Monday, May 19, 2008

You can lead Jake to water..

...but you can't make him go in the drink! Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon at the beach in Malibu on Sunday. Reese is appropriately attired in a bikini. Jake is covered up as if he's at the North Pole.

Okay, I exaggerate. But Reese in a bikini and Jake in shorts and a t-shirt, no matter how good he looks, is the reverse order of desired undressedness.

A concerned good Samaritan, seeing how cold Jake is, given the near-freezing Malibu temperatures, donates his blanket to the Keep Jake Covered cause.

Jake stares in wonder at the ocean, but decides he likes it better on the other side and that he'll wait to be back on the East Coast before going for a swim!

Struggling mightily, given the weight of his clothing, Jake valiantly arises and to begins to move out of the oceanic danger zone.

Jake is happier and happier as the ocean recedes, and so do our chances of seeing him out of that t-shirt.

Reese warns him they aren't out of the woods yet, and they look ahead to their seemingly unattainable goal - the waterfree parking lot!

And on and on they walked, dogs afoot and dog doo ahand (at least, I'm guessing that's what Jake is carrying so carefully). Where they stopped, nobody knows.

Okay, enough carping. It's great to see Jake so relaxed. I hope he enjoyed his day in the sun...

But is it wrong to hope that there were other paps on the beach, one of whom might have caught Jake pre-covered state?

An interesting article in the NY Times about an author who hoped to use independent financing (hedge funds and the like) to get his book made into a movie. Once flush with opportunities, the tide has turned and he's having trouble getting the money.

It's fascinating in the light of Nailed's troubles, but also because the writer imagined Jake starring in it. (It's funny how often authors cite Jake as the person they want to star in their movie adaptations.) One of his managers had to set him straight:

Despite the strong interest — Mr. Sanghoee also had a Canadian investor offering to put in the entire $15 million, with caveats — most investors were reluctant to complete a deal until they saw a cast list, even a tentative one. Mr. Sanghoee toyed with approaching Mr. Gyllenhaal, but Brillstein vetoed the idea.

“Everyone thinks that what they wrote is genius,” said Mr. Khanna, of Brillstein. “I’m here to tell Sanjay that certain things he wants are never going to happen.”

With Mr. Khanna’s help, Mr. Sanghoee hired two casting directors who had worked on movies like “The Good Shepherd” and “Coyote Ugly.” They came up with a list everybody thought was realistic. For the role of the investment banker, they would go after actors like Ryan Phillippe and Matthew Fox, according to a business plan that Brillstein helped develop. Winona Ryder and Claire Danes were possibilities to play the reporter.

New Jake/Reese picture from the weekend:

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


Anonymous said...

Aw, I love Reese's dog.

Looks like J & R are spending all their free time together.

Bette said...

So adorable. Man I love them!

Anonymous said...

LOL Great post UV you captured the pics perfectly. It's good to see them out and about and happy, 1 quibble, what about the cycling pics?.

agent_krycek said...

Well, if Jake is ripped (god I love that phrase) at the moment, perhaps he was doing a good deed for all his fans, topless, ripped Jake coming straight after the cycling photos may have caused us all to collapse, and thereby placing unnecessary strain on the ambulance services - see, that's our boy, always thinking of others.

Lovely how relaxed they look, and Reese looks lovely, and I think I might have to give up saying nothing ;)

chica said...

They are too adorable! They look so happy and relaxed and I love that he is spending his free time with her.

The caption on IHJ says that they were having a picnic, it's possible Jake had a bathing suit under his clothes, Damn!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny post UV! Great to see the pictures. (Hope work lets you catch a breath now and then!)

FluorescentLamp said...

Love the post!

I have a feeling the paps were too late to the beach and missed their chance of Jake in swim trunks. Damn them! :: shakes fist ::

That camera bag thingy he's been toting around the last couple of weeks is mysterious and curious.

sheba baby said...

More pics, yay!!! I agree FL, I think the paps got there too late, it looks like they were packing up to leave already.

Interesting tidbit from the NY Times, I knew that there were difficulties in getting independent film backing but it most be really hard now.

Love the post and the descriptions are spot on, LOL!

extra said...

This is too cute:

Loving these latest pictures, they look so happy and relaxed!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

How refreshing to see an actress with a shape! She looks great and they both look so comfy and relaxed. Must be a relief to get away from the Nailed mess for a bit.

Monica said...

UV, you pleased my days!

I liked all of the photos!

The Atticus is a dog fashion! Look what he has already made friends with the dog's Reese!

agent_krycek said...

I agree about Reese, so nice to see someone who's got proper curves and is perfectly in proportion - now that's a positive body image for the media.

sass said...

