Wednesday, September 3, 2008

TIFF'08. No Jake Gyllenhaal. No Brothers.

Still smarting from the exclusion of Brothers at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival?

Not to rub salt into our wounds, but here's what we WON'T see this year at TIFF, which begins Thursday, 4 September.

We won't see a happy, smiling Jake wearing his little Air Canada flight wings and pulling his own luggage as he approaches Customs at Toronto's Pearson Int'l Airport.

We won't see Jake walk into a film's premiere being virtually unrecognized and ignored.

Nor will we see how fast his celebrity rose in only a year outside the same venue.

We won't see the fan swell from last year to this year.

Won't see him casually walking down a Toronto street with his agent.

We won't see the scrum of fans and paparazzi, including my pal, Warren from Rex Features, outside the side door of the Sutton Place Hotel after the Brothers press conference.

Nor will we see him on the red carpet for the non-premiere of Brothers.

We'll never get to see which good friend he might have brought along to the non-premiere of Brothers.

Sadly, we never did and probably never will see Jake and Reese at an afterparty dancing briefly, but divinely.

Won't see this at any TIFF'08 afterparty either.

We won't see video of him pulling the curtains in his hotel room and slowly realizing he's being filmed.

And in one of the strangest things I have ever been witness to, we won't see crowds of people milling about and staring at the entrance of that very same celeb-filled hotel doing nothing on a hot September day but staring. And waiting. For anything. Or anyone. Whose name might be Jake Gyllenhaal. Or not.

Most unfortunate of all is that we won't see a longer haired, buffer version of this at TIFF'08.

And at the airport on the way out of Toronto, here's who we won't be seeing after not seeing him all weekend.

Jake GyllenhaalJake Gyllenhaal
Jake GyllenhaalJake Gyllenhaal

Photos and videos courtesy of IHJ and GyllenBabble


Anonymous said...

No we won't be seeing Jake at TIFF this year, worst luck but great post FL, I love it absolutely love it.

BTW going back to BS comment on the previous post the Milk trailer is up on Apple now (I am unable to watch it for some reason) and the release date has been changed to 26th Nov (the same as 4 xmas)

Anonymous said...

I wonder who was with Jake in that hotel room video?. Never seen that one before.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, man - of all the words of tongue or pen...

All the Venice pictures made me wistful, and I know the Toronto ones coming up will do the same. And I wasn't even there last year! Though I feel like I was, watching the videos. What a madhouse. But exciting.

Jake looks totally chilled out in all of it, though. Even the hotel footage. He's just kind of taking it all in. I think he really does enjoy most of this stuff.

And those lucky, lucky girls who got to corner Jake at the airport. Though he seems happy to oblige. Oh, and Hi, Mr. B!

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say "Welcome" to sheba in the last post, and then it closed. Always happy to have new blood :)

bobbyanna said...

Awwww! FL, you brought tears to my eyes with this one!! There was even a teensy tiny glimpse of me...nose and eyeglasses and top of head in the one from the gala when they walked round that corner to go down that little corridor to the elevator!!! And we were all standing there!!! (sigh!)

Loved that shot of Warren the Intrepid bought a smile, too!!! Excellent post. I think we should all get ready, because I know in my gut that Jake will have Prince of Persia at Tribeca and/or Cannes. Tribeca did a huge rollout for Spiderman 3 and Cannes has been the place for a lot of huge budget things.

Anonymous said...

Per the last thread, once Jake takes a break from PoP and Natalie is back from Venice, don't know what Toby's been up to, but maybe when things settle down as they surely must by the end of October, then we will see a lot about Brothers, finally.

Bette said...

I was wondering that too anon, anyway, the Milk trailer looks so good. It makes me excited for both the Brothers trailer, and Four Christmases.

Narcissa said...

Thanks for raising our spirits with this post FL. Otherwise, the drought continues.....

UltraViolet said...

Some PoP news en français. Seems like Newell and the fist unit are leaving Ouarzazate to go to Erfoud, which has some stunning scenery.

The second unit will stay in Ouarzazate.

No news on whether Jake will accompany Newell, though!

UltraViolet said...

Another version of the story, this time in Spanish. And with a picture!

Of Mike Newell.

Sigh. Anyway, this one seems to indicate Jake will go, too, but I don't really know if they know what htey are talking about, nor do I know what they are really saying :) Babelfish is an almost-wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

Remember the insider info
Jake would be done on the Sept 5th and everyone else was done around the 10th Sept

UltraViolet said...

Yes, I remember, anon.

I hope Jake is part of the Erfoud shoots, because it is stunning.

ultraviolet said...

Forgot to say - Bobbyanna, you're a star! How fun. Too bad you didn't get to repeat the experience this year

chica said...

Great post!
Has it been a year already?? Wow, how time flies!! Hpefully we will get news on Brothers soon.

Bette said...

When I first saw the new post without reading the title, I thought we got new pics of him coming in to LAX or something, and looking all happy. I didn't even notice the hair, and how that couldn't be possible.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks UV! You just made me smile.
Unfortunately, my mother's health has seriously deteriorated so TIFF would have been totally unworkable this year. Also, I am B.R.O.K.E.

Hope the December date for Brothers is firm. Jake will be allll done with PoP and he will not have his extensions, and he will look like Jake... Altho, I would love to see Conan!Jake on Letterman or The Daily Show. ;)

extra said...

Here is the translation in Spanish UV. I assume they mean next week, Sept. 12, not next Sept. 12, that would be next year! Also the mention of Reese visiting I think means the August visit unless that was recent:

10:44 AM) He moved the filming of "The Prince of Persia" in Erfoud

The British director Mike Newell is responsible for the film "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time". [STR / Efe]

Rabat.-Filming in Morocco in the movie "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time", the British filmmaker Mike Newell, will move this week to the town of Erfoud (east) to give the finishing touches to the filming of Foreign shots.

The first unit of shooting this film, starring the American actor Jake Gyllenhaal, will depart tomorrow from Ouarzazate (south-east of Marrakesh), where he arrived in late August, to go toward the enclave of Erfoud, surrounded by kasbahs (strengths) millennial and regarded as the last town before the desert.

Meanwhile, according to the agency MAP reported, some equipment will remain until next September 12 in Ouarzazate to proceed with the long filming sessions in which players side and the rest of extras.

Before travelling there had already shot some scenes in Marrakesh, where they could be visiting Gyllenhaal's girlfriend, also an actress Reese Witherspoon, and after its passage through Morocco is expected to continue filming in studies of British Pinewood Shepperton, outlined the news agency Efe.

The oasis of feint and kasbashs of Taourirt and Ait Benhaddou are currently some of the places where they are expected to pass the action of this adaptation to the big screen's legendary videogame of Jordan Mechner, according to sources of production will filmed mostly in outdoor decorations.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am confused
When is Jake done in Morocco?
Sept 5 or Sept 12?

suvee said...

Oh, FL...... such a bittersweet post. So hard to be reminded of what might (should) have been this year.

This is from today's USA Today.... article about TIFF.

