Monday, May 26, 2008

Out with the old

Poor Urth Caffe. Seems Jake Gyllenhaal has thrown them over in favor of the smooth stylings and una bella tazza that only Caffe Luxxe in Santa Monica can provide.

Bye bye, Urth.

Hello, Caffe Luxxe.

Photos courtesy of IHJ.


Classic scene from Tootsie, with Dustin Hoffman and Sydney Pollack.

But only with “Tootsie,” in 1982, did Mr. Pollack become a fully realized Hollywood player.

By then he was represented by Michael S. Ovitz and the rapidly expanding Creative Artists Agency. So was his leading man, Dustin Hoffman.

As the film — a comedy about a struggling actor who disguises himself as a woman to get a coveted television part — was being shot for Columbia Pictures, Mr. Pollack and Mr. Hoffman became embroiled in a semi-public feud, with Mr. Ovitz running shuttle diplomacy between them.

Mr. Hoffman, who had initiated the project, argued for a more broadly comic approach. But Mr. Pollack — who played Mr. Hoffman’s agent in the film — was drawn to the seemingly doomed romance between the cross-dressing Hoffman character and the actress played by Jessica Lange.

If Mr. Pollack did not prevail on all points, he tipped the film in his own direction. Meanwhile, the movie came in behind schedule, over budget and surrounded by bad buzz.

Yet “Tootsie” was also a winner. It took in more than $177 million at the domestic box office and received 10 Oscar nominations, including for best picture. (Ms. Lange took home the film’s only Oscar, for best supporting actress.)



gyllenspooner said...

Good bye old thread, we hardly knew ye.

This must be a record. Three threads in two days. :). I guess that's what you get when you get all this Jake goodness.

I just wanted to ask something regarding Sydney Pollack. Wasn't he friends with the Gyllenhaals? He was partners with Anthony Minghella, who also died this year. Maybe he was friends with Jake's parents.

Either way it's sad.

FluorescentLamp said...

Good bye old thread, we hardly knew ye.

Hee. Very funny. :-D

This will make up for those days when we let threads run over a hundred comments because Jake was being uncooperative. ;-)

bobbyanna said...

FL you're an angel! I wish there was a way to get a REALLY good look at that little girl's jewelry! :)

I want to see that necklace, check out her wrists, and definitely get a look at her fingers. There was a time when my jewelry spotting skills were much sharper!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, that scene is wonderful. Another one I can practically recite. "You were a tomato!"

As FL just said to me, it definitely brings Russell and his rep and "you can't choke when you're coughing" to mind.

Amazing that Tootsie was the only comedy Pollack directed.

Thanks for posting that clip, FL.

bobbyanna said...

I've got to add my thanks as well FL. Sidney Pollack was one special guy! The Way We Were is on my top ten all time favorites list.

This clip you posted from Tootsie is delightful. Pollack's riff on the Love Canal still makes me laugh. "Who gives a shit! You can get that in New Jersey!" That scene was classic.

Bet Dustin Hoffman and James Caan subscribe to the same acting school philosophy!:) I thought of the cookie problem too, UV!

Anna said...

The G and Reese love shack

Anna said...

try this link, to see her ranch
I can't get the link to work

sass said...

Hi everyone,
I just heard about Sidney Pollack's passing from my son. I am so sad he's left us, because I enjoyed so many of his movies and his acting. Tootsie is still one of the best movies I've ever seen, along with Out of Africa, and so many more. Tootsie was entertaining with great acting, and it had a much-needed message that can still be utilized in today's world.

I hope all my babbler mates had a restful time off. I still can't believe how many Jake pics we're being gifted with; surely this is magic.
Jake and Reese seem much closer. They look as if they are having loads of fun together, and I'm enjoying watching it happen, thanks to my favorite Jake blogs and IHJ:)

I absolutely love the POP manipulation, even the hair. TY:)

I voted in the US poll with all those thousands of other people. what is it about Jake and Reese; folks really seem to identify with them, like them and want to meet them. I'd love to meet and hang out with Brangelina, but my heart is with Gyllenspoon.
See ya tomorrow

OK, Since we are Gyllenspooners, we can babble and act as girly as we like, so I was wondering, what kind of wedding dress would we choose for Reese? I know I know, *sass runs and hides* indulge me please. :lol :lol
back later:)

Anonymous said...

I say Jake is looking really good these days; am so much loving the longer hair!
Sydney Pollack: rest in peace. Thank you for your beautiful body of work and for being such a class act all around. I think I will watch 'Out of Africa' again tonight.

agent_krycek said...

Sad news about Sidney Pollack, fine actor and fine director as well, and no age at all really.

Jake and Reese, looking fine together as always. Reece's wedding dress, I'm thinking something simple, classic and probably not full length.

Anonymous said...

This is the anonymous who first took issue with all the pregnancy talk about 4 threads ago or so . I know you guys are having fun and thats cool. I wasn't trying to anger anybody or start a debate. Its just when you come from various places that put her down or make fun of her and then to come over here and see all the talk I guess it just got to me. This looks like a topic that has been beaten to death, so this is the last that I will bring it up.

RIP Sydney Pollack

agent_krycek said...

No problem Anon 4:32 AM - it's all done with love and respect and tongue firmly in cheek, and an overwhelming urge to see Jake as a Daddy, seriously first photo of Jake with a baby will probably cause the lot of us to melt into a puddle of goo :D

bobbyanna said...

"Its just when you come from various places that put her down or make fun of her "

Those would be places I'd avoid!
Anyone who has read thru even a few of the threads here can clearly see this is definitely not that kind of place.

Reese is completely safe here...and very much Loved! You might even say that Gyllenbabblers have their arms around her!

That kind of meanness, ridiculing someone's personal appearance, employing petty cruelties
as if you were some
twelve year old(!) being rude and judgemental, all that sort of negativity is banished at the door! Life is entirely too short to clutter it up with uglyness.

When we speculate about Reese AND Jake being pregnant, it is wishful thinking! Since we've been joking and teasing about it for ages, it has taken on a very humorous aspect. One doesn't stay in one's first trimester for six months,or more...unless you're a manatee!:)

Lemon said...

R.I.P Sydney Pollack

Frankly, Reese has been "pregnant" for about 3 years now, let alone 6 months. Poor lass. Anyways, I'm a major Reese fan too. I've been reading the Gyllenbabble for a while (you guys are VERY good at discovering Jake's up and comings), and I've never thought Reese was anything but safe here.

And is she eating ice or something in those pictures?! She's pulling some funny faces

Other than that...I'm getting rather excited about POP and Jake is looking very, very hot and fit.

agent_krycek said...

Jake is looking very, very hot and fit.

He is looking very fit, I think I spy a bit of extra bulk on him (in a good way).

chica said...

On man,what sad news to hear about Sidney Pollack. Tootsie was not only one of the funiest movies ever but one of the best movies about the acting business IMO.

Thanks for the clip FL.

RIP Sidney.

Love the new pics of J&R, Thanks!

gabbana said...

Sidney Pollack was a great director. "Tootsie" is one of my alltime favourites. I had hoped one day seeing Jake working with him.

At IMDB someone posted a link to a petition Jake/Gemma not being
the Prince/Princess. I really hope after we will get the first pictures/News from the set things are calming down like they did with Heath as the Joker and Craig Daniel as James Bond.

josie said...

What a loss, loved Out of Africa and The way we were, and he was a hoot in Tootsie. Was wonderful in Michael Clayton, R.I.P Mr Pollack.

Bette said...

No problem Anon 4:32 AM - it's all done with love and respect and tongue firmly in cheek, and an overwhelming urge to see Jake as a Daddy, seriously first photo of Jake with a baby will probably cause the lot of us to melt into a puddle of goo :D

Just the thought of Jake as a daddy makes me melt in to a puddle of goo. haha But it really is true anon, we are not passing judgment! I promise.

Monica said...

I liked all of these photos!
Thank's, FL!

So sad what happened with the Pollack!
Tootsie is an excellent film!

office of nancy pelosi said...

Love all the new pics, thanks!

Goodbye Sidney Pollack, what an incredible resume and an incrdeble talent.


UltraViolet said...

Quicky drive-by: Some video of Jake and Reese out and about. From the hood shots over the weekend.

Bette said...

Did a pap on that video just apologize for the intrusion? That's new.

shondra said...

Yes they did bette, what a shock. It was an intrusion but they are so cute.

R.I.P Sidney

extra said...

