Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jake in LA and Persia

Just freshening up the post with some Jake - in LA on the 18th:

A little more information from Variety on Prince of Persia:

"Persia" will mark the first time Jake Gyllenhaal has worked with Bruckheimer.

"He's a wonderful actor," Bruckheimer said. "He's someone I've been watching for a long time and somebody I've always wanted to work with."

And look - the official poster already:

Okay, okay, so that was Fluorescent Lamp's doing. The original, official poster, minus Jake's starring name, can be seen here.

They do move fast, though. GyllenBabble has gotten the exclusive on the PoP action figure, as well as the elaborate stunts Jake will be doing. (click to embiggen for full, dramatic effect!)

Action Figure Jake...err...Dastan

The Vertical Wall-Run

Column Jumping

Fighting, using the Dagger of Time

Bigger versions of the Ramey photos from the weekend. Still need the whole set, but these are fun:

There are some articles floating around the net about the trades (Variety and Hollywood Reporter) not giving credit to online sources who break news stories, as Latino Review did with Jake/Prince of Persia. It's an interesting information age we're living in.

Of course, we also knew before the trades ;)

(Jake/Reese pics courtesy of KateBlogsworth. Note: She calls everyone slags, not just Jake and Reese! Exclusive action shots made by ShadowViking on flickr. New Jake pics courtesy of IHJ.)


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are great. That one of Reese looking into the car is cute.

Anonymous said...

Missed last nights post, I am glad Jake has been officially confirmed as POP. It's not really my sort of film but hey Jake is in it so I will definitely go to see it.

Love the pics.

smile said...

Everytime I see pictures of them these days, I do have a hallucination:

I see Michael Palin running in circles, stuttering "she´s ppp.... she´s pp.....she´s pppppp", while Eric Idle is standing by and is coming up with every p-word except of course the right one.

Great news concerning his career and I hope this will become the huge success they intend this to be.

Anonymous said...

People on some blogs are saying Jake doesn't look Persian, wasn't there a video a few months ago where they compared Jake to the President of Iran. Iran so far I think it was called.

agent_krycek said...

Sorry, but the 'Jake isn't Persian' thing is annoying me, unless I missed something Johnny Depp isn't from London or Scotland, but no one moans about him playing Capt Sparrow, Sweeney Todd or J M Barrie - so they can all sod off! (as we say this side of the Pond)

Completely over excited about the prospect of Jake (and hopefully Reese) in London this summer, just wish it was being filmed at Elstree in Herts, rather then in deepest Surrey, as it would aid my stalking so much more - but I've bought my stalking hat and will do my best for all the Babblers out there :D

shondra said...

Love the pictures of them from over the weekend, so cute and playful!

Happy to hear that POP has been officially confirmed.

bobbyanna said...

OMG. I gasp! I swoon! There's no end to your creative geniuses!!!! FL, that poster is gorgeous...and I know the next one you do will be Jake, sweaty, bare-chested, in black sandex Persian warrior pants (Yes. They had spandex in ancient Persia...They were very innovative!) and brandishing his incredible sword, to great effect! :)

Are these action figures for sale??? I love them! I know that Shadow Viking from flickr is really another pseudonym for FL...or UV... and even tho this proves to be not true, I will continue to believe it! Those action figures were...amazing...:) :)

Between Latino Review and Gyllenbabble we have the hottest, most accurate movie news EVER.

I think we are fast learning which sources are primary and pretty accurate, and those that just repeat what they hear. I know I'm learning a lot about the way "news" get circulated.

Thanks for the adorable pictures, too. What I like in that one, is that she is grabbing him in public, albeit innocently, for a change instead of vice versa. Maybe that's what makes them so charming. She is doing what a kazillion other women would do given the chance :)

Anonymous said...

"She is doing what a kazillion other women would do given the chance :)"
Same with peeking in the window while he changes clothes!

josie said...

I love the poster FL, there is no end to the talents of you and UV!!!

Latino Review, FL's friend and brothers spy were all correct, Variety, HR, just confirmed it.

Love, love love the weekend pictures!

suvee said...

New pics from yesterday apparently. He's looking might fine......

Paula said...

I guess he isn't in SC filming Nailed, is filming still delayed or maybe he isn't needed on set. I remember brothers spy mentioning that he had to work a few days extra last week due to the delays.

I'm not familiar with Prince of Persia but it looks like a fun movie and i'm so happy for Jake!!

And the pictures of them are beyond squee worthy, I love them thanks!!

