Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Setside with Jake and Reese

More photos of Reese Witherspoon joining Jake Gyllenhaal on the set of "Nailed." According to some reports, the filming day was long and hot. It's nice that Jake had some company!

(Photos from FITS)


FluorescentLamp said...

We still think you're asshats for your commentary, FITS, but we'll gladly use your luverly pics. :-))

I'm so happy she's on set with him because HE looks so happy.

Thanks for putting this up, UV. My spinach and feta pie was too good to turn away from. :-)

extra said...

Yes, FITS are a bunch of pigs but I do love these pics!! They look so happy and comfy, does my heart and soul good, thanks!

gabbana said...

Ah the "blogger from hell"...So funny, pictures on set are not allowed but who cares? :-))

Please can someone tell me what this thing on Jakes back is? Looks strange.

And I would really like to see a picture of David O. Russell - none of the bloggers and extra reports have mentioned him so far....

And when is the dinner at the governors house dated? Perhaps the first "official" appearance as a pair??

chica said...

Gabbana, I think it's tonight. Maybe that's why she came back to SC with him after DC.

I hate the site, love the pics, they look positively smitten!

FluorescentLamp said...

gabbana, it's a body mic.

Bette said...

I just hit comment when you went to make a new post, got hit with disabled comments! I was going to say the pics are adorable, and I was very surprised to see Fits actually being nice for once.

gabbana said...

Thanks Chica & FL for the infos!

That would be great if they are going "officially" together to the dinner...

Bette, they were nice except calling us "bunch of whiney-ass Jake Gyllenhaal fans".....:-))

bobbyanna said...

UV, you're an angel!! They look sweet and playful and close and affectionate and they make my heart glad! :)

I am reminded of the immortal words of Billy Crystal:
" When you find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, you'd like the rest of your life to start as soon as possible!"
(When Harry Met Sally)
IMHO, I think the quote "fits."

Bette said...

Gabbana, I know, I don't forgive them for that but they provided us with some great pics anyway.

extra said...

Too bad we didn't get this pic from another angle, it looks like they are kissing:


shondra said...

Boy, this is a change from the closed set of Brothers where you heard about her set visits AFTER the fact, not that i'm complaining!!!

We are getting spoiled with these pictures aren't we? They look great togehter and i'm so happy for both of the. I wonder if she is still there and if he plans on bringing her to the Gov's dinner tonight.

sass said...

ahhh TY UV and FL. New PICS!
FITS is good for something...pics of my favorite couple... looks how happy they are. I love it:)

sass said...

afternoon peeps"_
I don't mean to get ahead of these two lovebirds but I am well acquainted with the look of love and I see it beaming out from her eyes.
I can't get over how she's looking at him, sun in her eyes and all. I hope she doesn't burn.
Reese is a goner. She's totally smitten and she don't mind showing it. I never thought she would move fast but I know Aries people( my dear departed Mom:) so I totally believe marriage is on its way, and soon.
NO living in sin too long for these two, not with their parents, their upbringing and let's not forget her beautiful kiddos.

I embiggened this pic...talk about an adoring look...I am over the top happy for them...I need some happiness in my life right now.
TY so much UV, FL, Reese Jake and you know who:lol

Gyllenspoon Love

Monica said...

The photos I love it!
Me leaves so happy!

Neither the person who read the blog wrote.
I can not look at anything more than the photos!

Thank you!

sheba baby said...

Ooohhh! New pics, they really can't stay away from each other!!

They are adorable, I wonder if they filmed today as well?

OT: Go see Ironman, NOW!!! Even if you aren't a comic book fan, the movie and RDJ are amazing, one of the best films I have seen this year so far.

Anonymous said...

That picture of him sitting on the ground and she's reaching down to him is so cute! I don't know what it is, but he just looks really boyish! Jake has really expressive body language...IMO. I really like them together.

lawgoddess said...

Sweetness overload. No, never too much sweetness. I like how they are so intent on each other, adorable pictures. Thanks UV.

UltraViolet said...

