Monday, September 22, 2008

New PoP set pictures - five

New PoP prince pics - none!

But some cool shots of the Prince Of Persia set at Ait Benhaddou:

And in case you've forgotten what The Prince himself looks like:

(Pics courtesy of
flickr/jerome.bailey and IHJ.)


FluorescentLamp said...

I especially like those wide angle shots showing the full landscape of the set. Nice.

Oh is that what Jake Gyllenhaal looks like? I'd forgotten. Thanks for the visual reminder. :-)

bobbyanna said...

Wait...the men on horseback...there is one who is far ahead of the rest of the pack...those broad, caped shoulders...that helmutted head...with the scraggles of hair blowing in the breeze, as his trusty steed's thundering hooves shatter the silence of the desert...well he did seem to be walking rather fast.

Heh. Sorry. Guess I was halucinating again.

Anonymous said...

Great pics thanks UV, sigh, wonder if thats Jake at the front in the second pic?.

josie said...

Well that could be him bobbyanna,
Ha, ha!!!!

This a long drought we need some pics or sightings pronto.

Love the new set pics, Morocco is a really beautiful country.

bobbyanna said...

Riighht. The reason I'm sure it might be him, is because why else would Reese be there watching the shoot? I know you can see Reese, right? See? To the far right of the picture, there is a tiny person with blonde hair that we can agree is quite possibly a girl, and she/they are talking to a tall man with a cap on his head...No. Brainer. Reese. Definitely. And.... if you look closely towards the center-ish of the picture, the pseron in the red shirt carrying something? That is most likely Jerry Bruckheimer with beverages for the crew...

Anonymous said...

That looks like Reese to me also,in green shorts and a blue shirt

observation on my part, the date on those pictures says "Taken in / 2008 / September / 13th"
Sept. 13, 2008
If that was Reese in that picture she was in Morocco again this month on the film set with Jake.
just my observation, if those photo dates are correct, she was there on Sept. 13

extra said...

This movie is going to be amazing just looking at this sets, wow!!

I doubt that's Reese anon., why would she be wandering around the beach while they were shooting? Besides I think there are pap pics of her in LA around that time, nice/fun thought!

lawgoddess said...

Great pictures UV, although every time there's a new post I think my prayers have been answered, LOL.

I do remember wht The Prince looks like, but I sure would like to see him again!

Anonymous said...

bobbyanna, I have it on good authority that the "tiny person with blonde hair" is Jerry Bruckheimer's mother-in-law. He'd promised her an exotic vacation.

shondra said...

No it's one of his PA's, he forgot his cell phone!

Anonymous said...

Atticus is in that picture to, he has a sun hat on, see him riding on a back horse

bobbyanna said...

;) ;) ;) That's the spirit!!!

Thanks, Anon 7:36. I hadn't noticed Atti!!!

Anon 7:17! Jerry's mother-in-law??? I'd heard she had the hots for Sir Ben! Thought she was helping him out in wardrobe! ;)

See, UV! Even pictures of the desert can cause people to see a mirage and hallucinate!

Anonymous said...

I thought I saw Boo Radley to in that picture to

sheba baby said...

I needed the visual reminder too, man are we all missing Jake!

The sets are beautiful I can't wait until this movie comes out, I see Atti and Reese, yeah it's definately them ,LOL!!

Anonymous said...

The last time time Reese was seen in LA, around Sept 18??
Haven't seen any pap pictures of her since then

hmmmmmmmmm.. where is Waldo

UltraViolet said...

Reese at LAX intrnational terminal, leaving the country - any guesses as to her destination?

It’s a sight more rarely seen than a blue moon – Reese Witherspoon actually had a smile for the photographers as she arrived at LAX International Airport in Los Angeles today.

After dropping the kids off at ex-hubby Ryan Phillippe’s pad, the Academy Award-winning actress was snapped making her way through the terminal en route to a mystery location. Though we figure London is a good guess as beau Jake Gyllenhaal is currently filming the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time flick there.

UltraViolet said...

LOL at all the Where's Waldo sightings! Our long-stanidg drought (I discount the ice-cream picture) plus the desert conditions are causing some creative mirages!

Let's hope Reese is on her way to lead the prince out of his royal hiding place!

suvee said...

Reese at LAX is definitely a good omen! She does look pretty cheerful, doesn't she? And, really, who could blame her.....
I know I'd be grinning from ear to ear if I was on my way to reunite with Mr. G.! :)

Thanks UV for the update.

