Saturday, May 10, 2008

Updated: Nailed derailed?

Saturday afternoon update, from a FITS commenter:
the movie was only shut down for the day and it was on Friday (we had extras at the State House on Friday)…i hear they are back to filming starting possibly Monday and definitely Tuesday. I work in the State House and they have filmed a lot there and will be back Monday or Tuesday we are told

Let's hope this poster has or is a good source!

UPDATE from Nikki Finke (and it doesn't look any better):

SATURDAY AM UPDATE: I'm told by knowledgeable sources that David O. Russell's indie political comedy Nailed which began filming April 15th was shut down by the Screen Actors Guild on Thursday because of a "cash crunch". I've also learned the shoot is in trouble with both the IATSE and Teamsters unions, and some members have left the beleaguered production. Rumors also are circulating that the state of South Carolina could withdraw its incentive monies because of the financing problems. An insider confirms for me: "SAG told the actors to leave on Thursday. And then the actors came back on Friday. It's been touch and go the entire time. The financiers are doing the best they can. There's been a cash crunch, that's for sure. It's a drag, but they'll muddle though. Everyone seems happy and committed to the movie and hopeful all this stuff will get worked out." I'm told Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel and the other name actors are all standing by to see if the movie can continue to completion.

Hollywood insider Nikki Finke broke some interesting, unsettling news about the movie Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel are filming in Columbia, S.C. According to Finke's sources, filming has been halted due to financing issues.

I'm told by knowledgeable sources that David O. Russell's indie pic Nailed may have been put on hold yesterday. It's a risque political comedy starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel who sources say are standing by to see if the movie can continue to completion. The script co-written by Al Gore's daughter Kristen (once a staff writer on Futurama) and Russell began filming April 15th. Details are sketchy, but I've gleaned that the pic's predicament is related to its financing, not to its helmer Russell. ...

One source with insider knowledge about the production tells me, "The actors are waiting to see if the movie will continue. It's kind of amazing, really."

Nailed director David O. Russell is no stranger to tumult. It's worth checking this link in Finke's column. It's Lily Tomlin's reaction to the infamous videos making their appearance on YouTube. She's remarkably sanguine about it, seeming to hold no ill will toward Russell. James Caan and George Clooney probably have a different take.
I hope when all is said and done on Nailed that Jake has no regrets!

Jake's been pretty lucky with his movies, which have all made it to completion and release. Well, except Highway. Piiilot!

Sorry, had a Pilot moment there.

We'll keep you updated as news comes in. Maybe the FITS folks can stop making stuff up or using the site as a personal ad and actually get a real scoop!

(Pics courtesy of IHJ and FL's photo shop skills.)


FluorescentLamp said...

I hope Nikki Finke is working round the clock on this developing story. We need details NOW!!!


Bette said...

So maybe he really was back in LA then? This is actually kind of upsetting the script seemed like the movie would be hilarious. I was ready to see Jake in a dark comedy.

Anonymous said...

I really hope this is not true, and yes it could be a very funny film.

gabbana said...

Waking up hoping for some kind of news - but certainly not THIS kind of news...:-((

Maybe I am naive, but I always thought the finances of a film are clear BEFORE the actual shootings starts....

Jake obviously got only a fraction of his usual demands so he really wanted to do this...

I am with Bette - the script is great in a strange way and I wanted to see Jake in this so badly....

brothers spy said...

Nikki says there are a lot of rumors swirling around, I wonder what they are.

brothers spy said...

You realize that the story says, "it MAY have been put on hold." It's possible that it ran into money problems and they will be fixed soon and all will go back to normal.

But these delays must be a huge pain.

agent_krycek said...

Worrying, very worrying, and hopefully wrong.

Can't really comment more as the Pilot phots have compeltely distracted me

bobbyanna said...

I thought they were shooting. According to another blog,(WDW), someone's daughter was an extra and they were doing some night shooting just two days ago!

It's not at all unusual for a production to have $$$ troubles. But when you look at the roster of people producing they are a pretty reliable group, so I am very surprised if this is even half true! Maybe that's why we saw Jake and Jessica on the phone!!!

chica said...

On hold or delay, it doesn't sound good for a small indie film like this plus the actors strike looming, sigh.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it isn't true. Maybe it's just a rumor that will prove false.

chica said...

Nikki Finke is legit and has good sources, she was the first to report back in January of '06 that BBM would not win for best picture. She had spoken to several members of the academy and they told her they either didn't see it or did and wouldn't vote for it.

get real said...

Oy. :( Not a good thing to hear first thing. I'm with Chica, Nikki Finke is a very legit source. If she says something is going on it most likely is. I noticed she didn't mention any Jake "hissy fit" drama, only the James Caan thing. Makes it even more believable that Fits report was bs. Just hope they can work things out with the finances and get back to work. I really want to see the movie. :/

bobbyanna said...

I wonder how far from completion Jake's scenes were? I got the impression from the story line that Jessica would be on board longer. I swear! I could not be an actor! To go thru all the stuff you go thru to even get a part, the waiting, etc. then you have to deal with production issues, too!
It's in the "ether" now. I'm getting Googled!

gyllenspooner said...

I doubt they'll cancel the movie altogether, but I agree with the others that Nikki Finke has industry sources, unlike another certain blog.

At the very least it means more delays. After all, they lost a day or more with that whole James Caan thing. Now this. O'Russell is a director that's know for taking his time as well.

I wonder what this means for Prince of Persia which begins shooting in June.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, what awful news to wake up to. Poor Jake. I sure hope it can be resolved. For one thing, he has a lot of time invested in it, and he needs to be paid.

I feel sick about it, for Jake and everyone.

And UV, LOL abot the Pilot moment. I have those frequently.:)

I'll second you:Piiilott!

lawgoddess said...

Aargh. Undercaffeinated.The anonymous above is me.

bobbyanna said...

Scheduling is another part of the mess. I have no idea what's going on, but let's say a project has about 60 or 70% of it's financing in hand.

Then the schedules of the various actors, the crew, the sets, locations, etc., comes into play. So they start production with the expectation their financing will be forthcoming.

I think we would probably be shocked if we knew about some of the scarey stories with really well-known films and directors that almost didn't happen.
I personally would love to hear some right now:) It would be reassuring.
Maybe "the check is in the mail!" :)

suvee said...

Well, this isn't the best news to wake up to on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Yes, Nikki F. is a good inside source, but..... I'm not gonna panic..... yet!

Monica said...

I will not go into despair, but I am worried.
I think in time and dedication of everyone involved in that movie. They believe in the film.

Maybe Jessica was so sad that day.
Maybe it has to be united to Jake to improve the situation.

sheba baby said...

What a bummer, I hope things are sorted out soon and the delay isnt't long.

gabbana said...

Update from Nikki Finke:

"I'm told by knowledgeable sources that David O. Russell's indie pic Nailed which began filming April 15th may have been shut down by the Screen Actors Guild on Thursday because of problems with its completion bond. I've also learned the shoot is in trouble with IATSE and the Teamsters union because of payroll problems. And sources tell me that the state of South Carolina could withdraw its incentive monies due to the production's alleged accounting irregularities."

