Friday, December 5, 2008

Routine Pap

While we anticipate Jake Gyllenhaal's eventual return to real life, let us take a peek into what we can expect to see shall we? Herewith, our prediction of the Top 5...errr...10 paparazzi themed pics:

1. Going out for coffee

2. Grocery shopping

3. Going out for breakfast/lunch

4. Taking Atticus to the dog park

5. Leaving a medical office building

6. Driving

7. Walking around carrying shopping bags of various sizes

8. Walking here and there

I wonder if we've seen the last of this for a while

9. Running

Or this

10. Cycling

Have we covered just about every activity Jake can get papped doing? Have we missed your favorite recurring Jake-getting-papped pic?

Pics courtesy of... well you know where they came from :-)


suvee said...

Argghhh! I just finished typing a rather long comment, and just as I hit the "publish" button, comments were disabled for the previous post! Let's try this again......

First to bobbyanna...... oral surgery is no fun. I've been there. Hope your recovery is speedy and pain free!

Here is a little more detail on J & R's Thanksgiving from Us Weekly.

"An A-List guest list, indeed! Reese Witherspoon, 32, Jake Gyllenhaal, 27, and Gwyneth Paltrow, 36, were among the chosen few invited to famed architect Lord Richard Rogers' townhouse for a Thanksgiving dinner party in London November 27. During the feast of turkey, baked trout and yams....... Oscar winner Witherspoon - whose kids were with ex Ryan Phillippe during the holiday - chatted with acclaimed author Salman Rushdie, 61...... "Reese said she was a huge fan and knew about his plans to turn Midnight's Children into a movie," the insider continues. Hobnobbing aside, she and Gyllenhaal still managed to sneak in a stolen moment after dinner. Says the source, "They kissed in the hallway!"

UltraViolet said...

Oh, suvee - I'm sorry! That must have been so frustrating. But thank you for retyping!

I hope there was something else besides baked trout and yams! Love the detail about the hallway kiss. :)

Very sweet.

And great post, FL! I love the way the cycling pics look.

You did leave out: Shopping for rings for proposals five, six, seven and eight!

suvee said...

Hi UV! No need to apologize..... it's certainly not the first time in my life I've been a victim of bad timing. :)

UltraViolet said...

I saw this article about a commercial artist embarking on new works (portraits and cityscapes). He did a Jake portrait, and I think he got the body and hand, but the face looks more like Leonardo DiCaprio to me:

Jake on canvas

The Brad Pitt is a little better, I think.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say that timing is everything, suvee! :)

And sorry to spam, but I am watching Rendition and it as just "this is my first torture" scene. I never noticed Jake's hands in that scene, playing with his shirt. And at the end, his palm splayed across his chest.


FluorescentLamp said...

Sorry, Suvee :-( Didn't mean to cut you off like that.

Bobbyanna, sorry to hear about your oral surgery woes, but please let me know what that bone grafting is like - I was informed on Monday, while having a wisdom tooth yanked, that I, too, have bone degeneration and will, at some point, have to undergo grafting. Wonder how much my dental insurance pays toward that. Probably not nearly enough. Speedy recovery. :-)

UV, eeek! Who ARE those portraits of? Neither of them look like their doppelganger.

lawgoddess said...

Where's the stuffing and the mashed potatoes? And the green bean casserole with french fried onion rings on top?

I love imagining Jake and Reese kissing in the hallway.

Fun post, FL.

UltraViolet said...

Sigh - that last shot of Jake in Rendition. So beautiful. And such good acting, even if many people didn't "get" it. I had along convo with my boss this week. She's a Jake fan, but she hated him in Rendition. :(

And FL, I know. I really think the guy painted Leo's face by accident!

I hope there was stuffing, LV. Stuffing is the best part of Thanksgiving. Well, and gravy. And pie.

I'll stop now!

FluorescentLamp said...

Says the source, "They kissed in the hallway!"

And for some reason I'm singing songs from The King and I after reading that. ;-)

...We kiss in a shadow,
We hide from the moon,
Our meetings are few,
And over too soon.

bobbyanna said...

UV I was noticing the very same thing!!!! Uncanny!!! I hadn't noticed the way he used his hands before, and this time I was really conscious of it,and I thought splaying his hand across his chest was such a natural thing to do. His acting in this movie was really pretty exceptional. He hit all the right notes.

