Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Brothers Pushed

Comes the news from Jeffrey Wells and Hollywood Elsewhere today that Brothers is now looking at a late summer or fall '09 release. Yes, two thousand nine. 2009.

Wells says, MGM had planned it to open it on 12.4.08, but now they'll be taking it to next May's Cannes Film Festival.

Brothers producer Mike DeLuca says, The decision to hold was basically due to the "crazy full fall for serious movies" this year, he says. "We love Brothers and want to blitz in Cannes, but it's just too crowded this year for a wide fall release and an Oscar campaign."

A key factor in the decision, he says, is that costar Jake Gyllenhaal is unavailable for year-end p.r. due to filming on Prince of Persia and "we can't promote this movie without jake. So Cannes makes most sense. I'm super proud of the movie and a major unveiling on the Cote d'Azur with all cast present is too good to pass up."

Read the whole article here.

Nice to know how essential to the marketing campaign Jake is.

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Anonymous said...

What NO!!, 2 whole years without a new Jake fim, and I was really hoping we would see him at the Oscars.

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh he'll be at the Oscars. Which year is the question. ;-)

In other news, for those keeping track of FOJ Modig's Crawford in deal with

Anonymous said...

Jake unavailable for PR for Brothers because of PoP, how much longer can filming take?.

Narcissa said...

The unavailability thing might be stretching the truth slightly. Films, even good ones, with Middle East/war themes have been a drug on the market. Let a few more months go by and try to get some buzz going at the festivals.

Oh Jake! You need to make more films! This drought is a killer.

Anonymous said...

"Oh Jake! You need to make more films! This drought is a killer."

So true.

agent_krycek said...

I think it's more the war issue then anything else, which is a shame because, and I hopefully am not verging into spoiler territory here, please feel free to delete if I am, going by the original, the actual conflict doesn't really matter, it could be any war, any time, it's the interplay and the choices made by the three leads that drives the film.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I'm not surprised, very little buzz, no trailer, etc.

Opening at Cannes is great but it would be better if it opened in the fall not summer.

I agree narcissa, the unavailability factor is a stretch because even if Pop filming stretches to Dec., i'm sure Disney would give him time off to promote.

It's more to due to the fact that the slate is really crowded this year and thye want to give it a chance.

So now we have Brothers in '09, Pop in '10 and Nailed????

Monica said...

Good night, babblers.

Brothers would not have the attention it deserves.
In Cannes he will have a greater attention and perhaps will be your path to the Oscar 2010.


UltraViolet said...

Oh, man, I forgot about Nailed. I was consoling myself that with the push back until '09, at least we'd have one Jake movie next year. Damn, damn, damn.

I like the Cannes idea, though. I'm not too worried about the release, because the old rules about when to release things have loosened a bit.

But still, I hope they put out a trailer or something by the end of the year. A teaser, a tidbit. Anything!

josie said...

Nooooooooo!!! We have to wait to see Jake on the big screen until 2009!

I love the fact that it will be opening at Cannes, just hope the film opens at least in Nov.

I thought that actors had things like an out to promote a film while filming?? Even Fincher gave him time off to promote Jarhead and BBM.

FluorescentLamp said...

And on a completely shallow note. I was hoping this film would come out this year, the publicity tour would happen whilst he was still shooting PoP, if only to see his long flowing locks in action. :: shakes fist :: Damn you, Jake, denying us like this.

FluorescentLamp said...

Even Fincher gave him time off to promote Jarhead and BBM.

Maybe that's exactly what Jake doesn't want to go through again. He was stretched incredibly thin during that time. It must have been exHAUSTing.

Monica said...

FL, remember that Jake can not attend to the Golden Globe for being filming Zodiac.

ultraviolet said...

And as we know, Fincher wasn't exactly gracious about the time off for Jake. cough Golden Globes cough cough Daily Show cough

chica said...

I remember when Jake had to cancel some talk shows in NY in Dec. '05 for BBM due to Zodiac. The Daily show was mentioned but I'm sure he was scheduled to do more.

And yes he missed the GG due to Zodiac!!! I'm not surprised with this news, something wasn't right with no trailer or the fact that it wasn't showing up on any list as coming out in Dec.

lawgoddess said...

Ack! This is disappointing news.

I have to admit, when I heard PoP was being pushed back to 2010, I was crushed.
And having to wait for Brothers is a blow, too.

This means no sweet, funny Jake on the talk show circuit for a looong time.

Although today I realized that Reese will probably do a lot of TV promotions for Four Christmases, and that cheered me up. You know Ellen will ask her about Jake.( Last time, Reese said "Jake's great.")I get a vicarious thrill from seeing Reese, LOL.

