Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Could you forget this face?

Elizabeth Banks has been a favorite, though now we're beginning to question her judgment. From a new cover article in Women's Health:

What's your most mortifying Hollywood moment?
"Oh God, there are a few. But Jake Gyllenhaal once approached me in a valet line, and I thought he thought I was someone else. I was confused and frosty and I'm sure I was very off-putting, and he had to remind me that we had met, that we had done a partial reading of Romeo and Juliet. I don't have a good memory for names and faces, so my husband now calls it 'The Gyllenhaal.' Like if we go to some luncheon and meet new people, he tells me, 'Don't Gyllenhaal these people.'"

       Great to see you again!                             Do I know you?

Poor Jake! Just trying to be nice and say hello, and he gets the cold shoulder. I bet she won't make that mistake again.

(Jake photos courtesy of IHJ.)


FluorescentLamp said...

Hee. I can't believe this from Elizabeth Banks! I had such crazy hopes for these two kids. Next you'll be telling me Kerry Washington has never even HEARD of Jake Gyllenhaal.

Ohhhh all my hopes and dreams...

UltraViolet said...

Not only did she meet him and not remember, she actually ran lines from Romeo and Juliet with him! Woman is crazy.

But I have faith in Kerry Washington. She knows Jake. I bet she can even spell his name!

Monica said...

my husband now calls it 'The Gyllenhaal.' Like if we go to some luncheon and meet new people, he tells me, 'Don't Gyllenhaal these people.

I liked it!

Something about Brothers:
Top 10 performances you’re underestimating for Oscar

Tobey Maguire, “Brothers”
Jim Sheridan’s Susanne Bier re-make “Brothers” has been so quiet that even yours truly forgets it is out there waiting in the wings. It remains to be seen whether MGM can sustain any reasonable Oscar campaign for the film, but one thing that seems to be standing out is Tobey Maguire’s performance as a P.O.W. in Afghanistan thought to be killed in action. The narrative recalls Bier’s “Things We Lost in the Fire,” and could be awards fodder for Jake Gyllenhaal as well, but Maguire is said to be the one to watch…and nobody’s watching him.

UltraViolet said...

I thought that was funny, too, Monica.

I saw that other link, too. Sadly, I think it's just the same few accounts going around. The buzz for Tobey comes from that Hollywood Elsewhere poster and from the imdb poster, though for only half of Tobey's performance.

It is good to see the film get a mention, I just wish I believed this account was based on more than the few reports we've gotten.

Anonymous said...

Not only did she meet him and not remember, she actually ran lines from Romeo and Juliet with him! Woman is crazy.

Oh Lord . . . who could ever forget that? ;)

Monica said...

She referred to Romeo and Juliet of Baz Luhrmann?

UltraViolet said...

I don't think so, Monica. I think Jake was supposed to do R+J on stage, so that might be what she's talking about. But as far as I know, Jake never tried for that movie. (I love that version of R+J, btw.)

Anonymous said...

someone is saying Reese is in the October 2008 People magazine issue
I wonder what for?

chica said...

Oh Ms. Banks how could you forget??? And you did a reading of Romeo and Juliet with him, tsk, tsk!

Ok, I need to know the story behind Kerry Washington!

Thanks for the link to the scan of Jake in Morocco. He does look a bit like Conan the Barbarian in that pic, still it's good to see him.

FluorescentLamp said...

Ok, I need to know the story behind Kerry Washington!

Sadly, there is no story with Kerry Washington. Just the one in my mind. Which is the same one I HAD with Elizabeth Banks. Pfft. ;-) You know how it goes, you sit around thinking of those certain women who would look good on the arm of some certain men, in this case, Jake, and you find yourself saying "Hmm...Elizabeth Banks...I can see that...she'll do." Or, "Gee, that Kerry Washington sure is stunning." Stunning belongs with stunning, ergo, Kerry and Jake.

This was before Reese of course.

That Jake, never consults me in matters of the heart.

chica said...

Oh, Ok I thought I missed something!

For me it was Natalie Portman for the longest until Reese came along.

I'm really looking forward to them in Brothers even though there is no buzz for the film and the link that monica posted doesn't sound to promising, sigh.

josie said...

What a funny story, poor Jake! I remember Jake talking about doing R&J on stage in earlier interviews.

Banks will be in W with Josh Brolin, she is mentioned on the list monica posted about performances that are not getting talked about. At least with W there is buzz, but Brothers their is nothing which is surprising.

I hope we here something real soon.

Monica said...

