Friday, August 29, 2008

Jake Gyllenhaal - The Best Seat In The House

Over the past two weeks, USA TODAY revealed its list of the 10 best seats in major league baseball parks. Today they complete the series with No. 1 on the list.

Green Monster seats, Fenway Park, Boston

Where: Fenway Park's Green Monster seats, Section M6, Row 1, Seat 12. This seat atop Fenway's 37-foot high, 231-foot long left-field wall puts you on top of the action.

Home runs rise up into your face. You can hear the thwack of doubles bouncing off the wall below you. Bring your glove. With the Monster only 310 feet down the left-field line from home plate, the homers often come in bunches. During the May 22 game, for example, there were four hit into the seats, including two grand slams. The real fireworks, say repeat ticket-buyers, come during batting practice when players from both teams hammer ball after ball into the seats.

Who: The seats have attracted plenty of famous faces, ranging from actors Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell to Celtics GM Danny Ainge and NASCAR driver Kyle Busch. Sold on a game-by-game basis, there are no season ticket holders — and an absence of corporate fat cats.

I think they may have forgotten someone from that list of luminaries.

Let's listen to Jake Gyllenhaal retell his experience atop the Green Monster.

Pics and videos courtesy of IHJ and GyllenBabble.


Monica said...

Hello, babblers!
Continuing the previous post...

Site EGO

In the night before the collective in which spoke about domestic violence in Brazil, the American actress, ambassador of the Avon Foundation, the first was in samba in Mata Cafe and then followed to the nightclub Disco, which asked music.DJ Davison Lemos played songs requested by the actress.

In his first stop, one source said the EGO that the actress came to the place around midnight and sat alone in the balcony, but was soon accompanied by two women and three security guards - one of the house. Reese is not imported to dance alone and took the pace of the brazilian group Sambô. Even the paparazzi have not had success, because any flash on Reese was blocked by flashlights carried by security guards

Monica said...

Great post, FL!
I love the baseball. When I have time to watch some games.
Also follow the NBA and NFL!

Jake is a very funny!

chica said...

Thanks for the translation monica!!

I'm a Mets fan but I become a Red sox fan anytime they play the Skanks, I was hoping for a sweep when they played them earkier this week in Ny but i'll take 2 out of 3!

extra said...

I love that interview, thanks FL and thanks monica for the translation. Here are some of what Reese had to say at her conference:

"There isn’t a woman in the world that doesn’t have a friend or a partner who’s actually experiencing some sort of violence against them, so I think although domestic violence hasn’t happened to me personally, I certainly know women who are dealing with this struggle every day.”
If YOU know someone suffering abuse or even if you don't, CLICK HERE to buy Avon's Empowerment Bracelet. Sales will be matched by Avon and a total donation of $1 million will be given to UNIFEM, the United Nations Development fund for Women. Maybe Jake should join the cause -- it'd make for a much hotter photo op!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the translation Monica.

It's so quite in Jake fandom, we really really need some new pics/news, sigh.

sheba baby said...

Yes it's very quiet, BS said that Jake has the Labor day weekend off. Maybe we will hear or see some pics this weekend, don't know if Reese is still in Brazil.

I hope everyone has a great Labor day weekend and get out to a ballpark and root for your team!!

Anonymous said...

about her fashion dress

sag actor said...

OT: Story about the TIFF, still bummed that Brothers didn't make the list:

Anonymous said...

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and I have to say that Reese looked gorgeous at the Avon event in Brazil. Loved the dress, the color is fabulous. Love the chair too ;) Loved the shoes; girl sure knows how to shoe shop. Like the longer, sharper edged bob hair. She looked tasteful for the occasion, but with a little bit of a cutting edge. I do appreciate the work she does for women's health and other issues. She has good taste in men too, it appears. :)

UltraViolet said...

I love this post. Love seeing Jake at Fenway. Too bad he hasn't made it yet this year!

The Conan clip is priceless. And since Conan did predict it would be the clip shown on the internet, it's only right that we finally have it for our viewing pleasure!

I wonder what Jake's friend thought of the impression? :)

Thanks for giving us a new post, FL!

UltraViolet said...

Oops, I guess it was Jake who predicted the clip wold be on youtube!

Speaking of video, here's Reese at the disco letting her hair down. Fun clip!