Get ready for some more sugar, LGB! From someone who waited on Reese and Jake at Starbuckson Saturday:

A couple of nights ago I got to serve coffee to one of my favorite actors. It was kinda strange... seeing someone for the first time, but feeling like you already know him because you've seen so many of his movies numerous times. It shouldn't be a big deal - they're just movie stars, but it was still kinda exciting. Here's how it went down...

I'm at the register at "the King" (Starbucks on King street in downtown Charleston), ringing people's orders as usual. I look up and think "man, that guy sure looks a lot like Jake Gyllenhaal. I bet he gets it all the time though. I won't say anything."
Then I look next to him and see a girl that looks a lot like Reese Witherspoon. Hmmm...

Me: "What can I get for you?"
Jake: "We'll both take an iced tall non-fat no-whip mocha."
Me: "Great! How are ya'll doing tonight?"
Reese: "We're doing just fine."
Jake: gives me a smirk that shows that he knows that I know who they are.
In my head: "play it cool. play it cool. why are my hands slightly shaking?"
Jake to Reese: "You got it baby?"
Reese: "sure do." (because she is the highest paid actress in hollywood. yes, i looked up how much she makes. she makes 20 million a movie, more than angelina jolie at second, and more than my friend renee zellweger who makes the 5th most. jake... not even close)

At some point Jake leans in real close to Cassie to ask if they could get extra ice. Cassie almost faints.

Oh, baby!

gyllenspooner said...

I learned two real cool bits of information from that post.

Jake and Reese drink "iced tall non-fat no-whip mocha's" and Jake calls Reese "baby."

How sweet was that?

Off to bed, i'm so glad I stopped in before I turned in.

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh now THAT'S the way to relate a story! You go Ramblin' Man!

What a great experience for him. Love it.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many people from Charleston believe that Reese lives there.

sass said...

Hi again,
I'm still up while they decide who won Indiana...it's so close. arrgh. Now I can go nitenite:) maybe. Hillry won Indiana by 2 points, 20,000 votes, and Obama won NC by 13-14 points.

I can't believe my good fortune; another sighting of the happy couple. TYTYTY:)
I love all this wonderful Jake/ Reese information. TY:)
OMG Jake called her baby....*sigh*
"baby" *THUD*

UltraViolet said...

It's true - everyone seems to think Reese has a place in Charleston. Maybe she does, who knows?

And sass, glad you got another smile in before bedtime!

More Nailed casting news. Full article:

James Brolin is replacing James Caan in David O. Russell's "Nailed," with Kirstie Alley and Olivia Crocicchia also boarding the politically charged romantic comedy.

Caan departed the film three weeks ago, in large part because of a spat with Russell ("I Heart Huckabees") about the proper way for his politico character to choke on a cookie. Brolin can turn to his son Josh for advice: The younger Brolin will portray George W. Bush choking on a pretzel in a scene from Oliver Stone's upcoming biopic.

Alley, in her first feature role since 2002, will play a veterinarian who fails to remove a nail from the head of her niece (Jessica Biel). With the help of a disgruntled tween (Crocicchia), the injured woman travels to Washington to fight for better health care and falls for a congressman (Jake Gyllenhaal).

Brolin last played a politician in 2003, when he starred as Ronald Reagan in Showtime's "The Reagans."

I'm not a big Brolin fan. Suddenly I'm missing James Caan. I guess they are both from the same wooden school of acting!

Anonymous said...

What a cute encounter!!! BTW: Just looking at the pictures you posted...In one of those pictures, (where Reese is kind of smiling) it looks like Reese's hand is on Jake's...leg... and in the next picture he is holding her hand... so that it is not on his leg. I think he was trying to discuss something and got ...distracted? They are SO cute!

agent_krycek said...

I love that Starbucks account, so cute, and so flaming detailed - love that man, and he calls her baby :D

Would it be increadibly sad if I try one of those drinks out this weekend - yeah, don't answer that, I know the answer already!

office of nancy pelosi said...

Hey sass, it looks like Clinton won IN by 2 points, it willbe interesting to see this played out!!!

