Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman (January 26, 1925 - September 26, 2008)

He's my celebrity godfather.' What's a celebrity godfather? 'That's the godfather that the media give you. He's a close friend of my family. He taught me to drive. I have literal godfathers and celebrity godfathers. ~ Jake Gyllenhaal, Telegraph, 10/21/07

Newman's Own Foundation Celebrates the Life and Legacy of Paul Newman
Saturday September 27, 9:14 am ET

(January 26, 1925 - September 26, 2008)

WESTPORT, Conn., Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Remembering the life and legacy of Paul Newman, Newman's Own Foundation has issued a statement. The statement, from Vice-Chairman Robert Forrester, follows: "Paul Newman's craft was acting. His passion was racing. His love was his family and friends. And his heart and soul were dedicated to helping make the world a better place for all.

"Paul had an abiding belief in the role that luck plays in one's life, and its randomness. He was quick to acknowledge the good fortune he had in his own life, beginning with being born in America, and was acutely aware of how unlucky so many others were. True to his character, he quietly devoted himself to helping offset this imbalance.

"An exceptional example is the legacy of Newman's Own. What started as something of a joke in the basement of his home, turned into a highly-respected, multi-million dollar a year food company. And true to form, he shared this good fortune by donating all the profits and royalties he earned to thousands of charities around the world, a total which now exceeds $250 million.

"While his philanthropic interests and donations were wide-ranging, he was especially committed to the thousands of children with life-threatening conditions served by the Hole in the Wall Camps, which he helped start over 20 years ago. He saw the Camps as places where kids could escape the fear, pain and isolation of their conditions, kick back, and raise a little hell. Today, there are 11 Camps around the world, with additional programs in Africa and Vietnam. Through the Camps, well over 135,000 children have had the chance to experience what childhood was meant to be.

"In Paul's words: "I wanted to acknowledge luck; the chance and benevolence of it in my life, and the brutality of it in the lives of others, who might not be allowed the good fortune of a lifetime to correct it."

"Paul took advantage of what life offered him, and while personally reluctant to acknowledge that he was doing anything special, he forever changed the lives of many with his generosity, humor, and humanness. His legacy lives on in the charities he supported and the Hole in the Wall Camps, for which he cared so much.

"We will miss our friend Paul Newman, but are lucky ourselves to have known such a remarkable person."

    If you would like to support the Hole in the Wall Camps, please visit

About Newman's Own Foundation

Paul Newman believed in sharing his good fortune. He created Newman's Own Foundation, a private independent foundation, to carry on his commitment of donating to charity all profits and royalties he earns from the sale of Newman's Own products.

Paul Newman and the Newman's Own Foundation have donated more than $250 million to thousands of charities worldwide. For more information, please visit


sag actor said...

I just heard about his passing minutes ago. I knew he was ill for a while but I feel really sad this morning.

he was an incredible actor, an icon with movies like Hud, The Hustler and Cool Hand Luke.

His charitable contributions as noted in your posts FL speak volumns.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife JoAnne Woodward and his family. what a loss.

RIP Paul.

agent_krycek said...

RIP Mr Newman, a class act all the way, fabulous actor and one of life's good guys.

josie said...

A class act, he will be missed.

RIP Paul.

brothers spy said...

Hey you guys, sorry I haven't been around i've been CRAZY busy with work and haven't even checked this site in two to three weeks.

I have a bit of information regarding Prince of Persia from my source, but he sent me the email over a week ago, and i'm not sure if you already have this information or even if things have changed since then. But, you'll admit, my source has been real good, so I thought i'd share the contents of his last email.

Here's what he told me:

1. That production had moved to England in the middle of September and they were set to begin filming on September 22nd. I remember FL mentioning this and myself kind of speculating that this date made the most sense. So i'm guessing they began filming in England on Septeber 22nd.

2. Reese Witherspoon did spend a second weekend in Morocco as I originally speculated (immediately after her trip to Brazil). She and Jake didn't stay at that hotel where the crew were staying (mentioned in that report by those spectators who mentioned all the crew in the hotel), or at the hotel they originally stayed at. Jake had a secret hideaway for the two of them.