Sigh. With no sightings and little reporting about Jake, this is news I could have lived without.

bobbyanna said...

Rats! Well at the risk of sounding like a heretic, if they are going to wait until next year, I hope they wait until fall. I hope they go to Venice and Toronto and skip Cannes and Tribeca. Because if they plan on releasing this in late Spring or Summer that is not a good time.

The big blockbusters get unveiled around Memorial Day so the push for them begins by late April, early May. That is a important time because those blockbusters pay the bills for the major studios and distributors.

Most of the time, "Serious" films get released in October and November. So maybe Nailed will be out sometime in that February - July period and then they can start promoting Brothers in August/September for an October release.

So in '09 we'll get Nailed and Brothers and then they will roll out PoP with lots of tie-ins and hype starting in March of '10 for a summer holiday relase with a huge build up at Cannes. Or not.

Maybe there's a reason why we aren't seeing a lot of long-haired Jake right now, a reason why he won't be promoting other movies while he is still sporting his PoP locks. I'm beginning to think Disney is trying to sort of redefine Jake's image for this movie. I don't know. Don't mind me. I'm deep into my withdrawal symptoms.

suvee said...

Noooo! This is so disappointing. I suppose I should try and find some silver lining to this delay (less box office competition, more awards attention, etc.), but I'm too bummed to make the effort.

It's weird how 2008 started off as such an exciting Jake movie year..... 3 movies on the horizon for late 2008 thru summer 2009. Things sure can change, huh? :(

Anonymous said...

i think lack of pictures of jake has alot to do with disney wanting to keep jakes look hidden till pop is done filming which i hope is soon

Anonymous said...

I am not buying the Jake in hiding theory.
He has been seen in Europe with the long hair already and set pictures were released.
The secret and look of his hair is already out
He never hid in Europe over the summer, and the set pictures

Anonymous said...

well i guess jake just doing a goodjob avoiding the paps or maybe they dont recognize him

shondra said...

The last time we saw Jake was in August, even reading that fan account of Jake on the set of Pop, she said that he was wearing a hood. I bet he looks a whole lot different now, then he did in July/Aug.

He was covered up in June while he was in the UK and when he was pictured going to Paris via eurostar, he was in vacation mode. Even in Paris he switched back and forth from wearing a hat.

I bet it's a combination of Disney and Jake not being 100% comfortable with the way he looks right now.

Bummr about Brothers being pushed back but not surprising. Cannes is a great showcase for this film.

Anonymous said...

But he did hide in the UK 8:08, check out the pics, even the sightings of Jake and Reese mentioned he was wearing a hood.

The only time we saw him w/o a hat/hood was when he was traveling to Paris with Reese and the kids and in Paris he went from wearing a hat to not. The Morocco set pics were a test by Disney IMO, to gage fan reaction. I bet he looks totally differnt now and unrecogizable.

Anonymous said...

it must suck to to stay in hiding for months

so he isn't allowed to go out to a restaurant or shopping?
He has to stay in his hotel all day?

Ok I am confused by the hiding

Bette said...

I called it. I didn't think it was being released as planned, I'm really sad though. All of Jake's movies are being pushed back. Ugh.

bobbyanna said...

I don't think he necessarily looks "totally different and unrecognizable." We did see the set pics from Morocco and I'd venture that's pretty much how Jake looks right now.

But what I do think, is that Disney wants the public perception of Jake as we know him, to be totally separate from the PoP characterization, clearly and distinctly.

They don't want the world to say, that's not the PoP, that's Jake. When people go into the theatre, Disney wants them to see Dastan. Period. Or it won't work, no matter how great his British accent is.

They can't afford for people to be too familiar with this,right now. They need to hold something back. That would include having him doing promotion for another movie while looking like the PoP.

I'm saying this badly, but I know what I mean. I think Jake is really trying to be very low key until he is finished working on this movie and can get back to his normal self.

It might also affect his future projects. If he is doing the Joe Namath biopic, or the Untitled Moon Project, or anything else, he and his directors want him to have a distinct look for those characters. Look how different Jake looks from Brothers,to Nailed, then PoP.
I think this is the longest he's had to stay in character.

It's funny. I love Harrison Ford. I think he's a wonderful actor, too. I even met him once. But in every single movie he is in,and in real life, he looks just like Harrison Ford. And Jake gets into the physicality of his characters much more.

Anonymous said...

So he isn't allowed to go out to a restaurant or shopping?
He has to stay in his hotel all day?
He can't go ride his bike, shop, or go to any public places for months?

What does he do after work, hide in a room?

FluorescentLamp said...