And from IMDb,theFour Christmases poster.

Hope we get to see a Brothers poster soon!

shondra said...

I'm still dissapionted that Jake isn't doing this play. Hopefully another project will turn up:

BREAKING NEWS: In a timely blend of political themes and theater news, Playbill reports that Broadway star John Gallagher Jr. has been picked to star in the upcoming Atlantic Theater production of the play Farragut North. A year or so back, Michael Riedel of the New York Post reported Jake Gyllenhaal was considering the project. Either way, the play has star attention. According to Variety, George Clooney has been eyeing the play to possibly direct and produce a film version of the script starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The political play from Beau Willimon follows an idealistic, young press secretary working on a presidential campaign. Willimon actually did work on the Howard Dean campaign in 2004. The show will directed by superman Doug Hughes and will run October 22 - November 29

Fenway park is amazing, been there several times!

That Four Christmases poster is too funny, thanks for the link UV, off to watch the video.

FluorescentLamp said...

Reese drinking long neck brew.

Stars. They're just like us!

That was fun to see. Thanks for posting that, UV!

brothers spy said...

Have there been any photographs of Reese in America since she left Brazil? Because she left on Thursday night, right after the event, and should have arrived back on Friday (the pictures of her at the disco were taken the day BEFORE the event on Wednesday).

Also, does anyone know if the kids are still with Ryan or not? Because I still think it's possible that Reese went back to Morocco to see Jake.

Anonymous said...

Word was Jake would leave Morocco around Sept 5

I wonder where he will go from Sept 5 England, LA?

Yes, I do wonder if Reese is with him right now

Anonymous said...

I get a feeling she's waiting for him in LA. She's supposed to participate in that Breast Cancer Awareness special September 5th. I think Jake is probably really busy trying to get finished,working his butt off so he can come home and rest. He has to be exhausted based on all the reports.

Anonymous said...

I think to, why go back to Morocco when Jake is leaving there in a few days.
The work in Morocco is probably extra hard right now so they can get done, if Jake is done by Sept 5

brothers spy said...

Jake has this weekend off so he's not working at all. Being that it's Labor Day weekend, and a Muslim holiday to boot, I don't think anyone is working this weekend (cast or crew). Since she left Brazil on Thursday, she'd arrive in Morocco on Friday --- thus she could spend Friday night, Saturday and Sunday with him before departing on Monday the 1st of September (the Labor Day holiday) and returning in time to see her kids off to school and attend that charity thing on September 5 while Jake finishes up his final week.

Understand that I don't know one way or another. It's just another hunch. The days seem to line up in favor of a rendez vous. I'd keep a look out for something.

P.S. Why would Jake go to England on September 5th? First, they don't finish filming in Morocco until September 10th or so --- Jake finishes a week before everyone else because every scene they've filmed so far he has been in, and there are scenes he is not in. Second, they don't begin filming there until the end of September at the earliest, most likely early October. All the physical stuff was done in Morocco, so there's no need for rehearsals.

Either way, he's certain to come back to America for a couple of weeks at least to rest.

brothers spy said...

One more thing...

There is literally no schedule at all for the shoot in England.

This strongly implies that they won't begin filming there right away, since they'd probably have to figure all that kind of stuff out first.

Personally, given the harsh conditions they've faced in Morocco, and the lack of a rush due to a late release date, I think they'll almost certainly take some time off before England.

I think they just kept the Morocco schedule because they had already started by the time the decision was made to delay the film's release. It would have cost them more money if they delayed shooting in Morocco. It won't cost them anything to delay the shoot in England.

suvee said...

I adore that pic of Jake at Fenway...... proof (not that we girls need it) that there really is a little boy lurking inside every man. That big smile is saying, "Can you believe how cool this is!?".

What a great poster for Four Christmases. This movie should do really well at the b.o. IMO.

And it was wonderful to see Reese grooving at the nightclub.... maybe one day we really will get to see J & R dancing.

Thanks to FL and UV for the goodies today!

Anonymous said...

I'd forgoten how funny that Conan interview was, thanks FL and thanks UV for the Reese video, it',s good to see her let her hair down, cute.

josie said...

LMAO at that Four Christmases poster!!!

Love that smile on Jake at Fenway too, definately the little boy lurking in a man smile.