Morning peeps,
TY so much.
Happy babbler here on my way to the doc. OFF with your clothes Jake time OK. Reese has a lovely figure...curvy and in shape; that's hard to do in Hollywood and hard to maintain in a petite woman.!:)
Of course he can't tan/change skin colors or hair lengths now that the pic may still be on...a lil working movie set knowledge goes a long way with me:lol:lol...but he does have to keep it together in case there are nude or partially nude love scenes with Jessica. "ihope. ihope"

I do enjoy seeing a happy couple hanging and having fun...seeing Jake as part of that couple is fantastic.
TY UV and FL for this fun blog. I thought in October, when Jake and Reese first dated openly, after her divorce was final, I would never be able to enjoy Jake having girl fun...anyplace ever...TYTYTY:)
back soon to add the new snaps to my PB folders:_)

UltraViolet said...

Hee, Sass. Off with his clothes! It's a direct order from the queen.

Glad folks enjoyed the captions. I was a little punchy, and the lack of undressedness got to me, I think!

Just updated the post with this pic. Hope we'll get more from that set.

Yet another dress/belt combo for people NOT to talk about :)

agent_krycek said...

That's a darling photo :D

Bette said...

I am such a nerd I actually clapped and squealed when I scrolled down to see that last pic.

The NYTimes article is interesting. It seems like Ryan is about the level they are looking for, and Jake is unattainable. Hmm... I think Reese really did land herself another A-Lister. Which helps out a lot since they are not on uneven footing like she was with Ryan.

shondra said...

They were really busy this weekend! This is the same day as the cycling pics, glad to see them spending so much time together, sigh.

PS: Did anyone get a weird error thing when they clicked on the IHJ link?

extra said... on Jake and Reese's weekend:

Only thing missing are the beach pictures!

Bette said...

Shondra it says the site has been suspended! Oh no.

Anonymous said...

the gallery site at ihj is now working must of been a mistake

shondra said...

Yay, it's back up!!

shondra said...

Stephanie from IHJ said that Splash news asked them to remove the pics of them cycling. I know that wireimages doesn't allow fan sites to post their pics, now Splash probably is following.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's dumb you can't even see their faces.

agent_krycek said...

That last photo, they way their walking remind anyone else of a newly married couple walking down the aisle :D

UltraViolet said...

Glad we had the foresight, aka lack of time, not to do a post with the bike pics! But I hope this isn't a trend. Splash gets some good pics, and we don't want to miss them!

And yes, Agent K, you could look at that pic in a wedding-y way.

Does anyone know anything about Ryan Bingham? Never head of him until today.

bobbyanna said...

I LOVE these pictures. A million, zillion thanks UV/FL!!!! For the blog as well as the pics!! I've been running around like a maniac, since 7 AM and this is my first chance to pop in!!! Thank blakc dress with the red belt and the look on his face the way she has her arm in his,....sigh! I especially love that last picture!
They look so easy and so loving and they look happy.

I think that bathing suit was the one she wore when she had the kids at the beach in '06 late summer. The tabloids deicded she might be pregnant, made comments about her weight and she sued them and won! I think she has an adorable figure.

Something tells me this was a child-free weekend. Serious R&R.

Anonymous said...

Love Love that last pic Thank you.

Anonymous said...


What NyTimes article are you talking about?

Bette said...

It's quoted in the post anon.

josie said...

I love the last picture so much !!!

UltraViolet said...

More of the Jake/Reese strolling pics can be found at - just do a search for Jake. They have annoyingly tiny thumbnails, so hopefully the pictures will show up in another venue.

This is a funny article. It's a little Bridget Jones-ish:

Once a week, Daily Intel takes a peek at what your friends and neighbors are doing behind doors left slightly ajar. Today, the Super-Single Graduate Student: 24, female, East Village, straight, very, very single.

5 a.m.: Blasted awake by hammering in a neighboring apartment. Wonder why someone's doing construction at 5 a.m. while simultaneously wishing I could go back to that dream about Jake Gyllenhaal.
5:30 a.m.: Still thinking about how Jake Gyllenhaal would be an awesome boyfriend. Think about how he'd totally rub my feet after a long day. Think about how he wouldn't be like all these New York guys I keep meeting who are 29 and have no life plan.
5:31 a.m.: Decide Jakey G. totally has a life plan.
7:45 p.m.: Stumble in the door after the longest day in the history of life. Even surprise appearance of cute professor in class could not make things better. Throw aside grad-school homework and busy myself with freelance blog-writing about celebrities … because I've got to pay the bills somehow.
9 p.m.: Fall asleep at my computer. Wake up and feel like a nerd. Crawl back into bed and wish for Jake Gyllenhaal dream again. Feel certain that fantasizing about movie stars as boyfriends is a pitiful sign.


