered whether the August date was referring to an Ireland release date or a general one. I guess we'll see.

I saw two movies over the weekend and my irrational hopes that there would be a Brothers preview were dashed!

Milk was wonderful, btw. Great performance from Sean Penn and from James Franco, who annoyed me early on with some of his answers on the Kissing Question. But he was very good. And the movie is a good reminder of both the gains we've made and the ones we still have to fight for.

extra said...

I saw Milk too and Penn gave an incredible performance. I was surprised by Franco, he was really good. And yes it is a reminder how far we still have to go for equal rights for everyone.

sheba baby said...

Add me to the list that loved Milk, Sean's performance is a revelation.

I love Kate Winslet and love the story about Jake and Mendes, thanks!!

I love The pic with Jake and his Mom!

I hope there is no problem with Brothers,August is not the ideal time for a film like this to open IMO. I'm really looking forward to that film.

Anonymous said...

Theres a video on X17 of Reese and her children at a park yesterday and I think the paps think that Jake is there as well because they keep taking pics of a man with a hoodie on, but I don't think it is Jake,


josie said...

Can't get the video to work but the pics are on their site. I don't think they thought that was Jake, no way, LOL!!!

The guy just was in a lot of the shots, can't tell if the other kids are his or he works at the park and organizes play group/activities for kids, ard to tell. Ava and Deacon seem to know the other kids and there is an older girl/woman with a Santa hat on, the captions says it's some kind of party.

So no Jake yet!

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Reese, basically she is a single parent. She celebrates the holiday alone with the kids, has fun with the kids all alone.

Ryan is off with Abbie, Jake choose his acting career over being with her and the kids.

verde said...

Why Anon 1:18 are you so sure Reese will be alone for Christmas?
Maybe do you have a crystal ball? I bet J&R will be everything to stay together...

extra said...

Speaking of busy actors, Reese has signed to do a James L.. Brooks film called How do you know? (The working title). Filming starts in March, the Crowe film has been pushed to July;

IMO Jake and Reese planned their schedules, Jake has filmed movies back to back while Reese took a break. After Pop, i would assume Jake will be taking a break.

extra said...

Jake, Reese, Ava and Deacon: Spending the Holidays in L.A. and Tennesee according to the NY Post page 6:

December 16, 2008 --

RYAN Phillippe has gone Down Under for Christmas and New Year's. He landed in Australia on Sunday with his love, Abbie Cornish, whom he met on the set of "Stop-Loss" while he was still married to Reese Witherspoon. They'll be on Cockatoo Island for a Lloyd Klein party today before heading to Lochinvar to meet Cornish's extended family. It's the first time Phillippe, who spent Thanksgiving with Cornish and his children, Deacon and Ava, in the US, has been to Australia. His kids will be with Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal in LA and Tennessee

This makes sense since Reese has mentioned L.AL and TN for the Holidays during FC PR.

sag actor said...

Partial list of actors that are urging members to vote NO on a strike authorization:

Alan Alda
Jason Alexander
Dave Annable
René Auberjonois
Diane Baker
Bob Balaban
Alec Baldwin
William Baldwin.
Maria Bello
Barbara Bosson
Bruce Boxleitner
Josh Brolin
Pierce Brosnan

bobbyanna said...

I think the NY Post is half right, but they're just assuming Tennessee, because Reese has done that in the past. I'm leaning more towards Ojai. From what Reese has said recently, about being home and cooking and having people over to sing Christmas carols, etc., I'm thinking ranch.

agent_krycek said...

I don't think they thought that was Jake, no way, LOL!!!

If you watch the tape you can hear the cameras going mad when he's in shot, so they do think it's him, I don't think it was, but it is possible, you don't get a clear view, mind you, that's the site that had the first Reese with Jake footage, and never even realised!

josie said...

I think you may be right bobbyanna about the NY Post, they assume Nashville because that's where she has gone before, the Ranch is a good bet.

I have no problem with Brothers being released in August as long as it still will be shown at Cannes in May.

FluorescentLamp said...

I don't think it was, but it is possible, you don't get a clear view,

Oh that sooooo wasn't Jake in that X17 vid. I saw that vid on a large computer monitor, no way, no how.

josie said...