Loved the video of Reese, looks like she had a great time.

I always thought that there was a chance that Jake would go to Brazil instead but that doesn't seem to be the case if she left on Thursday.

Enjoy you Labor day weekend everyone!

extra said...

Jake and Reese makes the hottest summer romance list even thouh they have been dating for over a year!

sag actor said...

OT: Dear God, not again:

Mandatory Hurricane Evacuation Is Ordered in New Orleans

City officials ordered everyone to leave New Orleans
beginning Sunday morning -- the first mandatory evacuation
since Hurricane Katrina flooded the city three years ago --
as Hurricane Gustav grew into what the city's mayor called
"the storm of the century" and moved toward the Louisiana

Read More:

bobbyanna said...

Just got back from dinner with Eldest Daughter, who sends warmest regards to FL!!!!

BSpy, I've been thinking, That's a powerful lot of traveling to go from Brazil to Morocco to LA, unless Reese stays in Morocco until Jake is ready to leave. Which is certainly a possibility...but I think it is a remote possibility for her to travel to Morocco at all right now. But, hey!

The other thing is this. All those actors have schedules. So I think even tho the release date has been delayed, the actual shooting schedule won't vary too much from the original plan. Otherwise there might be problems with other film or work/personal commitments. Not to mention that I think Jake will be more then ready for a "haircut." ;)

I'm thinking they will probably stick to the three(?)week shoot in the UK probably in early October. Ava's birthday is September 9th, so Reese will definitely be home for that. I think Deacon's is near Halloween.

Jake and Reese will both be ready for a break, and they both have movies to promote, too...if Brothers is still on for
December 4th.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, with Katrina there was no mandatory, they just told people, or encouraged people to evacuate, totally ignoring the people with no transportation. A Police action, which a mandatory evac is, doesn't give people a choice. They have to leave. Of course there will be a few who refuse, but not many. At least this time they provided buses and used the buses. I pray that Gustav bypasses NOLA.

FluorescentLamp said...

bobbyanna said...

Just got back from dinner with Eldest Daughter, who sends warmest regards to FL!!!!

Aww that was sweet of her. She's a lovely girl, just like her mum. Send her my best. :-*

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks for he link to the Reese video UV, looks like she had a blast!

With school starting I doubt that she would spend the week in Morocco especially if he is supposed to be finished filming there by the end of the week.

The picture of Jake at Fenway reminds me that he and his firend Chris was at the US open at this time last year!

I'm glad to see that they are evacuating NOLA , they still haven't recovered for Katrina. I heard this morning that they downgraded it to a 3.

I hope tand pray that the Goverment response this time is more effective than last time.

sag actor said...

I don't know if this was already posted, but it's a more detailed explanation on why Pop was pushed back:

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks for that link, sag actor.

From the link above ...

Mind you, there is a fourth theory out there floating around as to why "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" 's release date got pushed back to May of 2010. And that has to do with Disney's expectations for this new Mike Newell movie being so high that ... Well, Mouse House executives just wanted more time in order to co-ordinate a company-wide promotional plan. So that every possible platform at Disney (i.e. Disney Consumer Products, Disney Parks & Resorts, ABC, the Disney Channel, ESPN, et al) could then be used to leverage this brand. Elevate "POP" from just being a garden variety summer blockbuster to then becoming ... Well, a "Dark Knight" -like phenomenon.

The expectation in that theory makes my stomach hurt a little bit. :-(

Anonymous said...

Eww! Jake will be a "brand!"

sag actor said...

Thanks for fixing that for me FL!

I thought that it was more to it then originally reported. Sounds like they have big plans for pop, and yeah the marketing bit is a turn off for me as well.

shondra said...

Reese will be participating in the Avon walk for brest cancer in September:

shondra said...

The marketing part of Pop in that article is not surprising, I also think they may go the 3-D route for this film as well.

FluorescentLamp said...

Sounds like they have big plans for pop, and yeah the marketing bit is a turn off for me as well.

It's less the big marketing plans and more about how this proposed huge franchise will rest squarely on Jake's broad shoulders. Not that I don't think he CAN'T handle it, but the ginormity of that theory from the above article makes me a little queasy for him.

brothers spy said...

I always assumed that that was the reason POP was pushed back in the first place.