8:30 a.m.: Walk past the male portion of NYU swim team on my way to the cardio room at gym. Notice some are in Speedos. Morning gets instantly better.
2 p.m.: Think about Mystery Date Boy. Now completely unable to remember his hotness quotient.
5 p.m.: Catch the last half of Unfaithful on HBO. Decide it's kind of like watching porn.
10:45 p.m.: Light candle. Decide to take the vibrator out of retirement. Realize it won't turn on. Search for AA batteries.
11 p.m.: Give up on finding batteries and hearing from Mystery Date. A girl's gotta sleep sometime.

Totals: One blind date with Internet actor; one act of bedroom making-out with Internet date; two abandoned acts of masturbation, one due to the widely feared failure of batteries; one encounter with previous horrific hookup partner; one all-consuming ongoing fantasy about Jake Gyllenhaal.

Bette said...

The ones at ramey of her hiding behind him clutching his arm are adorable. I love how protective he is of her sometimes. Usually I would find that kind of irritating with any other man, but Jake just doesn't seem the type to be all you woman, me man. Grunts like caveman, and while you are at it get me a beer woman. Type of guy.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to get the pics up, can you put the link up please.

Anonymous said...

Just type in Jake Gyllenhaal and click on the exact match box. Then hit search.

Anonymous said...

Nope get no match found, do you have to registar?.

UltraViolet said...

Ramey is a pesky site. Sometimes you can't access the photos. The link is here here.

I know what you mean, Bette. I like Jake's slightly protective attitude, mostly because I don't think he'd be afraid for Reese to reciprocate. And I don't think he'd ever oder her to get him a beer, though it did look like s/he might have had one at the beach!

Also, did you notice how it looked like Jake was changing in the car? Hee. Must have been post-bike ride.

Anonymous said...

You have to use IE too, firefox doesn't seem to work with the search at all.

UltraViolet said...

I guess this was today? Jake spotting:

Jake Gyllenhaal at Peet’s, ordering a really complicated frozen drink. At that moment I lost what little respect I had for him. 27 minutes ago

UltraViolet said...

I forgot to add that I'm sure Jake is crushed to lose the respect of that Peet's customer!

gyllenspooner said...

Why would someone lose respect for Jake for ordering a frozen drink?

That's weird.

UltraViolet said...

I think the implication is either that a) he was a fussy orderer, requesting an absurd combination and taking too long or b) he was getting a frozen drink and not a serious coffee!

Either way or for whatever other reason, it's ridiculous.

suvee said...

Oh, that last pic of them (strolling) melts my heart!

Don't know why this one photo had such a strong effect on me, but it did....... it just really captures how happy they are with each other. It such an evocative picture IMHO......

UV, I can't get the Ramey link to work for me. Is Safari to blame?

Another great post, UV...... truly inspired!

Monica said...

I love you, VU!

The last picture is lovely!
Cute Cute Cute Cute!

bobbyanna said...

There's something about that last picture, and when I went to Ramey and saw the whole set, even tiny as they are, something special is happening. You can just get a sense of it.(IMHO!) I remember months aog, when the internet or the tabloids would say something about them, they would go underground for a short while. I guess I half expected them to not be seen after that OK cover story about getting amrried. But instead, they did a "Well, here we are world!" I know I'm not saying this aswell as I might, but...

Oh. BTW: Very omportant announcement:UV. FL. I just want you both to know, no matter what happens tomorrow night, or over the next few days, with the Pistons and the Celtics... I think y'all are sweethearts.

get real said...

Wah, I can't see the pics at Ramey. I went to the site but it will only let me see the first pic which is the one in this post. And UV your link doesn't seem to work. I want to see protective Jake. :( Could it be that Firefox hates me.

All the pics from the weekend, beach, strolling and of course sexy spandex biking pics are so great! They are just so nice together! They both look wonderful.

WTF at someone losing respect for Jake because he may have taken a while to order a drink. Whatever I say.

LOling at the cute Bridget Joneses diary Jake dream that blogger had. Thanks UV for always finding Jake news/stuff. ;)

bobbyanna said...

Not to spam, but you're right, UV. Jake was changing in the car and Reese, like any self-respecting Gyllenhaalic, was peeking in.:) :) They look giddy happy!Seem to really enjoy being together doing any damned thing at all.

Monica said...

UV, I want to see this picture of Jake!
The Ramey does not see!
Put in photobucket

Bette said...

