Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jake in the zone

The comfort zone, that is. Jake Gyllenhaal is back in L.A., and it's as if he were never away.

Brentwood Country Mart - check
Beverage in plastic container, Jake - check

Hybrid SUV du jour - check

Reese clothing about which Bobbyanna and Agent K will say nothing - check
Beverage in plastic container, Reese - check

Jake on cellphone - check
(Okay, that applies to Jake in any city, at any time.)

Shopping - check
(Apparently, Columbia has no newsstands. Look at the stack of magazines Jake's carrying!)

Perfectly rumpled, prefectly white v-neck tee - check
Phlebotomist's dream arms - check

One thing that IS different is the way those jeans are sliding off Jake's butt. BadGood thing he had a belt on, or we might have gotten some real candids! And Jake isn't wearing his aviators in the later pics, which I think were taken at a different time from the ones with Reese. For some reason, people hate those aviators. I don't mind them.

Oh, and I hear it's very hot in southern California right now. That can mean only one thing. Beach Jake!

Bathing suits don't have belts :)

(Pictures courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

In case people missed this update in the last post: Variety reports that Nailed filming will resume on Monday.

Also, AOL has a Jake and Reese slide show, with a pretty boring selection of pics, though it's fun to see them all together. Also, far too much Gavin Hood, as one blogger noted when linking to it.

Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh out loud UV, thank you. Don't want to put a downer on things but on one of the pics of Reese she looks quite upset I hope the camera just caught her at a funny moment.

Bette said...

Anon I think she's pouting, probably joking around with Jake. The look is too exaggerated to be her actually upset. This post did make me laugh though. I love it. Let's hope like somebody said on IHJ that Jake keeps Steph busy, and we see lots of pics of the two out and about this weekend.

And I know it's just the angle and the dress, but I think I'm finally saying nothing too.

bobbyanna said...

Awwww! She's driving. Sweet.

Maybe Jake and Reese bought all those magazines in order to find out if they are getting married, when they are getting married, where they are getting married, what kind of ring he got her, what she got him (!) and who is going to be at the wedding. The magazines will probably tell them who the best man and the maid of honor were, too! :) :)

I love that little blueish green dress with belt. Very chic. Also like that "blousey" effect. Loose. blousey things are so comfortable.

BTW: Now in these pics Jake looks a bit bulkier then he did in the airport pics.

I think we need to institute "hairwatch" if he's gonna do POP. If they want he to do an homage to Farrah Fawcett, an intervention might be required!

(waves to Agent K!)

chica said...

Boy, do I have a lot of catching up to do! Thanks for the links and posting the pictures!

gyllenspooner said...

My guess for all the magazines is that they are making a trip to their favorite hang out in Ojai.

sheba baby said...

I was thinking Ojai too, they don't look too thrilled to see the paps, don't blame them.

suvee said...

Love her dress, love his hair (longer, finally), and it goes without saying that the white tee is perfection on him! Nice post, UV.

I agree..... this looks like an Ojai weekend.

Anonymous said...

She must have got changes shape really quickly because shes certainly looking fairly trim in this photo.

Running Reese

Anonymous said...

i mean this one

Running Reese 2

gyllenspooner said...

Really suvee? I prefer his hair shorter. But I guess to each her own.

brothers spy said...

Good morning guys, I just got more information from my source on IMDB regarding "Nailed". I think I understand why Jake may look a little tiffed. Apparently, he was suppose to be off since Tuesday, but had to work a couple of extra days due to the SAG situation last week. Apparently this latest shut down didn't affect him at all.

Whatever scenes they've lost, have not been Jake's (i'm guessing they're filming all of his scenes first due to POP). But he did lose half of his extended break.

Will let you know more as I know it. The person I am in contact with is an extra who has been involved with the production since the beginning. She's given me very reliable information in the past.

get real said...

Wow, great to see all these pics. He does look a bit tired but otherwise he is looking amazing. Only Jake can do both, lol. His body seems in great shape and no one wears a white tshirt like him. Shows those arms...yum. Jake and Reese look very cute together, as does Reese and Atti, but I do hope he get a few days of quiet before he has to go right back to work.

Really appreciate the info Brothers Spy. Poor Jake, I would be pissed too if my time off was cut short. I hope they make it up to him somehow.

Wonder what all the magazines are about. ;)

josie said...

Thanks for the news and updates brothers spy!

What a mess, I would be pissed too. I wonder if he is due on set on Monday, if not he will get to spend a bit more time with Reese.

suvee said...

thanks brothers spy for the "Nailed" news and updates.... I really appreciate it!

gyllenspooner said...