Disney must have real high hopes for this and will throw it's entire marketing structure into promoting it.

I wouldn't feel bad FL. I understand what you're saying, but I see it another way. If this movie hits, which I believe it will, then Jake will become a megastar earning $20 million per picture. Remember how Johnny Depp was just an art house favorite without any box office potential for the longest time, and now he's a huge star. That's what I see happening here.

This is good news.

Anonymous said...

I feel Jake is already a megastar, in my own heart anyway!

Anonymous said...

I think Reese might be getting herself a little alone with Jake time this weekend
maybe maybe

Monica said...

Reese gave an interview to Brazilian Fantastic programme. The program site provided in the form of text and video:


Reese Witherspoon praises caipirinha and samba

At 30 years, she won an Oscar. Today she is the best paid actress in Hollywood, leaving behind Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman. We're talking about Reese Witherspoon, the current darling of Hollywood

It was the role of student rich, naive and blond that Reese Witherspoon won the world. Success so great that months after she was already in the studio again, recording a continuation.

The triumph came in 2006: best actress statuette for his work in the film Johnny and June. Reese has become powerful. Last year was the actress who won more in Hollywood.

In the year in which Reese won the Oscar, Patricia Poeta was there in Hollywood covering the ceremony for the Fantastic.

"A scene called me much attention, soon after she received the statuette, one of the journalists asked what change in her life. And Reese's response was: 'No, today I have to wake early and take my children get school'.
"Reese, you can be a great star of Hollywood and still having a normal life?", Patricia question.

"Absolutely. Grew up in a family and normal. And I still have many relatives around me. They ensure that I keep foot on the floor, "says Reese.

This star foot on the floor, devoted mother, came to Brazil to launch a global campaign to alert for violence against women.

Reese feel terrible the number of women victims of domestic violence. Only in Brazil, a woman is assaulted in the home every 15 seconds. The actress is so mind that throughout the world. And remember a japanese confided to him as it was good to talk about their suffering.

I think she was chosen as a symbol of this campaign?

She says not know. You may have been done by several very strong roles for women or because it is a girl who came from inside and always worked hard to have the career that has today. The battle, she says, perhaps reflecting on his image as an actress.

Patricia Poeta question that challenges it still has in his career after having won the Oscar so young.

She speaks of two films that are making: a comedy about the time of Christmas and a film for children in doing the role of monster.

"To win another Oscar?", Patricia question.

"Just to amuse me," she says.

Near the end of the interview, Patricia tries to kill the curiosity: "Who has taken their children get school while you're here in Brazil with us?"

Reese thinks bounty of the question. And that is to his family that takes care of children at the time. And that is because of them now only one day in Brazil. Shortly, but enough time to prove caipirinha (brazilian drink).

And knows where she took caipirinha? "In the samba." She thought everything beautiful, fun, says he felt "the soul of the country." But if amazed: "In a Wednesday!", It entertains.

Patricia Poeta takes to play: "Who knows one day you do not live vai a paper they have to dance samba?"

Reese asked if the reporter can be your teacher. Who knows? "But first I have to learn and practice a lot, Reese," says Patricia.

enigma said...

Thanks for the video and the translation monica.

bobbyanna said...

FL, I agree. I got queasy too. Jake will be carrying a franchise, with three pictures planned.
No matter how level headed you are, and I believe Jake really stable, he has to feel a lot of pressure.

He's also aware that movies are a business. A company invests millions and millions of $$$, and they're counting on him. It reminds me of when Heath saw his face on billboards for A Knight's Tale with the legend under it: "He Will Rock You!" and had a panic attack.

Johnny Depp is a good example, but so is Toby Maguire. I'm glad he and Toby seem friendly and he's friends with Orlando and Robert Downey, Jr. They've all been there. This is really going to change his status a lot, though. No doubt about it.

These studios, the entire film industry, tries to stay profitable with these huge franchises and huge summer openings.

Anonymous said...

I hope with all this new pressure and fame he and Reese keep their relationship strong, the stress and fame doesn't start to get between them

josie said...

Thanks for the translation monica!

Disney has major plans for Pop, and I too worry a bit, that's a lot pressure and a challenge for Jake. but he and Reese are so grounded IMO.

agent_krycek said...