OH! I'm cracking up I didn't notice the pic of Reese peaking in the window. That is so cute! It looks like he changed shirts, am I right? I can't tell. Bobbyanna, and you are right they didn't go underground. In fact they got more visible. Oh man what if there really is an announcement or an engagement in the works? They wouldn't even have to formally announce it. All Reese would have to do is be caught with a engagement ring on, and that would be it.

For those who want to see protective Jake:

chica said...

Thanks bette! i can't access the pics either. They are too cute!

Monica said...

Thank's bette!!

get real said...

THANK YOU, Bette!! Your link worked! Aww, so sweet. They are adorable with Jake being all protective and Reese holding his arm. Great pics. :)

silvana said...

I think Jake hasn't looked happier than in the last few months with Reese. They seem so happy together and they suit each other. I'm glad they have such a great time together.

gyllenspooner said...

Who's the old guy in the first picture?

gyllenspooner said...

Thanks Bette. I love the faces Reese is making. She's so funny. I agree silvana, Jake seems so happy with her.

FluorescentLamp said...

gyllenspooner said... Who's the old guy in the first picture?

Their manservant, Jeeves?

Oh wait I know who he is. That's Jake's trainer. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Seems as if he's offering her his arm in the first two or three pictures, she finally takes it after some discussion.

They are definitely sort of fooling around with that whole thing.I think they are definitely clowning around but with a great deal of charm and affection.

Anonymous said...

All the pictures are great, but oh my god, that last one. Jake is just the most perfect, sweetest, most attentive, handsomest, tallest sexiest boyfriend. Him in that white shirt, shades, khaki shorts, and his arm so gallantly extended for Reese to grab onto while he looks on at her -- SWOON!

What a lucky girl to have that man by her side!

P.S. - Atticus (Jake's German Shephard) is looking awfully handsome too.

Bette said...

Does anybody happen to know the tentative filming schedule for PoP? Like a month in Morocco then a couple of months in London? I've been curious about this. Brothers Spy have you heard anything?

gabbana said...

Good morning everyone!

@Bette, someone at the IMDB boards claims that PoP filming will be FIVE!! months in Morocco...I don´t know how reliable this is especially with a release date next June.

Would be good to get some information whether "Nailed" shootings are on again??

josie said...

Good Morning!!
Love the last pic and thanks for the link to the other pictures, they look so sweet!

Five months in Morocco sounds a bit long, remember the 3 months in Morocco for Rendition and that lasted about 2 with breaks in between?

POP is a bigger production, but i doubt it if Disney is looking for a 6/09 release date.

Bette said...

Yeah I saw that poster. I didn't find them reliable since they didn't mention London. Somebody did point out to me that Pirates took about five months all together and that Disney tends to do that with their big productions.

bobbyanna said...

Morning , all! (waves to Gyllenbabblers.) I read somewhere a while ago that there would be more then one POP. I thought two or three.

Maybe they are going to shoot them all at once. This seems to be what they are doing (LOTR and Pirates II & III.) with some of the big movies.

The shoot might be a very long one. Or an off and on one. But that doesn't mean Jake would actually be there for the entire five months. They might only need him for five or six weeks.

BTW. I am reading a delightful book called The Caliph's House, by Tahir Shah, non-fiction. A travel writer from the UK goes to Morroco with his young family and buys a house. (think A Year in Provence or that Tuscan thing with Diane Lane.)

If you want to spend some time getting to know Morroco,you might enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Filming resumed on Nailed.

brothers spy said...

I seriously doubt that they'll spend five months in Morocco. I remember them saying the same thing about Rendition which turned out not to be true.

The Lion's share of the film will be shot in London, so maybe he'll spend five months in Morocco and London. With the majority of that time spent in the latter. I've always assumed that Jake will be in London all summer.

The film comes out in the summer of 2009, so I can't imagine them filming for seven or eight months.

lawgoddess said...

I adore the picture where Jake is extending his arm to Reese too. Such a sweet expression on his face, he really looks happy.

I wonder if Jake being in London all summer would push up any wedding plans? Maybe they'll get married this weekend.:)

agent_krycek said...

I wonder if Jake being in London all summer would push up any wedding plans? Maybe they'll get married this weekend.:)

I was wondering the same :p Maybe they got married last weekend :o ;)

I do notice Reese's summer schedule is still free, seems like she's planning her free time doing something other then making movies.

gyllenspooner said...

Remember that Ryan spends A LOT of time in London (I think Abbie may have a residence there, but i'm not sure). He spent half the summer there last year. He spent most of the fall there. He's already gone there twice this year.

I have a feeling that Reese may spend much of the summer there with Jake. If Ryan spends a significant amount of time there, I don't see it being a problem as far as the kids are concerned seeing that they can continue to rotate visitation schedules in England just as easily as they do in California.

UltraViolet said...

Breaking PoP news :) New post.