That does not sound too good...

"I wonder what this means for Prince of Persia which begins shooting in June."

IF Jake has accepted to play the prince I am sure they will find a way. For ex. they could be starting with those scenes he is not in. And if the actors strike will become reality? Then the whole project will be delayed...

For the moment I would be happy if we get a confirmation from Disney.

josie said...

I also heard that the children on the set working as extras were working longer than they were supposed to, I think that I read that on IMDB. The extra was suprised that the kids were on set so long, i think they said that it was 9 hours. If true that would be cause for concern if true.

If there is no aggrement with the actors union by June 30th, then Jake and the rest of HW will have a long summer off.

bobbyanna said...

Seeesh! This sounds like something a lot more complicated then that they ran out of money. I am really puzzled. Some of the people listed as producers wouldn't be part of something this messy. While you have to put some of this on the director's doorstep...if it's true...some of it also is part of the producers' responsibility.

Completion bonds, union troubles, accounting irregularities, South Carolina pulling out its incentives, then SAG possibly going out on strike, this has the potential of becoming the perfect storm! Oy!

UltraViolet said...

I updated the post. It does all sound unprofessional and shady on the producers' part, something that would surprise me for Lucy Fisher and Douglas Zwick, at least.

At least this line in the updategave some hope/good news:

It's a drag, but they'll muddle though. Everyone seems happy and committed to the movie and hopeful all this stuff will get worked out."

So DOR finally makes a movie where everybody O(except James Caan) is happy, and the money craps out. Guy is cursed!

UltraViolet said...

Ah, extra, I notice NF changed the wording to take out the specific "completion bond" reference. Now it just says "cash crunch."


josie said...

Finke also says that SAG asked the actors to leave the set on Thursday but they returned on Friday which makes no sense to me.

You are right UV, if true it's very shady and unprofessional.

UltraViolet said...

Looks like many of us were having Piiiilot moments :)

This is actually kind of upsetting the script seemed like the movie would be hilarious. I was ready to see Jake in a dark comedy.

I agree, Bette, that it would be great to see Jake in a dark comedy. Though I've heard characterizations of the script as more slapstick than satire. I hope I get to find out someday!

FluorescentLamp said...

They should have filmed this in Massachusetts. I haven't heard one bad thing about any of the 7,560 productions currently being filmed in MA.

Okay I exaggerate. I think there's only about 6 movies currently being filmed in MA. I believe the incentives offered by the Commonwealth are much better. And I know the unions are (she says with certainty since her union brother is currently working on the new Bruce Willis film).

In any event, I hope they can get Nailed back on track.

UltraViolet said...

Copying the update here, in case people don't read the front page:

SATURDAY AM UPDATE: I'm told by knowledgeable sources that David O. Russell's indie political comedy Nailed which began filming April 15th was shut down by the Screen Actors Guild on Thursday because of a "cash crunch". I've also learned the shoot is in trouble with both the IATSE and Teamsters unions, and some members have left the beleaguered production. Rumors also are circulating that the state of South Carolina could withdraw its incentive monies because of the financing problems. An insider confirms for me: "SAG told the actors to leave on Thursday. And then the actors came back on Friday. It's been touch and go the entire time. The financiers are doing the best they can. There's been a cash crunch, that's for sure. It's a drag, but they'll muddle though. Everyone seems happy and committed to the movie and hopeful all this stuff will get worked out." I'm told Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel and the other name actors are all standing by to see if the movie can continue to completion.

Bette said...

It sucks for Jake and Jessica that they just have to kind of hang around waiting for word. I hope Jessica and Jake at least leave town to spend some time with their mothers. Let's hope they get it together, and that NF keeps us updated.

shondra said...

Man that sucks,but if there that many irregularities, then it's best they sort them out.

I'm suprised though if true, it looks like they may have been bending some of the rules during filmimg.

sass said...

I can't believe this. I just read this mail too but had to come here and check if it was real...and it is. I wonder what is really going on. SAG shut the set down! Unbelievable. Never a dull moment with Mr Russell.

sass said...

And here I was hoping there wouldn't be a strike since the negotiations are off...and this happens...:(:(

Anonymous said...

From FITS, lets hope it's true.

14. Melissa - May 10, 2008
the movie was only shut down for the day and it was on Friday (we had extras at the State House on Friday)…i hear they are back to filming starting possibly Monday and definitely Tuesday. I work in the State House and they have filmed a lot there and will be back Monday or Tuesday we are told. and yes, I have seen this girl there lots and she is actually 1000 times prettier than these pictures show

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, anon. Updated the front page with that. Let's hope it's true and that they've gotten their act together down there!

extra said...

This poster claims that Jake has been cast as POP and Disney will anounce it by the end of the month. Gemma is Gemma Atherton.

Sounds like things may be settling down on the nail set, if the poster is corect, than Jake willbe very busy!

Narcissa said...

Never a dull moment, eh?

FluorescentLamp said...

A litte more on the background of why from Nikki Finke:

EXCLUSIVE! 2ND UPDATE: I'm told by knowledgeable sources that David O. Russell's indie political comedy Nailed which began filming in April was shut down by the Screen Actors Guild on Friday because of insufficient funds on deposit with the guild. I've also learned the Columbia, S.C. shoot is in trouble with both IATSE and Teamsters, and some of those union members have left the beleaguered $25 million budgeted production. Rumors also are circulating that the state of South Carolina could withdraw its incentive monies because of the financing problems. Filmmakers hope to resolve the cash crunch and re-start shooting next week since principal photography is only at the halfway point. "I am confident we will finish," an insider on the pic just told me. "The financing on this like most indies is based on bank loans and bridge loans. This is a matter of waiting on the bridge loan. Hopefully, it will all be resolved." David Bergstein's Capitol Films is behind the pic. In 2006, he acquired the UK-based international sales company which over the years has built a good reputation and made a wide range of commercial and critical successes, including Robert Altman's Gosford Park.

The filmmakers were able to get in a full day of shooting Thursday until SAG put its figurative foot down to protect its members during traditionally more dicey independent productions. I'm told co-stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel and the other name actors are all standing by to see if the movie can continue to completion. Some left the location for the weekend to spend Mothers Day with their families. My sources say James Brolin, who replaced Jimmy Caan in the movie after the veteran thesp got into a creative battle with Russell and quit, flew in early in the week and completed all his scenes befor the movie was shut down. An insider confirms for me: "It's been touch and go the entire time. The financiers are doing the best they can. There's been a cash crunch, that's for sure. It's a drag, but they'll muddle through. Everyone seems happy and committed to the movie and hopeful all this stuff will get worked out."

gyllenspooner said...

Like I wrote, I don't think they'll cancel the movie. But it seems to me that there is a lot of behind the scenes drama.

bobbyanna said...

