Sunday, September 14, 2008

One of the greatest moments in the history of television.

Okay, that's how Diane Sawyer termed Jake Gyllenhaal's Dreamgirls gag on SNL. Not his appearance on Good Morning America. But though it never gets old, the Dreamgirls skit has been seen. (And seen and seen, by some of us.) But these pictures of Jake off-camera from that morning haven't been. So in the absence of new photos, enjoy some vintage 2007 Jake:

How you doin'?

(Actually, he looks a little tired, poor thing!)

Watch those hands, Diane!

The Gyllenstare

"Works every time..."

Check out just how enthusiastic Diane Sawyer was:

Oh, and just for the hell of it, Dreamgirls Jake:

Jake Gyllenhaal - Dreamgirls sélectionné dans Humour et Sketchs

(Photos courtesy of Artist Approach.)


Anonymous said...

OMG! that never gets old! THANK YOU for recycling it!

*off to watch it umpteen times*

Anonymous said...

oh, I almost forgot -- I always was tickled and curious about this, and I think it's quite amusing that Diane Sawyer used a clip from a competing network! I thought the Big 3 networks didn't do stuff like that? And, so, I wonder, is this Diane S using her pull, is this a measure of how enamoured she is with our Wonder-Boy?

UltraViolet said...

I think they show rival clips at times. And snce ABC has no similar show, it's probably not as big a deal.

I do love how much Diane loved it. And loved Jake. She was basically shameless. And I can't blame her.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, forgot to say belated "how are ya?!" and "thanks" to Sass for telling us about the VH1 Couples special. The Carneros Inn looked gorgeous.

It was a tad on the creepy side when they guy said this was Jake and Reese's bedroom, but I got over that :)

Also, thanks, Extra, for the link about David Foster Wallace. That is a very sad event. RIP, Mr. Wallace.

Monica said...

Good morning, Babblers!
UV, thank you for remembering those great moments with Jake!

chica said...

I never get tired of watching that opening, thanks for posting!

Diane seemed to be smitten, and who can b;ame her, LOL!!

This popped up on google:

"The 34th season premiere of Saturday Night Live with Michael Phelps as host scored the sketch comedy show's highest ratings since 2001 for a season opener.

And the 2001 show with Reese Witherspoon as host and Alicia Keys as musical guest was the highly-emotional premiere that marked the return of SNL after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York.

chica said...

Oops! This was cut off, and Fey was spot on!!:

NBC did indeed have one of the pop culture events of the TV season Saturday with Phelps and the return of SNL alum Tina Fey portraying GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin to widespread acclaim.

Anonymous said...

I love this post. :)

As you say, how can you blame her?

Anonymous said...

Did Diane say that? One of the greatest moments in the history of television? Far be it from me to argue with her, I have always respected her opinion. It's cute that Jake can affect even Diane. :)

bobbyanna said...

Watching Diane giggle and be all excited about Jake even being there is a delight! Thanks for those never seen before pictures!

That was THE fateful week when a certain young woman boarded a post-Oscars airplane to NYC to spend some private time with her guy.;)

I know they show it a lot, but I never get tired of that SNL skit.

Anonymous said...

I love Diane, I'll have to play this video when I have time to enjoy it. Now, if Jake would give an interview to and charm Christiane Amanpour, I'd be thrilled! ;)

sass said...

Morning UV, Fl, babblers all,
I can't get enough of this SNL segment...Diane was as giddy and giggly as I would have been, had I been sitting in the presence of the delicious Gyllengod:)
TY again.
UV, I had a moment when I looked
upon the royal bed;) but I quickly squelched it and enjoyed the myself.
Thanks again for those wonderful videos...:)

Anonymous said...

is Jake still in Morocco, can we take some theories on where he is

bobbyanna said...

Anon, Christiane Amanpour's husband is someone I would not kick out of bed! ;) She's married to Jamie Rubin, I think. But I think Jake could definitely "melt" her!

I'm always tickled by these so-called seasoned pros who are so visibly excited when Jake walks in. Remember Conan?


josie said...

I will never get tired of watching this clip and I loved it when Sawyer went into fangirl mode!

Thanks for the heads up on that couples special on VHI Sass, the Inn is beautiful, a bit much when the guy said this way Jake and Reese's bedroom but like you UV, i got over it!

Anonymous said...

I know, I thought a picture of the Royal Bed was maybe too private, but I still sighed. *sigh*

I wish we'd hear something about him or them. :)

Anonymous said...

