Friday, September 26, 2008

Prince of Persia sneak peeks

We know Disney gave a select audience a brief glimpse into Prince of Persia on Wednesday. From a report on IESB:

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is the next franchise that Jerry “I have more money than god” Bruckheimer is launching.

The production is only in its first few weeks of shooting so there weren't any completed shots but they did show some of footage from dailies, on set and animatics/pre-viz.

I have never been the biggest fan of Jake Gyllenhaal, but I have to admit, he looks pretty bad ass as Prince Dastan. ...

Not much of the story was revealed, even though the script has been reviewed by multiple online outlets.

Prince of Persia is massive - the sets are huge, the action sequences are huge and the only thing that comes to mind is that this is another Pirates of the Caribbean in the making.

Can you say billion dollar franchise? I knew that you could.

Sure, the select audience got to see all that glossy insider footage. And Jake. But a post on IMDb pointed us to some behind-the-scenes videos. They are not polished and I'm not sure who shot them or if they are authentic. And Jake's not in them. But still - they seem like the real deal. There are four in all. This one is the most exciting:

The video-posters also have a forum, and this thread has some set photos:

Is this the dissolute prince on his throne or a seductive courtier?

The royal badass

(New-old Jake photos courtesy of
IHJ. PoP photos and video courtesy of NuMedia Studio.)


agent_krycek said...

Man on the grey horse to the left with the purple bits around the front of the horse (can you tell I know nothing about horse riding equipment), possibly our bad ass Prince?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the video UV, I think this will better than I personally expected, am starting to really look forward to it. The way thing are going we will probably are a trailer for this before Brothers.

I love the GQ photoshoot (especially that pic).

Anonymous said...

Sorry meant to be "see a trailer".

shondra said...

Thanks for the video UV, Pop is looking better and better!

I hope we get to see a trailer for Brothers soon.

jo said...

That guy sounds really impressed, i'm really getting excited about this movie now!

josie said...

That was me, I got excited!

Anonymous said...

slow Reese and Jake news day

sass said...

Morning UV, FL and babblers all,
What a delicious treat on this rainy day.
I think ima gonna die....TY TY. TY.

chica said...

Hi Sass! How are things going with you?

Yes this post is brightening up a rather dreary day. Love all the information that is trickling out about Pop, love the video!

get real said...

Hey all!

Thanks for all the awesome news/videos, etc. on PoP!!! I am so excited that it is getting such good early buzz, especially Jake. I think they are doing a wise thing in giving out such early stuff to get people talking and so far it seems to be working! Makes me feel the film will be very good. Much appreciated, as Sass said, on this rainy day.

Have a great Friday/weekend everyone.

Anonymous said...

Reese and her son buy toys

sheba baby said...

I'm loving all the early buzz too, thanks for posting the video!

I love this photo of Jake, so gald that IHJ are finding these old/new pictures for us to enjoy.

sag actor said...

Thanks for the link to Reese anon.:
Reese is HOT and Jake is one lucky dude!

PS: Love the video!

Anonymous said...

Big pictures to see her killer shoes!

Narcissa said...

Jeff Wells' < a href= ""> Oscar balloon< /a >.

Narcissa said...

Try again....

Oscar Balloon

Vicky said...

Thanks for the HE link narcissa, Jakes name actually nemtioned for the best actor catagory even though we haven't really heard anything the film, there has to be a poster/trailer soon.

And thank you anon 3:14 for the Reese link she looks great, but some of the comments are horrible, sometimes you don't realise how many nasty people there are out there.

Anonymous said...

I found those shoes Reese is wearing

a cool $995.00,default,pd.html

gabbana said...

Reese is one hot mama - I want her shoes....

Thanks for all the links and infos during the last days - much appreciated. The whole PoP project will be huge - it will be interesting to see when they will be starting with the "real" promoting - perhaps next year with the Comic Con in San Diego.

Interesting that Jeff Wells has Brothers on his Oscar Balloon. We know that he was disappointed with the absence of the film in Toronto, perhaps he had more infos since then? He is not the biggest Jake fan, so I am really surprised he has him on his list for actor. "Brothers" could get more buzz, but it is difficult without any promotion.

UltraViolet said...

Man on the grey horse to the left with the purple bits around the front of the horse (can you tell I know nothing about horse riding equipment), possibly our bad ass Prince?

You mean the fore. Or is that aft? Hee - I never know the technical terms, either.

Are you referring to the still photo? Because yeah, it could possible maybe just might be someone who could be The Badass!

Good to see you again, Agent K. Glad your computer woes are solved. And come on - we know you have Jake locked up with you somewhere. Let us have a picture, please!

UltraViolet said...

Hello all - glad everyone is enjoying these PoP tidbits. I don't think I've ever seen so much about a movie before it was released. I know Batman fans had loads to pore through, but I've never been into any of the superhero movies or Harry Potter or the LOTR flicks. So this is new territory for me.

It's fun, but it also just makes you want more. And 2010 is a LONG way away!

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say a special "Hi" to Sass - hope you're feeling good these days!!