3. Jake's scenes were finished after he and Mike Newell went to Erfoud together. I think he stayed behind a couple of extra days (Jake did) and left on the 6th or 7th of September, but i'm not sure and neither is my source who stayed behind the extra week to film the other scenes Jake wasn't in. Since Jake didn't arrive in England (with everyone else) until around the 18th or 19th that gave him nearly a couple of weeks off.

I don't know where all of this fits into the larger scheme of things. Like I wrote, I haven't even been following this in a while so I'm very behind. But that's what he told me.

He said that September was crazy, filming wise, and that's why he was so busy and didn't respond right away.

I emailed him today asking about England, where I assume they are filming right now.

Hopefully he can give us more insight.

Monica said...

That is so sad.
Paul Newman was a great actor and a great man.



About the post earlier, thanks to all links and news.

get real said...

So, so sad about Paul Newman. A true great who will be very missed. My thoughts are with his family. I am sure Jake feels the same way as Paul was a mentor. :(

Narcissa said...

I knew this was coming but - still sad. One of the all-time greats and a really good guy to boot. A great philanthropist. A great loss, both for his family and for the wider world. RIP Paul, and let's hope that the muckrakers don't start their mucky tricks. If they do - I will turn away.

get real said...

Thanks very much for the update, Brothers Spy. As mentioned on here and around, there has been very good buzz on Jake as the Prince and PoP from those that saw brief bits of it. Glad to hear Jake and Reese had private time together and that Jake has gotten some time off. I am sure he needed it. Can't wait to hear about England. Thanks again to you and your source...much appreciated!

bobbyanna said...

I feel really sad about Paul Newman. He was one of my favorites for so long. I SO agree with all of you! Class act all the way.

I used to love his interviews. He had a delightful sense of humor. I've seen dozens of his movies, but my favorites are Cool Hand Luke, above all, then The Hustler, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Altho, if you haven't had a chance to see Nobody's Fool, with Newman, Jessica Tandy, and Bruce Willis and Melanie Grifiths, you really should. I highly reccommend it. Really, anything he did was interesting and just excellent.

I was just thinking of Road to Perdition, and how fortunate Daniel Craig, Tom Hanks, Stanley Tucci, and Jude Law were to work with him. Mr. and Mrs. Bridge and Empire Falls were excellent, too, as great examples of an Older Newman. A lovely, lovely man.

Hey, there, BrSpy! Glad to know Jake and Reese are spending quality time together, but sure miss seeing Jake.

Anonymous said...

brothers spy fantastic info!
Can you find out when Jake will be done filming POP?

RIP Paul.

Anonymous said...

Assuming your info is accurate, Brothers Spy, and it has been, I'm very impressed with Reese. I think she's in love!

Anonymous said...

a secret hideaway!
I have never been to a secret hideaway
sounds like they had some fun

Anonymous said...

RIP Paul Newman, great actor and seemed like a great man, loved all his films especially the earlier ones.

Glad you're back Brothers Spy and thanks for the info, I wondered if Reese had met Jake right after Brazil as there were no pics of her for a few days after the trip.

UltraViolet said...

Man, this is so sad. And yeah, knowing it was coming didn't make the news any less wrenching.

Thanks for the post, FL. Can't have been easy to do this one. :(

FluorescentLamp said...

It's been a sad year of losses for Jake. Heath, Anthony Minghella, his grandmother, now Paul Newman. :(

gabbana said...

What a great guy - his humanity, charity and his work. He was one of my favourite actors- one of the few real class acts in Hollywood.

RIP Paul!

bobbyanna said...

I forgot that Paul Newman appeared on Broadway in a play in 2002. I read some of the comments by readers in the New York Times, there are some very eloquent tributes to him by everyday people.

Thanks for the tribute, FL.
You're right, UV. It doesn't make it easier.

bobbyanna said...

Wow, FL. I hadn't thought of that.

I lost my SO, my dad, and two of my closest friends in the world, all in a 14 month period. It's damned hard.

Anonymous said...