These are fun pictures, FL. I can only add that I would absolutely LOVE to see some J & R PDAs!

FL, I guess my misspent youth is starting to catch up to me!:) :) The periodontist said the area of bone loss was pretty small, but would get worse, so the sooner the better.

I just had shots to numb the area and some laughing gas. I've had a little discomfort, but Advil really helps. The next few days are important. I have a prescription rinse and some antibiotics. Eating soft foods to protect the sutures.
Maybe I'll become thin. :)

bobbyanna said...

Awwww! Kissing in the hallway!
Thank you, suvee!!! I love everything about Thanksgiving! It is my absolute favorite holiday.

But not the baked trout. That sounds like something Gwyneth would want. (OK. I'll be nice.)

I love that song, FL!!!! I love the entire soundtrack from King and I. Jake and Reese are making you all mushy...:)

FluorescentLamp said...

The next few days are important. I have a prescription rinse and some antibiotics. Eating soft foods to protect the sutures.

This sounds exactly like my post-tooth extraction instructions. Though no sutures, just a gaping socket. :)

Anonymous said...

What great pics for a great post FL, thank you.

I saw Rendition on TV last weekend and thought again how good it is and Jake is perfect in it, so underrated IMO.

josie said...

Yay, he's on his way home! I do hope he has time to relax and have some priae time before the paps start circling.

Thanks for posting the Us blurb of Jake and Reese at the Thanksgiving party in London Suvee,love it!

office of nancy pelosi said...

Hope you have a quick recovery bobbyanna, I had the same surgery a few years ago.

Glad to hear that Jake is done with Pop, what a long shoot! Love all the pap pics posted but the pics with Atticus make me think about Boo, sniff.

Love the Us blurb suvee, thanks!

Monica said...

Hello, babblers!
FL, excellent choice of photos! And an excellent post !:):)

Than's for all links, photos and information!


extra said...

Rendition was an excellent film and Jake gave one of his best performances IMO. Hopefuly people will discover this film and it gets the praise that it deserves.

Kissing in the hallway! I love that bit.. He must be so happy to be finally home.

Hope your recovery goes well bobbyanna.

Google/Blogger said...

Reese Witherspoon in 'Monsters vs. Aliens

Google/Blogger said...

ok another link

Reese at Whole Foods on Friday

bobbyanna said...

I'm being lazy today so I was pleasantly surprised to see Reese on E! True Hollywood Story...and I had an "Oh S---!" moment when a very young looking, spikey haired Jake Gyllenhaal was interviewed at the premiere of Cruel Intentions about his "really good friend " Ryan, and how happy he was that Ryan and Reese were pregnant and engaged and getting married. Jake was 18 and very sincere...

They also showed Jake at the Rendition premiere in Toronto, greeting fans and damn he looked drop dead gorgeous. Seriously.

It was fun...since we all can fill in the blanks! I'm thinking: Do the photos of Miss Reese shopping for groceries mean someone is home and wants to cook? I think yes.

Surprised at how very little pain and discomfort I have. I have to remember to be careful. This is much better then expected, but I don't want to jinx myself.

agent_krycek said...

I don't think we're going to see much of Jake 'till after the holidays, R&R for him, plus a family Christmas at the ranch :D

grand ole opry said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Jake, Reese and the kids head to Nashville for Christmas and then head to the Ranch after, that way they will definately have all the privacy they want.

lawgoddess said...

"I had an "Oh S---!" moment when a very young looking, spikey haired Jake Gyllenhaal was interviewed at the premiere of Cruel Intentions about his "really good friend " Ryan, and how happy he was that Ryan and Reese were pregnant and engaged and getting married. Jake was 18 and very sincere..."

Oh, I'd love to see video of an 18 year old Jake.

I suppose it's too much to hope it will be on YouTube.

Google/Blogger said...

Jake knew Reese since he was around 18 years old
I didn't realize that

His feelings for her probably started years and years ago

FluorescentLamp said...

They also showed Jake at the Rendition premiere in Toronto, greeting fans and damn he looked drop dead gorgeous. Seriously.

I noticed that and thought "Huh, we were already inside at that point waiting for the drop dead gorgeous to stroll past us." Good times.

Surprised at how very little pain and discomfort I have. I have to remember to be careful. This is much better then expected, but I don't want to jinx myself.

Oh great to hear, Bobbyanna! Stay the course with those post-surgical instructions now.

Nicole said...