'Brokeback' author says says film is source of 'constant irritation'
Annie Proulx

Brokeback Mountain is unique and unforgettable!

suvee said...

'Don't Gyllenhaal these people.'"

I love that! I wonder if Jake knows that his surname has become a verb? I bet he would be very amused. What a funny and charming story.

I'm still fretting over the lack of any discernible and reliable evidence of a 2008 release for Brothers. Even if MGM has no intention of really promoting this movie, shouldn't there be a trailer, um, like now?!

Oh yeah.... I like your new GB posting approach, UV and FL. Good idea!

bobbyanna said...

Cute post! That Banks woman ought to be mortified! (sniffs.)

Erica said...

I hope that some of you guys realize that, that anonymous person that you guys all find to be so creepy is that person erin/twitter.

I cannot be the only person who has noticed this. All she does is post about the state of rees and jakes relationship much like erin/twitter did.

This is just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Erica, I also think most of the posters do as well.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Elizabeth how could you forget meeting Jake! What a cute story.

I think most posters here realized that the creepy anon.poster posting about the Jake and Reese's relationship is twitter/erin.

extra said...

Ditto on the speculation on twitter/erin/anon. I always thought they were doing a parody on "fangirls" but is also disturbed as well.

Ha, ha Elizabeth, such a face and you forgot? For shame!!

I can understand Annie Proulx being upset a bit monica. Yes BBM is an amazing and unique story but it must be a bit unnerving to read some of the stuff that is being sent to her, those are her characters.

I read BBM slash/fan fic, some of it is very good some really bad. I just never thought that some would send their stories to her.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what in the world people could be thinking to be sending stuff to AP! I can understand people writing their own stories. They do it for other movie characters too. But actually sending them to her? What did they expect? "Wow. Thanks, I never thought of them as figure skaters?"

sag actor said...

The director;s cut of Zodiac will be out on DVD on 9/29:


My comment on the creepy anon/erin poster is that I hope they stay away, weird.

I remember reading a while back that Jake was suppose to do Romeo and Juliet on stage, just had no idea that Elizabeth Banks was in the mix, funny story!

Proulx has a legitimate gripe. IMO fan fic should be read on people's LJ's/blogs, that's fine but I don't understand why adults would send it to the author.

bobbyanna said...

I think sending stuff to Annie Proulx is at the very least a misguided attempt to compliment her. I can totally see and understand how she would be iritated.

But OTOH, I also think, aside from the obvious attempt to give Jack and Ennis their happy ending, something else is happening. These two characters, at this time and place, are becoming literary icons, like other literary characters over the years, thanks to the movie and to modern technology. Kind of like Scarlett O'Hara, but with LiveJournal. (I'm certain a lot of people have done GWTW sequels!)

For a lot of people,they've also become symbolic of the soul-destroying effects of intolerance and repression.

I view it as a kind of writing exercise, to take a character who's personality and physicality are already well known, and re-interpret them in another time or another environment.

They take on a sort of universality. I've read some work I thoroughly enjoyed, and I agree with Anon 9:09, that some of them entirely miss the mark for me.
So, IMHO, AP's Jack and Ennis have become symbols for a lot of people. By projecting onto them, these people are articulating something, in the same way Annie did.

I also think that because Ang Lee cast this film with Jake and Heath specifically, it has a tremendous impact. Ang said they possessed a kind of innocence, and for me, that made the harsh, unyeilding storyline even more devastating.

If, as Annie says, the real message of BBM, is that "If you can't fix it, you have to stand it," I'm sure she would appreciate the kind of resistance to that axiom, that was unleashed when she agreed to collaborate with Ang, and Larry and Diana.

It was a rare convergence and something very timely and profound in ways none of the people involved could have ever imagined. I think if it had been cast differently, (I think the casting has been a critical element in the reverberations from the story/film), or had be created in an earlier time, it would not have played out as it has.

Sorry for being long-winded, but that's my personal reaction.

FluorescentLamp said...

I don't think Annie Proulx is taking aim at the BBM fanfic community or the BBM fanfic writers as a whole; the way I read it was she was annoyed that people were sending her their fics and looking for praise or...something. Who knows. She has a right to be annoyed. She also should lighten up just a bit. Fanfic has been going on for years and will go on for years to come.

agent_krycek said...

I sort of understand Proulx views, perhaps she feels people sending her stories with happy endings is someone trying to tell her that she got it wrong. Much as I enjoy the BBM fandom, and read a lot of fiction, I can't see why anyone would send her their story - a bit strange.