"Bad news for Oscar prognosticators: The Toronto International Film Festival, starting Thursday, isn't quite its bellwether self this year.
Factors such as rising travel costs, delays caused by the writer's strike and weakened art-house divisions have kept the most likely best-picture candidates out of the lineup.............
If there is a major upside to the 2008 schedule, it is that the doom and gloom cast by last year's dour war-themed dramas (In the Valley of Elah, Rendition)..... has been replaced by what the festival's co-director Piers Handling declares as "the return of the American comedy."

I can't help but wonder, in the face of the overwhelming lack of buzz, is Brothers suffering from the perception that it's just another dour, war-themed movie that nobody wants to see? Or, has the market testing been less than enthusiastic, and MGM knows it won't be a $ or critical success?

On a much lighter note..... I really got a kick out of hearing a pap (in the Jake hotel room video) say, "It's not Reese."

Also want to add my welcome to Sheba..... nice to have a new face!

josie said...

Suvee I caught that too, the pap saying thats not Reese!! I thoughtb it was at first because she is certainly curvy and is wearing a black cocktail dress and is blonde! I guess the pap had a better look, there was some confusion last year I remember when one of Jake's PA's was mistaken for Reese once there,but I also remember reading that Reese was hanging out in Jake's room in a bathrobe during an interview!!

I was wondering the same thing Suvee about the war theme of Bothers being a factor in the lack of buzz, I have my fingers crossed for some news soon.

Anon. I think BS said that Jake will be finished by the 5th but the rest of the crew will be done by the 12th.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Jake in a robe

brothers spy said...

Can't sleep...

First, I think that spanish version is saying that Reese is with Jake right now. In that she's going with him to Erfoud. I can't say for certain on account of it being a translation, but that seems to be what they are saying. If so I wont be the one who says, "I told you so," but...(snickers).

Also, they are saying that Jake is moving to Erfoud with Newell, with some of the crew staying behind to complete other shots.

It seems to me that they're trying to get Jake out of there by the end of the week, doesn't it? Then Newell possibly going back to finish all the "villain" scenes between September 6th and September 12th (those scenes to be shot in Ouarzazate without Jake).

To clarify something, I have always been told that the last day of filming in Morocco was September 12th. But I was originally told that Jake would probably be finished a "week earlier" and they would film all the "villain scenes" in that final week.

I gave you guys September 5th, even though it was not actually given to me, because September 5th is one week before September 12th. I assumed that was his last day given everything else he told me.

Anyway, that was what I was originally told, and this information seems to correspond with that. I may be reading it wrong though.

anon 4:14,

I believe Milk will get a limited release (major markets: LA, San Fran, NYC, etc.) on November 26th and will get its wide release on December 6th. Anyway that's the way it's always been up until now, unless they changed it this week.

I have to say that i'm looking forward to Milk so much. It's my most anticipated film of this year, next to Brothers, and I have a real good feeling about it. BTW, my number three is Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons.

brothers spy said...

Just to add something...

Why would they move only Jake to Erfoud and not everyone else?

For the most part, these location shoots have lasted only two or three days. That would mean, given that they'll be there on Thursday, that they'll be finished on Friday (the 5th) or Saturday (the 6th).

Just a coincidence?

The only shoots that were supposed to last longer were the Alamut scenes (the main battle sequence) which is already done and the Ait Ben Haddon scenes, which they are currently filming.

Then is Jake going back to Ouarzazate? Why would they even do this if Jake wasn't finished this week as originally planned? It doesn't make sense to shoot at some other location, in the middle of shooting in Ouarzazate, does it?

The more I think about it, the more I think that is what is happening here.

I wish my source would email me back, i'm jonesing for some information here.

UltraViolet said...

According to the French and Spanish articles, the whole first unit is moving to Erfoud, not just Jake. The second unit is staying in Ouarzazate in order to shoot exteriors and scenes involving extras and/or second-tier characters.

I don't know where Reese is, but I think the Spanish article is saying that scenes were also shot in Marrakech, where Reese visited Jake.

I hope your source e-mails you back with the scoop, Brothers Spy.

brothers spy said...


I assume if both Jake and Newell moved to Erfoud for filming, so would the first unit. So there's nothing strange about that.

But the second unit staying behind still suggests some type of rush in getting things done. Why would they rush if Jake had 10 days left in filming?

Plus, I was always told that filming would end in Ait Ben Haddon. That was the biggest set they built. They were suppose to film there for three weeks. They began filming there on August 24th, that's less than two. Again, this suggests that Newell will return to finish there.

I emailed my source again several minutes ago. Hopefully he will reply.

UltraViolet said...

I assume if both Jake and Newell moved to Erfoud for filming, so would the first unit. So there's nothing strange about that.

It's late, so I might be missing something, but I'm not sure what you mean, BS. I didn't think there was anything strange about it. I was answering your post in which you asked: "Why would they move only Jake to Erfoud and not everyone else?"

So I was pointing out that it isn't only Jake going; it's the whole first/main crew. And it's not unusual for the first and second units to work at the same time in different places, so I don't see that as a big issue.

Hopefully your source will get in touch and we'll know a little more.

brothers spy said...


I didn't mean it that way. My only point was that if the second unit stayed behind, and i'm assuming that they'd be filming two different things at two different sites concurrently, that suggests a rush of some type.

My question was why would they be rushing like that if they had 10 days left to film, unless they were trying to finish off Jake's scenes. That's all I was saying.

I don't think I was clear in my first post when I said "only Jake" was going. I didn't mean that literally. My bad. Sorry.

I need sleep...

P.S. I just watched the trailer for Milk and it was beyond awesome.

That film might be huge if marketed correctly.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I can't wait for Milk either,the trailer is amazing and I love Penn. This film will probably have a limited release and then go wide later and Brothers will be released the same way.

From what I gathered from that translation is that Reese visited when they were filming in Marakech, don't know where she is now...

It also sounds like ake and crew will be moving to Erfoud to continue filming (maybe ubtil the end of the week) but the second unit will stay behind and film in Ouarzazate until the 12th, I think!

Hopefully your source will et back to you BS!!!

Lemon said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Reese is very good at going into hiding. For years now, she's managed to disappear for weeks at a time.

As much as I'd like to think she's with Jake, school starting makes me think she's with the wee ones. But then, I don't have a romantic bone in me ;)

gabbana said...

A wonderful post - bud it made me a bit sad....I haven´t seen the hotel video before and the airport pictures with the fans are also new to me.

I just went to Rotten Tomatoes to check the original Brothers - it got an excellent rating with 89% fresh. Then I saw that they have no release date for the "new" Brothers, but it is listed with 2009....?? I am not sure whether they changed it (I have not visited the side for some time) or whether they had the 2009 date from the beginning?

So if our informations are correct Jake will be finished at the end of this week? With the strong working schedule it seems unlikely to me that Reese would want to stay there the whole day waiting until Jake is finished filming.

It will be interesting to see when the indoor shootings will be starting in London. I cannot imagine them pushing it too far - cast and crew probably have future projects with time schedules and so on.

Monica said...