OT but not: I just read that Ellen is having a major 50th birthday bash tonight on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank. So maybe Jake and Reese are going to go. There are supposed to be a lot of VIPs invited.

Bette said...

It really seems like there major financing is about to go under. They'll probably find another backer, but still ouch.

office of nancy pelosi said...

You are right bette, Ouch! What a mess. I hope they get a new backer, it sounds like everyone is still committed to the project.

Anonymous said...

This happens with "indies" a lot more then we realize, but because it's Russell, and his high profile cast, it's getting out.

SAG is just doing it's job. Most of the actors on a movie never get paid even six figures, much less millions. They have to protect their members.

brothers spy said...

All these problems come from one source: Capitol Films. Get a new backer and these problems disappear.

I suspect that's being done right now by Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick. Expect David Bergstein (executive producer), Kia Jam (producer), and Jeff G. Waxman (co-producer) to leave production very shortly. They'll get a new backer and it will be back to work.

paula said...

I agree anon., it happens with a lot of indies, it's just getting out there because of Russell, the location Columbia, SC where this filming is a big deal to them) and SAG asking the actors to walk off the set in solidarity with the other unions.

The problems witht he unions is the reason why the other stuff got out, they should have resolved all that in the beggining.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:31: you're probably right to a certain extent, about Bergstein, etc., brothers spy, but it isn't that straight forward.

There are legal aspects to this, and a lot of wary people and a lot of safeguards that have to be reviewed, re-instituted, approved by various entities, etc.

Hopefully, they will find a
"band aid" to get them through until things are settled.

chica said...

Happy Mothers Day everyone!!!

I hope everything is settled soon with Nailed, it sounds pretty shady and the delays may effect POP if the rumors are true.

Monica said...

That this problem can be solved and that gives everything right for that movie.
She was reading the script and my fun in many parts.
I am anxious to see the chemistry between Jake and Jessica.

A Happy Mothers Day: Naomi, Maggie, Reese, Michelle, the mom of Heath('m sure it is next to it that day) and all the moms Gyllenhaalics.
And also the gyllenhaalics moms!

Narcissa said...

Jeff Wells on this affair (mostly about the difference between the original novel and the film):

UltraViolet said...

In typically Wellsian fashion, he has added two and two and gotten five. Clearly, Nailed is NOT an adaptation of that book. The presence of a single character with the same name indicates a lack of imagination on Gore's part, not an adaptation.

Not a Wells fan, given the comments he's made over the years about Jake. And the political, social and cultural commentary he dishes out. He's an idiot.

But he was the first confirmation that Jake would be in Brothers, as I recall. So I can't write him off completely :)

UltraViolet said...

Happy Mother's Day to all the GyllenBabbling mothers!

lawgoddess said...

And thank you, UV and FL, for giving this mother a great place to babble about Jake. :)

gabbana said...

One poster on Wells side who lives in Columbia has found some very nice words for David O. Russell. I don´t want to excuse his behaviour towards Lily Tomlin but some people seem to think he is a complete jerk and I don´t believe this. Some actors have worked more than once with him and from what I have read the shootings so far were done in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
I hope they will be able to finish this film. I like the script and I want to see Jake - especially in some certain scenes..

FluorescentLamp said...

The presence of a single character with the same name

Except that's not even true anymore. Yes, in the original script for Nailed their names were Sammy Joyce and Aaron Driver. But if Wells took a stroll over to IMDB he'd see the character names and indeed the film's synopsis are completely different.

What's he smoking?

Bette said...

Gabbana if you heard George Clooney's Playboy interview about the Three King's set you would understand. David is nuts. He's a great director, I heart Huckabees wasn't my cup of tea, but it got excellent reviews. I did love Three Kings though. But he is crazy. There's no denying that. There have been too many reports of his onset and offset behavior, just because he's been great so far on Nailed, besides the Caan thing, doesn't make him a good guy.

But I do hope this movie gets made without too much interference, because the script was very funny.

gabbana said...

Yes, I know George Clooneys report.

And yes he might be nuts - but there is obviously also another side.

Otherwise I don´t see people like Mark Wahlberg or Lily Tomlin (!!) working more than once with him.

And he also had obviously no problems to get good and respected actors working for him again.

When the James Caan incident happened everyone was like "David O. Russell again", but the little Diva was in this case obviously not David.....

I just don´t believe that there is always only "black" or "white".

Isn´t it funny that many Jake fans were concerned about David and now the problems are financial ones...

extra said...

Nad now the Director;s Guild is getting involved in the Nailed mess:

UltraViolet said...

It's hit the New York Times:

The Screen Actors Guild on Friday pulled its members, including the stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel, from a movie being directed by David O. Russell after producers of the film failed to keep sufficient funds to pay actors in a union-mandated account.

The independently financed film, “Nailed,” halted production but is expected to resume shooting early this week, according to a person who is involved with the film but spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid conflict with colleagues.

While financial jolts are common in the world of independent film, the mid-production shutdown grabbed attention because it sidelined some high-profile stars. Mr. Gyllenhaal received an Oscar nomination for his performance in “Brokeback Mountain,” and Ms. Biel has been a fixture in studio films like the Universal Pictures comedy “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.”


A representative of the Screen Actors Guild had no immediate comment.

Click above to read the whole article.

Anonymous said...

"...producers of the film failed to keep sufficient funds to pay actors in a union-mandated account."

Sounds like this can't be laid at Russell's doorstep. Thanks UV.

sass said...

Hi UV and FL,
Happy Mother's day to all happy babbling mothers and thanks for allowing this mom to babble on and on and on:)
It's good to know Nailed will resume filming again next week.

UltraViolet said...

Hope you had a happy Mother's Day, sass!

Here's a fun report from a Nailed extra. Click to read it all. Here's the only specifically Jake-related part:

4) reese witherspoon was on set 1 day visiting her boyfriend jake gyllenhaal. she's adorable.

Her account of Tracy Morgan's antics is pretty amusing.

Anonymous said...

No one has talked about this but I have heard it from multiple sources now that Tracey Morgan is the one acting very divaish. He is probably the least famous of the group as well. Go figure.

I'm glad they will resume shooting early this week. But i'm sure this all added delays that were compounded by the original situation involving James Caan.

BTW, from what I heard it was Caan who was acting like the jerk, not Russell.

UltraViolet said...

If you read that blog I linked, the blogger says Tracy Morgan does make demands, which are quickly met. I think he might be taking his 30 Rock character to heart. Though of course, the character was probably based on him to begin with.

In other sighting news,Why don't more people use their camera phones?

The most exciting thing that happened was probably when Nick and I were working out in the Strom on Saturday. Who happened to join us then? None other than Jake Gyllenhall! No we didn't talk to him, but I did get to slyly gaze at him as he lifted weights. And yes, he is extremely hot in person.

brothers spy said...

I have more information via a commenter on the "Deadline Hollywood Daily" named TEAMSTER (May 11, 2008 @ 3:42 pm).