Love all the pics and sightings and yes people do seem to think Reese lives in Charleston, maybe she does have a place there and it's not just her parents vacation home.

Anonymous said...

She actually won by 0.89%. Obama won North Carolina by 14%. If you were to add the vote totals of Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Indiana together, Obama would have bested her (albeit not by much). That's not even counting Mississippi which Obama had won before Pennsylvania.

With the big states in and counted for, and still leaving her with a substantial deficit in delegates, states won and popular vote, her quest for the Presidency is all but over.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that starbucks link UV, so sweet. We have been spoiled these last few days.

UltraViolet said...

Some blather from OK! It's tough for these folks to get the facts straight, huh?

Sounds like they took their report mostly from Verbose Extra!

bobbyanna said...

That Starbuck's report is divine!!!
I love that he calls her "baby." I got a shiver just reading it!

I was up late, too sass. I was actually kind of weepy! I got the sniffles when Obama made his very moving speech, and I got sniffles watching Hillary! Go figure. I've always been an Obama supporter, and I am glad he is doing so well, but I also ache for Hillary. With all the various shortcomings I've witnessed,I admire her so much. And I understand her, too. She is tough and she is strong. I was watching her husband and her daughter last night while she spoke.You can tell they are a real source of strength, nothing half way about it!

get real said...

Oh what an awesome sighting! Now she knows how to describe meeting them, lol. Love it!

And really love the last part of her post:

So apparently, Reese lives in Charleston with her two kids from previous marriage to Ryan Phillippe. Jake and her are together and he's conveniently filming in Columbia. They were just enjoying my awesome town that i live in.
I've seen almost all of Jake's movies - Donnie Darko (a million times), Jarhead (twice), October Sky (twice), Day After Tomorrow (not so good), Brokeback Mountain... even his smaller movies - The Good Girl, Proof, Moonlight Mile (a bunch of times). And I feel like we could be buddies. He studied Eastern Religions and Philosophy at Colombia University, which i'm interested in. He's very political, and I can converse about that stuff a little bit. He dated singer Jenny Lewis and I'm a big Rilo Kiley fan. He was nominated for an Oscar for playing a gay cowboy, and... well, nevermind. But we could totally hang out.
Reese can come too, so Beth has someone to talk to. Which, by the way, Beth and I's first date was to see Walk the Line, which she won an Oscar for. So we're all meant to be friends.

It will happen.

How cool!

I like the casting of Brolin!

UltraViolet said...

I got a shiver, too, Bobbyanna! That just did it for me, for some reason.

And get real, that part about how they'd al become fast friends cracked me up, too.

More on the Avon Walkfrom Fox/Roger Friedman:

Reese Witherspoon's role as an international spokeswoman for household cosmetic brand Avon has certainly involved more wiping of the eyes than wearing of the eyeliner.

The Oscar-winning actress flew into Washington, D.C., on Sunday, straight from her beau Jake Gyllenhaal's film set in South Carolina (with him in tow) to join 3,500 athletic individuals for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Event organizers described the "Sweet Home Alabama" starlet as "simply precious" as she offered to help hand out lunches and got her groove on by jumping in for the final mile.

However, an insider told Pop Tarts that Witherspoon was later reduced to tears watching a video featuring a young woman who almost lost her mother to the devastating illness.

"Reese got really upset about it and said she felt really determined to help find a cure for her own daughter Ava's sake," said our source, adding that Witherspoon reportedly lost a very close friend to breast cancer recently and was so "overwhelmed" she couldn't control her emotion in front of the crowd.

Another excited participant (who is currently battling the cancer) also told us that Reese randomly embraced her on the walk after hearing about experiences undergoing radiation therapy.

But after all the physical and emotional exertion, the A-list actress was back in the arms of Gyllenhaal as the comely couple was caught heading off straight away for a romantic dinner while Reese's ex-husband Ryan Phillippe was reportedly looking after the divorced duo's two children Ava, 8 and Deacon, 4.

However, when Reese romps back into L.A. this week, it seems she'll be the apple of her kids' affection.