I just found this beautiful link
Newman and Woodward never seemed to falter in their appreciation for one another, and became a symbol of lasting love in Hollywood, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in February.,,20229386_20219605_13,00.html

Anonymous said...

im going to be gone for a few days i hope when i get back on monday there wil be some more news or new pics of jake which i doubt as hhe seems to be doing a good job of staying under cover

bobbyanna said...

MSNBC Time and Again had a wonderful retrospective of Paul Newman's life and career. They will probably repeat it, and it is really worth watching.

Many intriguing moments. Among them, a clip where the anti-war, Civil Rights, political activist who eventually became a delegate in 1978, to a UN Peace conference said, that if his celebrity could be used to call attention to something worthwhile, he had no problem with being used! Sounded awfully familiar.;)

Anonymous said...

Wow how many people get info from this blog.

Brothers info?

Bette said...

I still can't believe he's dead. :(

suvee said...

"Paul had an abiding belief in the role that luck plays in one's life, and its randomness. ...... True to his character, he quietly devoted himself to helping offset this imbalance."

I would be content if that was my legacy at the end of my life......

Mr. Newman was an extraordinary man for so many reasons. Although the news of his passing wasn't totally unexpected, I am shocked and so sad. It seems inconceivable he is gone.

As FL mentioned, I too thought of Jake's losses this year......

chica said...

What sad news and what a loss. What an incredible legacy and a class act.

RIP Mr. Newman

Thanks for the update BS, I thought she went to visit him after Brazil.

Monica said...

This person, winning the auction of UCLA, she met Jake on Sept. 24 in London:
DC forum

Unfortunately it was not a good match.

agent_krycek said...

I was chatting with my SIL today about Paul Newman, and neither of us could come up with a film where, however large/small the role, that you just couldn't take you're eyes off him, he was just such a talent.

I remember seeing Butch Cassidy at a fairly young age for the first time and my sister going on about Robert Redford, but for me you just couldn't keep your eyes off Paul - the 'raindrops keep falling on my head' scene is just fabulous - and just so you all know, his passing has been headline news in the UK all day today, with many wonderful tributes

sheba baby said...

Like you said UV, we knew it was coming but it still is very sad news.

And yes FL, Jake has had so many loses this year.

My prayers go out to his family, what a loss.

UltraViolet said...

Hey, Brothers Spy - good to see you. Thanks for the update. Look forward to hearing more, as always!

And look - you're famous, quoted around the web!

I was hoping there would be a good Paul Newman movie on tonight, but I haven't found one.

Monica said...

BS, thank you for information on POP.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I was checking out Turner Classic movie channel UV, and sofar they don't have a tribute lined up for Paul Newman, but i' sure they will.

What a loss, a beautiful man inside and out.

RIP Paul.

Thnaks for the Pop update BS.

shondra said...

From his movies to his Newmans Own foundation, Paul Newman was a rare individual.

What a legacy he has left behind, he will be missed.

Kendra said...

Great post, Fluorescentlamp! R.I.P. Paul Newman, who won't be ever forgotten, Mr. Blue Eyes.

sag actor said...

A nice tribute for Newman from

bobbyanna said...

The only Newman I have is Road to Perdition, which is excellent. I have to get more of his films. I for sure want Cool Hand Luke, The Hustler, Butch Cassidy, Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, and Absence of Malice. I'd forgotten Reese was in "Twilight" with him and Susan Sarandon. And she was NOT "Legally Blonde!"

extra said...

Thanks for the beautiful tribute/post FL. I kne that he has been ill and it's not a shock to hear about but it's still sad news.

I was going through my DVD's and see that I have Cool Hand luke, Cat on a hot Tin Roof, The Hustler and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid.

I really liked Twilight with a very provocative performance from Reese.

RIP Paul

Thanks for the update on Pop BS, looking forward to your updates.

I read the link you posted Monica to the fan lunch with Jake on the set of Pop. I'm sorry that the lunch didn't turn out the way she wanted but it sounded like he was working really hard and was tired.

verdeblusm said...