Direct quote (forgive spelling and errors in grammar)...

"Let me make clear. The crew has two weeks work into this film (70-80 hour weeks) without pay. plus health and welfare benefits not payed. This production did not have a payroll company until one week ago. The top hacks knew what was going on and treated the crew like mushrooms. We probably donated two weeks of our lives for free. Now we are powerless to the LLC Gods and lawyers. WERE screwed!!!"

So it seems that the crew weren't being paid and the Teamsters Union pulled the plug. SAG, siding with the Teamsters, ordered the actors not to work in solidarity.

sass said...

Morning UV FL and peeps:)
I think I'll have to let the wind and rain blow me to my doctor's office this morning.
Yucky weather this morning but nothing severe. I am praying for all the victims of the cyclone in Burma, the tornadoes in our country this weekend and the earthquake in China that just happened a while ago.

I wish I could hear more bad...and you know who I am curious ain't my man Tracy.
I can see how perfectly normal people become diva/monsters. You want asparagus and you get it in 20 minutes...hmm not bad :)
TY for the fun read this am UV:)

Anonymous said...

If the crew worked two weeks without pay, and the project was shut down, it might take more then a couple of days to resolve.

At the very least, crew who are required to be there, need to get back pay, and assurances there is money for them to continue.

I wouldn't be optimistic about Monday or Tuesday of this week. The physical act of processing the payroll checks would take time...assuming everything else vis a vis the financing, falls into place.

Anonymous said...

How can they get away with not paying them for 2 weeks and not even have a payroll set up?? This is not only the producers, but the filming commission in SC, how could they have not known that there was no bond filed?

Columbia is an econmically depressed area, the downtown area where this is being filmed is starting to pick up but people are desperate for work and imo have been exploited.

I wonder if FITS will cover this instead of posting BS.

agent_krycek said...

I was just checking in to see if FITS had anything, mind you, what ever they did report they'd probably find a way to blame it on Jake - 'Did Jake's demands for food only made from the breath of a Unicorn push Nailed into financial trouble'

chica said...

I will be surprised if FITS touches this story because it would reflect badly on the filming commission in SC along with their "spies" in the Statehouse where a lot of this is filming.

They must have known about not only the $$$ troubles with funding the film but the union problems as well: Union=political.

And even though FITS posts a lot of very unflattering things regarding SC politics, anything that would tarnish any futher filming in Columbia would probably be ignored on their part, we will see, The NYT has pcked up the story.

Anonymous said...

From IMDB,


Lets hope it's true.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Reese and her mother and her kids and Jake's mother were all together in Charleston? Or not.
Maggie Peter and Ramona were seen out together in Brooklyn, but no Naomi.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:00am,

If that's true then I think there was minimal disruption. It was more an embarrassing story.

Anonymous said...

I just read the history of the poster from IMDb and wonder if she is actually working on it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're right. Apparently she is an extra and a "body double" (sex scene possibly?) working on the film. This lends credibility to the story.

If they are "up and running" then it's a good bet that things have been resolved. The movie shall continue.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

"I think everything is fine now..and its true about Jake sticking around because my brother saw him last night at the gym!"

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Let's hope eveything ios back on track and that everyone is paid.

extra said...

I see FITS finally is reporting on the latest from Nailed, of course this is after Nikki Finke and the New York Times did.

Methinks that if Finke didn't break this story, FITS wouldn't would touch it:

UltraViolet said...

Some good news on Nailed:

The filming of "Nailed," the movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel being shot around Columbia, resumed today after a pay dispute shut down shooting over the weekend, the S.C. Film Commission said.

The Screen Actors Guild on Friday pulled its members, including Gyllenhaal and Biel, after film producers did not keep enough money in accounts to pay actors, The New York Times reported today.

Filming resumed today, said Kara Borie, a spokeswoman for the S.C. Film Commission. She would not confirm any of the other details of the Times report.

She referred questions to the film’s publicist, who said no statements were being made at this time.

The determination of cash rebates — part of the S.C. incentive packages offered to productions bringing in more than $1 million — given “Nailed” will be based on an audit to be completed by the Film Commission within 30 days of the final wrap of the film, Borie said.

Shooting in Columbia is at about the half-way point. It began in mid-April and is expected to finish in about a month.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update UV, lets hope it all runs smoothly now.

gabbana said...

After reading that Jake stayed in Columbia over the weekend I hoped for some news like these...What a relief...

One thing is for sure - being a Jake fan never gets boring...:-))

Thanks for the good sleep, UV!!

Anonymous said...

Variety are also reporting that filming has resumed. It ooks like they only lost one day of shooting.

Anonymous said...

Sorry meant to read "looks".

get real said...

Hey all,

Hope all the Babble moms had a wonderful Mother's Day. :)

YAY great to hear Nailed is back on track!! Thanks to UV/FL and everyone who gave links and info on the all the drama. Oy! Just glad things seem to be calming down and we have filming and sweaty Jake in the gym! ;p

shondra said...

Glad to hear that filming has resumed, thanks for the update UV!

sheba baby said...

OT:Horible news from China:

The New York Times
Monday, May 12, 2008 -- 7:21 AM ET

900 Students Buried by Quake, China State Media Says

A mudslide caused by a powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake
collapsed a high school building in Sichuan province, the
state-run Xinhua News Agency reported.

Read More:


Anonymous said...

More Capitol films financial woes. not Nailed related:

extra said...

Another update from Finke regarding Capitol films Nailed and other productions facing the same problems:

extra said...

Bloggers take on Nailed:

sheba baby said...

According to a poster over on IMDB, Gemma Arterton will be playing opposite Jake in POP. Her sight mentions Orlando and Zac Efron, but the announcement was posted in March:

Paula said...

Capitol Films looks like it's about to go under and take Nailed and several other productions with them.

I'm really surprised to hear that Nailed has resumed filming with all this chaos going on unless they got $$$ elsewhere.

Thanks for all the updates, I bet Jake, Jessica and the rest of the cast can't wait until this is over with, whta a nightmare and a distraction.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that Capitol Picture's problems will prevent them from finishing the film. I agree it might be on the verge of bankrupcy or something, and they may be forced to sell the rights to Nailed before it is ever released, but it won't affect finishing the film and/or releasing it.

UltraViolet said...

Amusing rant from the Washington Post gossip columnist about the very bad, awful idea of a Donnie Darko sequel. Though I think she discounts Jake's contribution a little too easily. It's hard to imagine the film succeeding with someone else as Donnie.

lawgoddess said...

I've never heard of Gemma Arterton, I'll go look at her to see if I approve of her working with Jake.:)

Many of the women he's acted with are older than him ( Ellen Pompeo, Jennifer Aniston, Catherine Keener.)

Not that I have a problem with that, LOL.

josie said...

Gemma Arterton is absolutely stunning! I think she is a bond girl in the next James Bond film with Daniel Craig if i'm not mistaken.