Thank you,Suvee for the US Weekly article. Kissing in the hallway..... Ahhh , vbery sweet. Where are the paps when you need one..... ?? ;-)
Bobbyanna,I hope you get well soon.

Great to hear that Jake is finished with PoP. He was working most of the year , I hope that will now have time to relax. Although I would be pleased to see a new J&R pic....

sheba baby said...

Hi bobbyanna,
Great to hear that so far the after effects of the surgery isn't as painful as you though it would be, I hope it remains that way!!

I caught the E true story on Reese too bobbyanna and thought the same thing! You have to remember that Ryan and Reese were together a year when Ryan starred in Homegrown with Jake and directed by Jake's dad.Also last year during Rendition PR, Reese did say that she has known Jake through mutual friends, what she didn't add was that she has known him through his parents as well. I remember a bio on Ameila Earhardt that Reese was attached to and Naomi as screenwriter but WTL came along instead.

I love that US story suvee, thanks for posting. I filled in the blanks as well bobbyanna with the Reese grocery shopping pics, seems kind of late to be shopping at whole Foods!

suvee said...

Have we covered just about every activity Jake can get papped doing? Have we missed your favorite recurring Jake-getting-papped pic?

Not sure this really qualifies as an activity..... but there must be scads of Jake-with-a-toothpick photos.
I know some believe he's orally fixated, but I think he's just vigilant about his oral hygiene! :)

FluorescentLamp said...

Ha! That's funny Suvee, I almost included those pics from various pap series.

FluorescentLamp said...

P.S. And how sad is it that the one time I mention a personal matter (my like situation to Bobbyanna's) I'm informed that's being used as a joke among posters on other blogs. Who evidently feel they are at "war" with us.

If there is one thing UV and I are very serious about it's that nobody from other blogs gets called out or slammed on OUR blog. It's not entertaining, it's not amusing, and most of all it's not fair. But of course we have no control on other blogs.

Sometimes I just don't understand this fandom, I don't understand the hate and I don't understand why this blog gets singled out so often.

Ah well. C'est la vie.

bobbyanna said...

That's really low, FL!!! Nevertheless, just so you know, I haven't taken one single pain pill at all...since before I left the periodontist's office. So, be not afraid! :) And thanks all, for the kind wishes.

I cannot even imagine how small someone's little life must be that they occupy themselves with slams on other bloggers. Kind of infantile, yes?

On the E! thing, wasn't it interesting to see young Reese with Paul Newman and Susan Sarandon? Paul giving her hugs! At the premiere of Twilight. (The other Twilight) I'm almost thinking Reese and Jake were inevitable...eventually :) :)

E! showed footage of long-haired Jake and Reese arriving at the train station to go to Paris this summer,too.

box office said...

BO estimates for this weekend, 4C # 1 again:

1 FOUR CHRISTMASES Warner Bros. · 3335 · $18,500,000 · $5,547 · $71,000,000
2 TWILIGHT Summit · 3620 · $13,500,000 · $3,729 · $139,000,000
3 BOLT Walt Disney · 3516 · $9,750,000 · $2,773 · $80,000,000
4 AUSTRALIA Fox · 2721 · $7,500,000 · $2,756 · $31,500,000
5 QUANTUM OF SOLACE Sony · 3423 · $7,000,000 · $2,045 · $152,000,000
6 MADAGASCAR: ESCAPE 2 AFRICA Paramount · 3317 · $5,250,000 · $1,583 · $166,000,000
7 TRANSPORTER 3 Lionsgate · 2626 · $5,000,000 · $1,904 · $26,000,000
8 PUNISHER: WAR ZONE Lionsgate · 2508 · $4,500,000 · $1,794 · $4,500,000
9 CADILLAC RECORDS Sony · 686 · $3,750,000 · $5,466 · $3,750,000
10 ROLE MODELS Universal · 1908 · $2,750,000 · $1,441 · $61,750,000
11 MILK Focus · 99 · $2,000,000 · $20,202 · $4,500,000
12 SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Fox Searchlight · 78 · $1,500,000 · $19,231 · $5,500,000

hopeless romantic said...

Jake and Reese= Kismet

UltraViolet said...

FL, I don't know what to say about "them." I guess it must suck to fight a war everyday, even with no one on the other "side," and still be losing! Not sure why they can't just say what they want to say and leave us out of it.

I also don't understand why people spend so much time hating someone. Just move the fuck on already.