"I'll just be spending Mother's Day with my children, which will be even more special now they're old enough to appreciate it a little more," the blonde bombshell told a Pop Tarts insider, adding that the day will probably also be somewhat sad as she'll be missing her own mother, who resides in her home state of Tennessee.

Apparently Jake is also set to return to the South Carolina set of "Nailed," which also stars Jessica Biel and James Marsden — so chances are Witherspoon will be missing her man, too.

UltraViolet said...

Sorry for the spammage, but this is too funny. The local Columbia news station is using Nicole/IHJ as a source for their story on Reese visiting Jake!

Gyllenhaal spotted with girlfriend Reese Witherspoon in Columbia

If you haven't noticed, there's a movie being shot at the State House, and some pretty big names are hanging around.

The movie is "Nailed," and it stars Jessica Biel, James Marsden and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Tuesday a viewer sent us a link to photos taken at the State House, showing Gyllenhaal and apparent girlfriend Oscar-winning Reese Witherspoon holding hands.

The two have been linked together since Witherspoon's divorce from star Ryan Phillippe in October 2007.

You can see those pictures here.

And they link to IHJ!

bobbyanna said...

I've said it a kazillion times!:) We all probably know more and have more accurate information then any of the so-called MSM outlets (mainstream media.)

I'm finding more and more, when I watch the news or read the paper, most of the time I'm aware of stuff at least 24 hours sooner then they are...and that's with hard news!

Entertainment news is always at least two days behind! I like to check out E! TV sometimes, or Access, etc. and that's usually the case. And when you add the formidable talents of UV and FL, there's no contest! I have two or three internet sources I trust for accurate news about Jake. None of them are so-called commercial sites. Talk about "insiders" that would be us!:) :)

I love the James Brolin casting! He will work well!

chica said...

LOL!!! I wonder who the viewer was that sent the link!

I bet FITS is annoyed, they had pics from Monday as well and you know how they would have loved the attention.

According to IMDB they they filmed on Tuesday and will today, but it was on Sumptner, not the statehouse that's why we arent' getting the usual reports IMO.

I think Reese probably went back to L.A. , she has been away for almost a week I think.

Yes, we have been spoiled spoiled.

Don't know what to think of Brolin being cast, gotta think about that one.

And bobbyanna, I feel the same way about the election results, I'm a Obama supporter as well, but I have always admired Hillary, I got a bit misty eyed last night.

A few months ago my dream ticket was Obama/Clinton, but I don't se that happening now.

agent_krycek said...

It's very funny linking to IHJ, hope Steph doesn't mind. I've often found that dedicated fan sites always have the news first, it's why so many of the gossips pages etc cruise sites like this for information.

extra said...

From People:


Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, responded "very pleasantly" to an older male diner who approached them at Zaytinya, in Washington D.C. Other diners, meanwhile, let the pair eat in peace, as they shared a salad, followed by the grilled lamb on a skewer and grilled baby octopus. Gyllenhaal also had some snails sauteed in garlic, the Washington Post" reports, but Witherspoon steered clear.

Reese isn't the only one that would stee clear of snails!

bobbyanna said...

In another lifetime, in another century, I once went to a very posh restaurant in Acapulco for a wedding anniversary and had "escargot" smothered in garlic. It was delish! I NEVER ate it again.:)

I think bothering people when they are eating or otherwise occupied is wrong. But I am really happy to know they were gracious.

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying all these pictures a lot. I've never thought of Reese as playful, but it seems like he brings out a playful side of Reese. She seems more likeable.

Anonymous said...

Reese has always been likable.

Anonymous said...

No word on whether J&R attended the governor's dinner last night?

lawgoddess said...

Oh my God, he called her "baby?"


And he let her pay for the coffee. :)

No insecurity there. God, I love him.

I have a big smile ( and I needed one today).

Thanks UV!

josie said...

Oh baby!!!! I love that encounter, thanks UV!

FluorescentLamp said...

I love this quote from a recent Ang Lee article.