UltraViolet said...

Relativity gets a big cash infusion:

Despite the latest round of Wall Street upheavals, New York-based hedge fund Elliott Associates has nearly doubled its investment in Ryan Kavanaugh's Relativity Media, leaving Relativity with more than $2 billion on its balance sheet.
Though the two parties wouldn't comment on the exact amount of Elliott's investment, sources peg the figure at about $1 billion. In January, Relativity secured $1 billion-plus from Elliott and created Relativity Capital, a wholly owned subsidiary that finances single films for Relativity's one-off picture biz. With the latest infusion, Relativity will become more aggressive about acquiring slates, libraries, vidgames and TV and new-media assets.

In addition to structuring nearly $5 billion in film financing deals for Sony and U, Relativity is expanding its single picture business, with plans to make eight to 10 films per year. Relativity's past one-off films include "3:10 to Yuma," "The Bank Job" and "The Forbidden Kingdom." Among the pics in the upcoming slate are Jim Sheridan's "Brothers," starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman; Lasse Hallstrom's "Dear John"; and the heist thriller "Brilliant," starring Scarlett Johansson.

Maybe they can use some of it to help MGM come up with a trailer for Brothers!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks UV!!!Great news about Reese, and you're right, suvee! How could she not be grinning!!!
We'll finally get some pictures ...but probably not for a few days I'd guess! She'll probably want to limit her sight-seeing.;)

LOL! on the Brothers' trailer. We wait and hope. Steven Speilberg just got a billion from a business partner in India so he could "divorce" Paramount. So there is money out there.

Along with everything else, I wondered how this latest disaster would affect the film industry. I think it will be affected, but more with the indies and films that aren't studio-sponsored. Some distributors will probably have $$$ problems, too. Financing and credit will be tighter.

Hope Sir Ben enjoyed his time with Jerry Bruckheimer's mother-in-law! LOL!

lawgoddess said...

Reese sure looks happy. I'd look happy too if I were going to meet up with Jake.;)

Bette said...

I predict we see new Jake and Reese pics in the next few days. How long has it been? A good month since they saw each other?

chica said...

We can all take a good guess on where Reese is headed! She looks good and who can blame her.

Love all the set pictures, thanks for posting, where's Waldo, LOL!

A Brothers trailer would be great, I wonder what's going on with MGM?

office of nancy pelosi said...

I think the drouht is about to end, thanks for the link to the LAX/Reese pics!

Didn't someone mention that Jake and Reese were invited to an Engagement party this weekend?

Kavanaugh/Relativity need to light a fire under the PR for Brothers pronto!

The latest set pics look great!

gabbana said...

Who is this hot looking guy on the main side? Looks slightly familiar...:-)))

Thanks for the PoP set pictures - at the moment I am happy with everything connected with Jake.

The (reliable) side for film releases which I am visiting regularly will have an update today. So far they don´t have a release date for "Brothers"

film releases

At the moment there are only two possibilities - the film will not be released in 2008 or - worse - MGM is not interested to promote this film. I don´t see any other reason why there is not even one official picture released yet.

IMDB is not a good source - they do not even have Reese new film with Ben Stiller on their side.

Here are some interesting infos on her new project, sounds a bit strange but original.

Reese new project

Looks like Reese is on her way to London and if Jake managed to go "underground" for the last weeks he has hopefully found a place where they will get some privacy.

Anonymous said...

Gossip Girls Say that Reese was arriving back at LAX on a flight from London.

UltraViolet said...

Damn, it does look like Reese was coming back from, not going to London.

Anonymous said...

Well if Reese was arriving back from visiting Jake in the UK, they managed to keep well under the radar. Good for them but not us.

Xenia said...

Well, now we know for sure what she was so smiling for. ;)

sag actor said...

From Lindsey in the previous post:

"Lowestoft is in Suffolk, not Norfolk, and it's actually a pretty nice place to live.

Anyhow which ever county it is, Jake's not in it, not with Reece Ritchie anyway"

Now I know what Lindsey meant! I also think she attended the rumored engagement party.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Reese not "Reece." LOL!

sag actor said...

I should add: I was right : No pics because they weren't in London, so much for some who would scream, PHOTO OP!!!

Bette said...

Crap. I was getting excited for pics of Jake, but it looks like she's back, not going to. Well damn.

bobbyanna said...

"Well damn."

Exactly, bette!