So, exactly how many of us will be buying the Dastan action figure when it's released - cos you so know there's going to be one :D

Bette said...

Agent K, I WILL! As for Reese and Jake, I think they are pretty solid. By the time PoP actually comes out they will have been dating for almost what four years? If not married, they'll have been together for a long time. I think they'll be just fine.

Monica said...

I agree with the BS.

POP will be the biggest bet of Disney to 2010. The studio wants caution with the release of the film so that it becomes a great success.
Success = big star = more movies!
That's great!

Anonymous said...

Jake and Reese will probably marry before PoP is released. They've been together two years this fall.

Anonymous said...

They've been together two years this fall.

You know that just the thought of that will give some people a heart attack don't you?.

paula said...

That link that shondra posted about Reese and the Avon walk in L.A. describes her as he recently engaged actress! A typo i'm sure but i thought that was funny.

It's great that Avon and Reese are so involved in awarenes for for breast cancer and violence against women.

Yes,I will be one of the 1st in line for a Dastan action figure!
Disney has big plans for this movie.

My thoughts and prayers to everyone in NOLA and to all in the path of Gustav, keep safe.

Have a relaxing Labor Day everyone and maybe go see a ballgame, let's go Red sox!

Narcissa said...

Have we seen these

paula said...

I couldn't open that link narcissa, are these the same pictures?

lawgoddess said...

Happy Labor Day, babblers. I wish you a fun day with at least some Jaking.

FL, thanks for the cute videos!

I'll be buying an action figure too. What the hell.:)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the description of Reese as being "recently engaged" isn't a typo. Their publicists always deny stuff. Reese and Jake tried to hide the fact they were dating for ages. I think they really might be.
I bet once Jake finishes this movie, then we will see the real ring and they will be seen together a lot more. They will probably go to their movie openings together, but not on the red carpet. I won't be surprised to see Reese out for Brothers.

lawgoddess said...

I think if they are not formally engaged, they are certainly talking marriage.

I think they both were predisposed to be married. Jake has made no secret of wanting children.

I doubt they are just playing around. It seems serious.

suvee said...

I doubt they are just playing around. It seems serious.

Yeah, LG, it does look serious. My personal hypothesis is that they have an "understanding" regarding their future together. And I think the question of when they marry largely depends on Reese feeling her kids are prepared for a second big change in their lives.

Happy Labor Day to my fellow U.S. Babblers!

Anonymous said...

I wonder where Reese and the kids have been this weekend, Reese hasn't been seen since last week, and we know Jake was taking some time off work the past few days.
Ryan was seen alone at a hotel on Sunday

brothers spy said...

That photograph of Ryan leaving the "Casa Del Mar" hotel in Santa Monica is from last week, it was only published Sunday on X17.

It was very specific in the caption, "Ryan Phillipe leaving Casa Del Mar the other day..." (emphasis mine).

I think he was with his kids this entire week and weekend, because the 50-50 custody arrangement ends this weekend now that the kids are going back to school next week. He'll only get visitation every other weekend from here on out. It only makes sense that he'd get the kids this final weekend of the summer.

Thus, Reese is still missing after leaving Brazil on Thursday night.

Where can she be?

harvey said...

What makes you think that the 50/50 split ends when school starts? They have joint custody. Even during the school year the kids divide their time between both parents. He has said that clearly in interviews that he has them have the time but that they have a flexible arrangement because their work schedules vary so much.

brothers spy said...

That's always been the arrangement. She gets primary custody during the school year. He gets to see them a couple of days during the week and gets sleepovers every other weekend. During the summer custody is split equally.

Understand, he gets to see them during the school year, but they don't sleep over (only every other weekend).

Also he lives all the way in the Hollywood Hills, it's kind of far to drive your kids to the Brentwood School everyday if you live all the way on the other side of Los Angeles. That's why they stay primarily with Reese while they're in school.

It's obvious that he had them this week since she was gone to Brazil mid-week and had told that one interviewer that the kids were with their father.

Thus, it's his week.

Bette said...

Well I know that Ryan will be on set in London come the end of September I think, he was supposed to be there in July, but they pushed back the scheduled dates of filming his next movie.

brothers spy said...

If Ryan is leaving for London, and working there, then that all but guarantees that the kids are with him now on their final weekend before school starts.

