Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stroll play

Bigger versions of the weekend pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon. I love the description of their activities:

After attempting to join two different yoga classes, without success, the couple headed to American Apparel store on Main Street for some shopping. Later they had a romantic dinner at AXE on Abbot Kinney in Venice. The couple are under watch as Jake is reported to plan to propose Reese. Could Axe restaurant could have been the perfect spot?

I am laughing at the idea that they were rejected from yoga class. Did they not look sufficiently relaxed? Or maybe they looked too content, thus indicating no need for a session!

Anyway, it's a cloudy morning here in Boston. So enjoy some LA sunshine:

(Pictures courtesy of IHJ and Posh24.)


Bette said...

This one I think she's checking out his ass, yes/no? Or maybe she's looking at the ground I have no idea. I just love these pictures.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, she definitely is, Bette. And who can blame her?!

Monica said...

UV, you pleased my days!
I'm loving all these pictures!

They were rejected in a class of yoga? Uh ...

Anonymous said...

what we wouldn't give to get a peak in the car window also :P
hmmmmmm....what various state of undress might have been taking place

UltraViolet said...

Hee - the mind does wander, anon :)

And Monica, I think these pictures have brightened the day for lots of people. The yoga class thing is just funny. No idea what that was all about.

I love the way Jake and Reese are sitting together at the restaurant. Normally, I hate couples who do that. But I just think it's adorable here.

chica said...

It was a bit gray here earlier in NY, but the sun is starting to shine now and these pictures probably had a lot to do with it!

Thanks so much for posting them they put a big old smile on my grumpy face today, they are too cute !

UltraViolet said...

Oops - I realize I don't have the restaurant pic up - will do that now.

UltraViolet said...

Extra posted this on the last thread right before I closed it. I just saw it now.

From Bill Zwecker, Chicago Sun Times:

ENGAGING THOUGHTS: I'm hearing that Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal may get engaged before he heads off to Morocco this summer to star in what everyone thinks will be the next big movie franchise: ''The Prince of Persia.'' Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney are producing the huge action-adventure project (based on the video game) that's being touted as a possible successor to the ''Pirates of the Caribbean'' flicks.

Thanks, Extra! Zwecker has always been on board the Reese/Jake train, though he has had some dodgy info in with the reliable.

It sort of feels as if they are all-but-engaged, if not actually engaged.

sass said...

Morning UV, FL and fellow peeps,
This is a happy day for me. The sun is coming out just a bit in the city, and I come on to find loads of happy giggly smiling Jake and Reese pics.
Jake is so grownup and so protective of her. I like that. These two are so damned cute together...
Big smiles all round.

sass said...

I was just thinking if I had 6' hunk of gorgeous man next to me who was as solicitous and kind to me and to other human beings as Jake is, I would be such a happy camper.

Why is this girl smiling even when faced with intrusive paps?
Smile girl smile:)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I think these are my favorite pictures of them so far!

agent_krycek said...

I do like their attitude, can't do yoga, ahhhh, lets shop and eat instead - that's my way of thinking (without the yoga, I cut straight to the shopping and eating bit :D)

The picture of her peeking in the window of the car is just brilliant - just shows such a relaxed, teasing realationship between them :D

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, or pry
totally not our business I know


I think the engagement has already taken place, and we will never know about it.
I am happy for them to keep the engagement private

shondra said...

I was having such a crappy day so thanks for posting these, they just make me so squeee!!!!

With Nailed back filming and POP confirmed and his relationship with Reese looking more and more serious, I guess it would be safe that Jake is one happy man!

gyllenspooner said...

I believe they are already engaged as well. I'm not sure when they will marry, but I think the question has already been popped. They just act as if they are already engaged.

Anyone willing to guess when the wedding will take place?

I'm thinking fall or next spring (if only because of Jake's busy schedule). Or they may pull a Jessica Alba and Cash Warren and just get married privately by a justice of the peace with no one there.

Bette said...