I wanna know is he still in Morocco

maybe just maybe we will get some Jake pictures this week
please Jake gods be kind to us

Anonymous said...

I'm on "high alert." Wenn, Splash, X17, Just Jared, whatever it takes.
Can anyone think of any other sources?

Anonymous said...

She was out with the kids over the weekend, I think he is still working in Morocco
My guess is he will be in Morocco until October

Anonymous said...

No, Anon, 11:42. He won't. It is an established fact he gets a two week break, possibly three, before going to London to finish his work.

sheba baby said...

Wow, I have not seen these pics of Jake before, Thanks! And yes bobbyanna, I remember the FATEFUL week too!!

I will have to watch the video on my lunch break even though I have seen it many times before, I'll never get tired of it!

Saw the VH1 segment on J&R, the Inn was lovely but I have a feeling if they return to Napa, they will choose different lodgings.

Anonymous said...

x17 claims/hints at Jake is still in Morocco

lawgoddess said...

I loved seeing Diane flirting with Jake and giggling like a much younger lady!

And Jake was so cute about Gwyneth's hairdo. I always tilt my head along with him, LOL.

Thanks UV, if we can't have Jake, at least we can have some fun.:)

Out of curiosity- how do we know Reese was in new York that week? Were there pictures or news reports? This was the year after she won the Oscar, right?

office of nancy pelosi said...

Diane turned into a puddle of goo, ha, ha!! I loved this interview.

Lawgodess: Reese won the AA in '06 the same year Jake was nominated.

Jake was on break in late Feb. '07 from filming Rendition to do PR for Zodiac. It was the weekend of the Academy Awards and Rese flew into NY to see Jake.

lawgoddess said...

Thanks. office. :)

suvee said...

That Diane Sawyer interview is easily in my top 3 Jake interviews ever. And not because of the content of Jake's banter. No, it's totally due to watching Diane instantly turn into a shameless, giddy fangirl in Jake's presence. He has some serious sexy mojo to have that effect on the normally cool, calm and collected Diane! :)
And those off-camera pics are great...... the Gyllenstare one makes me weak in the knees.

Thanks so much sass for the heads up about the VH1 show...... it's silly, I know, but I always like it when J & R get a little media love and attention.

Is it possible he briefly stopped over on the East Coast, maybe seeing family?

Bobbyanna said...

Wonder if it's possible for Brothers Spy to track down that PoP contact? Find out if production has wrapped in Morroco for Jake?
Gemma, Sir Ben, Alfred Molina?

I just have a sense that if Jake is stateside, Reese and Jake are together. They don't like being apart.

This is silly! We just have to be patient. I mean. It's not as if I'm just sitting around waiting for my Jake fix. That's ridiculous! (Bangs head against wall...again)

Anonymous said...

Maybe in all those pictures yesterday at Whole Foods, she was buying some groceries for Jake who stayed at home to rest, she had like 3 big bags of groceries for the family

Anonymous said...

Oh I loved that video, Diane is a sweetheart, and it was cute to see her turn into a giggling fangirl. He's gorgeous. Also, that is my favorite scene from Zodiac. I'm always struck by the resemblances to Robert Graysmith that flash across Jake's expressions in Zodiac - his acting is subtle in many ways, and I wish Zodiac had gotten more recognition, that it deserved. :)

sass said...

Evening Babblers,
Chemo is good for something. I get to let you know about Jake on TV/Cable sometimes. I was totally surprised to hear first Matt Damon's name, and then Jake's name, mentioned by a character in the new HBO series, True Blood, second episode, last night.

The character who mentioned their names in his thoughts, was on a date with the hot Anna Paquin who plays the character Sookie. Unfortunately for him Sookie is a mind reader and was able to tap into his mental happiness that he found Sookie so hot, and that she turned him on so much. He hoped that being with and having sex with Sookie, would help him not think about Matt Damon, and that he would finally be straight and able to stop thinking about how hot and sexy Jake looked dancing around naked in that little Santa hat. :lol :lol
U GO ALAN! U can imagine how much my family and I laughed when we heard Jake's name mentioned.

Alan Ball is having so much fun with this series. I enjoyed his 6 Feet Under; plus he is Gay, so I loved the shout out to Jake:)

I am sitting here watching CNBC; Wall Street is imploding and it's so not good. I need Jake pictures.

True Blood

Anonymous said...

Anna Pacquin and Jake dated. They're friends.

UltraViolet said...

Never heard that one about Jake and Anna. Do you have some inside info, anon?