They always seem to spend time with him just before he goes away. That's what they did last year just before he went off to film the movie Franklyn.

harvey said...

Why would Ryan lie about his custody arrangement on the record? I'm sorry I doubt you really know their specific schedule.

Anonymous said...

I've read that Reese has primary custody of the kids which menas they live with her. They have a very flexible schedule, 50/50 is a bit rigid for 2 working actors.

Summers are 50/50 and no Ryan wasn't lying just abit complicated to explain during an interview where i assume he was promoting a movie.

brothers spy said...

Ryan didn't lie. He's never mentioned that. He's never said that he had 50-50 custody. He asked for it when he filed the divorce papers, but she contested that. That's why that aspect of the divorce wasn't settled until this past June.

Their custody arrangement was mentioned in an edition of People Magazine and anyone who has followed the comings and goings of the kids could see it quite clearly.

If you have any specific information to the contrary, please feel free to provide the link.

Otherwise, you accusing me of "not knowing" their custody arrangement is the pot calling the kettle black isn't it?

harvey said...

Well I do know what he said. I'll find the link. In the meantime it's 8 1/2 miles between his house and the Brentwood school where Ava goes a twenty minute drive. I'm not sure about the boy's preschool. He hired the best lawyer in the business. I wouldn't be so quick to assume he settled for every other weekend and one day a week plus some bonus time in the summer.

brothers spy said...


I don't know why you're getting all bent out of shape about this. I'm sure Ryan is good father and spends a lot of time with his kids.

The point of what I wrote was that Ryan had custody of the kids this week, can we at least agree on that?

Anonymous said...

brothers spy is the expert here, I am sure they are correct on this matter

FluorescentLamp said...

Guys, I'm starting to feel a bit squicked by all this chatter of the Phillipe children and their schedules. Can we back off discussion of the children now?

sheba baby said...

Yes, please simmer down harvey,there are more important things to worry about.

He had the kids last week while she was in Brazil because she mentioned in the interview BS referred to. He may have had them this past weekend as well, Reese has not been seen (by the paps at least) since she left Brazil.

She could be anywhere including Morocco with Jake since he had off, who knows.

It's just speculation, just relax and enjoy the rest of the labor day off!

Anonymous said...

We need some Jake news, anything really.

sheba baby said...

Sorry FL!

brothers spy said...


I agree this conversation is getting creepy. My intent had nothing to do with how this newbie took it to mean.

I was only pointing out that Ryan had the kids this week. That's it. Then it turned into this weird thing.

No more, I promise.

harvey said...

Sure. I'm not trying to be disagreeable. I really believe that they wound up with 50/50 custody and that Reese took on endorsements and charity work in part because she knew the kids were going to be spending time with their father. They both seem to be good parents.

Narcissa said...

The drought is getting to us! We need Jake news, Jake pics, Jake something!

Anonymous said...

ignore the mean comments on this TMZ site link

Here is an old sweet vid of Jake and Reese on the beach, her feeding him and having a drink

chica said...

Thanks for the ink to the new set pictures paula, the set looks amazing! Hopefully we will hear some Jake news soon, he will be finished filming in Moroco on the 5th according to BS.

Hope everyone here had a very relaxing Labor day.

bobbyanna said...

chica, I went bike riding three days in a row! I feel such a sense of accomplishment!!! Also, stiffness. ;) The weather has been glorious, tho. Just beautiful.

Saw some cool pictures of Natalie Portman at the Venice FF screening a movie she directed. Short film starring Lauren Bacall. Let's see... Gustav wasn't as bad as they thought it would be.
How 'bout them Red Sox?

brothers spy said...

I saw those pics of Natalie and, honestly, she looked as beautiful as I've ever seen her. Just gorgeous.

As for the Red Sox, I don't think they'll catch Tampa Bay unfortunately, but I do think they'll get the wild card berth and thus make it into the playoffs. However, barring some sort of turn of events, I don't personally think they have the team to make it far into playoffs and probably won't win the World Series again.

Personally, i'm the biggest college football fan and absolutely love the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. So i'm very excited that the college football season began this past Saturday, although Notre Dame had a bye and didn't play.

They had a terrible season last season, but I expect them to do better this year. So that's what i'm thinking about right now; that and that my work is starting to pile up and it looks like i'm going to have a pretty busy September and October.