Monica - I was wondering where you'd gone :) And Nicole - good to see you, too. Hello to you both and everyone else.

UltraViolet said...

Not sure if we have any German speakers around, but a German magazineseems to have found a new Reese quote amid all the same 4C stock answers:

JOY Coverstory mit Reese Witherspoon: "Jake ist der beste Daddy!"

Okay, even I can translate that headline. But here's the bad babelfish translation of the Jake answer:

Is marrying a topic for it?

“We are very happy with one another. I can quite present it to me that we marry sometime. Jake is an unbelievably merry type, my dream man.”

Joyis apparently the biggest-selling woman's magazine in Germany.

Google/Blogger said...

I tried to translate the page

JOY Coverstory with Reese Witherspoon (32) “Jake is the best Daddy!”

06 December 2008 By news on-line one 0 into general reports

Munich (ots) - Reese Witherspoon (32) betrays in the Coverstory
the trend magazine JOY, like it with Jake Gyllenhaal (27) and that
Children Christmas it celebrates and whether soon the wedding bells ring.
It plays that in the film “my treasure, our family and I”
female part of a couple, each Christmas family visit
to avoid searches. What provokes it at the project? “Me the idea has
fallen: two humans with the same ideals. Perfect dwelling,
perfect job, perfect partner. They are an opinion, like them it
Lives to lead want: smoothly, clearly and without children. I play one
ultraschicke Städterin, some Kontrollfreak is and their something
embarrassing past before its friend hides. She must learn,
that they ihretwegen are loved and not for their perfectness. That
Film embodies the true idea of Christmas for me: The family
meets to spend and be close around time with one another.”
How will she celebrate Christmas? “Tradition is for me
importantly. We go at the Christmas eve together into the church.
Christmas is a religious celebration for me and my family. I
will serve a Truthahn and will sing we Christmas carols. We
tingeln non as in the film - from family to family, but I
invite all to me home.” What gives it to its friends? “To
dearest plants. I white, sounds boring (laughs). But I
give gladly, which can grow in the garden, for example one
Lemon tree. Such a Bäumchen gives new “gifts” again and again. It
is divorced, was occasionally alone educating and is now again
in a relationship. How did their life change? “I thought
always that the life runs off exactly after plan. One marries, gets
two children and bleibt´s. however often function non and
I had me like many different also with this problem
argue. I had to learn that one the life its
Run to leave must. And that is for a person like me, those
structured, a challenge functions.” Is for it
Marry a topic? “We are very happy with one another. I can do it
quite present to me that we marry sometime. Jake is in
unbelievably merry type, my dream man.” Its daughter Ava is
meanwhile nine years old. When it was still small, it has from it
tells always merry stories. Are there new? “You has me
strengstens forbade, to tell which. I may not do that no more,
otherwise I am for her the most embarrassing person on earth. And blows,
I sing in the car - which I make very gladly - that they find and
their friends shaming.” As a perfect day for it sees
out? “I am gladly in nature and work in the garden.
Environmental awareness is very important to us. For example we plant
our own meal on. In addition we have chickens and thus always
blows eggs. In the evening I put on gladly the chimney fire and play
Friends of plays. I am a good Verliererin, I am by the way pleased
me always, if my friends win.”

The detailed Coverstory with Reese Witherspoon appears in that
new JOY (ET 8 December 2008).

lawgoddess said...

I like Jake when he's merry. ;)

Nicole said...

BTW, a small explanation for all of you wondering about the strange title of 4 Christmases here in Germany. "Meet the parents" was named "My bride,her father and I" ,the german title of "Meet the Fockers" was "my wife,her parents-in-law and I". Both movies were pretty much successful here in Germany so they decided to give Four Christmases a similarly sounding title.

agent_krycek said...

Jake is an unbelievably merry type

I love bablefish, to me that sounds like she's basically calling him an alcoholic =D

gabbana said...

This is the first time she opens up like that: "We are very happy together. I can imagine to marry sometime".

I will buy the magazine tomorrow and try to check where and when the interview took place.

I had to look up the meaning of "merry" to get the joke....:-)))

extra said...

Hmmm. Jake returned to L.A. Friday according to Brothers spy, Reese is seen shopping at night on Friday at Whole foods and earlier in the day she is sen with the kids and her Mom in L.A.:

Time to fill in the blanks!

Love the translation from German with that interview with Reese!

chica said...