Boy, Capitol films sounds like a real mess, I hope everything is sorted out not opnly with Nailed but with the other films as well.

extra said...

OT: This bit about Reese regarding Mother's day, note the comment about not even revealing the state she will be celebrating Mother's day. I point this out because we haven't seen pap pics of Reese since last Monday, from the set of Nailed. I assumed she went back to L.A. and maybe she is keeping a low profile, or else she is in anotehr state:

Reese Witherspoon is all set for a low-key Mother’s Day this weekend.

She’ll be lunching with her mom, Betty Reese, and kids, Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4. But as a paparazzi target, the Oscar winner knows she can’t count on a disruption-free holiday, even though she’s careful not to reveal a single specific detail about their plans — not even the state.

The paps always seem to catch up with her in L.A., no sightings in Columbia or Charleston, maybe she is in TN? Or in Charleston far away from any place wjere she would be spotted?

paula said...

The sequel to DD: wrong on so many levels, thanks for the link UV!!

Hmmm, where is Ms. Witherspoon??

Anonymous said...

web:Geez, wht a tangled

Anonymous said...

Where is she indeed. There's been no sign of her in awhile. I kinda miss her.

Monica said...

You saw the Jake doing gymnastics, is not it? It would be to prepare him for POP?

office of nancy pelosi said...

Well we all know that Jake is in Columbia, but I wonder if Reese is somewhere in SC as well. Charleston? Or maybe TN??

No sighting or pics since last Monday, last time that happened we found out she was in Cabo with Jake and the kids. Jake is working but if she is in SC....

Anonymous said...

A lot depends on the kids' schedule for school. This is the time of year when kids have their school programs and awards, etc. Then there's Ryan's shooting schedule, etc. Isn't Jake going to London for POP?

Bette said...

But at least Russell is back to work! A carefully timed, videotaped meltdown between him and Jake Gyllenhaal could be all Bergstein and Co. need to set the ship right.


sass said...

Evening peeps.
Send me a lil luv peeps please... allergies have made my 20 year/2pk a day habit give my lungs a fit. Antibiotics to the rescue tomorrow. I wish I had quit after a year. 20 years I smoked and it's been nearly 22 years since I quit, but it was too late. My lungs are fu*ked. This habit will come back to haunt you...arrrgh. I'm So glad Jake quit!
Now then, here're some pics of pretty Gemma to make up for my whining. She is gggorgeous and young but her resume is superb ...Royal Academy etc. Is she really going to star with Jake in POP...good movies coming up all round:)


More Gemma pic

sass said...

Hi again,
I can't breathe or drink or I may as well have fun researching Gemma:)

Gemma Royal Academy

gabbana said...

From a poster at HollywoodElsewhere - he lives in Columbia and commented before (his wife met David O. Russell)

"Wandered over to the Nailed location today and ran into an upper level crew member with whom I've made a connection. He says that they have been told this week will continue as planned--but Friday is some sort of D-Day in terms of the production going forward.

I replied, jesus, there's a modicum of A-list talent involved in this show, surely with 1/2 of it in the can, some financing will be secured. He just gave me a shrug."

Lets hope the best.....

@Sass - thanks for the information and pcitures of Gemma Arterton. She looks beautiful, but not the "typical Hollywood babe". She got a role in the new James Bond film - a wonderful chance for a newcomer.
I really hope we will not be disappointed in the end, when it comes to the official casting confirmation..

gabbana said...

Oh and sorry Sass, I surely send you a "lil luv" - I hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

From OK Magazine, I know I know!.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed putting the headline in.

Cover Story: Reese & Jake Ready to Wed!

Anonymous said...

I know these tabloids are crap, I'm still picking up that copy tomorrow though.

Anonymous said...

The cover story says "ready to wed", the story says that he is ready to propose and her reps have no comment and his reps says that their is no immediate plans for a wedding.

So accordng the OK he hasn't yet but plans to according to them.

The only 2 tidbits that are intersetin is "no immediate plans" which means yes but not right away, also they names the owner of the Homminy, instead of the usual "sources"

extra said...

So this Friday is some sort of D-day? Doesn't sound to good, i'll keep my fingers crossed.

Re: OK magazine: I wish these rags would actually confirm something instead of speculating.

agent_krycek said...

The only thing that leads me to believe OK might be on to something is the fact Reese's rep didn't deny it. I know Jake's people never comment on his private life, but Reese's people issued a denial last time this subject came up.

*Gets overexcited and runs out to buy a hat*

bobbyanna said...

Oooohhhh! Agent K, I love the whole hat thing you Brits do!!!! I'm afraid I am not yet tall and thin and so would look like a kind of mushroom with a huge hat on...but hell, I'll do it!! It's a wonderful custom!!!! :):):)

If OK is telling the truth (!) I found the wording of the responses from their people very interesting, too.

Bette said...

Agent K I'm with you! I love it.

chica said...

We all have heard this before, I'll believe when I see it.

UltraViolet said...

Hee. So we need to break out the hats again, Agent K and Bobbyanna?

As ever, who knows if any of this is true. "No current wedding plans" is, however, different from "No, they aren't engaged."

It cracks me up how the same OK story is yielding two different stories online: Gyllenspoon to wed/Gyllenhaal slams rumors. So silly.

But it was some fun news in the wake of all the Nailed chaos. Now if Jake would just give us some photos so we don't have to come up with a new post idea!

sheba baby said...

Well at least this lateste engagement story has made everyone forget about the Nailed mess for a bit.

Still it's intersting to note that Reese's rep sadi no comment whn back in Jan. they denied the rumor and Jake's people said that there is no imminent wedding or there are no wedding plans now, hmmmm.

extra said...

I was checking out the google alerts and came across this bit from some blog regarding the rumors:

"From what most people say about Jake Gyllenhaal, he’s pretty conservative and traditional too
I never really understood why people thought Reese and Jake weren’t really a couple. Their timing was pretty coincidental, given the release of their movie Rendition. But they seem to make a lot of sense together, in many ways that Reese and ex-husband Ryan Phillippe didn’t.

Jake traditional and conservative? I never heard that before:

gyllenspooner said...

When people say conservative like that I don't think they mean conservative in politics. Only in how he is traditional in the sense of relationships.

Narcissa said...

Jake comes from an unusually stable family background. Maybe that has given the impression that he is "traditional and conservative" (words which seem to mean whatever anybody wants them to mean sometimes!).

Bette said...

X17 has some quotes from the article that I don't think were up on OKMags website. I may be mistaken though anyway:

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have been heading for a wedding since forever - but OK! Magazine's saying that their big day may be coming sooner than you think!

According to a source close to Reese who spoke with the magazine,
Reese and Jake have been "talking marriage for a while. They'll be
formally engaged any day now. They want to spend the rest of their
lives together." How exciting!