Thanks brothers spy. I think Jake has earned a couple of days off.

shondra said...

I agree that Jak needs some time off, hopefully he will have a little peace over the weekend.

Thanks for the pics and thanks brothers spy for the Nailed update.

Anonymous said...

"...hopefully he will have a little peace over the weekend."
I'd say it's a good fact, I think it's the main reason he came home.:)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that the airport pics, the Reese/Atticus pcs and these pics were all taken the same day?

We haven't seen pap pcs of Reese since 5/5 in SC and now this. I was wondering if she was hanging out somewhere in SC, no where the set and maybe arrived back in L.A. the same day. She could have left out of a seperate exit at LAX..

gyllenspooner said...

I'm beginning to think so too anon 6:52. I'm thinking that she may have spent some time in either Columbia or perhaps in Charleston. Remember that her folks have a house there and her disappearance coincides with Mother's Day.

Also, don't forget that Reese's mom is a college professor and the semester is over. It was possible for her to spend the entire week with Reese which would make it easier regarding the kids.

Monica said...

See Jake always makes me happy!
The photos are great.
The reese is very beautiful. I liked the clothes, shoes and bag.
A woman Chic!

brothers spy said...

I learned something new.

Apparently it's "common knowledge" in SC that Jake is doing Prince of Persia next. Apparently Jake hasn't had too much free time in SC (which might also explain why he looks so tired). Asides from filming long 16 hour days, any free time he does have is spent working out with a trainer in preparation for POP.

The crew and others involved with the production have mentioned this. It might also explain all the sightings of Jake working out at "The Strom."

Apparently he's quite ripped now.

chica said...

Wow, thanks for the news brothers spy! It would explain a lot includng them wanting to get Jake's scenes done first.

I didn't think he would be filming for the entire 10 weeks in SC, if POP starts at the end of June, at least he has a few weeks to rest before filming starts.

Anon & gyllenspooner: I like the way you think!

Anonymous said...

I think it's more likely that since Mother's Day weekend, Reese has probably been with her kids and her mom.

If her kids are still in school, they were in LA. She probably had some quality alone time with her kids after being onset with Jake for almost a week, or more.

I believe there is every possibility that she has been with her kids and possibly her parents, and Atticus for the past week.

They were separated for a few days and he was probably miserable. Jake arrived AM and probably beelined it to Reese. By their afternoon lunch date he'd changed clothes and looked pretty fresh.

Remember, wasn't it on Mother's Day evening and the Saturday before, he was spotted working out. Reese was nowhere around. He was waiting to resume filming.

FluorescentLamp said...

"Jake" and "ripped". Two words together that make me a little weak in the knees.

So for several weeks people have been speculating whether Jake is or isn't doing PoP. Brother's Spy gave us a little more info tonight that it's common knowledge in SC about Jake doing the film.

It's true. Before the article with Reece Ritchie came out in the Lowestoft Journal one of my dearest friends (who isn't at all a Jake fan) told me about Jake in PoP. She knew of it because she knows Reece Ritchie. Then it came out in the article above and people still weren't convinced of Jake's participation in the film. I suppose most people won't believe it until it's announced in Variety or the like and that's okay too. I'd like to see it confirmed in a reputable place as well. But I honestly don't believe Reece Ritchie would jeopardize his professional acting career by announcing Jake's involvement were it not true.

Filming in Morocco starting June and then finishing at Pinewood.

suvee said...

"Jake" and "ripped". Two words together that make me a little weak in the knees."

Funny, FL, 'cause I was going to start my comment with pretty much the same sentiment!

I have a question for anyone (FL, brothers spy, etc.) who knows far more about the PoP movie than I. Was Orlando B. really being considered first? Anyone have an educated guess? Thanks!

brothers spy said...

Before I turn in...


I heard that Disney always wanted Jake. Orlando Bloom was only a rumor. Disney denied it. The only "official" thing I have ever heard about the project was that the offer went out to Jake.


At this point i'm working on the assumption that Jake is in POP. We've heard it from a couple of pretty good sources now. Jake's actions also seem to suggest that he's doing the movie. A lot of POP fans may need official confirmation from God himself in the form of the ten commandments or something, but I think Jake is it.

Anon 9:38,

I agree with you that they (Reese and Jake) probably didn't spend the week together.

Remember that my source told me he was supposed to be off since Tuesday, and Reese was in South Carolina until at least the Monday before (eight days earlier). We know from the USA Today article that Reese's mom was spending the week with her. And you're right, Ava has school in LA. So it's far more likely that, given the above information, she spent the week with her mom and kids, while he was in SC filming.