Thanks for the Hollywood Elsewhere link, Narcissa. I'm not sure it means anything, but it is nice to see Jake's name/a Brothers mention.

There was an article out there that mentioned Heath, Anne H and Michelle W all getting Oscar buzz of various degrees and how nice it would be if Brothers got Jake there, too.

I'm not a fan of the Reese shoes. I can't wait for this whole gladiator trend to go away. She looks great, though!

enigma said...

There doesn't seem to be a mention of Natalie in the Oscar balloon.

Thanks to the link of Reese. She looks really hot.

sass said...

Hi again babblers,

TY again for all the links, photos and videos:)
I'm hanging in there peeps:) I had a bit of trouble; one chemo down 7 to go. YUCK!
I'm cracking up watching Cramer on CNBC. He told us WAMU was going under 15 months ago. I'm enjoying him today so I know I'm AOK.

Reese's shoes are...hothothot. I love. love. love those Louboutins. What is it about shoes?

I thought Jeffrey W. was into Tobey's acting in Brothers. He thinks Tobey should nominated for best supporting actor and Brothers for Best Picture. I am speechless and happy. Jeffrey doesn't usually have positive Jake comments, so I love his Oscar balloon.

Now, when will have a chance to this movie. arrrgh!

linked...I got lost...:)

Jake for Best Actor Oscar nomination says Jeffrey:):)

office of nancy pelosi said...

I have to admit that when I first heard about Prince of Persia, I wasn't that thrilled but with all these tidbits coming out about it i'm really excited now!

Thanks for posting the video and it's great that Jake is getting some Oscar buzz for Brothers, I just wish they would release a trailer or someting.

Reese looks so sexy, not crazy about the shoes but the resy, WOW!!

suvee said...

Even though the HE Oscar shout out for Jake doesn't really mean anything, I'm almost giddy over the fact that Brothers is finally getting even a tiny bit of media buzz. Thanks to narcissa and sass (yours was the link that worked for me).

I'm afraid I'm really not a fan of gladiator shoes either...... all I can think when I see them is, why do you want to make your feet look like big lumps?! But I do love Reese's little dress and necklace. :)

Thanks for the reprise of the stunning GQ pic, UV!

lawgoddess said...

PoP news is great, if only we could see our actual prince.

I think Jake needs a weekend off. At his home . In California. With a lovely engagement portrait with him and Reese all duded up.

I know I'm asking for a lot. I'd settle for a couple of new pictures of Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Hee - I like your plans for Jake, LG. If only Jake turned to us for advice!

Everyone's probably seen this already, but it made me smile. Like many of you, I wasn't thrilled with the idea of PoP when it was first announced. But hearing all this stuff has made me much more excited about it:

We saw some brief clips and animatics from Mike Newell’s upcoming Prince of Persia, which looked really strong and could be the movie to break the curse of the videogame adaptation. Jake Gyllenhaal, in the title role, is really buffed up, and we saw a couple of cool but brief swordfight sequences which proved he could cut the mustard as an action hero. Gemma Arterton looked stunning, and we also saw some really interesting concept art of the bad guys, some of whom can shoot snakes at people. We also got a brief animatic look at the way Gyllenhaal's character can pause time. This looks like it could be a very nice surprise.

Love the kudos for Jake and the act that folks were impressed with the production values.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Reese is happier and more confident then ever now that she is with Jake

It takes a very confident woman to wear those heels, I think this latest trip to Europe she made had left her very happy and glowing

chica said...

I've been thinking about you sass, I hope the rest of your chemo goes well.

Avon is having a walk for breast cancer in NY next weekend, i'm not sure if Reese is going to participate.

You, get real and I were supposed to have hooked up earlier this year,i would stil love to meet you two!

I love the look on Reese except the shoes!

Finally some buzz on Brothers and the early reports on Pop make me feel a whole lot better about this movie, i thinkit has the potential of being a major hit.

agent_krycek said...

I'm slightly confused by the Oscar thing, just because, having seen the original, I'd have thought Jake would be in for supporting actor, and Tobey up for the main Award - but I'm not complaining.

extra said...

I thought the same thing agent k, having seen the original and read the script for Sheridan's Brothers.

I'm not complaining either but it's still a bit curious.

All the Pop stuff coming out is making me giddy, can't wait!

bobbyanna said...

I think it's determined by actual screen time. Jake has more screen time then Toby, if it is anything like the original. But Toby does have a couple of "big scenes."

(Waves at sass) Hang in there, sweetie. I've miss you.

Stayed up way too late Friday night, watching PBS, then MSNBC. ;)

Narcissa said...

Good luck sass!


In the Name of the Father was on TV this morning - never seen it before. Very impressed. A grim subject matter, and of course it was over-simplified, but I was immediately hooked. Powerful stuff, and Sheridan got the political punches in while focussing always on the characters. DDL was fantastic, as ever.

agent_krycek said...

And in sad, Jake related, news, Paul Newman has died :(

Fabulous actor, beautiful man and always seemed like one of the good guys