8:53 and 9:54, I think you're forgetting one big thing here - he's currently filming a movie. A BIG movie. A big movie of long hours and few breaks. I think after 10+ hour filming days he probably goes back to wherever he's staying and passes out. Then gets up the next day and does it all over again.

However, according to the ACLU luncheon winner, Jake was planning on being in NYC this past weekend. So it seems like he was able to take a break.

I think while he's out, about and being all stealthy, he's probably wearing a knit cap or hoodie.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jake's hiding at all. He wasn't hiding in France. I think he is just trying to avoid the paparrazzi by not being where they are. We will probably see pictures of him soon. With his long hair. I also agree with FL. I think he is probably exhausted.

lawgoddess said...

I don't think I said this earlier, if I did forgive me. But I loved the idea that Jake found a totally private hideaway in Morocco for Reese to be with him the second time. I bet it was gorgeous, he seems to put a lot of effort into details for her , judging by the Cartier shopping story and the Rome trip.

Anonymous said...

and when he isn't filming 10 hours a day, he is probably at a private gym working out

Anonymous said...

Or not, Anon 11:49. Jake has friends in London and from all reports he's pretty friendly with other cast and crew members, so maybe he gets out for ice cream once in a while.

Anonymous said...

He has also had Reese there a lot, so I am sure not everything is work.
He has his share of fun, plus he has the coolest job on earth.
Who wouldn't mind going to a billion dollar film set everyday as this job

agent_krycek said...

If Jake's staying out of Central London then it's entirely possible that he's wandering around completely unbothered by paps etc.

Put it this way, Tom and Nicole stayed over here for ages filming Eyes Wide Shut, they stayed in a sleeply little town on the outskirts of London for months, and I recall seeing precisely one set of pap pictures of them during this time, they remained, in the main, completely unbothered - it all depends where you stay, in Nottinghill you'll get papped and bothered, some little town just outside London, on the whole you'll be fine.

Plus, remember, a lot of pap pictures occur because the subject tips off the paps to where they'll be(yes, Vicky Beckham, I am looking at you!) Jake wouldn't do that in a million years.

extra said...

I think it's more to do with the fact that Brothers faces some rather stiff competion at the BO and that it could easily get lost rather than he will not be available to promote. Even if Pop is still filming in December, he could get time off to promote it.

Good move, but unfortunately for us that means we have to wait until next year to see Brothers.

I think the reason that Jake seems to be MIA is that he is not staying in London but outside of London near the Pinewood studio.

If he made a visit to NY this past weekend then it was brief and he went unnoticed, blame it on the hoodie!

We usually get a few pap pics a week of Reese when she is in L.A., she has been MIA for a week now.

get real said...

Looking on the bright side, Cannes is a huge buzz for upcoming movies. If they premiere it soon after then hopefully it will do well. I do agree that a movie like this could get lost in the shuffle of fall/winter/Oscar type movies. It would have needed to be promoted back in late summer and given some buzz already for proper attention. JMO. This way the whole cast can fully promote it. And I do want to see Jake in full that. Plus, instead of putting it all on him I would love to see some Jake/Natalie/Tobey promotion together.

sag actor said...

I agree get real, Cannes is one of the best places to showcase Brothers and hopefully there will be enough buzz.

Not surprised to hear about it being pushed back. Looking forward to Jake, Tobey and Natalie prominting it.

FluorescentLamp said...

bobbyanna made a post last night at 7:53 and while it would take up too much room to quote the parts I agree with, I'll just say that I agree with everything she wrote.

I have misgivings about Brothers at Cannes. It seems to me the European judging block doesn't look fondly on American remakes of much heralded European films. I could be wrong on that. But it's troubling to me.

If a film premieres at Cannes, what's the normal wide release, or American release date of said film? Mightn't this film get lost in the summer release shuffle?

get real said...

You do have a point, FL. Hadn't thought about that. :/ I'm gonna try and hope for the best.

bobbyanna said...

Fl, I'm gonna try to be more succinct. ..;) Part of withdrawal symptoms is a tendency to babble. But honestly? I used to work in government. Why say in six words what you can say in sixty! ;) ;) ;)

FluorescentLamp said...

Fl, I'm gonna try to be more succinct. ..;)

Oh no no no, I love reading your posts. You brought up (and bring up) a lot of interesting talking points (for me anyway). Type away, my friend, type away. :-)

Narcissa said...

Excellent article about the Oscar madness.

It needed saying - but it won't make any difference.

UltraViolet said...

Yup, Reese has been under the radar, as well. I saw this tidbit yesterday, but there's no date specified. Seems like it must have been yesterday, but that's not certain. impeccably dressed Reese Witherspoon picking up ready-made meals at Clementine!