He also talked some about working with the late Heath Ledger, whom he described as “the perfect cowboy” in Brokeback Mountain, I wanted Heath to carry the movie and Jake Gyllenhaal to steal the show. And that’s how it was.”

From a review of EbertFest 2008.

I could make a whole post out of that quote alone. No doubt someone else on some other blog will.

sass said...

Afternoon UV, FL and fellow peeps,

This is the best Jake Reese week ever! We've been spoiled and we love every minute of it.

UV, I agree, OK is a silly magazine; WE all know Jake went with Reese to Washington, DC.

You guys are so right. If you have a fan site for your favorite actors and their movies, then you don't need the celeb magazines and celeb channels like Extra.

I think the same goes for political blogs. Huffington Post has taken over for me from CNN since February. They get the Obama/Clinton/Democratic party news a lot faster than MSM.

Bobbyanna, I feel the same way you did last night, sad for Hillary and happy for Obama. I wonder if they will form a ticket...stranger things have happened.

Kennedy and Johnson were not Even close--they could not stand each other--but they needed each other to win and made it happen. Obama and Hillary will not do that yet because Hillary ain't hardly through...Politics...arrrgh.

You mean Hillary won by less than 1%. OMG.

Agent_Krycek, I confess, I am going to try and remember-- write down--Jake and Reese's coffee drink and order it later today when I visit my neighborhood Starbucks. Yes, I am officially gone, and am now onto geeking out over these two, so please have pity. :lol :)

I think it's time for them to walk the red carpet together. I do hope they will not employ the Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck strategy of not walking the carpet together, though I am sure Ben will walk with her from now on, as she was very nearly physically assaulted, by Gary Busey last year at one of the award shows, though I can't remember which one.

I heard her say to Ryan after Gary finished groping her, "Yeah Ryan, Where is Ben?"

NO way will Jake, Mr. Protector of my woman;) not take her on the red carpet with him, besides, he and Kirsten all ways went to premiers together. I can’t wait!

It will happen...still loving that happy Starbucks blogger:)
Happy Jaking all:)

Bette said...

Sass I am really crossing my fingers for some red carpert stuff soon, or eventually. Just something official.

extra said...

OT but cute: Maggie, Peter and Ramona:


I agree Bette, I would love to see them do the Red carpet bit!

Anonymous said...

New pic of Jake on FITS (their commentary is the usual crap).


UltraViolet said...

Man, they are pathetic. Worse than junior high school kids.

Thanks for the pic, though. Looks like they'll have more pics and probably more garbage later on tonight.

Bette said...

I hate that they are actually a good source for pics while Jake is filming. It's really annoying to have to see their lame commentary. But I guess it's no different at any of the paparazzi pics sites. You see even worse stuff there.

Anonymous said...

I think they're doing it now to get a rile out of us. You must understand that it's a small South Carolina political blog. We send attention their way and they're basking in it.

Anonymous said...

"We send attention their way and they're basking in it."

I think you hit the nail on the head there they are loving all the hits and some of the commenters just keep going back and making the same old tired comments, also how come no pics of Jessica Biel.

Narcissa said...

Give The Cabbageville News a break, people! Not much happens in their neck of the boondocks. Looks like they'll have to cope with a black presidential candidate as well. Might be too much for them.

sass said...

OMG, Dr WAK this way. :lol...That person will get my attention until Jake leaves then GOOD-bye forever:)

I love this snap cause you can't see Reese and I think it's cute:)

Where is Reese AKA what a MAN!*sigh* Look at those shoulders

Going to get that Jakecoffee now that the peaceful protests are winding down peeps...hope it's good coffee.

Monica said...

Thank you gyllenbabble for links!

UltraViolet said...

Please don't feed the trolls. They are extra hungry and snarly these days. Tough times for the poor things.

Anonymous said...

UV, you're right. Please delete my retort. Thanks.

Bette said...

Sorry UV, you are right!

Anonymous said...

Sorry UV must have posted at the same time, please delete.

Monica said...

I think there are people who do not believe in good things! Only in bad things.
This is sad.

UltraViolet said...

It's all good. The activity has increased, and it's hard to resist, I know. It's just not worth it. Ever.