Obit for Sidney Pollack from the NY Times:

Sydney Pollack, Film Director, Is Dead at 73

Published: May 27, 2008
LOS ANGELES — Sydney Pollack, a Hollywood mainstay as director, producer and sometime actor whose star-laden movies like “The Way We Were,” “Tootsie” and “Out of Africa” were among the most successful of the 1970s and ’80s, died Monday at home here. He was 73.
"Brilliant and talented, he was so
The cause was cancer, said the publicist Leslee Dart, who spoke for his family.

Mr. Pollack’s career defined an era in which big stars (Robert Redford, Barbra Streisand, Warren Beatty) and the filmmakers who knew how to wrangle them (Barry Levinson, Mike Nichols) retooled the Hollywood system. Savvy operators, they played studio against studio, staking their fortunes on pictures that served commerce without wholly abandoning art.

Hollywood honored Mr. Pollack in return. His movies received multiple Academy Award nominations, and as a director he won an Oscar for his work on the 1985 film “Out of Africa” as well as nominations for directing “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” (1969) and “Tootsie” (1982).

“Michael Clayton,” of which Mr. Pollack was a producer and a member of the cast, was nominated for a best picture Oscar earlier this year. He delivered a trademark performance as an old-bull lawyer who demands dark deeds from a subordinate, played by George Clooney. (“This is news? This case has reeked from Day 1!” snaps Mr. Pollack’s Marty Bach.) Most recently, Mr. Pollack portrayed the father of Patrick Dempsey’s character in “Made of Honor.”

Mr. Pollack became a prolific producer of independent films in the latter part of his career. With a partner, the filmmaker Anthony Minghella, he ran Mirage Enterprises, a production company whose films included Mr. Minghella’s “Cold Mountain” and the documentary “Sketches of Frank Gehry,” released in 2006, the last film directed by Mr. Pollack.

Mr. Minghella died in March, at the age of 54, of complications from surgery for tonsil cancer.

Apart from the Gehry documentary, Mr. Pollack never directed a movie without stars. His first feature, “The Slender Thread,” released by Paramount Pictures in 1965, starred Sidney Poitier and Anne Bancroft. In his next 19 films — every one a romance or drama but for the single comedy, “Tootsie” — Mr. Pollack worked with Burt Lancaster, Natalie Wood, Jane Fonda, Robert Mitchum, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Nicole Kidman, Ms. Streisand and others. A frequent collaborator was Robert Redford.

“Sydney’s and my relationship both professionally and personally covers 40 years,” Mr. Redford said in an e-mailed statement. “It’s too personal to express in a sound bite.”

Sydney Irwin Pollack was born on July 1, 1934, in Lafayette, Ind., and reared in South Bend. By Mr. Pollack’s own account, in the book “World Film Directors,” his father, David, a pharmacist, and his mother, the former Rebecca Miller, were first-generation Russian-Americans who had met at Purdue University.

Mr. Pollack developed a love of drama at South Bend Central High School and, instead of going to college, went to New York and enrolled at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater. He studied there for two years under Sanford Meisner, who was in charge of its acting department, and remained for five more as Mr. Meisner’s assistant, teaching acting but also appearing onstage and in television.

Curly-haired and almost 6 feet 2 inches tall, Mr. Pollack had a notable role in a 1959 “Playhouse 90” telecast of “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” an adaptation of the Hemingway novel directed by John Frankenheimer. Earlier, Mr. Pollack had appeared on Broadway with Zero Mostel in “A Stone for Danny Fisher” and with Katharine Cornell in “The Dark Is Light Enough.” But he said later that he probably could not have built a career as a leading man.

Instead, Mr. Pollack took the advice of Burt Lancaster, whom he had met while working with Mr. Frankenheimer, and turned to directing. Mr. Lancaster steered him to the entertainment mogul Lew Wasserman, and through him Mr. Pollack landed a directing assignment on the television series “Shotgun Slade.”

After a faltering start, he hit his stride on episodes of “Ben Casey,” “Naked City,” “The Fugitive” and other shows. In 1966 he won an Emmy for directing an episode of “Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theater.”

From the time he made his first full-length feature, “The Slender Thread,” about a social work student coaxing a woman out of suicide on a help line, Mr. Pollack had a hit-and-miss relationship with the critics. Writing in The New York Times, A. H. Weiler deplored that film’s “sudsy waves of bathos.” Mr. Pollack himself later pronounced it “dreadful.”

But from the beginning of his movie career, he was also perceived as belonging to a generation whose work broke with the immediate past. In 1965, Charles Champlin, writing in The Los Angeles Times, compared Mr. Pollack to the director Elliot Silverstein, whose western spoof, “Cat Ballou,” had been released earlier that year, and Stuart Rosenberg, soon to be famous for “Cool Hand Luke” (1967). Mr. Champlin cited all three as artists who had used television rather than B movies to learn their craft.

Self-critical and never quite at ease with Hollywood, Mr. Pollack voiced a constant yearning for creative prerogatives more common on the stage. Yet he dived into the fray. In 1970, “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?,” his bleak fable of love and death among marathon dancers in the Great Depression, based on a Horace McCoy novel, received nine Oscar nominations, including the one for directing. (Gig Young won the best supporting actor award for his performance.)

Two years later, Mr. Pollack made the mountain-man saga “Jeremiah Johnson,” one of three closely spaced pictures in which he directed Mr. Redford.

The second of those, “The Way We Were,” about ill-fated lovers who meet up later in life, also starred Ms. Streisand and was a huge hit despite critical hostility.

The next, “Three Days of the Condor,” another hit, about a bookish C.I.A. worker thrust into a mystery, did somewhat better with the critics. “Tense and involving,” said Roger Ebert in The Chicago Sun-Times.

With “Absence of Malice” in 1981, Mr. Pollack entered the realm of public debate. The film’s story of a newspaper reporter (Sally Field) who is fed a false story by federal officials trying to squeeze information from a businessman (Paul Newman) was widely viewed as a corrective to the adulation of investigative reporters that followed Alan J. Pakula’s hit movie “All the President’s Men,” with its portrayal of the Watergate scandal.

But only with “Tootsie,” in 1982, did Mr. Pollack become a fully realized Hollywood player. By then he was represented by Michael S. Ovitz and the rapidly expanding Creative Artists Agency. So was his leading man, Dustin Hoffman.

As the film — a comedy about a struggling actor who disguises himself as a woman to get a coveted television part — was being shot for Columbia Pictures, Mr. Pollack and Mr. Hoffman became embroiled in a semi-public feud, with Mr. Ovitz running shuttle diplomacy between them.

Mr. Hoffman, who had initiated the project, argued for a more broadly comic approach. But Mr. Pollack — who played Mr. Hoffman’s agent in the film — was drawn to the seemingly doomed romance between the cross-dressing Hoffman character and the actress played by Jessica Lange.

If Mr. Pollack did not prevail on all points, he tipped the film in his own direction. Meanwhile, the movie came in behind schedule, over budget and surrounded by bad buzz.

Yet “Tootsie” was also a winner. It took in more than $177 million domestically and received 10 Oscar nominations, including for best picture. (Ms. Lange took home the film’s only Oscar, for best supporting actress.)

Backed by Mr. Ovitz, Mr. Pollack expanded his reach in the wake of success. Over the next several years, he worked closely with both TriStar Pictures, where he was creative consultant, and Universal, where Mirage, his production company, set up shop in 1986.

Mr. Pollack reached perhaps his pinnacle with “Out of Africa.” The film, based on the memoirs of Isak Dinesen, paired Ms. Streep and Mr. Redford in a drama that reworked one of the director’s favorite themes, that of star-crossed lovers. It captured Oscars for best picture and best director.

Still, Mr. Pollack remained uneasy about his cinematic skills. “I was never what I would call a great shooter or visual stylist,” he told an interviewer for American Cinematographer last year. And he developed a reputation for caution when it came to directing assignments. Time after time, he expressed interest in directing projects, only to back away. At one point he was to make “Rain Man,” a Dustin Hoffman picture ultimately directed by Mr. Levinson; at another, an adaptation of “The Night Manager” by John le CarrĂ©.

That wariness was undoubtedly fed by his experience with “Havana,” a 1990 film that was to be his last with Mr. Redford. It seemed to please no one, though Mr. Pollack defended it. “To tell you the truth, if I knew what was wrong, I’d have fixed it,” Mr. Pollack told The Los Angeles Times in 1993.

“The Firm,” with Tom Cruise, was a hit that year. But “Sabrina” (1995) and “Random Hearts” (1999), both with Harrison Ford, and “The Interpreter” (2005), with Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn, fell short, as Hollywood and its primary audience increasingly eschewed stars for fantasy and special effects.