Bette said...

Also I have a imdb pro account right now, and I noticed a few things, Jake's two projects listed as in development are:

Untitled Joe Namath Project
Release: 2010
Status: Treatment/outline
Untitled Moon Project
Release: 2010
Status: Script

These can only be viewed by imdbpro users. Anyway, no surprise there, but what is a surprise. Reese and Jake share the same manager. Evelyn O'Neill, who manages Salma Hayek and Julianne Moore too.

paula said...

Thanks bette! I remember reading that they shared the same manager when Rendition was announced.

The Moon Project is listed on his IMDB page as well, but it still seems to be in script stage. It would be wild if those two films along with Pop are all come out in 2010 but I doubt it.

So it seems our lovebirds have managed to escape prying eyes. As much as I would have loved to see at least one picture of Jake, i'm glad that they had some private time together, no wonder she is grinning ear to ear!

shondra said...

It's funny how one blog says she is arriving at LAX on her way to the UK and one says she is coming home to L.A. and one just says she is arriving at LAX!!

The video that you linked to UV looks like she is coming back, she has her luggage and her driver(?) is seen taking it for her, if she was going into a terminal we wouldn't have seen that, it looks like she already has her overhead bag with her.

But the video doesn't say weather she is coming or going. Let's just say that the paps didn't catch her going but caught her coming back and she doesn't look like she spent 12 hours on a flight but visiting Jake would make anyone grin and glow!

Anonymous said...

my observation, that was a very quick visit to London, just a weekend visit

She was last seen in LA around Sept 19, getting Thi. food

In a rough guess she was with Jake from Sept 20th till Sept 21, returning on the Sept 22, yesterday

Anonymous said...

making a 12 hour flight for roughly one day in London with Jake

That's amore

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am off on dates
Reese Witherspoon taking lunch from a thailandese restaurant (September 16)

Last time she was seen in LA, around Sept 16 or so
So lets guess she was in Europe from around Sept 17, till yesterday

I am slightly off on dates, just making a rough guess

extra said...

Yes it was the 16th, the pictures were posted on the 17th, a Wednesday. So if we go by that, she most likely was away from Wednesday-until yesterday.

Last time she went to the UK the paps caught her going, this time they caught her coming back!

And someone posted that they were invited to some engagement party, if true the timing fits, they said it would be a weekend. Too bad there were no pics but I bet that's because he is staying near the Pinewood studio.

She does look really happy!

PS: I noticed the X17online video is asking about engagement rumors, I haven't heard those rumors for awhile so I wonder why they were asking?

bobbyanna said...

She was seen with Thai food on Sept. 18th, I think. That does not mean the picture was actually taken on the 18th. My guess is they probably had four or five days, maybe a short week of togetherness. And if it was a short visit, that would explain why no one saw them...;)
I get a feeling Jake is working really hard to get finished, really focussing. Wouldn't surprise me at all if they wrap in another two or three weeks.

One observation. I am like, SO impressed with this girl!!! Seeing a whole other side of Laura Jean! Hops on a plane in a heartbeat to be with Jake! If he were filming in Anarctica I bet she'd be there! Now that's SERIOUS.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am starting to wonder when POP will be done

bobbyanna said...

"Yes it was the 16th, the pictures were posted on the 17th, a Wednesday."

Oops! Yeah. That's what I meant.

I love that they asked her if she's engaged, if Jake proposed, if they are serious? (!) And she just gives that mellow, contented smile and floats away...

Anonymous said...

possibly, Jake arrived back in Europe (after Morocco) around the 16th or 17th, and she flew there right away to be with him.
The second he came back to Europe she got there to as quickly as she could

I wonder if she will visit Europe again to see him

FluorescentLamp said...

A quick turnaround trip to London isn't unheard of; why I think I've even done a few of those myself, staying for 2 or 3 nights and coming home.

Let's just nip this in the bud: If there was a PoP co-star engagement party that Jake and Reese attended it wasn't the co-star living 3 hours from London. Full stop.

And I haven't heard Gemma, Molina, Kingsley or Kibbel engagement rumors either.

Some of you are tending to believe an anonymous hit and run poster. Don't.

Anonymous said...

think she will make another quickie trip over there to see him again before the end of filming?

office of nancy pelosi said...

You're right FL and I was one of those that mentioned that in my comments, sorry!! Got a bit carried away with the speculation and lack of Jake pics.