Great post and I love the poster!

Anonymous said...

New pics from yesterday apparently.

Stephanie has put them up on IHJ with the beach ones, she says they are from the 18th.

agent_krycek said...

(Yes. They had spandex in ancient Persia...They were very innovative!)

Hopefully they had Edwardian style houses and Oak trees as well and I might get a bit on on location filming near where I work!

sag actor said...

Update on the SAG negotiations:

There are a lot of members that are not happy with the way negotiations are going so far I might add, just hope everything is settled by June 30th.

BTW, Jake's dad is in SC directing an episode of Army Wives. And things on the Nailed set are still "unsettled" so no surprise that Jake is still in L.A.

extra said...

Ok strikes again!LOL!! Cute story on them at the beach on Sunday:

Jake & Reese: Summer Love!

On a sweltering hot Sunday in Malibu on May 18, a beautiful young couple wandered along the beach, played fetch with their dog and stopped to draw shapes in the sand.

The adorable couple was none other than Jake Gyllenhaal and is lady love Reese Witherspoon, who gave the nearly triple digit L.A. heat a run for its money with some sizzling hot action of their own!

"When the temperature started dropping toward the end of the afternoon, they both wrapped up in their beach towels, and he was making sure she was warm enough," an onlooker tells OK!.

Though summer is still weeks away, Reese,32, and Jake,27, are already getting into the spirit of the season. Sources say Jake — who is currently on hiatus from filming his movie Nailed — is planning a getaway to Martha's Vineyard with Reese, her kids Ava,8, and Deacon,4, and his family in the coming months.

"He wants to get his family and her family together to spend a quiet weekend there," a pal of Jake tells OK!. The friend adds, "Reese thinks she's found her soul mate in Jake."

For the full scoop on Jake and Reese's summer getaway plans, pick up the new issue of OK! — on sale everywhere Thursday!

I noticed they say hiatus from Nailed and not "financial problems" and if filming of POP starts in July, I don't think he will have time to spend vacation time with Reese and the kids on MV this summer unless he gets a week of or so off from filming.

Bette said...

Ok mag has figured out they've got a gold mine in Hollywood's new golden couple, and they are definitely milking it.

I love the ramey pics! Good find. They are so adorable. I wish somebody would get their hands on the full set, but these are not bad.

UltraViolet said...

If OK! has shirtless Jake, they will have my undying devotion.

Well, maybe not undying. But I will buy the magazine!

Thanks for typing that up, extra!

Put a couple of the new pics at the top of the post. Love Jake's sunkissed look.

UltraViolet said...

I see Michael Palin running in circles, stuttering "she´s ppp.... she´s pp.....she´s pppppp", while Eric Idle is standing by and is coming up with every p-word except of course the right one.

LOL, smile. Now I will be picturing that, too. That is classic.

And Bobbyanna, you know FL or I would take the credit if we'd created those masterpieces! I have zero talent in the visual arts.

"She is doing what a kazillion other women would do given the chance :)"

Same with peeking in the window while he changes clothes!

Ditto to both and both of you!

About the Persian issue - I can see both sides. But I'm not going to think about it. I just want to be happy for Jake.

gyllenspooner said...


Jake is finished filming Nailed in the first week of June. He'll have about a month off before he begins filming POP.

Remember that Ryan gets the kids for one week for Father's Day. I'm willing to bet you a million dollars, now that POP was pushed back a month, Jake and Reese will have some sort of getaway during that week.

lawgoddess said...

Okay, this is shallow, but Entertainment Weekly described action heroes as " buffed and shined." I love the thought of Jake buffed and shined.

Okay by me if they want to oil his skin, too. Avon's Skin So Soft would work.:)

About using a Middle Eastern actor- the reality is that Disney is not going to give this part to an unknown or new actor, there's too much money involved. And I can't think of any "bankable" Middle Eastern actors.

Ethnicity seems to be pretty fungible anyway, in this industry. In Lost, the very hot actor who plays Sayid, an Iraqi, is in fact from India.

Jake will be great in this role. Especially if they make his skin glisten.LOL.

gyllenspooner said...

Those new photos were from Sunday. I thought filming resumed on Monday.

agent_krycek said...

In Lost, the very hot actor who plays Sayid, an Iraqi, is in fact from India

He's from Wandsworth, London :p (nit picking, I know)

lawgoddess said...

Okay, sorry, I don't know that much about him, and I wish I could remember his name. :)

His ethnic background is Indian, though, right?