I think they are already engaged too, and if not they will be very soon. Like I said in the other post we will hear about it if they get married though. That I can be sure of. They are both pretty A-List, and specially with Jake landing Prince of Persia. Somebody is going to leak it when they go for their marriage license. And I kind of doubt they'd have a civil ceremony, but who knows. I have a feeling both of their families would like to see them have a ceremony of some kind though. I am going to bet Maggie and Peter did, we just never heard about it because I wouldn't exactly call either of them famous enough to warrant any speculation on if they did outside of the Jake and Maggie fan base. And don't get me wrong I love Maggie and Peter, but we all know it's true.

UltraViolet said...

This is a semi-objective, semi-subjective analysis of Jake's PoP casting. It brings up the real issues (ethnicity, e.g.) but also has wonderful Jake-adoration, as well. Jake is a favorite on this site.

The fun parts:

it promises ample opportunity to gaze upon the maximum amount of Gyllenhaal flesh that a PG-13 rated film (we assume) can offer. Think Lara Croft: Tomb Raider only with Jake properly objectified instead of Angelina Jolie. To borrow a quote from The Holy Grail "...and there was much rejoicing"

it finally gives Gyllenhaal a franchise. Franchises are crucial to salary inflation and (presumably) long term bankability. Assuming that Persia is successful this will keep him bankable and employable no matter how many Renditions await. And many moviegoers (myself included) need the Gyllenhaal delivered routinely like a life-saving pill, injection, IV drip or a blood transfusion.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least this one is the most accurate about the ethnicity issue I've seen so far, and the most fair account I've read - and is kind to our guy too. :)

Anonymous said...

Want to hear the funny thing about these idiots complaining about Jake not looking "Arab" enough for the part, Arab's and Persian's aren't even the same ethnicity.

These are just fourteen-year-old gamers who would complain no matter who they cast. It's what happens whenever they cast a film like this. These gamers have their own choices for the part, and they have months and months of debate, then someone is chosen. Obviously most people won't have their choice realized and they whine about it. They latch onto any issue to whine about it. Don't take it personally.

Anonymous said...

I know, I agree - it's hard not to. I just hope that people will give a fair estimation of the casting. I'm thrilled for Jake - I think it will challenge him. :)

bobbyanna said...

I'm on board with the "already engaged" crowd! Jake leaked out the fact Maggie and Peter were married on one of the late night talk shows.

It seems to me there are definitely ways of doing it where no one can find out...including maybe doing it out of the country?

I have a feeling that they would both definitely want family and friends included. (This is Jake's first, and hopefully the last for both of them.)So while I think it will be private, it will not be a Jessica Alba/Cash Warren deal either!

UV, I love these new copies of the pics. They are really a very charming couple, in the highest best sense of the word. It seems they even have similar expressions on their faces...very much in sync!

Narcissa said...

Doesn't he look young, clean-shaven?
I've never seen Reese look so relaxed.

sheba baby said...

I agree narcissa, Reese looks so relaxed, they both look so hapy and that makes me happy.

Thanks for that link UV, Jake will be more than fine in the part,i'm so excited for him!

I'll keep mum on the already engaged stuff, for now!

bobbyanna said...

Reese is downright playful. I think a few threads ago I sued the word "giddy" to describe her. Somehow, I've never thought of RW as giddy and playful, but then, I never realized how unhappy and stressed out she was for a time,...until she wasn't.

Is that girl in grey the sales person? How can she remain so apparently calm? Jake sure likes grey, too. Looks like those might be sweat pants and t-shirts. More grey t-shirts.(!)

Someday, I want Jake to be in a really smart, funny caper film, like Ocean's 11 or The Sting. In fact, I have a plot outline all set for Ocean's 14 and Jake figures prominently. And it is a good storyline...even if I do say so.:) Might even write in a part for Reese...

bobbyanna said...

Oops! I meant, "I USED the word giddy, etc"

Monica said...

Reese in LA:

Anonymous said...