Mr. Pollack never stopped acting; in a recent episode of “Entourage,” the HBO series about Hollywood, he played himself.

Among Mr. Pollack’s survivors are two daughters, Rebecca Pollack and Rachel Pollack, and his wife, Claire Griswold. The couple married in 1958, while Mr. Pollack was serving a two-year hitch in the Army. Their only son, Steven, died at age 34 in a 1993 plane crash in Santa Monica, Calif.

In his later years, Mr. Pollack appeared to relish his role as elder statesman. At various times he was executive director of the Actors Studio West, chairman of American Cinematheque and an advocate for artists’ rights.

He increasingly sounded wistful notes about the disappearance of the Hollywood he knew in his prime. “The middle ground is now gone,” Mr. Pollack said in the fall 1998 issue of New Perspectives Quarterly. He added, with a nod to a fellow filmmaker: “It is not impossible to make mainstream films which are really good. Costa-Gavras once said that accidents can happen.”

By Sydney Pollack

A selected filmography: “The Slender Thread” (1965)
“This Property Is Condemned” (1966)
“The Scalphunters” (1968)
“The Swimmer” (1968) (uncredited)
“Castle Keep” (1969)
“They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” (1969)
“Jeremiah Johnson” (1972)
“The Way We Were” (1973)
“The Yakuza” (1974)
“Three Days of the Condor” (1975)
“Bobby Deerfield” (1977)
“The Electric Horseman” (1979)
“Absence of Malice” (1981)
“Tootsie” (1982)
“Out of Africa” (1985)
“Havana” (1990)
“The Firm” (1993)
“Sabrina” (1995)
Random Hearts” (1999)
“The Interpreter” (2005)
“Sketches of Frank Gehry” (2005)

sass said...

Afternoon everyone,

Like others here, I thought of James Caan and his cookie choke scene in Nailed, when I saw the tomato scene in Tootsie again. Most often with a full that will cause death...the person can't make a sound. With a partial obstruction, sounds and coughs can be heard coming from the patient as they struggle to breathe. Oh well.
Agent K. I think you and I should forward our suggestions to the Gyllenspoon for their consideration. :lol:lol NOT!

So, now I can see why Jake gets in front of Reese sometimes and why he looks so much more serious when out with her and paps; Jake, props to you for protecting your lady...stuff like that makes me melt in a big gooey puddle:)

sheba baby said...

I noticed that too sass from the video! It's interesting what a video shows rather than a few pap shots, there was no indication at all that they were holding hands from that set of pics!!

Love that he is so protective of her.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video link UV, they are always holding hands.

FluorescentLamp said...

Did anybody else think it looked like Jake was favoring his bad ankle in that pap vid? I thought it looked like he still had a slight limp. Either that or he was achy from all the PoP workouts.

Bette said...

I still love that the pap actually apologized for the intrusion, but he probably figured if he apologized they'd be nicer and take off their hoods so he could get good shots of them. Reese wasn't having any of that.

FL, I did notice that actually. There is a slight limp there. I wonder if he'll be able to do any of the Parkour or if they'll get a stunt double for that one. I hope not. I'm still hoping he'll learn at least a few of the jumps, and climbs.

Anonymous said...

Eh, that pap apology is so lame. If he was truly sorry, I would think he wouldn't be doing what he's doing in the first place! IMO...

Anonymous said...

in the vid
at one point when Reese is behind Jake,

Jake waves his hands and says something, I think he was telling Reese to stay behind him

Monica said...

Jake is a sweet and nice boy!

Today was listening to the soundtrack of Forrest Gump and when the music played Sweet Home Alabama I remember at the time of Reese.
This song reminds me of Reese.

Anonymous said...

I am confused. There are two different sets of pictures from two different times, where they are going out for breakfast or coffee or lunch?? Right???

There are the ones where Jake puts his hood up. We saw the stills of these first, then we saw another set waiting for their car after dinner,t where Reese wore a black hat and red sweater, then we saw a third set from that French site where they are holding hands, then we saw video of them in the "hood" pictures and discover they are also holding hands in the video, but not the stills. Right?

These are different from the still photos of the two of them holding hands, where she looks like she is holding a plastic cup of lemonaide?

BTW: Sidney Pollack was a wonderful director! I saw him in Michael Clayton, and I saw Tootsie on cable. My mother loves The Way We Were!

bobbyanna said...

OMG! Thank you for posting that partial filmography of Sidney Pollack's work!Just reading thru that list, I did not realize that so many of my favorites were films he directed!

I will say one thing. If there is a film on that list that is absiolutely tailor-made for Jake and Reese to re-do, it is, "This Property is Condemned." If you haven't seen it you HAVE to.

It is based on a Tennessee Williams short story. Reese is almost too old for it, but she looks so young, I think she can do it. I am serious.OK. I'll clam down. Just see that movie, first chance you get!

bobbyanna said...

^ I meant "calm down." :)

Anonymous said...

three sets of pictures

1. raining where he has the hood on
2. That night at dinner, where she is wearing the red sweater
3. Another day, going to a cafe for drinks, where she has the lemonaid drink

bobbyanna said...

Sorry to spam, but you can buy This Property Is Condemned on Amazon, new, for $8.49! OK. I really will calm down. It's just that I can "see" them in this. It is not a comdey...and it could be a bit too steamy to be called romantic, but it is a love story.

Anonymous said...

The raining hood pics are from Saturday, morning I assume. The pics with her in the red sweater is from Saturday too, later in the day dinner, she changed into the cute outfit!

The 3rd set with her drinking lemonade is from Sunday, the video is from the Saturday/raining set, it just appeared today.

I thought it was odd when the captions on the raining/hood pics at IHJ said that they were seen holding hands but the pics didn't show it but now I understand the captions!!

shondra said...

I can see Jake and Reese in This Property is Condemned too!!!

TCM is showing Three days of the Condor @1:30AM/Wednesday. too late for me and i don't have it on vidoe nor DVD but i'll tape it.

Anonymous said...

Somebody on IHJ pointed out that whoever holds there hand on top is the dominant one in the relationship. haha Why am I not surprised Jake is the one with his hand over hers?

I am by no means a body language expert but I went to go check out some photos on google images and a lot of times Reese had her hand over Ryans. I love Reese, have followed her from her Fear days, but I've always gotten the vibe she likes to be in control if she can be. And that Ryan let her be, and then grew to resent that control. She's a pretty powerful woman all by herself. I think Jake balances her out by saying no you won't do that all the time, because I'll push back just as much as you can shove me. I mean he's smitten, but I don't see Jake as a doormat either.

gyllenspooner said...

I have long believed that it is Jake who is the "dominant" one in this relationship. One can see it in their body language whenever they are together. One can see it how he is the one driving 99% of the time (even when it's her car). One can see it how Jake feels it is his duty to protect her.

Lemon said...

Noooo, don't "Clam down"; 'This Property Is Condemned' is an awesome movie! In fact, I think I'll watch it tonight (and consider Jake and Reese) =]

Just a side note to bobbyanna, I read once that Reese loves Natalie Wood (particularly 'Splendour in the Grass' if I remember correctly).

Anonymous said...

"I have long believed that it is Jake who is the "dominant" one in this relationship. One can see it in their body language whenever they are together. "

I agree! I think Reese is just captivated. Isee the way she responds and the way she looks at him. The body language is pretty clear.

It isn't just that Jake is the physically more imposing person, bcz I've seen other H'wood couples and you can tell the woman leads even if she is physically smaller. But in this relationship, Jake takes the lead. I think Reese is very happy to trust him, which is a very good sign. That she would feel emotionally safe with him. She is certainly more relaxed. It is pretty obvious. And a lot more sparkley.

sallykirkland said...

Jake was raised by a strong, intelligent woman of great talent, his older sister is a strong, intelligent woman of great talent. I think he is not intimdated by those qualities in a woman, but that he admires them and seeks them out...which is a large part of his attraction to Reese. She seems to also be a genuinely good person...which I think is attractive to Jake as well.

agent_krycek said...

National Enquirer (I know, a weakness for trashy magazines is one of my vices...) Cute though, although is there any evidence Maggie and Reese are 'close friends'?