This is Reese?
"IN THE KNOW is kicking butt this week on the Guess Who, and yesterday was no different - Reese Witherspoon!"
Buzz photo

The text above was said here:
guess who

I think this picture is old!

Monica said...

FL, your post is great!
The text is fun!
Even had not seen that video of Jake in the window of the hotel!
Thank you

sheba baby said...

If it's Reese then it's an old photo unless she is wearing extentions!!

Thanks for the video from last year of Jake at TIFF, if that isn't Reese with him in that video than I wonder who it is? One of his PA's??? Loved the pics of him at the airport with fans, these asre new to me.

In sounds like Jake will done filming in Morocco soon, and I think that Reese has just managed to avoid the paps for the moment, the kids started school this week so I assume she's in LA.

lawgoddess said...

Great post, I felt some of the excitement of TIFF last year, vicariously.

And I do love to see Mr. B. Nice to know he's got Jake's back when necessary.

About TIFF and travel costs, I was in Ontario for the Shakespeare Festival over Labor Day. I've been going for more than thirty years, and this was the first year the theatres were not full. I think the bad economy is hurtingthe entertainment business.

Please some new Jake pictures today!

gabbana said...

I just found this article on Toronto:,25197,24289150-16947,00.html

"In fact, as comprehensive as TIFF is, the list of films not showing is also noteworthy. Oliver Stone's W., with Josh Brolin as the incumbent US president, apparently wasn't finished in time, even though it's scheduled to open in the US scarcely a month after the festival closes. Word has it films from prominent directors Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler, with Mickey Rourke) and Jim Sheridan (Brothers, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire) weren't even submitted. (Unlike the Cannes festival, where anyone with enough money can rent a screen and show their film in the market section, Toronto screens only what Toronto invites.)"

"The Wrestler" will be shown in Toronto, so take it with a grain of salt, but the other option would be that it was submitted but not invited.....I prefer to believe it was NOT submitted. :-))

Anonymous said...

Reese will at "the in a live performance of “Just Stand Up,” the unprecedented charity single in support of Stand Up To Cancer"

On Sept 5 2008

I think that was her in it

extra said...

Yeah, I read a few weeks ago that she will be participating in that tomorrow anon, thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if she is filming in New York or LA?

extra said...

Why would she be filming in NY?

The event is live for the most part so she either will be taping her segment from LA or go live from LA.

Anonymous said...

sorry, I had seen some stars in New York filming their part
I didn't know where the show was taped

UltraViolet said...

This article has a bit about some of the techno stuff in PoP:

Tino Schaedler is an architect-turned-digital design artist whose groundbreaking work has been seen in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."

Tino Schaedler, Jean-Lucien Gay and Michael J. Brown talk about design, virtuality and the future

Schaedler's next film project is "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," a fantasy epic starring Jake Gyllenhaal and due in 2010. ...

CNN: How does architecture tie in with digital or 3D design?

Tino: You need two images and through the images you can interpolate the architectural spatial design which creates a 3D model... that technique also comes into film because it is photogrammetry, (a way of measuring 2D or 3D objects from photo-grammes or photographs as well as electronic imagery.)

CNN: Didn't the makers of "The Matrix" use similar technology?

Tino: They basically just have the actress [Carrie-Ann Moss] up in the air and they take a photograph each at the same time so that's why she's in that movement... the camera moves around her but she doesn't move because its all different shots so you stretch the whole experience in two or three seconds. We're doing something similar on [the film] "Prince of Persia" that I've just finished. We record some action with five cameras... from these five images they recreate the actors as 3D objects and then project according to which angle. It's fascinating what kind of technology is out there.

Who wants your own 3D Jake object?!

sag actor said...

Pop in 3-D! There was an article a few weeks back and they mentioned that Disney was considering doing Pop in 3-D. 3-D would work for Pop, unlike Journey to the center of the earth.

I loved the Milk trailer as well, I can't wait!

bobbyanna said...

I was just thinking of viewing PoP
on an IMAX theatre screen! Awesome.

The Harvey Milk movie might be a major awards season pick. It really looks good.

(I love Jon Stewart! I especially love that I can go to The Daily Show's website and see recent episodes I might have missed! ;) )

get real said...

Great post, FL! Sigh...such great pics/videos/memories of Jake at TIFF. Had not seen some of them before. :)

And Reese was at a LGBT Fundraiser with Michelle Obama!

get real said...

And I agree the Milk trailer looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, get real, for the news that Reese attended an Obama fundraiser...... have to admit that made my day! :)

suvee said...

Oops.... that last anon was me.

Bette said...

Ryan said in an interview that he thought Reese was a Hillary supporter. She did give campaign contributions for Hill's senate run so my guess is she's supporting Obama now that Hillary is out, which is awesome.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I love Jon Stewart too bobbyanna, and the Daily show sure had a lot of material this week with more to come!

Yes!!!! Reese at the Obama fundraiser!

PS: Jake is working anon., he was off last Friday - Monday, Reese has been MIA until this fundraiser, I suspect she did sneak him to see him after Brazil, just speculation of course!

bobbyanna said...

LOTS of material, OONP!!! ;) ;)

Good for Reese! My admiration for her, and for Michelle continues to grow!

bobbyanna said...

My speculation is, I don't think Reese went to Morocco from Brazil. Especially if Jake is finishing up in the next few days. I think there's too much going on with the kids. Deacon should be starting Kindergarten now. He'll be five in another month. Ava's birthday is September 9th. Maybe Reese is just busy with Ojai, and school, and getting ready for Jake to come home.

If Jake is finishing up, he will be really focussed and really busy. I'd bet we will see Jake and Reese together in LA within the next four or five days! Plus, you know the paps wil be all over LAX as usual.

Anonymous said...

Someone on imdb has posted that they where at a test screening, a bit disappointing really.

Review Here

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant to say "a test screen for Brothers".

brothers spy said...

Here is the actual review from the link above, it's not good...

I just saw a test screening of this film and I must say...this is a poor adaptation. It has none of the gritty feel of the original film, it never addresses the political issues at hand now that the Iraq war is in play, and basically comes off as a hollow imitation. All three of the lead actors give passable if not good performances (Tobey actually surprised me toward the end) but the film is just not hard hitting enough when it needs to be. Anyone interested in seeing this, just rent the original.

To be fair, the reviewer seems to be upset because the film isn't political enough. I'm not sure that's such a bad thing. Hopefully, if they're holding more screenings, we'll get some more reviews.

P.S. UV, FL I sent you a private message.

gabbanaq said...

Thanks anon - but how late is it over in the USA? Here in Germany it is around 12.30 am now - are they doing testscreenings in the middle of the night???

From what I understand they wanted to put the focus on the family and their interactions - not the political issues.

Whatever -this is just one opionion - hopéfully we will get a bit more soon.

Anon 12.13. / 12.15 I think Jake and Reese are doing just fine - they are grown ups and not some love-sick teenagers who need to be together 24/7.Jake is obviously working hard in the Moroccon heat and Reese has responsibilities in LA....

brothers spy said...

One thing about that CNN interview with Tino and Jean-Lucien...