Hit and run poster is a good description, LOL! I think i'll just be content with the rather happy look on Reese's face after a 10 hour flight from London....

It could be anon. that filming will end a bit sooner in the UK, again all speculation on my part.

bobbyanna said...

I promised not to get political, but my fears about the $700 billion bailout legislation isn't about partisan politics at all. It's about what's happening to our system of government. This is even worse then some of the provisions of the Patriot Act!

Right now, the bailout legislation is being debated in Congress. It has some very frightening provisions. The example I am quoting, 32 words, gives absolute, unlimited power to the Secretary of the Treasury Paulson. It's not just for this specific problem, it's unlimited in scope.

I just want to urge people to contact members of Congress and tell them not to let the urgency of this crisis cause them to roll over! There's a pattern to the way this administration responds to urgent disasters. We need to limit this power, and put some oversight and regulations in place.

We have to insist that members of Congress re draft this legislation, and that they do not support it as submitted by Bush. It is being fast tracked. Here is some of the language from the bill. It is frightening.

"Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency."

I won't say anything else. I'm sorry to go OT.

extra said...

I'm sure i read in more than one place that Reese has a private jet, that would explain that we don't always see her at LAX even though private jets are chartered out of LAX. It may explain the confusion with the first blog report of her leaving for London and the others either saying she was returning or just simply stated that she was seen at LAX on Monday.

I would assumt that she would have to be escorted to the private jet when arriving at LAX, escorted via car.

I bet she departed and arrived vis private jet but that they caught her returning.

FluorescentLamp said...

Most private plane owners in the LA area either use the Van Nuys Airport (see: Travis Barker and DJ AM) or the Santa Monica Airport. There's just too much air traffic at LAX for executive planes not to mention no hangers for them there.

Anonymous said...

I think she was can agree she flies, first class, swanky stuff where they carry her bags, limo and bodyguard

Anonymous said...

If anyone has access to last week's Heat magazine (UK), there's a photo of Jake eating ice cream in Marrakech. Maybe you've already seen it.

Anonymous said...

Reese out shopping this week

Anonymous said...

and she appears to be wearing the Cartier love bracelet

old pics said...

This site has the same set of pics dated 9-10-08,the link thatanon. posted, no date. Why post 2 week old pics now? And where are the Jake pics???

Anonymous said...

maybe they are older pictures, I don't always know dates
But the pictures do look recent

and I love the Cartier love bracelet

UltraViolet said...

Not sure why they were jut posted today, but the info on the pics says 9/10, so they aren't new.

Jake had better get home soon - there's apparently trouble in paradise:


Tragedy! Atticus Finch, who readers of this column should know as the majestic and faithful German Shepherd owned by Jake Gyllenhaal, is having "serious relationship problems" with Reese Witherspoon's bulldog, Frank Sinatra. "The dogs are jealous of each other," says a source. Call Cesar Millan! Stat!

shondra said...

Reese has a french bulldog named Coco, the other bulldob, Frank Sinatra belongs to Ryan, Star got eh bulldogs mixed up, LOL!!

Funnt story but there are several pap pics of Coco and Atticus with Jake, Reese and the kids and things seemed Ok.

Even the rags need to fill in the gap in between the drought!

Anonymous said...

I always like to see the several thousand dollar Cartier love bracelet :P

FluorescentLamp said...

I always like to see the several thousand dollar Cartier love bracelet :P

I do, too, anon. But more than that I love to see her thousand dollar handbags. :-) Not sure how I feel about those schizophrenic wedge/heel pumps though.

Meanwhile, I'll just be over here hanging out at Zappos and Endless.

sheba baby said...

I love the bracelet, the earrings, the bags and the shoes!! She has great taste and always looks fab.

Anonymous said...

ok brace yourself for a laugh

remember the stories of how Reese didn't like Atticus, now another weird story

bobbyanna said...

I'm going to predict we will see pictures very soon. Before, I think the paps and those agencies weren't quite sure where Jake was and Morocco was rather remote. But now, with Reese returning from London, and Jake known to be at Pinewood, I think something's gotta give!

UltraViolet said...

The dog stories are hilarious. Jake and Reese don't give them much to work with, do they?

Thanks for the correction, shondra. I confess that I don't pay a lot of attention to Reese's dog because I don't like her/it. Not a bulldog fan, French or otherwise. Totally on Atticus's side in all this :)

UltraViolet said...

Same old routine - no new pics, but a new post :)