Reese and Jake House Hunting

Hollywood's most adoreable sweethearts jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are looking for home sweet home! Jake is living with Reese and her dis, Ava and Deacon, in her house in Brentwood Calif. "but that's the home she bought with her ex-husband, Ryan Phillipe" says a friend. "So Jake and Reese want a place they can call their own." But finding the perfect home isn't easy for the picky twosome. Reese 32 wants a tennis court while Jake, 27 wants a basketball court. "And they both want a large kitchen because they like to cook" adds the pal. "Spagetti is Jake's speciality!" And after the moving trucks have left, expect to hear wedding bells, says the friend, "This is a big step for them. They are totally serious about taking this relationship to the next level!" Big sister Maggie couldn't be happier "She and Reese are close friends and she's thrilled for them" says a source.

Typos are mine, random abuse of the ! key is all the National Enquirers own work

sag actor said...

Update from Finke regsrding Mr. Bergstein and Capitol films:

Paula said...

Hey agent krycek:
Is that the UK National Enquirer??

sag actor said...

More from Finke: SAG demands a meeting with Mr. Bergstein:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links sag actor, I wonder if Jake is back in SC, there are pics of Reese from yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Another random lover of "This Property Is Condemned", here! I would love to see JG/RW in a remake. "Absence of Malice" was also outstanding. SP will be missed.

JG/RW do look extremely happy! sigh

Anonymous said...

"This Property is Condemned" - I stumbled across this film one day and I was instantly mesmerized - I've always loved Natalie Wood, and Robert Redford, what can you say? It's really stayed with me. And the story being told from Willie's point of view, and the time period, I really love it. Love Tennessee Williams, and Sydney Pollack. RIP

brothers spy said...

The most disturbing thing about the new article by Nikki Finke was the part about the money from the "commercial bank" falling through regarding another film in production in Winnipeg. In that example, the film was two-thirds finished and the only money "in escrow" was that promised to its two main stars.

This same thing can be said of "Nailed." Just this week it was promised that they had a loan from a "commercial bank" and they would re-start on this Thursday. The deal was "nearly done" apparently, but with these jokers at Capitol Films you can never tell what is real and what is not.

I think we are at the edge here. It can go either way, and this week will determine which way it goes. If the money from the "commercial bank" was forthcoming, then I see the movie being completed. If not, then this film is finished just like the film in Winnipeg.

I am in contact with my source and will let you all know what happens tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks for your update brothers spy, it doesn't sound to promising though.

Bette said...

I agree, I think Jake is the more dominant one. All this stuff with Nailed is ridiculous. I really wanted to see this project get off the ground, and be seen to completion. Now Jake needs to look ahead to PoP and focus on that if this project doesn't get it's funding. Tomorrow will be very telling about its future. Keep us updated Brothers Spy.

josie said...

Thanks again brothers spy, David Bergstein is a disgrace and he should be banned from HW, I feel bad not only for Jake and the rest of the actors but the extras and crew that still haven't been payed.

I find the tabloid speculation on living arrangement a bit odd. It's nothing more than spin on the Us and Ok cover stories.

glinda the good witch said...

I really want Nailed to get completed, it sounds like a really weird dark comedy which I love.

I assume that David Bergstein has returned from Cannes? I should send Dorothy over to throw a bucket of water on him, extreme but I think he deserves it!

Anonymous said...

My God, what is she wearing? She herself looks gorgeous, but her clothes can be so tragic sometimes.

extra said...

OT: As a John Lennon fan I have mixed feelings about this. I know the Lennon estate approves and it's for a god cause but I feel like it \'s a bit exploitive:

All We Are Saying, Is 'Imagine Whirled Peace'

POSTED: 4:09 pm EDT May 27, 2008
UPDATED: 6:33 pm EDT May 27, 2008

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Can you really imagine world peace? Now, it's as close as the freezer.

All We Are Saying, "Is Imagine Whirled Peace'

Vermont's Ben & Jerry's has long sold a social vibe with its ice cream, and its newest flavor launched in a media frenzy at Times Square in New York Tuesday takes that tradition a step further.

The flavor is called "Imagine Whirled Peace." For the record, the blend is a sweet cream and caramel confection mixed with little toffee and fudge cookies shaped like peace signs.

Opposition to war, as much as ice cream, is the message du jour.

Company co-founder Jerry Greenfield joined actress Maggie Gyllenhaal inside a custom-designed glass box truck Tuesday at the flavor's launch in New York City. The truck was decked out to look like the hotel rooms John Lennon and Yoko Ono used for their 1969 "bed-in for peace" in Amsterdam and, later, Montreal.

Ben & Jerry's partnered with the Lennon estate on the project. "It's something we're tremendously proud about -- to work with an organization devoted to peace," said Ben & Jerry's spokesman Sean Greenwood.

The task of designing the truck fell to Burlington interior design firm Truex Cullins.

"It's really a moving billboard," said designer Christine Burdick. "And it screams Ben and Jerry's. When you see it, you read the brand right away."

On its exterior, peace signs and bold colors are intended to attract attention.

The truck interior features floor to ceiling curtains, silk-screened bed linens with a guitar motif and bright accents. Thick white shag cushions the floor.

Truex Cullins partner Kim Deetjen said the four month set design was a fun departure from planning office interiors.

Greenwood said the specially designed truck would tour New York City promoting the new flavor and the somewhat broader notion of nonviolence. There are no plans to bring the truck to Vermont, however. The Big Apple debut is a one-shot deal.

Afterward, Greenwood said the truck heads west, "to other peaceful pastures."

Bette said...

A pair of jeans, a cardigan, and possibly a camisole underneath? What's wrong with the outfit? I have seen Reese in some questionable things, but this isn't really one of them at least for me. I think she should get some different flats though, some that are less shiny. It would have gone better with the outfit.

gyllenspooner said...

I think Reese looks beautiful. She's going out for coffee, not attending the Academy Awards. Get a grip.

FluorescentLamp said...

Am I missing some Reese pics or something? Are we talking about her man's oxford, grandpa cardie, white jeans, brown belt, brown bag and brown sandals?

I think she looks fab and she certainly knows how to accessorize! A lost art on some.

Anonymous said...

"Get a grip."

Geez, sorry for questioning her outfit. Like I said, she herself looks great, I'm just not a fan of what she's wearing. You guys don't have to be so harsh on anyone with a little bit of criticism. Settle down.

Monica said...

She is beautiful!

Anon you have every right to speak not like that!
I liked, but some people do not like!

FluorescentLamp said...

As you can probably understand, anon, criticism, when using the nom de plume "anon" on blogs often equates with "troll". Perhaps if you give yourself a name, other than "anon"...

Anonymous said...

I thought she looks great - especially now that I know she's wearing her man's oxford shirt. :)

sheba baby said...

Reese is wearing a man's grandpa cardi? Boy, you are good FL, I didn't even notice!!!

She's wearing a braclet, can't tell if its the cartier one.

sheba baby said...

Ooops!I had to read your comment again Fl, her man's oxford, that's even better!

Monica said...

Sheba, I thought the cartier!
It is very similar!

As for the comment I made, Fl, forgive my naivety!

Anonymous said...

Just because I go by anon it means I'm a trolling? Nevermind the fact that I did compliment her? Reese is awesome, I love her and her acting. I think she's a phenomenal talent. Just because I happen to dislike one of her outfits, does not make me a troll.

Anonymous said...

Gah, you can only imagine how delicious that shirt smells. Especially if he's away, I used to love to wrap up in my bf/hubby's shirts when he was away. Now I'm going to turn into a puddle of goo. ;)

Bette said...

Now I am completely lost on what pics we are even talking about!

Anonymous said...

They're the ones of Reese running errands in Brentwood. She's adorable in them. :)

Bette said...

Oh wait I saw them now. Reese wearing Jake's cardigan is so cute! It goes well with the blue I think. I'm not sure about the belt though.

bobbyanna said...

I wish I looked that good running errands. I think that is SO sexy wearing your boyfriend's clothes!!!
I mean. Especially THAT boyfriend.

I agree a lot of what we read is mostly recycled junk they embellish...but I do find it curious, indeed, that tabloid and gossip blog chatter is now centered around engagement, marriage, cohabitation, etc. and the happy couple is highly, obviously together and very upbeat!

They didn't go to ground or become invisible. Perhaps something is they say across the pond...:)

Maybe they already have moved in together. Or maybe they are about to buy a house. Something. Remember. The gossip blogs and the tabloids are always a few steps...or miles, behind what is really going on.

Anna said...

new pictures for those who didn't get the link

looks like she might also be wearing his blue dress shirt
to me that is sexy as hell, that shirt probably smells like him

I'm going to faint

gyllenspooner said...

I'm sorry anon, I didn't mean to bring offense. You must understand that there are trolls, and the use of the "anon" threw me off. If I was wrong, I apologize.