Glad everyone enjoyed the Diane/Jake lovefest :)

This is a funny tidbit from USAToday:

RedEye has started a fun feature where they're asking readers to send in photos and talk about which celebrities they resemble. Users then get to vote on whether they're "dead on" or "way off."

So far the collection includes one token dude who think he looks like Bono, another guy who looks nothing like Jake Gyllenhaal (who does?) and a few folks who really do resemble famous people.

The guy really doesn't look like Jake at all.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, forgot to say that was too funny, sass. I tried to watch that show, but the acting was painfully bad. Plus,
I hate vampire stories. And I'm not a big Alan Ball fan. So definitely not for me. But I loved the Jake reference.

agent_krycek said...

Sorry, I look more like Jake then that guy, and I'm a brown eyed, 5'2 female!

Speaking of Jake mentions, I was off work for a week a couple of months ago, and indulged myself in a bit of afternoon tv watching, ended up watching a random episode of Neighbours (long running Aussie soap) and Jake got a shout out when one character asked another out, tempting her with a film staring 'that Jake Gyllenhaal guy you like' - I admit it, I squeed slightly.

shondra said...

Looks like someone forgot to take their meds.

Thanks for that link UV, I look more like Jake , LOL!!

That interview with Sawyer is my favorite, the Gyllenhaal charm is working full blast!

Yes, that's the week Reese turned up in NY to spend time with Jake.

I never heard about Jake and Anna.

shondra said...

Sass, I got rid of HBO after The Sopranos finished but I have heard that True Blood is fantastic!

It's crazy what's happening with Wall street, everything is imploding.

I hope all is well with you.

agent_krycek said...

I'd ask for a refund on those anger management classes if I was you 5:26am

Re PoP - thinking about it, Gemma had a major tv role kick off in the UK last week, and I can't remember seeing her doing any tv interviews about it in the week leading up to it, would have thought she'd have been a cert for Jonathan Ross, but pretty sure she wasn't there - maybe indicating that she wass still in Morroco until quite recently.

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!
I never heard of Jake with Ana!

Ramey has some pictures of Reese in shopping:

Anonymous said...

here are the new pictures of Reese
we need some were is Jake talk

Monica said...

Anon 08:28, here's a link to your post:
Reese Witherspoon: Barneys Babe

There may have been some delay in the filming of POP.

Anonymous said...

I read on Wet-Dark blog, Morocco had some sand storms or something, maybe that is why filming is going on so long

sag actor said...

I have to say that I find the anon. comments regarding Jake a bit creepy, there seems to be no interest in his acting or movie choices. Just comments on how sad Reese looks and where is Jake and how come he isn't with her, etc.

Last time I checked he was in Morocco filming and just because a date was given for completion doesn't mean that was the correct date. Filming in the desert presents problems and I wouldn't be surprised to find out that filming has been extended for a week or so.

UltraViolet said...

Any UKers with scanners out there? According to a poster on IHJ, there is a small pic of Jake eating an ice cream - in Morocco.

UltraViolet said...

And Monica, thanks for making the hyperlinks :)

UltraViolet said...

I'm spamming, but I have seen various versions of this in multiple languages over the past few days. It looks as if Disney sent out some kind of press release. But why now? And why no pictures?

Yeah, yeah, heightening the suspense, blah, blah.

FluorescentLamp said...

Methinks it has something to do with this part of the release:

and rising star Gemma Arterton, who can be seen in the latest TV adaptation of Tess Of The D'Urbervilles and in the forthcoming Bond film, plays the feisty princess.

Since she's the only female in the production and since she's got a couple of things about to come out, I think it's more to do with her than with Jake and/or the PoP production itself.

UltraViolet said...

Thank you, FL, for interrupting my stream of spam!

Maybe it's to do with Gemma, but she's not exactly the featured player in the release. It still baffles me. Oh, and one of the versions I saw had a "PHOTOS" category, but then nada. Teases!

ended up watching a random episode of Neighbours (long running Aussie soap) and Jake got a shout out when one character asked another out, tempting her with a film staring 'that Jake Gyllenhaal guy you like' - I admit it, I squeed slightly.

Hee. Agent K. Forgot to say that there's no need to feel shame. You are among squeeing friends!

josie said...

agent k do you have a scanner?? We are desperate for any Jake pics, LOL!!!

If the picture is recent, then he is still in Morocco filming.

Anonymous said...

The scan from Heat is here, but the picture isn't recent it's dated 8/24:

sheba baby said...

Thanks anon!
It looks like it was taken around the same time he was spotted at the Jardin Gardems in August, lookung good!