I was confused because he was in a Bollywood film, Bride and Prejudice. (I love Bollywood.)

lawgoddess said...

I guess while I'm doing corrections , I should say that Bride and Prejudice is not in fact a Bollywood film, it is Bollywood style. :)

Anonymous said...

You mean Naveen Andrews? He is ab-so-lutely gaw-juss IMO. Love him, good actor too. Loved him in The English Patient and The Brave One. :)

agent_krycek said...

His ethnic background is Indian, though, right?

Yeah - I was just being pedantic :D Naveen Andrews is the name you're looking for

lawgoddess said...

Thanks, Agent K.

The other really cool thing about Naveen Andrews, besides his extreme hotness, is that he is /was in a relationship with Barbara hershey , who is a good bit older than he is. At least ten years, if I recall correctly.

chica said...

I can understand the arguement that a Middle Eastern actor should have been offered the part, but this movie is a fantasy based on a video game, it would be totally differnt IMO if the movie was a drama.

Jake looks like the character based on what I have seen so he will be fine in the role.

popsugar claims the pics are from yesterday, Tuesday but they always get it wrong. IHJ has Sunday which is probably correct, most likely taken after the beach but you are right. If filming resumed on Monday, I assume it would be an early morning call so I would think he would be on a plane to SC on Sunday not at the beach/strolling around L.A. which makes me think that filming is still stalled or maybe he wasn't needed on set.

Love the new pics added from Saturday!

sass said...

Afternoon UV FL and peeps:)
I'm bouncing all over my apt.with happiness... just the thought of chest hair removal being profiled in DVD extras.
Back soon to read this post.

Monica said...

"Donnie Darko Himself, Jake Gyllenhaal, is the Prince of Persia?!
By: Devindra Hardawar

So apparently we live in a world where Jake Gyllenhaal could conceivably be the Prince of Persia. Let that sink in for a bit.

I'm a huge fan of Gyllenhaal, don't get me wrong, but somehow I just don't see this working. Not only is he not much of a physical and action-oriented actor, I can't help but think this is another typical Disney move, a la The Forbidden Kingdom, when it comes to getting minorities on the big screen.

He's the fricking prince of Persia people!

We've mentioned before that a real Persian prince may have been up for the role as well, but we all knew that never was a real possibility. I suppose with his dark features, and maybe a bit of a tan, Gyllenhaal could pass for Persian, but that's obviously besides the point.

Of course looking at this realistically, it's aiming to be a big budget action film in the vein of Pirates of the Caribbean, so they obviously needed a known and bankable star. It's times like this that I realize reality totally sucks sometimes.

He'll be costarring with Gemma Arterton, a new Bond girl, and the film will be helmed by Mike Newell. Don't even ask for a plot description."

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Monica, it will be okay! And it's just one movie, among many that Jake will make in his career.

I'm wondering about the accents for the movie. I really hope they don't do that thing where everyone speaks with a British accent to denote "not American." Either try for the correct Persian/Iranian accent or just use your regular voice.

I hate it when British accents are just randomly used, a la Clare Danes in Les Miserable and a hundred others I can't think of.

But since the Princess is British, I fear that's the way they'll go.

FluorescentLamp said...

Has Jake ever done an English accent in a film? I like THAT idea, too! I just want to see different by him - different look, different body, different voice.

Though truth be told, I don't think this movie will be heavy on dialogue. It's all about the parkour, baby. :-)

Anonymous said...

OT: Ted Kennedy released from the hospital:

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I'd love to hear Jake do a British accent. When he's playing someone, you know, British!

Bette said...

UV I agree! They should try to authenticate a Persian/Iranian accent, but I don't think they will. Could Jake even do one? I'm so interested in Jake doing Parkour. I hope he actually does his own stunts for this. How cool would that be if he learned it?

UltraViolet said...

Did you guys see this post on DC today. I like it! The first rendering that hasn't made me cringe a little.

And it reminded me of this pic of Jake.

FluorescentLamp said...

Unfortunately, UV, that's a pic of the Prince from later versions of the videogame. Whether Jake gets to wear that look in any of the trilogy films is anyone's guess.

UltraViolet said...

Oh no - well, they should go with that look! I'll let them know when they consult me on all these matters...

UltraViolet said...

Also, it looks like Ewan McGregor. Not a bad thing. Of course, Jake is better!

Monica said...

Here in the forum staff was encouraged by the idea of seeing him in the POP.
Regret that vai take much to debut.