Oh, and belated thanks, FL, for the news on "Crawford." I hope more people get to see it.

suvee said...

Not very reassuring, given it's history, but it looks like Nailed has suddenly become our best hope for seeing Jake on screen sometime soon.

Do we know if it has found a distributor? It feels like it has disappeared into some kind of movie black hole.

Thanks for the Crawford update FL. That is a movie I really want to see.

sheba baby said...

I thought that Brothers would be pushed back, if it was going to be released in ec., then there would have been a poster and a trailer already. I just hpe MGM doesn't screw up promoting th e film.

I forgot all about Nailed, I hope it doesn't have a problem getting distribution. Thanks for the link to the Crawford news FL, I would love to see that.

Great find UV, I noticed Clementine's Rosh Hashana menu and it looks like she was there yesterday, the second day of the New year. Yeah I know, according to the fan account of Jake on the set of Pop, he asked for the weekend off in NY and most likely is back in the UK filming but still......

Great find UV,

extra said...

A Jake and Reese "drifting apart" story from The Star, yeah I know:

It claims that she flew to London in mid-September to re-connect but fails to mention her visits to Morocco. Also says they went house hunting in London because he is making Londo his home base until Dec., that's what I thought in the beginning.

gabbana said...

Articles like the following always remind me why most of the tabloids are as useful as dogs**t....
Drifting Apart

The original Brother got excellent critics but I have to admit that I never heard about this film until the remake was announced. Cannes could be a success - I agree with FL that European critics can be harsh towards american remakes but Jim Sheridan is very well respected here in Germany and not seen as "typical Hollywood" (although his 50 Cent movie raised some eyebrows....:-)))

I have to admit that my fears were they would open it in January or February - the graveyard where all unwanted movies are going to die...but it looks like they have faith in the film. And Cannes is a wonderful place and the pictures of Jake there last year are among my favourite ones..

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!

Narcissa, very interesting article about the Oscar. Thanks for the link!

Extra, Star Magazine's link does not work for people who live here in Brazil.
Thank you for information.

Happy birthday Ramona Sarsgaard!

gabbana said...

Ups, Extra we saw the same article....:-))

Yes it looks like the shootings of PoP are lasting longer than expected, it was obviously a good move to postpone the film.

extra said...

Thanks for the proper link gabanna!! We all knew we would get these type of stories once it was announced that Pop was filming overseas. Again not only do they fail to mention her trips to Morocco but her earlier trip to the UK in June and Jake, Reese and the kids in the UK and Paris!

Methinks an intern saw the pics of Reese arriving at LAX and spun the quick trip to London to re-connect, it seems that they have been "re-connecting" all along, LOL!

And i would think that there would be some sightings of Jake at the Dorchester in London since it implies he is staying there and they went house hunting.

Thanks for the link and update on Crawford FL and the link to the Oscar story narcissa.

agent_krycek said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Ramona!

So, Erin/Twitter writing for the Star these days then =D

Anonymous said...

Lol Agent K.

josie said...

Happy birthday Ramona!!!!


Bette said...

Agent K, LMAO, I am convinced she is!

Anonymous said...

I'm not Twitter, but people need to prepare for the possibility this may not work. Jake and Reese are definitely together. To all reports, they will be together two years this coming March. That will be a critical turning point. They're in love, now, but they are both in different places careerwise and personally.

She has an Oscar, she's established, and is the highest paid actress out there. He has a promising career but is just now coming into his own and he's already going to be 28.

Shooting schedules in exotic locales, separations, the demands of both families, her need to be stay in one place so her kids can go to school, (yet she leaves them to chase after him,) will get old.

At some point they may both look at it and say,I can't do this. I bet Jake wants to get married and have kids of his own. Soon.

Yes, he knew she had kids when he started up with her, but the day to day reality and responsibility is a lot different then the idea. Especially when those kids have a very present father, who's a wonderful father and loves his kids.

Jake has to face limits and boundaries he might not be comfortable with. This is a nice blog, but you need to be more realistic.

Anonymous said...

Count down to the deletion of 9:46 comment ....10..9..8

FluorescentLamp said...

Ohhh, anon @9:46, you write such pretty verse.

Since none of us, including you, know the mechanics of Jake and Reese's relationship, I think it's safe to say we mostly deal in speculation here. And if that relationship goes kaput, oh well. There will be another.

But please don't come to this blog as an anon and tell us how to behave or react. That's not really polite.

office of nancy pelosi said...

My 2 cents:

Yes Jake knew the deal before he became involved with Reese and he most likely is pushing for marriage and kids (IMO), something she has been through already and may like things the way they are.