Good morning!!!
Looks like NY ot a bit of a dusting of snow. Thanks for all the links and updates! So Jake arrived back in LA on Friday and Reese was seen food shopping Friday night and her Mom is in town.

Filling in the blanks: food shopping for Jakes's return home, Mom in town because she wants some quiet time with Jake and it will probably be more than a weekend and she didn't want the kids with a nanny that long and Ryan is away?

I would assume 4C is opening in Germany, love her little slips!

Google/Blogger said...

This is saying the Reese/Mom pictures were take on Saturday X17 says Friday

Google/Blogger said...

I am confused, if the Jamaba juice trip took place on Saturday, Reese was in Beverly Hills.

I thought if Jake was in town everyone would be at the ranch for the weekend. How can we be sure Jake is back from London, filming might have ended, but he still may be over there.
ok sorry I am confused about where Jake is

Anonymous said...

I wish the paps would leave the kids and her mother alone. I doubt those pics would get that much $$$.

The X17 video says friday and they posted the video Saturday afternoon, doubt that they would rush to post it on the same day.

Doesn't matter though, i see little interest in pics of her and her mom and kids.

Google/Blogger said...

Looks like The kids see the paps and cover their eyes.
Then at the end of the Vid Reese gets pissed and walks to confront them.

I agree, leave the kids alone

Anonymous said...

Why would you think that they would be at the ranch for the weekend, is that speculation or do you know this for a fact?

Brothers spy's contact said that he is done with Pop and he was on his way home on friday but he also speculated that he would lay low for a few days to rest up. If true why would he be wandering around BH slurping Jamba juice 24 hours later? Or maybe Pop wrapped on Friday and he left london on Saturday.

Give the man a break already. I hope he stays away from the stalkarazzi as long as possible.

Lemon said...

Wherever Jake is, I'd bet there's a lot of sleeping involved. Reese on the other hand, still has the kids to spend time with. They just spent all thanksgiving with their dad, so I'm guessing Reese is enjoying their company first and foremost.

I do wish that the Paps would leave the kids alone. Poor Ava is clearly uncomfortable. In saying that, what a pretty little thing she is.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Hello, Babblers!

Monica - I was wondering where you'd gone :)

UV, I am currently doing a course in photography at the University.
I was hired to do some photos on an island (register a project of education)!
And I am also very busy with some work at the University.

Posting in IHJ:
New Movies for Jake

The Rip
The Space Between
The Widow Claire
Untitled (DreamWorks/Doug Liman Moon Project)
Untitled (Universal Pictures/Joe Namath Project)

bobbyanna said...

This is wonderful news!!!! All three sound like they'll be good!! The Rip sounds like a great "caper" movie! I wonder who else will be in it. If he's doing The Widow Claire, he'll work with Matthew McConnaughey! The Space Between sounds like it will be a good showcase for his acting talents. I'm looking forward to seeing who will be cast along with him. Very exciting news. Thanks Monica, and IHJ!!!! Squeeee! I am so happy to see his work schedule filling up! It appears two of these new projects will be in the USA, too.
Doesn't sound like any of them will be lnog shoots. Reese's schedule remains light. Hmmmm...

FluorescentLamp said...

I remember seeing The Space Between and The Widow Claire listed before with his name attached. This is the first time I've seen The Rip with his name attached.

Out of those 3 the only one that holds any interest to me is The Space Between. And I'd like to suggest to casting several "aging rockers" that I think could nail the part. Sigh...that would be the best of both worlds for me...Jake and an "aging rocker". Preferably with lots of tattoos. And piercings. :-)

Google/Blogger said...

He is in all these movies?

The Rip
The Space Between
The Widow Claire
Untitled (DreamWorks/Doug Liman Moon Project)
Untitled (Universal Pictures/Joe Namath Project)

agent_krycek said...

The Rip

A thief is hired to steal diamonds on display in London's Millennium Dome but uses the initial theft as a diversion for a score that's twice as big.

That sounds like it's based in fact as there was an attempt to steal some diamonds at the Dome.

And can I please, please, please suggest Alan Rickman as the aging rock star

Anonymous said...

with all this roles lined up our guy will be a busy one they all sound very interesting

Anonymous said...

All of these projects sound great. Good for him! :)

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Bobbyana, my choice for The Widow Claire is Jude Law and Rachel McAdams or Natalie Portman.

Narcissa said...