Monica said...

You are right!
Clear my!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, no, Monica. Your comment was apt. Perfectly stated. No need to delete.

Anonymous said...

I think celebrities are getting more involved in charities now. It's wonderful to see. With all their resources, they actually can make a substantial difference.

shondra said...

Cute J&R mention in the NY Daily News:


The brunch offerings in the boroughs are so numerous, you're bound to have a favorite. If Hollywood supermom Reese Witherspoon heads to town, we hope boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal takes her for the lightly battered, deep-fried Monte Cristo sandwich at his haunt, Prune (54 E. First St., 212-677-6221), where the Bloody Mary menu is equally creative. Mother's Day is the one day the wee restaurant accepts brunch reservations


UltraViolet said...

I'm sure it's yummy, but I hope if Jake took Reese to brunch, she'd get something better than a fried Monte Cristo.

Now that the work day from hell is over, I'm contemplating that Ang Lee quote about Brokeback and Jake and Heath, and smiling even more.

get real said...

I say don't give the scumbags at Fitsnews the hits or the comments. That's what they want. As UV said, pathetic.

Great to hear of more sightings. Puts a smile on my face for sure. The one thing that urks me is when they mention Reese and her Oscar win it would be nice if they mentioned Jake's Oscar nomination. I know a win is bigger than a nomination but Jake deserves the recognition too, imo.

Off to smile at the sightings and pics again!

suvee said...

He calls her "baby"! (sigh) That is one of my all time favorite endearments..... so sexy! Just when I think Jake cannot possibly go up in my estimation.......

I read the post this morning as I was running around getting ready for work.... and it really did keep me in a happy mood all day! TY UV for getting my work day off to such a great start.

And many thanks to The Ramblin' Man for delivering the kind of detailed report we need! I was particularly impressed that he noticed the famous Gyllensmirk........ I loved that little detail! :)

FL, thanks for passing along that Ang quote.... I had never read/heard that. Very interesting (and quite true IMHO).

Anonymous said...

Did that guy ever say what size iced, non-fat,no-whip mocha whosis they ordered???? I'm going to Starbucks tomorrow...:)

Reese is a true Southern girl, so she probably calls him, "Sugar" 'cause he is SO sweet!


sass said...

Hi again peeps:)
I should preface my remarks by telling you that iced coffee is not a part of my everyday world...trust Jakey to change it up for me:)
Anyway, I took myself to the neighborhood Starbucks and ordered---written down for my boomer brain--his tall iced non-whip non-fat mocha and loved loved loved its' chocolaty goodness. Yummmmm.:)

I will have to wait until it's really hot--June or July--to order it again, and next time I'll order a Grande.

TY Jakey and Reese, UV, FL and fellow peeps for all this wonderful Jake Reese info.

I was on another site and a poster said, "I am so tired of this movie" referring to pics of Jake and Reese and that hurt me. Who knew? Certainly I didn't know.

It's very hurtful to me when I read stuff like that, even when those remarks are refuted by others, so I may have to limit even more of my forays into Jake-verse; my health can't take the stress. I love Jake too much. Even that really NOT so bad remark--I've read much much worse about them both--upset me.

However, I don't mind going over to Fitnews to see pics of Jake. Jake won't be IN SC forever, plus Jake pics just make my day totally happy and sometimes even pain free. I ain't kidding. Jake makes those endorphins really do it for me sometimes. I can feel myself smiling and feeling the love between them when I look at their pics--I have some of those same feelings when I see pics of Barack hugging his wife--and I am overjoyed that I can come here and geek out over them with likeminded Gyllenhaalics.
I was bowled over by Ang's comment and was it true. Heath drew me in and he and I fell in love with Jake as did most fans which may be why the hoopla over his new romance. It worked. TY Ang.
Anon the coffee is good, you’ll like it.
nite nite

UltraViolet said...

E! posting a sighting of Jake in Santa Monica (and Reese in Century City), which doesn't make sense, given the FITS set pics. Though either sighting could be from any day, I think FITS said the pics were from today.