They said that they've "just finished" working on Prince of Persia and described the process of their work as being similar to the green screen stuff done on The Matrix. (What they did on The Matrix was featured on the DVD).

This seems to imply, and correct me if i'm wrong, that they did these types of shots (hanging on wires infront of the green screen at some studio) while they were in England earlier this summer, given that they just finished and I doubt this stuff was done in Morocco.

That seems to suggest that all they have left to do, once finished in Morocco next week, are the interior scenes (on the sets they've built inside a studio).

Do you agree?

FluorescentLamp said...

brother's spy, I think what Tino and Jean-Lucien's company does is different than what the green-screen technicians do. I know the process they're talking about. So, no, I don't think green-screen is finished. I'll even go out on a limb and say they go back to England, back to Shepperton, somewhere around ohhh September 22nd.

shondra said...

Thnaks for the trip down memory lane with this post, TIFF '07 seems so ling ago.

Never saw that video or the pictures with the fans, thanks!!

So happy to hear that Reese attended the Obama fundraiser in L.A.!!!!

The Brothers comments on IMDB from their screening is only one view, there were a few previous screenings that were positive.

Anon. seems a bit too "concerned" about J&R, don't be.

brothers spy said...


Thanks, you're awesome.

You're probably right. I have a feeling about the 22nd as well.

agent_krycek said...

Thankfully I missed the 'concerned' comments, but I'm rolling my eyes at them anyway.

I'm getting slightly confused with dates, so do we think today is his last day and then he's got a short break and back to rain sodden Blighty in early October?

brothers spy said...

Real quick...

I think he's done this weekend. It's possible that's been changed, but given what we learned last week about them filming in two locations concurrently, I think that's what's happening. My source still hasn't emailed me. He may be real busy though.

Then i'm sure they begin filming again on the 22nd.

That'll give him two weeks off if he finishes this weekend, or nine days off if he finishes with everyone else on the 13th.

Either way, he has a break coming to him.

Monica said...

Good morning!

Strange ...
I do not remember to have seen political issues in the original version of Brothers!
I remember to have seen a film that spoke about family relationships!

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the reviewer seems to be upset because the film isn't political enough.

Man! First, Rendition was criticized for being too political, now Brothers isn't political enough? Gimme a break, please! :(

J&R may be busy; but just think of the reunion! *sigh*

agent_krycek said...

I do not remember to have seen political issues in the original version of Brothers!
I remember to have seen a film that spoke about family relationships!

I was just thinking the exact same thing - although I didn't want to post as it's not entirely unkown for the deeper meaning of some things to fly completely over my head *can be a bit thick sometimes*

bobbyanna said...

After seeing the original a few years ago, my impression was the movie was about the characters and relationships and family, dealing with very individual experiences. I never thought of it as a "War movie." It's political, but in a generic, personal sense, small "p."

Toby is a military man, Jake an ex-con, Natalie a young wife and mother. Being a soldier shipped out to a combat zone during wartime has a direct affect on all of them, but the main focus was how each deals with the experiences they've had.

I don't want to say anything else. I don't know what the IMDB poster expected. Sure, there will be some people who are expecting certain things, assuming certain things, and they may be disappointed. Best not to assume, and just let it happen.

It has the potential to really raise some good questions, and show some fine acting skills. I am really looking forward to it.

It's not a "big movie." I'll be surprised if it opens on 1200 screens nationwide. They really should be marketing it by now, though. There is just no excuse to not have a trailer up and at the very least, some artwork. Unless they are going to postpone it.

The thing that irks me no end, is that certain kinds of future articles about actors always mention the films that did poorly at the box office. They put the blame on the actors, but never considering all the variables that affect marketing and distribution. OK. I'll stop.

Anonymous said...

boooooo..... maybe no Jake in LA until next weekend, if he stays to film as it was said

I thought he would be back this weekend and we would get a glimpse of his hair

chica said...

Don't stop bobbyanna, I still remember Paramount and Zodiac, sigh.

Let me add a YES!! too for Reese attending the Obama fundraiser.

I don't remember the original Brothers being political either, it was about relationships.

agent_krycek said...

I don't remember the original Brothers being political either, it was about relationships.

Could be set against any war, any era.

brothers spy said...

New Brothers screening update...

Okay peeps, I took it upon myself to get to the bottom of the new review that was written on imdb this morning so I sent the guy a PM asking him some questions about the screening. Well, at lunch I discovered that he PMed me back.

This was his response (a lot of cool information and I feel 100% better now)...

"Jim Sheridan was there, he actually sat behind me during the audience feedback session. I got the impression from his reactions that he wasn't entirely happy with the way the film has turned out thus far, but i'm just guessing. I saw the other producers there, but none were recognizable. This was the first screening. The questions being asked led me to believe the producers saw this film as being in good shape. They said that the release date of the film was December 4th. I heard from 19 other test audience members who were much more positive in their praise for the film than I was. They seemed to really enjoy it. None of them, however, had seen the original film and none were very familiar with film in general. I believe I suffer a slight bias due to my appreciation of the original film, but only a slight one. My major issues with the film are the scenes of brutality that feel very toned down from the original version. I have many complaints, but that is my main one."

So there you have it. This guy just really liked the original and didn't think the new one measured up. The other audience members, and the producers, seemed to really like the film.

Second, he confirmed that the film will still be released in early December, so that was a major relief.

I sent him another PM with more questions, i'll write more when he PM's me back.

suvee said...

I'm not entirely convinced that Reese really will be appearing at tonight's Stand Up To Cancer televised fundraiser. Her name did not appear in USA Today's article about the event which included a list of star attendees. And in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly there is a full page ad for it..... with what looks like a comprehensive list of participating celebrities (53 names), and no Reese. She's a big enough star to rate a mention I would think.

I wonder if her Avon contract has some kind of exclusivity thing (specifically relating to cancer events)?

josie said...

I was thinking that too suvee. Her name was mentioned back in August, but I too think that she may have had to back out due to her contract with Avon. This is a fund raising event for cancer and you would think that it would be good exposure but I think ( I may be wrong) that her fund raising duties for cancer are restricted to Avon walks.

Her appearence a few months back for a charity event was on behalf of the Childrens Defense Fund which she is a board member and that fund raising event was for rebuilding schools in New Orleans destroyed by Katrina.

I think her people may have said yes before checking. She will be doing another Avon walk in L.A. on the 16th I think.

UltraViolet said...

Really cool, Brothers Spy. That makes me feel so much better. I love it that you followed up with the poster!

If you keep going, I wonder why he thought Jim Sheridan wasn't pleased.

So glad to hear that other audience reaction was positive, and that the release date hasn't changed!

Thanks so much.

UltraViolet said...

Maybe we;l get some fun tidbits from this IHJ poster:

My good pal Ben is an extra on the Prince of Persia!! He's an aspiring actor, I'm so happy for him (and gay and is loving working with Jake lol) I'll get him to get some pics! YEEEEEEEEEE!! *breathe*

suvee said...