The Rip
The Space Between
The Widow Claire

I don't think these are new, or anything like up-to-date. They have been listed on Jake's entry for ages. TWC was supposed to co-star Winona Ryder and Matthew McConaughey. I think it fell by the wayside. Reese's entry has dozens of projects listed: she couldn't find time for them all if she worked solidly for ten years!

gabbana said...

Thanks for the link, Monica. I have seen it before and did a bit of research. Two of the projects are swirling areound for over five years now:

"The Space Betweeen" was first mentioned in July 2003 - the producer Jack Heller was a 20 year old (!!) cinema student at that time.

"The widow Claire" was also first mentioned in July 2003 - with Winona Ryder and Robert Altman (!!) as the director. ALso Jakes and M. McConaugheys names were linked with the project.

I could not find anything about the "The rip".

Jake himself has confirmed the "Moon project" and "Joe Namath". The other projects have never been confirmed by reliable sources like "Variety" or "Hollywood Reporter".

Personally I hope that Jake will continue to follow his route - playing challenging roles in good movies with an excellent director and colleagues.

gabbana said...

Ah, Narcissa, you were a bit faster...:-))

Yes, is obviously not up-to-date.

shondra said...

I remember The Space Between also, and I think his production Co. Nine Stories was attached to that as well.

Yeah, that site looks like it adds projects but doesn't delete!

Thanks for translating that German interview of Reese. Happy to hear that Jake is on his way home!

Monica said...

Gabbana, Thank you!:)

extra said...

Reminder: Reese will be on the Graham Norton show tonigh on BBC-America, if you get that cable channel.

Loew's said...

4C #1 at the BO for the 2nd week:

1 1 Four Christmases WB (NL) $18,180,000 -41.5% 3,335 +25 $5,451 $70,843,000 $80 2
2 3 Twilight Sum. $13,197,000 -49.9% 3,620 +195 $3,646 $138,552,000 $37 3
3 2 Bolt BV $9,696,000 -63.5% 3,516 -138 $2,758 $79,281,000 - 3
4 5 Australia Fox $7,000,000 -52.7% 2,721 +79 $2,573 $30,869,000 $130 2
5 4 Quantum of Solace Sony $6,600,000 -65.0% 3,423 -78 $1,928 $151,468,000 $200 4
6 6 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa P/DW $5,100,000 -64.1% 3,317 -392 $1,538 $165,675,000 $150 5
7 7 Transporter 3 LGF $4,500,000 -62.7% 2,626 - $1,714 $25,381,000 - 2
8 N Punisher: War Zone LGF $4,000,000 - 2,508 - $1,595 $4,000,000 $35 1
9 N Cadillac Records Sony $3,500,000 - 686 - $5,102 $3,500,000 $12 1
10 8 Role Models

bobbyanna said...

BBC America has Graham Norton coming on with Reese at 9 P.M. DST tonight. Thanks for the reminder!!

I sure hate it that the site listing Jake's "future projects" is not up to date. I'm going to hold out a very slim hope that there's a possibility that some of the projects are still

I was kind of hoping Jake would sign up for some others besides the Moon Project and the Joe Namath biopic. Altho, I don't guess he's had much time to look at scripts, anyway.

So Reese's mother's in town, and the parents and the whole family are gathering for a big Christmas at the ranch. Hmmm...

I'm guessing Jake will surface in a few days.The kids will be in school and they will probably make a breakfast run.

FluorescentLamp said...

I'm going to hold out a very slim hope that there's a possibility that some of the projects are still

Yes, me too. Like The Space Between. :-D

UltraViolet said...

I think that list is hopelessly out of date, but I love the idea of Jake doing a heist movie. I love heist movies. Unless David Mamet is involved. But that goes for any kind of movie. Or play. Or anything in which actors speak lines he's written.

And Monica, your photography assignment sounds fascinating. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The Jake part of the Reese E! Program is on Youtube, about halfway through.

sass said...

Morning UV,FL and babblers all,
How did you know to post some of my favorite Jake pics?

Bobbyanna, I just read about your oral surgery...many big warm soft hugs to ya.

Jake and Reese were kissing in the hallway in at the townhouse party. Now there is a couple just Barely tolerating each other for the sake of Hollywood and career. :lol:lol

I browsed People Magazine Friday, then I bought it; Jake is on the cover and I remember reading about the boyfriend poll here--TY so much. When I read the article I realized People Magazine had the same start date for these two lovey-dovey's that we did...March 2007. Be still my heart :lol:lol

UV, I agree about the Jake portrait. His hair, chin and his shadowed eyes work for me but Leo does look more like Leo. I need to see more of the artist's work...maybe.