Damn, she looks good. Blue works for her.

bobbyanna said...

Totally off topic, but I'm sorry, I just found out something that tickled me to death! My former boss just subpoenaed Karl Rove!

office of nancy pelosi said...

Was your former boss John Conyers??"

Yes!!! Rove is a piece of scum, I ant to see him go down in flames!

PS: I agree, Reese looks fab in blue, she looks great.

suvee said...

Up until now, the Rome set has sort of been my personal gold standard for perfect J & R pics. But these from the 17th are just so wonderful...... I cannot put my finger on it, but there seems to be a slightly different vibe in their more recent pics. They just appear to have moved on to a deeper level IMO. You know, when you evolve from being bf/gf to being committed partners.

Makes me agree that they have definitely reached an understanding about their future together.... whether it's an "official" engagement (a ring has been given and happily received), I don't know. And though the x17 post noticed the lack of a ring, they missed the Cartier Love bracelet!

Thanks so much UV for this great post.... after a crazy busy day at work, I needed this!

bobbyanna said...

Long ago, in another century, in another lifetime,(in a galaxy far, far away,) I was an assistant in Conyers' home district office for about two years. We're still friendly.

I was at the airport in North Carolina, loads of servicemen, etc. all TVs on CNN with the Clinton impeachment stuff. John was on,giving a blistering tirade against Kenneth Starr.

I turned to the crowd gathered around the TV sets and said, "That's my Congressman, and I am so damned proud of him!" And was met with stony silence and malevolent looks. I loved it!

bobbyanna said...

"I cannot put my finger on it, but there seems to be a slightly different vibe in their more recent pics. They just appear to have moved on to a deeper level IMO. You know, when you evolve from being bf/gf to being committed partners. "

This is now my favorite set for that very reason. Tho, I loved the rasberry red dress Reese wore to the Rome red carpet! Also the one she wore at the TIFF gala...and the one she wore to the LA Rendition Premiere....

Jake always looks gorgeous, but when he was stateside promoting Zodiac, he looked especially hot. His beard threw me off a teensy bit during the Rendition appearances.But his outfits were impeccable...and they dressed to match.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Wow bobbyanna, I have always admired John Conyers and I remember him during the Clinton impeachment.

Working for him during that time must have been both interesting and enlighting among other things.

Whatever happened to that jackass Kenneth Starr anyway???

brothers spy said...


Apparently after three or four solid working days, my source tells me that things have SHUT DOWN --- AGAIN, and won't start up until NEXT THURSDAY.

She's not sure what happened, but will keep me informed.

bobbyanna said...

Oh, I didn't work for him during that time. I worked with him before that time. I was just being jubilant to the nice servicemen and the good people of North Carolina in the airport!!! who very obviously did not share my opinion about the situation! Or John. :) :) :)

FluorescentLamp said...

Ah jeez. What the hell is going on with this film, with the financing.

Thanks for the update brother's spy.

Anonymous said...

Jake has to be stressed out! Maybe this delay has nothing to do with budgets. Maybe it is because of other things, and will resume shortly. Wasn't jake supposed to finish by the first week of June?

suvee said...

"my source tells me that things have SHUT DOWN --- AGAIN, and won't start up until NEXT THURSDAY."

Good grief! This movie certainly has it's fair share of angst, doesn't it?

Love your updates, brothers spy. I've been meaning to ask you..... have any friends in Morocco, or, perhaps at Disney? :)
Your "inside" scoops have spoiled me!

(agent k, you are our point person for England!)

brothers spy said...

I'm thinking this has to piss off Jake.

Here's the thing: they were already one week behind schedule, but from what I understand that didn't affect Jake too much. Now they will be two weeks behind and I don't see how it doesn't affect Jake.

Apparently, the House of Rep scenes that they were going to film during the first week of June were SUPPOSE to be Jake's last. For those of you who have read the script, and without giving anything away, will remember that there were a bunch of scenes that take place in the House chamber. So since the SC legislature is on hiatus for only one week, I don't see too much wiggle room.