Hi Josie! I agree with you about the possibility that Reese's name was attached to the show tonight before her people realized she might have restrictions placed on her (per Avon).
I like this theory.... we both can't be wrong, can we? :)

brothers spy said...

Brothers screening update...

I've got very good news.

I am very happy about what he reported to me. I want to preface what he told me by pointing out that this guy is not some Jake fanboy or anything, in fact he didn't even like the movie (as you read in the review) - personally I think he's either a movie buff or even a film student because he tends to nitpick about things that film students nitpick about. Thus it gives what he writes a lot of credibility.

Anyway, here's what he told me...

First off, I don't know why he would think that Jim Sheridan was unhappy with the film given that Sheridan never spoke to anyone or asked any questions. He only sat in the back and took notes.

Nearly everyone in attendance, including the guy I spoke to, loved Jake and Natalie's characters and their performances. In fact, everyone loved that storyline the best. The crowd was about evenly divided on Tobey and his character. The guy said that Tobey starts very weak, but finishes strong. The problem is that you never have any sympathy for him, so when he comes back with post-traumatic stress disorder you don't empathize with him. As for Jake and Natalie, they have A LOT of chemistry together. There's a lot of sexual/romantic tension between their characters which is both very believable and palpable.

Everyone, except my guy, said they would recommend the film to their friends. The film got an average of 4 votes out of 5, on those questionaires they hand out. Jake and Natalie got 5 out of 5 by 17 out of the 19 people who stayed behind. Tobey however got an average of 3/5.

The only two things people seemed not to like were: Tobey's unsympathetic character and they didn't like the beginning or the ending which has some narration apparently (neither the original film nor the adapted script had this).

As for the guy's personal opinion, the script, he believes, was the weakest part of the whole thing. He says, despite a couple of differences from the original film, it's pretty much a straight forward adaptation. Yet the original film was written in 2002, before Iraq. But this films takes place in 2007, yet Iraq is never mentioned which he find weird.

The scene he disliked the most was the killing scene, which he said was not nearly as brutal as the original. Also he thought that the scene where Tobey destroys the kitchen was not believable.

Bottom line: Everyone liked Jake and Natalie. Tobey, not so much.

brothers spy said...

In other Hollywood news (regarding pictures that Jake has been rumored to be involved in at some point)...

According to Nikke Finke, Tobey Maguire has signed to reprise his role as Peter Parker/Spiderman for the fourth and fifth installments of the franchise.

According to The Playlist (, Matt Damon has signed on to star in David Fincher's Torso.

We already knew that Jake wasn't involved in either, but I thought you guys might have found it interesting just the same.

Monica said...

BS, thank you!

As for Jake and Natalie, they have A LOT of chemistry together. There's a lot of sexual / romantic tension between their characters which is both very believable and palpable.

I'm very happy with this news!

FluorescentLamp said...

Matt Damon has signed on to star in David Fincher's Torso.

Good luck to you, Matt! Now go get a fake tattoo inside your right forearm.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bobbyanna said...

I really like Matt Damon a lot but I'm very disappointed that Jake didn't get this movie with Fincher. I guess Fincher wanted to work with Damon this time.
I hate to sound greedy, but I am really hoping Jake signs on to a few more film projects. I'd like to see him booked for the next three years!!!;)

Brother's Spy, that is wonderful news! even tho you were treading very close to spoiler territory. All I can say is, Toby had a difficult role. I wouldn't be surprised if Toby generates some buzz for some awards. I'm not at all surprised about the chemistry between Jake and Natalie. Not at all.

gabbana said...

Great news, Brothers Spy...Some of my fears have faded away, but I hope now they will start to promote this soon. The first screenings we have heard from were also very positive so I really don´t understand what they are waiting for.
While reading the sript I always thought that Tobey had to play a very difficult role.
Jake and Natalie had great chemistry - what a surprise...:-))

I am not surprised that Jake won´t be in "Torso" - aside from the fact that this is again a serial killer film, I am not sure about the real kind of relation Jake and Fincher had - at the end they surely respected each other but I am not sure whether one of them would want the experience again - this is just my feeling, I could be wrong.

agent_krycek said...

Strangely, the problem with Tobey's role, is that same problem I had with the original, I didn't find that character that sympathetic, which I put down to having no real idea of how much time had passed to cause that character to do what he does (attempting not to post spoilers) - the way they build up the Tobey character, and his subsequent actions, IMO, need a sense of time passing to give a sense of reality to his actions.

That said, fabulous news on a release date, hopefully the UK won't be that far behind, plus Jake and Natalie having that sort of chemistry is brilliant :D

Narcissa said...

Great news about Brothers - thanks!

Narcissa said...

Interestingly, Fincher's latest - Benjamin Button - is getting rather downbeat early reviews.

sheba said...

Thanks very much for the welcome UV, Gabanna and Suvee and I'm enjoying all the 'babble' about the Gyllenhaals and friends. I like to be respectful about what is acceptable to talk about on different blogs so I'm understanding here a bit better now.

"Who wants your own 3D Jake object?!

*hands high in the air*
me, me, size.... and I know just where I'll put it (who needs a wardrobe anyway);D

I enjoyed the follow up on the feedback on Brothers - very good news. Looking forward to seeing the new Jake, new performance and of course sexual chemistry - he just can't contain it.

As for working with Fincher again that would be a dream come true - Jake knows what to expect next time he chooses to do so.

I'm looking forward to TCCoBB too, some lighthearted, cool fun. I do feel it's unfair that Rendition was viewed as dour or depressing when it was such an important film to highlight things we didn't know but should. We are one world - the internet proves that - so raising awareness is a good thing (most of the time).

Happy to visit here and keep up the good work all :DD

chica said...

Thanks for the news on Brothers bs, it makes me feel a whole lot better now, i just hope we will get some news like a trailer soon.

Not surprised at all that Jake and Natalie have major chemistry!

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

A song dedicated to Jake…

Because every day I enjoy of gyllenbabble for the climate entertained by the care and the happiness Thank you very much!
In Jake's official web I found this innovation:

"Initially motivated by popular culture including her older sister’s interest in Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ewan McGregor, one early inspiration for the aspiring songstress was none other than American actor Jake Gyllenhaal, whom she described as “the most beautiful thing that’s ever been created,” and in serving as an unlikely muse since the age of fifteen, she hammered out a tune about him in five minutes and called it “L.A.” The song, along with ten others (not including a hidden track) find their way onto MacDonald’s breakthrough debut album This is the Life, released in the states last month." ... ...

( )

While we wait for new images…

Again thank you ! Leonor de Argentina.

FluorescentLamp said...

Thank youLeonor for reminding us of Amy MacDonald's lovely song, L.A..

Could you imagine how the market would be overloaded with songs dedicated to Jake if any of us were at all as talented and as lucky as Ms. MacDonald.

And I have to think Jake was tickled when he heard this song. I mean, it's not everyday someone writes a song using you as the inspiration. :-)

paula said...

Thanks for finding that video FL, i have not seen it before, funny that the pap sadi it's not Reese because I thought that it was , sure looks like her to me!