That said i've been impressed at how often they seem to "connect" while filming going back to him visiting her own set on Four Christmases through her visits to the Brothers, Nailed and Pop sets.

I'm sure it gets tiring for her since she has to do most of the travel plus the kids and other responsibilities at home. And IMO she took off for the most part this year so she can do exactly that, travel to see Jake, her Avon duties and her upcoming PR for Four Christmases aside.

According to IMDB she will start filming that movie with Ben Stiller, I would think Jake will be finished with Pop, and it will be his turn to to visit her and I assume the shoot will be in the US.

I think they are mature and serious enough but yeah, but like FL said, we know nothing and this is all speculation.

PS: All this from a Star story, LOL!!

sag actor said...


Kudos to the cast of The Seagull including Peter of course!!

suvee said...

I'll add my 2¢ also.....

I'm not some starry eyed teenager. I've been in enough serious relationships myself to qualify as a romantic realist. All I can say is..... you never know. Especially if you don't even actually know the 2 people involved! :)

My personal opinion is..... I won't die of shock if J & R do get married eventually and I won't die of shock if they break up.

I think most of us are just having a little fun indulging in fangirl speculation.

bobbyanna said...

OY! I'm pretty reality based, Anon. I think Jake and Reese are already living together in a committed relationship. They aren't trying this on for sport. Yuo talk like they just started seeing each other or something.

Even before Reese, Jake wasn't one of those guys who "fell in love" six times a year, and "got serious." he dated, but he knew what he was looking for. And IMHO, they have been together two years right about now. Give or take a week either way, not from March.

It looks to me that they've put it all on the line. True, anything can happen, but I'm pretty sure this one ends at the proverbial altar. The stars are all lined up for it.

The fact that they spend a lot of time together,shows they're putting real effort into this relationship,building something very solid. If they wanted to end it, or needed space, they have all kinds of opportunities to do that, but they seem to be going in the exact opposite direction.

Anyone who wants to measure or speculate just how serious they are, need look no further then the fact they went to Mexico and then London and Paris for an extended stay, WITH the kids, travelling as a family. That tells me they have a stable relationship. Neither one of them is frivolous and superficial so I think they'll be fine.

Thanks for the link to Seagull. OMG. That is HUGE praise. The article clearly highlighted Kirstin Scott Thomas' performance, but they called Peter "slyly brilliant" so maybe he will get a Tony! BTW, I was reading something somewhere, very recently, where an interviewer of Peter referred to Maggie as "his wife."

Anonymous said...

Oh Bobbyanna I LOVE your post, thank you. About Peter and Maggie in this Article they refer to Maggie as his wife.

agent_krycek said...

If I ever grow up I'd quite like to be Kirstin Scott Thomas. Ridiculously beautiful and talented woman.

bobbyanna said...

And she speaks French, too, Agent K, so there's that...;) I LOVED her in Gotsford Park. I loved Gotsford Park. Think I might watch that this weekend. Then Love Actually. For some silly reason, I want to be in London...but not with Bridget Jones, just Colin.;)

extra said...

Reese and Deacon in Brentwood yesterday and they both look adorable and happy:

PS: She is wearing a gold band (I think) on her left middle finger, andi it doesn't look like the signet that she usally wears.

Monica said...

Reese in LA:

Reese and Deacon in LA

FluorescentLamp said...

This site has tons more and in HQ.

Anonymous said...

the only half truth I can glean from these gossip mags,
I believe Jake will be filming POP until December or January

suvee said...

Oh, it looks like she is wearing her "Rendezvous with Jake in Morocco" outfit! The color palette might be a little different, but the blouse and shorts sure look the same.

Yes, that gold band is interesting...... hmmm.
Thanks, FL, for the link to all the pics!

Monica said...

About Peter and Maggie in this Article they refer to Maggie as his wife.

In my opinion Peter & Maggie are married. They live together for a long time and have a daughter. No need to be considered officially married. They are a family.

Thanks for the link!

lawgoddess said...

I love to see Reese and Deacon out and about, he's such a sweetheart.

I bet he is enjoying the additional time with Mom now that Ava is back in school.

But cute as Deacon is, I'd rather see Reese running errands with Jake.

Anonymous said...

dude, Jake will be back in another month or so,
People are acting like he isn't going to return

I think he will be back by December

Its not forever!

Anonymous said...

Anon it seems like forever.

UltraViolet said...

Sorry I haven't been on all day - I was busy redearching on the internet, thanks to oh-so-helpful anon above. Do you guys know that celebrity relationships sometimes don't last? My eyes have really been opened.

In the meantime, new picture? New post.