That means that Jake has to complete ALL of the rest of his scenes between now and the end of May. If they are shut down until May 29, you see how this might become a problem.

That means he has to extend his filming time by probably a week.

The problem for Jake, and this is all speculation on my part, is that Ryan will have the children for an entire week for fathers day. This week was to correspond with Jake's having finished filming on Nailed. Given that he is to start work on POP soon, I have a feeling that he and Reese were probably planning a little trip together for that week.

That doesn't look possible now.

How could Jake NOT be pissed off?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Reese will be by his side that week at the film set, they will make the most of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think Jake would probably be more concerned with getting this film "in the can" and preparing for POP then anything else.

First of all, Jake and Reese spent some time in Mexico with the kids. Reese spent time in South Carolina, and generally, they are together every second they can be.

Both of them really understand the film business, fortunately. So she will be where he is, if his schedule gets messed up by work. I think they are pretty cool with the ups and downs of their business.

But I also think Jake might be feeling a lot of pressure when you think he has to work with a trainer for POP, whilst filiming Nailed. I think Reese probably is his rock, so to speak. And vice versa.

Anna said...

I agree, they will be together one way or another

brothers spy said...

You guys are probably right. But it doesn't look like he'll have too much time off this summer. I'm sure he would have appreciated a one-week getaway with his girlfriend before starting a very physically demanding role.

Even if you take away the Reese element, it still sucks for Jake not really getting any time off at all and this little delay cutting into what little time he did have.

Anonymous said...

Jake has a heavy schedule,yes. But Jake went through a very long period,when he was not working for months.(Four or five months between Zodiac and Rendition?) I think he'd probably rather be working.

I do think it would be really nice if he had a reasonable amount of time between projects to get some down time and recharge and then take the time he wants to prepare for his next role.

Fortunately, at least his relationship with Reese seems to be a very stable, positive part of his life and that has to be an enormous source of comfort. Imagine Jake with someone with a lot of drama going on all the time in their personal life.

Anna said...

nicely said, comment above me

He enjoys his acting and passion for movies, he loves what he is doing.
I am sure no matter how tired, or demanding, half way around the world job, love will find a away :P

Anonymous said...

The G is making millions, and millions from the Disney project. No suffering or sweat off his back, Disney will be treating him very very well ;)

Don’t feel bad because he can’t vacation, there will be plenty of time and cash for vacation later.

No summer vacation, booooo.... what is the trade off? He’ll be spending the summer making millions of dollars at a really cool fun movie set

Anonymous said...

Jake is lucky to have a woman in the same line of work, who understands the pressures and is willing to meet him half way.

Some other partner might be so into their own career they wouldn't want to work around his schedule.

If there is any doubt in anyone's mind about how really deeply serious this relationship is, just check out Reese's schedule.

Yes, she has the kids' summer to plan, and she's a great, dedicated mom, but I believe she and Jake worked out that schedule together, so she could be with him while he worked.

They act very much like a married couple, or at least a couple who are totally committed.

Anonymous said...

^^ Just wanted to add that right now, Reese is the bigger star, the highest earner, etc. and could easily have several things she wants to do right now, but has obviously decided that what she wants to do is be with Jake and her kids.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the info, Brothers Spy. Do you know if the film was scheduled to have a Memorial Day break? That would make this less of a delay, depending on what the original schedule was.

I wish some of the extras would start blogging again. We need more information on all this drama!

Like VerboseExtra:

I had a visitor today. It's this old guy named Tony who comes into my store once in a while. We chat about old movies and stuff like that. He's 84 years old. He asked about the movie "Nailed". I told him it was cancelled and he said I must have bad luck with movies....hmmmm....hey, he might be right! ...