Thanks for all the Brothers news, the screening sounded really positive, i can't wait until we start seeing some promotion real soon.

UltraViolet said...

Hello, Leonor! Good to see you again.

And thank you, thank you, Brothers Spy, for the further info on Brothers. You are definitely living up to your name :)

I am so relieved to hear all the good words about Jake and Natalie and their storyline.

Paula, I agree that it could very well be Reese in the video. I wonder whatever happened to the story that was supposed to be written by the reporter who saw Reese in her robe in Jake's room. All of those little Toronto tidbits were fun.

Anonymous said...

News Headline:


Interest in the talented young actor "obsessive", acquaintances said.

lawgoddess said...


Anonymous was me.

UltraViolet said...

Aww, LG, the lack of sightings has you so down that you can't even sign in properly!

Here's hoping to an end to the drought soon!

Anonymous said...

I am confused is Jake in LA or Morocco right now?
I can't even guess

suvee said...

Interest in the talented young actor "obsessive", acquaintances said.

That made me laugh 'til I cried, LG. :)

Here is my personal Jake dilemma....... I want him to stay busy making movies, so I can see his amazing talent showcased on the screen. And movies = tv appearances, magazine interviews, lots of public Jake to enjoy. But, and here's the problem..... when he's working, we don't see him. These droughts are hell for someone like me, who is not the most patient of people. I'm not a delayed gratification girl.

I'm counting on new Jake pics this coming week....... please.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is arriving home as we speak. Reese has been invisible!
BS, can your contact tell us if Jake has left Morocco, finished his bit?

sheba baby said...

Thanks for the news on Brothers bs!

Not surprised with the news that Damon will be doing Torso, I heard that earlier this year, too bad because I would have loved to have seen Jake in that role.

I hated Spiderman 3! It's time for Raimi and Toby to move on but i guess that the $$$ is too good, happy that Jake's name is no longer attached to that. The only interesting news is that James Vanderbilt will be doing the screenplay for S4, he wrote the screenplay for Zodiac.

I'm dying for some Jake news !!! And yes with the exception of Reese's appearence for that Obama fundraiser on Wednesday, she has been MIA since she left Brazil!

Monica said...

Posted on IHJ:

Well, the NY Times for Sunday 9/7 presents its calendar of all films scheduled to open from September through end of December, and Brothers is NOT included. Although the film could still be released in December as originally announced, I'd trust the Times's information. So I think we're looking at a release for Brothers in 09. Hope we don't have to wait too late into the year.


Anonymous said...

I guess Jake is not back in LA, he must be working his a** off in the desert, I hope he gets a rest soon

Here is Reese shopping

shondra said...

That is not good news from the NY Times regarding Brothers. I have a feeling that it has been pushed back to 2009, sigh.

PS: Reese looks happy/relaxed in those pictures, and just because he isn't seen shopping with Reese here, doesn't meant he isn't back in LA.Methinks he may be keeping a low profile due to his Pop appearence, just speculation of course!

Anonymous said...

He was already seen in Europe with the long hair, the public has seen him and his prince look on the set.

I think he still in the desert working

josie said...

That was over a month ago anon., we haven't seen him since and IMO I don't think he is 100% comfortable with his Pop look.

But not to worry, if he is still working beyond the 5th as bs has said then filming ends there on the 12th, he will have at least a few weeks rest before resuming filming.

I really want to know what's going on with Brothers, it'snot showing up on any of the lists for movies released in December.

PS: Reese does look happy and relaxed!

bobbyanna said...

I agree with Shonda! Happy and sexy...if he isn't already home he is on his way. ;) ;)

agent_krycek said...

PS: Reese looks happy/relaxed in those pictures, and just because he isn't seen shopping with Reese here, doesn't meant he isn't back in LA.Methinks he may be keeping a low profile due to his Pop appearence, just speculation of course!

I'd pretty much agree with that, he could quite easily be chilling back at home, resting up and catching up with day to day stuff whilst Reese is out shopping.

brothers spy said...

As for Prince of Persia this is what I know...

1. Jake was scheduled to film the "Courtyard" scenes, those were to be his last in Morocco. That's why they moved production to Erfoud, there's some fortress there with lush gardens or something that will likely serve as the special "courtyard" mentioned in the script. (I'm not going to say anymore about it not wishing to give away spoilers, just suffice it to say that if you read the script you'll notice there are several scenes which take place in this courtyard in Alamut. This is what they are currently filming).

2. Of these "courtyard" scenes Jake's character Dastan is in only three or four of them, the majority of the scenes at this location involve that Icelander who plays Garsiv and Sir Ben Kinsley who plays Narsif. They play the villains in the story, and this would correspond with what my source told me about the last week focusing on the "villains."

3. September 5th was never a definite date, it was an estimate on my part. I was only told that Jake would be done "about a week" before Kinsley and that other guy for the reasons I stated in point number 2. I explained this already: I assumed the September 5th date because it was a week before the end of production on September 12th (this later date has been confirmed in newspaper reports elsewhere, thus I don't see why my source would have been right about one thing and lie about the other, when he mentioned both things to me in the same sentence).

4. Given that we know they moved to Erfoud on Wednesday and began filming there on Thursday; and since we know that Jake has at least three and maybe as many as four shooting days there: we can then deduce that Jake isn't finished in Morocco until Saturday night or (and most likely) Sunday night at the earliest. This means that Jake wouldn't even have arrived home until Sunday morning --- at the earliest --- and most likely today. That's just a guess on my part, but I think it makes sense given all the other information we have learned.

5. I seriously doubt you'll see Jake out and about in any event given that he just finished filming (literally). Most likely he'll just stay in relaxing, at least for the first few days. Again, that's just a guess.

As for Brothers...

I don't know what to make of the New York Times article. The guy at the screening seemed to suggest that it was still getting a Dec 4th release. I don't know though. I think MGM may screw this up. Is there any wonder why MGM, once the mightiest of studios, has fallen as far and as hard as they have?


Tom Brady is out for the season, BOO!

UltraViolet said...

Just a quick drive-by on my way to work. A blog report from a Morocco traveler staying at the same hotel as the PoP folks.

Last night we stayed at a sprawling hotel in Erfoud, the last real town before the desert begins. It is hot and dry and very sunny, which is what we expected, I guess. The hotel is overrun with the film crew from a Jerry Bruckheimer movie called "The Persian Prince," which is filming nearby for the week. We did not spot Jake Gyllenhaal, Alfred Molina, or Ben Kingsley, who are the stars. Morocco has a booming on-location film industry, mostly farther south, in Ouarzazate. It was strange, after seeing practically no foreigners in Fes, to be surrounded by Americans and Brits way out here.

Nice description of the landscape, if you click the link.

UltraViolet said...

Also, an interview wiht Toby Kebbell, one of the PoP actors:

LWLies – So what have you got next?
I’m doing Prince of Persia, playing a Prince of Persia, head of the Persian army and I’ve got a brother who’s going to be the future king if our father dies. Then there’s Jake Gyllenhaal who’s the Prince of Persia (from the title). It’s great. We’re shooting in Morocco and it’s hot and continuous days. I’m in a full set of armour it’s tough, but it’s great too. I get to learn to ride a horse, it’s phenomenal. It’s the hardest work I’ve done – that’s like moaning about my diamond shoes being too tight – but it’s great fun to do. I do all the things you wanted to do as a kid - wear armour, scream around the place and so on. I’m loving it really.