Apparently, Jake's spent the last few months laying the groundwork
for a future relationship with Reese's kids. "Since they got together,
he's made as much effort to build a relationship with Ava and Deacon as
he has with Reese," a friend of Jake's tells the mag. The source swears
his friend's efforts have been sincere, too, stressing that Gyllenhaal
"genuinely enjoys spending time with them. They're not an inconvenience
he has to deal with to get to their mom."

And lucky for Jake, it sounds like the kids have taken to him too -
in fact, one of Reese's friends told OK that both Ava and Deacon adore
Jake! "They hate it when he goes home to his place in the [Hollywood]
Hills," the source says.

Of course, Jake may be lavishing attention on Ava and Deacon - but
he's still got plenty left over for their mommy, too! "When Jake's on
the set," a source currently working with Jake on Nailed
tells OK!, "it's all about Reese, all the time. He's always talking
about her, and when he's not talking about her, he's texting her."

Reese, of course, is taking things just as seriously - although her
background changes the circumstances somewhat. "This is a very serious
relationship," one of Reese's friends tells the mag. "But still, Reese
is very conservative and traditional. I'm sure she doesn't want her
kids to see her 'living in sin'."

"I would not be surprised if Jake popped the question very, very soon."

Sounds like a marriage would suit everyone - let's hope they've got one planned!

gyllenspooner said...

Wow. What a great story. I hope it's true. They both deserve to be happy. I'm so glad that they seem to be happy together.

(Cue the Turtles song)

Imagine me and you...
I do...
I think about you day and night...
It's only right...
To think about the girl you love...
and hold her tight...
So Happy Together.

Okay i'll stop now.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, how would OK mag know anything about their relationship. It's sounds nice and all and I hope they are as happy as that article makes them out to be, but this is a mag looking to sell magazines.

If they do get married, I hope none of the tabloids get a hold of it.

Monica said...

Jake in Columbia:

sass said...

Evening peeps:)
Thanks for my babbler's well wishes. My boy is getting my Z-Pack as I post. I hope to be up and about tomorrow adding to my tab Jake/Reese magazine collection with a copy of this...yeah I know...OK Magazine.:)

WOW! This unverified Jake/Reese news is fantastic, especially after reading all week long about the sad financial affairs of Capitol Films projects, Nailed and other films.
Nikki F is the only reporter, except for the one mentioned earlier by UV, who usually has the inside industry scoop since forever. I just hope they can finish this movie. It seems like there is a Cash Crunch going on all 'round in more than one industry.
Babblers here who is in the know, help. Are actors paid before the movie begins from a separate fund?
Mother Mina is asking here :lol:lol not that our Jakey needs a mom.

I think Jake has always had a yen for having what his parents possess...a solid home and can be done in Hollywood and he's experienced it first hand.
Jake did live with K. for a while and did want to marry her, but they didn't last. He is the marrying kind. Yep, as some bloggers note he is the dull everyday man but NOT to us.
K. was reported to have once said that Jake's an indoor guy andshe's an outdoor girl, with a big career to worry about, we'll probably get back together one day.
Duh,NOT!... Reese ain't cwazy:):)

Yep, it looks like our Jakey is that indoor guy, who wears plaid shirts;) when he's out and about, BB caps, khaki pants, and gorgeous jeans while he hangs out with his soon to be family. Perfect togs I must say for any adult hanging with active kiddos.

I am over the top happy for him!

Dr. sallykirkland, Psycho(---analyst) said...

Jake's parents,even Maggie and Jake, have all mentioned a degree of turbulence in the household growing up. I have sometimes noticed in Jake the combination of a very agressive, assertive person, as well as a peacemaker/diplomat.

The Gyllenhaals did an excellent job making sure their kids were permitted to grow intellectually and emotionally, as well as creatively, but I don't think it necessarily means that all was well between the parents. It just means when it came to the kids, they were grown-ups.

I also read somewhere that either Naomi or Maggie have mentioned they'd gone through analysis.

My point being that it could be a longing for stability in relationships, or a need to nest that drives Jake to get serious.

I think he is completely sincere, but there may be subconscious needs this relationship satisfies as well. And he will be 28 in December. So it's time, I think.

I have no idea about Reese's life with her parents or with Ryan. I think Reese would like to change her image from the All American Legally Blonde Girl, to a serious actress who plays roles with more depth. Vanity Fair, Twilight, Walk the Line, Rendition, were a departure from the romantic comedy ingenue.

I think Reese and Jake seem super conscious about not embarrassing their families, and Reese is very constrained in her role choices and her public behavior because of the kids, primarily.

Little by little she is emerging as more outspoken about things she cares about beyond acting. I believe they are very well matched.

josie said...

I agree with you dr. sally kirkland!!

I also read the Jake's father was in analyst as well.

extra said...

According to the latest, David Bergstein/Capitol film has new backer for Nailed:

More heat for Bergstein
Capco Group to announce new Euro sales arm
Cannes Film Festival complete coverage > The topper of Capitol Films and ThinkFilm maintains that his companies are firmly on track, but there are growing rumblings Stateside about unpaid bills and lawsuits.
David Bergstein, the head of the Capco Group, will be staying on a yacht called Pegasus at Cannes. He told Daily Variety Capco plans to announce a new Euro sales arm at the fest, where it is peddling pics including "The Edge of Love," "Incendiary" and "The Last Word" and ThinkFilm prexy Mark Urman will be looking for potential acquisitions.More than one option(Co) Daily Variety
Filmography, Year, Role
(Co) Daily Variety

Bergstein blamed a bridge financier for last week's shutdown of "Nailed" and said that Capitol, which has already invested $12 million in the project, has found another bridge financier to ensure its well being.

However, it's far from smooth sailing for Capco on the home front: Daily Variety has learned of several new lawsuits brewing against Bergstein and his production entities for unpaid loans and failure to pay for services rendered.

Last Thursday, the day before SAG shut down "Nailed," Alexander Sandel filed suit against Bergstein and five affiliated production entities in L.A. Superior Court. The lawsuit outlines a series of loans totaling more than $4.5 million by Sandel, who used to run a DVD replication facility called Future Media Prods., to Bergstein and his entities beginning in early 2005. With interest, Bergstein owes Sandel more than $6.5 million, the lawsuit says.

It further accuses Bergstein of fraud and having victimized many lenders and investors including a former attorney.

Vendors and filmmakers, some of whom have been having a difficult time getting paid since last fall, are also resorting to legal action as their hopes fade for payment. A few weeks ago, a vendor sued ThinkFilm for more than $100,000 owed for services dating back to last summer, and other vendors are also said to be preparing similar action. Alex Gibney, who wrote, directed and produced "Taxi to the Dark Side" for ThinkFilm, only recently got paid for his Oscar winning docu after lawyers threatened to take ThinkFilm into bankruptcy.

Vendors and filmmakers began comparing notes early this year on the awards circuit; more lawsuits are expected. ThinkFilm is also known to owe media outlets substantial amounts of coin.

Its execs have apparently been blaming payment delays to Bergstein's decision to consolidate Capitol's London office and ThinkFilm's Toronto outpost to L.A., where he is based. Bergstein casts some of these delays as a byproduct of ThinkFilm's earlier financial woes.