I still think she looks good though. She has a natural beauty about her. Her style is casual, which I like. I think her wearing Jake's shirt is a demonstration that he did in fact South Carolina (which is a good sign given the earlier bad news) and that she misses him and is wearing his clothes to be near him.

That is so sweet. Hopefully Jake can finish the film.

gyllenspooner said...

I'm sorry to spam...

It should read that "he (Jake) did, in fact, go to South Carolina."

P.S. To avoid such confusion regarding the anonymous poster, I think all the regular anonymous posters (and I believe we have a few now) should adopt names, just so we know who we are talking to. Many of them make interesting observations and comments, but it gets confusing sometimes to know who is who. Just a suggestion. Take it for what it's worth.

Anna said...

Jakes blue dress shirts

Anonymous said...

Isn't that interesting? What they do when they are not together almost says as much as when they are together - her wearing his shirt to be near him is very sweet. But who could blame her. Let me think of a proper name so I won't be Anon anymore. :)

Anonymous said...

One tiny criticism of Reese, like not liking one of her outfits, immediately gets a person called a troll here.

Anna said...

like mama said, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all

mmmmm.... that blue shirt probably smells like his beautiful body

Anonymous said...

No problem gyllenspooner. I love Reese but she is not above criticism.

If she's wearing his clothes, he's probably already moved in.

bobbyanna said...

"looks like she might also be wearing his blue dress shirt
to me that is sexy as hell, that shirt probably smells like him

I'm going to faint"

Anna that was precious!!! You made me laugh outloud!

"If she's wearing his clothes, he's probably already moved in."

Anon, I kinda agree with that. I think they are "co-habiting" sometimes at his place, sometimes at hers.

I have this image of little Deacon asking Mom if Jake can please spend the night! :)
Then expecting him to stay as Deacon's guest!:):):)

office of nancy pelosi said...

Not only his shirt and cardigan but I think se is wearing the cartier love bracelet too!

gyllenspooner said...

I'm still not convinced that he has moved in yet. Although more and more people are saying so. So who knows?

I wonder if there is any truth to the National Enquirer story about them secretly searching for a house to buy together. I know it's the National Enquirer, and that alone gives it only a 10% credibility rate, but they've been acting like they are taking it up a notch lately.

I honestly think they are planning for a wedding. A secret house search would make sense wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

If they had a wedding the ranch would be the coolest place to have it...and not tell anyone. Just Do It! If...

Anonymous said...

That place would be ideal, perfect for entertaining guests. They need to celebrate a wedding. :)

Anna said...

maybe she just wears his engagement ring in private, until they are ready to announce.
Right now maybe they are elebrating the engagement in private.
This is probably a very special time for them.
I am sure all their close friends and family know, but will never tell.

off the subject: The first time we see him as a daddy, my heart will melt. I'll probably cry when I see the G baby

Bette said...

Anna I'm convinced that is exactly what she's doing, wearing the ring in private. But maybe that's wishful thinking on my part. I want them to be married this year.

Anonymous said...

"I think they are "co-habiting" sometimes at his place, sometimes at hers. "

I agree with this. If you mean not officially living together, technically, but spending the night together most of the time?

My sister and her husband did this for about a year and a half. They realized they'd save money just living together.

I think Jake might spend the night at her house even when the kids are home sometimes. I think they are at that point now. But I also think they behave very discreetly and properly. Like, officially, he is in the guest room.

I've always been curious. Are there any pictures or a description somewhere of her Brentwood house?

lawgoddess said...

I think Reese looks adorable in her boyfriend's clothes.

I had a little fantasy where he asked her to wear them while he was gone.......

I think they do miss each other.

Anna said...

I swear, I have seen Jake wearing that tan sweater before.

I am searching all over the internet for the pictures

sallykirkland said...

I've been giving this due consideration, and I've also concluded that something as changed.

It's one thing to be steady dating with someone. When work separates you, you make the best of it. If it's for an extended period, you might each get a short visit in.

But with both Brothers and Nailed, Reese seems to be a pretty constant presence and not hiding it at all. I don't recall any reports of Jake in the bay area when she was working with Vince Vaughan, but they sure explored the region a lot together.

Then there was the Mexican vacation with the children. A very domestic picture! Their time in NYC during which they shopped for housewares. They have also been spotted shopping for housewares in Los Angeles.

Reese purchases a ranch near Ojai. Seven acres with a swimming pool, outbuildings, stables (Ava takes riding lessons) guest quarters, etc.

I predict that you will see pictures of Reese with her kids spending some quality time. It's probabl time for pictures of Ryan with his kids, too.

Once POP starts, they might film mostly in London with green screen and let a second unit shoot exteriors in Morocco.

I just have a feeling the Morocco part won't be too involved with Jake. It is not the best time of year to be in Morocco, I think. But Reese and the kids might really enjoy London. This is entirely specualtion. Yes? :)

gyllenspooner said...

Jake was in the Bay Area during Reese's filming of Four Christmases. He was there for an entire week with her and her kids. It coincided with him not being required on the set of Brothers on account that they were shooting Tobey's Afghanistan scenes (I believe).

There was a cute picture where Jake, Reese, Ava and Deacon were walking together along the pier. Despite being December it was warm and Jake held on to Ava's cute white jacket.

gyllenspooner said...

One more thing...

Regarding London, I have a feeling that Ryan will spend some time there this summer as well. He spent August there last summer. He spend most of the Fall there, because he was filming, and he's already gone there twice this year. I think if Ryan should spend part of the summer in London it really won't be a problem. She and her kids can just spend the summer there together. She and Ryan can exchange the children in London just as easily as they do in California. That's just speculation on my part as well though.

agent_krycek said...

Reese and the kids in London over the summer with Jake - well I'm more then happy to act as a tour guide - in fact I'm taking my youngest nephews to the Tower of London this weekend, so I can gen up and get ready :D

Love the fact she's wearing his clothes whilst gone, I'm sure that's the same shirt (although ironed this time ;) ) and I'm sure I've seen that cardigan on him before as well.

Things still looking bad for Nailed - I wonder if Jake is back in SC on standby, hopefully brothers spy will have some positive news for us soon (and as always massive thanks to bs for their brilliant accurate updates.)

Anonymous said...

I don't think he's in Columbia yet.
I think he is still in LA.

get real said...

Hey all!

RIP to the great Mr. Pollock. A great talent who will be missed.

Loving all the great new pics. Jake is looking fantastic and Reese and Jake are looking wonderful and happy together. :) Reese looks adorable in Jake's shirt and we think his cardigan.

Thanks for all the info, links, sightings, etc. Loving it all! Brothers Spy, thank you for all your inside info. I do hope Nailed is going to continue. Especially when they have done so much work already. At least Jake did get some days off out of it even if it screwed up his schedule a bit.

get real said...

Sorry...should be Mr. Pollack.

extra said...

David Bergstein and one of his distribution companies, think film sued for fraud:

I hope it's true that Nailed has another backer lined up because it's getting pretty ugly.

I hope brothers spy has some news for us today.

Anonymous said...

Not sure the shirt and the cardi are Jake's. As he is 6ft2ins and ripped and she is knee-high to a grass-hopper and slight,if those were his clothes they would be down to her calves and absolutely drowning her.

Monica said...

Ok Magazine:

"Jake Wants to Start a Family with Reese!

Jake Gyllenhaal will no doubt be celebrating his first "unofficial" Father's Day when he rings in the holiday this year with girlfriend Reese Witherspoon and her kids Ava,8, and 4-year-old Deacon.

In fact, sources say the couple has grown so close that Jake practically considers Reese's kids his own — and now friends of the actor say he's pushing to tie the knot with his Legally Blonde love so that the two can start a family of their own!

"He knows he might be jumping the gun thinking of kids, but he knows that Reese is the one," a pal of Jake tells OK!. "He laughs and says he needs to propose and do this the right way. It really is first comes love, then comes marriage — cheesy as that sounds, it's the way he thinks!"

As much as she loves Jake and enjoys him being with her kids, Reese,32, knows how hard it is to be a parent. Although the Brokeback Mountain star is an uncle to his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal and her fiancé Peter Sarsgaard's 20-month-old daughter, Ramona, Reese wants to make sure he's ready.

Meanwhile, the couple has been increasingly more comfortable taking their relationship public — cuddling outside L.A.'s Katsuya on May 24 and grabbing coffee a day later at Caffe Luxxe in Santa Monica.

"Reese has admitted that Jake has grown from when they first met into this very dependable dad type," a pal says, adding, "He's ready to have his whole life change."