Jake's acting in Rendition is fantastic. When he was asked if he wanted water after an episode of torture, his eyes went completely dead and conveyed quiet hidden utter disgust toward the torturer. Unbelievable.
TY brother's spy for the update on POP...Jake is home again:) YEAH!
I love it.
I didn't know Jake flew home for Reese's son's birthday...that is so sweet.

I expect we are a target blog for comment and ridicule because we love Jake and Reese as a couple. They make us happy and we love to see them ...when we can...hanging out together happy...
I thank UV, FL for this blog...that we can have fun here without negativity and that we don't spend hundreds of posts trying to construct/invent a non-existent romance from a bromance; nor do we try to establish a birthday for a non-existent bromance baby. Amazing. :lol :lol.

Yep, as they say about my hometown, NYC, Gyllenbabble is a target rich Jake/Reese are in love environment:):)

I can't wait until next Spring when this damned chemo may be all over...ihopeihope...and I can hang here ad lib as I please.

Babblers, I contributed again to the 71 million dollar take of 4 Christmases. Thank God I'm a senior.
Vince Vaugh can make me laugh anytime. I laughed so much last weekend I had to see it again. Chemo should be taken with a dose of laughter and 4 Christmases does it for me. Plus, it's great to sit in a crowd of laughter. It does a body good.
Glad Reese has a #1 movie; that's always a plus in Hollyweird.

paula said...

Both Jake and Reese said during Rendition PR that they knew each other for years through friends, who knew that one of the friends was Ryan! I caught the E True Hollywood story on Reese last week, it must be on a loop because of 4C.

When Ryan earlier this year said on the Howard Stern that Jake was a good dude and that Reese is happy and he was happy for her I knew that he sounded like someone who knew Jake for awhile.

Ryna and Reese were together for 2 years when Cruel Intentions came out in '09 and Ryan had stared in Homegrown with Jake and directed by Jake's father in '08, Ryan and Reese were together for a year already. I can see how Jake's family were freinds with Ryan's family in the begginning, I think Homegrown was his first movie role.

There are so many similarities regarding Jake/Reese and their families: Reese was 6 months pregnant when she married Ryand and Jake's Mom was 6 months pregnant when she married Jake's dad.

Reese is 4 years older than Jake and Jake's Mom was 4 years older than his dad.

I won't get into the weird Reese wearing the same dress that Kiki wore to the GG awards 3 years later, LOL!!!

Hope Jake is unwinding and catching up after being away so long.

paula said...

Ooops!! That should be Cruel Intentions came out in '99 and Homegrown in '98! They all looked so young in that video.

sass said...

Sharing with my babbler case you didn't know and want to attend:)

A conversation withJames Schamus and Ang Lee, March 9, 2009. Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley

Google/Blogger said...

Reese over the weekend in all black

chica said...

Hi Sass!!
Thanks for the link, I wish I could go, sigh. I have a friend that is going through chemo it's rough. I really admire her and you Sass, for being so strong and so positive, I hope all continues to go well.

Caught Reese on BBC-America, the whole segment was funny and she so cute! Caught the E special on her, had to chuckle a bit when they showed the Cruel Intentions clip!

I hope Jake is unwinding and settling down after being away for such a long time.

Bette said...

I wish I could have seen Graham, and the E special! I don't have cable. You guys we need new Jake out and about pics. I know, stating the obvious, but I'm ready to see his post PoP look.

agent_krycek said...

nor do we try to establish a birthday for a non-existent bromance baby.

Seriously, are people still going on about that *rolleyes*

Hope you're doing well sass, you know all our thoughts are with you hun xxx

Anonymous said...

There's a very real possibility that Jake stopped off in New York to see his family for a few days.

Google/Blogger said...

I have to agree, we don't even know if Jake is in LA right now.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Yes sass our thoughts are with you, please take care. I hope you post as much as you can, I love reading your posts!

I caught 4C's as well and I have to admit that I thought that it was funny! The ending sort of didn't mesh with the rest of the film but otherwise it was a nice diversion on a Saturday afternoon.