If you check here, they have a whole set of of pics from that video. They guy in the hoodie in the video is the same guy in the strip shirt in these pics, you can see the shirt hanging from the hoodie. It looks like some group/kids party in a park. I wonder if those people are freinds or relatives ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they thought Reese had a new man.

Anonymous said...

I bet those are some of Reese's relatives in town for the Holidays, I know her Mom is in town. The older women in the video, some of the kids and the man all have dark/hair features.

She mentioned that she invited her family to L.A. for the Holidays, I bet a lot of them are there already. The NY Post story sounds like Reese and Jake will have their hands full!

AK, you are right about X17, they never corrected that Jake and Reese video from April '07, that was Reese in that video, also earlier this year they had a quick video of Jake on crutched getting in his car in a garage a blonde standing to the side, I swear that was Reese as well!

X17 is clueless.

shondra said...

Sorry, that was me!

Anonymous said...

Psst, UK! In the immortal words of Meryl Streep: "Put 'em on a plane!"

Herbie the elf said...

I agree that J&R and family will spend the Holidays in L.A. and the ranch, maybe they will head to Nashville depending on how long his break from Pop will be. This bit from People, saying pretty much the same as Page six:

The kids will spend Christmas with mom Reese Witherspoon and her beau, Jake Gyllenhaal, caroling around the tree and performing in a Christmas Eve pageant.,,20247082,00.html

Lemon said...

Are the paps in that x17 video hiding behind the bushes?! Very creepy

PoP sure is a long shoot. Can you imagine if they make two more? I hope it’s all worth it in the end. I'm also very happy that Reese won't be doing the Cameron Crowe project (for now anyway). That film sounded awful and I much prefer James. L. Brooks.

Anyway, it would be nice to see Jake travel the globe for his amour next year. I'm sure we'll see plenty of Jake in '09 :)

chica said...

Yes the video is a bit creepy.

Sounds like Jake and Reese will have a very busy Holiday!

bobbyanna said...

I'm cocooning, watching the snow come down, and ended up with a Jake fest! TDAT is on right now..:) but Rendition and Zodiac are on OnDemand, and much later on October Sky. I've been thinking... Once Jake is home, we'll know the status of his PoP work by whether or not he gets a haircut! :)

(I have SO much work to do I can't bear to think about it!:))

Anonymous said...

I don't like the sound of this, I remember when someone said that Jake had a problem with a stalker as well:

"It's no wonder Reese Witherspoon showed up at a recent charity event at the Beverly Hills Hotel closely accompanied by a big, scary bodyguard. A girl can't be too careful these days."

Anonymous said...

Jake wins best boyfriend in the People poll!:,,20240653,00.html

extra said...

Sorry, that was me!

office of nancy pelosi said...

From Bill Zwecker of the Sun Times, although it's just a repeat oy the NY Post story with Belle Meade thrown in!:

Gyllenhaal will join
Witherspoon and her kids for the Christmas holidays, both in Los Angeles and in the actress' Nashville hometown when she visits family in that city's tony Belle Meade community, where she grew up.,CST-FTR-zp17.article

sag actor said...

Interesting bit from Jeff Wells. Loved Days if Heaven and I can see Jake and Reese in the roles:

If Days of Heaven had never been made by Terrence Malick in the mid '70s and come out instead as a brand-new film a month or so ago with Jake Gyllenhaal, say, in the Richard Gere role and Reese Witherspoon in the Brooke Adams part, it would be the hands-down Best Picture choice of every film critic and Academy member out there. It would be so far ahead of everything else it wouldn't be funny.

bobbyanna said...

Hmmmm. Thanks sag actor! I guess we're not the only ones who "cast" Jake and Reese in movies and play, "What if..."

suvee said...

Thanks sag actor for sharing Jeff Wells' idea for an alternative Days of Heaven..... I like it!

I kind get a kick out of knowing that we Babblers aren't the only ones trying to get J & R together on screen. (Rendition doesn't really count IMO.)

UltraViolet said...