Thank you BS!
Yesterday night we celebrated Paul Newman watching "The long hot summer"(my fav)...
It's a terrible loss, but I think that Jake is the one who could take his footsteps in acting as in life.

Monica said...

Extra, also realized that he was very tired. After all, was followed 10 hours of work!

Anonymous said...

The person also said he made a quick trip to New York on Sept 24, that probably was a sad trip for him
obvious reasons that trip to NY wasn't easy for Jake

Anonymous said...

I read the account Monica, I feel bad for the person but anyone can have an off day, anyway it has given some so called BBM fans ammunition to critisize Jake again.

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna - I forgot to respond to your post yesterday about your losses. That must have been an awful time. I lost my mother, father and best friend in a brief period of time. I don't think the grief caught up with me until about six months after it all, but it was overwhelming.

As for the lunch account - I wish Jake had thanked the woman for her donation. I wish for the woman's sake that things had gone better. She paid a lot of money and obviously wanted to make a connection. But from her own words, Jake was friendly and tried to make the meeting work. Sometimes, you can't expect anything more.

This is, of course, something the haters will use to show what an awful person Jake is. Let's not dwell on it here or give them a reason to troll.

paula said...

What a wonderful tribute this post is FL, I had no idea about Paul Newman's connection to the Gyllenhaals. Jake has had so many loses this year.

RIP, Mr. Newman, you will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Has there been any info on funeral arrangements for Paul Newman? I would think they would have a private service for close friends and family, then larger memorial services in NYC and LA.

bobbyanna said...

Damn!!! It's really quiet in here!!! I simply cannot believe there hasn't been a single Jake sighting. I mean. Jake is in the UK? Not necessarily a huge place. It's an island! And last I heard, it is a very civilized place. It has no deserts, or wilderness areas I know of! It has electricity, and it can accomodate wireless computers, and iphones and all the most current electronic gadgetry that I am totally illiterate about! I bet that a LOT of people in the UK are computer literate and many even have blogs! Or at least cmaera phones. Unless he is residing at Buckingham Palace on his down time, it is impossible he hasn't been seen somewhere!!! I say we get flyers with that recent shirtless Prince Dastan with Long hair picture on them and plaster the whole island with him. How much do those milk carton ads cost? Do they have milk cartons in the UK?

On another note. The bailout bill failed to pass the House of representatives, the Dow plunged more then 600 points and I read something about a big bank failure in the UK.

chica said...

I think the reason we haven't heard about any Jake sightings in the UK is because he isn't in London. It sounds like he isn't to far from the Pinewood studio.

The reason we had sightings and pics when he was in London in June with Reese is becasue they were staying in NH.

I heard about the bill being defeated as well bobbyanna, can't say i'm surprised.

The only news I have heard regarding Newman's funeral was that it will be private and in CT.

Happy Rosh Hashanah to everyone here that celebrates!

bobbyanna said...

chica, your right, Jake probably isn't in London, or the Notting Hill area. But he has to be on the island, right????? I still want to know how much it costs to put an ad on a milk euros...assuming the UK has milk cartons..;)

And I also wish all who celebrate Happy New Year!

bobbyanna said...

OT: Does anyone know off hand how many votes they will need to pass this thing?

Anonymous said...

They would need 290 for a super majority (two thirds). I think they can pass this with a simple majority, 218. That means they have to "find" about 15 more votes.

UltraViolet said...

A bill needs a simple majority to pass; in the House, that's 218 votes. So they were 13 short.

As for Jake's missingness - it was understandable in Morocco. Less so in England, but yeah, he is probably not in the heart of London. But if he really did go to freaking NYC this weekend and still managed to evade capture (photographically speaking, of course!), I'm starting to wonder if he is using some advanced Disney special effects to make him invisible!

UltraViolet said...

I forgot to add a "Happy Rosh Hashanah!" as well.

agent_krycek said...

I still want to know how much it costs to put an ad on a milk euros...assuming the UK has milk cartons

Afraid not, generally, we tend to have plastic bottles - however, we do have ads on the sides of black cabs these days, so we could possibly draft them in!