I think there were rumors he and Gemma were dating, but then weren't there other Gemma rumors recently?

FluorescentLamp said...

A blog report from a Morocco traveler staying at the same hotel as the PoP folks.

Damn you! *shakes fist* You've got me hooked on this family's blog and now I have to start at the beginning and read all the way through. It's proving to be a fascinating read.

UltraViolet said...

Hee - they did seem like a pretty cool family from that entry. Maybe we can follow them in Jake's absence!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I read that blog too, fascinating and what an amazing experience for the whole family, thanks for finding it UV!

extra said...

Thanks for that link to that blog UV, I would love to do what they are doing: retire and just travel the world!

Jarhead news: Jarhead will be released on blu-ray on Nov. 25th:,_Action/Thriller_Bundle_for_Blu-ray/2064

paula said...

I had to post this:

It's from TIFF last year. Jake and Reese. In the video posted the pap says "that's not Reese" but doesn't that woman in the window have on this same dress?

suvee said...

I still have not mastered the hyper-link (hangs head in shame), but I wanted to share this. It is Gyllenhaal related...... a passionate, intelligent and articulate call to arms from the woman that helped make Jake the man he is today.

bobbyanna said...

It's a wonderful article, isn't it, suvee! She is my personal hero!
My goodness, she was part of the Children's Television Workshop and helped create Sesame Street for my kids!!! I LOVE Naomi. Knew about her long before I started lusting after her son! Oops!

Anonymous said...

Naomi is absolutely correct. I like her a lot too. :)

bobbyanna said...

OK.I'm really patient. Did he vanish into thin air??? Is he minding the pigs, the chickens, and the ponies in Ojai? Did he get undone by a Moroccan sandstorm? Has no one seen him at all? Did he have himself rolled up in a carpet and smuggled into Brentwood?
Wait. Wrong movie.

Anonymous said...

really weird article about Jakes mom and Reese

UltraViolet said...

I saw that, anon, and it really is bizarre. Naomi and Reese do not look anything alike!

Speaking of Reese, here's a first look at Four Christmases. Cute but not the funniest thing I've ever seen.

And speaking of December... in this Variety article about a new project for one of the producers of Brothers, Brothers is again mentioned as a December release.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say LOL, Bobbyanna. Even the most patent among us are starting to get restless.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks for the link suvee, Naomi is 100% correct.

When ever Jake or Reese go MIA I think Ojai, isn't that the reason the place was purchased???

I saw that article about Reese and Jake's,weird!!!

chica said...

Thanks suvee, Naomi is preaching to the choir!!!

So according to Variety Brothers will be opening in Dec. I just wish we could get more information.

lawgoddess said...

Hi babblers. Maybe today is the day!

I love the image of Jake wrapped up in a carpet. Wouldn't it be fun to unroll that?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Naomi - Sara Palin is very attractive, self-reliant, smart, she's a pistol - but I am ideologically opposed to her in every way, on the most fundamental levels, like the environment, Choice, gay rights. I am not going to vote for someone simply because they are a woman, or have a woman on their ticket. :)

UltraViolet said...

Okay, folks. I don't disagree but this is not a political blog. So let's cease and desist on the politics before it gets out of hand.

sheba baby said...

Thanks for the link suvee, naomi is right on target.

Thanks UV to the link to Four Christmases, I'm not a fan of Vaughn's but I like Reese and the rest of the cast. One thing for sure, opening up on Thankgiving weekend will be great BO!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I am allowed to post this, if not please take it down

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ava!!!

extra said...

Here is a few nuggets aqbout Pop and Jake via Toby Koebell/Premiere online. How many Princes are in Pop, LOL!!!:

Tell me about the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.
I've been out in Morocco for two and a half months, so everyone keeps asking me if I'm hot in my suit, but it's 49 degrees [Celsius] in Morocco on a cool day, so it's great. It's easy living.

What's your role?
I'm a prince of Persia. Not the prince of Persia; my brother's the prince of Persia, Dastan, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who's great. He's a lovely kid. I play the head of the Persian army, so I'm sort of the evil one of the brothers. My oldest brother... is gonna be the future king of Persia, so I'm the head of the army and Dastan's the street rabble

PS: Happy birthday Ava and Michelle Williams too!

suvee said...

So let's cease and desist on the politics before it gets out of hand.

My fault, UV, and I apologize! I should have resisted the temptation to post the Naomi/HuffPost link...... sometimes I leap before I look (so to speak). :)

josie said...

Another possible role for Jake?:

Sonnenfeld Still Eyeing Timberlake As Search Commences For Actor To Get ‘Moist’
9 September 2008
MTV Movies Blog: Justin Timberlake almost got “Moist” for his first movie in theaters– and now that he’s no longer wet behind the ears, director Barry Sonnenfeld is looking at the singer as a possibility once more to get the project’s juices flowing.
“Moist” is a darkly comic novel by Mark Haskell Smith about a morgue attendant named Bob, who is “living way below his ability,” spending all his free time playing video games, until he comes across a severed arm with an erotic tattoo of a woman he falls for. In the course of trying to find out who she is, Bob ends up becoming Roberto, a kingpin of the Los Angeles Mexican mafia — ultimately replacing the man who the severed arm belonged to in the first place.
“I love the book,” Sonnenfeld said. “Tonally, it’s like ‘Pineapple Express.’”
Sonnenfeld wanted the lead role in “Moist” (not to be confused with the Dr. Horrible version) to be a “good looking and yet somehow slightly quirky guy. He’s not traditionally handsome. He’s funny.” So four years ago, he sent the script to Timberlake — who was just starting to shoot his first film, “Edison Force“, which ended up going straight to video.
“He read the script, he liked it, we had lunch, he agreed to do it,” Sonnenfeld recalled. “But through no fault of his own, nothing to do with him, we weren’t able to get financing. So it almost got made, but not quite.”
Now, the director is actively talking to studios once again about the project, he’s got actors on the mind who might be best for Bob. “Jake Gyllenhaal, he’s always funny,” Sonnenfeld said. “Or Ashton Kutcher, or Seth Green, or who’s that Mac guy? Justin Long.”

Bette said...

I could see Jake doing that. Hi guys, I'm popping in for a few minutes. I don't think I've been in this post much.

We really need some Jake pics! This is getting sad. It makes me think that Disney wanted the paps to get shots of Jake in his PoP gear, because we have not seen any on set photos at all? I realize these locations are remote, but you know some paparazzi would be daring enough to do it for the right price. The only thing I can figure is that shots of just Jake don't go for that much, but shots of Jake and Reese do, or just Reese since she's definitely still A+ list, and Jake is just right in there with the A list in my book. But PoP will definitely make him A+ list for sure.

Anonymous said...