I think Jake and Reese figured that they could go eight days without seeing each other. The delay in filming also delayed Jake's ability to go home and when he finally could, he did. Like you wrote he made that "beeline" to her place probably going directly there as they were seen together for lunch a couple of hours later.

It goes to show you how serious they are about each other that every time they have a chance to be together, they are together.

It makes me wonder what will happen next weekend. It's a long weekend in the US (Memorial Day) and this is the weekend that people here tend to go to their cottages, etc., given that it is the unofficial "start of summer." Is it possible that Jake may visit with Reese and her family in Charleston I wonder? We should keep our eyes open.

(BTW, this last bit is total speculation on my part, I don't have any inside information --- but given what we know about them it wouldn't surprise me).

agent_krycek said...

Okay, several million miles past over excited about PoP filming in the UK! - stalker hat ready and will be placed on my head when he's here, hopefully with Reese as well for at least some of the time - currently checking out all the farmers markets around the London area (Jake, if you're reading, the Barnet/St Albans area has several great markets, lots of greenery and is a lovely place to stay :D )

Bless them, every single second they can be together, they are, and, obviously, I'm saying nothing about Reese's dress, apart from the fact she was rocking it big time :D

gabbana said...

FL and brothers spy , thanks so much for the POP information....I know it is not "official" yet but I am so excited.....

And it looks like Jake has got a new cycling partner...:-))

Look at Jakes body - he is really getting in shape for POP....small legs and butt but his arms...

And look at Reese and make your own opinion...she is also wearing the usual cycling outfit....

agent_krycek said...

Look at Jakes body - he is really getting in shape for POP....small legs and butt but his arms...

* Third photo down - hyperventilates and falls off seat*

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks for all the information regarding POP brothers spy and FL, it sounds like he will be doing it!!

PS: I totally approve of Jake's new cycling partner!

sallykirkland said...

Didn't I read a report somewhere ages ago that Jake gave Reese a bicycle for Christmas in '06?

His body looks perfect...
Exercise is a great way to relieve all kinds of stress.

Bette said...

Those shorts of Jake leave nothing to the imagination do they? Oh Jake. I love it. They are so adorable. And everybody is right Jake is looking very very good. :D

suvee said...

"I heard that Disney always wanted Jake. Orlando Bloom was only a rumor. Disney denied it."

TY brothers spy...... that was the answer I was hoping to hear.

I also remember reading that Jake gave Reese a bike for 2006 Christmas..... and I'm amazed we haven't seen pics of them out cycling before this. And as for his body....... um..... there are no words to do it justice. But it sure makes me look forward to PoP!

agent_krycek said...

Is it too late for me to apply to be costume designer on PoP, I have no training or talent for it at all, but I have some very interesting costume ideas for Jake's role ;-)

My goodness he's looking ripped

FluorescentLamp said...

Those shorts of Jake leave nothing to the imagination do they?

Crack is whack. :-D

For far too long, even with all the sport he's always done, his legs never had a shape. But now they look fabulous!

get real said...

Woohoo, Jake in spandex is back!! He is looking FIT!! Man he is looking so good that we haven't seen the spandex in a while makes me misty eyed, lol. ;) Here's to hoping we seem more this summer. Reese looks so cute in her gear. They make an adorable biking pair. :)

extra said...

Whoa, Jake in spandex, what a great way to start the morning!!!

He looks really ripped, can't wait for POP.

Reese looks adorable, I love the pics!

lawgoddess said...

The big thud you heard was me hitting the ground when I saw the cyclig pix.

The arms! The shoulders! The ass!

Monica said...

Jake is very hot! It must be because of POP!
And Reese is so adorable!

Great pics!

agent_krycek said...

I suppose it's a vain hope that PoP has a cycling in spandex scene in it.

I really wish they were filming PoP at Elstree rather then Pinewood. Elstree is in Borehamwood (which is a complete hole of a place - sorry to anyone who comes from there) but it did massively increase the chances of Jake staying in my area - Pinewood's a bit too far away, you really wouldn't want to risk the perils of the traffice on the M25 unless you really had to. But I have my stalker hat ready anyway.

Monica said...

Where's UV?

sass said...