Anyway, a couple of new pics at FITS, if you can stand it. According to the details of the pics, they were taken today.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Sass. It can really hurt to read some of this stuff, even when you steel yourself against it. It's a shame there's so much toxicity out there. But there are a lot more people who enjoy Jake no matter who he's with. Sometimes it's just hard to see that through the dross.

Anonymous said...

So does anyone think they'll ever be seen on the red carpet in the future? I think they've adopted the rule of never being seen on the red carpet together. I guess we'll find out once Brothers premieres.

sass said...

How can I sleep with all this great Jake/Reese news? They are in LA, wow they move around a lot... and then off for Mother's Day???

I do love all these sightings. TY for the Fitnews pic info :)
Hangin' out here always for Jake and Reese,

anon, I sure hope we see them at one of these premiere.

The Burma death totals are now up to 100,000 people...OMG!

lawgoddess said...

UV, I loved the Ang Lee quote too. Made my year, I think.:)

brothers spy said...


I don't think the photo by FITS was of today. I was going to post this yesterday, but didn't. Apparently, according to a poster on imdb, Jake didn't film yesterday. Paul Rueben and Cathrine Keener were the only ones filming on Sumnter. There are several scenes in the script which involve them and exclude Jake's character.

It's possible Jake has the weekend off since he had to work all last week and early this week.

agent_krycek said...

You know, when it comes to FITS news, I'm quite happy to use them as a source for lovely, lovely Jake and Jake and Reese photos, and completely ignore eveything else about them. Their little burst of activity is only down to Jake and his fans, once he's left town they'll go back to being the little read, badly written, extremely crappy site they always were. Enjoy the limelight honey, cos it's straight back to obscurity once the shoot is over.

bobbyanna said...

"...once he's left town they'll go back to being the little read, badly written, extremely crappy site they always were. Enjoy the limelight honey, cos it's straight back to obscurity once the shoot is over"

Kisses, Agent K!

I guess it's possible Jake is back in LA for a long weekend.

josie said...

I saw that too on IMDB brothers spy. Most likely the pic they posted yesterday was from Tuesday, I noticed they didn't add anymore pics from the as they said they were.

It appears that they filmed on Sumptner on Wednesday, not the statehouse so FITS "source" wasn't on Sumptner to provide pics.

I assume the L.A. sightings are from Wednesday, if so it's possible he has the week off.

josie said...

Correction, FITS did add a few more pics. No sign of Ruebens or Keener in the pics though.

Anonymous said...

Josie, Fitsnews hasn't posted any pics of the other actors, just Jake. They are obsessed with him.

Anonymous said...

^^^ They are obsessed with Jake because they have realised how hits they get, that and no other reason I think.

Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to think they are less concerned with the movie-making then with their own obvious, obssessive homophobia.

Their limited knowledge of Jake is BBM, so they rag on him endlessly. That's their "angle." They keep it going bcz it generates hits. But then, controversy usually generates hits.

They seem to have this pseudo-snarky disdain for movie making, too. Even tho it is good for the local economy and generates jobs. What stupid, disgusting little fools!

josie said...

Yeah, I thinks it's odd that they have not posted any pics of Jessica, Ruebens, Keener, Masden, etc., and we all know they have been on set and filming, that girl Nicole had pics of Masden.

You are right, it's just Jake and Jake and Reese because they know they will get hits, unless JT shows up on set to visit Jessica.

I think they are a bit obssessed with Reese too, I recallseeing a Legally Blonde banner/still on their blog.

Long time Lurker said...

I think the two other pics they posted were from the same day as the "newer" pic. I think all of the pics come from Tuesday, and given the information from imdb (that only Kathrine and Pee-Wee were filming on Wednesday) the sighting of Jake in LA may have some validity.

It would make sense that Jake would want to spend this weekend with his mother. Also, didn't USA Today write that Reese's mom was coming to town as well? Would it be too much of a stretch to think that maybe Jake and Reese will introduce their moms to each other this weekend?

Anonymous said...

I think that's already happened.

UltraViolet said...

New post.