No idea why he hasn't been spotted, Katie flipping Price(don't ask, if you don't know who she is count yourself lucky) manages to get her face in the papers ever flaming day

Anonymous said...

PoP probably got a few days off for Jewish New Year. I believe he may well be in the states.

bobbyanna said...

Unfortunately, Agent K, I do know who she is...maybe Brothers spy might know if the production is on a very brief holiday hiatus...

Narcissa said...

Time to do your duty ladies:

Voting button is on Page 3.

Narcissa said...


UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Narcissa. And here's the clickable link to the poll.

Shia LeMisspelledBeef is currently winning. Nice kid, I guess. But he's no Jake!

I think the write-up on Jake was a tad skimpy also!

suvee said...

I have absolutely no predictions or guesses as to Jake's whereabouts/plans this week....... but I do know that this is a big bd week for him. His niece's birthday is Friday, and his dad's is Saturday. Gyllenhaal party time!

Have we heard a PoP filming end date from brothers spy's source? I'd kinda like to know just how much longer I shouldn't expect any Jake pics. :(

Happy New Year to all here who celebrate!

sheba baby said...

Thanks for the link UV, I NOW know who Robert Pattinson is!!!

I agree that the Jake bit was too brief and for some reason i thought James Franco was the same age as Jake.

And Happy New Year to those here that celebrate!

josie said...

I voted for Jake at the link you posted UV, thanks!

I watch The Turner Classic Movie channel and I'm puzzled that they haven't as yet done a tribute to Paul Newman, nothing on their site either, weird.

extra said...

This site has Jake kistd as a dark horse for best actor:

Dark Horses

Robert Downey Jr. in (“Iron Man”)
Harrison Ford in (“Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull”)
Jake Gyllenhaal in (“Brothers”)
Ed Harris in ("Appaloosa")
Josh Hartnett in ("August")
Ben Kingsley in (“Elegy”)
Jared Leto in (“Chapter 27”)
Viggo Mortensen in ("Good")
Lee Pace in (“The Fall”)
Alan Rickman in ("Bottle Shock")

sag actor said...

Paul Newman was cremated and a private service was held:

And TCM will finally have a tribute on Oct. 12th:

In honor of Paul Newman, Turner Classic Movies will air a tribute to the late actor on Sunday, October 12th, replacing the current scheduled programming with the following films:

6:00 AM The Rack
8:00 AM Until They Sail
10:00 AM Torn Curtain
12:15 PM Exodus
3:45 PM Sweet Bird of Youth
6:00 PM Hud
8:00 PM Somebody Up There Likes Me
10:00 PM Cool Hand Luke
12:15 AM Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
2:15 AM Rachel, Rachel (Newman directed, but did not star, in this film)
4:00 AM The Outrage

Narcissa said...

I watched one of Paul's best last night - The Hustler. Think I might watch The Color of Money tonight (got both DVDs).

So.... who is Robert Pattinson? LOL!

sheba baby said...

Robert Pattinson is the actor so frequently mentioned in the comments section of the poll that was linked. They were taking the blogger to task for not adding him to the list along with Jake, Franco, etc.

He will be in the new film coming out called Twilight based on the very popular books, and as you can see from the comments very popular!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Disney doesn't want Jake to be high visible with his PoP. Jake's image will really be transformed from this. Especially if there are going to be more then one movies. He cannot be like any of his other character or even to be like himself so much.

Anonymous said...

If Jake isn't busy with work demands, this could be an amazingly busy personal time for him. We have no idea how he was able to participate in paying respects to Paul Newman, but that aside, this is Jewish New Year, his father's and his niece's birthdays, and Peter is opening on Broadway this week, too. So maybe he is in NYC area after all.

Maybe he has a whole week off. My guess is that he has three or four full weeks of shooting left at Pinewood after this. Brothers Spy might know better.

If I was in Manhattan, I would be on the look out for a buff, long-haired, pony-tail wearing, scruffy, gorgeous guy wandering around the West Village or in Brooklyn, in the Park Slope area.