Good night all...

bobbyanna said...

Nitey-nite, BSpy. (If I followed football, which I rarely, barely do, I am a diehard Woverine fan!)

sass said...

Morning babblers,
I hope everyone had a safe Labor day.
I love this post about the Green Monster, especially when I think about Jake hanging up there catching balls and having fun.
And I agree with FL and other babblers...comments... especially those about how many miles they live apart are very very very creepy.

sammy said...

Brother's Spy is the one that brought up the fact that Ryan lived too far away to drive his kids to school. I don't think someone pointing out that he doesn't is creepy. His address and the schools address are public knowledge. There is lots of speculation about Jake's private business on this site that is just fanish interest in my opinion. I don't think that it's creepy.

UltraViolet said...

We don't need to wonder or worry about how far any of them lives from the school or each other. There's no need to dwell on the children or the details of their lives.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I saw the pictures of Natatlie as well and agree that she looks stunning!

Agree that the Red sox will not catching up with the Rays, but I think they will get the Wild card.

No pap pics of Reese since she left Brazil, hmmm.....

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

News about the distributions of some films:
Alliance Films proudly announces new film suppliers for Canada, UK

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Monica, I hope that means we get a UK release date soon.

extra said...

Thanks for that link monica, it looks like Brothers has a distributer for Canada and the UK.

I have a feeling that the date for Brothers in the US was pushed back, there is no information, not even a trailer yet.

Bette said...

Yeah even Reese's Four Christmases has a poster. I bet it got pushed back to January or something.

brothers spy said...

I'm not sure it will be pushed back necessarily.

According to the imdb page MGM is releasing it in the US alone.

Maybe it was just looking for distribution in England and Canada, which it seems to have now, before any decisions were made regarding release strategies and/or publicity.

This new development actually makes me more optimistic to be honest with you, given that I always knew the problem was foreign distribution and not domestic. If they have distribution now for the US (MGM, Canada and the UK (Alliance), the three primary English speaking markets, then I think it's ready to go.

Unfortunately, I don't think it'll get a major 3,000 theater run, thus it probably won't be breaking any box office records, but I don't see anything stopping it at this point. It's not unusual for films to be released abroad at a date much later than its theatrical run in US, Canada, UK.

Anonymous said...

January is where movies go to die.

brothers spy said...


Not necessarily. A film could get released in one or two theaters at the end of December (thus making it eligible for Oscars) and then released incrementally throughout January, and possibily February, letting Oscar buzz push up its box office receipts.

Think: There Will Be Blood.

Of course, this strategy assumes that the film will get strong reviews, word of mouth and actual awards consideration.

Anyway, I still don't think there will be a delay.

Many films have not released any trailers or posters. Milk is a very eagerly awaited film and there is no poster or trailer for that film either. There are a few others as well. Milk comes out the same day as Brothers: December 5th.

UltraViolet said...

Okay, Jake, time to emerge from hiding!

Thanks for the Relativity info, Monica. The news was in Variety, as well. I'm hoping that since they didn't make any announcement about the status of Brothers, that nothing has changed.

I'm sure most people have seen this:

'Man on Wire' adds related short
Jake Gyllenhaal narrates animated 'Towers'

'The Man Who Walked Between the Towers' will screen in conjunction with docu 'Man on Wire' at some L.A. and Gotham playdates.

"Man on Wire" is throwing out another line.

Beginning Friday, select screenings in L.A. and Gotham will be followed by animated short "The Man Who Walked Between the Towers," based on Mordicai Gerstein's Caldecott Award-winning children's book.

The 2005 short is narrated by Jake Gyllenhaal and, like "Man on Wire," centers on Philippe Petit's 1974 wire walk between the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

"The Man Who Walked Between the Towers" will screen after showings of "Man on Wire" at the Landmark Theater in Los Angeles and Landmark's Sunshine Cinema in New York City.

Magnolia Pictures, distrib of "Man on Wire," hopes the short will broaden the doc's appeal to family auds. "Man on Wire" just topped $1.5 million at the box office, making it one of the top-grossing docs of the year to date.

It's supposed to be a great documentary. And how fun would it be to see Jake's narration on the big screen?

sheba said...