For more on Jake and Reese's relationship, pick up the new OK! — on sale everywhere!

agent_krycek said...

I would have thought it was unlikely he'd spend Fathers Day with Deacon and Ava, aren't they far more likely to spend it with Ryan?

And hasn't Jake confirmed Maggie and Peter got married last year?

But other then that - cute story

josie said...

Same here agent krycek, I would think that the kids would spend fathers day with Ryan. Tabloid rafs, always entertaining!

Bette said...

I'm thinking we need some new pics or solid news on production of Nailed.

That Ok! article is cute though, if a little inaccurate, Jake did say they were married. I wonder if anybody has bothered to check if they have a marriage license on file. Isn't that a matter of public record? Does New York have a online database?

sass said...

Afternoon peeps,
NO nailed yet? Is it over? 3 strikes and you're out? Those on set with other firm commitments will probably start their other projects soon. The window for Nailed can't be too much longer.

*This is not the best of circumstances for anyone.

*sass hugs Jake and Jessica and all members of film crew*

Jake is 6'0" and ripped.

*sass slides into a huge puddle of goo again*

Hmmmm, Reese wearing one of Jake's shirts ...I like that idea if it's true, and if it's not true, I have plenty of other fantasies to occupy my pea brain.

brothers spy said...

Hey guys,

I can't stay on that long, I just wanted to update.

I haven't heard from my source yet so I don't have anything to report. I'm not sure if that's a good sign or not. The Bergstein lawsuit today had nothing to do with "Nailed" or anything else involving production on its films. Just another indication of what a deadbeat this guy actually is.

There was one good thing about that lawsuit though. That is the information that, while at Cannes, Capitol Films was buying up the licencing rights to new film projects, including one directed by Roman Polanski. That seems to imply that the company isn't totally broke.

I hope this thing gets settled today. I'll be in touch when I actually get some information.

Anna said...

where is the G, LA? SC?

Is the G hiding out at a 6 milly ranch with lady love or waiting for work on the Nailed movie set??

and finally down to real business
what does the G smell like?
anyone ever think he smells real good, of what cologne the G wears
something to ponder..

sheba baby said...

Yeah, Bergstein is a deadbeat.

I hope there is good news form the set today, thanks so much brothers spy!

lawgoddess said...

Anna, I always think that Jake smells expensive. Like some sort of high end men's cologne.

Glad I'm not alone in wondering about this. :)

Anna said...

he has been seen shopping here for mens cologne and soaps

oh the thought of Jakes shower...

yes yes...

sallykirkland said...

I think this article in OK is meant to provoke. It's as if it were a "set up" story! Ryan is no absentee father. He is very much a presence in his children's lives.

When we see pictures of Reese hanging out on set in Columbia, we can very reasonably assume those kids are with their father. I am certain they will be spending Father's Day with Ryan.

And while I think Jake feels close to those children, probably has great affection for them and enjoys their company, I don't think He "feels practically like they are his."

I think Jake is too mature and too sensible to not appreciate and support Ryan's role in Deacon and Ava's lives.

As I said earlier, it's odd that recently, there is such unrelenting chatter about marriage and kids. I do believe Jake would want to start a family of his own.

Maybe the PR types and gossip bloggers, tabloids, etc. have people who read thru various internet sites and have picked up on the wishful ruminations about engagements, marriages and babies! :) Those sillies usually do get half their stuff from blogs like this...the rest they just invent!

Anonymous said...

On closer look at the Reese-in-Brentwood pics, it does appear that the button placket is on the girl's side, so I guess it isn't Jake's shirt? Oh well, I guess it was a nice thought . . . :)

sallykirkland said...

Sorry! When I said "set up" story, I simply meant this has a number of future story lines that can be developed by the magazine. It's as if they were laying a foundation for their own narrative, similar to last year, when they could never catch a glimpse of the happy couple, so invented break ups and make ups.

extra said...

Pictures of Reese from today doing errands. She is wearing the white Boston red sox hat again, I wish I could see what iy says on her tush/sweatpants!

Anonymous said...

6:13.. I think you have to admit that unless Jake likes wearing women's clothing.. that shirt ain't his.

lawgoddess said...

My experience is that most parenting time agreements call for children to be with their mom on Mother's Day and their dad on Father's Day. Hard for me to imagine Reese and Ryan's wouldn't be like that.

sass said...

Evening peeps,
I'm doing a drive-by to post OK mag article scans from above article.

Jake Reese OK MAG article scans

Bette said...

For some reason this cracked me up. I kind of love it. It seems like one of those shots that if she could she'd point to her ass, and yell out kiss it paparazzi.

brothers spy said...

Alright peeps NEW INFORMATION.

They did start filming today in South Carolina. Apparently they are filming a "fundraising scene" which I don't exactly recall from the script, so it could be a new one or it has just slipped my mind.

Everything is on schedule, they are now filming Thursday to Monday, with Tuesday's and Wednesday's off, and according to my source tensions on set are really high. Everyone is pretty much prepared for anything to happen at this point.

Anyway, they're working. So i'm guessing the money from the commerical bank came through and the film will be finished after all. Praise Jesus.

I'll keep you guys informed.

Bette said...

I figured when Reese showed up solo the last few days that Jake was back on set. It's good to know things are back on as planned, but I wouldn't be surprised if we hear about David flipping out.

Monica said...

Thank you for the information Brothers Spy!
I am happy to hear that they returned to film. I hope that does not happen more problems.

sheba baby said...

That's great news brothers spy! Thanks so much for the update, I have my fingers crossed.

Love that picture of Reese, thanks bette.

Kiss my ass!!! LOL!!!!

PS" Lve her cap even though it's not the traditional Red sox color.

extra said...

OT: Harvey Korman dead at 81:

Oh man, I loved Harvey, The Carol Burnette show especially, and of course Blazing Saddles.

R.I.P. Harvey

get real said...

Speaking of articles, just saw that the People Mag (with Pete Wentz and Ashley Simpson wedding on the cover) has a full page of the J/R L.A. weekend pics, the biking, walking, beach pics.

I totally agree with you, sallykirkland. I think those tabloid stories are really embellished from the internet, etc. I find most annoying because they use "sources" or "friends" to create a story with no real info.

Thanks for the info, Brothers Spy. Not surprised they are stressed. I do hope things finally get settled and they can continue without interruption and finish the movie.

Aww, RIP Harvey. Thought he was hilarious on the Carol Burnett Show.

Again, thanks everyone for the links, pics, info, etc, etc.

chica said...

Thanks for the OK magazine scan sass! I agree sally and get real, it's so obvious where these tabloids get their "info", but it was a fun read anyway, who knows whats really going on.

Great news regarding Nailed, thanks brothers spy, i just hope they are able to finish it w/o further delays.

First Sidney Pollack now Harvey Korman, what a bad week, R.I.P Korman.

Anna said...

gossip, tab magazines and speculation aside..

I do feel a few things are maybe true here
1 . Jake and Reese are in love, very deeply
2.There will be a baby sooner or later
3.Jake is very involved with Reese's kids
4. Jake is a deeply caring loving man

brothers spy said...

I've got more "Nailed" news.

I've learned that Al Gore's son, the brother of Kristen Gore, Albert Gore Jr. is playing Jake's aide/assistant in the film.

Apparently Al Jr. is really funny and has become close to Jake, since all their scenes are together.

You may recall that Al Jr. got busted for drugs a while back. But he is turning his life around.

Imdb has someone else listed, but Al Jr. is playing the part. I'm not sure if any of you care, but I thought that was awesome when I heard it.

lawgoddess said...

Anna, I agree with you about these.

I do feel a few things are maybe true here
1 . Jake and Reese are in love, very deeply
2.There will be a baby sooner or later
3.Jake is very involved with Reese's kids
4. Jake is a deeply caring loving man

office of nancy pelosi said...

Wow, thanks brothers spy! I'm glad that Al Gore is turning his ife around jr, I am a big admirer of his father.

I still think that Al Gore would make a fantastic President, if he was running I would vote for him in a second!

Isn't Jake playing a congressman from TN??

Kristin and Al Gore, Jr=TN/parents=TN and of course Reese=TN!

Anonymous said...

horrible photoshopped lies.
Look at what they did to this picture,22049,23779016-5013110,00.html

Anonymous said...

Just Jared have more of the same pics of Reese - she seems to be wearing a similar pair of reeboks to what Jake has been wearing recently.....obviously not the same shoes given their size difference but they look the same style!)

clutchingmy pearls in mock horror as I type said...