(unlucky history snipped)

Anyway, I'm not bitter So last month I was an extra in the film "Nailed" and a few days ago the movie got cancelled! It had Jessica Biel (a snob if there ever was one....I'm thinking about starting whatever the opposite of a fan club is, for her), Jake Gyllenhaal (who was actually pretty nice, even if he did flirt with all the college aged girls...pssst! Don't tell Reese Witherspoon). Catherine Keener (who was also very nice but she has like a 12 inch waist!), Tracey Morgan (he wore sunglasses inside the building, listened to his music and didn't pay much attention on set). Paul Rubens (Pee Wee Herman for those of you who don't keep up on such things) I liked Mr Rubens, thought he was a funny down to earth guy...not a snob like some people (think first actor I mentioned). Anyway, the update on IMDB for the movie makes it seem like the production will still go on but I'm waiting for my check for the 4 days I worked! I was told it will be 4 to 6 weeks! So on my only 2 days off in 4 weeks I had to work the whole weekend to make up for the check they never sent....oh but don't worry about Big A, NO, I'll be just fine!!!! If they're reading this though just remember, there might be something to the Big A curse (wink wink).

I have come to love this guy! I don't think he knows what's going on with Nailed, but I enjoy his observations :)

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, how cool that you worked for Conyers. And I love that story about the airport! And I love that airport story. You go, girl! ("You went, girl!" doesn't sound as good.)

Anonymous said...

As a fan of Reese's work, I do wish her schedule wasn't so free.

I want to see her in another great role.

Anonymous said...

"Jake Gyllenhaal (who was actually pretty nice, even if he did flirt with all the college aged girls...pssst! Don't tell Reese Witherspoon)."

Doesn't surprise me this guy says jake is flirty. I bet he is! But not in a bad way!:)

brothers spy said...

I don't think the film got "cancelled" like he wrote, but he obviously didn't get paid like all the others. That seems to be the root of the problem.

I'm beginning to worry that this film may not get finished. Either way Jake will get paid though. But I assume there will be HUGE LAWSUITS pending against Capitol Films if the film isn't able to be complete.

There are other time restraints here. Russell has another film to make as well. If they delay any further, Jake won't be able to finish. The window is closing rapidly.

UV, I don't know if they had the weekend off. The girl I write to did say that some of the crew didn't return. Maybe they filmed the interior infirmary scenes with a small crew and decided to wait to hire new people. I really don't know at this point.

I'll try to get more information and get back to you guys...

I'm off to bed.

brothers spy said...

Sorry to spam, but I got a new email as I was writing the last post...

Okay here's the deal.

They finished the main scenes for the week and the union began to ask questions about future payments of funds or some such, which, of course, no one there was able to give satisfactory answers.

The union got pissed and shut down production on Thursday and Friday in protest.

David O' Russell, who is not known for his patience, got frustrated and decided to give everyone a week off to sort the whole thing out with Capitol Films. He was the one who shut it down for a week.

UV, funny, I now have an answer to your question. Yes, they were to have a three day holiday. So they lose only 4 days, instead of 5 or 6. If they work next weekend, they'll probably lose only two or three.

Bad news, all days involved Jake so it'll probably cut into his vacation time.

Expect to hear about Jake in either Charleston or LA VERY SOON.

I will keep you informed as I learn of new developments. The film has definitely NOT BEEN CANCELLED...

brothers spy said...

One final thing before I go to bed...(for realz this time)...

The reason O'Russell shut it down for a week was because David Bergstein is in Cannes and no one can get a hold of him.

Bergstein is the one providing the money. I'm guessing he has to answer to a lot of angry people when he returns from France next week.

Russell doesn't want to continue until Bergstein settles the situation once and for all.

lawgoddess said...

I think the restaurant window picture is my favorite of all , although the arm in arm ones are lovely too.

Thanks for posting all this great stuff, UV and FL.

sass said...