"I come from a distressed asset background not the film business," Bergstein said. "When you're dealing with any distressed asset, whether it's a single film or a company, it takes you the first year just to straighten out those issues. You can't have problems for five years and expect them to go away in five minutes."

However, the vendor suing ThinkFilm said it had always paid its bills in the past -- eventually.

Bergstein acquired ThinkFilm and Capitol in 2006, and attempted to purchase homevid specialist Image Entertainment in March 2007. That deal ultimately fell apart after several delays, resulting in lawsuits on both sides.

He said the consolidation was always part of the plan, noting that little of ThinkFilm's coin came from Canada and the cost of doing business is ridiculous for a U.S.-based company.

"We're not developing European movies. We're developing U.S. movies," Bergstein said. "By moving the core business to Los Angeles, we've reduced our overhead by 60%. When we acquired Capitol, the office in Los Angeles had 3 people. Today we have a total 40 employees."

Bergstein claims that SAG's shut-down of "Nailed" had less to do with a lack of coin than the fact that the project's bridge financier, the Footprint Film Fund, defaulted on its payment after principal photography began.

That move put him in conflict with SAG over the subordination of the debt financing.

"We had fully escrowed the salary of the two leads and left significant deposits with SAG. This dispute was something beyond money. It was to do with the structure of the financing."

Production has since resumed on the David O. Russell political comedy, which stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel. Capitol hopes that "Mary, Queen of Scots," starring Scarlett Johansson, finally will go into production this summer after a number of delays, but helmer Phillip Noyce has withdrawn from the project. Capitol is also coping from brain drain: A clutch of key execs have ankled in the past few weeks, including co-managing director Nick Hill, sales director Sofia Neves and development head Ed Clarke.

shondra said...

Thnaks Monica for the pic of Jake from the set of Nailed. Jake in a white suit, YES!!!

The variety article is a bit disturbing, hopefully Nailed will be able to continue filming w/o anymore interruptions.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I love how I'm finding out about all this blogs because of the latest marriage rumors:, LOL! :

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have been together for longer than ten minutes, so it's about time those wedding rumours got started.

OK! magazine's cover story this week is boasting that a "source close to Reese" revealed the couple has been talking about tying the knot for some time now, and is assuring the general public that they'll be formally engaged "any day now."

Although OK! noted that Reese's rep had no comment on the story and Jake's camp said there were no immediate plans for a wedding, the magazine seems confident the couple are heading down the aisle soon.

"This is a very serious relationship," the 'source close to Reese' said. "But Reese is very conservative and traditional. I'm sure she doesn't want her kids to see her 'living in sin.'"

Kind of sounds like OK! staffers are sitting around the newsroom consulting their Magic 8-Ball (Will Reese and Jake get married? It is decidedly so...), but I gotta admit, it would be nice to see Reese happily married again.

bobbyanna said...

This guy doesn't sound like someone I'd want to do business with.
On another note:
OK. I wasn't going to tell you guys this, but I am SO upset I could just...just kick myself.

Youngest Daughter has an ex-boyfriend. Note "Ex". They still talk from time to time even tho they broke up several years ago.

Imagine my surprise last week, when she mentioned he was in Columbia on a movie set! I told her it was Jake's movie and he ought to "do something for me." and she said, "Oh, Ma!"

OK. She mentioned today that he called her VERY recently for her birthday. She told him, "I hope you know my mother is totally obssessed with Jake Gyllenhaal. She is a huge fan of his. Have you met him or seen him? Do you even know who he is?"

His work in Columbia is finished and he has left the state. But he said, "Awww! Jake Gyllenhaal is just one of the nicest, most down to earth people! He is a great guy. I mean he is really, really nice! If I had known she liked him, I could have arranged for him to call her!"

She told me this today. After he'd left the State. I won't even describe the rest of our "discussion." Even Eldest Daughter, who at least SAW Jake at TIFF, felt bad for me. She said that would have been "SO cool." Right. I'm crying as I type this.

Bette said...

Bobbyanna OH NO! How cool would it have been if you had got that call? I'd be crying too. That's so sad. :(

gyllenspooner said...

Wow bobbyanna that would have made my whole world.

UltraViolet said...

Oh no, Bobbyanna! Timing is everything and bad timing sucks! Thanks for sharing it with us, because it's always great to hear such nice things about Jake. But I'm not sure that's much of a consolation for you.

Here's a plus - think of the guilt trips you can now lay on youngest daughter!

Anonymous said...

A bit from an extra on the set of Nailed on May 2nd:

bobbyanna said...

:):):) UV, my daughters are already "overburdened" with guilt.
They have an Italian mother!:)

I've already started. After all. I was the one who arranged for her to meet Harrison Ford and she got a chance to be an extra in a movie! Ages ago, I was Executive Director of the local Arts Council and chaired the local Film Commission.
In another lifetime.

Plus she was rude. She said, "Oh, mommy! What would you have even said to him!" I have an entire presentation prepared. Did it at least a year ago :):) And actually, it works better on the telephone...where he can't see me...and I can tell him I'm her sister!

I felt so good about this guy singing Jake's praises. I thought that was really sweet. Jake must be just an angel. (sigh!)
BTW. He said Jessica is totally, absolutely gorgeous. Seriously beautiful. Nice, too.

I wanted to know so much more! He said they'd find the money and finish the movie, bcz they'd already invested more then $12M and had gone too far now.

Anonymous said...

Looks like there are still problems.

URGENT! Jake & Jessica Sidelined Again: IATSE Shuts Down David O. Russell Film

sass said...

Afternoon all,
So much news, good news. Jake and Jessica get paid, the crew gets paid, a new financier rescues the movie..fantastic.
I'm sending you a big big hug bobbyanna...I can't imagine how you must feel. timing arrrgh.:)
TY for so much fantastic information about movie as well as info about the intracies of film financing.


Gay Marriage Legal IN CA

sass said...

I guess I spoke too soon...

chica said...

Not again, this doesn't bode well for the film at all.

You don't screw around with the unions. I really feel bad for Jake, Jessica and the rest of the cast and crew.

I read that variety article about the film getting new backers but apparently IATSE wasn't buying it.

I assume that SAG and DGA will tell Jake, Jessica, Russell, etc. to walk off the set in support as well.

I can't see them just shutting down with so much alredy filmed, sigh.

chica said...

Yay for CA!!

I bet they opposition is already collecting signatures to try and overturn it.

UltraViolet said...

Was just coming to post that, chica! Yay, California!

I hope the opposition goes quietly, but I know that's unlikely.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, oops- missed the Nailed news. God, what a mess!

Anonymous said...

Could resume filming tomorrow.

bobbyanna said...

Wonderful news about California!!!
It has to be SO frustrating for the actors ...and the director to go thru this start-stop-start-stop thing. I would be crazy!