And yes, most of us realise exactly who that poster is, I actually have never put it down as weird, to me it's just someone's attempt to disrupt the community - taking the mick (as we say in the UK) in an attempt to get some sort of hysterical response from us, so obvious, and so ignored now, thankfully.

UltraViolet said...

Just to clarify, the Zodiac director's cut release is, I assume, the UK. It's been available in the US for a while now.

As for Annie Proulx, I think FL got it right. It's creepy that people think it's okay to send her their fanfic. But AP also needs to get over herself.

Also, this?

What did they expect? "Wow. Thanks, I never thought of them as figure skaters?"

Cracked me up. I can't stop laughing. It captures the absurdity of some BBM fic and of sending fics to the author.

bobbyanna said...

FL/UV, I agree. It just took me sixty-five paragraphs of over-explaining the obvious, to essentially say what you both said.

Anonymous said...

new Reese pictures

sheba baby said...

Ditto bobbyanna, you UV and FL expressed my feelings on the matter.

How could Ms. Banks forget about meeting Mr. Gyllenhaal? Something doesn't sound right!

bobbyanna said...

I was just thinking. Seeing Jake's picture in Heat Magazine with a couple of friends, made me recall how often we used to see him doing things by himself. It made me really appreciate how much I enjoy seeing him and Reese together. Both of them seem so much happier. Most recent pictures of Reese with Thai food, she even smiled at the paps!!!...nevermind.

sheba baby said...

Yeah I noticed that too bobbyanna!!

lawgoddess said...

Reese looks very pretty, and that's the second time she's worn those earrings. I wonder if they were a gift.:)

Sadly, that is an awfully small container of Thai food for two people. I suspect she was eating alone.

Enquiring minds wan to know.

shondra said...

I understand Annie's concerns and it must be a bit freaky to receive fan fic based on her characters but i agree that she needs to get over herself.

She also states that men are sending her the fan fic but I have been reading slash/fan fic for years from BBM to LOTR and most of the writers are women.

Cute story about Elizabeth Banks, I can't imagine ANYONE forgetting that they ever met Jake.

Yeah lawgodess, that takeout looks like it's for one unless she ate there and ordered takeout for someone else!

Anonymous said...

It's September 18th and I just do not believe Jake is still in Morocco.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

I understand AP. The Pulitzer received it for The Shipping News (1993), in the one that advanced some idea that (despues) used in BBM. That this one I count of only 28 pages it was the one that made it know throughout the world from the extraordinary movie that us astonished many people. But both your work and the film have an erotic profile. What AP denounces is the production of texts porn based on BBM. And I agree in that porn destroys any eroticism, because it cannot stop falling down in repetitions it becomes exhausted in yes same. When this one phenomenon appeared in some blog, I looked for other more creative alternatives. Much makes the coincidence happy with AP. It is evident that though she has written strong enough lines, it she values the vitality of the eroticism.
Since it demonstrated with BBM's unforgettable story. Cordialmente Leonor

LG said...

Anonymous, I have a feeling he might not be coming back to LA for a break, he may have just gone to Europe/England to continue filming.
Maybe he won't be taking an LA break as was thought, just film right through from Morocco back to London with no break.
I have a feeling he is in London right now or on his way there.
Or, this theory, there are big problems and setbacks in Morocco, with the weather or something that is slowing filming and he can't leave

just my 2 cents, who knows

Erin said...

stop blaming me!

You have blamed for posts I didn't even make, I quit posting a while back after you all hated om me so badly.
Then you kept saying I was posting all these messages and they weren't me, so stop blaming for all these Anonymous posts, I did go away and I haven't posted anything you have been blaming me for.
I call tell you for a fact many of the messages posted anonymous were not me

enigma said...

So you've been away, but have come back just in time to defend yourself from posters who have recently posted that the anon posts were by you? Interesting...

UltraViolet said...

Okay, everyone, enough on the Erin front. We don't need to theorize on who's posting when. It's pointless.

This is the full version of what I referred to on Monday - the Disney press release about PoP. Not sure why they released it now, but there you have it.

Also, agent k, it confirms Richard Coyle - is he the one you've been wondering about? Or did you already confirm that?

agent_krycek said...

Also, agent k, it confirms Richard Coyle - is he the one you've been wondering about? Or did you already confirm that?

He is the one I've been wondering about, and no, I hadn't seen it confirmed, so thank you, fabulous actor, so I'm very pleased - the cast list is now very impressive :D

Anonymous said...