Oh come on anon, where's your sense of humor?? That is one of the funniest things i have seen in a while! And look, Reese grew, she is almost the same height as Jake, unless she has on some helluva set of pumps on!!

I guess that was Ryan and they photoshopped (rather bady) Jake into the picture, beyond lame.

There are tons of pics of them including the onre from this week, sure they aren't all gussied up and maybe that was what they were looking for, still lame.

And now they both purchased the home, i thought she did.

I love them and thing they are serious but some of this stuff is gettinfg ridiculous.

Anna said...

we can make an educated guess

1 . Jake and Reese are in love, very deeply
2.There will be a baby sooner or later
3.Jake is very involved with Reese's kids
4. Jake is a deeply caring loving man
5. They have been fixing and decorating the ranch together and spending time there

paula said...

Thanks for the news and update brothers spy, i really appreciate all the updates and inside info!

Interesting news about the casting of Al Gore's son as Jake's aide, glad to hear that he is getting his act together, I wish that his father was running for President again, sigh.

Tabloid speculation aside, i think that something is up with those two!

Love the new Reese pics, the shoes look similar to jake's style but I thought he wore Nikes. love the Boson cap and zi noticed she has a little dove on the side of her pants,cute.

FluorescentLamp said...

As much as I'd love to believe that Reese has a Red Sox cap in every color combo under the sun, I have to mention that that one, the white one, isn't a Sox cap. It's a cap for the Brentwood School in Brentwood. :-)

brothers spy said...

Office of Nancy Pelosi,

Jake's character in Nailed represents the 3rd District in Tennessee, which happens to be Al Gore's old Congressional district (1977-1985).

I don't think that was a coincidence. I think it was Kristen's ode to her pops.

UltraViolet said...

Aww, love that homage to Pops Gore! Thanks for all the new Nailed info, brothers spy. Glad to know they are back to work.

Sorry I've been AWOL - work deadline looming. Stupid work! I have been cracking up whenever I do a Jake search though - that ultimatum story was everywhere, and now it's the kids thing. But that terrible photoshop was the best! I hope Jake gets a kick out of it all. And that Reese is leaving him "Marry me or else!" messages just to tease him.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and yes, we will have a new post eventually. I swear!

UltraViolet said...

A little more on ThinkFilms and Nailed from Variety:

... On the plus side, production of Capitol Films' troubled comedy "Nailed," starring Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal, resumed Thursday after having been shut down for a third time due to financial problems. Members of the Intl. Alliance of Theatrical & Stage Employees were ordered by IATSE leaders a week ago not to show up at the South Carolina set after not being paid.

IATSE-repped employees also stopped production on May 15 after not being paid, then resumed May 19. The Screen Actors Guild had ordered its members to stop working on May 9 after Capitol Films failed to deposit enough required money in SAG accounts set up to pay the actors.

Pic, directed by David O. Russell, began shooting April 15 and is due to wrap in mid-June. Forty-six checks for the production bounced due to insufficient funds, according to the film's bankers. ...

agent_krycek said...

I will attempt to post something useful once I've finished killing myself laughing at that picture. I'm the same height as Reese, which apparently now means I'm around 6'6 tall :D

Xenia said...

Good news about Nailed...

Thank you Brother Spy, my favourite spy of all, you're good as 'Nailed Spy' as well man...:)

get real said...

Cool news about Gore's son in the film and being friends with Jake! Thanks again Brothers Spy.

Thanks for the Nailed info, UV. Good luck with your work deadline.

That photoshopped pic of Jake and Reese is really LOL worthy.

Reese looks very cute in the Sox cap. :)

Have a great Friday everyone!

agent_krycek said...

Got completely distracted by that hilarious photoshop job and forgot to thank brothers spy for their up to date and accurate report - much appreciated :D

shondra said...

LMAO over the photoshopped pic, they have got to be kidding!!

Thanks for all your updates and inside info brothers spy, you are more up to date and know mmore than Variety, thanks again!!!!

Good call on Reese's hat FL, I wasn't sure if it was as Red sox hat or a Brooklyn Dodger cap, I just want to know how you knew!!!

gyllenspooner said...

The funny thing about that photoshopped picture is that if you look in the background there are posters for Legally Blonde everywhere. It's obvious that she's at the premiere. I think the tabloids have begun to act a little crazy. This is always what happens right? You'll get an initial story (in this case that Jake and Reese are very serious and possibly getting married) and then with each tabloid story the story gets more and more outlandish. Soon we'll hear about Reese and Jake having secretly married at Graceland and Reese pregnant with Elvis' baby and Jake wishing to raise it as his own because he's so desperate to have children with her. lol. At this point the tabloids are just good enough for a laugh.

I too would like to extend my thanks to Brothers Spy. You scooped them all again.

josie said...

Thanks for all the updates and links everyone, brothers spy, you are the greatest!! I have my fingers crossed, I really want to see Nail completed.

LOL! The worst photoshopped pic ever!

Anonymous said...

BrothersSpy, do you know what they are filming today? Still on the fundraiser? Thanks for the scoops.

Bette said...

Does anybody know how much time Jake actually has left in SC? A week, ten days?

brothers spy said...


I know initially he had until the week of June 8th or so. But that was before the shut down, so i'm not sure if that still applies. They have since switched over to a Thursday to Monday shooting schedule, so if he finishes the same week as before that would put his last day on June 9. But again, that was before the last shut down.

The film was supposed to be complete by June 23rd, with two weeks dedicated to scenes involving Jessica Beil BEFORE she goes to Washington.

Remember that Jake's character doesn't even show up until page 40. They haven't filmed pages 1-40 at all, I don't think. I suspect they will shoot those scenes in the last two weeks after Jake is finished with his scenes.

So regardless, I think Jake has to work this weekend and then next weekend and then he will be finished; or at least very, very close. It depends on how behind they are.

Anon 3:37,

I'm not sure what they're filming today. I can ask.

Anna said...

If he has to work this weekend, or next week, maybe lady love will visit him on the set.

Bette said...

Thanks brothers spy! I figured as much.

I hope so, and that we'll get pics.

Anonymous said...

Now that the movie has started shooting again, maybe the bloggers around Columbia will start posting location news! Especially if they're shooting over the weekend, and they are doing a fundraiser scene. Wouldn't that require extras?

extra said...

Ok, who here can translate swedish? I think. A Jake and Reese sighting from Sunday I think, the 25th in Venice/Abbot kinney blvd. I think there was another sighting of them that day also:

extra said...

I translated it through google, and it Danish!No biggie, just a mention of seeing them in Venice on Sunday:

Sunday, we tour along the beach in Venice Beach and had lunch at the Abbot Kinney Blvd. Where we spottede Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal in one of cafeens naboborde!

Bette said...

I think we've hit a dry spell here when the only thing we can come up with is a danish spotting of Reese and Jake from last Sunday.

brothers spy said...

That's how you know that filming has in fact resumed.

Since there is really nothing to report I want to ask your feelings about something. I'm starting to get a bad feeling about "Brothers." I think things are too quiet.

I don't think that the movie sucks or anything, only that the producers are making a mistake keeping mum about it. The buzz for Oscar movies has already begun, albeit slightly.

From what I understand, one of the early favorites "The Changeling" with Angelina Jolie (directed by Clint Eastwood) got bad reviews at Cannes. "Che" got mixed reviews (although Benicio is getting good early buzz for Best Actor). Now is the time to mix things up and make an early play. At least it's time to get your name out there and make people aware that this film is coming.

Asides from Brothers the two other films I want to see, and the two I think getting the most buzz right now, are "The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons" and "Milk."

Those two will rock.

Anonymous said...

Here's another sighting.

"in other news- had a good time at gymnastics today. jake gylenhall (spelling??) wasn't there today, but he was there yesterday and reese witherspoon came with him. i think she used to be a gymnast or something- she could do a back handspring and some other stuff. i think that's awesome lol"

Anna said...

sighting was in SC or LA??

Is Reese in SC with him?

brothers spy said...

No it was in LA. Jake is still in LA. I wonder if he many already be finished his part.

Since I noticed what the "fundraising" scene was. It was an early scene in the film to help "Sammy" raise money for her surgery BEFORE she goes to Washington on her quest. So Jake was definitely not in that one.

Also, I was always under the impression that they were shooting Jake's scenes first, and then finishing with the other stuff between Sammy and her family.

Or perhaps he's only required back to shoot the scenes in the legislative chamber which they're filming NEXT week when the SC legistature is adjourned.

I'll try to find out. I'll let you guys know.