Not a sign or a peep from Reese! I keep checking Flynet and they haven't updated their site in a week! I am tired of Matthew McC.

I have to assume she is with her kids. I have no idea when school lets out, but I would imagine they would want to spend time on the ranch hanging out with their pet pigs...unless the pigs are living in Brentwood. :)

Thank you for all the hugs and sympathetic expressions. sass, I'm an ex-smoker, too. Sinus and allergies, asthma, all terrible to deal with, I agree.

gyllenspooner said...

Hopefully this will be the end of it. I remember reading last week about the crew not having been paid for two or three weeks. I assumed that once the money situation was sorted out that it included the crew, but guess not. These Capitol Film guys sound like real dead beats.

Jake must be pretty angry though. I'm sure he's trying to get his part wrapped so he can go on and film POP. Between the two shut downs and the whole James Caan thing, this film must be about a week behind schedule now.

get real said...

OMG, Bobbyanna! So sorry about the timing. Wish you had gotten to speak to him. :( But as UV said it is great to hear how nice Jake is.

Sighing at the Nailed news. :( I hope they can get this all sorted out so that the crew et al get properly paid and that the actors and everyone can go back to work. It must be very frustrating that the financing company dropped the ball big time. Hope that Variety is right and they can go back to work tomorrow.

get real said...

And YAY CA on legalizing gay marriage!!!

Anonymous said...

"Jake & Jessica Sidelined Again"

"It sucks for Jake and Jessica..."

"...the chemistry between Jake and Jessica..."

Every time I see those two names linked together, I remember taht terrible, horrible rumore from last year? when Jake was rumored to be seeing Jessica Simpson! Ewww!

sass said...

Hi UV and FL,
I am still up listening to political is better than sex:):)NOT!!

I guess you may know this but...

I'm sharing here
A powerful moving poem I just read on Claptrap written by Jake's dad Stephen, for his mom who did pass this month. If this is posted already please remove it as I never have enough time to read all that I want on this site:)

As do most of us and our darling Jakey endure his private pain silently and with his close family and friends. Love you Jakey and wish you and your dad and family all our love forever;

For Virginia Gyllenhaal(30 March 1924 4 May 2008)
Mother of Stephen, grandmother of Jake and Maggie

lawgoddess said...

Deacon is only 4 , he may be in preschool 3-5 days a week, but I don't think he's in "school."

POP isn't definite yet, right?

UltraViolet said...

I heard that news as well, sass. Very sad for Jake and his family. And no worries, it wasn't posted already.

Hope you are faring better with your allergies!

chica said...

My condolences to the Gyllenhaal family.

I hope you feel better sass, my allergies are really bad today as well.

sallykirkland said...

The many ups and downs of Nailed made me stop and think. When one considers the enormous amounts of blood, sweat, and tears involved in a film production, it struck me that it is rather amazing directors and producers don't take better care in selecting material or plot ideas, etc.

I don't expect every film to be an artistic masterpiece, and I know the prime motivation for many more commercial ventures is to make mountains of cash, but it seems there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of movies that are not at all memorable, that are mediocre, that have nothing at all to say, the entertainment value is even questionable, and yet, the directors and producers go through all sorts of stress and effort for them as if the were filming a masterpiece.

I understand actors. They like to work. But I will never understand directors and producers who expend a great deal of effort to do something that, in the sceme of things isn't all that.

Yes,I'm thinking of Nailed, but really there are so many other much better examples. Bcz, really, if you view Nailed as political satire, as high comedy, something that might have the potential to redifine a gnere, then it is worth the effort to the writer, director, producers, etc. It may not be an "important" film, but it will both provoke and entertain.

I guess I'm saying that I am somewhat mystified by the entire movie-making process when you measure cultural impact against
all the time, effort and mess one goes thru to make a movie.

I think Jake makes both culturally and artistically important films...99% of the time. (Even TDAT has merits on some level.) I guess I'm also thinking about Maggie's recent statement regarding how discouraging it is to make these wonderful little gems that no one sees.

Narcissa said...

Condolences to the Gyllenhaal family.

FITS, surprisingly, is almost pro-gay marriage. Almost.


extra said...

Hi narcissa,
I read that over at FITS as well.
They strike me as Matt Stone/Trey Parker Repubicans (they are the creators of South Park) where they have somewhat liberal views on some social issues.

Still think they are a bunch of pigs.

I'm sorry to hear about Jake's Grandmother passing away. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Monica said...

My condolences to the family Gyllenhaal.
This only proves that the family Gyllenhaal has a different way of looking at death. And as they are discreet in not disclosing to the press.

Very sad what is happening with Nailed. I read the script and I am enjoying. It seems as good a film.

What problems have been resolved.

sheba baby said...

Bill Zwecker's from the Sun-times take on the marraige rumors:

WEDDING BELLS: Reese Witherspoon's team continue to firmly deny all those tales of an engagement with Jake Gyllenhaal, but a couple of the actress' friends insist the Oscar winner and her main man have discussed marriage -- and at some length. No ring shopping yet, but there's strong buzz Gyllenhaal may officially pop the question by the end of the year.,CST-FTR-zp16.article

My condolences to Jake and the entire Gyllenhaal family.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read the content of ok magazine?If they really get married,they will be the greatest couple and parents.

UltraViolet said...

Sheba, I know you didn't mean it like this, but it cracked me up because it looks like you're offering condolences to the Gs on the wedding news :)

And Zwecker's been silent on Jake and Reese for a while. Guess everyone's "sources" are buzzing on this one!

gyllenspooner said...

UV lol I thought the same thing. I know she didn't mean it that way though.

Any news on whether they resumed filming today?

sheba baby said...

I just got back from lunch UV, and I certainly didn't mean that!

I forgot that Zweicker was reporting a lot on Jake and Reese in the begging, I guess he couldn't ignore this latest rumor.

Bette said...

UV I just looked at what Sheba said, and cracked up. I think that's exactly what we needed right now. Thank you!

sheba baby said...

I should have made to different posts, well at least everyone knew that I wasn't talking about the wedding rumors!

extra said...

Jake is back in L.A.:

Maybe it's for the funeral, his Grandmother passed away on 5/4, or there was no filming on Nailed today or maybe he wasn't needed.

I don't like these pics, he looks tired and he is in no mood for the paps.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie has put the pics up.

Paula said...

It's the mother in me coming out but he looks thin, tired and drained in these pictures and I can't blame him with the death of his Grandmother and the problems with Nailed.

Paula said...

Ok, I went back to the pictures, he doesn't look thin, his pecs look firm! I guess he just looks fit from all that excercising.

Bette said...

I hate going over to Just Jared because I can't help reading the comments to the posts. They are always really vile. Ugh. I hope Jake never gets curious about what people are saying about him on the internet. I doubt he would, but still...

UltraViolet said...

I agree, Bette. The comments on Jake posts are always hard to read. I don't think I'll ever comprehend why such a nice guy incites so much nastiness.

New pecs, er pics, new post!