Congratulations to Reese and Vince for having the #1 movie the second week in a row! I saw Reese on the G. Norton show, funny stuff and she was so funny, charming. Missed the E special but it sounds like it has been airing for a week so maybe I'll catch it.

extra said...

We don't know if he even actually finished filming yet. I know Brothers spy contact has been spot on, but maybe he actually finished filming on Friday wrap party, etc, which means he would have maybe traveled on a Saturday. Just maybe.

He could be visiting family in NY, N.Y. he has been away for awhile, either way he will emerge eventually.

I also wonder if Reese's Mom is the only relative visiting her in L.A.?

She sure is rocking that black and gray combo, I don't think i have seen her wear any other color for awhile now with the exception of a colorful scarf, must be her new style. I don't mind it once in awhile but I prefer her in brighter colors.

Google/Blogger said...

I hope he makes it home in time for his birthday and Christmas

Anonymous said...

The copy says Maggie, Ramona and Naomi out shopping in NY on Saturday but they are not pictured together.Looks like they took pics while they were shopping indoors, I assume Naomi back is to the window, Ramoma is a cutie:

I love Maggie's hat and coat, she looks so serious and somber though.

Monica said...

Good night, babblers!
I loved the boots of Maggie!

Anybody know where Jake's father is living?

josie said...

Hi Monica!
I think Jake's dad lives in L.A. and I may be mistaken but his Mom relocated to Brooklyn where she originally is from and still has family there including of course Maggie, Ramona an Peter.

Monica said...

Josie, thank you!:)

The last time I saw Stephan, was when he visited Maggie in Paris.


And Monica, your photography assignment sounds fascinating. Good luck!

Thank you!

herbie the elf said...

Reese, dressed in all black and not looking half bad stopped at Ralph Lauren where she ordered 5 fitted mens shirts, and according to a source, also some socks and underwear. Did I just ruin Christmas for Jake Gyllenhaal? Oh well, not the first time I’ve been called a grinch.

Google/Blogger said...

Reese's mom is pretty

Jake in some Ralph Lauren underwear..

Yes, I'd say Reese will be having the best damn holiday ever

suvee said...

If I am not mistaken, today is GyllenBabble's 1st birthday. Yay!

So, UV, FL...... you two need to pour a glass of your favorite spirit, and toast yourselves for giving this wonderful blog life! I still remember how excited I was when I stumbled upon this place that first day. :)

I also wonder if Jake didn't stop off on the East Coast first for a family visit. He has to surface sooner or later, right?

bobbyanna said...

Those sound like birthday gifties!
Jake must have a thing for socks:)

bobbyanna said...

Awwww! Happy Birthday, Gyllenbabble!!!!!!

Google/Blogger said...

Maggie and his mom were seen in New York
I thought the paps would have caught Jake in NY.

He might just be chilling at home in LA.
Of course he wouldn't be with Reese the day she was maybe buying him gifts

Anonymous said...

happy birthday

Monica said...

UV, FL...thanks for this wonderful blog!

Google/Blogger said...

Reese jogging alone/with a friend

Now I am totally confused about where Jake is, I am beginning to doubt he is in LA

UltraViolet said...

Aww, suvee, you remembered! That's so sweet. Thank you. And thanks to everyone for the good wishes! Still hoping for a Jake sighting for a present :)

Also, Google/Blogger and other whereabouts-obsessed folks, please do me a birthday for and stop obsessing. We have no idea where Jake is and wondering about it multiple times per post won't make any difference.

chica said...

Has it been a year already??? Happy birthday gyllenabble!! I love this place, so glad it's here, it's my favorite Jake blog.

PS: Those 2 friends jogging with Reese are the same trainers that were running with Jake and Reese back in October. Reese looks so young in those pics!

josie said...

From brothers spy comments on the previous post:

"Expect some Los Angeles Jake sightings very soon. Although he may wish to decompress and sleep some first....

I sure hope he does, for at least a week!

Happy birthday gyllenbabble and thanks so much UV and FL and all the posters here for making ythis such a fun place!

extra said...

Jake is hiding under my bed. Sorry I couldn't resist.

I assume the anon. posters/google blogger are trying to be funny and really could care less about Jake's where abouts or I certainly hope so because they sound like they have a few screws loose.


lawgoddess said...

Happy birthday, Gyllenbabble, and thank you for all the news and fun you've provided.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, guys. I finally got a birthday post up. It's late and it's a little lame, but it's there!