Maybe make a pass thru Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill neighborhood to see another little girl who'll be celebrating her b'day in October, too. From Maggie's comments during promotion of TDK, she, Peter, Heath, and Michelle were friends and neighbors. Deacon Phillippe will be five in October, too, right around the time of Matilda Rose, I think. Maybe they are all together.

Of course, I know nothing. I'm speculating. Maybe someone in the NYC area will have a blog...or a camera phone...or something. Whatever! (sniffs!)

bobbyanna said...

Anon 3:17 is me! Sorry!

shondra said...

And don't forget Reese is supposed to be in NY for the Avon walk, I think!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, Shondra!! Forgot all about the Avon Walk. Absolutely believe they're in NYC, now. Based on nothing much...;) ;)

Anonymous said...

Newman Given Private Funeral
September 30 2008

PAUL NEWMAN was cremated after a private funeral service near his home in Westport, Connecticut on Monday (29Sep08).

The late actor's close friends and family congregated in the town to mourn and celebrate the movie legend's life, before heading to a reception at The Dressing Room, the Westport restaurant Newman owned.

shondra said...

Ok, this is where I thought I read that Reese was attending the NY Avon Walk. It just says that the next walk is in NY in October when talking about Reese and Avon, but the post is dated 9/10 2 days before the LA walk:

I checked the Avon site and there is no press release saying she will attend like the DC walk but who knows, that's why I said "I think"!

Anonymous said...

It's oh so quite
It's oh so still.

I hope we hear/see something of Jake pretty soon.

bobbyanna said...

To quote one of my favorite movies:

"Somebody tell a joke!"

If I could,I sure would hang around the stage door on Thursday when Peter opens on Broadway...

chica said...

I forgot about Peter on Thursday, hmmmmm....

And yes it's QUIET!! Not even a pic of Reese lately,well not since last week anyway.

Anonymous said...

The paparrazzi don't have any idea where he is. he was in Morocco, then London, maybe he is in NYC now, and they are still looking for him in London. They saw Reese comnig home from London so they think he is there. We have seen nothing of Reese except with her son.

extra said...

Yes, the last time we saw Reese was last week with her son in L.A. Jake could be anywhere, I read the fan account posted from DC forum and she mentioned that not only was he not feeling well (wearing a mask in between shooting because of a cold) and that he was also wearing a hood.

I think he just isn't being recognized and on purpose by him and Disney. Also Jake and Reese can go under the radar, they have done so before. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see him until after Pop is done.

And speaking of Pop, we need another update from Brothers Spy!!

FluorescentLamp said...

If I could,I sure would hang around the stage door on Thursday when Peter opens on Broadway...

You could do that, or if you were lucky like this Russian girl living in NYC...

At the end of the play I headed over to the Russian Samovar Restaurant a few blocks from the theater. The restaurant has a real Russian establishment and atmosphere. It was such a coincidence that after attending a play based on a Russian story that I would see the cast of the play in that same restaurant where I was able to meet them and congratulate Peter Sarsgaard on his performance. I guess it was a good combination for all of us. Overall it was an impressive evening where I had the privilege to see a Russian play in the heart of Broadway which motivates me to continue carrying on my Russian culture in my heart.

This was while it was still in previews. Which it still is. Until tomorrow. :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG. Thank you, FL!!!!!
A real, live blogger. ;) ;)

bobbyanna said...

Sorry. That was me again.

chica said...

If I wasn't so broke right now. The only way I would get to see Peter is if I hung around the stage door, sigh.

sag actor said...

Brothers has been bumped to next year, it will open at Cannes. MGM says that the field is too crowded this year and Jake will not be able to do PR for it because of Pop, which I suspected:

Cannes is a good move but opening it in the summer doewn't make sense.

gabbana said...

"Brothers has been bumped to next year, it will open at Cannes"

No surprise here - there is no way the film would open in December and no promotion yet.

Cannes is wonderful - but I also hope they will release it next fall, perhaps early October.
Jim Sheridan films have always created buzz, hopefully this one won´t be an exception.

Narcissa said...

Wells thinks it could open later in the year. But.... holy shit! When will we see Jake on the big screen again? Over a year, by the look of it!

FluorescentLamp said...

New post with this new news.