UV, I do not agree with everything that that person spoke.
Jake is a talented actor, so I think he can act in any role.
It will be a challenge for him.

Very nice to see the name of Ewan McGregor. It really is very similar.
But my Ewan already made Star Wars and The Island, so it is better to do other things.
Now is the time of Jake.

gabbana said...

Between all the madness with the "Nailed" shootings and the excitement with PoP people seem to have forgotten that Jake has another film - "Brothers".

I am waiting for some information, pictures - anything, but nothing happens. There is no buzz, no mentioning on any ot the film related blogs/sides.

Then I thought it would be a great film for the film festivals like Venice or Toronto - today I saw a report on Hollywood Reporter about the possible Venice screenings or premieres - again nothing on "Brothers".

I have to admit that I am starting to fear a little bit - after reading the script I got the feeling this is such a wonderful role for Jake - and now it seems the film has just disappeared....makes me a bit sad...:-((

Monica said...

We also wanted to see pictures.
It may be that they begin to leave in June or July!

UltraViolet said...

Gabbana, I don't think we knew until much later in the year last year that Rendition would be in Toronto.

And the trailer didn't come out until August, I think. So I think it's a little early still for a December release to have much going on.

But like you, I'd love to get some info - tease us, Jim Sheridan! Come on!

Monica said...

If the Pop makes success, Jake will be elected the most sexy man in the world by People in the coming year! Hehehehehehe

Narcissa said...

As someone who thinks that "Jaws" is Spielberg's best, I refuse to feel guilty about enjoying big summer blockbusters. I think PoP sounds great!

sass said...

I'm back again enjoying myself. TY for so much information. I will have to read it again and again...and it's all good.

I've been following Reese for years since Fear and before...I don't think I've ever seen playful Reese before and I like it:)

sallykirkland said...

There's a possibility of Brothers at Toronto,but, I really doubt Venice. Just my gut feeling.

Martha's Vineyard probably won't figure in the picture this year. I think OK just uses old information to act as if they know what's going on.

If Jake starts POP end of June, and has to deal with Morocco and London, my guess is Reese and the kids will have a very interesting summer in both places.

They'd have to spend some time with their pigs, too, at the ranch, and they probably need the last week in August to get ready for school. As they get older friends and school become very important.

This is not Brangelina. :) I think Reese makes a huge effort to maintain a very stable lifestyle for them complete with friends, riding lessons, outings and activities, and a real homey atmosphere.

BTW: This is erally a fun post!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could be getting married right before they leave the country, or while they're out of the country, and just do it quiet and have a honeymoon in Morocco or London.

brothers spy said...

Hey there peeps, I have some information about our favorite comedy, "Nailed."

According to my VERY RELIABLE source the crew got paid, are said to be very happy, and filming resumed this past Monday.

The scenes were filmed involving "principals" and didn't involve stand ins and/or extras. They've been filming the "infirmary scenes" (those of you who read the script know of which I speak), which has been done entirely indoors and probably explains why we haven't heard anything about it. (These scenes are not filmed outside, involve extras, or done in the very public state house so no leaks).

The SC legislature takes a one week hiatus in the first week of June. The scuttlebutt is that is when they will shoot the House of Representative scenes. That is supposedly Jake's last week.

That's all I have. I'll try to find out more. Good night.

sass said...

brothers Spy U Da Man:):)
Listen I've already discerned that our Jakey marches to his own wonderful and delightful drum...but what the hell is he doing here? :lol:lol He's so cute.:)

What is Jakey up to now?

And I still can't get past silly giggly Reese...never seen this person before...I have some snaps I saved from her red carpet run-up to WTL...big sad blue eyes...not happy but carrying she's acting silly and happy....and it's all good.
See what I mean...I have to post these great pap snaps I have to ...though it ain't fittin' just ain't fittin' to capture these gorgeous two folks out about and having so much least they didn't give the paps the ole single digit...hahahahahha...I'd be really tempted...not:)
more later:)

Bette said...

I love all the new pics! These are my favorite of them ever. She's so adorable. What did somebody say earlier in the thread? Doing what every other woman would do? So true. And yeah I've followed her from Fear too. I've never seen her this happy. And I enjoyed her with Ryan, but Jake brings something out in her that's pretty incredible.

Anonymous said...

Those Santa Monica pictures are probably my favorite pictures of them together. She's being really playful and he's offering his arm and she's peeking into the car. It's too adorable really.

agent_krycek said...