Morning Peeps,
I can't believe my/our good fortune...*thud*
I agree FL. totally shaped and even more gorgeous legs coming through there. GO Jake...I wonder who is sculpting him. He's building upper body arms legs and taking off tummy and booty... Will I survive POP...NO! My boy and I will see this together then I will of course go see it 20397509375 more times:lol:lol
These two are together all the time.. Will she come to the UK? Duh... YES!:):)
loving this weekend. Pretty soon it's going to be almost impossible to write much about Jake out and about without including Reese...which is fine by me:):)
have to go back to bed... not well yet:)

sheba baby said...

Update on the AOL poll on the Jake and Reese OK cover story:

Jake and spandex: THUD!!
Love all the pics of Jake and Reese this weekend.

extra said...

The 3 Square Cafe where Jake and Reese stopped by yesterday during their bike ride in Venice:

Bette said...

Looking at the menu, I just had to google Avocado fries. They sound delicious. I know something I am going to try to make at home. :D

Where was the report they stopped there though? I missed it!

gyllenspooner said...

Another landslide win for Jake and Reese in that AOL poll.

When asked if they're getting married SOON nearly 40,000 people responded and...

21% Said NO.

When asked who made a better partner for Reese Jake or Ryan. More than 43,000 responded and...

JAKE 77%
RYAN 23%

Isn't it funny how they always seem to win these polls in landslides?

extra said...

The bike pictures are posted on IHJ and the caption says they stopped by the 3 Square Cafe.

Love the results of the AOL poll!

UltraViolet said...

Aww. Monica - here I am! Thanks for looking out for me. I wish I could say I spent the afternoon drooling over the arms and the shoulders and the butt and the legs. But I have a work deadline that is killing me.

But I did find a little time for drool :)

Love the PoP confirmation, FL. It's not my kind of movie, but if it gets Jake in this kind of shape, who am I to argue??

Anonymous said...

After seeing Jake photoshopped into the POP character, I am more inclined to think of it as a skit for SNL. I'm obviously not a gamer, and I'm accustomed to Jake in more contemporary roles, not fantasy/costume action molvies.

I love his body whatever reason for the 'ripped' look. Of course, I'd love his body anyway I can get it.

brothers spy said...

The character in the game is somewhat different in the movie. The movie is based on the game, they are not following it verbatim.

The movie will look more like "Lord of The Rings" than a video game.

Given that you have both uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer (National Treasure, Pirates of the Caribbean and every other box office smash hit of the past 20 years) and DISNEY involved (not to mention Harry Potter director Mike Newell) I am pretty sure that this film will be a HUGE HIT.

shondra said...

I agree with you brothers spy about POP,it has the potential to be a huge hit!

bobbyanna said...

Jake and Reese out cycling together just makes me want to give them a big hug, especially since he has to take off for work again!

On another subject:

Some of you might remember a movie from several years ago called, "Before Night Falls," starring Xavier Bardem.

It was the true story of Cuban poet&novelist, Reinaldo Arenas, who was imprisoned, tortured and harrassed by Castro's government bcz he was homosexual. He eventually escaped and came to the U.S.

Their governmental policy was imprisonment, torture, harrassment, and persecution for homosexuals in Cuba.

Since Raul Castro has become President, there is a new openness in its embryonic stages, to be sure, but apparently this weekend, his daughter hosted a huge, open, public policy discussion with leading gay activists.

This is a huge, huge shift in that government's policy. In order to engage the general population, and insure they are brought into the discussion, this weekend, in prime time on Cuba's government sponsored television, they aired Brokeback Mountain.

I know that Jake and Heath would be very proud to know their work helped raise public consciousness in this way. I got kind of teary-eyed when I read about it.

Nicole said...

New pics on IHJ . Jake and Reese at the beach.

Anonymous said...

What can you say, you are at the BEACH Jake why no bathing suit?.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Nicole. I knew staying up late to edit this guide would pay off!

agent_krycek said...

Lovely beach photos, although I agree, why no bathing suit Jake, we need to know exactly how ripped you are at the moment (obviously for non-perving reasons, err, it's scientific reasons, or something.

Reese has got a really lovely figure, very 'real' and beautifully curvey.

Beyond excited about PoP filming in the UK, Reese's summer schedule is still completely free, which indicates (to me) she's planning on spending time with Jake whilst he's filming over here! I'm might even get inspired to finally work out how to use my scanner so I can keep you updated with any UK magazine reports.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Agent K, I'm taking that as a promise. You know there will be a steady stream of tidbits. You Brits love Jake, which I love!

I'm about to turn in but there's a new post for drooling and discussing. See you in a few hours! Maybe the "other" photos from the day will have turned up. You know, the ones with Jake frolicking in the water, and of him and Reese walking hand in hand on the shore.