Jake and Reese will be in the UK next weekend, they're attending the engagement party of one of the Prince Of Persia actors

agent_krycek said...

Jake and Reese will be in the UK next weekend, they're attending the engagement party of one of the Prince Of Persia actors

Interesting, do you have any info on which one? Sir Ben's married (again), Alfred Molina is in a very long term relationship with an actress, Richard Coyle I'm not sure about

bobbyanna said...

If Jake is in London, he's been totally invisible. Maybe it's bcz the media thinks he is still in Morocco.
If the Morocco shoot was longer then anticipated,then let's say he wrapped his stuff up on the 12th instead of the 5th. Do we have any way at all to know if they wrapped in Morocco? Or at least if he wrapped? Maybe he is spending a few days with his parents before going to London? I think if he was in London already, or in LA, he'd have been spotted. Dang! Where's Brothers Spy????????? I have to get ready for the dentist. Early AM. appt. Ugh! I still say Reese seems awfully calm and happy...

josie said...

Yes where is brothers spy? We need an update, please??

I think filming took a little longer than scheduled due to the weather perhaps. Engagement party in the UK next week?

You can add Reece Ritchie to the list of Pop cast. I'm sure there is more but imdb doesn't have the complete list.

extra said...

Showbiz sky has him in London, yeah I know and they had him in London while he was in Morocco!:


If anon. is correct about Jake and Reese next weekend (grain of salt) then maybe he is taking his break in the UK.

I thought at the beginning of filming and the news came out about the flat in NH that it made sense that the UK would be home base for him for the entire filming because it would be easier for Reese and the kids to travel back and forth from the US to the UK, then for him to fly back and forth (with the exception of her viviting him in Morocco of course!)

extra said...

They were still filming in Morocco as of the 12th according to this:

"We are now in Marrakech, where mopeds rule! Yesterday we left Dar Ahlam and drove to Ait Benhaddou, a cool Kasbah town on a hill where they film lots of movies. When we arrived, they were filming a scene from the "Prince of Persia". We got to see about twelve guys on horseback with flags who were galloping into the gates of the Kasbah. That was cool!


It fits in with the time frame from brothers spy's ' contact that filming would be until the 12th and that Jake would be done a week earlier. I have a feeling that Jake had to stay for the full time there. Too bad they couldn't tell who was riding!

That timing of that Disney press release is odd UV, you would think that they would have released that in July!

sheba baby said...

Agent k, and all the UK peeps need to keep an eye and ear out just in case our anon. is right about Jake and Reese!

cynic? said...

I came across this and felt sad reading it:

"Yesterday Stephen Gyllenhaal came to one of my classes and talked about starting over after 30 years in Hollywood. He said that every terrible thing you’ve heard about Hollywood is true"


Monica said...

Why is it sad?
He was just trying to scare student who want to write your script in Hollywood.
I would like to have seen this lesson. It should be a privilege to have Stephen as a teacher.

bobbyanna said...

I agree, monica. There are a lot of well-publicized "Cinderella stories" about how first time filmmakers, or screenwriters get their films made and they are hits, and they make money, etc.

But for all the ones we see and hear about, there are probably hundreds and hundreds who languish, never getting off the ground, success just out of reach.
When I look at the entire filmmaking process, I often wonder how good movies ever get made at all! I do wonder tho, what school that blogger attends.

agent_krycek said...

Agent k, and all the UK peeps need to keep an eye and ear out just in case our anon. is right about Jake and Reese!

I'll do my best, but unfortunately I'm probably going to be without internet access from Sunday for about a week - but any snippets I'll do my best to get posted - there's certainly been no sightings of Jake over here so far - perhaps he's not actually in London, could be elsewhere in the UK keeping a low profile and resting up before meeting up with Reese (if this engagement rumour is true)

Lemon said...

As a UK peep I feel I should keep my eye out too, especially if Agent_k will be absent. But I'm non too reliable and will probably be the last person to find anything out. Anyway, I reckon Jake's extreme disappearance and everyday sightings of Reese are somehow linked. Methinks Miss Witherspoon is keeping all eyes on her ;)

On another note, I'm confused by a request to apply for a job at HBOS...

sass said...

Morning UV, FL and babblers all,
Thanks for the information and thanks for the big smile on my face as I read "The Gyllenhaal" story. How could she? :):)
Brothers sounds like a must see for me; my fingers are crossed for a December premiere.
I'm going to Burn After Reading this afternoon. I did see Women...it was pretty bad..Oh well.
back later...miss ya.