My guess is some enterprising photog took the set pics and never got another chance. Jake's disappeared before. He really knows how to completely avoid paparrazzi when he wants to.

If he took a private plane, then went to Ojai, no one would know. It's possible that with all the travel, the hectic schedules, the really hard work, Reese and Jake want to be left alone and just deal with their own real lives, especially since he has to eventually go to London for at least three weeks more of filming.

Anonymous said...

Do we have a guess when Jake will be done filming POP?
October, November?

UltraViolet said...

No worries, suvee :)

Thanks for the PoP/Premiere tidbits, extra. It's great to hear Toby K talk about the role. It sounds exhausting, but also seems like they are having a great time. And Jake as street rabble? I love it.

Hi, Bette! Good to see you. And yes, we do need pictures. Now!

I always like seeing Jake's name mentioned for roles, josie, but not if Justin Timberlake is the first choice!

I thought this was cute. It's a list of the top high school movies, and Jake (Donnie Darko) and Reese (Election) are next to each other.

Okay, I might be suffering from withdrawal :)

agent_krycek said...

my brother's the prince of Persia, Dastan, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who's great. He's a lovely kid.

Which is a bit strange as Jake is approximately 14 months older then Toby - I presume dorky, goofy Jake has made an appearance :D

shondra said...

I thought the lovely kid comment was funny too ak! And yes the goofy/dorky Jake has made an appearence on the set of Pop, bs' contact described Jake as nerdy, goofy on the set.

sass said...

Morning babblers,
Naomi's right on with me. Lipstick on a pig still a pig remark woke me up this morning...and he was not calling her a pig...I am too tired to say anymore... I need some Pre-chemo Jake...NOW.
love you all,:)

chica said...

Hi sass!!
How are you doing? Agree with you on all points!

I saw that list of top HS movies UV.

Both DD and Election were movies that made me notice both Jake and Reese.

Anonymous said...

I bet there will be some kind of engagement announcement before Brothers or Four Christmases. I think they are already engaged, but there will be some kind of acknoledgement of it very soon. I have no reason to think this, I just do.

Xenia said...

Ok, no Jake in Toronto but there's still Rome people! I'm Italian and I've been there last year for Rendition so...I'd like to give it a sexcond chance (or I should say him since Jake literally snubbed me back then and simply passed me over while I was submerged by a wildly screaming crowd);).

The list of the films that will be screened at the festival will be announced at the beginning of October. Fingers crossed.

bobbyanna said...

If Jake is home on a break before London, then I'll be really surprised if he does much traveling right now to promote anything. (Poor thing might be so exhausted he is positively bedridden!)

It occurred to me that with Jake being so close to his family, he might want to spend time with them, too. I bet it's been ages since he's seen them! Ramona is getting to that age where you just want to gobble them up!

If Jake finishes in mid-October with PoP,t hey will have six or seven weeks to promote Brothers. They really ought to start rolling out trailers and art about now, I'd think.

I need to stop worrying.

sag actor said...

I would also keep an eye out for the London Film Festival in October for Brothers too!

gabbana said...

London has announced their programme for the film festival today - no "Brothers" ....

If they are really going with the December release date (despite the fact that the film is not listed on any of the film sides)I don´t understand the philosophy behind the non-existing PR. Awards season has started and is building up now with Venice and Toronto.

Funny, a Jake film which will be out in nearly two (!) years is creating more buzz then one which is released (??) in three months.

bobbyanna said...

I know,gabbana! I guess that's only bcz he is working on that movie right this minute...and he has such an extraordinary look for it! ;)

I am consoling myself with the fact that not all worthy films go the festival route. I am sure there was a good reason why Sheridan and the producers decided not to do festivals.

Meanwhile, speaking of PoP, I am convinced, based nothing, that PoP will open at either Tribeca and/or Cannes. I have embarked on an ambitious exercise regimen, diet, and money saving project in preparation.

gabbana said...

"I am consoling myself with the fact that not all worthy films go the festival route"

Thats right, but those films usually have at least some pictures out, a teaser or trailer (example "Milk") - people have something to discuss.

" have embarked on an ambitious exercise regimen, diet, and money saving project in preparation."

I am in!:-))
Pop will be released on the 28th of May, Cannes usually starts at the beginning/middle of May - that would be a fantastic opportunity for the filmmakers ... or Tribeca, end of April...sounds great too.

Around 18 months should be enough time for preparation...

chica said...

The lack of buzz for Brothers is puzzling, but you are right bobbyanna, not all worthy films go the festival route.

If Pop is screened at Tribeca, i'm definately there!

Anonymous said...

I was just looking thru the photos you provided for this thread. Does anyone else think that Jake bears a resemblance to Xavier Bardem, in the second picture from the top? I think he could pass for Xavier's younger brother.

UltraViolet said...

I can sort of see it, anon. But I'm not sure it holds up from every angle :)

New Reese and Atticus pics.

agent_krycek said...

have you seen the shape Jake got his body into for his new fantasy flick?? Have mercy!!

From the link UV posted above me :D

I'm strangely obsessed with Atticus's floppy ear, has anyone ever seen a photo where both ears are pointed up (odd question, I know, but I'm a bit over tired at the moment)

UltraViolet said...

Hee - that's funny, Agent K!

I don't think the ear ever points up. I think Atticus's ears were the reason he was a rescue/shelter dog. His "imperfection," if you will. Luckily, Kirsten and Jake didn't see it that way!

I'm overtired, too!

Monica said...

Good Morning, babblers!

UV, thank you! Atticus is a lovely dog!

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks for the link to the Reese/Atticus pics UV! Jake should be finishing up soon and hopefully getting a few weeks break before filming resumes in the UK.

PS: Fiance/boyfriend? (From the captions on that site).

extra said...

Atticus and Reese, THANKS!!!!!

Here is a bit on the Pop graphic novel:

lawgoddess said...

I could do Tribeca for PoP. It would be a blast.

I love Reese and Atticus, but it's Jake I need.:)

Anonymous said...

You need Jake :p How do you think Reese feels, she will probably be ripping his clothes off when she sees him after 2 months of being apart

josie said...

Make that one month apart: Morocco around August 12 remember??

I sure do, LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

There are was that rare chance that maybe she saw him over the labor day break, but I doubt it

josie said...

Doesn't matter, he should be home this weekend if bs is right about filming in Morocco.

I noticed that about Atticus' ear as well, love seeing her walking him whille papa is working!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he will be in Morocco Until October or the end of the month

Remember the source was wrong about being done on Sept 5

lawgoddess said...

I thought the source said either the 5th or the 12th. And that the fifth was the earliest possible date.

Anonymous said...

I am looking at her bracelet in the new dog walking pictures maybe the Cartier love bracelet
I can't see the detail

sag actor said...

BS said that Jake was supposed to have finished by the 5th based on his source( The source said that Jake would be done one week before the rest of the cast which is the 12th, tomorrow so he guessed the 5th)

But when you are filming under those conditions anything can happen so he may have well be still filming, who knows. I guess we will know definately soon enough.

UltraViolet said...

New post, peeps!