I never really followed Reese before, but had the impression that I think a lot did that she wasn't the greatest fun in the world, a bit humourless when not acting - obviously, since Jake I can see a very different woman, giggly, happy and relaxed - with Jake he seems more mature and protective, I think they both bring out the absolute best in each other - it's lovely to see.

Anonymous said...

"I think they both bring out the absolute best in each other - it's lovely to see."

Yes it is and it's a shame that some people cannot see it.

Xenia said...

UV wrote : "Did you guys see this post on DC today. I like it! The first rendering that hasn't made me cringe a little.

And it reminded me of this pic of Jake."

UV, that poster was me! Sorry for the different nick, it's an old one.:)

FL, I know that's a later version of the Prince but they really should choose that look because it's the more acceptable one and the more resembling Jake...fingers crossed! ;)

Thanks Brother Spy for the infos!
You're really prescious for all us gyllenhaalics! :*
And yes, I know what 'infermery scenes' are...;)

agent_krycek said...

The question of accents in PoP is interesting, going for the genuine accent unfortunately brings to mind dreadful Brit sitcoms of the 1970s where is was deemed acceptable for white actors to slap a bit of makeup on and adopt a 'comedy' Indian accent.

I think the rest of the casting might be more of a clue, if it's a mix of Brits and American's, then surely they'd have to have a 'uniform' accent, but if it's heavily Brit based (going by Gemma's casting) maybe Jake will be adopting a British accent?

Some actors are brilliant at accents - Peter Postlewaite, Johnny Depp, Robert Carlyle, others less good - Natalie Portman can't handle an English accent and Ewen McGregor can't do English or American very successfully.

UltraViolet said...

Hey, Sass! It's interesting to get the perspective of someone who has followed Reese. The only thing I really remember about Reese and Ryan was how miserable they always seemed to look. When they finally separated, it wasn't a surprise to me.

And yes, there are still pictures where Reese and/or Jake don't look happy. But overall, there is a lightness and an ease that makes me smile. It's nice to think Reese can relax and just enjoy herself.

UltraViolet said...

And Xenia/Pleiade, hello! Good to know that's you on DC - it's hard to keep track of everyone's identities :) And I completely agree that the later version is the one they should go with. It definitely suits Jake!

UltraViolet said...

Brothers spy, thanks for the info. So since the "principals" were involved and since I don't know what the infirmary scene means, does that add up to Jake's being back in SC?

Keep that source happy - it's fun getting the scoop :)

And Agent K, I am trying to get used to the idea of the British accent on everyone because I think they are going to go for uniformity. It's just this idea of the superiority of the British accent that offends my rebel heeart :)

Sally K and others, glad you enjoyed the post. It was fun to put together. FL and I couldn't stop laughing when she found those "action shots."

agent_krycek said...

It's just this idea of the superiority of the British accent that offends my rebel heeart :)

Well, I think the 'superiority' only comes from the 'Home Counties' accent - the sort Gwen Palthrow does (and does well) - most of the rest of us sound dog rough most of the time :D

The accent is interesting though, if they decide to go genuine, then there are risks that some actors won't pull it off as well as others - and it could sound awful. In Black Hawk Down I find Ewen's accent dreadful, it really stands out against other, genuine, American accents. Whatever they do, I'm pretty sure they'd need to have a uniformity through the cast - can't see how you can have some American, some English/British and then set it in Persia.

sheba baby said...

Thanks for the Nailed update brother spy! It sounds like Jake is back in SC and his last week filming is the 1st week in June, glad everything is back on track.

These are my favorite pics of them together so far, so happy and relaxed.

I love this post!

extra said...

From Bill Zwecker, Chicago Sun Times:

ENGAGING THOUGHTS: I'm hearing that Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal may get engaged before he heads off to Morocco this summer to star in what everyone
thinks will be the next big movie franchise: ''The Prince of Persia.'' Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney are producing the huge action-adventure project (based on the video game) that's being touted as a possible successor to the ''Pirates of the Caribbean'' flicks.,CST-FTR-zp22.article

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me at all if Reese and Jake are already engaged. I think the press is at least a half step behind. I've often noticed that the TV gossip shows are actually days behind what we already know.

agent_krycek said...

I'd agree Anon 6:48 AM, I think they are already engaged, just because there hasn't been a ring spotted doesn't mean there isn't one.

Anonymous said...

I think these are the full set, they are adorable:

Anonymous said...

These are my favorite pictures of them. How can they so lovely?

Monica said...

These photos are wonderful!

UltraViolet said...

I put up a new post with the new/old photos :)