Surprised to see Wells make a Jake mention that isn't derisive. I've never seen Days of Heaven. Do I have to rent it now?

chica said...

I was thinking the same thing UV, a positive post about Jake from Wells, interesting that he is thinking Jake and Reese in the roles if it was made today.

Yes, rent Days of Heaven UV!! A lost gem of a movie.

Monica said...

Good morning, Babblers!

SAG Nominations

Supporting Actor
Josh Brolin
Robert Downey Jr.
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Heath Ledger
Dev Patel


josie said...

I knew Heath would be nominated what an incredible performance. I still miss him.

Happy to see Anne Hathaway nominated and Winslet nominated for Revolutionary road and the Reader, thanks so much for posting the link monica!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the link, monica!

chica said...

Yes, thanks monica!
I forgot they came out today or are they a bit early?

Bittersweet that Heath is on the as well as the GG, I think that it's pretty good bet that he will get a AA nomination as well.

Love the Dev Patel nom for Slumdog!

sheba baby said...

Don't forget (as if anyone here needs to be reminded) It's Jake's birthday tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

I guess Jake isn't going to be home for his birthday or Christmas, and Reese isn't going to London.
She was spotted by People magazine out this week on a shopping spree

agent_krycek said...

I guess Jake isn't going to be home for his birthday or Christmas,

How on earth do you figure out he won't be home for Christmas - why on earth would he spend it here, the film set will close down over the Holiday period - and a flight to the US takes a matter of hours, not a full week!

Just because he hasn't been spotted at an airport doesn't mean he's not already on his way home - he's been pretty off the radar here and may well be on his way home as I type, or not indeed. I'd hazzard a very strong guess that if he's not already on his way home he will be within the next 36 hours.

Lemon said...

why on earth would he spend it here

That just made laugh out loud. Like its such a preposterous idea to spend a birthday in England. =]

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

In IHJ of today 18 Jake & family in Santa Monica:

There are 15 photos.

I improve my Happy birthday Jake !!!


Vicky said...

Thank you Leonor I am glad he is home in time for his birthday, has he had his hair cut and Reese has extensions?.

Narcissa said...

Looks like your pity was wasted, Anon at 3.15. :) Hope he has a great birthday. It looks brrrrrrr in those pics.

bobbyanna said...

Yaayyyyyy! He brought Ava flowers for her school concert, too.

gabbana said...

Thanks Leonor, I just wanted to go to bed...

Has he cut his hair or is it the wind? Whatever - he looks great and slim. The buffed up body seems to have been gone.

I liked Reese better with the shorter hair.

UltraViolet said...

Jake's back! It's been a crappy week for me and I have to go off to my office holiday party, so this was a nice surprise.

Did they do some kind of hair trade-off? :)

It's great to see him again.

UltraViolet said...

Sorry, forgot to say thanks for the heads-up, Leonor. You make your posts count! :)

Monica said...

Bring flowers for Ava after a concert is so sweet! Oh, Jake ... I love you.

shondra said...

He's home! He looks good but a bit tired. How sweet of him to bring Ava flowers, I love it!

I was wondering why it looked like Reese was wearing her hair up in the last few pap pics since she has been wearing it out since the cut!

If you look closely you can see the extensions, I like her hair shorter too.

And speaking of hair, I assume it's still long because of the beanie but I can't tell when it's off, it could be slicked back.

extra said...

Welcome home Jake and Happy birthday!

I almost didn't recognize Reese with the extensions, I love these pics and I hope he has a wonderful birthday and they have a peaceful and happy holiday!

suvee said...

Tired or not, he's still a sight for sore eyes! I know it's bad of me, but I'm glad that our first glimpse of him back home is a "family" moment.

As for his hair, I can't tell whether it's been cut or not. The ubiquitous cap could be 'cause he's still got PoP hair..... or it could just be 'cause it's rainy and chilly out...... or it could be that he's worn one for so long now he can't break the habit. :)

lawgoddess said...

I'm touched by Jake and the flowers, and he looks good. I thought Reese looked very nice, too , kind of young and sweet.

It is a shame that Ava can't go to her school concert without being papped, though.

Glad Jake is home!