Hi all.

This is my third visit to GyllenBabble and my first time posting (I've a lot to catch up on I guess). This is an interesting place so I'm trying to figure out the ethos that exists here. I'm glad your blog is not just about Jake and you include other Gyllenhaals and other connections - kudos. Any news I get on Jake is a huge bonus so thank you to all the contributors that keep us in the know.

Thanks also for the political comments. I'm from the UK and the buzz over here about the speeches is very positive - it's fascinating and very welcome - a very exciting time for you guys in the USA.

It's also great when I see new images/videos of Jake and that killowatt smile.... it serves to tide me over until the next sighting.

BTW, the best seat in the house would surely be on Jake Gyllenhaal's lap ;D

Continue the good work here and although work restricts my internet time I shall return from time to time to make sure y'all are behaving.

gabbana said...

Thanks for the information on "Brothers", Monica.
It is at least a good sign that the film got a distributor for the UK and Canada without any promotion or buzz or presence at one of the festivals.

"Milk is a very eagerly awaited film and there is no poster or trailer for that film either"

"Eagerly awaited" is the key word - I don´t see anyone beyond the Jake, Natalie, Tobey fanworld awaiting "Brothers" - most people do not even know that it exists.

I agree with BS that the film won´t be pushed back but I hope MGM won´t be treating "Brothers" like Thinkfilm did with Heath "Candy".....

I would love to see Jake being part of the award events again - and not just as a "presenter"...

UV -thats great news for "TMBTT" - Jake did a wonderful job with the narration. I also would love to see the documentary. (But surely will have to wait for DVD or TV..)

Hi Sheba, nice to see you here- it is a friendly place with nice people. And always someone who is posting the latest news in the Jake-world.:-))

gabbana said...

I just saw the new Entertainement Double issue title here:

Jakes name is on that front side - does anyone have the chance to get the magazine?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that an old magazine?

Lemon said...

You know, I watched the video of Jake talking about the Green Monster and didn't even notice Conan until I read UV's post...

gabbana said...

If this EW magazine is old, I am sorry. I am not able to read the date - I thought it was new, because it was a new post on ONTD.

chica said...

Yeah I think that is an old issue of EW , don't know why they would post that to discuss the new Superman rumors.

Thanks for posting that information on The man that walked between the Towers, I have not seen that. When I heard about the documentary i thought about that and wondered if there was a way to tie it in with Jake's reading which I loved!

Great idea and a wonderful way to get the kids interested.

Hopefully ther will be some Jake news this wekend, he is due to finish filming in Morocco by the end of this week.

Speaking of MIA, Reese has been since she left Brazil.

agent_krycek said...

Speaking of MIA, Reese has been since she left Brazil.

Possibly staying in Morrocco with Jake until the 5th then back to the States whilst he's on a break maybe.

chica said...

I was thinking that too agent k, but I thought that the kids started school this week. I think she would be in the states for that but it is curious we haven't seen the usual pap pics of her around LA as usual.

extra said...

And for those who haven't heard/read the Man who walked between the towers:

Anonymous said...

I am convinced Reese is with Jake right now, she hasn't been seen since last week.
I hope they are enjoying some time together

brothers spy said...

I spoke too soon.

Milk released its official poster this week and they have been releasing movie stills all week as well. Still no trailer however.

I was thinking that given the fact that Milk and Brothers are both Oscar baity dramas to be released on the same day, this might mean that we may get movie stills and a poster for Brothers as well sometime soon. (You can't see it but I am praying as I write this, lol).

I am especially optimistic about this because Brothers officially has distribution for all the major English speaking markets now.

So let's hope.

Also, someone had mentioned Four Christmases having a poster (and a still released last week), but let's not forget that Four Christmases will be released one or two weeks before Brothers so it only makes sense that a poster and still would be released a week or two earlier as well.

I suppose my point is that we should be getting the type of information on Brothers that we have all been craving for --- VERY SOON.

If we don't, then I will officially join the group that thinks something is definitely wrong here.

UltraViolet said...

Also, Four Christmases is a big studio release, not at all in the same category as Brothers, which is a small drama. It's not surprising that we have stuff on 4C. (In fact, I think it has an official site now, too.)

But if something doesn't happen with Brothers soon, then something is definitely amiss.