Wow. Great find anon.

brothers spy said...

It should read MAY already be finished his part.

brothers spy said...

If they've begun shooting the stuff between Sammy and her family, it implies that Jake may already be finished his part in the film.

Or, as I stated above, that he only has to come back for that one week.

I'm not really sure.

All I know is this sighting helps the fundraising scene make sense for me. I even emailed my girl for a clarification given that the fundraising scene was between Sammy and her family and didn't involve Jake and I didn't think they were filming those scenes until last.

No more spam. I'll let you guys know for sure when I find out.

brothers spy said...

One final thing I promise.

It's just another thing I thought of. Jake was only scheduled for six to seven weeks right? I remember hearing that at the beginning of the shoot.

He's been filming since the beginning and production began in mid-April. That was six weeks ago. Other than a couple of weekends, he really hasn't had a significant period off until this past week. Also all the other "Congressmen" have finished their parts.

So maybe he is finished.

I'm just surprised that my source wouldn't have mentioned this. Then again, I never asked her.

Bette said...

Brothers spy I like all your little insights in to this. The first one about Brothers itself, I am a little worried too. I have not heard much about it at all. It seems real touch and go, and it has a great script. We'll just have to see.

As for the other things? Maybe he is still in LA, as soon as you hear anything please let us know. I just figured since Reese is showing up solo everywhere that Jake was in SC, but the way you explain it. It does make sense if he is still in LA, and the paparazzi has been one step behind them the last few days. That sighting, the one with Reese doing a back hand spring? That is so awesome. I want to see her do that! I bet she's rusty, but she does seem to be quite athletic, so maybe she can still pull it off.

Anonymous said...

Of the two sightings of Reese being solo this past week, there was one where she had two coffees. Someone here speculated that Jake may still be in LA.

Anna said...

Maybe he is in LA, they can do things alone ya know :P
She probably just wanted to be alone for the day, looks like one day she was at a spa

Narcissa said...

Brothers - not enough info.
Nailed - too much info.

Sheridan is a very "character" director so I can't see the film being a bummer, or even thin, but I do think the studio might be wary of yet another Middle East-themed film. Many have been made and none have done well.

Nailed - I'm just averting my eyes now.

bobbyanna said...

Good morning ! (puts on brave smile, while feeling sad about Pistons.)

It isn't time to start promoting Brothers. This is the time of year when all the summer blockbusters are promoted to death. The time of year when studios and distributors are trying to get profitable.

It maybe the Venice Film Festival and possibly Toronto will begin Brothers promotion. It isn't a huge blockbuster type film. There won't be any buzz about it before late August.

There is nothing to worry about. Remember. This film is directed by Sheridan, who is highly respected and totally amazing, and besides Jake, there's Natalie and Toby. I'm sure the movie is not only very good, but might even get some Oscar buzz. wouldn't surprise me at all.

I know. Rendition had a stellar cast, too. Rendition was panned by critics because of its subject matter. Period.It is a very good film and everyone in it was excellent. The storyline was excellent, it was well done.

There's a very good possibility that Jake might visit Toronto again this year.

brothers spy, I want to add my thanks,you've been stellar about keeping us in the loop on the progress with Nailed!

I believe Jake is in LA, still, but might have some follow up stuff with Nailed. Might. He is probably preparing for PoP. Training, etc.
I'm getting anxious about the "hair issue."

extra said...

LOL, bette! I don't even remember how i came across that sighting/Danish blog!!

Thanks anon for that sighting, the sigthing was a Thursday, the same day as the pics of Reese with the baseball cap. Itsounds like she is helping him limber up for POP!

So he was in L.A. as of last Thursday and it sounds like he wasn't needed for the scenes this past week.

Thanks for all your updates and information brothers spy, it sounds like next week may be his final week on Nailed.

brothers spy said...


I didn't mean that they should be promoting the film yet. Only that I am hearing buzz about other fall releases and very little about Brothers. I know the studios are probably pushing the early buzz on films like "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "Milk" among others. But i'd hope that producers would start pushing that "Brothers" is a film critics will want to see when it comes out.

Also, I don't think it's really a war on terrorism type film. Part of it deals with fighting in Afghanistan, but it isn't political whatsoever.


It's also possible that Jake didn't have to film on Thursday and just stayed behind a couple of extra days. Given that we know they were filming the "fundraising" scene on Thursday and he wasn't in it.

However, i'm inclined to think that he has an extra week off --- probably to train and rest up for POP. There are several scenes which take place at the home of Jessica's parents in the script. The fundraiser scene is only one of them. Jake is not in any of these scenes either. I can't imagine them filming one scene and then shifting over to another location, only to come back to the original location at a later date. I think they'll probably film all five or six scenes back-to-back, which would mean that Jake isn't needed this weekend.

He will essentially have had two weeks off, if you include the week of the shut down. Since there is a fixed time when they can film the scenes in the legislative assembly --- Jake's final sequence to be filmed --- due to the fact that the members of the assembly will be on hiatus for only the one week, this timeline seems to make the most sense. Jake has two weeks off, he trains and rests, comes back to film the assembly scenes and finishes his part in its entirety on June 9th.

I admit this is only speculation on my part, with me just putting together pieces of what I have been told, in addition to the knowledge of what scenes have been filmed and have yet to be filmed.

But it seems to make sense for now. That is until someone or something contradicts it.

chica said...

Thanks brothers spy for all your updates and information, and from the sound of that LJ sighting of Jake and Reese from Thursday, he was in L.A. and probably still is since it doesn't look like he was needed for filming this past week.

I would love to see Reese doing back flips, thanks anon. for the link!

Anna said...

We have seen Reese doing some errands and running around LA.

I bet that was fun, if she was at the gym with him while he was training.

We probably haven't seen the G because he is working out a private gym or doing POP training

sheba baby said...

Thanks for posting that sighting anon. I think that Reese was a cheerleader, it sounds like she was trying out some of her moves, i just hope she's careful!

Looks like Jake has a bit of a break from Nailed, those scenes brothers spy described don't include Jake's character.

Anonymous said...

I think Jake will be relieved when Nailed is wrapped so he can focus on POP, sounds like he is already with that J&R sigthing!

Anonymous said...

Reese practicing her gymnastic moves!:

Bette said...

Oh I got all excited thinking those were new pics! I've seen that pic before. She seems pretty limber still. I bet that's to Jake's advantage. :D

suvee said...

Well, I'm back home from a very nice mini-vacation..... 4 days of R & R, no internet. Actually, it was rather good to "cleanse". :)

Great to have the scoop on "Nailed". A big TY to brothers spy!

I also have discovered I have a weakness for trashy tabs...... still cannot believe I buy them, but there you go. This latest J & R "story" from the "Star" made me scratch my head. I'm not sure what the point of this is. I mean, why make this particular story up? It's not sexy or scandalous. For some reason, I tend to believe this kind of off the wall tidbit is true...... but I'm kind of gullible! Anyway, here it is:

"Reese Withspoon found out Jake Gyllenhaal's dog Atticus has a huge sweet tooth, but it nearly killed him! Reese recently baked chocolate-chip cookies for Jake, but the minute she left the kitchen, the German Shepherd came in and ate some of them off the counter, a source tells "Star".
"She panicked and called the vet, because chocolate is toxic to dogs," the source says. "Reese knows how much Jake loves this dog. They had to monitor the dog, but it turns out he's fine."

josie said...

Poor Atticus! If they made it up, it's a weird story to make up IMO.

Welcome back suvee, I hope you enjoyed your vacation.

extra said...

The sequel to DD sounds worse than first reported:

Talk about crapfantastic!

suvee said...

Hi Josie. Yes, the vacation was lovely, but way too short!

I wanted to clarify that IF the "Star" story is correct, I'm not making light of Reese's panic. I once (stupidly) left a box of Snackwells Devil's Food Cake cookies on the kitchen counter....... and my late great Norweigan Elkhound, Stella, found them..... ate the entire box! I freaked. She was just fine (and so happy). :)

I can totally sympathize with Reese.

Bette said...

Yeah it takes something like 2 plus pounds for large dogs before they start having a problem. I've had dogs of mine eat whole brownies, small dogs at that without a problem. It's really the bakers chocolate that you'll have a serious problem with, at least depending on the dog. If the story is true, Reese was probably worried because Atticus is older, she probably figured his body couldn't handle it at all.

UltraViolet said...

Aww, poor Reese! And naughty, Atticus! If that story is true, of course.

Thanks for your patience while work and other things have kept us from updating. There is a new post up, so you can rest your scrolling fingers!