I have to read so much...hate getting behind like this...leave here for a few hours and miss all the fun...
TY all for so much to ingest and enjoy:0
Forgive me babblers, but since I told you I've been a Reese fan forever, and because I am unfamiliar though happy with the new giggly giddy happy Reese, I checked my PB, found an older Reese pic, cropped out you know who, so here is how I've seen her look in so many pics...I had no idea how much she was faking it...poor with all this rambling, I am on synthetic narcs now TY Jesus...I have to shut up and go to bed.
I will post this cropped pic of sad sad Reese from FOOF premiere, happy that she is happy now and go nitenite.
Sad eyes 2006

I love the new Reese...nite nite from syn narc-land.

Love the happy Reese
back tomorrow to catch up:)

agent_krycek said...

Thanks for that sass, so it's not my imagination, this is a whole new Reese we're seeing now. I'd never particularly followed her, but I could never remember seeing her this carefree and happy before.

I'll do my best during the London bit of PoP, it would just be soooo much easier if they were shooting at Elstree rather then Pinewood, Elstree I could practically guarantee the area he'd/they'd be staying in (and stalk, in a non-creepy fashion obviously), sadly the Pinewood studios are a far distance from where I live/work and they're unlikely to be in my area *tries to resist planning buring down Pinewood studios and forcing the shoot to relocate to Elstree* (BTW, in case of any unexplained fire in the Pinewood studios in the near future I WAS JOKING!)

chica said...

That is so cool that you worked for John Conyers bobbyanna!

Geez,Nailed is turning into a nightmare, the way things are going Jake wil have so little time in between this and POP.

Thanks for all you updates brothers spy!

FluorescentLamp said...


Don't want to gloat over something as serious as this but... la la la we had the scoop before Nikki Finke did la la la

Nailed Shut Down Again

Monica said...

Script reviews: Prince of Persia

josie said...

Yes we did thanks our own source brothers spy!

Seriously though I fel bad for Jake and the whole crew, what a mess.

Monica said...

This is sad. Because it seems to me POPs will be exhausting.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I haven't read the entire script review for PoP because I don't want to spoil the fun for myself, but LatinoReview gives it an A-? Fabulous! I'm thrilled and can hardly wait! :)

Monica said...

Excuse the error "POPs"

I want the script. I liked the review of Latino Review.
It is a good sign.

FluorescentLamp said...

Yes, actually I'd be remiss if I didn't thank brother's spy and brother's spy's source for keeping us updated. So thank you for that, brother's spy. :-)

agent_krycek said...

PoP sound like great fun :D

And thanks brothers spy, bang on the money as always - I'm beginning to get the feeling that Nailed is never going to be finished :(

sheba baby said...

I want to add my thanks to brothers spy too for all his inside information, not only with Nailed but I remember brothers spy mentioning that Jake was sent the POP script last month!

I agree, I have a feeling that Nailed isn't going to be complete:(

gyllenspooner said...

Holy crap, I miss one day and I miss so much drama. Thanks for the info Brothers Spy.

Anyway, there is a bright side to this latest shut down. I think Jake's dad is in Charleston filming that TV show, "Army Wives." This is a long weekend and Reese's parents have a summer house in Charleston.

Maybe Jake and Reese will take the opportunity and formally introduce them. Just a thought. Thanks for the script review Monica.

Be back later.

Bette said...

Damn Nailed shut down again? This is getting ridiculous. I can't believe I am saying this, but I think if David flips out now he has a right to. I'd be pissed off too.

UltraViolet said...

Wow - so much going on. Thanks, brothers spy and brothers spy's source, for getting us the scoop!

I'm hoping that since thy got even more filmed, it makes even less sense now to abandon ship. No matter how leaky.

paula said...

The script sounds awesome, thanks for the link monica!

At least we know there will be no work stoppage with POP, I don't blame Russell for shutting down the film until things are settled.

brothers spy was ahead of Finke, thanks brothers spy and thanks to your source as well.

Love the pics of Jake and Reese and I agree, I never have seen Reese so relaxed.

I hope everyone has a safe Memorial day weekend.

UltraViolet said...

Hey Paula - happy Memorial Day weekend to you, too. And to all.

New post.